Wednesday | 08 Feb 2017

Colin's Crest: OneBet gives you its best tips

Who is the high flyer? Rally Sweden's Colin's Crest has become one of the most famous jumps in the WRC.

Thousands of fans gather in Saturday's Vargäsen special stage to watch the spectacle that is high-flying WRC cars screaming on their rev limiter. It has also become something of a competition within the competition.

A long jump signals that you are among the bravest of the brave, and between the extremely competitive WRC pilots there is definitely some kudos to be had by serving up the longest jump. Now the question is: are you willing to bet on who will jump the furthest this year?

How they do the jump:
The run-up to the jump consists of a long right corner which drivers enter at very high speed, followed by a straight. The exit speed from this corner is essential to the jump distance. But the trickiness doesn’t stop there. Just before the jump the road turns a shade left, and continues in that direction after the jump. This is especially important because straight after the landing there is a right-hander, and drivers don’t want to be caught out having to tackle that from the inside.

How will the 2017 cars jump?
Because of the 2017 WRC cars’ massive aerodynamics (they have a huge rear wing) the cars will be pushed down, possibly hampering their jumping distance. It will be interesting to see if the added horsepower and added speed will make up for this. 

The 2017 cars also offer a new treat in the jump. Because of the aforementioned massive rear wing, they will most probably get the rear down and front up in a quite dramatic negative rake angle. And this time negative really is negative. This will make it even harder for the drivers to estimate where they will land.

So Colin´s Crest 2017 is going to be a huge driving challenge for the pilots, and a huge betting challenge for you. Are you up for it? 

Expert tips by OneBet:

Thierry Neuville - Hyundai
Our absolute favourite. The Hyundai driver had the longest jump in 2013 with 36 metres (one metre shorter than the 37 metre record of Ken Block set in 2011), but Neuville crushed that record in 2015 with a massive 44 metres. 

Ott Tänak - M-Sport Ford
Never one to shy away from bravery, Tänak had the farthest jump in 2012 with 32 metres. He will need to better than that to be in contention this year, and we are betting on him taking Colin´s Crest flat out. 

Sébastien Ogier - M-Sport Ford
The reigning champion, and also three-time Rally Sweden winner, is not one to slow down just because he is coming up to a very technically difficult jump. Our bet is that he will be one of the flyers. 

Mads Østberg - Adapta Ford
Always a big contender in the Swedish rally, never one to back down from big jumps. We are betting that he wants to beat his friend Eyvind Brynhildsen’s record jump of 45 metres in a Fiesta R5, set last year.

Hayden Paddon - Hyundai
Paddon has misjudged this jump slightly in the past, not compensating enough for the slight left just as you reach take-off. We think that his line will be perfect this year, and maybe he wants to take the Colin´s Crest crown off team-mate Neuville. 

Kris Meeke - Citroën
When it comes to bravery no one in the WRC doubts Mr Meeke. During testing we have seen the Citroën reach for the sky, at an extreme rake angle. We are betting even Meeke has to take this into consideration. 

Elfyn Evans - DMACK Ford
Unleashed in a WRC car after one year in R5-captivity, we think Evans doesn’t want to risk it all on the both famous and infamous Colin´s Crest.

Craig Breen - Citroën
Jumping ace Breen was battling with the best in the jumping capitol of Finland last year. However, the expected rake angle of the Citroën, and his responsibility to take home manufacturer’s points, leads us to believe he won’t risk it all. 

Juho Hänninen - Toyota
Back in 2014 Hänninen had the longest jump of all with a flight of 36 metres. In testing we have seen the Toyota drivers slowing down before the biggest jumps, and expect Hänninen to repeat that over Colin´s Crest this year. 

Dani Sordo - Hyundai

A driver you can never discount, but we don’t think Dani Sordo will choose Colin´s Crest to make his mark on the 2017 running of Rally Sweden. But Sordo is a driver that can surprise you when you least expect it.  

Jari-Matti Latvala - Toyota
Latvala has a history of compromising the jump to get better speed in and out of the following right. The Toyota runs very low, and Latvala’s history combined with the risk of bottoming out leads us to have the least long-flying expectations.

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