Friday | 27 Jun 2014

Breaking news: two stages cancelled

The organisers of LOTOS 71st Rally Poland have taken the decision to cancel this afternoon’s seventh and eighth stages.

Stage seven at ‘Kapciamiestis-Lithuania’ was cancelled first. It was a re-run of the fifth stage that was run earlier today.

The stage was shortened from its original 26.61km length before the rally started due to heavy rain causing the road surface to deteriorate.

The eighth stage at 'Margionys-Lithuania' was then cancelled shortly afterwards because the gravel road surface had deteriorated to an unacceptable level.

A statement from the organisers said SS7 had been cancelled for two reasons: 'there were a number of spectators standing in unsafe places and the condition of the track surface had deteriorated badly’.

The rally will now resume on SS9, the 12.89km test at 'Wieliczki 2'.