Tuesday | 29 Nov 2022

Looking forward: Back in the Americas

Thursday evenings at Rally México's ceremonial start were always special. And next year - for the first time since 2020 - it's back.

There is, of course, so much more to the Leon-based event (March 16 - 19) than a huge crowd, a rocking atmosphere and driving the tunnels which run beneath the city of Guanajuato on the eve of the rally proper.

So much more there might be, but what a way to start! Every year, without fail, Guanajuato delivers on an epic level. Going directly from standing out of the car waving to thousands and thousands of fans to jumping in and firing their cars into SS1 sets the scene perfectly.

And here’s the good bit, one event which has come close to rivalling that atmosphere off the start in Chile. And, guess what… Copec Rally Chile (September 28 - October 1) is back too!

Chile debuted in 2019 - and it's back again in 2023.

While both rallies in the Americas come with captivating ceremony, both provide a very different challenge. Both are in the mountains, but the high-altitude challenge of México comes at boiling point. It might only be March, but the middle of México is already totally toasty by then. 

The classic Guanajuato gravel is hard-baked and provides some of the most demanding kilometres of the season. It’s a place where tyre strategy and mechanical sympathy count for almost as much as outright speed.

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The forests around Conception captured the imagination of drivers and fans alike on this event’s 2019 debut. With more than a hint of Europe (and Wales in particular), the Southern Hemisphere's spring sunshine will help deliver some of the most awe-inspiring views of the year. Having the Andes in the background doesn’t hurt, either.

Long-haul WRC rounds offer an exceptional opportunity to visit and enjoy different cultures and México and Chile are right up there among the best. After a while away, it’s going to be a treat following the WRC across both American continents this season. 

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