Thursday | 01 Dec 2022

WRC's 50 Greatest Moments: Elena acts as a counterbalance

Rally México in 2005 provided some of the funniest off-stage scenes the WRC has ever witnessed.

Sébastien Loeb damaged his Citroën Xsara's rear suspension damper and destroyed a tyre in the process. He was still able to continue, but leaked time across the next stage.

On the final liaison section back to service, however, the car's rear right wheel completely broke. And so, with limited options available, co-driver Daniel Elena swung into action.

Elena hung out of the driver's side window in a bid to shift the weight away from the dragging rear axle. As funny as it looked, the Monégasque man's counterbalance skills were on point - and the Citroën duo continued along the highway.

Unsurprisingly, their antics soon caught the attention of the Mexican police and Elena's negotiation skills were put to the test. He flourished once again - talking the officers out of a ticket and instead getting them to agree to a police escort.

The crew's efforts were not in vain, either, and by the end of the weekend they'd climbed back up to to fourth overall.


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