Friday | 26 Mar 2021

The greatest WRC stage?

The G.O.A.T debate is back - this time, we are talking greatest WRC stages and are turning it over to you, the fan, to help figure this one out.

What is it that makes a stage great? There are so many different elements that need to be factored in. Is it great because of the hordes of fans it attracts? Is it great because of the flat-out pace it entices the drivers to attack it at? Is the scenery and location a major factor? Or is it endless serpentine bends snaking up a mountainside? Perhaps, it is just the history of the stage and the legends it has created and crushed.

There are so many different ways to go about looking at this. We asked our experts to come up with their top-30 favourite stages. The shortlist they ended up with included 50... Now, we invite you to enter the debate and peruse their 50 stages, upvoting the 10 stages which best define the WRC for you.

Pick wisely and do not get over-exicted too quickly, the list is long! Voting remains open to 06 April.

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