Monday | 05 Apr 2021

Review: The World Rally Guide

Forty-eight years of WRC history covering more than 600 rounds are brought together in the second edition of a remarkable book packed with information and statistics.

Alexandru Dobai’s The World Rally Guide traces the WRC from its launch in 1973 until the end of the 2020 season. Such is the wealth of facts and figures that it is probably less time-consuming to itemise what is not covered than list what is featured.

New for the second edition is a multi-page insight into the Audi Quattro, both the road car and the awesome rally machines which transformed the face of the FIA World Rally Championship with their revolutionary all-wheel drive traction.

Also new is a dive into Pirelli’s motorsport history as the Italian company, which comes onboard to support this book, returns to the WRC as the series’ exclusive tyre supplier.

But it’s the vast array of statistics that truly marks this book out as something special. It has slimmed down from 796 pages to a lighter and more manageable 560, but loses nothing in content.

Each page spotlights two rounds, including the top 10 classification, rally leaders, special stage winners, distances and starters / finishers. Each is accompanied by the rally plate and a photograph from the event, in most cases of the winners in action.

The event stats are supplemented by a complete WRC record of the 79 drivers who have won a WRC round and more than 30 pages of other statistics and tables touching on pretty much everything you could ever wish to know.

This book is a real labour of love from the Romanian author and one he admits was not only a difficult challenge but also a complex one.

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For devoted fans, this is a superb addition to any bookcase. For those working in the sport, it is an invaluable record of the history of the WRC and a one-stop reference for information that nowadays is frequently only available via an internet search.

The World Rally Guide is available on Amazon in Kindle ebook format or in a paperback version.