Monday | 03 May 2021

M-Sport adds mileage to 2022 hybrid testing

M-Sport Ford World Rally Team put down its first meaningful miles aboard its 2022 Rally1 hybrid generation car in Spain last week.

Former WRC regular Matthew Wilson drove the car through the week and was delighted with with the outcome.

“Everything went really well,” said the Brit. “We were running on smooth-ish gravel near Barcelona and we went through a bit of everything with the weather. We’re really pleased with how the car was running – we learned so much through the week.

“With the hybrid in the car, it wasn’t so much about just about doing the kilometres, it was about going out, doing a run then coming back and understanding what we’d learned before moving onto to the next run. I’d say that week was invaluable for us looking forward to next year.”

First pictures: M-Sport Ford 2022 testing

First pictures: M-Sport Ford 2022 ...

M-Sport Ford is the first WRC manufacturer team to release images of its all-new 2022 hybrid-era testing.

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On the performance side, Wilson was encouraged by the combination of hybrid electric power and the current internal combustion engine made for an entertaining Rally1 package.

“There’s no doubt,” said Wilson, “when that [hybrid electric] boost comes, you really do know it’s there! The performance is pretty special and it’s still building. I honestly have to say I didn’t notice the extra weight from the hybrid. OK, in some of the slower corners, you’ll know it’s there, but it’s certainly not the first thing that you’re talking about – not when you have that sort of power!

“Everything is moving step-by-step right now. It’s really rewarding to be involved in a project like this and so exciting for the team. From a technical perspective, there’s lots to keep the team busy. I’m really excited about these cars and the next generation.”

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