Saturday | 18 Sep 2021

Evans: ‘A long shot got longer’

Elfyn Evans won’t give up on this year’s World Rally Championship, but in the Welshman’s own words ‘a long shot got longer’ at last week’s EKO Acropolis Rally.

A gearbox problem on Friday morning’s opening loop of gravel stages ruled Evans’ Toyota Yaris WRC out of the frame for a win. Asked for specifics on the gearbox issue aboard his Yaris, Evans said: “I think it was more to do with the electrical side rather than something mechanical in the transmission. There was nothing we could have done between the stages.

“This was not our weekend but these things happen in rallying and it’s been very rare at this team to have an issue like we had on Friday. The feeling in the car was generally quite good," said Evans.

Early problems on Friday left Elfyn Evans off the pace for the remainder of the weekend

Despite the troubles, there was a slight consolation for the Welshman with a strong run through the Wolf Power Stage. "Maybe it was not a perfect run on the Power Stage for us, but four bonus points is still a good addition and at least we managed to salvage something from the weekend.”

He now trails Ogier, who finished the Acropolis third, by 44 points with three rallies and 90 points on offer between now and the end of the year.

“It’s fair to say the championship is more or less decided now.

“But I’m not giving up – we’ll keep giving it everything we’ve got. The approach to the rallies won’t change, but it was always a long shot and now it’s much longer."


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