Wednesday | 01 Dec 2021

The greatest car of the World Rally Car era?

Twenty-five years after the introduction of a World Rally Car generation that sparked the most competitive period in FIA World Rally Championship history, the engines have gone quiet.

The WRC’s pocket rockets will be replaced by exciting new hybrid-powered cars in 2022. Before we bid them farewell, we want your help in selecting the Greatest Car of the World Rally Car era.

We’ve listed all the models that were victorious at a WRC round from 1997 up to the present day. And, starting today, we want you to upvote your favourite.

We’ll close the vote on 16 December and on 18 December across our social media platforms we will reveal your Greatest Car of the World Rally Car era.     

What defines the greatest? It could be world titles or rally wins. It could be success in the most competitive of seasons. Or it could just be the car you fell in love with. You decide. And you tell us. Vote here now.

Artwork provided by Automobilist - see more of their great WRC content here.

The little chassis that could

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