RC Jonno.

Name Jonathan Holmes
Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 24.06.1991
Birthplace United Kingdom
First WRC Game Colin McRae Rally (Playstation 1)

2nd in Season #2 Grand Finals, 4th in Season #3 Grand Finals, 6th in Season #4 Grand Finals

Twitter twitter.com/dignitasJonNo
Instagram instagram.com/jonnoholmes/

My name is Jonathan Holmes and I play WRC under the alias of "RC Jonno.".  I've been playing driving games ever since I was a child, with Gran Turismo being my first racing game and Colin McRae Rally being my first rally game.  My esports journey mainly started in 2007 when I discovered the game "Trackmania Nations".  Joining a globally known professional gaming team in 2008 I went on to win multiple Trackmania competitions, with my proudest being the ESL Pro Series UK Season 2 in 2009, crowning myself the best Trackmania player in the UK.  In the years to come I carried on playing Trackmania professionally, with my team at the time proving ourselves to be the best Trackmania team in the world, winning multiple team tournaments and also competing in various individual competitions around the world, including the Electronic Sports World Cup in 2014.

During this time, I started getting into sim-racing alongside Trackmania and my passion for rallying was then rediscovered in 2015 when WRC 5 was released.  Jumping right into it, I was setting world records on various stages and I was enjoying playing an up to date rally game.   However, due to my other sim racing commitments I didn't have the time to enter the esports championship in 2016.

In 2017 I decided to fully focus on the WRC esports championship for Season 2, which was based on WRC 6.  Putting in lots of practice and having a very competitive season winning multiple rallies, I qualified to the Grand Finals.  Attending the event in Germany, I beat the real Dani Sordo in a Go Kart (!), and also managed to bring back 2nd place in the Grand Finals of the esports WRC!  I was super happy with this result.  Since then, I have only focused on the esports WRC tournaments.  I qualified for the Grand Finals again in Season 3, finishing 4th, and also managed to qualify again in Season 4, finishing 6th after a mistake on one of the Germany stages.

This season I am once again pushing myself to try and reach the finals again, working hard with my fellow Race Clutch teammates to make sure we are prepared for each rally.  Preparation is a big part of rallying, so this is a big key to being able to succeed.




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