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Dennis Radstrom

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Nationality:  SWE
Date of Birth: 12.11.1995
Age: 23
Birthplace: Torsby
First Rally: 2017, Tour de Corse

Season 2019

Classification: JWRC
Car: Ford Fiesta R2
Co-driver: Johan Johansson
Points: 75
Standing: 3
Rally Wins: 0
Retirements: 0
Podiums: 1

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Rådström started his career in cross kart at the age of 14 and began a combined programme of cross kart and rallying at 16. 2017 was Råd- ström’s rookie FIA Junior WRC season and 2018 saw him finish second in the championship. He is aiming for the top spot in the 2019 Junior WRC Championship.

Rally Classification Co-driver Rank Points
Corsica Linea - Tour de Corse JWRC Johan Johansson 3. 15+1


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