Support Championships

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WRC 2 - Technical Specifications

  • Technical Group: Rally 2 
  • Referred to as R5 cars
  • At least 2500 examples of these road cars must have been manufactured in the previous 12 months
  • 1.6-litre, fuel injection, turbocharged, four cylinder engines fitted with a 32mm air intake restrictor
  • Power output about 285bhp
  • Cylinder block and head based on those in the standard road car
  • Modifications allowed to crankshafts, con rods, pistons, cylinder linings, valves and camshafts
  • Permanent four-wheel drive, five-speed sequential gearbox with paddle-shift on steering
  • Mechanical front and rear differentials
  • 7 x 15inch wheels for gravel, 8 x 18inch wheels for asphalt
  • 300mm diameter brakes for gravel, 355mm for asphalt
  • Weight: 1230kg minimum. 1390kg with driver and co-driver


WRC 2 - Citroen Racing