• A smooth style and racing lines are imperative for fast times. Too much aggression can add unwanted seconds to the clock.
  • Cutting corners is essential to saving vital tenths. Drivers must avoid punctures on the road edge as they blast back onto the asphalt at the exit of bends.
  • Roads become increasingly dirty and slippery as driver after driver makes cuts and drags gravel and mud onto the asphalt.
  • The smooth but abrasive asphalt provides good grip but if temperatures are hot, drivers must manage tyre wear carefully.
  • Friday's opening pair of stages are brand-new and, with no mid-leg service, crews will need to look after their machinery.   


Car spec

  • An asphalt set-up with low suspension settings to allow cars to cling to the roads.
  • Pirelli’s hard compound P Zero tyre will be the primary option, but a soft compound version for cooler conditions will also be available, along with the Cinturato rain tyre for extreme wet weather.