• An appetiser of two Friday evening tests follow the central Marmaris start. Içmeler, adjoining the service park, and Gökçe, the most northerly stage of the event, add up to 25.22km.   
  • Saturday’s route heads west and is identical to 2019. Two loops of Yeşilbelde, Datça and Kizlan are divided by service, packing 107km into a compact itinerary of less than 350km.
  • Sunday’s closing leg is a real sting in the tail. The fiendishly difficult Çetibeli, at 38.15km the longest stage of the rally, opens the morning and is followed by the Marmaris test. Both are repeated after service to total more than 90km of action.


Iconic Stage

  • Saturday’s Datça test is a cracker. It’s only 8.75km but what it lacks in distance is more than made up for by incredible scenery. It winds round a mountain with the final few kilometres along the coast, offering stunning picture postcard backdrops to the sea.