Top Highlights

  • Few vantage points in the WRC compare with a place perched high on the enormous roadside rocks at the finish of El Condor. Keep an eye out for the soaring birds too. 
  • It’s party central up there as fans pitch their tents and camp out several days before the rally arrives to ensure a prime viewing position. It’s not warm but once the asados (barbeques) are under way and the alcohol starts flowing, the atmosphere sizzles as much as the cooking meat. 
  • Just as dramatic as El Cóndor is the stunning moonlike vista of the nearby Giulio Cesare test. 
  • If there has been plenty of pre-event rain, the river crossings in the stages around Santa Rosa de Calamuchita are a fantastic spectacle. 
  • Steak and a bottle of Malbec wine. We have yet to find a restaurant in Villa Carlos Paz that disappoints!