• Friday’s opening leg journeys into the mountains for a double loop of the fast and technical Gerosa and Costa Valle Imagna stages near Lake Como. After service, the afternoon is based at Monza, featuring two passes of the Cinturato test and a single run at the Grand Prix stage in darkness, featuring famous corners such as Lesmo and Rettifilo. Service is taken following each test. It adds up to 105.41km of action.
  • Saturday follows a similar format. Two passes through San Fermo and Selvino lead to service before two afternoon runs through Sottozero at the circuit. The second Sottozero test is in darkness. It’s the longest leg of the event with 108.24km of competition.
  • It’s back to Monza for Sunday’s final day of the season. A second run of Grand Prix, the only circuit stage driven purely on asphalt, is followed by two passes of Serraglio, the second of which forms the Wolf Power Stage.
  • The 16 tests cover 253.18km.


Iconic Stage

  • Friday’s 22.11km Costa Valle Imagna is the stage that will be feared most. A wide and twisty climb to the pass at Valcava, 1340m above sea level, leads into a long and steep descent where crews with courage, determination and accurate pace notes can make a big difference. Add in the possibility of bad weather and this can be a real game-changer.


Service park

  • In the paddock area at Monza circuit.