• Centred around Otepää in south Estonia, regarded as the country’s winter capital. Otepää means ’Ott’s Head’ in the South Estonian dialect. Mr Tänak should feel at home then.......
  • Begins on Friday evening with the short Tartu (1.28km) stage next to the Raadi service park.
  • Saturday features well over half the rally’s competitive distance with 146.40km of action. It starts with the weekend’s longest stage Prangli (20.23km), which is followed by Kanepi. Otepää, Mäeküla and Elva round off the morning and all five tests are repeated after service.
  • Sunday follows a similar format. Early morning stages in Arula, Kaagvere and Kambja are repeated, with the latter forming the rally-closing Wolf Power Stage.
  • The 17 tests cover 232.64km.


Iconic Stage

  • Saturday’s 9.60km Otepää test, previously known as Rüa, is a classic which has been part of Rally Estonia from the first year back in 2010. The fast and flowing roads contain many technical crests and tight corners. The highlight is the Alaküla jump, where cars fly almost 40 metres.