• Friday’s early afternoon Rovaniemi start is followed by a double pass through Sarriojärvi, at 31.05km the longest stage of the rally. The second run is in darkness to add extra difficulty.
  • Saturday contains more than half the competitive distance with two clockwise loops east of Rovaniemi totalling 144.04km. Morning and afternoon runs through Mustalampi, Kaihuavaara and Siikakämä are separated by service. It’s a long day of almost 14 hours.  
  • Two runs through the 22.47km Aittajärvi complete the action, the second forming the bonus points-paying Wolf Power Stage.
  • The 10 stages cover 251.08km.


Iconic Stage

  • Friday’s double run through Sarriojärvi. It passes through arguably the most beautiful terrain in the Arctic Circle, giving drivers a real flavour of what the event is about. It’s a typical Finnish rollercoaster all the way, sometimes on fast flowing roads where speeds will top 200kph and at others on extremely narrow twisty tracks. Throughout there are many corners lying in wait over blind crests to trap the unwary.