Rally Sweden - Review

Date 13 - 16 February 2020
Categories WRC / WRC 2 / WRC 3 / Junior WRC
Servicepark Torsby
Stages 11 (171.64 km)
Total Distance 815.47 km
Website https://rallysweden.com/

The Stages                                                

  • Action begins with big power slides at Thursday night’s spectacular super special stage at Karlstad trotting track.
  • Friday’s cross-border leg features two venues in Norway and two in Sweden. Norway’s Finnskogen makes a welcome return while Sweden’s Nyckelvattnet appears for the first time. Hof-Finnskog and Torsby are retained from 2019. Four stages total 63.68km.
  • Saturday follows an identical schedule in Norway and Sweden.
  • Just two stages in Sunday’s finale, with two passes over Likenäs. The second run forms the live TV Wolf Power Stage.

Event Highlights

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