Building world rally cars is about far more than just theory. It’s about crafting each vehicle to fit each and every road based on thorough “genchi genbutsu”(English: go and see for yourself). With this in mind, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has decided to take on the most prestigious rally series in the world—the FIA World Rally Championship—in 2017.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRC team is comprised of the most passionate, determined rally specialists. As Tommi Mäkinen, the team principal, says “the key to creating a winning vehicle is to put together a team of professionals who share a singular focus and love what they do. Our team will show the world what Toyota’s ‘I love cars!’ spirit is all about as we work diligently towards our goals.”
Now the team is revved up, and you can be sure that TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRC team will be ready to roar at the FIA World Rally Championship 2017.

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