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Odcinek Nazwisko Odległość (km) Pierwszy samochód Status
dzień 1 - 22.08.2014
SS1 Sauertal 1 14.14 08:43 COMPLETED
SS2 Waxweiler 1 16.40 09:56 COMPLETED
SS3 Moselland 1 21.02 11:19 COMPLETED
SS4 Sauertal 2 14.14 14:47 COMPLETED
SS5 Waxweiler 2 16.40 16:00 COMPLETED
SS6 Moselland 2 21.02 17:23 COMPLETED
dzień 2 - 23.08.2014
SS7 Stein & Wein 1 17.53 07:38 TO RUN
SS8 Peterberg 1 11.08 08:38 TO RUN
SS9 Arena Panzerplatte 1 3.03 09:51 TO RUN
SS10 Panzerplatte Lang 1 42.51 10:06 TO RUN
SS11 Stein & Wein 2 17.53 14:31 TO RUN
SS12 Peterberg 2 11.08 15:31 TO RUN
SS13 Arena Panzerplatte 2 3.03 16:44 TO RUN
SS14 Panzerplatte Lang 2 42.51 16:59 TO RUN
dzień 3 - 24.08.2014
SS15 Dhrontal 1 18.03 07:28 TO RUN
SS16 Grafschaft 1 19.27 08:04 TO RUN
SS17 Dhrontal 2 18.03 10:55 TO RUN
SS18 Grafschaft 2 (Power Stage) 19.27 12:08 TO RUN

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Fri 19:24 - That's Friday's stages complete
The cars are in service, being prepped ahead of Saturday's competition. Day two kicks off at 0630hrs, with the first competitive stage - Stein & Wein - at 0738hrs. We'll continue our live text service then. Goodnight from Trier!

Fri 19:18 - WRC2 top 5 after SS6
1. Sousa (Ford Fiesta RRC): 1:03:49.3, 2. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta R5): +4.2s, 3. Maurin (Fiesta R5): +18.9s, 4. Al-Attiyah (Ford Fiesta RRC): +38.9s, 5. Tanak (Ford Fiesta R5): +41.1s

Fri 19:07 - SS6: Ogier back in service
And his car looks almost perfect. See for yourself on the live video stream

Fri 18:53 - WRC top 5 after SS6
1. Latvala (VW): 59m:36.8s, 2. Meeke (Citroen): +37.0s, 3. Sordo (Hyundai): +42.6s, 4. Mikkelsen (VW): +45.6s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +53.1s

Fri 18:52 - So all change
In the WRC standings on Friday's final stage: Ogier takes a 10 minute penalty, Latvala snatches the lead, Sordo moves ahead of Mikkelsen into third. Top 5 recap on its way:

Fri 18:45 - SS6: Protasov learning
Day one complete for the Ukrainian who is making his World Rally Car debut here in a Fiesta RS. “It’s a fantastic car but I don’t yet understand how to drive it best. Every stage it’s getting better, but I’m happy to have got to the end of the first day.”

Fri 18:42 - SS6: Sordo clears
He was on the limit, as a kinked front wheel shows, but he's up to third overall, 3sec ahead of Mikkelsen. "I'm very happy. I pushed really hard in here. I did my best and I enjoyed it a lot. We will try to fight for a podium now."

Fri 18:37 - SS6: Sordo on a charge
Split times looking good for the Spaniard who is making a play for Mikkelsen's third position

Fri 18:35 - SS6: Kubica clear
"It hasn't been easy. I made a mistake here again, like I did on the earlier pass, but I know why it happened. It's down to me. I've learned a lot today."

Fri 18:33 - SS6: Prokop completes
But he's 29sec slower than the quickest man through so far - Jari-Matti Latvala. "One of the worst days of my season," he says.

Fri 18:31 - SS6: Heat drama for Neuville
He hardly stops at the finish control because there's lots of heat coming from the centre tunnel of his Hyundai. "After two kilometres there was lots of smoke in the car," he explains. After a quick check he's off back to service.

Fri 18:26 - SS6: Meeke
"I got a message from the team that Seb had stopped at 7.2km and I knew exactly the corner he went off at. I'll keep driving my own pace. There's no chance to catch Jari-Matti on pace alone. There's still a long way to go."

Fri 18:24 - Ogier update
He has found his way to the main road leading from the vineyard. Looks like he's heading straight back to the service area. He'll collect a ten minute penalty for missing the final stage of the day

Fri 18:22 - SS6: Ostberg
"I starting with cold tyres and brakes and didn't get such a good feeling. I think I overheated the brakes, which gave them no bite, and that destroyed the tyres."

Fri 18:20 - SS6: Mikkelsen completes
"A good day for us, we've been careful but kept a good pace. It's a surprise to be this close to the leaders. Lots to build on for tomorrow and Sunday."

Fri 18:18 - SS6: Latvala leads!
"We got a message in the car that Ogier was off - and then out - but I have no idea what happened. I saw some lines in the road on a long right-hander, but I don't know if he went off there. But after I didn't now how much to push. [Co-driver] Miikka told me 'you don't need to push to the maximum any more'".

Fri 18:12 - SS6: Ogier and Ingrassia are okay
Confirmation from Volkswagen that the crew have not been injured

Fri 18:09 - SS6: Lost in the vines?
Ogier may have slipped from one vineyard road onto another below. Tracking shows his Polo stopped again.

Fri 18:07 - SS6: Ogier off!
WRC tracking shows our rally leader went off at the 7km point. He's moving again, but we're hearing he is on the wrong road

Fri 17:54 - SS6: New start time
Confirmed as 1800hrs for Sebastien Ogier

Fri 17:46 - SS6: Delay update
Sources suggest the stage will start by 1800hrs. Crews still queued at the start line.

Fri 17:27 - SS6: Start delayed
1723hrs has come and gone. We'll give you the new start time for Sebastien Ogier soon

Fri 17:11 - Return to the Riesling
We’re back into the Mosel vineyards for Stage 6 and the repeat of Moselland which kicks off at 1723hrs.

Fri 17:03 - WRC2 top 5 after SS5
1. Sousa (Ford Fiesta RRC): 50m13.5s, 2. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta R5): +7.9s, 3. Al-Attiyah (Ford Fiesta RRC): +16.3s, 4. Maurin (Fiesta R5): +18.9s, 5. Tanak (Ford Fiesta R5): +31.3s

Fri 16:44 - WRC top 5 after SS5
1. Ogier (VW): 46m:45.5s, 2. Latvala (VW): +5.5s, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +36.9s, 4. Mikkelsen (VW): +45.2s, 5. Sordo (Hyundai): +46.7s

Fri 16:42 - SS5: Sordo drops to fifth
It's a decent time (9m53.4s) but the Spaniard is left ruing a mid stage wobble that allowed Mikkelsen to move ahead. "I made a small mistake in the middle and lost confidence for a while - had understeer in some corners - but it's okay."

Fri 16:33 - SS5: Kubica clears
And enjoyed the race-track like closing section of Waxweiller. "The last part is very nice, more fluid, wider and you can do some [racing] lines."

Fri 16:31 - SS5: Prokop lost
The Czech driver is 24.3sec slower than Latvala, the slowest WRC driver so far, and at a loss to explain why. "Something is wrong but I have no idea what."

Fri 16:29 - SS5: Evans
Seventh quickest and sounding increasingly confident at the wheel of his Fiesta. "The feeling is getting better and better all the time and we're getting closer to where we want to be. The road conditions have changed a lot since our gravel crew went through - but that's the same for everybody."

Fri 16:23 - SS5: Ostberg vs Hirvonen
Mikko edges ahead in the battle for sixth. Both drivers trying to minimise time loss on the muddy section near the start. Ostberg now trails by 2.1sec.

Fri 16:19 - SS5: But Latvala is faster
The Finn goes quicker by 0.1s but was worried the dirty conditions would slow him. "I though that I didn't have a chance when there was mud on the road. But when we get to the cleaner sections I could treat it like a race track. I used the whole width of the road in the last 3 or 4kms - that's where we could catch up."

Fri 16:15 - SS5: Ogier in control
He completes in 9m41.3s sounding calm and relaxed. “I’m quite happy. I finally feel much better in the car and I have fun to drive - that’s when the times are usually coming. I hope it will continue like that.”

Fri 16:08 - Weather update
A light rain shower reported on SS5. It's stopped now. Enough to make a difference? We'll find out soon.

Fri 15:50 - Up next: SS5:
The repeat of Waxweiler, way up in the Eiffel hills, gets underway at 1600hrs

Fri 15:47 - WRC2 top 5 after SS4
1. Sousa (Ford Fiesta RRC): 39m50.7s, 2. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta R5): +7.4s, 3. Al-Attiyah (Ford Fiesta RRC): +10.9s, 4. Maurin (Fiesta R5): +19.9s, 5. Kremer (Skoda Fabia S2000): +21.7s

Fri 15:43 - SS4: Tight at the top in WRC2
Al-Attiyah is fastest on stage, Sousa keeps the lead overall, but by only 7.4sec from Tidemand. After four stages the top six in WRC2 are covered by just 22.9sec!

Fri 15:36 - SS4: More grief for Chardonnet
He lost the lead in WRC2 earlier. Now it sounds like his Citroen has problem with its throttle response.

Fri 15:25 - WRC top 5 after SS4
1. Ogier (VW): 37m:04.1s, 2. Latvala (VW): +5.7s, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +29.1s, 4. Sordo (Hyundai): +34.7s, 5. Mikkelsen (VW): +37.2s

Fri 15:22 - SS4: Protasov
The WRC2 regular is sounding more settled in his World Rally Car. He struggled to adjust his pace notes to the speed of the car on the opening loop but reckons he's got them about right now.

Fri 15:19 - SS4: Slow start for Kubica
"Unfortunately we nearly stalled the engine on the start line. We had a new clutch fitted in service and I didn't test it before the stage." He sets a great time though, just 0.3sec slower than Hirvonen.

Fri 15:14 - SS4: Prokop back in his groove
He found his car undriveable this morning. Turns out that was because he destroyed his Fiesta's brakes on the opening stage. "We changed them in service and now I'm getting back. The car is okay."

Fri 15:11 - SS4: Neuville
Completes in a decent time of 7m24.8s. His earlier handbrake problem is no longer a problem. The team tell us it's more to do with the way the system works on the Hyundai - and how it frees the transmission - not a mechanical fault.

Fri 15:08 - SS4: Meeke
The Brit is closest to the lead Volkswagens so far - 1.3sec slower than Latvala. "A lot cleaner than earlier, lots of gravel but there's a line through it. Not far away from Jari-Matti but I couldn't match Seb's time in there - he pulled something extra out of the bag."

Fri 15:03 - SS4: Ostberg lacking?
He's 9.2sec slower than Ogier, but sounding unconcerned. "I'm not going fast enough, that's for sure, but no problems."

Fri 15:01 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Safely through, slower than Ogier by 5.8sec. "Better this afternoon. No problems. A clean run."

Fri 14:59 - SS4: Latvala loses ground
The Finn completes 3.8sec slower than his team-mate. "I took the cuts and the gravel places far too carefully," he says. "I had no split times either. So just too cautious, that's all."

Fri 14:57 - SS4: Ogier through
in a benchmark time of 7m17.0s. "Better than before. I'm much happier with the set-up. Perhaps I was too cautious in some places but okay."

Fri 14:54 - Weather worries?
It's still dry out there, but there are a lot of large grey clouds around. We could be in for a shower.

Fri 14:52 - Welcome back
Stage 4 is underway and Sebastien Ogier is tearing through

Fri 12:58 - Up next: SS4
The crews will repeat the morning loop this afternoon - starting with a second pass through Sauertal from 1447hrs. Our live text service will return then. Tschüss!

Fri 12:37 - Kubica update
Looks like the wobbly front wheel was nothing more serious than a buckled wheel. M-Sport engineers are preparing to change Kubica's clutch which was damaged when he tried to get the car out of the vines.

Fri 12:33 - Service in: Mikkelsen
"It's going surprisingly well. A good safe pace without risks and after a long time away from asphalt. Apart from the puncture I'm happy enough."

Fri 12:31 - Service in: Ostberg
"The [VW] guys in front are a long way ahead but for me that's not the aim. Instead I will continue on my own pace. I'm here to improve and to learn more about driving this car on tarmac."

Fri 12:30 - Service in: Ogier
"Quite a good start for us. I'm not completely happy with the car - it's not reacting exactly as I like - but the pace is good. We are quite a lot ahead of the other teams, but it's still a close fight with Jari-Matti."

Fri 12:26 - Up next: Service
Crews are en route to the Trier Messepark and the 30-minute midday service

Fri 12:25 - WRC2 top 5 after SS3
1. Sousa (Ford Fiesta RRC): 32m04.4s, 2. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta R5): +2.1s, 3. Al-Attiyah (Ford Fiesta RRC): +11.3s, 4. Tanak (Fiesta R5): +16.8s, 5. Maurin (Fiesta R5): +19.0s

Fri 12:20 - SS3: Chardonnet loses WRC 2 lead
Bernardo Sousa is the new category leader after Chardonnet's Citroen loses power steering. "It failed before the start, so I drove the whole thing with no assistance. It's impossible to drive like this." The incident costs Chardonnet 2m30s and drops him to 8th in class.

Fri 12:13 - WRC top 5 after SS3
1. Ogier (VW): 29m:47.1s, 2. Latvala (VW): +1.9s, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +24.0s, 4. Sordo (Hyundai): +28.6s, 5. Mikkelsen (VW): +31.4s

Fri 12:03 - SS3: Sordo up to fourth
And far more content after a clean run through the vineyard roads where mud - and his starting position - were not such a handicap. He jumps from sixth to fourth, 4.6sec behind Meeke in the standings.

Fri 12:00 - SS3: Kubica completes
His Fiesta has a wobbly front wheel but he completes and should make the midday service. "We went off on tightening corner, my mistake, I lost the line. We had two wheels on the road and two wheels off, just not enough grip to get out ourselves." He loses 4m13sec to leader Latvala.

Fri 11:55 - SS3: Meeke up to third
The Briton is closest to the pace of Ogier and Latvala, and jumps from fifth to third overall, 24sec off the lead.

Fri 11:52 - SS3: Prokop bewildered
The Czech still can't get to grips with his Fiesta on the German stages. "The car is horrible, I don't like it and I can’t drive it at all. It's strange. Not good."

Fri 11:50 - SS3: Time loss for Kubica
He's still moving through the stage, but split times show he's dropped almost 4minutes in the opening 4.4km.

Fri 11:48 - SS3: Neuville
Had a few issues 'getting lost' in his pace notes but it's a decent time for the Belgian who is 11.8sec slower than stage leader Latvala.

Fri 11:46 - SS3: Kubica slips off
Reports from TV crews suggest he drove off the road 0.6km from the start line. Spectators pushed him back on and he is underway. There's talk of wheel damage. More soon...

Fri 11:44 - SS3: Mikko happy-ish
No problems to report for the Finn, but he has no answer to the pace of the Volkwagens ahead. 'It's like we're in a different championship' he says.

Fri 11:42 - SS3: Ostberg relief
He's crashed on this stage twice before so is delighted to complete it cleanly. No dramas for the Norwegian whose time is 14.2sec slower than Latvala's

Fri 11:39 - SS3: Mikkelsen lucky escape
The Norwegian clouted the left-hand wheel early in the stage. The rim was badly damaged but the tyre stayed inflated until 4km before the finish. He loses around 14 seconds.

Fri 11:37 - SS3: Latvala quickest
So far, anyway. He's 0.3sec faster than Ogier but sounds a little uncomfortable. "Yes, it's a good time, but it seems more slippery this year that last time. I don't know why but in some places it's very difficult to to judge exactly how much grip is there."

Fri 11:35 - SS3: Ogier completes
His time is 12m48.4s and Seb sounds super chilled. "A nice stage. At the moment it's a close battle between Jari-Matti and me but there's a long way to go..."

Fri 11:21 - To the grapes!
We’re off into the Mosel vineyards for Stage 3 and Moselland which kicks off at 1119hrs. Running in the opposite direction to 2013, it mixes picturesque scenery with one of the most specialised challenges of the season. The road twists and winds its way through 60 junctions in the 21.02kms. Good brakes - especially the handbrake - are essential.

Fri 11:02 - WRC2 top 5 after SS2
1. Chardonnet (Citroen DS3 R5): 18m17.8s, 2. Al-Attiyah (Ford Fiesta RRC): +1.3s, 3. Sousa (Ford Fiesta RRC): +5.8s, 4. Tanak (Fiesta R5): +5.9s, 5. Tidemand (Fiesta R5): +7.8s

Fri 10:49 - SS2: WRC2
Sousa goes quickest but it's Chardonnet who still leads the category. "Too much caution," said Chardonet, who was slower that Sousa by 1.5sec. "We had an SMS before the stage to warn of the mud. We were very careful. The good thing is I know I can push harder and go faster than the others."

Fri 10:41 - WRC top 5 after SS2
1. Ogier (VW): 16m:58.8s, 2. Latvala (VW): +2.1s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +17.3s, 4. Ostberg (Citroen): +17.7s, 5. Meeke (Citroen): +18.7s

Fri 10:38 - SS2: Sordo furious
He's eighth-fastest and angry about being seeded behind privateers in the running order. "It's incredible, the corners are so muddy and slippery. I cannot start in these f***ing conditions! Here we are fighting to do something good but we cannot do it behind these cars."

Fri 10:33 - SS2: Melicharek & Protasov
Both clear. No problems but neither driver found the muddy conditions very comfortable.

Fri 10:28 - SS2: Kubica caution
"The further down the start order you are the worse the road conditions are. Where it was muddy its very easy to make a mistake. We were careful. All okay."

Fri 10:26 - SS2: Bouffier
"Okay I tried to do my best but the slippery conditions took me by surprise and I had to back off in some places."

Fri 10:25 - SS2: Prokop confused
"I just can't get into the right driving rhythm here. Whether it's the road, or the conditions I don't know. It's strange but I don't feel it like I need to."

Fri 10:22 - SS2: Neuville
Fourth quickest so far, and he's fixed his earlier handbrake problem. "It was probably caused by the roll yesterday, but I have found a way to make it work. We should be okay for the next stage."

Fri 10:19 - SS2: Meeke
"Did the leaders complain about their places in the road order here? Thought not! There's full mud for so much of this stage. That's where we lost the time. When it was clear we were matching their pace." He completes 9.8sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 10:17 - SS2: Hirvonen amazed
He's 10sec slower than both Ogier and Latvala and when he sees the times at the stop line he's almost speechless. "Look at those two! Bloody hell, it's unbelievable!"

Fri 10:15 - SS2: Ostberg
He's 13.7sec slower than Ogier - and it seems that road conditions are getting worse as every car pulls more mud onto the road when cutting corners. "Lots of mud on the stage. It was quite slippery. We struggled a bit.

Fri 10:12 - SS2: Mikkesen
Another clean run from the Norwegian, who also reports muddy conditions and, like Latvala, too much understeer. He's 11.6sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 10:11 - SS2: Latvala
The Finn completes 1.7sec slower than Ogier and with his Polo spattered with mud. "The road is getting quite dirty - especially near the beginning. That's where I lost the time to Seb. I'm not 100 per cent confident with car - some understeer."

Fri 10:09 - SS2: Ogier clears
And he's happy with his time of 9m39.9s. "Perhaps I tried a bit too hard in the first one. On this one I make less mistakes. A a few tricky cuts, where there was mud in the road, but a good stage."

Fri 09:56 - SS2 details
Up next, from 0956hrs, is Waxweiler - 16.4km long and brand new for this year. Based in the Eiffel hills north of Trier, the road is smooth and fast, and darts in and out of woodland. The stage is either climbing or desending with lots of hairpins on those climbs and desends.

Fri 09:52 - WRC2 top 5 after SS1
1. Chardonnet (Citroen DS3 R5): 7m46.7s, 2. Al-Attiyah (Ford Fiesta RRC): 1.0s, 3. Kremer (Skoda Fabia S2000): 4.6s, 4. Tanak (Fiesta R5): 5.9s, 5. Tidemand (Fiesta R5): 7.1s

Fri 09:31 - SS1: Chardonnet
The Citroen DS3 R5 driver is the early pace setter in WRC2: "The stage was quite okay, but dirtier than I expected in the cuts. I tried hard and the car feels good."

Fri 09:29 - WRC top 5 after SS1
1. Ogier (VW): 7m:18.9s, 2. Latvala (VW): +0.4s, 3. Ostberg (Citroen): +4.0s, 4. Sordo (Hyundai): +5.3, 5. Mikkelsen (VW): +5.7s

Fri 09:22 - SS1: Sordo flies!
Asphalt ace Sordo won this event in a Citroen last year. His return in a Hyundai starts well and his time of 5.3sec is good enough for fourth quickest. The Spaniard reckons the car feels perfect.

Fri 09:19 - SS1: Protasov debut
The WRC2 driver completes his first stage in a World Rally Car. "It's good for us, we are happy, but it will take time to adjust to the speed and braking." He's 27.2sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 09:16 - SS1: Slippy for Melicharek
The Slovakian driver not a fan of the cool weather which, he says, is reducing grip and making things a bit too lively in the Fiesta RS.

Fri 09:13 - SS1: Kubica clear
Went wide on one corner, but no serious problems to report. Sets the eighth-quickest time so far.

Fri 09:12 - SS1: Bouffier
A steady start for the Frenchman who is making his WRC debut for a manufacturer team here with Hyundai. "First stage completed and I didn't crash it - we have to be happy with this!" He's 10.4sec off Ogier's time.

Fri 09:10 - SS1: Prokop unsettled
"Something is wrong. I have a bad feeling with the brakes - the balance between the front and rear is not right." His time is 10.6sec slower than Ogier's.

Fri 09:07 - SS1: Evans critical
6.4sec from Ogier's time seems like a decent start for the Welshman - but he wants more. "It was alright, but I didnlt feel I had a very clear run. A bit scrappy in places. Could be better."

Fri 09:05 - SS1: Neuville clear
He thanks his mechanics for working through the night to repair his car but reports an intermittent handbrake problem.

Fri 09:04 - SS1: Meeke spins
His car is sporting some rear panel damage and a squeezed exhaust tail pipe. "It happened near the midpoint on a tight right-hander. There was some gravel on the road side, we got the back wheel on it and spun 360 degrees. Not the start I wanted but the car feels fine."

Fri 09:01 - SS1: Hirvonen
The Finn reporting an overshoot onto grass at a junction. Caused by an extra slippery braking area, according to the Finn.

Fri 08:59 - SS1: Ostberg
4 sec off Ogier's time, but he's sounding positive: "It's the first time I've enjoyed a tarmac stage. The car is fantastic. I'm not using the potential but I'm enjoying it."

Fri 08:57 - SS1: Mikkelsen
No worries for the Norwegian. A cautious start. He completes 5.7sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 08:56 - SS1: Near miss for Latvala
He was quicker than Ogier on the opening splits, but ended up slower. "I did a little mistake, I marked a bank inside a corner but I cut it too much and put the car onto two wheels." His time is 0.4sec slower than Ogier's benchmark of 7m18.9s

Fri 08:53 - SS1: Ragged start for Ogier
"It's not the best start from me - a few mistakes. I was expecting better grip. Not a big time loss but, for sure, not perfect. We'll try to make it better."

Fri 08:47 - SS1: Ogier in stage
Our defending world champion is underway!

Fri 08:47 - Neuville goes global
Okay, it's probably not the way he wanted to do this, but the footage of Thierry's i20 rolling though the vines has made the TV news from the UK to New Zealand

Fri 08:43 - And a bit tired too
The Hyundai mechanics worked a 19 hour overnight shift to get Neuville's car ready

Fri 08:35 - Busy night for Hyundai
But Thierry Neuville’s i20 WRC left service looking as good as new after its multiple roll at shakedown yesterday. Clever chaps those mechanics.

Fri 08:34 - Start order
For Friday is based on championship standings, which puts leader Ogier first on the road. Here’s the full World Rally Car start order: 1. Ogier, 2. Latvala, 3. Mikkelsen, 4. Ostberg, 5. Hirvonen, 6. Meeke, 7. Neuville, 8. Evans, 9. Prokop, 10. Bouffier, 11. Kubica, 12. Melicharek, 13. Protasov, 14. Sordo, 15. Kuipers 16. Moffett

Fri 08:34 - SS1 details
Sauertal is 14.14km long and familiar to many drivers as it was run in more or less the same form last year - just a 40m section near the finish is different. The road starts narrow and bumpy but fast. Sauertal runs close to the Mosel River, but this is not a vineyard test - instead it mostly runs through open, fast roads between fields and passes through a couple of villages.

Fri 08:33 - Weather
TV crews on SS1 and SS2 report the same: grey sky, sun peeping from clouds and no sign of rain. The asphalt road surface is dry, but the grass verges are wet with dew

Fri 08:33 - Cars have left service
and are en route to the start of SS1 Sauertal, which kicks off at 0843hrs local time - a few minutes later than planned after a late itinerary tweak by organisers

Fri 08:32 - Today we have
a mix of narrow, bumpy roads in open countryside (Sauertal), a new hilly challenge through the Eiffel Mountains (Waxweiler) and tight and twisty vineyard roads; made slippery by grape mulch (Moselland)

Fri 08:32 - Coming up
Friday’s opening leg takes crews north of host city Trier for two passes of a loop of three stages

Fri 08:31 - Hello from Trier
and welcome to our live text coverage of ADAC Rallye Deutschland - round nine of the FIA World Rally Championship and the first all-asphalt rally of the season


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