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Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

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Sun 14:30 - We will return
On 21 May for WRC round five, Vodafone Rally de Portugal. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest and don’t forget to check out WRC+ for full programmes and onboards from Argentina. Adios for now!

Sun 14:30 - Stages complete
And that's the end of our live text service from an incident-packed XION Rally Argentina. We hope you enjoyed it.

Sun 14:23 - WRC 2 top final result
[+ times compared to leader] 1. Al-Kuwari (Ford Fiesta RRC): 3:57m47.5s, 2. Dominguez (Ford Fiesta R5): +2m45.6s, 3. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): +12m03.2s, 4. Protasov (Ford Fiesta RRC): +13m22.8s. 5. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): +21m40.4s.

Sun 14:18 - SS12: Evans back safe
'Something rubbing at the rear' according to the Welshman.

Sun 13:07 - SS12: Evans update
He did have a problem on SS12 - his Fiesta has broken rear suspension. The tracking shows his car is moving well on the road back to the finish podium in Villa Carlos Paz.

Sun 13:01 - WRC top 5 final result
[+ times compared to leader]: 1. Meeke (DS 3): 3:41m44.9s, 2. Ostberg (DS 3) +18.1s 3. Evans (Ford Fiesta RS): +3m27.4s, 4. Prokop (Ford Fiesta RS): +6m26.1s, 5. Sordo (Hyundai i20): +10m46.7s

Sun 12:56 - Power Stage result
Power Stage result 1: Ogier 12m59.6s (3 points) 2: Sordo 13m09.5s (2 points) 3: Ostberg 13m10.5s (1 point)

Sun 12:52 - SS12: Meeke overcome
He's out of the car and choked with emotion. "What can I say? It's been a long road... And the man who did most is not here. This one's for Colin McRae."

Sun 12:50 - SS12: But Meeke wins!
He gets the DS 3 safely to the line to win the rally by 18.1sec!

Sun 12:49 - SS12: Ostberg clears
And it looks like second for the Norwegian. He is third quickest on stage. "It's been a very tough weekend. We have worked really hard and I haven't been feeling well. Of course it was disappointing to lose 45sec with a technical problem earlier but we know the gap at the end, so that's encouraging."

Sun 12:46 - SS12: Evans in trouble?
Or just super cautious? He is approaching the finish line far more slowly than the others. He completes slowest so far in 1m12.5s. Looks like a career best third!

Sun 12:42 - SS12: Meeke update
First split in. At the 7km point he is 0.7sec slower than Ostberg. The overall gap remember is 27sec

Sun 12:37 - SS12: Al Qassimi and Prokop
Both through cleanly. Prokop up to fourth following Neuville's exit. That matches his best result in the championship to date!

Sun 12:35 - SS12: Ostberg & Meeke
Both DS 3 drivers are in stage!

Sun 12:33 - SS12: Five drivers through
Ogier quickest so far, followed by Sordo (+9.9sec), Tanak (+11.2sec), Paddon (21.4sec) Bertelli (45.3sec)

Sun 12:29 - SS12: Neuville update
He drove on for a while, but his Hyundai has lost its left-rear wheel. He has parked 1.3km from the start. Game over.

Sun 12:28 - SS12: Neuville crashes!
Looks like he hit EXACTLY the same rock as Mikkelsen!

Sun 12:24 - SS12: Ogier
Looks like a terrific run from the Frenchman who takes 45.3sec out of Bertelli's time - that's 20sec quicker than his first pass today. The Power Stage benchmark then: 12m59.6s

Sun 12:23 - SS12: Bertelli completes
His time 13m44.9s.

Sun 12:19 - SS12: Mikkelsen crash!
400 metres into the stage he slid wide on a left-hand corner and smacked the right-rear wheel into a huge rock. The impact spun the Polo R around. Mikkelsen drove the car to a safe spot to park but he's going no further.

Sun 12:15 - Huge crowds at El Condor
Thousands of spectators are lining the route. Many of them have managed to climb the massive boulders by the road side.

Sun 12:11 - SS12: Ogier underway
Three points for the Power Stage win the best he can hope for here.

Sun 12:09 - SS12: Bertelli underway
The Italian began the stage at 1208hrs.

Sun 12:06 - SS12: We're live on stage
Follow all the action on WRC+

Sun 11:33 - Next stage: SS12
We're back at El Condor again - which this time offers bonus points as the Power Stage. Start time: 1208hrs

Sun 10:47 - SS11: Meeke
WRC TV crews report Kris was not in the mood to chat at the stage end. He left without giving an interview.

Sun 10:45 - SS11: Evans
The young Welshman is up to third following Latvala's exit. He's on course to take his first WRC podium. He was fourth on the previous round in Mexico.

Sun 10:42 - SS11: Leaders through
The Argentina 1-2 Meeke and Ostberg are safely through. Rally leader Meeke is seventh fastest on stage. Ostberg goes 11sec quicker but the gap between them remains 27sec with just the repeat to go.

Sun 10:38 - SS11: Latvala update
Confirmation received from VW that Jari-Matti has retired.

Sun 10:34 - SS11: Latvala update
A brief stop at the 12km point. Moved off again slowly. Now stopped again.

Sun 10:33 - SS11: Latvala update
WRC TV crews reported his car "sounded like a tractor" when it went past them at the 9.8km mark. At the 7km split he was 17.8sec slower than Ogier.

Sun 10:31 - SS11: More drivers through
Communications with the El Condor stage end are proving a challenge, so we're a bit light on driver quotes for now. The timing system is 100%, so we can see that the top 10 cars have made it through cleanly. Top three times are Mikkelsen, Sordo (+5.7sec) and Ogier (+9.3sec).

Sun 10:26 - SS11: Mikkelssen
Fastest through. A trouble-free run for Andreas who, like Ogier, is pinning his hopes on a points haul at the Power Stage. His time is 13m09.8s.

Sun 10:24 - SS11: Latvala update
He checked-in late at the start control, we think by two minutes. Penalties will apply (10 sec per minute).

Sun 10:20 - SS11: Paddon
"Just driving through today. I don't have a lot of confidence in the bumps. A bit rough for me."

Sun 10:17 - SS11: Ogier
After his early exit, this rally is all about the Power Stage for Seb. This is the last chance to check his El Condor pace notes. "We know this stage quite well now from the past. We're ready for this afternoon." His time is 13m19.1s.

Sun 10:15 - SS11: Bertelli completes
The Italian is first through in a time of 13m49.2s. "Great, lots of people here, it's a classic!"

Sun 10:02 - SS11 Latvala update
VW confirms Latvala's problem is down to the fuel supply to a cylinder

Sun 09:57 - SS11: Latvala update
Latvala's engine is running only in stage mode. He is going to attempt to complete the stage. Question is, how much time will he lose? Elyfn Evans is 1m20sec behind in fourth place.

Sun 09:51 - SS11: Latvala moving
But his engine sounds rough - like it's running on only three cylinders. He is 1km from the stage start control.

Sun 09:45 - SS11: Latvala
The Finn has parked on the road section 5km before the stage start. He is working to fix a fuel pressure problem. More when we get it...

Sun 09:42 - Stage notes: SS11
El Condor / Copina, 16.32km. One of the most famous roads in the WRC. Located in the Traslasierra mountains, it boasts stunning views in good weather (like today), but fog and rain transform it into hell. At the start it winds around massive rocks, on which huge crowds perch roadside, before descending on a rough, rock-strewn road across famous iron bridges which hang from canyons. It is smoother near the end and drops 746 metres from start to finish.

Sun 09:41 - Start intervals
WRC and WRC2 registered cars will start at 2min intervals. The national competitors following with run with 1min gaps.

Sun 09:41 - Start order
P1 registered crews will run in reverse rally classification order today, headed by Rally 2 restarters. Here’s how they will line up: 1) Bertelli, 2) Ogier, 3) Paddon, 4) Tanak, 5) Mikkelsen, 6) Sordo, 7) Al Qassimi, 8) Prokop, 9) Neuville, 10) Evans, 11) Latvala, 12) Ostberg, 13) Meeke.

Sun 09:39 - Weather update
Sunrise was 0744hrs. Clear blue skies above service right now, temperature a fresh 18ºC but that’s forecast to hit 27ºC this afternoon. Out on stage conditions are just as beautiful.

Sun 09:39 - Cars update
Crews left Villa Carlos Paz from 0815hrs for the 83km drive to the start of SS11. Stage start is 0958hrs.

Sun 09:38 - Coming up today
It's the grand finale. Just one stage run twice - the second time as the Power Stage - and a shortest-day total of 32 competitive kilometres.

Sun 09:38 - Hello again
Buen Dia from Argentina and welcome back to our text coverage of XION Rally Argentina, coming to you live from host town Villa Carlos Paz.

Sat 18:30 - Join us tomorrow
From 0958hrs (local) for the first of two passes through the awesome El Condor stage. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Argentina. Bye for now!

Sat 18:27 - And for Citroen?
The French manufacturer last scored a WRC 1-2 at Rally Finland 2012 courtesy of Loeb and Hirvonen

Sat 18:25 - A landmark win for Meeke?
Should Meeke take victory, he'll become the first Brit to win a round of the WRC since Colin McRae on the 2002 Safari Rally Kenya.

Sat 18:22 - That's Saturday's stages done
And the end of our live text service today. Join us on Sunday for the fourth and final day of XION Rally Argentina. It's shaping up to be a thriller!

Sat 18:19 - WRC 2 top 5 after day 3
(after SS10) Puncture for Ketomaa. Protasov fastest. [+ times compared to leader] 1. Al-Kuwari (Ford Fiesta RRC): 3:29m06.3s, 2. Dominguez (Ford Fiesta R5): +2m55.4s, 3. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): +11m49.3s, 4. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): +12m20.7s, 5. Protasov (Ford Fiesta RRC): +14m23.4s.

Sat 18:15 - WRC top 5 after day 3
(after SS10) Meeke stalls, Sordo retires, Mikkelsen quickest. [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Meeke (DS 3): 3:14m51.7s, 2. Ostberg (DS 3) +38.6s 3. Latvala (VW): +1m03.7s, 4. Evans (M-Sport Ford): +2m24.6s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +4m51.0s

Sat 18:03 - SS10: WRC 2 Tempestini
Like Ketomaa, he loses around three minutes. "We took in some water after a water splash, then the power steering went again near the finish."

Sat 18:01 - SS10: WRC 2 Ketomaa
He loses three minutes to the fastest WRC 2 driver, Protasov. "I got a puncture. Flat-out on a straight there was a rock just over a small bump. I can't believe it was there. After that we went like mad, hitting every stone, and I thought we would get another puncture. This has been such an unlucky rally for us."

Sat 17:57 - SS10: Sordo update
Retired with water in the engine. He left the stage by an access road and is parked up.

Sat 17:47 - SS10: WRC 2 Fuchs
Stopped on stage. His Fiesta has a broken oil cooler.

Sat 17:45 - SS10: Al Qassimi
"You need a Safari car here. It's almost impossible. Such big impacts and ruts."

Sat 17:43 - SS10: Meeke
Meeke fans relax. He completes 6sec quicker than Ostberg. His lead is 38.6sec. Did you stall the engine? "Yes, a sensor alarm went off. I panicked and didn't know what to do. I had to switch it off and on again." And what about the delay on the road section? "I had to double check something after service. All fine." And tomorrow? "Just 32km tomorrow. I think it will be a Sunday drive for me..."

Sat 17:37 - SS10: Meeke stalls
WRC TV crews report his engine stopped on the entry to a water splash. He lost a few seconds.

Sat 17:33 - SS10: Latvala
He takes a big chunk out of the gap to Ostberg ahead in second. He's now 25.1sec behind. Can he close it? "You never know, but I think the gap is too much to close just by driving. The podium is the target. Of course it would be greater if it was second, let's see. I'm happy with the car and the set-up and for the first time this rally I'm feeling confident."

Sat 17:28 - SS10: Evans
"So, so rough. I was more than careful on occasions." With Sordo out, the Welshman is up to fourth.

Sat 17:28 - SS10: Ostberg
He's not a well man but still manages third quickest, 12.9sec off Mikkelsen's stage leading time. "Quite a good run. I wanted to push but I had to back off after 5km because it was too rough."

Sat 17:22 - SS10: Neuville
"I had a very good run but there is so much dust in the car. The car was running with no problems. We might be up to sixth now, which is a good result."

Sat 17:20 - SS10: Tanak
57.5sec slower than Mikkelsen. "Really tough. It feels like we have a puncture at the front. I'm really glad that we did all the stages today - that has helped."

Sat 17:16 - SS10: Ogier
Confirmation that a lack of power steering was the problem. "It was unfixable. We wanted to stop, but we decided to go. My arms hurt now!"

Sat 17:16 - SS10: Mikkelsen
Fastest so far in 27m00.3s. "I got a puncture on the road section, so I have two hard compound tyres on the front and the grip was not good. For sure will be beaten by the guys with four softs."

Sat 17:10 - SS10: Bertelli
First car through. His time is 28m23.5s. "I just concentrated on getting through. I had no chance to work on improving my notes."

Sat 17:07 - SS10: Sordo stopped!
3.9km from the start

Sat 17:04 - SS10: Mikkelsen
Andreas overtook Ogier's car at the 32km point

Sat 16:53 - SS10: Mikkelsen
He is 1m19s quicker than Ogier at the 13.5km point. He's on course to catch him before the stage end.

Sat 16:50 - SS10: Ogier in trouble
Split times show he's 35.8sec slower than Bertelli at the 8.2km point. He reported no power steering on the previous test.

Sat 16:38 - SS10: Live
Lorenzo Bertelli began the stage at 1637hrs

Sat 16:17 - SS9: Update
Rally organisers have issued the following statement: 'SS9 was interrupted due to an accident involving Hyundai i20 N°20 of Hayden Paddon and John Kennard. The incident involved spectators who were immediately assisted by the emergency services belonging to the race. Due to sanitary ambulances of the race being affected to this accident, the organization established the immediate interruption of SS9. The race will continue with SS10 which will start at 1637hrs as established. The organization will continue updating on any new details concerning the accident.'

Sat 15:30 - SS9: Cancelled
Organisers confirm that SS9 will not run. Crews have been instructed to drive to the start of SS10, which is scheduled to start at 1637hrs.

Sat 15:21 - SS9: Stage stopped
Organisers have halted the stage after the fifth car (Tanak). Neuville is held at the start line. Paddon and his co-driver John Kennard are okay.

Sat 15:17 - SS9: Ogier
The Frenchman is 1m31.4s quicker than Bertelli but has a mechanical problem. "I have no power steering. Nothing more I can do," he says.

Sat 15:15 - SS9: Bertelli
Lorenzo is the first driver to complete. His Fiesta RS has a front-left puncture. His time is 18m50.6s. "I think it happened only 2km from the end."

Sat 15:11 - SS9: Paddon
We are hearing he has gone off the road 600 metres from the start.

Sat 15:02 - SS9: Meeke update
News from Citroen: Meeke stopped to double check 'a technical detail at the rear of the car'. All is reported to be fine and he will make the start of SS9 on schedule.

Sat 14:56 - SS9: Meeke?
According to the WRC tracking system, Kris Meeke's DS 3 was stopped for 25 minutes en route to SS9. No news yet on any problem. We are investigating...

Sat 14:53 - Welcome back
We're back in position and all set for stage nine.

Sat 12:01 - Next stage: SS9
Fresh from service, crews will set off to Capilla Del Monte ready for the repeat of this morning's stages. SS9 is due to start at 1454hrs. We'll take a text break until then.

Sat 11:59 - Up next: Service
Crews are en-route to Villa Carlos Paz and the midday 30-minute service halt.

Sat 11:58 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS8
Ketomaa loses power steering and almost third place. Al-Kuwari leads. Protasov fastest. [+ times compared to leader] 1. Al-Kuwari (Ford Fiesta RRC): 2:40m37.8s, 2. Dominguez (Ford Fiesta R5): +3m06.8s, 3. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): +9m31.9s, 4. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): +9m38.1s, 5. Arias (Ford Fiesta R5): +13m40.7s.

Sat 11:51 - WRC top 5 after SS8
Caution for Meeke, spin for Latvala, Mikkelsen quickest. [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Meeke (DS 3): 2:30m25.3s, 2. Ostberg (DS 3) +32.6s 3. Latvala (VW): +1m07.7s, 4. Sordo (Hyundai): +1m21.8s, 5. Evans (M-Sport Ford): +1m57.5s

Sat 11:39 - SS8: WRC 2 Tempestini
Another driver contenting with mechanical issues. "That's two stages now completely without power steering. It was hard for me. We also bent a suspension arm over a jump. Now we look forward to getting the car fixed at service."

Sat 11:36 - SS8: WRC 2 Ketomaa
It's an uncomfortable drive for Ketomaa who struggles through without power steering and drops around 5min. "We lost it just after the start. It came back briefly but then went again. It's almost impossible to drive like this. My arms are so tired I can barely take my helmet off. Kaj [co-driver] will drive the car back to service. He's a great driver. Better than me probably."

Sat 11:27 - SS8: WRC 2 Protasov
Quickest WRC 2 driver through so far, 52.7sec up on Al Kuwari.

Sat 11:22 - SS8: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
"Really tough. I was very cautious in the narrow sections. I hit a big rock. You have to stay concentrated."

Sat 11:20 - SS8: Al Qassimi
A cautious run for DS 3 driver Khalid. What does he think about the 1-2 chances of his team-mates Meeke and Ostberg? "I don't want to talk about it too much, but let's hope it's the start of a new chapter for us."

Sat 11:15 - SS8: Meeke
The rally leader is eighth fastest. He gives away a little of his advantage but still has 32.6sec in reserve. "I took it very cautiously. For me, this is the most difficult of the rally. And on new notes too. Okay, I gave away a bit of time but that's fine."

Sat 11:12 - SS8: Prokop
"Not so easy for me. I was struggling to see the corners properly and that affected my rhythm."

Sat 11:10 - SS8: Sordo
Second fastest, but that's not quite enough to snatch third from Latvala. The gap is down to 14.1sec. "I lost 10sec in a slow left-hand hairpin. I braked a little late. That's disappointing. Other than that a great stage. My engineer has done a terrific job. I'm very happy with the pace notes and everything else."

Sat 11:06 - SS8: Latvala
Almost 30sec off the pace of his team-mate Mikkelsen and his third place looks shaky. What happened? "I went off. The car went onto the grass. I was very lucky not to hit a rock. After that I lost my rhythm." He looks shaken.

Sat 11:02 - SS8: Evans
Sixth quickest. "There is a lot of time to be had if you're prepared to take big risks, but we didn't do that."

Sat 11:00 - SS8: Ostberg
Another strong time for Mads. He is quicker than Neuville by 0.1sec and up on Latvala's split by 20sec. "I tried to give a little bit more. I didn't enjoy the second half much, though. I'm not feeling too well and I was looking at the trip [meter]. That's never a good sign."

Sat 10:56 - SS8: Neuville
Second quickest so far, 7.4sec slower than Mikkelsen. "It was good to have the three minute gap. Generally much better than before. No problems."

Sat 10:55 - SS8: Tanak
An incident-free stage but the Estonian is 1m14.1s off Mikkelsen's pace. "It's been a stressful time. I'm finding it difficult to find a good rhythm."

Sat 10:51 - SS8: Paddon
He completes 20.9sec slower than Mikkelsen. "Not a bad run, we settled into a good rhythm. Not a huge amount of front traction with the diff settings we have."

Sat 10:48 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Quickest so far, 12.7sec faster than Ogier. "I'm not really pushing, I just tried to find a good rhythm. I am happy enough with that stage. It's all good experience. I'm looking forward to getting the car back to service in one piece!" Mikkelsen's time to beat: 27m17.4s.

Sat 10:45 - SS8: Ogier
He completes more than a minute faster than Bertelli. "Quite a difficult and demanding stage. Very narrow so I'm happy to get a clean run. It is easy to hit something here - you really have to have perfect pace notes." Ogier's time to beat: 27m30.1s.

Sat 10:42 - SS8: Bertelli
"We had only one pass here in the recce, [he crashed his recce car] so it was not easy. We took it easy."

Sat 09:46 - SS8: Mud report
WRC TV crews report a 500 metre section of deep mud at the 3km point.

Sat 09:42 - Stage notes: SS8
San Marcos / Characato 1, 42.50km. This was meant to be the longest stage of the rally but the first 14.27km were scrapped due to road damage from recent floods. It is narrow and rough but still fast in places, and there is little room for error with rocks lining the road. An extremely tough challenge.

Sat 09:41 - Up next: SS8
Crews are en-route to the longest stage of the day. It gets underway at 1011hrs.

Sat 09:39 - Start interval change
Organisers have extended the start intervals for WRC drivers on SS8 in an effort to reduce dust clouds. The gap is now 3 minutes.

Sat 09:38 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS7
Al-Kuwari's lead up to 3min after mistake for Dominguez. Protasov quickest. [+ times compared to leader] 1. Al-Kuwari (Ford Fiesta RRC): 2:10m33.6s, 2. Dominguez (Ford Fiesta R5): +3m16.4s, 3. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): +5m10.7s, 4. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): +6m25.8s, 5. Arias (Ford Fiesta R5): +10m10.4s.

Sat 09:32 - SS7: WRC 2 Protasov
He sets the fastest time in WRC 2, but the fight for a decent finish is over. "Everything on stage was good but I'm really not happy that I can't catch Al-Kuwari now. All I can do is drive."

Sat 09:29 - SS7: WRC 2 Ketomaa
A great stage time, but the Finn is well cushioned in third with little to push for. "I can't push the car any more in these conditions. If I go faster we will be screwed. We'll just try to enjoy and have fun."

Sat 09:25 - SS7: WRC 2 Dominguez
Al-Kuwari's lead stretches to more than 3min following a problem for Dominguez. "I went off at the beginning. I made a mistake. By the time we got back on we had lost a lot of time." He lost his front bumper as well. The car seems to be running okay.

Sat 09:19 - SS7: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
The Qatari has a commanding lead in WRC 2 after his closest challenger, Protasov, was penalised. "I didn't expect it to be so difficult, I just had to follow the ruts. There were lots of rocks, we had to slow many places to avoid them."

Sat 09:14 - WRC top 5 after SS7
Spin for Meeke, Ogier quickest. [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Meeke (DS 3): 2:02m39.9s, 2. Ostberg (DS 3) +53.5s 3. Latvala (VW): +1m06.3s, 4. Sordo (Hyundai): +1m43.1s, 5. Evans (M-Sport Ford): +1m57.9s

Sat 09:11 - SS7: Meeke
His rally lead over Ostberg is trimmed to 53.5sec by a mistake near the start. 'It was very, very dusty and I got mixed up on my braking. I spun off onto some grass and had to reverse to get back on. The stage was still good."

Sat 09:08 - SS7: Prokop
"Very rough and difficult to drive. Some huge stones to avoid, I wonder if the spectators put them there."

Sat 09:07 - SS7: Sordo
"I took no risks. I feel all the time for the tyres, I'm not sure how they will do here."

Sat 09:07 - SS7: Latvala
"It was a good start. Not easy conditions. I had to be cautious in the dust, but not back off too much. I try to keep going at a good speed, but you need to be able to avoid things if you come across them."

Sat 09:06 - SS7: Evans
His time 17m50.3s. "It started okay, but I was perhaps too cautious when it was rough."

Sat 09:06 - SS7: Ostberg
A good start, third fastest so far in 17m37.2s. Still struggling with his voice, Mads croaks: "I'm driving at my own pace - not concerned about the other drivers."

Sat 09:05 - SS7: Neuville
"A good stage, but very very rough. I have only the five soft tyres and I had to look after them near the end."

Sat 09:04 - SS7: Tanak
A cautious start for the Estonian, who completes 38.3sec slower than Ogier. No problems reported.

Sat 08:54 - SS7: Paddon
He completes 9sec slower than Ogier. "The dust is bad but it's the same for everybody. This road will clean. Today I want to try and push to try and keep learning about the car and my driving. I want experience of these stages."

Sat 08:52 - SS7: Mikkelsen
He's 3.6sec slower than Ogier. "Very heavy dust. I was struggling to see. Hopefully we can get some more breeze later because that was terrible. A lot of loose ravel, so it will get faster for the guys behind."

Sat 08:50 - SS7: Ogier
He's back. And with a rapid 17m31.1s. "There is a lot of dust and it's very difficult to see. I'm a bit worried about the long one. If I don't get more time [gap] to Bertelli [from the organisers] I might have to stop or start late."

Sat 08:48 - SS7: Bertelli
First to complete. His time 18m07.6s. "Okay, but very slippery."

Sat 08:38 - Protasov penalty
Remember Protasov's epic repair job on Friday? Upon investigation, the FIA judged he had broken two WRC rules: driving on three wheels on a road section (for 1.45km after the stage end) and committing an unsafe act (when co-driver Cherepin tried to counterbalance the missing wheel by leaning on the bonnet). Protasov has been handed a 15 minute penalty and drops to a distant sixth in WRC 2.

Sat 08:30 - Stage notes: SS7
Capilla del Monte / San Marcos 1, 23.10km. Last used in 2009, this is mainly uphill and technical. It blends twisty sections with plenty of corners with a scattering of faster roads. The surface is smooth but a covering of loose gravel on top makes it slippery. The final downhill section to the finish offers spectacular views over the San Marcos Sierra region.

Sat 08:29 - Start intervals
WRC and WRC2 registered cars will start at 2min intervals. The national competitors following with run with 1min gaps.

Sat 08:29 - Start order
We're in championship order again today, headed by the (five!) Rally 2 restarters from yesterday. Here’s the order in which the crews will tackle today's stage: 1) Bertelli, 2) Ogier, 3) Mikkelsen, 4) Paddon, 5) Tanak, 6) Neuville, 7) Ostberg, 8) Evans, 9) Latvala, 10) Sordo, 11) Prokop, 12) Meeke, 13) Al Qassimi.

Sat 08:28 - Tyre choices
News in from Michelin. Numbers and compounds (hard (H) or soft (S)) of the LTX Cross tyres cars left with for the morning loop: Ostberg/Neuville/Volkswagen: 5S. Other Michelin runners: 6S

Sat 08:28 - Time zone update
Argentina time is still CEST-5hrs

Sat 08:28 - Weather update
Sunrise was 0743hrs. Clear blue skies above service right now, temperature a fresh 17ºC but that’s forecast to hit 27ºC this afternoon. There is high cloud above SS7 and the stage surface is slightly damp with dew.

Sat 08:27 - Cars update
Crews left Villa Carlos Paz from 0635hrs for the 76km drive to SS7. Stage start is 0828hrs.

Sat 08:27 - Coming up today
Just four stages but a whopping 131 competitive kilometres in the high speed roads of the Punilla valley, north of Cordoba. After Capilla del Monte/San Marcos (23.10km), the crews will tackle San Marcos/Characato (56.77km) before a 30-minute midday service in Villa Carlos Paz. The same two stages will be repeated in the afternoon.

Sat 08:26 - Buen Dia!
From Argentina and welcome back to our text coverage of XION Rally Argentina, coming to you live from host town Villa Carlos Paz.

Fri 18:41 - In the meantime
Keep an eye on the news section for day reports on WRC and WRC 2 and all the latest from Argentina. And don't forget to check out WRC+ for our exclusive analysis tools and heaps of onboards. Until tomorrow, adiós!

Fri 18:28 - That’s Friday's stages done
And the end of our live text service for today. Join us on Saturday when XION Rally Argentina resumes. The first stage, the 23.10km Capilla del Monte - San Marcos, starts at 0828hrs. We'll be here to bring you all the news.

Fri 18:25 - WRC2 top 5 after day 2
(after SS6): Al-Kuwari's lead nears 2min. [ times compared to leader] 1. Al-Kuwari (Ford Fiesta RRC): 1:51m34.1s, 2. Protasov (Ford Fiesta RRC): 1m57.0s 3. Dominguez (Ford Fiesta R5): 2m35.7s, 4. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 5m19.8s, 5. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): 5m30.8s

Fri 18:20 - WRC top 5 after day 2
(after SS6) Meeke heads a Citroen 1-2. [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Meeke (DS 3): 1:44m47.8s, 2. Ostberg (DS 3) +1m08.4s 3. Latvala (VW): +1m23.5s, 4. Sordo (Hyundai): +1m54.2s, 5. Evans (M-Sport Ford): +1m59.7s

Fri 18:02 - SS6: Latvala vs Meeke
Meeke wins the heat in 5m04.4s, while Latvala, with his transmission problem, loses 33.8sec to the stage winner, Sordo. Meeke, who now leads the rally by more than one minute, says: "The feeling in the car has been good. For me, tomorrow will be a tougher day than today. The long stage will be exceptionally difficult." Latvala, who drops to third, says: "Okay, I lost less time here that I expected."

Fri 17:54 - SS6: Sordo vs Ostberg
Sordo wins the heat and sets a new time to beat of 5m01.0s. "Happy now, this was much better than the morning when we lost so much time. We need to push hard. Ostberg is second fastest, 0.1sec behind. Mads has lost his voice so can't give a verdict on his day...

Fri 17:50 - SS6: Neuville vs Evans
The fastest pairing so far. Neuville scorches through in a new stage best of 5m02.9sec. Evans is 2.2sec slower. "It was okay, I understeered and hit something. The rear bumper is damaged but the car is okay."

Fri 17:49 - SS6: Ligato vs Prokop
Ligato's Chevrolet Agile is outclassed by the Fiesta RS of Prokop, who records a new fastest time of 5m07.5s. Prokop says: "The day went well, but the roads are so tricky we are just trying to drive - that's all."

Fri 17:35 - SS6: Lefebvre vs Saba
Saba wins the heat but looked a bit ragged - he clipped a wall with the rear of his Skoda, then lost half his front bumper in a water splash. Lefebvre was 5.3sec slower.

Fri 17:29 - SS6: Tempestini vs Dominguez
Dominguez wins, in a new fastest time of 5m09.8sec. Tempestini is 6.2sec slower.

Fri 17:24 - SS6: Al-Kuwari vs Fuchs
The heat goes Fuch's way by 4.8sec. His time of 5m11.3 is quickest so far. "In the morning I broke a steering arm and punctured two tyres," said Fuchs. "It's Impossible to fight for the win now." WRC 2 leader Al-Kuwari said: "A good day, but there are a lot of people behind pushing. Tomorrow I have to drive with my head."

Fri 17:17 - SS6: Al-Qassimi vs Ketomaa
Ketomaa wins the opening heat in his R5 Fiesta, despite Al-Qassimi's advantage of a more powerful DS 3 World Rally Car. Ketomaa's winning time is 5m13.7s. Al-Qassimi is 17.4sec slower. Ketomaa said: "Not really a good afternoon because we lost the brakes on the previous stage. It has been pretty painful but there's still a long way to go." Al Qassimi says he struggled to get his car to turn in.

Fri 17:01 - SS6 start order
Here's how the drivers will line-up at tonight's Super Special: 1708hrs: Al-Qassimi vs Ketomaa, 1714hrs: Al-Kuwari vs Fuchs, 1720hrs: Tempestini vs Dominguez, 1726hrs: Lefebvre vs Saba, 1732hrs: Ligato vs Prokop, 1738hrs: Neuville vs Evans, 1744hrs: Sordo vs Ostberg, 1750hrs: Latvala vs Meeke.

Fri 16:52 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS5:
Protasov fastest. [+ times compared to leader] 1. Al-Kuwari (Ford Fiesta RRC): 1:46m18.0s, 2. Protasov (Ford Fiesta RRC): +1m36.3s 3. Dominguez (Ford Fiesta R5): +2m42.0s, 4. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): +5m22.2s, 5. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): +5m30.9s

Fri 16:47 - SS5: WRC 2 Protasov
He's the fastest WRC 2 competitor again - 11.6sec quicker through the stage than Al-Kuwari, who leads the category by 1m36.3s. "It's good. The stage was okay, much better than the first pass. We are pushing. Can we win? We will see - it will be hard work."

Fri 16:38 - Up next: SS6
Friday's final stage, the 6.04km Super Special in Villa Carlos Paz, starts at 1708hrs. You can watch this one LIVE on WRC+

Fri 16:32 - WRC top 5 after SS5
Meeke quickest. Latvala has a gearbox issue. [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Meeke (DS 3): 1:39m43.4s, 2. Latvala (VW) +53.1s 3. Ostberg (DS 3): +1m11.7s, 4. Sordo (Hyundai): +1m57.6s, 5. Evans (M-Sport Ford): +1m59.0s

Fri 16:26 - SS5: WRC 2 Ketomaa
The Finn sails straight through the flying finish, then comes back to get his time. "No brakes," he explains "I have no idea why. On the start line, suddenly there was no bite on the handbrake. So no brakes anywhere. For the whole stage. Luckily it was a fast stage. We will take a look now."

Fri 16:20 - SS5: Meeke
It's another fastest time and his lead is up to 53.1sec. Meeke however is refusing to discuss a possible first WRC victory. "I'm just blinkers on driving my own rally. Citroen have built a strong car. Anywhere in the top five here would be good to get my confidence back."

Fri 16:15 - SS5: Prokop
Slowest so far, 24.4sec off Ostberg's time. And for good reason: "We broke an anti-roll bar on the previous stage. We had to work hard to keep the car on the road. It is moving a lot."

Fri 16:13 - SS5: Sordo
Fourth quickest, 5.5sec slower than Ostberg. "Without the steering problem it was like driving the stage for the first time."

Fri 16:11 - SS5: Latvala in trouble!
10m28.3sec is the slowest time on the board. He lost 20sec in the final split. And it sounds serious. "We have a problem with the gearbox. It's not the selection, it's the drive from the front diff."

Fri 16:07 - SS5: Evans
The Welshman completes 0.1sec slower than Ostberg. "More slippery than I expected. Struggling for rear grip especially. That knocked my confidence a little." His Fiesta's rear tyres are badly worn.

Fri 16:06 - SS5: Ostberg
He is quicker than Neuville by 1.5sec. "It was okay, the stage was quite similar to this morning but looser than I expected. A good run, I'm happy with that."

Fri 16:04 - SS5: Neuville
First to complete, his time 10m13.8sec. "Good. Quite a good afternoon for us. We still have the intercom problem - we know what the problem is, but we won't have time to fix it until service tonight."

Fri 15:33 - Next stage: SS5
The repeated Villa Bustos - Tanti starts at 1551hrs. (That's four minutes later than scheduled). We'll resume our live text service then.

Fri 15:32 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS4
Al-Kuwari the new leader. [+ times compared to leader] 1. Al-Kuwari (Ford Fiesta RRC): 1:35m27.4s, 2. Protasov (Ford Fiesta RRC): +1m47.9s 3. Dominguez (Ford Fiesta R5): +2m44.1s, 4. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): +4m34.8s, 5. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): +5m11.8s

Fri 15:27 - SS4: WRC 2 Protasov
He bags fastest WRC 2 stage time, beating Al-Kuwari by 23.3sec. In the overall standings his penalties for arriving late in service put him second, 1m47.9s behind leader Al-Kuwari.

Fri 14:58 - WRC top 5 after SS4
Meeke quickest. Tanak and Mikkelsen out. [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Meeke (DS 3): 1:29m39.5s, 2. Latvala (VW) +28.7s 3. Ostberg (DS 3): +1m03.3s, 4. Sordo (Hyundai): +1m43.7s, 5. Evans (M-Sport Ford): +1m50.5s

Fri 14:51 - SS4: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
The Qatari leads the WRC 2 class after Protasov's problems on SS3. "All going to plan. But again I was in Ketomaa's dust for some time. It was very hard to see the corners properly."

Fri 14:50 - SS4: WRC 2 Ketomaa
"It was okay but the conditions are unbelievable. I haven't seen anything like that for a long time. Head-sized rocks. Lethal."

Fri 14:48 - SS4: Al Qassimi
"After a couple of kilometres the car was very hot inside but we couldn't open the cockpit fresh air vents. It was very uncomfortable. Also, our mixed tyre choice didn't work well."

Fri 14:44 - SS4: Meeke fastest!
He is quicker than Latvala by 13.4sec and extends his rally lead over Latvala to 28.4sec. "It wasn't the intention - I just wanted to be clean. The car is good and strong. The road was hellish rough but I was in a good rhythm and the car just danced through. I'm driving my own rally."

Fri 14:41 - SS4: Sordo
The Spaniard completes 14.3sec slower than Latvala. He is one of only two Michelin runners to favour the soft compound tyre. One of the softs, on the front left, is completely worn out.

Fri 14:35 - SS4: Latvala
Fastest so far in 38m25.9s. "A big challenge. A lot of bedrock and loose rocks about but I managed to avoid the worst of them. The brakes are getting very hot - especially at the end I was losing the friction."

Fri 14:33 - SS4: Evans
Trouble-free in a time of 38m52.0s. "Happier in the first half of the stage, but I didn't find my confidence in the second. We didn't get the chance to check our notes on the first pass."

Fri 14:32 - SS4: Ostberg
He is 12.7sec quicker than Neuville. No repeat of the engine problem that affected him in this stage earlier. "The car is working, it's just extremely rough. I was quite cautious but I need to be careful and stick to my pre-event plan. The feeling is not bad."

Fri 14:29 - SS4: Neuville
The Belgian is first to complete. His time is 38m52.3s. First time through he had to stop and change a tyre. How was the road this time? "Worse than this morning. Terrible. The car was jumping around. We had an intercom problem too."

Fri 14:03 - SS4: Tanak out!
His Fiesta RS is parked just 2km into the stage, its front-left wheel missing. He hit a rock in a water splash. That's all from Tanak for today.

Fri 13:56 - Protasov update:
The wheel repair held! He and co-driver Pavlo got their Fiesta back to service. They did incur 3min10sec of penalties for a late arrival but they are still in the game and off to SS4.

Fri 13:52 - Tyre choices:
News in from Michelin. Numbers and compounds (hard (H) or soft (S)) of the LTX Cross tyres cars left with for the afternoon loop: Citroen/Latvala/M-Sport: 4H&2S. Sordo/Neuville: 3S&2H Mikkelsen: 4H&1S.

Fri 13:49 - Paddon out too
He didn't leave service. No big surprise considering the catalogue of mechanical problems his car collected this morning.

Fri 13:48 - Mikkelsen out
The Norwegian left the midday service but has stopped with a mechanical problem en route to SS4.

Fri 13:46 - SS4: Stage delayed
By four minutes. New start time is 1348hrs.

Fri 12:57 - Next stage: SS4
The repeated Agua de Oro - Ascochinga starts at 1344hrs. We'll resume our live text service then.

Fri 12:38 - Ostberg's engine problem?
Matton: “It’s not clear at the moment what happened. Maybe there was some water in the systems. After that, the engine was in safe mode and Mads was not able to reset the system until the road section to SS3.”

Fri 12:36 - Citroen reaction
Team boss Yves Matton gives his verdict on the morning stages. “Okay, Kris is leading now but our target remains to have both cars in a good position at the end of the rally. And that hasn’t changed. I’m pretty sure Jari-Matti will be leading at the end of the next stage."

Fri 11:48 - Protasov update:
Thanks to some ratchet-strap ingenuity the wheel is on - just - and Protasov is driving back to service. Sadly, the wheel doesn't appear to be rolling, so this might be a short trip. Keep your fingers crossed.

Fri 11:38 - Up next: Service
Crews are en route to Villa Carlos Paz for a well-deserved 30-minute service. After that, they'll repeat the morning loop of stages.

Fri 11:34 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS3
Protasov leads but his car is missing a wheel. [+ times compared to leader] 1. Protasov (Ford Fiesta RRC): 53m43.6s, 2. Al-Kuwari (Ford Fiesta RRC): +58.8s 3. Dominguez (Ford Fiesta R5): +2m35.2s, 4. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): +4m03.4s, 5. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): +4m06.6s

Fri 11:28 - WRC top 5 after SS3
Latvala quickest. Mechanical problems for Mikkelsen

Fri 11:20 - SS3: Protasov's back!
And he's brought with him the missing wheel, hub and drive-shaft. He and Cherepin are off to try and fit the bits back on the car.

Fri 11:16 - SS3: WRC 2 Protasov
His co-driver Pavlo Cherepin gives an update: "The wheel came off two corners before the end. We hit a rock. We will try and get back to service." Protasov is still in stage looking for the wheel. Without it on the car he will have to retire.

Fri 11:13 - SS3: WRC 2 Protasov
He is quickest of the WRC 2 drivers so far, 9.5sec up on Al-Kuwari - but he completes with the right-rear wheel and hub missing from his Fiesta. Protasov leaps immediately out of the car and runs back into the stage!

Fri 11:10 - SS3: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
Quicker than Ketomaa by 1.8sec. "Okay, I was pushing hard where I could and taking it easy where I couldn't. Quicker than Ketomaa, that's good."

Fri 11:05 - SS3: WRC 2 Ketomaa
"Very good fun. The first section was like Finland but a bit more slippery - lots of power slides."

Fri 11:02 - SS3: Paddon
The Kiwi gets his damaged Hyundai through the stage 1m16s slower than Latvala. Like many drivers, he is looking forward to service. "We had to nurse the car through. It has no oil in the gearbox, no engine mounts, the exhaust is hanging off. There's lots to do."

Fri 10:59 - SS3: Meeke
"We have a right-rear puncture. I noticed it in the middle of the stage. I drove on, but had to take it really slow." Meeke holds the lead, but the gap to Latvala in second is down to 15.3sec.

Fri 10:57 - SS3: Tanak
"We're making pace note changes, checking everything is right so we can go a bit faster next time."

Fri 10:56 - SS3: Prokop
Lost his confidence in the slippery second half - had a spin near the end. Sixth fastest, 41sec off Latvala's pace.

Fri 10:53 - SS3: Sordo
The Spaniard suffering with no power steering. He completes more than 1min slower than Latvala and drops from second place to sixth. "Very bad. It's completely impossible to drive. I am very tired now."

Fri 10:49 - SS3: Latvala
Quickest so far. 10m10.0s. "It was okay. The tyres are worn on the front, so not the sharpest turn in, but alright. I liked the first section, it was flat-out like Finland"

Fri 10:48 - SS3: Evans
A decent run in 10m21.8s. "Okay, but we touched the front right wheel just before the finish."

Fri 10:47 - SS3: Ostberg
A better run this time. Fastest so far in 10m20.2s. No repeat of his earlier engine problem. He seems much calmer.

Fri 10:46 - SS3: Mikkelsen
He competes 2m58sec slower than Neuville with the top of the front right suspension damper poking through the bonnet. "The damper came through and I had to take it so slow. Thierry came through and couldn't see me - so he hit me." (Actually, Neuville admitted he had given him a deliberate nudge.)

Fri 10:43 - SS3: Neuville
First to complete. His time is 10m25.6s and his car is looking very second-hand after his earlier puncture. There's a new bump on the front too. "Andreas was in front of me driving very slowly so I had to give him a push. It's no fun at all. This is more like Dakar."

Fri 10:40 - SS3: Neuville passes
He has caught and driven around Mikkelsen's damaged Polo R.

Fri 10:38 - SS3: Mikkelsen in trouble
WRC TV crews report he is running slowly. Front right suspension damage evident.

Fri 10:34 - Ogier’s record attempt?
We reported earlier that this could be a landmark rally for Seb - for three big reasons - but his exit today makes that look very unlikely. If he does re-start on Saturday he will collect 7 minutes of penalty time for each of the five stages he missed today. Surely too much - even for Ogier.

Fri 10:04 - Stage notes: SS3
Villa Bustos / Tanti 1, 19.71km. Parts of this test were used in 2007, but much is new. It starts on a wide, good-surfaced, fast road with some big corners that demand bravery. It is only in the final 4km that it becomes twisty and rougher, with a couple of water splashes.

Fri 10:04 - Up next SS3
Crews are making the 70km journey to the start control in the town of Villa Bustos. Stage live at 1026hrs.

Fri 09:59 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS2
[+ times compared to leader] 1. Protasov (Ford Fiesta RRC): 42m56.0s, 2. Al-Kuwari (Ford Fiesta RRC): +49.3s 3. Dominguez (Ford Fiesta R5): +2m24.0s, 4. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): +3m21.6s, 5. Arias (Ford Fiesta R5): +3m23.2s

Fri 09:53 - WRC top 5 after SS2
[ times compared to leader]: Meeke fastest, Ogier retires, many others in trouble! 1. Meeke (DS 3): 40m58.4s, 2. Sordo (Hyundai) 32.7s 3. Latvala (VW): 33.9s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): 44.6s, 5. Paddon (Hyundai): 47.8s

Fri 09:42 - SS2: Ogier out
Confirmation received from Volkswagen that Ogier is done for the day. Statement reads: Ogier stopped in stage due to a technical problem. Retired for the day, car will be brought to service for analysis. Will rejoin under rally2 regulations.

Fri 09:39 - SS2: WRC 2 Protasov
Quickest WRC 2 driver so far - 42.1sec up on Al Kuwari through the stage. His lead in WRC 2 up to 49.3sec. "I'm feeling some problem with the rear of the car perhaps. Lots of dust."

Fri 09:36 - SS2: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
"All okay, I was very cautious but I was caught in Ketomaa's dust for 10km."

Fri 09:35 - SS2: WRC 2 Ketomaa
"We had a puncture. I'm sorry to the team. We landed after a jump on a big stone. There are rocks everywhere. It's almost impossible to miss them."

Fri 09:33 - SS2: Al Qassimi
A cautious run from the Abu Dhabi driver. He completes 2m29s off Meeke's stage winning pace.

Fri 09:31 - SS2: Paddon
Fifth fastest in 39m11.4sec. That's a hell of an achievement when you hear what happened in stage: "After about 3km, all the engine mounts broke. After just 3km that's ridiculous. Then we lost a drive shaft, the gears don't work and now we have a hole in the turbo pipe so no power. Crazy."

Fri 09:29 - SS2: Meeke leads!
He is fastest so far in 38m26.2s. "After 100 metres I had no handbrake, so it was difficult in the hairpins. Instead I became Scandinavian and did the flick! In the last 10km I couldn’t see properly so I was taking it so carefully - I was idling into corners."

Fri 09:26 - SS2: Tanak
Cleanly through in 39m21.8s. "Really hard, a lot of dust in the narrow sections, I took it carefully."

Fri 09:25 - SS2: Prokop
A clean run through from the Czech driver. If he keeps this up he could beat his career best fourth place...

Fri 09:22 - SS2: Sordo
Faster than Latvala - in a time of 38m58.1s - but he's shaking his head. "The power steering has gone. It’s impossible, it's bad because I was feeling very good in the stage."

Fri 09:19 - SS2: Latvala
Fastest so far in 39min exactly. "No worries - we tried to be clever. I didn’t see Ogier - I have no idea what happened."

Fri 09:17 - Bertelli and Fuchs
Both stopped in stage.

Fri 09:17 - SS2: Evans
A clean run, but he's not happy about being caught in Neuville's dust. "When we saw the car in the distance we radioed the team to ask them to pull over... Let's just say it was a difficult stage for us. Frustrating." Evans’ co-driver Dan Barritt is having a few words with Neville’s co-driver Nicolas Gilsoul.

Fri 09:14 - SS2: Neuville
He completes with his car missing big sections of rear bodywork as a result of the puncture. "Over a crest we hit a big stone. We carried on until we had to stop and change it. There is lots of dust in the car."

Fri 09:11 - SS2: Ostberg
Our second car through - and another problematic experience. "I will try to be calm, but we have an engine problem like in Monte Carlo. The engine stopped in the stage. All the alarms went off in the car. Four rallies four problems. Not good."

Fri 09:09 - SS2: Mikkelsen
First to complete, with a front-right puncture: "The stage is a monster. We were having a good rhythm but then we spun in a right-hand corner, I may have misheard a note. I'm not sure that was the cause of the puncture but we hit the back of the car hard. I need to go and have a look." His time is 40m20.0s

Fri 09:01 - Neuville moving
He has rejoined in front of Evans. We're hearing a left-rear puncture

Fri 08:59 - Ogier stopped!
His Volkswagen is parked 45km from the stage start

Fri 08:59 - Problems for Mikkelsen!
Front right puncture

Fri 08:58 - Neuville stopped!
His Hyundai stationary at the 37km point

Fri 08:57 - Ogier in trouble?
WRC TV crews reports his engine is sounding rough.

Fri 08:48 - Wrong turn?
WRC TV crews report that Ogier, Neuville and Sordo drove the long way around a junction 8.8km from the start. The opposite of a short cut? We'll find out more when they reach the finish...

Fri 08:43 - Ostberg vs Ogier!
Split times a bit patchy on this stage so far, but one that jumps out is Ostberg 11sec quicker than Ogier at the 14.7km point.

Fri 08:39 - Tyre choices
News in from Michelin. Numbers and compounds (hard (H) or soft (S)) of the LTX Cross tyres cars left with for this morning’s loop: Evans & Tanak: 6S. All other Michelin WRC runners: 5S.

Fri 08:35 - Stage notes: SS2
Agua de Oro / Ascochinga 1, 51.99km. A well-known stage used in the opposite direction for the first time. The opening 21km are incredibly rough, twisty and littered with rocks before the road opens into faster sections. The stage mainly runs across vast open pampas, undulates frequently and contains several water splashes. A great stage but extremely tough.

Fri 08:31 - Start intervals
WRC and WRC2 registered cars will start at 2min intervals. The national competitors following will run with 1min gaps.

Fri 08:27 - Friday's running order
We're in championship standings order today. Here's how the World Rally Cars will tackle the tackle the stages: 1) Ogier, 2) Mikkelsen, 3) Neuville, 4) Ostberg, 5) Evans, 6) Latvala, 7) Sordo, 8) Prokop, 9) Tanak, 10) Meeke, 11) Paddon, 12) Al Qassimi, 13) Bertelli

Fri 08:22 - Weather update
Sunrise was 0742hrs. It looks like another beautiful day in prospect here. Clear blue skies. A fresh 17ºC in service now but that’s forecast to hit 27ºC this afternoon. No chance of rain.

Fri 08:22 - Time zone update
Argentina time is CEST-5hrs

Fri 08:22 - Cars update
Crews left Villa Carlos Paz from 0645hrs for the 79km drive to the start of SS2. Stage start is 0823hrs.

Fri 08:21 - Coming up on Friday
After Thursday’s Super Special, the rally proper begins today. In the morning crews with tackle the first endurance stage of the rally - the 51.99km Agua de Oro/Ascochinga - then the 20.31km Villa Bustos/Tanti. They will repeat both in the afternoon after a 30-minute service. The day rounds off with a 6.04km Super Special just outside Villa Carlos Paz.

Fri 08:21 - We’re ready to go
At nerve centre central, in the Villa Carlos Paz basketball mega arena, next to the rally service park.

Fri 08:20 - Buen Dia!
From Argentina and welcome back to our live text coverage of XION Rally Argentina, round four of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship.

Thu 20:06 - Set your watches
Friday’s opener, the epic 51km stage from Agua de Oro to Ascochinga, starts at 0823hrs local time (CET -5hrs). We’ll be here to bring you all the news as it happens. Ciao for now!

Thu 20:03 - That’s Thursday done
And the end of our live text service for today. Join us on Friday for the first full day of XION Rally Argentina, when the action switches to the rugged countryside north of Villa Carlos Paz.

Thu 19:59 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS1
[+ times compared to leader] 1. Protasov (Ford Fiesta RRC): 2m35.9s, 2. Dominquez (Ford Fiesta R5): +2.2s 3. Tempestini (Subaru Impreza): +5.2s, 4. Fuchs (Ford Fiesta R5): +5.5s, 5. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): +6.9s

Thu 19:51 - WRC top 5 after SS1
[ times compared to leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 2m32.0s, =2. Meeke (DS 3): 0.2s, =2. Mikkelsen (VW): 0.2s, 4. Latvala (VW): 0.3s, 5. Sordo (Hyundai): 1.0s

Thu 19:48 - SS1: Lefebvre
The Frenchman slots his R5-spec DS 3 14th fastest. He is making his Rally Argentina debut this weekend, but is not registered in the WRC 2 competition. "I'm here for the experience. It's a good start."

Thu 19:44 - SS1: Ligato vs Villagra
The two experienced Argentinians are competing in the national class this weekend. Ligato wins the heat in his RC2 class Chevrolet Agile, with Villagra three seconds slower in an RC2 Ford Fiesta.

Thu 19:38 - SS1: Fuchs vs Baldoni
Fuchs wins the heat, bags second fastest in WRC 2 but reports a worrying problem. "That was a positive start, but I had a problem on the road section with the water pump. Now the engine temperature is high. I must go and take a look."

Thu 19:35 - SS1: Protasov vs Ketomaa
The Ukrainian, driving an RRC-spec Fiesta, goes 11th quickest and bags fastest time so far in WRC 2. Can he win the category here? "We will see, but now it's good!" Ketomaa gets his R5 spec Fiesta through 7sec slower but reports no problems.

Thu 19:30 - SS1: Bertelli vs Al-Kuwari
Bertelli, the last of the WRC crews, wins the heat and slots seventh quickest. After a difficult recce, during which he crashed twice, he's hoping for a smoother rally...

Thu 19:26 - SS1: Ogier vs Meeke
Goes Ogier's way - and he's fastest so far to take an early rally lead. His stage winning time is 2m32.0s: "It's the start of a long weekend with tough stages, we have a long way to go!" Meeke equals Mikkelsen's time (0.2sec adrift) to share second place overnight.

Thu 19:21 - SS1: Latvala vs Ostberg
Last year's Argentina winner Latvala wins the heat and slots second fastest, 0.1sec behind his team-mate Mikkelsen. "Not too bad, a bit slippery but generally it went well." Ostberg is fifth fastest, "Not so bad, a tricky stage but okay. Is it worth driving eight hours for? Don't ask me that..."

Thu 19:18 - SS1: Neuville vs Evans
Neuville wins the heat and slots third fastest so far, 0.1sec behind his team-mate Sordo. "A good start, a lot of people here but a lot of dust too - it's difficult to see the road." It's a steady start for Evans who completes 3.2sec slower. "It's tricky to pick your lines here," he says.

Thu 19:14 - SS1: Tanak vs Sordo
Sordo wins the heat in his Hyundai and slots second so far, 0.8sec slower than Mikkelsen. The Spaniard reports a lot of hanging dust.

Thu 19:09 - SS1: Mikkelsen vs Al Qassimi
Goes Mikkelsen's way. He's fastest so far in 2m32.2s. "It was a clean run for us, no big mistakes. Something to build on." Al Qassimi, making his season debut here, stopped the clock at 2m43.3s

Thu 19:05 - SS1: Paddon leads!
Two cars through and the Hyundai-powered Kiwi is quickest so far. His time to beat: 2m34.8s. Prokop completes 0.7sec slower.

Thu 19:02 - SS1: Tonight's first pairing
Is Paddon vs Prokop. There is a special start order tonight before the event switches to championship order on Friday. Next up is Mikkelsen vs Al Qassimi

Thu 18:56 - Tyre choices
News in from Michelin. Numbers and compounds (hard or soft) of the LTX Cross tyres cars left with for tonight’s stage: Ogier/Mikkelsen: 4S+1H. All other WRC Michelin runners: 5H

Thu 18:55 - Weather update
The sun is setting after a beautiful day here in Argentina. It’s still 21ºC in service with clear skies overhead.

Thu 18:55 - Stage notes: SS1
Merlo - San Luis, 2.68km. Merlo town centre is packed with fans for the opening action of the 2015 rally. Two cars at a time, starting 15sec apart, drive two laps of a 1.34km loop containing a jump, tight hairpins and fast straights. The stage is 75 per cent asphalt and 25 per gravel.

Thu 18:54 - A long way to go…
Crews left Villa Carlos Paz at 1345hrs for a long road section of over 230 kilometres south to the town of Merlo. The crews head back to Villa Carlos Paz at the end of the day. That’s 475.18km in total for just 2.68km of competition!

Thu 18:53 - Coming up tonight
Is the rally’s opening stage - a prelude to the main competition which will play out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The opening stage, a short head-to-head street test, kicks off at 1900hrs

Thu 18:53 - Time check
Here in Argentina the the time is 1852hrs - that’s CEST -5hrs.

Thu 18:52 - We’re all set
And ready to go at the live text desk, located this week in a basketball arena, a penalty throw away from the rally service park.

Thu 18:51 - Hola from Villa Carlos Paz!
And welcome to our live text coverage of XION Rally Argentina, round four of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship.

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