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Vainqueurs des ES

Spéciale Nom Vainqueur Equipe Temps
SS1 Super Special Stage Karlstad 1 (1.90 km) SWEP. TIDEMAND
Pontus Tidemand 1:32.1
SS2 Torsby 1 (14.76 km) FRAS. OGIER
Volkswagen Motorsport 8:36.6
SS3 Röjden 1 (18.73 km) FRAS. OGIER
Volkswagen Motorsport 9:59.4
SS4 Finnskogen 1 (20.76 km) FINJ. LATVALA
Volkswagen Motorsport 11:03.1
SS5 Kirkenær 1 (7.07 km) FRAS. OGIER
Volkswagen Motorsport 5:26.7
SS6 Kirkenær 2 (7.07 km) UKRY. PROTASOV
M-Sport World Rally Team 5:34.4
SS7 Finnskogen 2 (20.76 km) FINJ. LATVALA
Volkswagen Motorsport 11:04.3
SS8 Röjden 2 (18.73 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Volkswagen Motorsport II 10:01.1
SS9 Torsby 2 (14.76 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 8:40.4
SS10 Super Special Stage Karlstad 2 (1.90 km) FRAS. OGIER
Volkswagen Motorsport 1:34.5
SS11 Fredriksberg 1 (18.15 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Volkswagen Motorsport II 10:33.9
SS12 Rämmen 1 (22.76 km) FRAS. OGIER
Volkswagen Motorsport 11:36.5
SS13 Hagfors Sprint 1 (1.87 km) FRAS. OGIER
Volkswagen Motorsport 1:51.2
SS14 Vargåsen 1 (24.63 km) FRAS. OGIER
Volkswagen Motorsport 13:34.1
SS15 Fredriksberg 2 (18.15 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 10:27.6
SS16 Rämmen 2 (22.76 km) GBRK. MEEKE
Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT 11:38.5
SS17 Hagfors Sprint 2 (1.87 km) POLR. KUBICA
Robert Kubica 1:57.1
SS18 Vargåsen 2 (24.63 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 13:24.4
SS19 Lesjöfors (15.00 km) FRAS. OGIER
Volkswagen Motorsport 9:05.8
SS20 Värmullsåsen 1 (15.87 km) FINJ. LATVALA
Volkswagen Motorsport 8:14.1
SS21 Värmullsåsen 2 (Power Stage) (15.87 km) FRAS. OGIER
Volkswagen Motorsport 8:05.6

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Sun 14:27 - Join us again on March 5th
When we will return for round three: Rally Guanajuato Mexico. Until then keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from the World Rally Championship. Bye for now!

Sun 14:26 - That’s all from the Sweden Stages
And the end of our live text coverage

Sun 14:25 - WRC Manufacturers’ Standings
1) Volkswagen Motorsport: 68 points, 2) Hyundai Motorsport: 55, 3) M-Sport World Rally Team: 32, 4) Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team : 20, 5) Volkswagen Motorsport II: 15, 6) Jipocar Czech National Team: 10, 7) Hyundai Motorsport N: 1, 8) FWRT SRL: 1

Sun 14:23 - WRC Drivers’ Standings
1) Ogier: 53 points, 2) Neuville: 30, 3) Mikkelsen: 30, 4) Latvala: 19, 5) Østberg: 14, 6) Evans: 14, 7) Tanak: 12, 8) Paddon: 10, 9) Meeke: 10, 10) Sordo: 8.

Sun 14:07 - Power Stage result
Ogier: 3 points. Neuville: 2 points. Ostberg: 1 point

Sun 13:55 - Rally Sweden WRC 2 final top 5
(after SS21) Ketomaa secures the win [+ times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 3:05:07.4s, 2. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +32.6s, 3. Gorban (Mini S2000): +3m27.4, 4. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +3m40.2s, 5. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta RRC): +3m43.5s.

Sun 12:56 - Rally Sweden final top 5
After SS21. Ogier wins, Mikkelsen spins! [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 2:55:30.5s, 2. Neuville (Hyundai): +6.4s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +39.8s, 4. Tanak (Ford): +2m26.0s, 5. Paddon (Hyundai): +3:31.5s

Sun 12:53 - SS21: Mikkelsen completes
It's third place for Andreas who lost 40sec with the spin. "We gave it everything, we cut a bank and we were stuck. Okay, we tried, that's the main thing. Hopefully we'll get some more luck next time."

Sun 12:50 - SS21: Ogier
"What a win, honestly! I'm really, really proud of this one. I was faster that everybody this weekend but my starting position was so bad. It's a happy ending."

Sun 12:48 - SS21: Ogier wins!!
"This one is a crazy one!" He's on the roof of the Polo!

Sun 12:47 - SS21: Mikkelsen off!

Sun 12:47 - SS21: Ogier
He is 4.8sec quicker than Neuville!

Sun 12:45 - SS21: Neuville
First of the lead trio through and he's fastest so far! 8m10.4s is 5.1sec quicker than Ostberg. Will it be enough? "We have to wait. I was maximum. I took big risks. I am happy. It's like a wake-up call for the team and I hope we can be in this position more often!"

Sun 12:43 - SS21: Tanak
Sixth fastest on the Power Stage caps a mature weekend for Tanak who finishes fourth. "We struggled a bit near the beginning but we finished in a strong position it's good for the future. A couple more rallies like this and then we can push a bit more."

Sun 12:40 - SS21: Paddon
He bags fifth in Sordo's borrowed i20 World Rally Car and rounds off a positive weekend with fourth fastest on the Power Stage. "Result wise it's absolutely fantastic. We kept our noses clean and that proved to be a good strategy. Good for the manufacturers' championship and that's the most important thing."

Sun 12:36 - SS21: Evans
Third fastest on the Power Stage and Evans takes sixth overall. "It's been an event with a few difficulties, but I'm happy with my performance. I've shown there is potential here, and we can be fairly pleased."

Sun 12:33 - SS21: Meeke
Fastest at the opening split, but a spin soon after costs him about 16sec. Looks like seventh for Kris. "Just a fast right, I touched the rear and it sucked in the front."

Sun 12:31 - SS21: Prokop
"I'm happy with the speed we showed this weekend. A few mistakes early on, but after the disappointment in Monte Carlo this is good for our motivation."

Sun 12:28 - SS21: Ostberg
It's been a problematic weekend for the Norwegian but he's fastest so far on the Power Stage. "We did a good stage here and for the first time this rally the car is working well. It's very disappointing to know what I could have had all rallly."

Sun 12:25 - SS21: Abbring
The end of an impressive World Rally Car debut for the young Dutchman. "I enjoyed it so much. Okay, the conditions in the snow were new to me, but getting used to a World Rally Car was even more of a challenge. I'm happy. The team gave me a fantastic car and I hope to see you all again soon." Looks like he'll finish 11th.

Sun 12:23 - SS21: Latvala
A massive jump near the end. He's clearly after Power Stage points. Quickest so far: 8m17.1s. How was it? "I had a good run. I drove as fast as I could. More slippery than the morning. Probably not enough. Let's see."

Sun 12:21 - SS21: Solberg
Not one of his best Rally Swedens. Looks like 14th place "I had a proper spin in here. That was a good one! I didnlt enjoy the weekend but I will come back stronger."

Sun 12:19 - SS21: Kubica
He completes in 8m26.1sec. Looks like 20th place for the Pole, who was hit with a five minute penalty last night for a turbo boost irregularity. "This rally I haven't really done a mistake. Unfortunately we weren't able to finish in the points but overall really good."

Sun 12:12 - SS21: Kubica in stage
He started at 1208hrs. Top 13 cars running at 3-minute intervals.

Sun 12:11 - SS21: Running order
A few tweaks for the TV schedule. Here is the Power Stage running order: 1) Kubica, 2) Solberg, 3) Latvala, 4) Abbring, 5) Ostberg, 6) Prokop, 7) Meeke, 8) Evans, 9) Paddon, 10) Tanak, 11) Neuville, 12) Ogier, 13) Mikkelsen, 14) Bertelli, 15) Protasov.

Sun 11:18 - Power Stage LIVE
The stage will be shown live on television around the globe. WRC users can watch it online. We'll take a break from our live texting but will return in time for the grand finale!

Sun 11:05 - Swedish three-way recap
Mikkelsen (2014-spec VW) leads. It's his best chance yet of a maiden WRC rally win. Defending champion Ogier (2015-spec VW) is 3sec behind. Neuville (2014-spec Hyundai) is 1.6sec further back in third.

Sun 11:00 - Next stage: The grand finale!
We're back to Värmullsåsen for the Power Stage at 1208hrs. As well as deciding the rally result, this one offers up to three bonus points for the fastest drivers.

Sun 10:56 - Up next: Service
Crews are returning to Hagfors for a 30-minute midday service.

Sun 10:55 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS20
Gorban up to third after Ahlin spins [+ times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 2:56:17.1s, 2. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +31.5s, 3. Gorban (Mini S2000): +3m33.9, 4. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +3m50.8s, 5. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta RRC): +4m00.6s.

Sun 10:51 - SS20: WRC 2 Gorban
Ahlin's exit moves him up to third - some consolation after losing second place in a snow bank himself. "Yes, it is good for us, but I do feel sorry for Ahlin. Yesterday we had the same problem."

Sun 10:46 - SS20: WRC 2 Ahlin
The Swede loses 2 minutes - and third place in WRC 2 - in a snow bank “I touched the page button on the steering wheel by mistake, and that changed the dash display from gear to fuel level. I came into a corner a gear too high, the engine bogged down, we had no power and we went off into a bank.”

Sun 10:42 - WRC top 5 after SS20
Ogier moves ahead of Neuville [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Mikkelsen (VW): 2:47.21.9s, 2. Ogier (VW): +3.0s, 3. Neuville (Hyundai): +4.6s, 4. Tanak (Ford): +2m07.3s, 5. Paddon (Hyundai): +3:15.2s

Sun 10:35 - SS20: Neuville
Intercom fixed, but he is slowest of the lead trio, 0.8sec slower than Mikkelsen. “It’s not over yet. That was a good stage - very close to perfect. If you see the opponents we face, it’s certainly not going to be easy, but I’m going to try.”

Sun 10:30 - SS20: Mikkelsen
A huge jump from Mikkelsen as he powers down the ski slope. He completes 3.8sec slower than Ogier. Mikkelsen's lead now just 3sec. "I lost a second in the end there but otherwise a good stage." One stage to go. Can you keep Ogier behind? "It's definitely possible."

Sun 10:25 - SS20: Ogier
0.9sec slower than Latvala. Is it enough? "I need more. Not a perfect stage for me. I hit a few snow banks."

Sun 10:24 - SS20: Ostberg
Third quickest but sounding frustrated. After losing so much time today what can you do now? "It depends if we are able to fix the car or not. I don't know what's wrong. I think it's electrical, there are so many problems."

Sun 10:20 - SS20: Tanak
Another steady drive for Tanak. He's safely through and on course for a fine fourth here.

Sun 10:19 - SS20: Neuville intercom update
He has fixed it.

Sun 10:18 - SS20: Paddon
"We have some work to do to get the notes right. In our position now there is on point in risking everything by pushing too hard."

Sun 10:17 - SS20: Prokop
Completes with a tale of a lucky escape. "A huge moment. I was pushing on a high-speed corner. A half roll. I have no idea how we got back on the road. When we stopped it was all dark - there was snow all over the car."

Sun 10:15 - SS20: Evans
Evans is 0.9sec slower than Meeke, which leaves him just 1.4sec ahead in the overall standing. "I didn't have a great feeling. We could have gone harder. Meeke is close now, so there has to be an all-out push on the final stage. Not a lot to lose."

Sun 10:12 - SS20: Meeke
A huge jump from Kris as he approaches the finish. "Just a little bit cautious this morning. I'm struggling to find the commitment on the fast corners. I need to work on my rhythm."

Sun 10:10 - SS20: Protasov
"It's okay, little bit wrong pace notes for the fast section."

Sun 10:09 - SS20: Abbring
"In the tight and stuff I'm not slowing down enough in the right places. I'm learning more. I saw Solowow, he was stuck in a snow bank."

Sun 10:03 - SS20: Solowow stopped
7.4km from the start.

Sun 10:01 - SS20: Latvala
Fastest so far, and still delighted with his new discovery. "I have been setting the car far too stiff at the rear. That worked with the old car but the new one doesn't work like that. This is going to help me on the gravel rallies too."

Sun 09:58 - SS20: Bertelli
"We had a spin in the first one, but the grip was better in this one, and we had to adjust."

Sun 09:51 - Stage notes: SS20
Värmullsåsen, 15.87km. The stage is fast until a breathtaking ride down the ski slope near the finish. From midway down the slope, fans can watch cars slide around tight hairpins and over a big jump to the finish at the bottom.

Sun 09:50 - Up next: SS20
The first pass through Värmullsåsen got underway at 0948hrs.

Sun 09:48 - WRC top 5 after SS19
Mikkelsen snatches the lead from Neuville [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Mikkelsen (VW): 2:39.03.1s, 2. Neuville (Hyundai): +3.8s, 3. Ogier (VW): +6.8s, 4. Tanak (Ford): +1m47.1s, 5. Paddon (Hyundai): +2:58.0s

Sun 09:45 - SS19: WRC 2 Brynildsen
He's quicker than WRC 2 leader Ketomaa, but only by 1.6km. The gap between them still 29sec. "That's all I can do. I couldn't go any quicker. I enjoy it so much but Jari is pushing too. I'm not sure I can catch him here.

Sun 09:42 - SS19: WRC 2 Ketomaa
He's another distracted driver. "I had a towel loose in the foot well." Much hilarity from co-driver Lindstrom.

Sun 09:40 - SS19: Neuville
He is slowest of the leading trio, and drops to second, 3.8sec behind new leader Mikkelsen. "I had a problem with my intercom after 500metres, it was very distracting, my co-driver couldn't hear me."

Sun 09:38 - SS19: Ostberg
"I'm very embarrassed to be honest. My handbrake is not working properly. I tried to use it and it locked all four wheels and sent us off." He has lost more than 5 minutes.

Sun 09:36 - SS19: Mikkelsen
He completes 1.3sec slower than Ogier. "I was a bit too wide in the fast section. An okay stage for us to begin with. The stage was in great condition, maybe I could have gone faster. Now we have to push like crazy."

Sun 09:34 - SS19: Ogier
Fastest so far in 9m05.8s. "Not a bad stage. A lot of snow. I slowed to pass Ostberg. I hope the other drivers do too."

Sun 09:33 - SS19: Neuville trouble?
He's 2.2sec slower than Mikkelsen at the 5km split. WRCTV crews report damage to Neuville's car door. Ogier 0.7sec slower than Mikkelsen at the split.

Sun 09:30 - SS19: Tanak
Fourth quickest so far. "A good start. A good feeling. A good run." All good then.

Sun 09:29 - SS19: Ostberg update
His car is stuck in a snow bank

Sun 09:28 - SS19: Paddon
With Ostberg off, he could be up to fifth. "Trying to adapt to these stages and hold position."

Sun 09:27 - SS19: Ostberg stopped!
6km into the stage

Sun 09:27 - SS19: Prokop
He loses a big chunk of his advantage over Evans and Meeke behind. He doesn't sound hopeful of holding seventh. "Not a great start, the rhythm is not good and the time is bad. It's over."

Sun 09:25 - SS19: Evans
Second quickest so far, to pull slightly ahead of the chasing Meeke - the difference between them now 2.3sec. "I have a better feeling that yesterday, the car felt good. We made some small changes last night."

Sun 09:22 - SS19: Meeke
He's locked in a close battle with Evans for eighth - and could take seventh from Prokop. "I had a clean stage. Good conditions but narrow and slippery."

Sun 09:20 - SS19: Protasov
"For me it's okay, now I understand more about the stages. Sometimes too fast but I'm happy."

Sun 09:19 - SS19: Abbring
"The conditions are fantastic, but everything is white, a lot of snow, so it's difficult to read the road. I reckon this is the most difficult stage of the rally."

Sun 09:16 - SS19: Solowow
"Slippery like hell, and we have a misfire."

Sun 09:14 - SS19: Solberg
"Very very nice stage. I am pushing - like always. I cannot do better. The car and the tyres are perfect."

Sun 09:13 - SS19: Kubica
"Nice but very demanding. Maybe I was too careful in places. Over the crests I tried to be very neat. One small moment in the snow. I just want to bring this car home." He completes 13sec slower than Latvala.

Sun 09:11 - SS19: Latvala
Jari-Matti completes a massive 35sec quicker. "Fantastic. Never better. I have never felt so comfortable in the new car. I have finally discovered something that I should have found two months ago. I can't tell you what. Something on the car, It helps me drive the car and it's going to help me reset for Mexico." Wow.

Sun 09:09 - SS19: Bertelli
His benchmark time in 9m51.2s. Lots of snow and slush on his car. Sounds like he's been off. "We had a small moment. A lot of road cleaning in here. Not perfect. I just want to complete the rally now."

Sun 09:06 - Stage notes: SS19
Lesjöfors, 15.00km. Lesjöfors is familiar to most as the route has not changed for several years. It starts on a narrow, twisty section through woodland, then opens out near the midpoint and gets faster. It flicks back and forth between open and twisty all the way.

Sun 08:58 - The Rally Sweden trio
Our top three, Neuville, Mikkelsen and Ogier are queued before the start control. The difference between them is 9.6sec. How are they feeling? Read our story in the news section

Sun 08:50 - Kubica penalty
Last night event Stewards handed Kubica a five-minute penalty after finding that the engine in his Fiesta RS exceeded the maximum permitted turbo boost. Kubica's team says it could not control the boost because the engine mapping was supplied - like the engine - by M-Sport.

Sun 08:46 - Sunday’s start order:
Is based on rally classification reversed, headed by Rally 2 restarters. Lorenzo Bertelli is up first. Here’s how the World Rally Cars will line up: 1) Bertelli, 2) Latvala, 3) Kubica, 4) Solberg, 5) Solowow, 6) Abring, 7) Protasov, 8) Meeke, 9) Evans, 10) Prokop, 11) Paddon, 12) Tanak, 13) Ostberg, 14) Ogier, 15) Mikkelsen, 16) Neuville

Sun 08:45 - Weather update
Still plenty of snow here in Hagfors, but only a mild freeze last night. The temperature now in Hagfors is -1ºC. It’s a similar story on Lesjöfors. Skies are overcast.

Sun 08:45 - Cars update
After a 15-minute service, they left Hagfors from 0755rs for the start of Lesjöfors, 49km away. The stage starts at 0857hrs.

Sun 08:44 - Sunday’s itinerary:
Three stages, totalling just 46.74 competitive kilometres. The day opens with Lesjöfors, then Värmullsåsen. After a 30-minute service in Hagfors, crews will repeat of Värmullsåsen, run this time as the bonus point Power stage. The winning car will cross the finish podium in Karlstad’s main square at 1500hrs.

Sun 08:44 - Coming up today
Day four takes competitors out into the forests of Sweden for a final three stages

Sun 08:44 - We’re back
at the text desk, overlooking the rally Service Park

Sun 08:43 - Hej!
Good morning again from Hagfors and welcome to our live text coverage of the final day of Rally Sweden.

Sat 17:09 - Join us on Sunday
We’ll be here from 0850hrs to report on the first of Sunday’s three stage. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Hagfors, and don’t forget to check out WRC for a massive selection of onboard videos. Godnatt!

Sat 17:06 - That’s Saturday’s stages done
And the end of our live text service for today. We will return on Sunday for the grand finale!

Sat 17:05 - WRC 2 top 5 after day 3
(after SS18) [+ times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 2:37:39.2s, 2. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +30.6s, 3. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +2m14.2, 4. Gorban (Mini S2000): +3m12.9s, 5. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +3m35.0s.

Sat 17:03 - WRC top 5 after day 3
(after SS18) Neuville snatches the lead from Mikkelsen [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Neuville (Hyundai): 2:29.54.5s, 2. Mikkelsen (VW): +1.5s, 3. Ogier (VW): +9.6s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +53.4s, 5. Tanak (Ford): +1:29.2s

Sat 16:50 - SS18: WRC 3 Veiby
Norwegian youngster Ole-Christian is the only registered driver in WRC 3, and he's hanging on to the lead! "We stopped in a corner here, but otherwise it has been a great day and we have increased our experience"

Sat 16:43 - SS18: WRC 2 Tidemand
It's a mighty impressive fastest time for Pontus - who completes a massive 25.6sec quicker than Ketomaa. "This is my stage," he smiles. "A lot of Swedish flags, a lot of sponsors, I like it. We had a good tyre strategy. Every stage should be like this!"

Sat 16:39 - SS18: WRC 2 Brynildsen
The Norwegian is 3.6sec SLOWER than Ketomaa and the gap to the lead is 30.6sec. "If Jari says he isn’t pushing here he is lying!" says Brynildsen. "We are both pushing. This is the best I can do. It looks like I'll have to be happy with second, but I will not give up."

Sat 16:35 - SS18: WRC 2 Ketomaa
The usually calm Finn looks anxious as he jumps out of his car at the finish to look at his tyres. "The conditions were very bad for the front tyres in here. I tried my best but I think Brynildsen will be quick here. He has a different spec of car and it uses tyres in a different way."

Sat 16:29 - SS18: Abbring
He completes 36.4sec off the pace. "I flew on Colin's Crest this time! but we lost sixth gear near the start and that cost us a load of time. I have to be honest, this is the hardest stage I've ever driven."

Sat 16:27 - SS18: Paddon
Sixth quickest so far, 8.6sec slower than Neuville. "I'm doing the best I can with what I've got."

Sat 16:25 - SS18: Kubica
Slowest so far, 38.7sec off Neuville's pace. "That's all we could do because we have no studs left on the tyres. We had a small off too. I cut one corner and the snow bank pulled me in. We had to reverse out and I lost about 20 seconds.

Sat 16:23 - SS18: Tanak
He's eighth fastest and maintains his grip on fifth place. "It was good. No risk at all. Our position is quite okay at the moment. A comfortable rhythm."

Sat 16:20 - SS18: Protasov
"Yeah, very happy with the speed here. Not happy with ALL the stages today, but it's okay."

Sat 16:18 - SS18: Prokop
He is 14.5sec slower than Neuville. It's a decent time but the Czech driver admits to feeling distracted. And he won't say why. "I was thinking about something else, not my driving. In the last few stages I've been in a different world. Not 100 per cent concentrated."

Sat 16:14 - SS18: Meeke
He completes just 0.8sec slower than Neuville, and kicking himself for a small error. "In the middle of one big straight I braked in the wrong place. A mistake that probably cost me one second."

Sat 16:12 - SS18: Evans
Fifth fastest, 7.3sec slower than Neuville. "It could have been better. Places where I was not quite sure, trying to be clean, halfway through I felt the tyres start to go off. Scope for improvement."

Sat 16:10 - SS18: Neuville flies!
Fastest so far and he snatches the rally lead from Mikkelsen by 1.5sec! "I had a big, big, push. I think that's one of the best stages I have ever done. I have a good feeling in the car. So much fun. It will be hard tomorrow but I'm not going to slow down now. Can I win? Yes."

Sat 16:07 - SS18: Ostberg
"A bit of a gearbox problem here, like we had earlier today."

Sat 16:06 - SS18: Mikkelsen
2.9sec slower than Ogier, but the splits times show Neuville is making up ground, "It looks like Neuville has a different tyre strategy, with fresh ones at the front. It was a good run for us, but it looks like it's going to be interesting tomorrow.

Sat 16:03 - SS18: Latvala
"A very frustrating day. Some good stages, but not what I was hoping for."

Sat 16:03 - SS18: Ogier completes
His stage time is 13m30.3s and he doesn't have anything in reserve. "The conditions were terrible, but I have done all I can. I'm happy with my stage. Whatever the time of the others I have done my best. I wouldn't want to push like that all the time."

Sat 15:56 - SS18: Ogier
No splits showing on the system, but official tracking team confirm he IS moving. He has cleared Colin's Crest.

Sat 15:46 - Up next: Vargåsen
The stage gets underway at 1546hrs.

Sat 15:45 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS17
Gorban the WRC 2 stage winner. [+ times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 2:23:19.7s, 2. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +27.0s, 3. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +2m26.2, 4. Gorban (Mini S2000): +3m25.8s, 5. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +3m38.9s.

Sat 15:42 - WRC top 5 after SS17
Kubica the stage winner [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Mikkelsen (VW): 2:16.22.8s, 2. Neuville (Hyundai): +7.3s, 3. Ogier (VW): +11.0s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +54.7s, 5. Tanak (Ford): +1:25.3s

Sat 15:39 - SS17: WRC 2 Ketomaa
The WRC 2 leader has lost about half of his 45sec overnight advantage today, but he isn't too worried. "I struggled with my tyres on the first pass through Rämmen, and my R5 car was not match for the RRC version, but we have four very good tyres for the repeat. Everything is under control."

Sat 15:32 - SS17: Abbring
The Dutchman 0.8sec quicker than his team-mate Paddon. "We did some things before the stage to change the behavior of the car on throttle. Now I am struggling in the tight corners."

Sat 15:29 - SS17: Paddon
Eighth fastest. "A bit tricky, but for some reason we're quicker than we were earlier. I'm looking forward to getting to the next stage."

Sat 15:28 - SS17: Kubica
ANOTHER new fastest time. 1.2sec faster than Tanak. "Very good," says Kubica. "The conditions are getting a bit better. Now we have to keep on the road and try to learn all we can. This car has to go to Mexico!"

Sat 15:26 - SS17: Tanak
The Estonian sets a new fastest time: 0.1sec quicker than Protasov/Meeke.

Sat 15:25 - SS17: Protasov
He shares joint fastest with Kris Meeke. And that comes as a big surprise when he is told at the stop line. "Joint fastest? Okay. Thank you."

Sat 15:20 - SS17: Prokop
"Something is wrong, the car is under-steering. We will have a look before the next stage."

Sat 15:17 - SS17: Meeke
Fastest on the previous stage, Kris might well do it again here. He is quickest so far, in 1m58.4s. "I'm in a very good road position. I have an advantage and I'm making the most of it."

Sat 15:16 - SS17: Evans
"Getting better. A little untidy on the last couple of corners there, but not bad."

Sat 15:14 - SS17: Neuville
Fifth quickest. "Quite okay. My tyre strategy is different to the rest. I still have two fresh tyres for the final stage. Let's see what we can do there."

Sat 15:12 - SS17: Ostberg
A clear run for Mads. Second fastest so far, 0.2sec slower than Mikkelsen.

Sat 15:10 - SS17: Mikkelsen
He is six-tenths quicker than Ogier. "A very tricky stage, lots of loose. Just one more stage to go now. I reckon we will have a very interesting day tomorrow."

Sat 15:08 - SS17: Latvala
He completes 0.7sec slower than Ogier. "Awful. Very difficult to get a good run because there is so much loose snow."

Sat 15:07 - SS17: Ogier
"I didn't throw anything away, but it was terrible to be first on the road here. It was that bad. Probably five seconds here. It's a shame that we have to follow the stupid historic rally."

Sat 15:04 - SS17: Surface report
Safety car driver reports more slush on the road than earlier.

Sat 15:03 - Up next: SS17
We're back to the Hagfors Sprint. Ogier first to start at 1502hrs

Sat 15:02 - WRC top 5 after SS16
Meeke quickest, Mikkelsen fluffs the final section [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Mikkelsen (VW): 2:14.24.3s, 2. Neuville (Hyundai): +6.7s, 3. Ogier (VW): +10.4s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +54.5s, 5. Tanak (Ford): +1:25.5s

Sat 14:59 - SS16: Abbring
Sounds like he went off at the same junction as Mikkelsen and Neuville. "After lunch I've been having a great run! We have a good feeling, but one kilometre before the end here I misjudged the entry to a T-junction and got stuck on a snow bank." Spectators pushed him back on with the loss of about 1m20s.

Sat 14:55 - SS16: Abbring stops
Near the end of the stage. He's going again now.

Sat 14:54 - SS16: Paddon
He is ninth fastest, and pulls 10sec further ahead of Prokop. "We wanted to try and build a margin, It's a lot more rutted than I was expecting but I'm hoping to pull ahead more on the final stage."

Sat 14:51 - SS16: Kubica
Another driver with tyre concerns. "There is more gravel with every passing car. We are losing quite a lot of studs and overheating the tyres. It's a concern for last stage."

Sat 14:48 - SS16: Tanak
"In the gravel we don't want to push the tyres too much, the conditions are really rough on them."

Sat 14:47 - SS16: Protasov
"On this stage it's so important to have good pace notes - especially in the fast sections. We were a little out there."

Sat 14:42 - SS16: Prokop
Enough to catch Paddon? He doesn't think so. "A horrible stage for us. A bad feeling. The car wouldn't turn-in. I have no idea why."

Sat 14:41 - SS16: Meeke
Fastest so far in 11m38.5s. "The conditions are definitely improving for cars further down the order."

Sat 14:40 - SS16: Evans
He wasn't feeling positive about his driving this morning, but it's another good time here - fifth fastest. What's changed? "The conditions more than anything. My confidence too."

Sat 14:37 - SS16: Neuville
Quicker than Ostberg for much of the stage, but like Mikkelsen he fluffed two junctions near the finish. He reckons that cost him about 4sec.

Sat 14:35 - SS16: Ostberg
Fastest so far, 1.5sec quicker than Latvala. "When I try not to think about my driving too much the times come."

Sat 14:34 - SS16: Mikkelsen
He's quicker than Ogier for much of the stage, but LOSES 5sec with an untidy final section. "Every year on this last split I never get it right! On two junctions I was too straight - I never get the exit right." The gap to Ogier is now 10.4sec.

Sat 14:30 - SS16: Latvala
He is 0.8sec quicker than Ogier. "It's slippery. Basically a line of gravel, which is giving you grip, but either side there is snow and slush. It's hard work keeping it in the line."

Sat 14:28 - SS16: Ogier
He completes in 11m42.5s. How was it? "A bit better than the previous stage. Not good - better to say 'not that bad'."

Sat 14:18 - SS16: Stage notes
WRCTV crews report full gravel - no snow - at the 7km point

Sat 14:12 - Up next: SS16
The repeat of the 22.76km Rämmen starts at 1415hrs.

Sat 14:11 - WRC top 5 after SS15
Stage win moves Neuville up to second [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Mikkelsen (VW): 2:02.39.6s, 2. Neuville (Hyundai): +8.7s, 3. Ogier (VW): +12.6s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +59.0s, 5. Tanak (Ford): +1:28.4s

Sat 14:06 - SS15: Abbring
The Dutchman is seventh quickest - just 8.1sec off Neuville's stage winning pace.

Sat 14:04 - SS15: Paddon
He loses 2.5sec to the chasing Prokop, and the gap between them in the standings is down to 10.1sec. 'It's difficult to keep the car in the ruts, it keeps jumping out. Especially tricky in the corners."

Sat 14:00 - SS15: Kubica
Sixth quickest. "The lines and the ruts are hard to follow. Hard to get the right line."

Sat 13:59 - SS15: Tanak
He's fifth fastest. "It's okay. Really tricky now with gravel and snow. It's changeable."

Sat 13:57 - SS15: Protasov
Seventh fastest. His speed early in the stage was particularly impressive. "We're learning, and it's better for us on the repeats."

Sat 13:55 - SS15: Solberg
His time of 10m43.3s is slowest so far but Henning seems happy enough. "The gearbox is working now. I will try to have some fun now."

Sat 13:53 - SS15: Prokop
A decent time, 9.5sec slower than Neuville, but Martin is looking a bit shaken. "We had a bad landing after a jump, the car came down on the nose." The car looks okay.

Sat 13:51 - SS15: Meeke
Third quickest so far. "It's very tricky in the ruts from the earlier cars. Looks like the guys ahead are having trouble clearing the loose snow."

Sat 13:49 - SS15: Evans
Fourth fastest so far, just 4.3sec off Neuville's pace, and Evans is sounding a lot more positive. "Better. Its difficult to judge the ruts though."

Sat 13:47 - SS15: Neuville
He flies through in the fastest time so far - 3.7sec quicker than Mikkelsen - and moves up to second, ahead of Ogier. "I had a good run. I pushed really hard. I had a couple of moments and my co-driver Nicolas told me to calm down a bit but the speed was still good."

Sat 13:45 - SS15: Ostberg
"Better than the first pass when I was driving with with a puncture. We are through with less trouble this time."

Sat 13:43 - SS15: Mikkelsen
The Norwegian's fightback gets off to a great start. He completes fastest so far, 10.9sec quicker than Ogier. His lead over Ogier now up to 12.6sec. "We pushed very hard. We need to keep going. We have a big job to do."

Sat 13:41 - SS15: Latvala
3.8sec quicker than Ogier. "The most slippery conditions of the rally so far."

Sat 13:40 - SS15: Ogier
He is through in 10m42.2s - and it sounds like the stage conditions are not great for Seb after the passage of the whole field and the historic rally. "To be honest if I lose 10 sec here I won't be surprised. The lines are completely wrong for my car. The rear was never finding grip. I hope the conditions on the next one will be better."

Sat 13:30 - SS15: We're back
With Bertelli sidelined by a snow bank on SS14, Ogier is now first on the road. He began Fredriksberg at 1326hrs.

Sat 11:30 - Next stage: Fredriksberg
The first of Saturday's repeated stages kicks off at 1326hrs (local). We'll resume our live text service then.

Sat 11:29 - Up next: Midday service
Crews are back in Hagfors for a 30-minute service before the same loop of four stages are repeated this afternoon.

Sat 11:27 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS14
Gorban loses 3min and second place in a snow bank [+ times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 1:57:51.5s, 2. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +40.0s, 3. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +2m23.7, 4. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +3m35.7s, 5. Gorban (Mini S2000): +3m41.7s.

Sat 11:22 - WRC top 5 after SS14
A spin costs Mikkelsen all but 1.7sec of his rally lead [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Mikkelsen (VW): 1:52.08.3s, 2. Ogier (VW): +1.7s, 3. Neuville (Hyundai): +12.4s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +51.2s, 5. Tanak (Ford): +1:27.0s

Sat 11:14 - SS14: WRC 2 Gorban vs Ahlin
Gorban arrives at the stop control with a furious Ahlin right behind. Ahlin jumps out of his car and rages at Gorban for holding him up. "It's not good sportsmanship. He went off. He made a mistake and then he comes back on in front of me, knowing I was there, and won't let me pass." Gorban isn't saying much. He explains he went off the road and got stuck in the snow.

Sat 11:06 - SS14: All change in WRC 2
Brynildsen now up to second, 40sec behind Ketomaa. Brynildsen is promising to sing on the finish podium if he wins.

Sat 11:04 - SS14: Gorban update
Moving again. He's lost three minutes.

Sat 10:59 - SS14: Abbring
"I can't do as much with the pace notes as I did yesterday. The rhythm is not there. It would be nice to get as comfortable as I was yesterday."

Sat 10:57 - SS14: Gorban stopped!
His Mini is off the road 6.3km into the stage. He was second in WRC 2

Sat 10:56 - SS14: Paddon
Ninth fastest. "I think this afternoon we'll be able to improve our time."

Sat 10:55 - SS14: Prokop
"Nothing spectacular. It's my first proper time through here at speed. Lots of corners are flat but on the first time through I was a little cautious."

Sat 10:53 - SS14: Tanak
Sixth fastest. "Not so bad. Another really clean stage. I'm happy with that."

Sat 10:49 - SS14: Prokop
"A nice stage but the lines from the previous cars are completely different to the ones I want to use. They are a long way off the road in the corners."

Sat 10:48 - SS14: Meeke
Third fastest so far, 3.3sec slower than Ogier. He is pleasantly surprised. "I was brushing off snow banks, and that scrubs speed, which is frustrating."

Sat 10:42 - SS14: Evans
He is 20.5sec slower than Ogier. "Not a great run, to be honest. There was a lot more loose snow in there, and we struggled."

Sat 10:39 - SS14: Neuville
A great time, just 0.3sec slower than Ogier. "It's quite a good time, I tried to look out of the lines for traction. Not the best feeling, but the time is good."

Sat 10:36 - SS14: Ostberg
Second quickest so far, 6.3sec slower than Ogier. "Happy with my drive, I pushed very, very hard. The road is cleaning a lot in here."

Sat 10:34 - SS14: Mikkelsen
He's through, but 19.1sec slower than Ogier. His rally lead over Ogier is down to 1.7sec. What happened? "I touched a bank and spun. It took a long time to turn around because the road was so narrow. I was unlucky." Can you keep Ogier behind? "It will be tough this afternoon but I will give it everything."

Sat 10:29 - SS14: Latvala
He completes with the loss of 48.2sec. "We spun and got a little bit stuck on the snow bank."

Sat 10:27 - SS14: Ogier completes
In 13m34.1s. "This stage was not for me. Quite slippery. I did all I could. I saw Bertelli. He was in a snow bank and will need quite a lot of spectators I think."

Sat 10:26 - SS14: Mikkelsen slow
He is 17sec slower than Ogier on the splits. That puts his lead in serious peril.

Sat 10:24 - SS14: Bertelli stopped!
Approaching the end of the stage. Ogier has passed him.

Sat 10:22 - SS14: Latvala moving again
Back to full speed - with the loss of about 43sec.

Sat 10:21 - SS14: Latvala off!
He has slid off in a right-hand corner. Stuck in the snow.

Sat 10:20 - SS14: Colin's Crest
Bertelli and Ogier are over it cleanly. Ogier the longer jumper. He managed 41 metres on one pass last year. This year both jumps count towards the prize.

Sat 10:13 - SS14: Start intervals
The first seven cars will start at 3-minute intervals. The rest at the usual 2-minute intervals

Sat 10:11 - Stage notes: SS14
Vargåsen, 24.63km A classic Sweden test and one of the fastest of the rally, Vargåsen is famous for Colin’s Crest – a blind jump 12.8km from the start. The biggest jumper will receive the Colin’s Crest Award. The stage starts on a narrow and twisty road but becomes wider and more flowing.

Sat 10:09 - Up next: Vargåsen
We cross straight over to SS14 now - the final stage of the morning loop. Bertelli started at 1008hrs

Sat 10:08 - SS13: WRC 2 Ahlin
The Swede dropped out of the fight for third on today's opener. "We spun in the first corner," he explains. "We decided to take only one spare wheel - not two like normal - and that affected the car's balance. We had to calm down on the next stage. Now we are back." His time on SS13 is the same as Gorban and Brynildsen's.

Sat 10:04 - SS13: WRC 2 Gorban
Second in WRC 2 and under pressure from Brynildsen behind. On this stage however they set exactly the same time. "It's not easy to go up against drivers with more experience of the conditions."

Sat 10:03 - SS13: WRC 2 Brynildsen
Third in WRC 3, but hopeful of catching Gorban ahead. "I hoped to put more pressure on Ketomaa, but for now I'm going after Gorban." The gap between them now 2.6sec.

Sat 10:01 - SS13: WRC 2 Ketomaa
The Finn completes with a handsome lead in WRC 2. "We had a good lead and it's been a good morning. Everything is working perfectly."

Sat 09:56 - SS13: Abbring
"Today's stages don't suit me so well, but also I'm fighting with the car much more than I was yesterday. We have some solutions in mind. I will try to change some settings before the next stage."

Sat 09:54 - SS13: Paddon
A poor stage for Hayden who is 8.9sec slower than stage leader Ogier. "Super Specials just don't work for me. They never have. I need to work on that. Perhaps I'll get down to a car-park with some cones and sort it out."

Sat 09:53 - SS13: Kubica
Sixth fastest. "It was okay, but the stage is getting worse with lots of fresh snow on top of the ice. Better than last year though - this was a nightmare for me last time."

Sat 09:50 - SS13: Tanak
Eighth quickest. "The feeling has been quite okay. We are not pushing like hell but we are looking for a good clean run. It's tricky with so much loose stuff on the road."

Sat 09:48 - SS13: Protasov
He completes with the loss of 30sec. "A lot of slide and after it wasn't possible to turn. We went a little bit off the road. It is normal!"

Sat 09:47 - SS13: Protasov off!
His Fiesta drifted wide and was stuck in the snow for around 20 seconds.

Sat 09:46 - SS13: Solberg
His gearbox is still faulty. The dash display is showing fifth at the stop control this time. "One more stage to go before the mechanics can fix it."

Sat 09:42 - SS13: Meeke
"The ice is beginning to break up a bit now. That's making it very slippery."

Sat 09:41 - SS13: Neuville
He sets the same time as Ostberg. His Hyundai is carrying two spare wheels, so he has fresh tyres for the next stage. Will that give him a big advantage? "Maybe, but with the rhythm I have now it's still going to be hard. I want to hold third, but Mads is pushing hard. We will see. With the extra weight of two spares we are slower in the fast sections. It was my choice."

Sat 09:36 - SS13: Ostberg
2.5sec slower than Ogier. A clean run.

Sat 09:35 - SS13: Mikkelsen
He is slower than Ogier on stage by 1.9sec - his rally lead is down to 20.8sec. Anxious? "It was a good start to the day, but then we lost time in the snow bank. We will try to fight as hard as we can and keep him behind. I try not to think too hard about it."

Sat 09:32 - SS13: Latvala
1.6sec slower than Ogier. "It was good grip and I got a nice start but I struggled on the second corner, I was in the wrong gear and the engine bogged down."

Sat 09:30 - SS13: Ogier
The Frenchman 4.1sec quicker than Bertelli. "There is a lot of ice here, so no disadvantage for us. We keep the same strategy. We know we are not in the best position but you never know..."

Sat 09:28 - SS13: Bertelli through
His time 1m51.2s. "Not bad. We still have work to do on our pace notes but we are not too far from the top. I'm happy."

Sat 09:25 - Stage notes: SS13
Hagfors Sprint, 1.87km The shortest stage of the weekend is at a former rallycross circuit on the edge of Hagfors. It is twisty and technical and offers great spectating. With little room to throw the car around, it rewards tidy driving.

Sat 09:24 - Up next: Hagfors Sprint
Stages coming thick and fast today. We're straight over to the Hagfors sprint next - Bertelli on stage at 0924hrs.

Sat 09:21 - SS12: Abbring
Slowest so far. "I haven't found the rhythm that I had yesterday. Also, the rear of the car is nervous and moving about under braking, which isn't very efficient. The good feeling is not there yet. I have a lot on my mind."

Sat 09:18 - SS12: Paddon
He stretches the gap to Prokop behind from 13 to 16 seconds. "The road is getting slower and slower with every car. In the afternoon I expect conditions will be more even and we'll be able to pull further ahead."

Sat 09:16 - SS12: Kubica
Sixth quickest, 13.6sec slower than Ogier. "It's getting better. One moment on a high speed section but okay, a good stage for us. Last year I was too slow here - you need confidence to push on. This time it was like a new stage for me."

Sat 09:13 - SS12: Tanak
Seventh quickest. 14.9sec off Ogier's stage leading pace. "I feel quite good. Not bad. These two stages have been trouble-free."

Sat 09:12 - SS12: Solberg
Slowest so far, and the normally cheerful Henning is shaking his head. His gearbox isn't working properly (at the stop control the display shows third when it is in neutral). "The team tried everything to fix it [last night] but it's not right. On stage I have to change gears manually."

Sat 09:07 - SS12: Prokop
"The first stage was perfect, but this time I was struggling with the braking zones. That affected my rhythm."

Sat 09:05 - SS12: Meeke
He is 1.4sec slower than Evans. "From corner to corner the grip is inconsistent. When the guys ahead touch a snow bank it dumps fresh snow on the road for us."

Sat 09:03 - SS12: Evans
Sixth fastest so far, 18sec slower than Ogier. "An okay run. We felt we did alright in places. In other places we can improve. Confidence is key."

Sat 09:01 - SS12: Neuville
Thierry completes 11.3 slower than Ogier and loses second place to him. He is shaking his head. "I'm flat out everywhere. I can't do more, and when I see the times it's frustrating. I want to fight, but It's going to be very difficult."

Sat 08:58 - SS12: Ostberg
A wheel change has restored his DS 3 to full health. "The car is working okay. No problems at all. On the previous stage we also had a gearbox problem that was very distracting."

Sat 08:57 - SS12: Mikkelsen
He completes 8 sec slower than Ogier after a hairy moment on stage. "Not so good. We were in a ditch near the end and filled the front with snow. My rhythm wasn't so good."

Sat 08:55 - SS12: Latvala
He is 1.3sec slower than Ogier. "I did two or three mistakes. Early on I couldn't keep the speed in a corner, ran wide and hit a snow bank. That cost me a second or two. After that I got a better rhythm."

Sat 08:53 - SS12: Ogier
His time of 11m36.5s is 21.8sec quicker than Bertelli. He sounds much more positive than he was after SS11. "This one was better, less loose snow on the surface, so it should be better for us. I guess I will lose less time. We'll see"

Sat 08:51 - SS12: Bertelli is through
"It was okay. Maybe some pace notes too slow. Okay, we are first on the road, and I'm more used to seeing the lines and the braking points."

Sat 08:49 - SS12: Zero car verdict
Saab rally legend Per Eklund is at the wheel of the road opening car. How would he describe conditions on Rämmen? "Perfect".

Sat 08:46 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS11
Ahlin drops 30sec and slips to fourth. [+ times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 1:28:57.6s, 2. Gorban (Mini S2000): +46.6s, 3. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +51.3, 4. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +1m17.2s, 5. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +3m01.8s.

Sat 08:42 - Stage notes: SS12
Rämmen 1, 22.76km: This is Saturday’s longest stage and also one of the quickest, with wide roads and several flat-out straights. Early in the test the road skirts the edge of Lake Holmsjon and follows the shores of another lake later on. Four uphill open hairpins near the midpoint calm the pace.

Sat 08:42 - Up next: Rämmen
Bertelli began the stage, SS12, at 0837hrs

Sat 08:40 - SS11: WRC 2 Ahlin
The Swede was third in WRC 2 last night but dropped 30 seconds in the stage and slips to fourth

Sat 08:32 - WRC top 5 after SS11
Ostberg crashes and loses third to Ogier. Solberg drops 4min in a snow bank [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Mikkelsen (VW): 1:24.37.5s, 2. Neuville (Hyundai): +27.3s, 3. Ogier (VW): +30.7s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +1m05.9s, 5. Tanak (Ford): +1:19.0s

Sat 08:29 - SS11: Abbring
"I had a clean stage. A bit careful but conditions are very tricky, very slippery. It's hard. I want to increase my pace but the roads here are full of surprises. It's easy to go over the limit."

Sat 08:27 - SS11: Paddon
"We've made a couple of changes to the set-up this morning but they've upset the rhythm. Not a great stage for us."

Sat 08:26 - SS11: Kubica
"It's working well. The conditions are very different to yesterday. The grip was very poor but my drive was all okay - a nice stage. After only two-wheel drive yesterday all we can do now is try and learn."

Sat 08:24 - SS11: Solberg
He reaches the stage end 5m9s slower than Mikkelsen. "We hit a snow back and got stuck. We have another problem too - gear change."

Sat 08:22 - SS11: Tanak
"Clean through, no problems. Important to get through this first one. Now we need to pick the pace up."

Sat 08:22 - SS11: Protasov
He hasn't yet been able to match his fastest time from SS6, but it's a solid start to Saturday: "Not so bad. But very slippery. We are happy."

Sat 08:18 - SS11: Solberg update
He's moving again but has lost more than 4 minutes

Sat 08:17 - SS11: Prokop
Sixth fastest so far. "I was happy. A very good stage and good grip. I read the road very well."

Sat 08:15 - SS11: Meeke
Fourth fastest so far, 7.7sec slower than Mikkelsen. "No dramas, just trying to get into a good rhythm. Conditions out there are pretty good."

Sat 08:12 - SS11: Solberg off!
His Fiesta is buried in a snow bank. Spectators are on scene and digging.

Sat 08:12 - SS11: Neuville
"That was absolutely flat out." The Hyundai drivers are the only World Rally Car runners to carry two spare tyres. Neuville is planning to fit the two fresh ones for the final two stages in the loop.

Sat 08:10 - SS11: Ostberg
He completes with left-hand rear damage to his DS 3. The wheel is running out of alignment. It looks suspension-related. "I slid wide, hit a bank and got a puncture. I carried on and it looks like there is more damage."

Sat 08:08 - SS11: Ostberg in trouble!
He's been off and has lost 40sec

Sat 08:07 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Fastest so far in 10m33.9s. That's six seconds up on Ogier. "This one was a little bit too loose, but a clean stage for us. We try. We were not on the limit. A good start though."

Sat 08:05 - SS11: Latvala
He's quickest so far, 2.9sec up on Ogier, but languishing down in 23rd position. What is possible? "Top ten would be good, but it's not going to be easy. Step by step."

Sat 08:03 - SS11: Ogier
He's fourth, and needs to find 25sec to retake the lead. But the early signs are not good. He completes shaking his head. "No chance. So much snow. For sure the stage will get quicker for each car. We'll do what we can."

Sat 08:01 - SS11: Bertelli completes
His earlier differential problem cured overnight. "First on the road is not easy - no lines on the road and no indication of the braking points."

Sat 07:44 - SS11: Weather update
A good amount of ice on the road. A temperature of 1ºC. Good visibility, no fog, overcast sky.

Sat 07:41 - Saturday’s start order
Is based on championship order, headed by Rally 2 restarters. So Lorenzo Bertelli is up first. Here’s how the World Rally Cars will line up: 1) Bertelli, 2) Ogier, 3) Latvala, 4) Mikkelsen, 5) Ostberg, 6) Neuville, 7) Evans, 8) Meeke, 9) Prokop, 10) Solberg, 11) Protasov, 12) Tanak, 13) Kubica, 14) Paddon, 15) Abbring, 16) Solowow

Sat 07:40 - Weather update
Still plenty of snow here in Hagfors, but the temperature hasn’t moved far from zero in the last 12 hours, so it’s more slushy than Friday. Sunrise at 0730hrs, but from what we can see it looks cloudy.

Sat 07:40 - Cars update
After a 15-minute service, they left Hagfors from 0620rs for the start of Fredriksberg, 81km away. The stage starts at 0748hrs

Sat 07:39 - Saturday’s itinerary
A loop of four stages, run twice and split by a 30-minute service in Hagfors. It’s the longest day of the event, with a total of 134.82km competitive kilometres. Final stage starts at 1546hrs and the cars will return to the overnight Parc Ferme in Hagfors from 1736hrs.

Sat 07:39 - Coming up today
Day three takes competitors out into the forests of Sweden for a full day of winter rallying

Sat 07:39 - We’re back
at the text desk, overlooking the rally Service Park here in Hagfors

Sat 07:38 - Hej!
Good morning again from Hagfors and welcome to our live text coverage from Rally Sweden.

Fri 20:15 - That’s all from the Super Special
And the end of our live text service for tonight. We will return on Saturday morning when the competition resumes. Join us for coverage of the first stage (SS11) from 0748hrs. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Hagfors, and don’t forget to check out WRC+ for a massive selection of onboard videos from today. Godnatt!

Fri 20:12 - WRC 2 top 5 after day two
(after SS10) [+ times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 1:17:45.6s, 2. Gorban (Mini S2000): +46.1s, 3. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +46.5, 4. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +49.1s, 5. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +2m51.2s.

Fri 20:07 - WRC top 5 after day two
(after SS10) [+ times compared to leader]: 1. Mikkelsen (VW): 1m14:03.6s, 2. Neuville (Hyundai): +19.1s, 3. Ostberg (DS 3): +19.4s, 4. Ogier (VW): +24.7s, 5. Tanak (Hyundai): +1:06.2s

Fri 20:04 - Rally leader quote:
We missed Mikkelsen at the stage end, but we caught up with him shortly after. Here's how he summed up the day: "It’s been a great day, and to be here in Norway, with so many local supporters, has given me lots of extra motivation. Obviously it’s a great feeling to be leading. To be honest it’s also a bit of a surprise because we didn’t have the best rhythm all day. I also have to feel a bit bad for the luck of Seb and Jari-Matti - it’s not great to profit from the misfortune of your teammates. It’s not over yet of course. We have two more days to go, and I don’t expect Thierry, Mads or Seb are ready to give up just yet."

Fri 19:44 - SS10: WRC 2 Gorban
Third fastest on the Super Special, the Ukrainian slips past the spinning Brynildsen to end the day second in WRC 2. There's a tight fight in prospect tomorrow, with Ahlin AND Brynildsen less than 3sec behind.

Fri 19:39 - SS10: WRC 2 Ketomaa
Fourth quickest on the Super Special, Ketomaa has a handsome overnight lead in WRC 2 of 46.1sec. "It's been a great opening day for us. We went fast on the first stages this morning to try and open a gap and then it was just a case of managing it.”

Fri 19:37 - SS10: WRC 2 Tidemand
24 hours ago he led the rally. Now, after losing a heap of time in a snow bank on SS7, he's seventh in WRC 2. "That's rally,' he shrugs. "Tomorrow I will go as fast as I can and try and get some stage wins. Flat out."

Fri 19:34 - SS10: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"It's been difficult. Not a lot of confidence, and we had a spin in here. Tomorrow I don't expect there will be much gravel and that will be better for me."

Fri 19:32 - SS10: WRC 2 Ahlin
"Tomorrow's stages should suit me well. If it goes okay I can catch second place. Then I will have to look at Jari's lead."

Fri 19:31 - SS10: WRC 2 Grondal
"Nobody told me it was Friday the 13th today. I have had more problems than in my whole career so far. I must go now, the water temperature is very high."

Fri 19:29 - SS10: WRC 2 Al Rajhi
"Unlucky in some places but I think we improved a lot. We lost a lot of time in SS9. We hope to start tomorrow with a good rhythm."

Fri 19:26 - SS10: Abbring vs Paddon
Abbring edges his team-mate by 0.5sec "Nice to finish the day like this. There are many, many spectators here. I'm very pleased after my first full day in a World Rally Car." Paddon said: "We made some changes at lunchtime that improved things a little, but I expect it's going to be another difficult day tomorrow." Looks like sixth overnight for Paddon and 11th for Abbring.

Fri 19:23 - SS10: Kubica
Slowest of the World Rally Cars so far. No surprise with only front-wheel-drive.

Fri 19:21 - SS10: Tanak
"Quite a difficult day. Luckily we made it through with no problems. We have to do better tomorrow. A different strategy."

Fri 19:17 - SS10: Solberg
"Not a good rhythm today. That's how it is sometimes."

Fri 19:16 - SS10: Ostberg
Second quickest on the Super Special, 0.2sec slower than stage leader Ogier "A good day but too many incidents. I hope the organisers can do something about the [unruly] spectators. I lost over 10 seconds [avoiding one] and Prokop did too. It cost me my chance of fighting for the victory earlier."

Fri 19:14 - SS10: Prokop
"We got through without fourth gear, and finally we can get back to service."

Fri 19:13 - SS10: Meeke
Fourth fastest on stage. "I'm happy with the car but unfortunately snow banks are soft. Now we have to try and salvage the best result we can this weekend."

Fri 19:12 - SS10: Neuville
Second place overnight. "A great day. I feel good with the car. And there's more to come."

Fri 19:10 - SS10: Latvala
Understandably gutted after the eight minute loss on SS9. "I am quite disappointed. It's not the easiest to find the motivation. We have work to do to get the focus back. I will try to find a good feeling for the driving. The plan now is to get myself back in a points position if I can."

Fri 19:08 - SS10: Latvala vs Ogier
Ogier wins the heat. What's the plan for tomorrow Seb? "The plan now is the same: keep pushing as hard as I can. We had to take risks today. Running first on the road was a problem in the second loop. I pushed hard to compensate. No regrets though. I made a mistake but I'm happy with my day."

Fri 19:03 - SS10: We're back
And the Super Special is underway!

Fri 17:47 - Up next: The Super Special
Crews are off to Karlstad for the second pass of the head-to-head Super Special (SS10). The stage starts at 1900hrs. We'll resume our live text coverage then.

Fri 17:45 - SS9: WRC 3 Veiby
Ole-Christian is the only driver registered in the WRC 3 competition here. And after nine stages he's leading. "It's been really, really nice to drive in my home country. I see Norwegian flags in every corner. A very good day. I'm enjoying it."

Fri 17:42 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS9
Snow banks cost Al Rajhi more than a minute and Grondal 23 minutes. Ahlin stalls. Gorban up to third [times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 1:16:04.7s, 2. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +44.2s, 3. Gorban (Mini S2000): +46.4, 4. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +47.6s, 5. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +2m45.4s.

Fri 17:38 - SS9: WRC 2 Grondal
He gets his car out of the snow and to the finish with the loss of 23 minutes. "I touched a snow bank on the inside. Probably the worst day in my rally career."

Fri 17:31 - SS9: WRC 2 Ketomaa
Second fastest in WRC 2 keeps him comfortably out front, 40.3sec ahead of Brynildsen. "A very good day. Very enjoyable. So far it's going well. But the rally is long and I need to keep concentrated to keep this lead."

Fri 17:28 - SS9: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"I have some studs left in the tyres, but I have a lot of understeer. What's the strategy now? Flat out. Just watch."

Fri 17:25 - SS9: WRC 2 Grondal stopped!
He has gone off 4.9km into the stage. He was fourth in class

Fri 17:24 - SS9: WRC 2 Ahlin
No consequences of the strange noises he reported earlier. "Yeah, that was fine, but we stalled on the start line and lost about 10 seconds."

Fri 17:22 - SS9: WRC 2 Al Rajhi
He completes with the front of his Fiesta snow-packed. "We slid off the line and got stuck in the snow. We were stopped for about two minutes."

Fri 17:18 - WRC top 5 after SS9
Ogier off and loses 38sec. Latvala off too and drops 8min. [times compared to leader]: 1. Mikkelsen (VW): 1m12:27.7s, 2. Neuville (Hyundai): +19.7s, 3. Ostberg (DS 3): +20.6s, 4. Ogier (VW): +26.1s, 5. Tanak (Hyundai): +32.2s

Fri 17:17 - SS9: Abbring
"Really, really nice. The confidence is getting there. I really need the rhythm in the pace notes to be quicker here next year."

Fri 17:15 - SS9: Paddon
He loses his Hyundai's front bumper in a light touch with a chicane bale.

Fri 17:14 - SS9: Kubica
He is pushing on in his two-wheel drive Fiesta. "I was struggling with the starts earlier in the event. Probably we already had a problem. I don’t know."

Fri 17:05 - SS9: Tanak
"The last two stages have been okay but I hope to do better tomorrow"

Fri 17:04 - SS9: Protasov
Seventh fastest so far, 10.4sec slower than Neuville. "The confidence is really coming now."

Fri 16:58 - SS9: Prokop
He has lost fourth gear. One more stage to go before he can get the car back to the Service Park.

Fri 16:57 - SS9: Latvala explains
He completes, but with the loss of 8m30s. What happened? "After a long, long straight we hit a right-hand corner too fast. I saw gravel and expected the grip to be better. The rear hit the snow bank and it pulled in the front. Then the whole car was sucked in."

Fri 16:54 - SS9: Neuville fastest
And the Belgian is up to second! "It was quite tricky, it got dark on the start line, we made it through. Some nice corners in there. The chassis of the car is good, it's a shame we don't yet have the quick shift (gear selector) and the new engine. If we did we would be right up there."

Fri 16:50 - SS9: Latvala update
Lots of spectators on the scene trying to shift the Polo but it's well stuck.

Fri 16:50 - SS9: Mikkelsen leads!
And it's a surprise to him. "Am I? Well, that makes things interesting. Sad for them, but if I know Ogier he won't give up."

Fri 16:48 - SS9: Latvala update
He has gone off on a corner 500 metres from the finish!

Fri 16:47 - SS9: Latvala stops!
Almost at the flying finish!

Fri 16:46 - SS9: Ogier through
He completes with lots of snow in the front of his Polo R. The hazard lights are on. "We hit a snow bank in a slow corner, braked a bit too late. I thought it would be okay. It wasn't. Just a mistake."

Fri 16:43 - SS9: Moment for Ogier?
Mikkelsen AND Latvala are 27 ahead on SS9. Spin? Snow bank?

Fri 16:41 - SS9: We're back
And from the look of the SS9 splits, so is Latvala: he is 27sec up on Ogier at the 4.5km point.

Fri 16:19 - Up next: SS9
The repeat of Torsby gets underway at 1635hrs. We'll resume our live text coverage then.

Fri 16:18 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS8
Stage win for Tidemand. [times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 1:06:54.0s, 2. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +40.3s, 3. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +48.8s, 4. Gorban (Mini S2000): +50.6s, 5. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +1m25.2s.

Fri 16:14 - SS8: WRC 2 Ketomaa
Second fastest on stage, but comfortably ahead in the overall standings - 40.3sec in front of Brynildsen. "We're enjoying ourselves, the conditions are great, the stages are perfect and my co-driver is awake now too."

Fri 16:10 - SS8: WRC 2 Brynildsen
He completes 18sec slower than Tidemand. "We have lost so many of our tyre studs now. The next stage is going to be interesting."

Fri 16:09 - SS8: WRC 2 Tidemand
He is the quickest WRC 2 driver on stage so far - but way down the order after his off on the previous test. "It happened on a fast corner, the rear stepped out, and I thought we would get away with it, but then the front hit the snow wall and we went off into a ditch. Boring, but that's life."

Fri 16:06 - SS8: WRC 2 Grondal
He has resolved his turbo pop-off valve issue by re-setting the system.

Fri 16:04 - WRC top 5 after SS8
Mikkelsen takes another big step closer to Latvala [times compared to leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 1m03:34.8s, 2. Latvala (VW): +2.9s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +11.5s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +15.6s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +32.2s

Fri 15:58 - SS8: Abbring
A great time for Kevin - eighth quickest from 14 drivers through.

Fri 15:57 - SS8: Kubica
Through cleanly in his 2WD Fiesta and remaining philosophical.

Fri 15:56 - SS8: Paddon
An encouraging seventh-fastest time for the Kiwi. "I'm really trying to be aggressive with the car. And on these stages that's okay. We're bouncing off a few snow banks. We lost a few seconds when we caught Robert but he quickly let us pass."

Fri 15:48 - SS8: Tanak
Sixth fastest so far. "Definite improvement. I have found a better rhythm. That's something I have been lacking this afternoon."

Fri 15:47 - SS8: Protasov
Reports that his car is bottoming-out. He suspects a suspension problem.

Fri 15:43 - SS8: Solberg
"Okay. We fixed the gear-cut issue. Now we are flat out."

Fri 15:42 - SS8: Prokop
Like Ostberg he was distracted by a spectator on the road.

Fri 15:41 - SS8: Evans
He completes with the loss of almost 2 minutes. "I didn’t get enough turn into a junction, I used the handbrake and thought we’d bounce off a snow bank but instead we bounced up and got beached."

Fri 15:40 - SS8: Neuville
"Pushing to the maximum and flat out everywhere but the times are not so good. We could do with more engine power and the gearshift on the steering wheel would help."

Fri 15:38 - SS8: Evans in trouble
He stopped at the 16km mark. Moving again now. Reports of a trip into a snow bank.

Fri 15:37 - SS8: Ostberg
12.1sec slower than Mikkelsen. "It was a very good stage but there was one very, very stupid guy, a spectator, on the long section and he was a serious distraction."

Fri 15:33 - SS8: Mikkelsen
It's a fantastic time from Andreas, who goes fastest so far, 4.1sec quicker than Ogier. "We pushed very hard. It's very tricky, all the lines, we hit some snow banks!" He takes a big bite out of the gap ahead to Latvala. The difference between them now 8.6sec.

Fri 15:30 - SS8: Latvala
He completes 1.9sec slower than Ogier. "The feeling was good. Good grip in the ruts but a lot of loose stuff on the side. I did my best to stay in the lines."

Fri 15:29 - SS8: Ogier clears
He is six seconds slower than the earlier pass. "The wipers are still broken, and it was snowing, but we could see enough. It didn't slow up down too much."

Fri 15:22 - Up next: SS8
The repeat of Röjden. Ogier began the stage at 1516hrs. Snow falling from the midpoint onwards. No news yet on the state of Ogier's windscreen wipers, but he'll need them here.

Fri 15:20 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS7
Tidemand crashes out of the top 5. [times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 56m18.2s, 2. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +34.1s, 3. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +44.3s, 4. Gorban (Mini S2000): +46.6s, 5. Al Rajhi (Ford Fiesta RRC): +1m22.8s.

Fri 15:17 - SS7: WRC 2 Tidemand off
Pontus began the stage second in WRC 2 but the splits show he lost more than 5min in the opening 5km. Brynilsden passed him in stage and explains what he saw. "He went off into a snow bank. The car looks okay, but there are not so many people around to help him back on." Later splits show that Tidemand DID get going but he will drop way down the WRC 2 standings.

Fri 15:10 - SS7: WRC 2 Grondal
"We have a problem with the turbo pop-off valve. We have no boost. We probably won't be able to fix it before service."

Fri 15:09 - SS7: WRC 2 Ahlin
Thinks he has a front-end slow puncture. Still, he is quickest of the three WRC 2 drivers through so far.

Fri 15:07 - WRC top 5 after SS7
Latvala and Ostberg edge closer to the men in front [times compared to leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 53m29.6s, 2. Latvala (VW): +1.0s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +15.6s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +19.1s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +32.8s

Fri 15:03 - Weather update
It is snowing heavily at the end of SS7. This could be bad news for Ogier who hasn't yet fixed his wipers. SS8 starts in 10 minutes...

Fri 15:01 - SS7: Kubica
He completes, with his car looking and sounding in good shape. But there is a serious problem underneath. "It's the diff," he explains. "Either that, or the propshaft or a driveshaft. Now we have front-wheel-drive only. All we can do now is cruise through the rest of today's stages."

Fri 14:57 - SS7: Kubica engine?
WRCTV crews report his car's engine is sounding rough.

Fri 14:56 - SS7: Problems for Kubica?
Some worrying splits on the system. He is 1m35sec slower than Latvala at the 15.7km split. Snow bank?

Fri 14:53 - SS7: Tanak
Some snow flurries reported on stage - and it sounds like Tanak caught one. "We did a small mistake at a junction early on. There was a lot of fresh snow about and we couldn't see it properly."

Fri 14:51 - SS7: Protasov
Ninth-fastest this time, 10.7sec off Latvala's stage leading pace.

Fri 14:50 - SS7: Meeke completes
And he has lost about three minutes. "I went into a snow bank. I got caught out. I couldn't find get the entry point. My fault."

Fri 14:48 - SS7: Solberg
He passed Meeke in the stage. "He went off after a crest."

Fri 14:44 - SS7: Worrying split for Meeke
He is 19.9sec slower than Latvala at the 4.8km split point.

Fri 14:42 - SS7: Evans
"Better. I didn't feel I had a bad stage. I was able to relax a bit more." His time is sixth fastest, 5.6sec slower than Latvala.

Fri 14:40 - SS7: Ostberg
Second quickest so far, 1.1sec slower than Latvala, and edging closer to Mikkelsen in the overall standings. The gap between them now just 3.5sec.

Fri 14:38 - SS7: Mikkelsen
"One small mistake towards the end but otherwise all okay."

Fri 14:37 - SS7: Latvala
Quickest so far, and now just 1sec behind Ogier in the overall standings. "I am sorry for Seb, but also a bit lucky that he has problems. That's two good stages for me this afternoon."

Fri 14:34 - SS7: Ogier
Ogier completes with a broken windscreen and a bent bonnet - a legacy of an unsuccessful attempt to repair the wipers. "The wipers still don't work, but on this stage that wasn't a problem. I made another mistake by forgetting to put the bonnet pins in, and it flipped up and broke the windscreen. Bad luck, but we do our best."

Fri 14:26 - Weather update
Cloudy and 0ºC here in Hagfors. The odd snow flurry. The skies are clearing above Finnskogen. Latest forecast predicts a low of -8ºC in Hagfors tonight.

Fri 14:23 - Ogier update
WRCTV crews report he stopped before the stage to work on his wipers.

Fri 14:22 - Up next: SS7
We're all set for the Finnskogen repeat. Sebastien Ogier started at 1419hrs

Fri 14:20 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS6
Progression for Gorban, who moves ahead of Ahlin into fourth [times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 44m40.9s, 2. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta RRC): +13.7s, 3. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +29.1s, 4. Gorban (Mini S2000): +41.5s, 5. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +43.5s.

Fri 14:10 - WRC top 5 after SS6
[times compared to leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 42m23.0s, 2. Latvala (VW): 3.3s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): 15.7s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): 20.3s, 5. Neuville (i20): 32.1s

Fri 14:09 - SS6: Bertelli out
Stuck in two-wheel-drive, the Italian elected not to start the stage. He is on his way back to Hagfors to prepare for a Rally2 restart on Saturday.

Fri 14:07 - SS6: Protasov fastest!
A terrific drive from the Ukrainian nets him the stage win.

Fri 14:04 - SS6: Abbring
The Dutchman reports rain in the stage and more slippery conditions than the earlier pass.

Fri 14:03 - SS6: Paddon
Unable to make any changes to his car's diffs, Paddon is trying a different driving style to compensate. "In here I threw the car around a lot more and it seems to have worked." He completes 10.2sec off Protasov's leading time.

Fri 14:00 - SS6: Kubica
A great time from Robert, just 0.9sec slower than Latvala. "More difficult now because there are more lines in the road, more ruts, and more snow around."

Fri 13:55 - SS6: Protasov
The Ukrainian is listed on the timing system as fastest driver. Perhaps a system glitch. Perhaps a truly incredible time. He did say he felt it had been a fast run... We'll keep you posted.

Fri 13:52 - SS6: Solberg
He completes 14.9sec off Latvala's pace. "I have a problem with the gear-cut (a system that assists with gear changes)."

Fri 13:49 - SS6: Meeke
Fourth fastest so far, 3.3sec slower than Latvala. "My plan for this afternoon is to continue to learn. There are some quite big ruts appearing now and you have to get your front wheels in them if you want to avoid the snow banks."

Fri 13:46 - SS6: Prokop
"I don't like this stage, I'm pleased to finish it. My time is better on the second pass, so I'm happy."

Fri 13:44 - SS6: Evans
He completes 7.4sec off Latvala's pace. "It was pretty tricky in there. The grip seems less than earlier. We slid wide in one section and lost a little time there."

Fri 13:43 - SS6: Neuville
A strong time from Thierry, just 1.1sec slower that Latvala. "This one was much better. It looks like the conditions compared to the early runners are more equal now. I had a good run."

Fri 13:41 - SS6: Ostberg
He is 4.1sec slower than Latvala on stage, and loses a little time to Mikkelsen in the overall standings.

Fri 13:39 - SS6: Mikkelsen
He slots second quickest, 1.9sec slower than Latvala. "Better. Still fighting with the car in the twisty stuff, and a few small mistakes, but I'm happy enough."

Fri 13:37 - SS6: Latvala
He is 5.8sec quicker than Ogier. "Completely different from the first time - a lot more difficult to drive. There is more loose snow, and the tyres are getting on top of it - lifting the studs from the ice."

Fri 13:35 - SS6: Ogier
He completes the stage in 5m42.4s but is agitated. What's wrong? "I don't know, the wipers were blocked in the middle, I had to slow down."

Fri 13:30 - SS6: Underway
Welcome back. Sebastien Ogier began the stage at 1327hrs

Fri 12:29 - Next stage: SS6
The afternoon loop start at 1327hrs, with a second run through Kirkenær. We'll take a quick break from our text service until then.

Fri 12:27 - Up next: Regroup
Crews are now at Kirkenær for the midday regroup. They will stay here for about an hour before the second pass through the stages. With no midday service today, teams have sent soup and sandwich squads to recharge the drivers.

Fri 12:18 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS5
At the end of the morning loop [times compared to leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 38m50.4s, 2. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta RRC): +15.6s, 3. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +27.3s, 4. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +34.5s, 5. Gorban (Mini S2000): +43.9s.

Fri 12:14 - SS5: Ketomaa
Jari makes it a clean sweep, with four WRC 2 wins from today's four stages. His lead over Pontus Tidemand now up to 15.6sec "We have been trying hard but not crazy. It's easy to go mad here, [my co-driver] Kaj helps me to keep it under control."

Fri 12:11 - SS5: WRC 2 Brynildsen
He's a full 6sec slower than Tidemand. "It's so hard to change down the gears in this car. I don't think I've destroyed it but I need to use the clutch now. I will improve. Compared to many drivers I'm lacking experience. I'm learning by doing."

Fri 12:08 - SS5: WRC 2 Tidemand
Fastest so far in WRC 2. "Okay, but we need to be tidier in the second pass - a few too many clipped snow banks."

Fri 12:04 - SS5: WRC2 Ahlin
"I will be beaten here for sure - it's not a stage I have a lot of experience of."

Fri 12:02 - WRC top 5 after SS5
At the end of the morning loop [times compared to leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 36m40.6s, 2. Latvala (VW): +9.1s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +19.6s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +22.0s, 5. Neuville (i20): +36.8s

Fri 11:58 - SS5: Abbring
"It's very busy in my head during the stages but it's fantastic to drive these roads. This one was nice but hard to keep a clean line."

Fri 11:57 - SS5: Paddon
His uncomfortable run continues. "On twisty stages like this the car is difficult to drive. Our diffs are way too tight. We can't get the car to turn-in to corners and we're over-steering on the way out."

Fri 11:55 - SS5: Kubica
He is seventh fastest - with the same time as Kris Meeke. "A very difficult stage. Quite narrow, and two tricky jumps. One of the jumps was huge and kicked the back of our car up so we landed on the front wheels."

Fri 11:52 - SS5: Bertelli
He's struggling on with his front-wheel-drive Fiesta. "There's nothing I can do but keep going. I hope I'll get the chance to enjoy the driving tomorrow."

Fri 11:49 - SS5: Tanak
Another clean stage for the Estonian, but eighth fastest is as good as he can manage.

Fri 11:42 - SS5: Meeke
"They've watered this one a lot, so there's a beautiful layer of ice on the top. Definitely an advantage for the first cars."

Fri 11:38 - SS5: Evans
"Alright, but I still don't feel that we have found that sweet spot yet. The car feels pretty good, we have to keep working on my driving."

Fri 11:37 - SS5: Neuville
Slowest through so far, 9.2sec off Ogier's time, and clearly frustrated. "I had a good run. Okay, I lost a second in a snowbank on a tight hairpin, but still the time is sh*t."

Fri 11:35 - SS5: Ostberg
Third fastest. 4.9sec slower than Ogier. "A tricky stage for sure but not so bad. I had a good rhythm."

Fri 11:35 - SS5: Mikkelsen
6.2sec slower than Ogier. "The acceleration in the lines is terrible - so much wheelspin. I’m also struggling to get the car to turn in on this type of stage. It’s not good on the tight stuff, but it’s fine on the fastest sections.”

Fri 11:33 - SS5: Latvala
He is 2.9sec slower than Ogier but hopeful that he’ll be quicker on the afternoon repeat. “I have never driven this one properly. Now I think I know how to get it right for the second time. Maybe I’m not relaxed enough.”

Fri 11:31 - SS5: Ogier
“It was a good stage, just a problem on the start line because I didn’t have the gear engaged - not a big drama.” His time is 5m26.7s.

Fri 11:29 - Stage notes: SS5
Kirkenær 1, 7.07km. This is a spectator favourite which winds along a thin strip of land between a river and a man-made bank. Huge crowds stand on top of the bank, taking advantage of perfect views over the stage below.

Fri 11:27 - Up next: Kirkenær
We're straight over to the final stage of the morning loop!

Fri 11:25 - WRC top 5 after SS4
Neuville moves up to fifth following Meeke's spin. [times compared to leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 31m13.9s, 2. Latvala (VW): +6.2s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +13.4s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +17.1s, 5. Neuville (i20): +27.6s

Fri 11:19 - SS4: Abbring
"I'm really enjoying these stages, but I've never changed so many pace notes! The speed and grip is taking time to get used to and I'm having to adjust my braking points."

Fri 11:18 - SS4: Paddon
"I have no confidence at all with what the car is doing at the moment, and that's something we can't change because of the linked components. I'm struggling to turn in and keep the corner speed."

Fri 11:15 - SS4: Kubica
"This stage was okay. A very fast one, so it's not easy on the pace notes."

Fri 11:14 - SS4: Bertelli
His grim morning continues - two-wheel-drive only and a spin in the closing section of SS4.

Fri 11:13 - SS4: Tanak
He slots sixth-fastest, 17.1sec off Latvala's time, and claims he has nothing in reserve. "I'm absolutely flat-out and doing my best."

Fri 11:07 - SS4: Solberg
Another off-colour performance from Henning who is 25sec off Latvala's stage leading time. "I pushed like hell but the times are not there. I don't know why. That's how it is sometimes."

Fri 11:04 - SS4: Meeke spins
He completes with lots of snow packed into the front of his DS 3. "I spun and lost about 20 seconds. It was quite high speed, I touched a snow bank and that spun us around 360 degrees. This is all new for me. This is part of the learning curve."

Fri 11:01 - SS4: Prokop
"For sure it's nice, but the conditions are much more slippery than the previous one. It was an effort to keep the car on the road."

Fri 10:59 - SS4: Evans
"The grip level in here wasn't so high and that knocked my confidence in the fast sections."

Fri 10:58 - SS4: Neuville
He is 12.1sec slower than Latvala. He lost a chunk of time brushing a snow bank.

Fri 10:57 - SS4: Ostberg
He completes seven seconds slower than Latvala, but with no problems to report. "Of course I'm not happy with the time, but in the car it's going quite well. I don't know why the time isn't there. I think perhaps it's best to be first on the road, so I can understand why Seb is pushing so hard. In his position I would try and do the same."

Fri 10:54 - SS4: Mikkelsen
He's slowest of the three Volkswagen drivers, 4.6sec off Latvala's time. "It was actually quite a good stage - smooth and effective - but the other guys are very fast. Maybe the road was cleaner for them? I don't know."

Fri 10:52 - SS4: Latvala
It's a better stage for Jari-Matti who is 1.6sec quicker than Ogier. "Now it's going in the right direction. I wasn't 100 per cent happy with the car, to be honest, but now the confidence is coming."

Fri 10:50 - SS4: Ogier
His Polo reaches the line with lots of snow packed into the front bumper. "No problem, just clipped a hairpin I think. A good stage. I'm happy for now, it's a good time, I have to make up as much as I can."

Fri 10:31 - Stage Notes: SS4
Finnskogen 1, 20.76km. This first stage entirely in Norway is a tricky one, mixing tight hairpins with fast curvy roads through open pine woods. Some roads were used last year in the opposite direction, but much is new.

Fri 10:30 - Up next: Finnskogen
SS4 kicks off at 1036hrs

Fri 10:29 - WRC2 top 5 after SS3
[times compared to rally leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 21m15.5s, 2. Tideland (Ford Fiesta RRC): +11.7s, 3. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +12.8s, 4. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +22.2s, 5. Gorban (Mini S2000): +38.7s.

Fri 10:25 - WRC top 5 after SS3
[times compared to rally leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 20m09.2s, 2. Latvala (VW): +7.8s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +10.4s, 4. Ostberg (DS 3): +11.7s, 5. Meeke (DS 3): +13.6s

Fri 10:23 - SS3: WRC2 Ketomaa
Fastest so far in WRC2. "Very good fun. Especially over the crests. I'm really enjoying myself."

Fri 10:21 - SS3: Grondal
"I went into the corner, lost the rear and we went into the snow. A big thanks to the spectators who helped us, but for me the chance of a good result here is over."

Fri 10:20 - SS3: WRC2 Brynildeldsen
Another driver to report an overshoot: "I stalled under braking, went straight on at a junction and had to reverse. A pity, because otherwise all good."

Fri 10:18 - SS3: WRC2 Tidemand
A clean run for Pontus. And he has news on Grondal. "He went off a little bit, but some people are helping him and I think he'll be back."

Fri 10:16 - SS3: WRC2 Grondal stops!
WRC tracking shows his Citroen stopped just before the finish line. Tidemand has passed him and will reach the stop line first.

Fri 10:14 - SS3: WRC2 Ahlin
"It was going well, we are getting more into the rhythm." He is quicker than Al Rajhi by 13.7sec.

Fri 10:12 - SS3: WRC2 Al Rajhi
"We do it well in the stage, apart from one overshoot."

Fri 10:09 - SS3: Abbring
"I have to make my notes a bit quicker - they need some adjustments after the recce at 70kph. But it's really enjoyable. It's a shame we lost the time on the first stage, but all part of the learning."

Fri 10:06 - SS3: Paddon
Like Kubica, Hayden loses a little time when he misses a junction and noses into the snow.

Fri 10:05 - SS3: Kubica
Robert loses time nudging a snowbank. "I lost visibility in a dip, and couldn't see the junction. I had to reverse out."

Fri 10:03 - SS3: Bertelli explains
He completes 1m54s slower than Ogier. "We have lost rear traction. So only front wheel drive. With no service we have to drive like this all day. It's crazy."

Fri 10:01 - SS3: Bertelli in trouble
He's yet to reach the finish. WRCTV crews report he is driving slowly in stage. Perhaps related to the strange noise he reported after SS2?

Fri 10:00 - SS3: Tanak
He completes 18sec off Ogier's stage-leading pace. He sounds satisfied enough. "Better than the first stage. No mistakes. Through with no problems."

Fri 09:56 - SS3: Solberg
He's a few seconds quicker than Prokop, but Henning is shaking his head at the finish line. "I'm pushing but I don't get the times. Not good enough for sure. The car is good so it has to be my driving."

Fri 09:53 - SS3: Meeke
He slots fourth fastest. "Good. I was happy. I had a good rhythm. The snowbanks are very high - like a wall. It's hard to know how best to use them. I tried to be as clean as possible."

Fri 09:51 - SS3: Prokop
"A clear stage for us. Good grip. I hope the time will not be so bad." He's slowest of the WRC runners so far, 24.4sec off Ogier's time.

Fri 09:50 - SS3: Evans
"My notes are a bit careful in places. We could have gone faster. We made changes where we could, but they were in busy sections so we might not have got them all."

Fri 09:48 - SS3: Neuville
The Hyundai driver is 8.2sec slower than Ogier. It's a clean run, which sounds like the priority for now. "I have done quite well. The stage was new and in some places I lost time. It's the beginning of the rally. We must be happy."

Fri 09:46 - SS3: Ostberg
Third quickest so far, 4.5sec slower than Ogier. No problems reported, but Mads seems to have lost ground to Ogier in the second half of the stage.

Fri 09:44 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Second fastest so far, 2.2sec slower than Ogier. "That's much better. The conditions are very, very good. I think it's better to be first on the road. Better conditions than I was expecting."

Fri 09:42 - SS3: Latvala
He completes 5.8sec slower than Ogier. And that comes as a nasty surprise. "That is not good. I thought I had a good run but the time is not there."

Fri 09:40 - SS3: Ogier completes
And he sounds delighted. "Really nice. Conditions are beautiful. Lots of ice. Good fun, fast and narrow. On this one running first is quite okay." His time is 9m59.4s.

Fri 09:34 - SS3: Zero car verdict
The driver of the road opening zero car reports 'perfect' conditions

Fri 09:32 - Stage Notes: SS3
Röjden 1, 18.73km. A classic stage run many times in national rallies, it was last used in this event in 2011, but in the opposite direction. It starts in Sweden, before crossing into Norway and ending back in Sweden. The stage offers a mix of fast and slower roads, with an exceptionally tricky jump just ahead of a square right corner.

Fri 09:30 - Up next: Röjden
The stage starts at 0927hrs

Fri 09:29 - WRC2 top 5 after SS2
[times compared to rally leader] 1. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): 10m37.6s, 2. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +2.7s, 3. Grondal (DS 3 R5): +3.8s, 4. Tideland (Ford Fiesta RRC): +6.7s, 5. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +11.1s.

Fri 09:29 - WRC top 5 after SS2
[times compared to rally leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 10m09.8s, 2. Latvala (VW): +2.0s, 3. Ostberg (DS 3): +7.2s, 4. Mikkelsen (VW): +8.2s, 5. Meeke (DS 3): +8.5s

Fri 09:24 - SS2: WRC2 Ketomaa
It's a great start for the Finn, who is fastest WRC2 driver so far (in 9m02.9s) and leads the category. "Very good stage. We were taking it easy, no rush. Just a little bit waking up. No crazy starts for Kaj, my old co-driver."

Fri 09:20 - SS2: WRC2 Brynildsen
Fastest so far in WRC2. "I didn't find the rhythm, but still it wasn't bad. If I can find the rhythm I think I can do very well here."

Fri 09:18 - SS2: WRC2 Tidemand
The overnight leader slots second in class, his time here 5.4sec slower than Grondal's. "No problems at all. Quite a good stage. A safe, good start."

Fri 09:16 - SS2: WRC2 Grondal
"A decent start. Not pushing too hard yet. Happy with the way everything feels."

Fri 09:15 - SS2: WRC2 Ahlin
"Pretty okay. A little too cautious in the junctions. Taking it easy to get into the rhythm."

Fri 09:13 - SS2: WRC2 Al Rajhi
A former category winner here, he completes with plenty of snow in the front of his Fiesta, but reporting a trouble-free run.

Fri 09:11 - SS2: Unlucky start for Abbring
The Dutchman has a slight hiccup on his first proper stage in the Hyundai. "I had a really nice enjoyable stage until the last Mickey Mouse section. My glasses steamed up, I couldn't see the corner properly and got stuck in the loose snow." His car doesn't look damaged but he loses 1m44s to Ogier.

Fri 09:06 - SS2: Paddon
"The grip is actually quite good, but it's hard to gauge where it is. In some places we are way too cautious under braking."

Fri 09:04 - SS2: Kubica
"It was okay. It's not easy when you don't know the stage. I'm driving too carefully and under-steering more than I would be if I was throwing the car about."

Fri 09:02 - SS2: Bertelli
The Italian reports a strange noise in the car. He thinks it might be diff-related.

Fri 09:02 - SS2: Tanak off
He loses 15sec in the final split. "I had to stop and reverse just before the end. There was a really bad mistake in the pace notes and we went into a snow bank." He completes with snow in the front end of his Fiesta. No sign of any damage.

Fri 08:58 - SS2: Protasov
"We are happy but a little bit difficult with the new pace notes here"

Fri 08:57 - SS2: Solberg off twice
Not a great start for Henning, who is slowest so far, 24.1 off Ogier's time. "I had some problems in there, I was out twice. Maybe I was pushing too hard. Not the best start but my fault." His car has some light bodywork damage but doesn't seem to have suffered anything more serious.

Fri 08:54 - SS2: Meeke
Third quickest so far, 7sec off Ogier's pace. "A lot of snowbanks in there. More slippery than I was expecting. It took a little time to find my rhythm but I'm happy."

Fri 08:52 - SS2: Prokop
Last year he stuck it in a ditch here. It's a better run this time - although not perfect. "The fire extinguisher was loose in the footwell - and that was distracting."

Fri 08:50 - SS2: Evans
"Alright, but not a great run. I'm struggling to find confidence in the braking zone." He is 15sec off Ogier's pace - one second per kilometre.

Fri 08:49 - SS2: Neuville
It's a hesitant start from the Belgian. "Maybe I could have pushed a little harder." He is 9.4sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 08:47 - SS2: Ostberg
Slots quickest so far, 8sec slower than Ogier. Mads believes the overnight freeze will benefit Ogier on the first pass.

Fri 08:45 - SS2: Bale strike for Mikkelsen
There is some slight scuffing to the side of Mikkelsen's Polo and he looks disappointed. He completes 8.6sec slower than Ogier. "I hit a hay bale on a long straight and lost all the speed. Not a good stage for us."

Fri 08:43 - SS2: Latvala
He is level with Ogier at the midpoint but completes 2.7sec down. "I'm struggling in the tight areas - on the junctions. On the fast sections it's fine. Maybe I have to change the set-up? Not an easy start. A lot of rhythm changes."

Fri 08:39 - SS2: Ogier completes
"It was okay. I'm happy with my drive. Not a bad start but I have no idea how my time will compare with the other guys." His time is 8m36.6s

Fri 08:28 - Stage notes: SS2
Torsby 1, 14.76km: Same name, but a very different stage to the 2014 version as the opening 11.70km are new. It starts with several tight corners before a long straight leads onto a wide road. It narrows as cars turn into a quarry, with flowing ‘rallycross-style’ curves and a jump before the finish at Torsby Ski Tunnel.

Fri 08:26 - Overnight leader
Pontus Tidemand is 20th in Friday's start order. He will begin the opening Torsby stage at 0743hrs

Fri 08:25 - Start intervals
World Rally Car drivers will start at 2 minute intervals

Fri 08:24 - Friday's start order
Crews will tackle the stages in championship order today, which puts Sebastien Ogier through first. Here's how the World Rally Car drivers will line up: 1) Ogier, 2) Latvala, 3) Mikkelsen, 4) Ostberg, 5) Neuville, 6) Evans, 7) Prokop, 8) Meeke, 9) Solberg, 10) Protasov, 11) Tanak, 12) Bertelli, 13) Kubica, 14) Paddon, 15) Abbring, 16) Solowow

Fri 08:13 - Weather update
There has been some useful freezing overnight, with the temperature dropping to -2º in Hagfors. This morning the temperature is -1º and light snow is falling. Yesterday's wet slush in the car park is solid today.

Fri 08:09 - Cars update
They left Hagfors from 0720hrs after a 15-minute service. They are now en route to the start of Torbsy, 61km away. The stage starts at 0829hrs.

Fri 08:09 - Friday’s itinerary
A loop of four stages, run twice without a service. That’s a total of 122.64km competitive kilometres run without a safety net. We won’t see the cars again here in Hagfors until 2031hrs

Fri 08:08 - Coming up today
After Thursday night’s Super Special, we’re off into the forests of Sweden and Norway for a full day of winter rallying

Fri 08:08 - We’re all set
at the text desk, nestled in the control tower at Hagfors airport, overlooking the rally Service Park.

Fri 08:08 - Hej!
Good morning from Hagfors and welcome back to our live text coverage of Rally Sweden, round two of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship

Thu 21:27 - That’s all from the Super Special
And the end of our live text service for tonight. We will return on Friday morning when the competition resumes on the forest tracks of Sweden and Norway. Join us for coverage of the first stage (SS2) from 0815hrs. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Hagfors, and don’t forget you can watch SS1 again on WRC . Godnatt!

Thu 21:26 - WRC2 top 5 after SS1
[times compared to rally leader] 1. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta RRC): 1m32.1s, =2. Ahlin (Ford Fiesta R5): +2.5s, =2. Grondal (DS 3 R5): +2.5s, 4. Ketomaa (Ford Fiesta R5): +2.6s, 5. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +3.1s.

Thu 21:19 - WRC top 5 after SS1
[times compared to rally leader]: 1. Tidemand (Ford Fiesta RRC): 1m32.1s, 2. Ostberg (DS 3): 0.3s, 3. Latvala (VW): 0.4s, 4. Neuville (Hyundai): 0.6s, 5. Mikkelsen (VW): 0.7s

Thu 21:14 - SS1: Tidemand leads!
It's a surprise outcome, but a popular one with the Swedish spectators. As one of the first cars through tonight, Tidemand had the best of the conditions and he's made the most of it. It's not the first time he has impressed here either. In 2013 he ran as high as fourth in Fiesta RS World Rally Car before it broke. But he's eclipsed that tonight - beating the whole field in an RRC-spec machine. He holds the overnight rally lead by 0.3sec. Great stuff!

Thu 20:58 - SS1: Ogier
Beaten by Mads on the opening stage. Is this a sign of how it will be on the rest of the rally? "I don't know, it's a long rally. It will not be difficult for him to beat me this weekend if he does well. I have a difficult rally ahead from my start position of first on the road. Here I had a bad start, everything was lost there."

Thu 20:57 - SS1: Ogier vs Ostberg
Ostberg wins the final WRC heat - and gets a huge confidence boost. "We had a proper good rallycross start. After that I tried to push a little bit but not too hard. Before the start I wanted to show Ogier how it's going to be all rally." It's a great start for Mads - but he is 0.3sec shy of Tidemand's stage winning time.

Thu 20:52 - SS1: Latvala vs Meeke
Now Latvala is Tidemand's closest rival - his time 0.4sec slower. "I am happy, not a great stage for me in the past. I was a little hesitant but generally okay." Meeke meanwhile is another start line casualty. "I got a sh*t start - Jari-Matti took 1.5sec off me on the start line!" he says.

Thu 20:49 - SS1: Evans vs Neuville
Neuville is now the closest to Tidemand's time - just 0.6sec slower. Evans, like many drivers reckons he lost the heat with too much wheelspin off the line.

Thu 20:48 - SS1: Tanak vs Kubica
Tanak wins the heat and slots fourth quickest, 1sec slower than Tidemand. "Quite slippery in places. A tricky stage but a good feeling. No surprises, so I'm happy." Kubica is 1sec slower, "I had a big disadvantage off the start - I couldn't get any traction. After than we just took it normal."

Thu 20:44 - SS1: Mikkelsen vs Solberg
Mikkelsen is the quicker driver, but he's not quick enough to dislodge Tidemand from the top of the timesheet. "Not the best job, but a clean stage. We're still here - that's the target."

Thu 20:41 - SS1: Paddon vs Prokop
Prokop edges the heat by 0.1sec. Paddon felt he lost a lot of time spinning his wheels off the line.

Thu 20:39 - SS1: Abbring
The Dutchman was handed this week's drive with Hyundai after Dani Sordo fell off his mountain bike. And he's extremely grateful. "My first time on a proper stage with a WRC car, and my first rally on snow. It's amazing to start here. I'm sorry for Dani, of course, but let's make the most of the opportunity."

Thu 20:36 - SS1: Abbring vs Bertelli
There is a quick handshake between Abbring and his co-driver Seb Marshall before their first stage together in a World Rally Car. And it's a great start. They win the heat - helped by a fluffed start from Bertelli - and slot third fastest.

Thu 20:34 - SS1: Solowow vs Protasov
Protasov wins the heat and slots second overall, 2.2sec slower than Tidemand. Solowow is delighted to complete the stage having crashed at shakedown earlier today.

Thu 20:32 - SS1: Veiby
"I'm from Norway but I feel kind of home in Sweden. Nice to be here - just looking forward to the weekend. Not so many competitors here, but we'll continue to learn the car."

Thu 20:29 - SS1: Veiby vs Linari
Veiby is the only WRC3 competitor here, and he gets off to a terrific start - winning his heat in a two-wheel-drive DS 3 R3T, against Linari in a 4WD Subaru.

Thu 20:27 - SS1: Gorban vs Koltun
A convincing win for Gorban, who slots sixth fastest, 4.1sec behind stage leader Tidemand.

Thu 20:25 - SS1: Shaymiev vs Kikireshko
Mini John Cooper Works driver Kikireshko comes out on top - 2.2sec quicker than Shaymiev in a Fiesta R5

Thu 20:21 - SS1: Lefebvre
"I really enjoyed it. I don't push though - I have no experience on ice on spectator stages. For me the rally starts tomorrow."

Thu 20:20 - SS1: Lefebvre vs Rendina
It's Junior champion Lefebvre's first rally on spiked tyres, and he wins the heat against Rendina in a Group N Mitsubishi.

Thu 20:17 - SS1: Ketomaa vs Al Rajhi
Ketomaa wins the battle, but Tidemand still leads the stage. Al Rajhi slowest through so far, 5.7sec off Tidemand's time.

Thu 20:15 - SS1: Ahlin vs Brynildsen
Goes Ahlin's way. The Swede slots second behind Tidemand, with the same time as Grondal. "I was so, so nervous in this one, but we will see!"

Thu 20:13 - SS1: Tidemand
"I enjoyed that - I always do. Feels quite good. Lots of people here. Perfect!"

Thu 20:11 - SS1: Tidemand fastest
It's a great start for the Swede, who completes in a benchmark time of 1m32.1s - 2.5sec quicker than Grondal.

Thu 20:08 - Stage live!
Grondal and Tidemand are on stage!

Thu 20:05 - Tyre choices?
Not on this rally. After all the excitement of slicks, studs and cross-overs at Rallye Monte-Carlo, here there is just the one spec of spiked snow tyre on offer, with Michelin providing its X-Ice North 3 tyre to the four manufacturer teams

Thu 19:57 - Top billing
The final WRC pairing will take to the track at 2047hrs, when Volkswagen’s defending world champion Sebastien Ogier will line-up against the DS 3 of Norway’s Mads Ostberg. Mads is the closest the Swedes get to a victory contender this year - and his Swedish co-driver Jonas Andersson is of course the real deal

Thu 19:57 - First WRC car
Will be the Ford Fiesta RS of Yuriy Protasov, who will check-in at 2025hrs. He will go up against Michal Solowow, who crashed his similar car at Shakedown earlier.

Thu 19:57 - Thursday’s start order
has been designed to build the show. WRC2 competitors are up first, with the pairing of Norway’s Anders Grondal (Citroen DS3 R5) and local hero Pontus Tidemand Ford Fiesta RRC S2000) first on track at 2008hrs.

Thu 19:56 - Weather update
Clear and dry with a temperature of 6ºC. Good for the spectators, but not so good for a winter rally. There’s still plenty of ice on the Super Special, but at Shakedown today drivers reported slush and patches of gravel where the ice base had been stripped away. We have our fingers crossed for a cold snap tonight.

Thu 19:55 - Cars update
They left Hagfors after this morning’s Shakedown and are now queued at the Super Special ready for the start at 2008hrs

Thu 19:54 - Färjestadstravet transformed:
The loose-surface race course has been coated in ice for tonight’s action, and the off-track attractions have been pimped-up too. Among the horse-worrying attractions are a fireworks display, a Hip Hop concert and a ramp-off featuring FMX star 'Frog' and X-Games gold medal winner Daniel Bodin, who does backflips on a Snowmobile. The crowd are going bananas.

Thu 19:44 - Stage notes: SS1
SSS Karlstad 1, 1.90km. Sweeping bends, a spectacular jump and a great atmosphere are the hallmarks of the rally prelude at Karlstad’s horse trotting track. Drivers tackle two laps of the ice-covered test in head-to-head duels. They'll return on Friday night to drive the stage for a second time.

Thu 19:42 - Coming up tonight
is Rally Sweden’s opening stage. Run in darkness at Karlstad’s Färjestadstravet horse-trotting track, the 1.9km Super Special is the traditional curtain raiser to the largely forest-based action of the following three days

Thu 19:41 - We’re ready to go
Sat behind the desk of text in a prime position at Hagfors airport, overlooking the rally Service Park.

Thu 19:41 - Hej!
Good evening from Hagfors and welcome to our live text coverage of Rally Sweden, round two of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship



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