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Sun 14:32 - We will return
On 22 October for WRC round 12, RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest and don’t forget to check out WRC+ for full programmes and onboards from Corsica. Bye for now.

Sun 14:30 - Stages complete
And that's where we'll end our live text service from Corsica

Sun 14:28 - Power Stage result
1: Ogier 10m23.2s (3 points) 2: Kubica 10m31.8s (2 points) 3: Latvala 10m33.4s (1 point)

Sun 14:26 - Corsica final J WRC
1.Gilbert 2h57m01.2s, 2.Folb 1m18.8s, 3.Rossel 1m24.2s, 4.Veiby 1m54.2s, 5.Perry 4m25.0s

Sun 14:23 - Corsica final WRC 2
1.Maurin 2h46m11.3s, 2.Lappi 20.9s, 3.Camilli 3m42.9s, 4.Breen 3m49.7s, 5.Suninen 4m26.9s

Sun 14:21 - Corsica Final
1.Latvala 2h39m46.7s, 2.Evans 43.1s, 3.Mikkelsen 46.3s, 4.Meeke 1m33.4s, 5.Paddon 1m53.6s

Sun 13:13 - SS9: RGT Delecour
He wins the RGT class at the wheel of his 911. "Driving the Porsche here in Corsica is not easy. I'm so happy because I think we also won the championship."

Sun 13:11 - SS9: WRC 2 Breen
It's fourth for Breen - 6.8sec behind Camilli. "I think we can keep our heads held high. We've worked hard and shown good speed. Okay, the puncture was a disaster and cost us a podium but it was not to be. A very promising rally all the same."

Sun 13:09 - SS9: WRC 2 Camilli
He started the Power Stage in third place, but just 7.9sec ahead of Breen. "Third place would be good for me but I have to wait to see Breen's time. I was maximum attack in here."

Sun 13:06 - SS9: WRC 2 Suninen
Looks like fifth place for the Finn. "A challenging rally but we did it. I'm quite happy with that."

Sun 13:05 - SS9: WRC 2 Lappi
Second place in WRC 2. "Good points, which is fine, but I was fighting for the victory, which would be better for the championship. I was too slow. I have to admit that. Maurin was too fast for us. Happy to be here at the end. I have to be satisfied."

Sun 13:02 - SS9: WRC 2 Maurin
"A great weekend. We are waiting for Lappi but [the victory] should be okay. My first victory result in the world championship."

Sun 13:01 - SS9: Neuville
"Horrible. A horrible rally. We have to go back to basics."

Sun 13:01 - SS9: Lefebvre
A spin near the stage end costs the Frenchman around 20 seconds - and his chance of passing Tanak. So it's 11th overall for the Frenchman.

Sun 13:00 - SS9: Kubica
Second fastest on the Power Stage and Kubica takes two bonus points. "We started this rally very well and we ended it very well. The middle was not so good. Two tyre rims just exploded. A big shame, without that we could have got a podium."

Sun 12:57 - SS9: Latvala
He wins the rally! Second quickest (so far) through the Power Stage nets him the victory by 43.1sec. "It's been a great weekend. We haven't been at the maximum at any point, but we had to be careful driving in difficult conditions. I won the Rallye de France last year, so I'm so happy to be able to win here in Corsica too."

Sun 12:52 - SS9: Evans
He keeps second and bags his best ever WRC performance! "Andreas was pushing hard today but I though as long as I had a clean stage we'd keep it. Yeah, I'm pretty happy. After the hard times recently and the criticism this is a nice little sweetener."

Sun 12:49 - SS9: Mikkelsen
Third fastest and it's a storming run for Andreas who has Evans' second place in his sights. He started the stage 9.8sec adrift. Ws it enough? "We'll see. I tried to push hard but at the same time I wanted to go to Spain and GB with a good [championship points] position. I'm happy with my strategy."

Sun 12:45 - SS9: Meeke
Third quickest so far for Meeke and he should take fourth place after a reliable run this week. "It hasn't been a great weekend in terms of pace but to be honest, fourth place considering that isn't a bad result. Some solid points. I need to keep this consistency."

Sun 12:42 - SS9: Paddon
Fourth fastest and it looks like a strong fifth overall for the Kiwi. "We still have a long way to go and things to work on. After being so far back after the first stage it feels great to finish fifth."

Sun 12:40 - SS9: Ostberg
Fifth fastest so far. "Not enough to catch Paddon but it was a good stage, a fun stage. My tyres overheated, so it was like gravel in there, I enjoyed it. I'm happy to be at the end of the rally and the result is not bad. A nice comeback after Australia."

Sun 12:37 - SS9: Bouffier
He slips to eighth behind Sordo but the Frenchman is still delighted to finish in the points. "A superb weekend. I'm happy with the result - thanks to everybody in the team"

Sun 12:34 - SS9: Sordo
12.9sec slower than Ogier and Sordo could steal seventh place from Bouffier here. "I tried but Ogier's time is incredible. We lost two minutes with the broken rim on Friday. I'm sorry to the team for that. The car has felt really good and without the wheel change I think we could have got a podium here."

Sun 12:31 - SS9: Sarrazin
19.2sec off Ogier's stage leading pace and it looks like ninth overall for last year's Corsica winner. "A tough weekend. Tough for the stages with such difficult weather, then a turbo and power steering problem for me yesterday. Today was better. I'm happy to do this result with a three-year-old private car."

Sun 12:28 - SS9: Tanak
A slow time for the Estonian, and there's a chance he'll lose tenth place to Lefebvre. "It's been a really tough weekend and it got steadily worse. Definitely the worst rally we've ever done - from both a result and a driving point of view. We need to change it. We can change it."

Sun 12:25 - SS9: Prokop
"One of my worst weekends in the WRC. Everything was wrong. I'm happy it is over. Always Rally France is a disappointment for me. It's my birthday today - that's the only reason to celebrate."

Sun 12:23 - SS9: Ogier
He's through in 10m23.2s. After his earlier problems it's a rare finish outside the top ten for Seb, so this is his only hope of salvaging a few points. Was it a stage-winning run? "We pushed, but the set-up wasn't quite right for the last section."

Sun 12:09 - SS9: Underway!
Ogier is on the move. His start time: 1208hrs

Sun 12:01 - Tyre choices
News from Michelin on the combinations of Pilot Sport tyres their drivers have taken for the Power Stage: everybody has the hard compound option.

Sun 11:01 - SS9 Running order
A few tweaks to suit the Power Stage live TV schedule. The top 12 will start at 3min intervals (up from 2min). Ogier will go first at 1208hrs, followed by Prokop, Tanak, Sarrazin, Sordo, Bouffier, Ostberg, Paddon, Meeke, Mikkelsen, Evans and Latvala

Sun 10:41 - Up next: Power Stage
The final test of the Tour de Corse - Rallye de France kicks off at 1208hrs. We'll resume our live texting then.

Sun 10:33 - Corsica J WRC after SS8
1.Gilbert 2h45m05.2s, 2.Folb 1m11.6s, 3.Rossel 1m33.2s, 4.Veiby 2m05.4s, 5.Berfa 4m41.4s

Sun 10:27 - Corsica WRC 2 after SS8
1.Maurin 2h35m13.0s, 2.Lappi 21.6s, 3.Camilli 3m41.0s, 4.Breen 3m48.9s, 5.Suninen 4m05.8s

Sun 10:24 - SS8: J WRC Rossel
More problems for the Frenchman who is 45sec slower than Junior pace-setter Gilbert and slips behind Folb to third in class. "The brakes are not okay, the pedal has no feeling."

Sun 10:21 - Corsica after SS8
1.Latvala 2h29m13.3s, 2.Evans 32.7s, 3.Mikkelsen 42.5s, 4.Meeke 1m27.2s, 5.Paddon 1m41.5s (Abbring stops)

Sun 10:14 - SS8: WRC 2 Breen
Breen goes quickest in WRC 2 and moves up to fourth - and just 7.9sec shy of Camilli's third place. "Alright. We drove quite a clean stage. No problems. Okay, 16km in the Power Stage to go. I remember it's a stage where Jaff [Gareth Roberts - his late co-driver] and I mixed it with the big boys before. I hope he's riding with us this time."

Sun 10:09 - SS8: WRC Camilli
His third place under threat from a hard-charging Breen behind. "The wrong tyre choice for me. My time is not so good. I'm not sure whether Craig has the same."

Sun 10:07 - SS8: WRC 2 Suninen
"Quite okay."

Sun 10:04 - SS8: WRC 2 Lappi
Quicker than Maurin by 18sec, but that still leaves him 21.6sec off the lead. "The gap is too much. I wanted to drive here with a good rhythm in case he made a mistake. He didn't. Okay, anything can happen but it's quite finished."

Sun 10:03 - SS8: WRC 2 Maurin
"My pace notes were not so good. We try not to make mistakes."

Sun 10:01 - SS8: Latvala
The Finn completes in the fourth quickest time - his lead now 32.7sec. "I'm happy with how things went. I kept cool and no big risks. We need to be clever now. No big push on the Power Stage."

Sun 10:00 - SS8: Evans
He's slower than Mikkelsen but holds second overall. The gap between them now just 9.8sec with only the Power Stage to go. "Andreas is driving really well. Maybe we haven't been. We had a few slides that knocked my confidence, Not great. I need to do a good job in the Power Stage."

Sun 09:54 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Fifth fastest and quicker than Evans on the splits. "It was alright. I struggled with the brakes near the end. Can we catch Evans? We'll see. We try to push."

Sun 09:53 - SS8: Meeke
Eighth quickest, 24.4sec off Sordo's stage leading pace. "Dani's no concern to me, so that doesn't both me so much. A tricky stage. I saw Kevin Abbring off too. We just have to manage it and get through. I thought I had a puncture here. Incredibly dirty."

Sun 09:49 - SS8: Ostberg
He slips behind Paddon in the standings. "There was nothing I could do. I tried my best. I felt like we had a good run. I was happy with it. I have no chance to defend my position."

Sun 09:47 - SS8: Paddon
Impresses with third quickest time, just 3.7sec off the pace of his team-mate, and asphalt ace, Sordo. "The stage didn't flow quite as nicely as the first one but not too bad. Let's see what the gap is to Ostberg."

Sun 09:44 - SS8: Bouffier
Third quickest of the 10 cars through. "A fantastic stage. We had hard and soft tyres. Okay, the car was moving a bit but good work. Not bad."

Sun 09:42 - SS8: Sarrazin
"I'm braking too early. It's easy to make a mistake - a tricky stage."

Sun 09:40 - SS8: Tanak
"Really tricky. A lot of information missing so I had no confidence to push. A frustrating morning."

Sun 09:39 - SS8: Sordo
Quickest so far, 3.2sec up on Ogier. "Really good. At some points dirty and slippery but I think my time is okay. I could go a little bit faster but only with big risks and I want to finish. It's a beautiful stage. This rally is fantastic."

Sun 09:37 - SS8: Abbring update
He cannot get the i20 back on the road. Retirement confirmed.

Sun 09:35 - SS8: Prokop
"I was on full soft tyres. Maybe I could have pushed harder but I was scared about overheating them."

Sun 09:34 - SS8: Abbring update
Confirmation from Hyundai that Kevin and co-driver Seb Marshall are okay. Car off the road.

Sun 09:33 - SS8: Bertelli
"Very slippery. The soft tyre was the wrong choice. It is drying in the sun. I'm not happy with the car but we are here to learn."

Sun 09:31 - SS8: Abbring
WRC tracking shows him stopped 11.6km into the stage

Sun 09:31 - SS8: Ogier
Quickest so far. "It was okay. We were on softs but I think that was the wrong choice. For sure the conditions are changing. I'm planning to attack on the Power Stage."

Sun 09:29 - SS8: Neuville
9.6sec quicker than Kubica. "Okay for me. Quite happy. A better feeling for this one. Different conditions to the recce but my gravel crew did a good job."

Sun 09:27 - SS8: Kubica
First to complete in 25m47.1s. "This one was even more difficult than the first. I'm not sure we had the best tyres but we took it nicely." He's declines to confirm what tyres he chose.

Sun 08:51 - Stage notes: SS8
Zérubia – Martini, 41.43km. Another historical Tour de Corse test, even if the final part from Arbellara to Martini is new. The surface changes constantly with banked corners, old bumpy roads and fast, flowing sections to Arbellara. Drivers then climb to the Col de Siu, 3km before the finish, with a magical view over the Gulf of Propriano.

Sun 08:50 - Up next: SS8
Robert Kubica is ready and waiting at the start of the Zérubia – Martini test. His start time: 0858hrs

Sun 08:47 - SS7: J WRC Rossel
"No brakes from the middle of the stage. We will try to fix them before the next one." He holds second place in Juniors, but is now just 5.1sec ahead of Terry Folb.

Sun 08:44 - Corsica WRC 2 after SS7
1.Maurin 2h08m41.1s, 2.Lappi 39.6s, 3.Camilli 3m49.8s, 4.Suninen 3m53.3s, 5.Breen 4m09.6s (Kremer stops)

Sun 08:42 - SS7: J WRC Gilbert
The Junior leader safely though. "A good stage for us. I'm quite happy."

Sun 08:37 - Corsica after SS7
1.Latvala 2h03m45.0s, 2.Evans 17.6s, 3.Mikkelsen 38.3s, 4.Meeke 1m09.7s, 5.Abbring 1m22.7s

Sun 08:33 - SS7: WRC 2 Breen
"Trying the best we can. We did the recce in the bone dry and with no gravel crew you have to just drive with your eyes."

Sun 08:32 - SS7: WRC 2 Camilli
A clean run. The Frenchman up to fourth in WRC 2 following Kremer's exit.

Sun 08:31 - SS7: WRC 2 Suninen
"When the grip level changes then I struggle. We passed Kremer. He crashed." Suninen's co-driver says the crew are okay.

Sun 08:29 - SS7: WRC 2 Kremer
WRC tracking shows him stopped on stage. He had been third in WRC 2

Sun 08:27 - SS7: WRC 2 Lappi
20sec slower than Maurin and Lappi reckons his challenge for the lead is over. "We had four hard tyres. They were okay on the dry asphalt at the start, but not on the damp that followed. It's finished."

Sun 08:23 - SS7: WRC 2 Maurin
"The tarmac is not drying completely and there is not much grip. I had a big moment in there on the final corner."

Sun 08:22 - SS7: Latvala
Second quickest, 5.6sec slower than Ogier, and Latvala stretches his rally lead to 17.6sec. "It felt very slippery in places. A lot of gravel on the road in the cuts. I didn't feel comfortable and it was hard to know how the time was. In the end it looks okay. Maybe at the end the soft tyre was the right one, it's hard to say."

Sun 08:19 - SS7: Evans
"Not easy. My notes were a bit safe in places. I'm on a funny mix of tyres."

Sun 08:19 - SS7: Mikkelsen
"We made the wrong tyre call earlier so I changed them just before the start. That meant I wasn't able to warm them up. We had hards on the front and softs on the rear. Sometimes the car understeered, sometimes it oversteered!"

Sun 08:15 - SS7: Meeke
"We were a bit surprised by the damp conditions today. I think the hard tyre was the correct choice but the road was dirty and we had to be careful in places. Overall I'm happy with the rhythm."

Sun 08:14 - SS7: Abbring
"Conditions are very tricky. Hard to get a rhythm but not too bad. Generally I'm quite happy with this one."

Sun 08:13 - SS7: Ostberg
Now just 2.3sec ahead of Paddon. "I didn't find the right feeling. Like many drivers we were a bit surprised to see the damp. Not so easy to manage. I tried but I know we are far off. I'm just focused on my driving."

Sun 08:11 - SS7: Paddon
Fourth quickest, and narrowing the gap to Ostberg ahead. "Tricky to get the right tyre choice here, I'm not sure there is a correct call. We're on a mixture which was okay. Our priority is to score manufacturers' points. Our confidence is growing all the time. The driving advice I got from from Nicolas Bernardi beforehand has helped."

Sun 08:07 - SS7: Bouffier
Fifth quickest of the ten cars through. "It was okay - a good wake up."

Sun 08:06 - SS7: Sarrazin
"Very tricky, dry, wet, damp. I chose two soft and two hard tyres. Next stage I will go on full hards."

Sun 08:04 - SS7: Tanak
"A wrong decision with our tyres. I changed to full hards just before the stage. It worked well in some parts but not on the slippery sections."

Sun 08:01 - SS7: Sordo
Second quickest so far, 17.6sec off the pace of stage leader Ogier. "Some slippery places but not so bad."

Sun 08:00 - SS7: Lefebvre
"I took a mix of two hard and two soft compound tyres - my first time doing this. It was not easy."

Sun 07:58 - SS7: Prokop
"Very slippery and damp. The information we had about the stage was good. The soft tyres were the right choice."

Sun 07:56 - SS7: Bertelli
Slowest through so far. "A nightmare. I tried to save the tyres."

Sun 07:56 - Tyre choices
News in from Michelin. Here are the combinations of Pilot Sport tyres their drivers have taken for SS7 and SS8. (Number and compounds H (hard) or S (soft)). VW: 4S&2H, Evans: 3H&3S, Everyone else: 4H&2S

Sun 07:53 - SS7: Ogier
"It's pretty damp at the beginning. Maybe the hard is better towards the end, I'm not sure. Without testing I cannot judge."

Sun 07:52 - SS7: Neuville
9.8sec slower than Kubica. "Maybe not the best tyre choice for this stage, but let's see."

Sun 07:49 - SS7: Kubica
First to complete. "Conditions are better than we expected, so all good. No dramas. Yesterday we damaged two rims in 5km so nothing to do today apart from enjoy."

Sun 07:34 - Stage notes: SS7
Sotta – Chialza, 36.58km. Crews face two distinct types of road in Sunday’s opener. Over the first 13km, they tackle fast, wide resurfaced roads as they climb the Col de Bacinu. The rest is slower and downhill almost all the way, passing the small villages of Bisène and Chialza before the finish. Drivers must beware rocks hidden on the roadside – an error and a puncture will follow.

Sun 07:32 - Time check
All times quoted are local. Tour de Corse time is GMT +2 hours

Sun 07:32 - WRC Live
As well as our text service, don't miss our WRC Live radio commentary courtesy of Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. You can also keep an eye on the team bases with our Service Park live stream cameras. You'll find links to both in the LIVE section

Sun 07:31 - Start intervals
World Rally Car crews will start today's stages at 2min intervals

Sun 07:31 - Start list
Crews will tackle Sunday's stages in reverse rally classification, headed by Rally 2 restarters. Here's how the cars will line up: 1: Kubica, 2: Neuville, 3: Ogier, 4: Bertelli, 5: Prokop, 6: Lefebvre, 7: Sordo, 8: Tanak, 9: Sarrazin, 10: Bouffier, 11: Paddon, 12: Østberg, 13: Abbring, 14: Meeke, 15: Mikkelsen, 16: Evans, 17: Latvala.

Sun 07:31 - Weather
A cloudy start in Ajaccio, but it should be a decent, dry, day here. The current temperature of 19ºC is expected to hit 24ºC this afternoon. WRC TV crews report that SS7 is damp in places after light rain overnight.

Sun 07:30 - Sunday's leg
Crews left Porto-vecchio from 0645hrs bound for three stages without a service break. Drivers will choose their tyres for Sotta – Chialza (36.71km - 0725hrs) and Zérubia – Martini (41.46km 0858hrs) before another tyre stop and the Power Stage (Bisinao – Agosta Plage, 16.74km), which will be broadcast live on WRC+ from 1200hrs. The rally will finish in Ajaccio at 1305hrs

Sun 07:29 - Coming up today
The third and final day of competition is a journey from south east to west - from Porto-Vecchio to the finish in Ajaccio

Sun 07:29 - We're in position
At live text position two - overlooking the finish ramp in Ajaccio

Sun 07:24 - Bonjour
Welcome back to our live text coverage of Tour de Corse - Rallye de France, round 11 of the the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship

Sat 15:57 - Join us on Sunday
We will resume our live text service in time for the first stage at 0725hrs. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Corsica. Bye for now!

Sat 15:49 - Stages complete
And that's where we will wrap up our live text service for today. Join us on Sunday for the rally's third and final day.

Sat 15:48 - Corsica J WRC after SS6
1.Gilbert 1h53m33.9s, 2.Rossel 24.7s, 3.Folb 34.0s, 4.Veiby 1m58.3s, 5.Berfa 3m37.0s

Sat 15:45 - Corsica WRC 2 after SS6
1.Maurin 1h46m30.1s, 2.Lappi 19.0s, 3.Kremer 1m28.3s, 4.Suninen 3m05.0s, 5.Camilli 3m32.7s (Breen puncture)

Sat 15:42 - Corsica after SS6
1.Latvala 1h42m24.8s, 2.Evans 2.0s, 3.Mikkelsen 30.8s, 4.Meeke 53.6s, 5.Abbring 1m00.0s

Sat 15:36 - SS6: J WRC Veiby
"I'm quite happy. I struggled a bit at the beginning to focus my mind but in the end I enjoyed the drive and I'm very happy with the time." He's third quickest of the four Juniors through so far.

Sat 15:33 - SS6: J WRC Crugnola
"A clean run"

Sat 15:32 - SS6: J WRC Gilbert
Quickest Junior driver though so far. He is 17sec faster than Rossel and takes the lead. "I didn't push very hard. We took no enormous risks but okay, it was a very clean stage. I'm very happy with my set-up. I must thank my engineer for that."

Sat 15:29 - SS6: J WRC Folb
He loses the Junior lead and drops to third, 9.3sec behind Rossel. "I think the rear suspension is not good. It was moving a lot. I must push more tomorrow."

Sat 15:27 - SS6: J WRC Tempestini
"A long stage but the 31 minutes flew by. I hope this will be a good stage for us."

Sat 15:25 - SS6: J WRC Rossel
"It was okay but the brake pedal is very long. We started to lose the brakes 15km from the start - on the first descent."

Sat 15:22 - SS6: WRC 2 Hirschi
"More like my kind of stage. Dry tarmac, better for us to push on and try and close the gap."

Sat 15:19 - SS6: RGT Delecour
"A better stage for the Porsche. I was fast but not flat out. Nothing much to do now Dumas is out."

Sat 15:17 - SS6: WRC 2 Suninen
"Hard to find a good rhythm but I'm happy with this stage. We were able to push a little more."

Sat 15:14 - SS6: WRC 2 Camilli
Third quickest so far in WRC 2. "I was at my maximum. Maximum attack!"

Sat 15:13 - SS6: WRC 2 Kremer
"The grip was not fantastic in some places but it's a good time for us. We are happy."

Sat 15:12 - SS6: WRC 2 Lappi
Second quickest WRC 2 driver through so far - 16.8sec off Maurin's pace. "Hot work but I enjoyed it."

Sat 15:11 - SS6: WRC 2 Breen
He completes with the loss of 3m30s and sounds gutted. "I just don't know what to do. If there's a rock on the stage you can put money on that I will find it. It was on a bit wide road."

Sat 15:09 - SS6: WRC 2 Maurin
We were expecting Breen first. "I think he has a puncture. He was by the side of the road."

Sat 15:06 - SS6: Sarrazin
"Better road conditions but I bent my steering after a few kilometres. I don't know what I hit. We were lucky not to get a puncture but it was a bit tough to drive after. It's been a difficult day with the turbo problem earlier and now this." He slips from 7th to 9th place.

Sat 15:02 - SS6: Bouffier
"An amazing stage. Really beautiful. No problems but maybe a bit too much oversteer. The time is okay."

Sat 15:00 - SS6: Abbring
Twelfth fastest and he loses a place in the standings - slipping to fifth, 6.5sec behind Meeke. "It felt okay but I'm a little bit disappointed. We were too conservative with the set-up. We could have made it more like a racing car."

Sat 14:55 - SS6: Lefebvre
"Happy to see the first stage in the dry. I lost some time in the long corners but I hope conditions stay like this now."

Sat 14:54 - SS6: Prokop
Slowest of the WRC drivers through so far. "A really nice stage. I don't care about he time. I'm enjoying the driving."

Sat 14:54 - SS6: Sordo
Fifth fastest, 18.8sec slower than Ogier.

Sat 14:49 - SS6: Paddon
Sixth fastest of the nine drivers through so far. "A proper tarmac rally now. Much better conditions but I struggled to find a rhythm. I wasn't driving well to the pace notes."

Sat 14:47 - SS6: Tanak
"A proper tarmac stage. We had a good feeling and I'm doing the best I can."

Sat 14:45 - SS6: Evans
Third quickest, 12.4sec slower than Latvala and he slips to second. "That was a good time from Jari-Matti. The car was moving about a lot, so hard to get confident but it wasn't so bad. All still to play for."

Sat 14:43 - SS6: Meeke
Fourth quickest so far. "The first dry stage of the rally. 90 per cent consistent grip. Happy with my rhythm. Couldn't have done much more."

Sat 14:41 - SS6: Ostberg
28.6sec off Ogier's stage leading time. "A proper tarmac stage, but still a few surprises. I was happy with my stage but It's a bit frustrating to see the time."

Sat 14:39 - SS6: Mikkelsen
"We tried to keep a good pace but I was too careful in the final section. Too much understeer but a clean drive with no big mistakes."

Sat 14:38 - SS6: Latvala
8.7sec slower than Ogier, and it looks like he'll pass Evans for the lead - but he has a problem. "My driving was okay but we had a problem with the gearbox and the downshifts. I lost the rhythm after 15km because I had to use the manual system. Okay, we got through. That's the main thing. Now we need to go to service and change the box."

Sat 14:34 - SS6: Ogier
Quicker than Neuville by 33.7sec. "Okay, a very nice stage. Completely different to the rest. More like Catalunya."

Sat 14:34 - SS6: Neuville
He completes in 28m47.9s. How was it? "It was okay. I struggled with some understeer and a bit of confidence."

Sat 14:20 - SS6: Splits watch
Jari-Matti Latvala 2.5sec quicker than Elfyn Evans at the 8km split point. That's enough to move him into the lead.

Sat 14:02 - SS6: Neuville underway
After another small delay. His start time: 1402hrs.

Sat 13:55 - Tyre choices
News in from Michelin. Here are the combinations of Pilot Sport tyres their drivers have chosen for SS6. (Number and compounds H (hard) or S (soft)). Citroën/Abbring/Paddon/Ogier/Sordo/Latvala: 4H

Sat 13:52 - Stage notes: SS6
Muracciole – Col de Sorba, 48.46km This is the longest test of the rally and a monument Tour de Corse stage. It initially climbs to Vezzani via Rosipigliani forest, before descending to Pietroso on a fast and flowing road. The next challenge is a sprint through the narrow and bumpy Inzecca gorge, before passing through Ghisoni village and powering up the forested mountain to the finish at Col de Sorba, at 1311 metres the high point of the rally.

Sat 13:51 - SS6: 8 min delay
Stage due to start at 1400hrs

Sat 11:55 - Next stage: 1352hrs
That's when Thierry Neuville will start the Muracciole - Col de Sorba stage. At 48km it's the longest test of the rally. We'll take a text break until then. À bientôt.

Sat 11:52 - Up next: Service
Crews are en route to Corte for the midday 30-minute service.

Sat 11:51 - Corsica J WRC after SS5
1.Folb 1h22m18.3s, 2.Gilbert 4.3s, 3.Rossel 12.0s, 4.Veiby 1m37.9s, 5.Berfa 2m34.1s

Sat 11:48 - Corsica WRC 2 after SS5
1.Maurin 1h17m24.8s, 2.Lappi 2.2s, 3.Breen 21.4s, 4.Kremer 34.1s, 5.Suninen 1m52.3s

Sat 11:44 - SS5: J WRC Crugnola
Slowest Junior time on the board. "Just 1km from the start we hit something and got a puncture. We stopped to change it. Then we spun later in the stage. We've lost a lot of time but we're not going to give up."

Sat 11:42 - Corsica after SS5
1.Evans 1h14m00.2s, 2.Latvala 1.7s, 3.Mikkelsen 27.8s, 4.Abbring 29.1s, 5.Meeke 43.0s. Kubica stops

Sat 11:39 - SS5: J WRC Gilbert
The title hopeful is quickest of the three Junior drivers through so far. He's up to second place, 4.3sec off Folb's lead. "It's not necessary for me to win the rally. So far it's going okay."

Sat 11:36 - SS5: J WRC Folb
34.7sec quicker than Rossel and he springs into the Junior class lead. "Very good. We are very happy but the rally is not yet finished. The car is perfect. We must carry on like this."

Sat 11:34 - SS5: Tempestini
"Probably harder than yesterday. First section was okay but the end was incredibly slippery in the mud."

Sat 11:32 - SS5: J WRC Rossel
Overnight leader in the Juniors - but not sounding confident of holding the place. "Very difficult. I think I have a puncture from 2km on. A very complicated rally."

Sat 11:29 - SS5: RGT Delecour
The new leader in RGT now Dumas is stopped in the stage. "This is a gravel rally - not a tarmac one. With the Porsche it's so boring; there's no traction. It's difficult because every corner I can feel we are losing time. I saw Dumas on the stage. I don't think it was a puncture."

Sat 11:25 - SS5: WRC 2 Suninen
"Better than yesterday. Quite happy with my driving and the set-up. The conditions are more stable."

Sat 11:22 - SS5: WRC 2 Camilli
He complete with the loss of more than two and a half minutes. "We hit a stone in the road. It's not our rally."

Sat 11:19 - SS5: WRC 2 Kremer
Unhappy with his car set-up. Too much understeer.

Sat 11:18 - SS5: WRC 2 Lappi
4.6sec quicker than Maurin and he slots second in class, 2.2sec behind the Frenchman.

Sat 11:17 - SS5: WRC 2 Maurin
Takes the lead in WRC 2 with a time 24sec quicker than Breen. He punches the air. "It was a good time. I have a much better feeling than yesterday."

Sat 11:13 - SS5: WRC 2 Breen
"Far more slippery. On the second half especially it was very difficult to judge the grip. I have quite a good feeling with the car. Let's see how the guys behind do."

Sat 11:10 - SS5: Sarrazin
"I have problem with my engine. I lose the power from 15km. I don't know what is wrong. I cannot do better." He drops a place to seventh.

Sat 11:09 - SS5: Bouffier
Ninth fastest. "Much more muddy than yesterday. My time is not fantastic but we keep going."

Sat 11:08 - SS5: Abbring
Tenth fastest. "We have a slow puncture. The time is not bad considering, The hard tyre was not so bad. In hindsight I should have taken the softs."

Sat 11:05 - SS5: Bertelli
Slowest of the drivers through so far - almost 2 min off the pace and deeply unhappy with his Pirelli tyres. "With this tyre it's like hell. The car is not okay. It's hard to drive. We are not happy in this conditions."

Sat 11:03 - SS5: Lefebvre
"I did not enjoy that. Very slippery."

Sat 11:01 - SS5: RGT Dumas
The Porsche driver - leader of the RGT class - has stopped to change a puncture

Sat 11:00 - SS5: Prokop
"Difficult. When I brake I'm sliding into the corners like being on snow. Not so bad as yesterday, but I'm not getting the grip I want."

Sat 10:57 - SS5: Sordo
Fifth fastest and straight out of the car to inspect his tyres. "Softs all round. That was tricky, eh? Really bad conditions. Mud everywhere."

Sat 10:55 - SS5: WRC 2 Camilli
Stopped 3.5km into the stage.

Sat 10:54 - SS5: Paddon
Fifth fastest. "The compacted mud is like ice. Two hard compound tyres was the wrong choice. We should have been on four softs."

Sat 10:52 - SS5: Tanak
39sec off the pace. "Tricky. Like Monte Carlo in places. I have a better feeling than yesterday. I can be a bit happier."

Sat 10:51 - SS5: Kubica update
Stopped again. 14km in.

Sat 10:51 - SS5: Evans
21sec off Latvala's pace but he holds the lead by 1.7sec from the Finn. "Really tough. There's a sort of film on the road. Plan from here is keep doing what we can."

Sat 10:49 - SS5: Meeke
Fourth fastest. "I'm concentrating only on myself and the rhythm. Very dirty and slimy in there - difficult to trust the grip. In the middle I started to lose confidence. I did what I could. I'm happy."

Sat 10:47 - SS5: Ostberg
29.9sec off Latvala's pace. "Much more slippery than yesterday. I changed my set-up looking for more grip and it was the wrong direction. What I can do now? It's not easy to say..."

Sat 10:44 - SS5: Mikkelsen
"No rain today but the mud makes it very difficult. The car is slipping from corner to corner like in Monte Carlo."

Sat 10:43 - SS5: Latvala
Quickest so far and targeting the leader. "It's Evans I'm looking for. He was doing well here yesterday, so I knew I had to improve. Conditions are almost more difficult today than yesterday - there is more of a difference between the dry and the slippery sections."

Sat 10:41 - SS5: Ogier
26.4sec quicker than Neuville and his gear-selector problem is completely cured. "They changed the gearbox so it's fixed. It was a shame. For me now this rally is all about getting experience. Very slippery in there. Much muddier that yesterday."

Sat 10:39 - SS5: Neuville
First to complete. His time 27m31.3s. "Horrible, horrible conditions. Things will happen on this stage. I took it steady, no reason to make a mistake. I stalled the engine in a hairpin too - that cost me five to 10 seconds."

Sat 10:36 - SS5: Kubica update
On the move again. Wheel change?

Sat 10:34 - SS5: Kubica stopped
WRC timing system shows his Fiesta RS stopped 3.5km into the stage.

Sat 10:23 - SS5: Stage watch
A real mixed bag of conditions according to WRC TV crews. Lots of clean and dry asphalt, but damp sections and puddles too. Surface is very dirty in places, with gravel and mud washed onto the road by the rain.

Sat 10:17 - SS5: Splits watch
Ogier retried last night when his car's gear-selector failed en route to parc ferme. Back today after overnight repairs, he is 8.8sec quicker than Neuville at the 7.6km split

Sat 10:09 - Stage notes: SS5
Francardo – Sermano 2, 36.43km This stage, north of Corte, is in one of the island’s most beautiful regions and promises to sort the men from the boys! The roads are narrow and bumpy and the asphalt is old. Drivers cross the first col on a grassy road and after the village of Aiti at 10km, it becomes incredibly twisty, with hairpin after hairpin. Later in the stage chestnut trees line the roads, restricting the view from the cockpit.

Sat 10:03 - Time check
All times quoted are local. Corsica is GMT +2 hours

Sat 10:02 - WRC Live
As well as our text service, don't miss our WRC Live radio commentary courtesy of Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. You can also keep an eye on the team bases with our very wet Service Park live stream cameras. You'll find links to both in the LIVE section

Sat 10:01 - Start intervals
World Rally Car crews will start today's stages at 2min intervals

Sat 10:01 - Start list
Crews will tackle Saturday's stages in championship order headed by Rally 2 restarters. Here's how the cars will line up: 1: Neuville, 2: Ogier, 3: Latvala, 4: Mikkelsen, 5: Østberg, 6: Meeke, 7: Evans, 8: Tanak, 9: Paddon, 10: Sordo, 11: Prokop, 12: Kubica, 13: Lefebvre, 14: Bertelli, 15: Abbring, 16: Bouffier, 17: Sarrazin.

Sat 10:00 - Weather
The big news today is that the rain has stopped. At last. There are blue skies and some innocuous looking clouds above Corte and we should be in for a dry day. Roads are drying but there are still wet sections lurking in shaded areas. The current temperature of 16ºC is expected to hit 21ºC this afternoon.

Sat 10:00 - Saturday's leg
The cancellation of the opening test means another two-stage day. From Place Saint-Nicolas in Bastia the crews will tackle the Francardo – Sermano (36.43km) stage from 1008hrs before service in Corte. The longest stage of the rally, Muracciole – Col de Sorba (48.46km) will run from 1352hrs. It will be followed by another flexi-service in Corte, with the leg concluding in Porto-Vecchio.

Sat 10:00 - Coming up today
The second day of competition and a journey north to south - from the city of Bastia to Porto-Vecchio via the service park in Corte.

Sat 09:59 - We're back
Behind the live text desk at Corte aerodrome, next to today's rally service park. It's our last day here before we relocate to Ajaccio on Sunday.

Sat 09:59 - Bonjour mes amis
Et bienvenue à Samedi au Tour de Corse - Rallye de France, round 11 of the the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship

Fri 22:32 - New start time on Saturday
The rally's second leg will start at 1008hrs with the repeat of the 36.43km stage from Francardo to Sermano which ended Friday's action. We'll resume our live text then.

Fri 22:31 - SS4 Cancelled
Some late-breaking news: Saturday's opening stage has been cancelled due to storm damage. The 43.69km Casamozza - Ponte Leccia test was already scrapped on Friday afternoon after landslides damaged the roads.

Fri 17:48 - Join us on Saturday
When the Tour de Corse - Rallye de France resumes. The first stage is due to start at 0900hrs and we'll be here to bring you all the action as it happens. Bye for now.

Fri 17:44 - Stages complete
And that's where we will end our live text service for today. Keep an eye on the news section for our round-ups of the WRC, WRC 2 and JWRC categories.

Fri 17:41 - SS3: JWRC top three
Yohan Rossel holds the lead in the Junior category. Terry Folb moves up to second ahead of Quentin Gilbert who ends the day a close third.

Fri 17:18 - Corsica WRC 2 after SS3
1.Breen 49m13.2s, 2.Maurin +3.4s, 3.Lappi +10.2s, 4.Kremer +23.3s, 5.Camilli +9.7s

Fri 17:12 - SS3: WRC 2 Giordano
News from Hirschi on WRC 2 driver Quentin Giordano who didn't complete the stage. "I saw his car parked only two or three kilometers from the start."

Fri 17:10 - SS3: WRC 2 Hirschi
"Completely crazy. It's like a gravel stage. I spun three times. I lost about 40sec."

Fri 17:07 - SS3: WRC 2 Suninen
"The first stage was easy compared t this one. So much mud coming onto the road from the mountains. One spin. Okay, a good learning experience."

Fri 17:04 - SS3: WRC 2 Maurin
"We drove very carefully, lots of pieces of car on the road."

Fri 17:00 - SS3: WRC 2 Breen
Quickest WRC 2 driver through so far - 3.4sec up on Kremer - and it looks like Breen is into the category lead. "It could have been better. I had a spin and had to reverse."

Fri 16:58 - SS3: WRC 2 Camilli
"We changed the set-up but it's a difficult day for me. I didn't find the right attack."

Fri 16:57 - SS3: WRC 2 Kremer
Quicker than Lappi by 1.6sec. "I'm enjoying it and the time is good." He also has news of the missing Tidemand. "He is parked on the road - suspension damage I think."

Fri 16:52 - SS3: WRC 2 Lappi
"Crazy conditions without a gravel crew. One of the most difficult stage of my life."

Fri 16:51 - SS3: Dumas
The Frenchman still leads the RGT class but his Porsche has a transmission problem

Fri 16:48 - Corsica after SS3
1.Evans 46m48.5s, 2.Abbring 18.7s, 3.Latvala 22.9s, 4.Ostberg 38.8s, 5.Kubica 40.3s. Ogier punctures

Fri 16:44 - SS3: Sarrazin
Third fastest for the Frenchman. "Incredible conditions. So much to contend with on the road. I tried to do my best."

Fri 16:43 - SS3: Bouffier
Fourth fastest so far. "We have more confidence now, definitely better than the stage before. I'm happy."

Fri 16:42 - SS3: Abbring
A stunning time - second fastest so far - propels him up to second overall. "We made some changes in service. The car feels good, the pace notes are good. Okay, only our second tarmac rally in this car. I'm happy with how it is working."

Fri 16:36 - SS3: Kubica
He is 56sec slower than Evans and plunges from the joint lead after SS1 to eighth place. "A very bad stage. Some more confidence would be good. Lots of standing water."

Fri 16:35 - SS3: Sordo
He completes 2min slower than stage leader Evans. The time loss came in the opening split. What happened? "We went tight into a corner, hit a rock on the inside and punctured. It's like this."

Fri 16:30 - SS3: Paddon
"We're very lucky. After one kilometre we hit a rock and damaged a wheel. We had a bad vibration after that. We had a near miss later, close to a sheer drop. A heart in the mouth moment."

Fri 16:27 - SS3: Tanak
52sec slower than Evans and understandably frustrated. "A tough stage. A lot of running water and stuff on the road. Difficult to know how fast to go."

Fri 16:26 - SS3: Evans
Fastest time so far! Elfyn completes a whopping 29.1sec quicker than Mikkelsen. "It didn't feel great to be honest. I didn't feel like I was carrying enough speed. It's such a busy stage. My gravel note crew did a great job."

Fri 16:24 - SS3: Meeke
5.3sec quicker than Ostberg. "An incredibly tricky stage. Like Monte Carlo all over again. On these tyres it's like ice. I also have an engine misfire since service. Some water in the system I think."

Fri 16:21 - SS3: Ostberg
A decent time, 11.4sec slower than Mikkelsen, but Ostberg is confused. "I couldn't drive. I have no confidence. So much water and gravel in the road. I just tried to survive."

Fri 16:20 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Quickest through so far, in 27m17.6s, but he has a problem. "We had a really bad run. No feeling with the brakes at all. I push the pedal and noting happens. That's not good for the confidence."

Fri 16:18 - SS3: Latvala
"A difficult stage. I took it really carefully, no risks."

Fri 16:17 - SS3: Ogier
He completes in 28m17.7s and is straight out of the car. He looks pretty calm. What happened? "It looks like we hit a stone or something. I knew it would be a lottery here with so many rocks and stones around. We had a slow rear puncture and had to stop and change it."

Fri 16:12 - SS3: Sordo
A very slow opening split for Dani - 2 min slower than Ogier at the 7.6km point

Fri 16:09 - SS3: Ogier time loss
Going on Latvala's time at the 17km split point, Ogier has dropped about 90sec.

Fri 16:07 - SS3: Ogier underway again
Reports suggest he stopped to work on a rear-left wheel. Tyre change perhaps?

Fri 16:05 - SS3: Ogier stopped!
His car is parked at the 26.5km point.

Fri 15:58 - SS3: Splits watch
Ogier the quickest man so far to the 7.6km split point. Latvala is 11.5s, Mikkelsen 15.9s and Ostberg 15.7s.

Fri 15:49 - Weather update
A mix of heavy rain and sunshine here in Corte. Out on SS3 it's a similar story. There are some dry patches, but generally the road surface is damp.

Fri 15:46 - Stage notes: SS3
Francardo – Sermano 1, 36.43km This stage, north of Corte, is in one of the island’s most beautiful regions and promises to sort the men from the boys! The roads are narrow and bumpy and the asphalt is old. Drivers cross the first col on a grassy road and after the village of Aiti at 10km, it becomes incredibly twisty, with hairpin after hairpin. Later in the stage chestnut trees line the roads, restricting the view from the cockpit.

Fri 15:45 - SS3: Ogier underway!
His start time: 1545hrs.

Fri 15:35 - SS3 further delay
Sébastien Ogier's Polo R is on the line, but his 1530hrs start time has come and gone. A small delay then.

Fri 14:00 - SS3 delayed
Tour de Corse organisers confirm stage will run normally but 43 minutes late. New start time 1530hrs

Fri 12:28 - Up next: SS3
The cancellation of SS2 gives us a long break until the next stage goes live at 1447hrs. We'll take a live text pause until then.

Fri 11:42 - Service: Sordo
"Not so bad. The conditions on stage were damp but nothing like the heavy rain here. A lot of the corners were muddy already. Some slippery moments and a lot of understeer. A good start though."

Fri 11:41 - Service: Kubica
No more details from Robert on what got him so upset before the start. "We had the wrong set-up with the car and that's it. You would never run this type of set-up - even on normal roads. The car was not working properly. In service now we will have to make it correct - like it was yesterday. I was surprised by how good the time was. There was so much mud on the road except for the final split. It looks like we gained a lot of time there. I'm happy to be here."

Fri 11:35 - Service: Paddon:
"Very cautious but I have never driven the car on wet tarmac before and it's hard to have confidence."

Fri 11:34 - Service: Tanak
"A tough stage, but maybe not as bad as we were expecting. I'm feeling quite low in confidence. The plan was to drive through and try and get some feeling, That's what we are doing. We were properly on the safe side."

Fri 11:32 - Service: Evans
"Tricky enough but I didn't feel I was taking many risks. The wide road especially offered very little grip. The middle was enjoyable - the surface was a bit more abrasive. From here there is no specific plan. We will just go with the feeling. If you try to push outside your comfort zone mistakes can happen very easily."

Fri 11:29 - Service: Mikkelsen
"It's really difficult to find the confidence in these conditions. It's been a long time since I've been on tarmac like this. It's a shame stage two has been cancelled - I need all the experience I can get."

Fri 11:26 - Service: Latvala
"After the rain yesterday it was quite exciting to see what it was like on the stage. After a few corners, when we had some heat in the tyres, it was quite nice. Some fog near the end, but other than that I was having a positive feeling. So far no risks and very controlled driving. I have more in the bag. Happy to be where we are compared to Ogier."

Fri 11:22 - Service: Ogier
"I'm happy with my start. The first stage was not as bad as I expected to be honest. My gravel crew had told be to expect more standing and running water. There was still very little grip and it was not so easy to find a rhythm. Let's see what's coming next."

Fri 11:12 - Up next: Service
Drivers en route to Corte and a 30-minute service.

Fri 11:10 - Corsica WRC 2 after SS1:
1.Tidemand 20m41.6s, 2.Breen 2.6s, 3.Maurin 4.4s, 4.Lappi 7.8s, 5.Giordano 9.7s

Fri 11:01 - Corsica after SS1
=1.Ogier/Kubica: 19m44.0s, 3.Latvala 5.8s, 4.Sordo 12.5s, 5.Ostberg 14.3s. Neuville out: suspension

Fri 10:56 - SS1: JWRC Gilbert
A clean start for the Junior title hopeful. His time 22m04.1s.

Fri 10:47 - SS1: WRC 2 Foulon
"The rally is very long. I started very slowly."

Fri 10:40 - SS1: WRC 2 Suninen
"I have a lot to learn,"

Fri 10:40 - SS1: WRC 2 Maurin
"We lost about 25 seconds with a spin. The time is not bad considering."

Fri 10:34 - SS2 Cancelled
News in from rally organisers. The recent torrential rain has damaged the stage and the roads leading to it.

Fri 10:31 - SS1: Kremer
A light bit of front bumper damage - and it sounds like a lucky escape. "We had a high-speed spin. Horrible. Happy to still be here."

Fri 10:28 - SS1: WRC 2 Tidemand
A strong start, 7.8sec quicker than his Skoda team-mate Lappi. "A nice start but it's difficult to gauge how fast you are going. No moments though and the car is well balanced. No drama."

Fri 10:26 - SS1: WRC 2 Lappi
"It went okay I think. We will see how the other guys are coming, but I was vert safe. I had a lot of understeer too. A lot of cutting from the cars ahead. You have to keep your eyes open."

Fri 10:25 - SS1: Delecour
Completes in the first of the RGT-class Porsches. "It's a bit funny in there, believe me. Maybe my intermediate tyres were too soft. So much mud on the road from the WRC cars ahead." His time is 1m34.5sec off the pace of Ogier/Kubica.

Fri 10:21 - SS1: Sarrazin
Last year's winner completes in the tenth fastest time. "Everything is fine but this is a new surface for me in this car and the other drivers are going very well. I just try to enjoy myself."

Fri 10:19 - SS1: Bouffier
"Very tricky and difficult. A lot of dirt. Not so many cuts in here but already a lot of mud on the road. Okay, we are here."

Fri 10:16 - SS1: Abbring
"There were bits that went very well and others where I have to be more patient on the throttle. Overall I can't complain at all."

Fri 10:15 - SS1: Bertelli
Slowest through so far. And extremely unhappy. "The car is undriveable. It was the same at shakedown. Nothing more we can do."

Fri 10:14 - Neuville out
Confirmation from Hyundai that Thierry is out for the day. Right-rear suspension damage after hitting a bridge.

Fri 10:12 - SS1: Lefebvre
"Really difficult. The grip is variable."

Fri 10:11 - SS1: Kubica
He leads! Join fastest with Ogier but something is wrong. "Before the stage we had a bit of an issue and I was pretty upset. We don't have the right set-up on the car. Not easy. We took it quite steady. This is not driving. So difficult. The car is understeering. We have to go now..."

Fri 10:08 - SS1: Prokop
"I had no idea how fast I was going in there but I didn't feel I was pushing too hard. Not easy conditions to understand."

Fri 10:07 - SS1: Sordo
Third quickest, 12.5sec off Ogier's stage leading time. "Not so bad. A little bit of understeer near the end. Many corners were very dirty. There is a lot of gravel in there."

Fri 10:04 - SS1: Paddon
"I didn't enjoy that at all. On this sort of stuff I have no confidence. For me this is all about experience."

Fri 10:03 - SS1: Tanak
Slowest of the seven cars through so far. "The conditions were not as bad as I had expected but I am not yet feeling confident enough to push. Without a good feeling there is no point to push."

Fri 10:01 - SS1: Evans
A great time, 16sec slower than Ogier. "Extremely difficult. The middle section had bags of grip but in the wide bits I felt I was driving too slowly. I wasn't driving efficiently. It's difficult to judge your speed."

Fri 09:58 - SS1: Meeke
27.8sec off Ogier's pace. "When I saw Thierry off early in the stage I thought okay, be clever. My rhythm was definitely on the safe side but I think this is going to be a long rally."

Fri 09:56 - Weather update
The rain has stopped in Corte! The sun is peeping through the clouds. A huge rainbow over service.

Fri 09:55 - SS1: Ostberg
14.3sec off Ogier's pace on his first WRC stage after fracturing two ribs in a crash in Australia. "Tricky conditions. Lots of water in the road - it was quite a surprise. Physically I feel okay, the adrenaline is fixing any pain."

Fri 09:52 - SS1: Mikkelsen
31.4sec slower that Ogier and it sounds like he's feeling the lack of a pre-event test. "I struggled to find any confidence at all in these conditions. No rhythm. I will take my time to get my feeling on this surface. I will do it step my step."

Fri 09:50 - SS1: Latvala
5.8sec slower than Ogier. "I'm pleased with that. It's not an easy start. The car performed well but I was very careful. No risks. I want to get into the rhythm first."

Fri 09:48 - SS1: Ogier
The Frenchman is first to complete. His time: 19m44.0s. "It's a cautious start but not easy. For sure if you push here you can make a lot of time."

Fri 09:42 - SS1: Thierry Neuville.
Car still stopped. Working on right-rear. Suspension damage.

Fri 09:37 - SS1: Thierry Neuville
Stopped 1.2km into the stage to change the right-rear wheel

Fri 09:27 - SS1: Delay
Not a big one, but the schedule has slipped by two minutes. Ogier's updated start time: 0925hrs.

Fri 09:25 - Stage notes: SS1
Plage du Liamone – Sarrola-Carcopino, 29.12km. Friday’s opener provides an idea of what can be expected throughout the rally. It has a complete cross-section of roads, from narrow, twisty sections to faster sectors. It climbs on a wide road from the coast to Casaglione before a fast downhill stretch to Sarrola on similarly broad asphalt. In between, it is extremely twisty and narrow and mistakes will be punished.

Fri 09:22 - Up first
The opening stage from Plage du Liamone gets underway at 0923hrs.

Fri 09:21 - Tyre choices
No big surprise that soft compound tyres are the favoured option for the opening stage. All Michelin runners have chosen five soft compound Pilot Sport tyres.

Fri 09:18 - Time check
Set your watches - Tour de Corse - Rallye de France time is GMT +2 hours

Fri 09:17 - WRC Live
As well as our text service, don't miss our WRC Live radio commentary courtesy of Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. You can also keep an eye on the team bases with our very wet Service Park live stream cameras. You'll find links to both in the LIVE section

Fri 09:17 - Start intervals
World Rally Car crews will start today's stages at 2min intervals

Fri 09:16 - Start list
Crews will tackle Friday stages in championship order - so our leader Sebastien Ogier will be the first of the World Rally Car runners. Here's how the rest will line up: 1: Ogier, 2: Latvala, 3: Mikkelsen, 4: Østberg, 5: Neuville, 6: Meeke, 7: Evans, 8: Tanak, 9: Paddon, 10: Sordo, 11: Prokop, 12: Kubica, 13: Lefebvre, 14: Bertelli, 15: Abbring, 16: Bouffier, 17: Sarrazin.

Fri 09:15 - Weather
After a largely dry recce, there was rain before Thursday's Shakedown and in Corte it hasn't stopped since. It's chucking it down right now. Yesterday Volkswagen's weather experts warned Corsica was in line for a tropical-like Mediterranean storm called a 'medicane'. We will keep you posted. For now, we'll just say full cloud, strong wind and heavy rain in service. The temperature will stay at around 15ºC. WRC TV crews in the first stage report the rain has stopped for now, but the road is wet.

Fri 09:14 - Friday's leg
Competitors left Ajaccio from 0800hrs for a tyre change at Ajaccio airport and the opening Plage du Liamone – Sarrola-Carcopino stage (29.12km) from 0923hrs. After a 30-minute service in Corte, the afternoon will feature two long stages, Casamozza – Ponte Leccia (43.69km) from 1339hrs and Francardo – Sermano (36.43km) from 1447hrs before a 45-minute flexi-service and the end of the leg in Bastia.

Fri 09:13 - Coming up today
The first day of competition and a long awaited return after the last WRC appearance here in 2008. The 2015 itinerary features three distinct legs and Friday's takes drivers on a long trek from Ajaccio to Bastia via the service park in Corte.

Fri 09:13 - We're in position
At the live text desk, which this week will be assembled in two different Corsican locations. Today we are in a drafty marquee at Corte aerodrome, next to today's rally service park. On Saturday we'll be off to another location near Ajaccio

Fri 09:13 - Bonjour tout le monde
And welcome to our text coverage of Tour de Corse - Rallye de France, round 11 of the the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship

Mon 09:23 - Tour de Corse 2015
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112 FRAY. WENDLING FRAL. DI NISI Yannick Wendling
Renault Clio R3T
Renault Clio R3
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
Setwards decision No 5
150 FRAM. COUFRANC FRAJ. DIVOUX Michael Coufranc
Citroën C2 R2
Peugeot 106 S16