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Sun 13:58 - Until then
Keep an eye on wrc.com for our wrap up reports from Mexico and all the latest WRC news. Don't forget WRC+ for our full collection of Rally Guanajuato Mexico programmes - including the re-run of that crazy final stage - and our driver onboard collection. Ciao for now.

Sun 13:56 - We will return
On 6 April to bring you coverage of the championship's fourth round: Che Guevara Energy Drink Tour de Corse

Sun 13:53 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text coverage of Rally Guanajuato Mexico

Sun 13:53 - Power Stage result
1: Neuville 12m13.9s (5 points) 2: Ogier +0.3s (4 points) 3: Tanak +3.8s (3 points) 4: Latvala +8.0s (2 points) 5: Sordo +9.8s (1 point)

Sun 13:41 - Mexico FINAL
Mexico FINAL: 1.Meeke 3h22m04.06, 2.Ogier +13.8s, 3.Neuville +59.7s, 4.Tanak +2m18.3s, 5.Paddon +3m32.9s

Sun 13:39 - Mexico WRC2 FINAL
1.Tidemand 3h32m56.5s, 2.Camilli +42.7s, 3.Guerra +7m46.1, 4.Heller +1h01m17.1s

Sun 13:25 - SS19: Meeke
So he wins in Mexico! It's a triumphant return to form for Kris and Citroën after a couple of sketchy events in Monte Carlo and Sweden. "I got caught out on a bump after the jump. I'm a lucky, lucky boy. That's certainly one way to finish a rally. We didn't need that, but we're okay." What went through your mind when you went off? "Trying to find my way out of the parked cars, trying to find a gap in the hedge - a lot of things went my way..."

Sun 13:22 - SS19: Meeke
Somehow he avoided the parked cars, found a gap in a hedge, got his C3 back onto the stage and crossed the finish line. His winning margin: 13.8sec! He and co-driver Paul Nagle look shell-shocked!

Sun 13:21 - SS19: Meeke
Unbelievable scenes at the Power Stage! Meeke's car left the road on a fast right-hander 1km before the finish and ended up in a car park!

Sun 13:18 - SS19: Meeke
He's won!

Sun 13:17 - SS19: Meeke
He's on again!

Sun 13:17 - SS19: Meeke
He's off!

Sun 13:17 - SS19: Ogier
Seb said yesterday that this wouldn't be an all or nothing rally. Sure enough he plays it cool to secure second place and move top of the drivers' standings. He slots second quickest in the Power Stage standings. "It's been a strong performance. We did what we could, we have to be happy with that. It has been an important result."

Sun 13:09 - SS19: Neuville
Quickest on stage and it's a solid third place overall for Thierry. That's his best points haul so far this year after crushing disappointment on the opening two rounds. "I can only say I'm happy for the whole team, they kept pushing me. Thanks to them for sorting the car so quickly after the first day. I'm happy to be here."

Sun 13:05 - SS19: Tanak
A hot and overheating start, but otherwise a strong rally for Tanak who brings his Fiesta to the finish in fourth place. He is quickest so far on the Power Stage. "A bit of drama early on cost us the chance of a podium. After that the car felt better and I really enjoyed it. We will keep going and I'm sure we will be on the top soon."

Sun 13:01 - SS19: Paddon
Not the luckiest of events for Paddon, who had to contend with a costly misfire on Friday and then a puncture on Saturday. Even the rain seemed to be against him at times. Still, fifth position is his best result of the season so far. Not that he's taking any consolation from that. "We've had technical issues which have meant we couldn't do much today. The bad luck continues..."

Sun 12:58 - SS19: Hanninen
A stoic performance from Hanninen who has been unwell for the last few days but managed to keep driving. It looks like seventh position in Mexico. "For sure being unwell didn't make it any easier. Before and after the stages the feeling hasn't been that good - but on the stages it was okay. It has been a tough weekend."

Sun 12:56 - SS19: Latvala
After the highs of Monte and Sweden, Friday in Mexico brought Jari-Matti - and the Toyota squad - back to earth with a bump. Looks like sixth place overall today. He is quickest so far on the Power Stage. "Our engine guy has done a good job with the software here - the car felt the best it has all weekend. I pushed hard. Let's see if it is good enough for Power Stage points - we have to remember every single point counts at the end of the year."

Sun 12:52 - SS19: Sordo
A podium contender until fuel filter problems almost forced his retirement on Friday night. "A lot of problems during the weekend. Some unbelievable weather, some bad luck here too - we had problems with the windscreen wipers on the first stage today."

Sun 12:48 - SS19: Evans
A pre-rally penalty for an engine change ruined his chances of a decent result, but Evans kept his composure and drove a great rally. Without the penalty he would have been knocking on the top five. He's quickest so far here. "Overall we have to be pretty happy. Valuable mileage. Here we tried to be neat and tidy, but quite a bit of oversteer. We tried."

Sun 12:47 - SS19: Bertelli
A challenging first event for Lorenzo in his batmobile-inspired 2017-spec Fiesta. But he survived the overheating-related delay on Friday and a roll on Saturday to get it to the finish. "The rally didn't start in the best way but we learned a lot. A bit unlucky in places, and not the best way to get used to this car, but my times have improved."

Sun 12:42 - SS19: Lefebvre
Restarted today after his C3 got stuck off the road on Saturday. He was seventh at that point. Plenty of positives for the Frenchman to take from this event. "A good weekend."

Sun 12:39 - SS19: WRC 2 Guerra
Third place a useful result for the Mexican on his first outing here in the Skoda. More WRC 2 outings to come this season. "Not a bad result. I would like to test the car before the next events but a perfect debut result for the championship."

Sun 12:37 - SS19: WRC 2 Tidemand
He wins! That's the second consecutive WRC 2 win for Pontus who takes the lead in the championship. "A great battle and a great rally. Everything has worked well today. Perfect. A great start to the season."

Sun 12:36 - SS19: WRC 2 Camilli
A storming Saturday for Camilli, who wrestled the lead in WRC 2 from Tidemand. Not so hot today though, but second place a great confidence-building result for the Frenchman. "It was difficult this morning. We didn't recce these stages and I had a wet set-up which wasn't correct. I'm a bit sad. I'm happy to be second but we wanted to win. A good progression though - we are happy about the speed."

Sun 12:20 - SS19: LIVE
Camilli is underway. The weather looks bright and sunny at the stage start.

Sun 12:01 - Power Stage weather
Dry for now, broken cloud overhead but there is heavy rain on the way. Will it hit during the Power Stage? Perhaps...

Sun 12:01 - Power Stage LIVE
WRC+ streaming of the Derramadero Power Stage is underway. First car on stage at 1218hrs. Five bonus points up for grabs here for the fastest driver.

Sun 11:56 - Power Stage start order
As usual a few tweaks to the start list to suit the TV schedule. Here's how the drivers will line up from 1218hrs: 1. Camilli, 2. Tidemand, 3. Guerra, 4. Lefebvre, 5. Bertelli, 6. Evans, 7. Sordo, 8. Latvala, 9. Hanninen, 10. Paddon, 11. Tanak, 12. Neuville, 13. Ogier, 14. Meeke.

Sun 11:55 - Mexico WRC2 after SS18
1.Tidemand 3h19m42.2s, 2.Camilli +24.5s, 3.Guerra +7m16.8, 4.Heller +1h00m24.8s

Sun 11:48 - SS18: WRC 2 Update 2
Tidemand completes a massive 22.5sec quicker than Camilli - giving him a 24.5sec advantage ahead of the Power Stage.

Sun 11:43 - SS18: WRC 2 Update 1
All eyes on the lead battle between Tidemand and Camilli. Tidemand began the day with a two-second advantage - and he's on course to extend that here. At the 23km split, Tidemand is 13.8sec quicker than Camilli.

Sun 11:39 - Mexico after SS18
1.Meeke 3h09m27.0s, 2.Ogier +37.2s, 3.Neuville +1m23.4s, 4.Tanak +2m38.2s, 5.Paddon +3m46.1s

Sun 11:37 - With one stage to go...
Meeke remains on course to win Rally Guanajuato Mexico. With just the 21.94km Power Stage to go, Meeke's lead over Ogier is 37.2sec. Neuville is third, 46.2sec further back.

Sun 11:34 - SS18: Update 2
Leaders through and Meeke is keeping his foot down! He tops the stage times so far: 1. Meeke (21m53.7s), 2. Ogier +6.3s, 3. Neuville +12.9s.

Sun 11:25 - SS18: Update 1
Seven cars through. Top three times: 1. Sordo, 2. Paddon +0.1s, 3. Latvala +2.9s.

Sun 11:15 - SS18: Driver quotes
Doubtful unfortunately, due to the remoteness of the stage end and the stormy weather. Gorban, Evans, Sordo and Latvala are through. We'll keep you posted on the leading stage times. Sordo is quickest so far, his benchmark: 22m14.2s. Latvala is +2.9s, Evans +13.0s.

Sun 11:08 - Lefebvre delay
He was 20 minutes late leaving the pre-stage service.

Sun 11:00 - Weather update
Torrential rain falling at the end of Stage 18. Meanwhile the sun has come out in Leon.

Sun 10:57 - Tyre info
All Michelin drivers have five soft-compound tyres except Meeke who has 4S&2H and Lefebvre who has 6S.

Sun 10:52 - Stage info: SS18
La Calera, 32.96km. The initial 7.31km follow the same route as SS10/13, with a long uphill climb on a narrow road which opens out and passes the scene of Andreas Mikkelsen’s big roll several years ago. It crosses several villages before a mix of twisty sections and faster roads leads into a couple of kilometres of tree-lined stage, which is rare on this rally. The characteristics change to a big double-width road and it’s lightning-fast all the way to the finish.

Sun 10:51 - SS18: LIVE
Mini driver Valeriy Gorban began on schedule at 1043hrs. Three cars in stage now. Stage notes coming up.

Sun 10:46 - Power Stage LIVE
A reminder that WRC+ users can watch today's Derramadero Power Stage LIVE. Streaming of SS19 starts at 1200hrs local [UTC -6].

Sun 10:43 - WRC Live
Our radio service is LIVE with Becs Williams in the studio and Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan reporting from the stage-ends. You'll a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Sun 10:43 - Time zones
A reminder that all times quoted here are local. That's UTC -6 hours.

Sun 10:43 - Start intervals
Drivers will start at three-minute intervals except Evans, who has a four-minute interval to Gorban ahead.

Sun 10:42 - Sunday's start order
World Rally Car drivers tackle today's stages in reverse rally classification order, followed by Rally 2 restarters. Here's how they will line up: 1. Gorban, 2. Evans, 3. Sordo, 4. Latvala, 5. Hanninen, 6. Paddon, 7. Tanak, 8. Neuville, 9. Ogier, 10. Meeke, 11. Lefebvre, 12. Bertelli.

Sun 10:39 - Weather
It's another uncharacteristically gloomy day in Leon. Cloud and light rain in the service park. Localised rain showers on the stages too. The temperature is 17˚C.

Sun 10:36 - Sunday's itinerary
Two stages are left to contest in Mexico: the new 32.96km La Calera test and the 21.94km Derramadero Power Stage. Both are run without a service. The winning car is expected on the finish ramp at 1430hrs.

Sun 10:35 - Coming up
The final day. A Sunday sprint finish featuring just two stages, 54.9 competitive kilometres and the live TV Power Stage.

Sun 10:34 - Welcome back
One last time to our live text coverage of Rally Guanajuato Mexico, round three of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Sat 22:13 - Until then
Keep an eye on wrc.com for our daily wrap up reports. To find out more, check out WRC+ for our full collection of Rally Guanajuato Mexico programmes and driver onboards. Ciao for now.

Sat 22:13 - We will return
On Sunday to bring you coverage of the rally's final day. We'll be here from 1043hrs (local) when the opening La Calera stage gets underway.

Sat 22:13 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text coverage of Rally Guanajuato Mexico for tonight

Sat 22:12 - Mexico WRC2 after SS17
1.Tidemand 2h56m59.7s, 2.Camilli +2.0s, 3.Guerra +6m07.2

Sat 22:12 - SS17: Update 4
And that's the WRC 2 drivers through too. Top three stage times: 1. Tidemand, 2. Camilli +1.4s, 3. Guerra +5.4s. Overall standings ahead of Sunday's final leg coming up...

Sat 21:53 - Mexico after SS17
1.Meeke 2h47m33.3s, 2.Ogier +30.9s, 3.Neuville +1m10.5s, 4.Tanak +2m12.6s, 5.Paddon +3m25.5s

Sat 21:52 - SS17: Update 3
That's all of the WRC runners through. Top three stage times: 1. Ogier, 2. Neuville 0.1s, 3. Sordo 0.4s. Overall standings ahead of Sunday's final leg coming up...

Sat 21:48 - SS17: Update 2
Nine cars through. Top three times: 1. Ogier, 2. Neuville 0.1s, 3. Evans 0.8s.

Sat 21:36 - SS17: Update 1
Six cars through. Top three times: 1. Evans, 2. Paddon 1.1s, 3. Tanak 1.6s.

Sat 21:19 - SS17: LIVE
The start interval is up to five minutes on this stage. Evans and Latvala are through. No driver quotes here but we'll keep you posted on the leading stage times. Evans is quickest so far. His benchmark: 1m17.7s. Latvala +1.8s.

Sat 20:54 - SS17: Delayed
WRC timing system shows a 20 minute delay - a new start time of 2110hrs.

Sat 19:32 - Stage info: SS17
Street Stage Feria de León, 1.33km. The roads of León’s service park campus host a short and twisty asphalt test aimed at bringing the action to the city’s residents. The second part of the stage follows a revised route from last year.

Sat 19:31 - Next stage: 2050hrs
Just one more stage to go today, and that's the 1.41km Street Stage in Leon. Stage notes coming up but then we'll pause our live text service until the stage goes live.

Sat 19:30 - Mexico WRC2 after SS16
1.Tidemand 2h55m40.0s, 2.Camilli +0.6s, 3.Guerra +6m01.8

Sat 19:30 - Mexico after SS16
1.Meeke 2h46m13.9s, 2.Ogier +33.4s, 3.Neuville +1m12.9s, 4.Tanak +2m12.7s, 5.Paddon +3m26.1s

Sat 19:20 - Up next: Service
Crews are making their way back to Leon for a 45-minute service. You can watch the WRC teams re-prep their cars via our servicepark live stream cameras. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE

Sat 19:02 - SS15/16: Camilli vs Guerra
Camilli is slower than Tidemand here and slips six-tenths behind him in the WRC 2 standings. "I have one hard tyre and it was very slippery. The most important thing is to stay around the same time as him. Tomorrow - flat out all day." Guerra says: "Not really a great day. I'm fast here, but struggling with the tyres. It's my first time on the DMACK tyres. I think I can go faster but it's impossible. I need to relax and focus on getting some points tomorrow."

Sat 18:53 - SS15/16: Sordo vs Tidemand
Sordo's dashboard is lit up with two bright warning lights. "The temperature is too high - there is a problem with the radiator. It looks like discotheque in here," Sordo explains. "Today was difficult and we are lucky to arrive here at the end. We got a puncture on the road section after the first stage this afternoon. Now the tyres are completely slicks." Tidemand says: "It's been good. Good experience and I'm still in a good position. Camilli has done a fantastic job, I must say. Now we need to agree tomorrow's strategy with the team but I hope to push for the win."

Sat 18:45 - SS15/16: Meeke vs Ogier
Ogier wins his two heats, but Evans' dry run secures him both stage wins. The Frenchman says: "I tried as much as I could most of the time today. Unfortunately the spin cost about 10 sec. Without that I would be a bit closer, but that's rally and it's not too bad to be where we are. Still two stages to go - one with some important points. We will try to catch some." Meeke's lead stands at 33.4sec. "A pretty good day but I had a scare here. For some reason one of the tyres started leaking air and we had to do this with a slow puncture. The plan for tomorrow? Neat and tidy."

Sat 18:37 - SS15/16: Neuville vs Hanninen
Neuville quicker on both heats. "My day has been good. Okay, maybe not the perfect tyre choice but I was in the position to try out a few things. Unfortunately the rain came too late for us!" Hanninen: "Personally, I'm feeling is a bit better than this morning, which is good. I have to say thanks to the team for sorting the car issues from yesterday. We have had no problems today at all."

Sat 18:29 - SS15/16: Update
Evans and Latvala are first and second quickest on both stages, and as they started before the rain did, their times will be hard to beat. The rain has stopped for now but the surface remains wet.

Sat 18:27 - SS15/16: Tanak vs Paddon
Paddon: "A tough day. I think we got the worst of the rain here - that pretty much sums up my season so far." Tanak: "Rain again. Tricky on the hard tyres and we lost maybe a couple of seconds. A better day than yesterday."

Sat 18:16 - SS15/16: Bertelli vs Gorban
Bertelli: "Some mistakes today. I really struggled in the narrow part of the long stage. Tomorrow we have to sweep the road but we are happy to be here with the new car - I hope we will have learned more when we go to Argentina."

Sat 18:07 - SS15/16: Evans vs Latvala
Evans: "A tough day but this morning was positive. The afternoon not so good but we've got some good information. We were lucky with the rain here - we had one dry run before the rain came." Latvala: "At least we have managed to finish the day - that's the most important thing. A difficult day but we have some data now so let's see if we can improve in time for tomorrow."

Sat 18:01 - Weather update
Rain falling on the Autódromo.

Sat 17:44 - Stage info: SS15 / SS16
SSS Autódromo de León. The second of two double runs at León’s motor racing circuit where two cars at a time race head-to-head. The stage is well-liked by the drivers, mixing asphalt and gravel and featuring a big jump and a water splash.

Sat 17:44 - Next stage: 1757hrs
That's the start time for the first pair of cars at the Autódromo de León. Quick stage recap coming up:

Sat 17:42 - Mexico WRC2 after SS14
1.Camilli 2h52m06.3s, 2.Tidemand +2.7s, 3.Guerra +5m54.2. Heller stops.

Sat 17:41 - Mexico after SS14
1.Meeke 2h42m46.8s, 2.Ogier +36.9s, 3.Neuville +1m17.7s, 4.Tanak +2m12.0s, 5.Paddon +3m26.9s

Sat 17:39 - SS14: WRC 2 Heller
Stopped in stage at the 3km point. Trivino passed him and reports he has crashed over a wall. The 'OK' boards were displayed.

Sat 17:35 - SS14: WRC 2 Guerra
The Mexican reports a difficult run on the previous stage when a spin left him with a broken front bumper and he drove on a puncture for the last five kilometres.

Sat 17:30 - SS14: WRC 2 Camilli
Quicker than Tidemand once again and Camilli's advantage in WRC 2 stretches, slightly, to 2.7sec. "I pushed very, very hard. I hit a big compression early in the stage but pushed more later on."

Sat 17:28 - SS14: WRC 2 Tidemand
The Swede liking the close fight with Camilli. "Good for both of us that were are not relaxed. We enjoy it."

Sat 17:27 - SS14: Meeke
Fourth quickest here and Meeke's lead is 36.9sec from Ogier. One of his front tyres has been pushed off the rim slightly. "I didnlt feel anything," he says. "A perfect weekend so far. I knew on the hard tyres this loop would be the defining one. I had to make it stick - and It worked."

Sat 17:24 - SS14: Ogier
With such a big gap to Kris ahead, Ogier is eyeing 18 points for second place. "We tried what we could today but Kris was too fast and we couldn't match him. if I finish this rally in second place then that would still be very positive."

Sat 17:20 - SS14: Sordo
8.7sec off Tanak's pace and the Spaniard has concerns over a low pressure warning light on his dash.

Sat 17:15 - SS14: Neuville
His tyres are almost completely worn out. "I have only one tyre left on the car - a hard one - otherwise we couldn't do the stage. Okay, softs were not the best choice, but if it had rained maybe we could have taken time. I'm concentrating on driving smoothly and cleanly."

Sat 17:07 - SS14: Tanak
"A very nice stage but we put some fresh tyres on the rear, with more rubber, and the back was moving around a lot."

Sat 17:02 - SS14: LIVE
We are straight over to El Brinco now. Four cars are through. Latvala is quickest so far in 5m25.5s.

Sat 17:00 - Mexico after SS13
1.Meeke 2h37m21.6s, 2.Ogier +39.5s, 3.Neuville +1m19.5s, 4.Tanak +2m15.0s, 5.Paddon +3m25.7s. Ogier spins.

Sat 16:59 - SS13: Meeke
Quickest on stage and with Ogier's spin Meeke's rally lead is up to 39.5sec. He and co-driver Paul Nagle shake hands. "I knew this would be a decisive loop. At one point I was going to have to take hard tyres. This was a decisive stage for me with hard tyres at the front and softs at the rear. A good time but still a long way to go."

Sat 16:55 - SS13: Ogier
"Really slippery and we spun on a hairpin near the end. A slow spin, but it cost us ten seconds."

Sat 16:53 - SS13: Sordo
WRC TV crews report his boot was open in the stage. "We got a flat front tyre on the road section, when we arrived at the start we had to change it for a worn tyre. We were very rushed."

Sat 16:49 - SS13: Neuville
Quickest so far. "I had a good stage with the tyres I had on the car. A good stage, I must be pleased with it."

Sat 16:46 - SS13: Hanninen
"Not the best tyre choice."

Sat 16:42 - SS13: Tanak
"The beginning of the stage was good, but at he end it was more polished and slippery."

Sat 16:41 - SS13: Paddon
"I'm surprised by the times, I don't quite understand why we're so far off the pace. We're trying a few different things to try and improve the situation."

Sat 16:37 - SS13: Bertelli
"Struggling in here with the soft tyres all round. Very slippery at the end."

Sat 16:33 - SS13: Latvala
Seven seconds slower than Evans here and clearly frustrated. "Not good on the soft tyres. We expected rain, but the rain never came. Not a nice feeling at all. We are experimenting, trying things but it is very difficult."

Sat 16:25 - SS13: Evans
"The grip is really, really low. We struggled a lot in there, the car started moving around very early on."

Sat 15:37 - Next stage: 1554hrs
That's Evans' start time for the repeat of Lajas de Oro (the schedule is running five minutes late).

Sat 15:35 - Mexico WRC2 after SS12
1.Camilli 2h16m49.2s, 2.Tidemand +6.8s, 3.Guerra +3m44.9, 4.Heller +35m55.5

Sat 15:34 - Mexico after SS12
1.Meeke 2h09m11.0s, 2.Ogier +21.3s, 3.Neuville +1m13.8s, 4.Tanak +2m02.4s, 5.Paddon +2m59.2s. Sordo penalties cancelled

Sat 15:32 - SS12: WRC 2 Guerra
Ongoing brake issues for the Mexican. "They overheated again in the same place. I don't understand because I was taking special care. It's not working and I don't know why."

Sat 15:28 - Sordo update
Stewards have cancelled the earlier decision of the Clerk of the Course to award penalties. Instead they have allocated times for Sordo on SS7 (4m15s) and SS8 (3m31.6s). As a result Sordo moves from 12th to 8th place.

Sat 15:20 - SS12: WRC 2 Camilli
He completes 5.7sec quicker than Tidemand. Camilli's advantage in WRC 2 is now 6.8sec. "Everything is going well, but maybe I went a bit too hard on the tyres early on."

Sat 15:18 - SS12: WRC 2 Tidemand
Camilli is 9.5sec up on him at the final split, but Tidemand is remaining ice cool. "He's pushing for sure. For me it was a good stage. There's not much more to say. I want to finish this rally with no damage. Let's see..."

Sat 15:14 - SS12: Meeke
2.2sec slower than Ogier, and his rally lead is trimmed to 21.3sec. It's hard tyres all round for Meeke. "I lost a tyre at shakedown with a puncture so had to manage my allocation. Okay, lets see for the next stages but I will have more tread with these tyres."

Sat 15:11 - SS12: Ogier
Fastest through so far - 5.6sec quicker than Tanak - and he sounds on the ragged edge. "I wouldn't want to drive this one again like that. I did everything I could. A really clean drive, pretty much on the limit."

Sat 15:09 - SS12: Sordo
Another rapid time for Dani, sixth-tenths off stage leader Tanak. Big news however is that his earlier 10 minute penalty seems to have been overturned. Not confirmed yet however. "If it's true, then thanks to the organisers. A 10 minute penalty was not fair."

Sat 15:05 - SS12: Neuville
Second quickest so far but the three soft compound tyres on his car are badly worn - especially the front right. "The car was sliding quite a lot. The time is not so bad. Okay, the hard tyre would have been better here my choice is a compromise for the whole loop."

Sat 15:03 - SS12: Hanninen
Sixth fastest and, physically, some signs of improvement." I got some medication in service and the feeling is a bit better now."

Sat 14:58 - SS12: Tanak
He completes with minor damage to the front end of his Fiesta.

Sat 14:56 - SS12: Paddon
Quickest so far. "There are a lot of different choices for tyres here, and probably no perfect solution. We have two hards and three softs, and the softs should better suit the next stages."

Sat 14:53 - SS12: Bertelli
His car looking much straighter now after a trip to the M-Sport service base. "The car is okay now, getting better and I'm understanding more about it. A small issue with dust, but it's okay."

Sat 14:50 - SS12: Latvala
Down in seventh position, Jari-Matti is taking the opportunity to test his Yaris in the heat of competition. "We tried to collect data, that is the most important thing. A little bit of experimenting too - especially how to save the tyres."

Sat 14:42 - SS12: Evans
His time of 17m03.8s is almost 30 seconds quicker than his first pass. "A lot better than earlier," he says. "It's a strange loop, and I thought this one would be hardest on the tyres. A little bit of tyre management here but it wasn't too bad."

Sat 14:24 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on choices for this afternoon's loop. Ogier: 2H&3S. Tanak: 3H&2S. Meeke: 4H&2S. Latvala/Hanninen: 5S. Sordo/Paddon: 3S&2H. Neuville: 4S&1H.

Sat 14:23 - SS12: LIVE
But running five minutes late. Evans' revised start time: 1421hrs.

Sat 12:06 - Next stage: 1416hrs
That's when the afternoon's loop gets underway with the repeat of Media Luna. We'll take a live text break until then.

Sat 12:05 - Up next: Service
Crews are making their way back to Leon for the midday 30-minute service. You can watch the WRC teams re-prep their cars via our servicepark live stream cameras. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE

Sat 12:01 - Mexico WRC2 after SS11
1.Camilli 1h59m02.9s, 2.Tidemand +1.1s, 3.Guerra +2m39.9, 4.Heller +33m22.6. Camilli takes the lead

Sat 11:59 - SS11: WRC 2 Heller
"We struggled a lot with the brakes today. We can do only one stage before we need to bleed them."

Sat 11:56 - Mexico after SS11
1.Meeke 1h52m24.8s, 2.Ogier +23.5s, 3.Neuville +1m07.1s, 4.Tanak +1m59.0s, 5.Paddon +2m48.2s. Hanninen slips to sixth.

Sat 11:55 - SS11: WRC 2 Guerra
"I lifted a bit over the jump but it was okay. I don't feel as fast as I usually do. I hope the afternoon will be better."

Sat 11:54 - SS11: WRC 2 Camilli
Another terrific stage from Eric and he takes the lead from Tidemand by 1.1sec. "It was a strong attack this morning - good pushing - I am very happy."

Sat 11:51 - SS11: WRC 2 Tidemand
His category lead under pressure from the rapid Camilli. His advantage before this stage was just one second. "It's my first time to drive here and it's tough event. We have good pace notes now and maybe on the second pass we can be faster."

Sat 11:48 - SS11: Meeke
Meeke has retired on this stage in the past, but it's a drama-free run today - joint-quickest with Neuville. "This was my bogey stage - I've made a few mistakes here in the past and never felt comfortable. Today it felt good. A tough afternoon ahead."

Sat 11:43 - SS11: Ogier
Second quickest, eight-tenths slower than Neuville. "Not so bad. For sure we would always like to do a bit better but we had a clean loop."

Sat 11:42 - SS11: Sordo
"We have been missing a section of rear wing since the first stage and the car was a bit unstable on this stage."

Sat 11:39 - SS11: Neuville
Quickest so far. "We're trying a few set-up things. On speed alone I can't catch the guys ahead but I can keep the pressure on."

Sat 11:37 - SS11: Hanninen
Fifth before the stage, the unwell Finn battles on but slips to sixth. "I'm not feeling that well at the moment. How is it affecting my performance? It's hard to say." Hanninen stops shortly after the control to get out of the car and be sick.

Sat 11:32 - SS11: Tanak
Quickest so far, 2.6sec up on Paddon. "On these wider roads I'm really happy. This was fast and flowing - a great stage."

Sat 11:30 - SS11: Paddon
Fastest so far, despite a left-rear puncture. Sounds like a repeat of Latvala's incident. "We slid wide on a right-hander two kilometres before the finish and hit a rock. Instant puncture. Otherwise a good stage. We will be quicker on the repeat."

Sat 11:28 - SS11: Bertelli
The Italian gives an account of his roll on the previous stage. "Just a mistake on a hairpin, I was too tight to the apex. A stupid roll." His car doesn't look too bad. The windscreen is broken, the roof is dented but the rear spoiler is fine.

Sat 11:24 - SS11: Latvala
He completes with a broken left-rear rim and punctured tyre but still sounds pretty cheerful. "The car is better now the engine works well," he says. "I tried to attack here, because so far things haven't gone so well. I used the whole road, slid wide near the end and touched a rock. I lost only two seconds at the end."

Sat 11:18 - Live coverage
From Stage 11 available now on WRC+

Sat 11:15 - SS11: Evans
"Very loose out there, one of the worst of the day. It will definitely get quicker."

Sat 11:15 - Stage info: SS11
El Brinco 1, 10.09km. El Brinco is famous for its big jump which this year is 1.2km from the finish. It’s nature has changed, with a much bigger compression and a ledge cut into it so it ressembles a step. The test is wide open and fast from start to finish.

Sat 11:14 - Mexico after SS10
1.Meeke 1h46m57.7s, 2.Ogier +22.7s, 3.Neuville +1m07.1s, 4.Tanak +1m56.8s, 5.Hanninen +2m41.1s. Lefebvre stops. Bertelli rolls.

Sat 11:12 - Lefebvre update
More info in from Citroen: Lefebvre's roll has been downgraded to a slide. His car left the road and slipped down a slope. Crew are unable to get the car back onto the road.

Sat 11:10 - SS10: Meeke
Another clean run for Kris who slots second quickest, nine-tenths slower than stage winner Sordo. His rally lead now 22.7sec.

Sat 11:08 - SS10: Ogier
The defending champion is through in the second quickest time, 3.6sec off Sordo's pace.

Sat 11:04 - SS10: Sordo
Another great time, quickest so far. "Really good," he says. "I've lost a bit of the rear wing and the car is sliding now in some of the fast corners. No risks though. The time is not so bad."

Sat 11:02 - Lefebvre update
Rolled. Still stopped in stage. Crew okay.

Sat 11:02 - Bertelli update
Rolled. Continuing.

Sat 11:01 - SS10: Neuville
Quickest so far, but not sounding hopeful of catching the leaders. "A good stage, good rhythm and I'm enjoying it, but I can't catch the guys ahead unless them make mistakes."

Sat 10:59 - SS10: Hanninen
34.6sec off the lead pace and Hanninen is looking distinctly unwell. "No problems but it's not that easy. Quite warm now inside the car but okay, we'll see..."

Sat 10:54 - SS10: Tanak
"Not so bad but not yet a perfect car set-up and I'm not fully confident."

Sat 10:53 - SS10: Paddon
Second quickest to Evans. "Very, very slippery. The road is quite loose, I was struggling for grip and sliding around a lot. For sure it will clean off. A bit of mud in the middle, which was a surprise, but the grip was okay there."

Sat 10:49 - Bertelli update:
Moving again on Stage 10.

Sat 10:47 - SS10: Lefebvre
WRC+ Live tracking shows him stopped at 35.7km

Sat 10:44 - SS10: Latvala
10.1sec slower than Elfyn here. "He has done a very, very good stage," says Latvala. "Slippery and wet in there. The engine is fine but I'm losing the brakes when they get hot at about 20km. The pedal feels fine - but there is no friction."

Sat 10:40 - SS10: Gorban
2m26 sec slower than Evans but all's well in the Mini. "Okay, no mistakes," says Gorban's co-driver Sergei Larens.

Sat 10:36 - SS10: Evans
"Not so bad. Very wet half way through though, which was surprising. Quite mixed for sure. The last part was sandy and the car was sliding a lot at the rear - just the conditions I think."

Sat 10:32 - SS10: Bertelli
WRC+ Live tracking shows him stopped at 19.5km

Sat 09:48 - Stage info: SS10
Lajas de Oro, 38.31km. The longest stage of Saturday’s leg contains a bit of everything. It climbs initially on a wide road before turning onto a tricky narrow section on regraded tracks which have not been used before. The rest of the test mixes fast open sections with tighter parts. There are many surface changes that blend smooth gravel with bumps and compressions.

Sat 09:48 - Next stage: 1001hrs
Crews visit a refuel after SS9 and then drive to the start of the Lajas de Oro stage. Evans' start time: 1001hrs.

Sat 09:45 - Mexico WRC2 after SS9
1.Tidemand 1h23m31.0s, 2.Camilli +6.3s, 3.Guerra +1m19.0, 3.Heller +29m23.8.

Sat 09:45 - SS9: WRC 2 Heller
Back after retiring on day one. "This stage was very good but we lost all the brakes, they got very, very hot. We are trying to learn, step-by-step."

Sat 09:39 - SS9: WRC 2 Guerra
He completes 40sec down on Camilli. "We overheated the brakes for the last six kilometres so we slowed down to be safe."

Sat 09:37 - SS9: WRC 2 Camilli
A massive 19.1sec quicker than Tidemand and Camilli moves just 6.3sec from the lead. "That's very good. Why? Experience, a good recce, good relationship with my co-driver, a good set-up, good car..."

Sat 09:35 - SS9: WRC2 Tidemand
Splits show him much slower than his rival Camilli here. Problem? "No, just very careful. We will do this stage and then see what the situation is on the next one. There is more pace to come if I need it."

Sat 09:33 - Mexico after SS9
1.Meeke 1h18m39.3s, 2.Ogier +20.0s, 3.Neuville +1m00.9s, 4.Tanak +1m42.4s, 5.Hanninen +1m52.1s. Sordo penalty

Sat 09:31 - SS9: Meeke
Nine-tenths slower than Ogier but Meeke does not stop long enough to say much. "Okay. We need to go..." Meeke's rally lead now exactly 20sec from Ogier.

Sat 09:28 - SS9: Ogier
3.2sec slower than Sordo but sounding relaxed. "To be honest I started a bit too carefully. I'm not used to having a clean line and getting grip. But my approach is not all or nothing - it's just to keep going. There is a lot happening here, it's a rough rally. My car is fine."

Sat 09:25 - SS9: Sordo
Keen to prove a point, Sordo sets a stunning fastest time 8.3sec quicker than Neuville. There is a small section of rear spoiler missing. "I don't know about that, it was a good stage. I tried to drive well. The grip with this car in the fast sections is unbelievable. The car is working very well. Okay, very disappointed about yesterday - but that's life."

Sat 09:22 - SS9: Neuville
A new quickest time. "The car is working well, so I hope we have identified the problem. The guys did a good job and the the car feels comfortable. Sometimes my notes we too slow, but no problems."

Sat 09:19 - SS9: Hanninen
Fifth quickest on stage and the Finn loses fourth position to Tanak. He still sounds poorly. "Quite okay. The feeling is not so good for myself but the car is working very well."

Sat 09:15 - SS9: Tanak
Quickest so far, 6.1sec up on Paddon, and Ott is straight out of the Fiesta to inspect his tyres. "This is a hard stage for the tyres but mine look okay," he reports. Like Toyota, M-Sport say they opted for lower engine settings than normal on day one and that's why they overheated. They have raised them for today - but don't know what effect that will have on the engines. So far, so good, according to Tanak: "The car is running a lot better than yesterday - compared to then it's perfect!"

Sat 09:13 - SS9: Paddon
Hyundai say blocked fuel filters were to blame for their problems last night. Paddon gets off to a good start here with quickest time so far. "At the moment the guys have done a good job and the problem seems to be solved," he says. "The car feels comfortable to drive. Just managing the temperatures here and there."

Sat 09:10 - SS9: Lefebvre
"In some places my pace notes were too slow, but for my first pass here it was okay."

Sat 09:08 - SS9: Bertelli
The Italian tries to explain why he is running out of order. "There was a misunderstanding on the starting list for the second day. Whether we would start at the front or the rear."

Sat 09:05 - SS9: Latvala
Quickest so far. "The car is running quite okay, no issues, I tried to push a little bit, but of course we are still on the safe side." Toyota believe that Friday's overheating problems were down to incorrect engine settings. Latvala's car was also losing coolant so he had to top up with water from drinks bottles. Toyota have tweaked the air flow to try to improve cooling.

Sat 08:56 - SS9: Evans
The Welshman completes in a benchmark time of 17m33.0s. How was that? "Just the usual really, loose in places but clean enough. No problems. No issues with overheating today - as we would expect in conditions like this."

Sat 08:48 - Watch El Brinco LIVE
WRC+ users can watch this morning's El Brinco stage live. Streaming starts at 1100hrs local [UTC -6].

Sat 08:44 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on choices for this morning's stages: All Michelin drivers have five soft-compound tyres except Lefebvre and Meeke who have six.

Sat 08:41 - Start intervals
Drivers will start at three-minute intervals except Latvala, who has a four-minute interval to Gorban ahead, and Tidemand, who has a similar interval to Meeke.

Sat 08:39 - Time zones
A reminder that all times quoted here are local. That's UTC -6 hours.

Sat 08:39 - WRC Live
Our radio service is LIVE with Becs Williams in the studio and Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan reporting from the stage-ends. You'll a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Sat 08:38 - Stage info: SS9
Media Luna, 27.42km. A mix of familiar roads from several stages moulded into a new test. The opening 6km are very fast and open, with several washaways and some big corners for the brave. After 12km it becomes narrower and more technical with a couple more washaways leading into a long flat-out straight. It ends with a series of fast twists and turns.

Sat 08:37 - SS9: LIVE
Evans started Media Luna on time at 0833hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Sat 08:35 - Sordo's shocker
Organisers reviewed Friday night's super special stage and judged that Sordo's stop-start progress through SS7 meant he did not complete it 'in the correct manner'. Forced into Rally 2, Sordo has collected two five-minute penalties - one each for SS7 and SS8 - and plunges from third place to 15th.

Sat 08:28 - Saturday's start order 2/2
Bertelli was late leaving service earlier today so is running out of order. He will start SS8 as fourth car on the road. That means Evans has the dubious honour of being this morning's road opener.

Sat 08:27 - Saturday's start order 1/2
World Rally Car drivers will tackle today's stages in reverse rally classification order. Here's how the WRC runners should line up: 1. Bertelli, 2. Evans, 3. Gorban, 4. Latvala, 5. Lefebvre, 6. Paddon, 7. Tanak, 8. Hanninen, 9. Neuville, 10. Sordo, 11. Ogier, 12. Meeke. However...

Sat 08:19 - Weather
A gloomy morning in Leon with cloud and light rain in the service park. Cloudy over the stages too but no rain yet. The temperature is 14˚C

Sat 08:18 - Saturday's itinerary
Coming up today are nine stages totalling 157.7 competitive kilometres. There are two loops of three stages starting at 0833hrs, split by a midday service in León. The day finishes with two more runs over the Autódromo de León super special stage, which concluded Friday's competition.

Sat 08:18 - We're all set
Back at the wrc.com text desk, ready to bring you news from Saturday's competition - the longest day of the rally.

Sat 08:18 - Welcome back
To our live text coverage of Rally Guanajuato Mexico, round three of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Fri 21:28 - Until then
Keep an eye on wrc.com for Friday's wrap up reports. To take things to the next level, check out WRC+ for the full selection of Rally Guanajuato Mexico programmes and driver onboards. Ciao for now.

Fri 21:28 - We will return
On Saturday to bring you coverage of the rally's second full day of competition. We'll be here from 0833hrs (local) when the opening Media Luna stage gets underway.

Fri 21:27 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text coverage of Rally Guanajuato Mexico for tonight

Fri 21:27 - Mexico WRC2 after SS8
1.Tidemand 1h04m58.1s, 2.Camilli +35.4s, 3.Guerra +1m07.2.

Fri 21:22 - Mexico WRC2 after SS7
1.Tidemand 1h03m11.8s, 2.Camilli +34.4s, 3.Guerra +1m03.6.

Fri 21:12 - Mexico after SS8
1.Meeke 1h01m33.8s, 2.Ogier +20.9s, 3.Neuville +56.7s, 4.Hanninen +1m27.3s, 5.Tanak +1m32.9s

Fri 21:10 - Mexico after SS7
1.Meeke 59m55.5s, 2.Ogier +18.0s, 3.Neuville +46.4s, 4.Hanninen +1m26.3s, 5.Tanak +1m29.7s. Sordo engine problem.

Fri 21:00 - 7/8: Meeke vs Hanninen
Rally leader Meeke bags fastest time on the first pass and second fastest on the second. His overnight lead stands at 20.9sec. "I'm quite satisfied. Really happy that finally we can show the potential of this car but okay, we have things to do." Hanninen is quick too - third fastest on both heats despite clouting a tyre wall. "It was very slippery in the rain. We have had some issues today. Now it's good to go to service and see what we can do."

Fri 20:51 - 7/8: Neuville vs Paddon
More sick Hyundais on stage. Neuville is 23sec down on Evans on SS7, both are 10sec slower on the second loop. "Obviously there is some sort of problem with all three cars, it's very unfortunate," says Paddon. Neuville says: "Frustrating yes, but we have the speed, and hopefully still third place overnight. Now we need to get working. We are still here."

Fri 20:41 - Weather update
Rain falling at the Autódromo

Fri 20:35 - Sordo update
Sordo is being allowed to complete a second lap but it's taking a long time because his car is kangarooing around the stage. Hyundai say it's a misfire - and the problem is affecting all three of its i20 Coupes. Rally Stewards will decide Dani's time for the first run.

Fri 20:32 - 7/8: Lefebvre vs Evans
Evans wins both heats, and goes quickest so far. "We had our issues on the long stage but after that it has been a positive day. We'll keep our heads down tomorrow. It won't be easy first on the road but we'll do the best we can."

Fri 20:22 - 7/8: Tanak
Tanak completes his second loop. But what happened to Sordo? "I don't know but the organisers have some very strange regulations," Tanak says. "For me a tricky day, I would say the conditions were okay but there have been many issues for us."

Fri 20:19 - 7/8: Tanak vs Sordo
Some confusion. Sordo says he was prevented from starting the second loop because his car stopped on the first pass. Instead, he is directed back to service. He is deeply frustrated and is waiting near the stage while his team tries to resolve the situation.

Fri 20:05 - 7/8: Ogier vs Latvala
Ogier wins both of the opening heats at the Autódromo. And there seem to be problems for Latvala who pulls over after the finish to top up the cooling system with drinking water.

Fri 19:57 - SS7/SS8 start time
A small delay. Ogier and Latvala due on stage at 1959hrs.

Fri 19:25 - Stage info: SS7/SS8
SSS Autódromo de León 1/2. The first of two double runs at León’s motor racing circuit where two cars at a time race head-to-head. The stage is well-liked by the drivers, mixing asphalt and gravel and featuring a big jump and a water splash.

Fri 19:24 - Next stage: 1954hrs
That's the start time for the first pair on the Autódromo de León Super Special.

Fri 19:22 - Mexico WRC2 after SS6
1.Tidemand 1h01m.24.5s, 2.Camilli +21.6s, 3.Guerra +1m00.9.

Fri 19:20 - SS6: WRC 2 Guerra
Benito completes with a smashed rear wheel. "I hit the sidewalk, it was very slippery. I'm really angry." He sets off for the next stage.

Fri 19:18 - SS6: WRC 2 Camilli
Camilli sounding upbeat despite a couple of mechanical problems. "We have a damper problem at the rear but the issue at the front is the steering rack. We continue to push but after the first stage we realise that it was quite dangerous so after I had not such a good afternoon."

Fri 19:15 - SS6: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Quite a short day in the end. I was too careful in the first age and overused the brakes, but it has been better since then. I will try the same approach tomorrow but I am expecting a big challenge. It's a long day and I must stay focused."

Fri 19:11 - SS6: Bertelli
Fifth quickest so far. "A bit slippery in the tunnel but the time was okay. I'm sad because of the issue with the new car."

Fri 19:09 - Mexico after SS6
1.Meeke 58m15.5s, 2.Ogier +14.9s, 3.Sordo +21.2s, 4.Neuville +21.4s, 5.Hanninen +1m25.8s. Time loss for Paddon.

Fri 19:05 - SS6: Meeke
Eighth fastest here. "Everything went well today. Okay, we are tenth on the road and we have to do well from that position. My mistake cost me eight or nine seconds but otherwise I'm happy."

Fri 19:03 - SS6: Hanninen
He completes cleanly but isn't hanging around to chat at the stage end.

Fri 19:02 - SS6: Paddon
Hayden loses more than a minute. He stops the engine at the finish. What's wrong? "I don't know. Let's have a look." Where did it happen? "First corner." He leaves for the next stage.

Fri 18:57 - SS6: Neuville
Fastest so far. "I have to push here - I want to try and get third place for tomorrow's road position [from his team-mates ahead]. Tomorrow should be a better day, the guys will work tonight to check the engine and I have learned a lot about how best to use the diff."

Fri 18:52 - SS6: Lefebvre
"For the moment my learning objective is going well. One small mistake here - a small clip just before the finish - but it's okay."

Fri 18:49 - SS6: Evans
"It didn't feel fantastic, a bit of understeer, but okay. We have to forget about the penalty and push on. A long way to go."

Fri 18:46 - SS6: Sordo
Quickest through so far. "Not perfect, but the roundabout made me feel dizzy and I don't want to take risks on this sort of stage, there is a long rally in front of us!"

Fri 18:43 - SS6: Tanak
"It has been very difficult today on the gravel. We should be a lot faster tomorrow. We have an idea of what we need to do." Tanak is quickest so far through this short stage.

Fri 18:41 - SS6: Ogier
"It looks like everyone had overheating today and I'm sure the team are looking at ways to fix it. My engine feels fine, for sure there should be no damage."

Fri 18:37 - SS6: Latvala
"We hit problems on the first and second stages and I had to drive many sections in road mode. I think the team has a solution."

Fri 18:34 - Stage info: SS6
Street Stage Guanajuato, 1.09km. One of the season’s jewels in the crown takes competitors through the streets of Guanajuato. Part of it runs underground through tunnels dating back to when the town was the world’s silver mining centre. High kerbs lining the roads must be avoided and drivers have an extra tyre squealing loop at a roundabout near the finish.

Fri 18:34 - SS6: LIVE
We move next to the Street Stage in Guanajuato. Latvala's start time: 1834hrs.

Fri 18:32 - Mexico WRC2 after SS5
1.Tidemand 1h00m.23.7s, 2.Camilli +20.4s, 3.Guerra +55.4. Ptaszek & Heller stopped

Fri 18:26 - Ptaszek and Heller?
Both stopped on SS4.

Fri 18:25 - SS5: WRC 2 Guerra
The local favourite completes second quickest in WRC 2. "Nice, I love this stage. We have the soft tyres because I thought we might have rain but on the first stage it was very difficult. We need to learn how to use them on this car. Tomorrow I'm going to push like hell."

Fri 18:22 - SS5: WRC 2 Camilli
Camilli led WRC 2 after the previous stage but he slips behind Tidemand here. "I think the front-left and rear-left dampers are broken. On the high speed sections I have movement in the steering."

Fri 18:19 - SS5: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Some brake problems on the first stage, I used them too much - completely my fault - but we sorted that. This stage felt good, a bit slippy and low power but I enjoy. Now the confidence is coming back."

Fri 18:17 - SS5: Bertelli
The Italian completes and explains his earlier problem. "We had to stop on El Chocolate because we had a very high temperature alarm. We had no radio signal so we stopped and waited 30 minutes to get a signal. Then we continued with the safer mode."

Fri 18:14 - SS5: Gorban
Fire marshals are on the case immediately when Gorban arrives with his rear bumper ablaze. The fire is swiftly extinguished. The rear-left wheel is running out of alignment. Sounds like they have gone off and clouted the rear end which pushed the bumper onto the exhaust pipe.

Fri 18:10 - Mexico after SS5
1.Meeke 57m15.2s, 2.Ogier +15.7s, 3.Paddon +20.3s, 4.Sordo +22.8s, 5.Neuville +24.4s

Fri 18:07 - SS5: Meeke
Fourth quickest on stage, 8.2sec slower than Neuville, but Meeke maintains the rally lead. "I stalled - twice - in an uphill section. I lost eight or nine seconds in the same place! Then I felt something very strange about the car in the last five kilometres."

Fri 18:04 - SS5: Hanninen
"Really, really, really slippery. The overheating is better." His car might be okay, but Juho's voice still sounds rough.

Fri 18:00 - SS5: Paddon
Fourth fastest. "It's really difficult to find the balance with the tyres. Very easy to make a mistake. I'm sticking to my plan: no mistakes, just drive in the middle of the road."

Fri 17:57 - SS5: Neuville
Fastest so far. "Towards the end I was sliding too much on the tyres. I tried. I can't explain my time on the first stage - I drove well but I must have lost a lot of power."

Fri 17:55 - SS5: Lefebvre
"Not so bad. For this one I put on four soft tyres and it was better." This is Lefebvre's first attempt at the WRC's Mexican round in a World Rally Car. "For me it will be a tough weekend, I need to learn this car on gravel. A big weekend for us."

Fri 17:51 - SS5: Evans
Quickest so far, eight-tenths quicker than Sordo. "We lost a lot near the end when the car was moving around a lot. We also had to manage the earlier problem in the middle of the stage," he explains.

Fri 17:49 - SS5: Sordo
Quickest so far, 7.7sec up on Ogier, and Dani and co-driver Marc Marti celebrate with a high-five. "At the start the car felt unbelievable, really good, but I made a small mistake near the end, so the time is nice surprise."

Fri 17:45 - SS5: Tanak
4.6sec slower than Ogier. "Okay, now we know the [high temperature] issue from the previous stage, we were able to drive a bit quicker here. For sure, we need to find a different set-up."

Fri 17:42 - SS5: Ogier
34.5sec quicker than Latvala here. "Better than the first stage. I'm happy to be here and with what we have done - it looks like other drivers have more problems."

Fri 17:40 - SS5: Latvala
First to complete, and Latvala remains concerned. "The stage is okay, but we're still having problems with the engine temperature and I have to drive without anti-lag. I hope to get back to the service."

Fri 17:34 - Stage info: SS5
Las Minas, 19.68km. Las Minas is a mix of new and old. The opening 6.16km have never been driven in this direction and then drivers enter a 2.5km section which is brand new. Then it’s back to familiar roads with tight and twisty climbing leading into more open undulating terrain to the finish.

Fri 17:29 - SS5: LIVE
The action switches straight to the Las Minas stage which Latvala started at 1722hrs.

Fri 17:27 - Mexico after SS4
1.Meeke 42m54.4s, 2.Ogier +9.7s, 3.Paddon +19.5s, 4.Sordo +24.5s, 5.Neuville +32.6s

Fri 17:24 - SS4: Meeke
Fastest time so far, 7.3sec up on Ogier and Meeke takes the rally lead. "No drama," he reports, "a very clean road, but in places near the the start it was was loose. We benefited from a clean road. A demanding stage, boulders to drive around, but I'm happy."

Fri 17:21 - SS4: Hanninen
Fifth-fastest on stage and the overnight leader slips to fifth overall. His dash display reads 'do not turn engine off.' "We had a water temperature warning in the slower sections, we had to turn off the ALS. I don't know what the problem is." he says.

Fri 17:19 - SS4: Paddon
Some damage to his left-rear wheel arch. "Really, really difficult. We were in safety mode for the first half - we just had to manage things. It's the first time here in these new cars and we have things to learn. The tyres were tricky too. Now the softs at the rear are too soft and the hards are too hard. There is no perfect choice."

Fri 17:15 - SS4: Neuville
He completes with his Hyundai's front bumper hanging off. "I didn't hit anything," he says, "but I was in trouble with the power. I have a small issue which we will solve now. Overheating."

Fri 17:13 - SS4: Lefebvre
The Frenchman fifth-fastest so far in his C3. "I lost the power steering a bit and I think the centre diff is over heating."

Fri 17:11 - SS4: Evans
1m28.7s slower than Ogier and another driver to report overheating issues. "We had a lot of alarms early in the stage. It wasn't so bad in the faster section near the end. We turned everything down and took it cautiously."

Fri 17:07 - SS4: Sordo
12.8sec slower than stage leader Ogier and another driver with issues. "We have a problem with the engine. No anti-lag at the end, we were in safe mode. I lost a lot of time," he explains.

Fri 17:04 - SS4: Tanak
1m11.5sec slower than his M-Sport team-mate Ogier and another driver to report problems. "For the first 30km or 40km we had high water temperature - 120 degrees all the time. The car is driving strangely, the dampers overheating perhaps, very strange. I was in and out of stage and road mode."

Fri 17:00 - SS4: Ogier
1m25.3s quicker than Latvala, but he too looks concerned. "We had an engine alarm for most of the stage - overheating," he explains. And his mixed tyre choice? "Maybe not the optimum. [All] softs would have been better, but this was the safer option."

Fri 16:57 - SS4: Latvala
Jari-Matti completes in 40m48.2s and he sounds flustered. "The engine is running far too hot, we had to run in road mode. I think the centre diff is too hot as well, and we had no proper brakes for half of the stage."

Fri 16:53 - SS4: Bertelli
WRC+ live tracking shows the Italian's Fiesta stopped at 9km

Fri 16:50 - SS4: Evans
WRC+ live tracking showed a brief stop for the Welshman. He's underway again but split times show he's lost a minute between 11km and 24km

Fri 16:48 - SS4: Latvala
A lack of split time info from Latvala's car. We understand this just a signal problem rather than anything sinister.

Fri 16:45 - SS4: Tanak
The splits show time loss for the Estonian. He was 7.4sec slower than his team-mate Ogier at 11km. By 24km he is 27.6sec adrift. Not a great stage for Tanak, this one. He crashed here during the pre-event recce.

Fri 16:41 - SS4: Splits watch
Sordo - on soft tyres - is quickest of the six drivers to reach the 11.9km point. Latvala - the road sweeper here - is slowest so far, 13.4sec slower than Sordo.

Fri 16:28 - SS4: Splits watch
The first indication of relative gravel pace is in: Ogier is 11.8sec QUICKER than Latvala at the 11.9km point. If Ogier keeps this up, he could be almost a minute up by the end of the stage!

Fri 16:24 - SS4: LIVE
And underway. Latvala, Ogier, Tanak and Sordo in stage. There are five split-time points before the finish. Latvala has just reached the first at 11.9km

Fri 16:19 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on tyre choices for today's stages: Ogier/ Tanak: 3S&2H. Hanninen/Latvala: 4H&1S. Lefebvre/Meeke: 2H&4S. Paddon: 3S&2H. Neuville/Sordo: 5S.

Fri 16:05 - Stage info: SS4
El Chocolate, 54.90km. Friday’s opener marks the high point of the WRC season as cars top 2746 metres. It begins with a new 2km section before joining familiar territory. The roads are wide initially before narrowing as they climb through a sequence of hairpins on a bumpy surface. It becomes faster and wider with plenty of long, enticing corners, except for a tricky 3km section which demands care.

Fri 16:04 - Up first: SS4
WRC+ Live tracking shows the cars arriving at the pre-start control. Latvala's start time: 1614hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 16:03 - WRC Live
Our radio team are ON AIR with Becs Williams back in the studio and Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan out searching for stage-ends. You'll find a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Fri 16:02 - Time zones
A reminder that all times quoted here are local. That's UTC -6 hours.

Fri 16:02 - Start intervals
Drivers will start at three-minute intervals except Tidemand, who has a four-minute interval to Gorban ahead.

Fri 16:02 - Friday start order
World Rally Car drivers will tackle today's stages in championship order, which puts Jari-Matti Latvala through first. Here's how the WRC runners will line up: 1. Latvala, 2. Ogier, 3. Tanak, 4. Sordo, 5. Evans, 6. Lefebvre, 7. Neuville, 8. Paddon, 9. Hanninen, 10. Meeke, 11. Bertelli, 12. Gorban. WRC 2 drivers are next through.

Fri 16:01 - Weather
It's hot and dry in the Leon region and the temperature is 26˚C. Scorchio. A fair bit of cloud around but no rain expected.

Fri 16:00 - Friday's itinerary
A quick recap for you: Friday's opening two stages were cancelled after cars were delayed returning from Mexico City. The rest of the day is running according to the schedule, so that's El Chocolate [54.90km] Las Minas [19.68km] and then three short sprint tests: Street Stage Guanajuato [1.09km] and the Autodromo de Leon [2.3km - run twice].

Fri 15:59 - Welcome back
A later start to Friday than we were expecting, but it's all systems go now in Mexico as the drivers prepare for today's opening stage.

Fri 12:26 - Up next in Mexico: SS4
First car will start the 54.90km El Chocolate stage at 1614hrs local (UTC -6)

Fri 12:23 - Friday's itinerary confirmed
Stages 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 will run according to the original plan

Fri 10:03 - New plan
So organisers have scrapped the first pass through the 54.90km El Chocolate and the 19.68km Las Minas. They are working on a new itinerary for the day and we will bring you news as soon as we have it.

Fri 10:02 - Late night, early morning
As a result the transport vehicles carrying the rally cars and team support staff did not arrive back in Leon until 08.30 this morning - just 90 minutes before the opening leg was due to start.

Fri 10:00 - Motoway accident
An accident involving non-rally vehicles closed the motorway between Mexico City and Leon for six hours.

Fri 09:58 - Itinerary changed
Organisers have cancelled the opening two stage of today's first full day of competition after major delays in transporting the rally cars back to Leon following last night's special stage in Mexico City

Fri 09:56 - Today's schedule
Well,it's all pretty flexible at the moment.....

Fri 09:55 - Good morning
From a dry and sunny service park in Leon

Thu 21:11 - Until then
Keep an eye on wrc.com for our wrap-up reports and the latest championship news. To take things to the next level, check out WRC for the full collection of Rally Guanajuato Mexico programmes and driver onboards. Bye for now.

Thu 21:09 - We will return
On Friday to bring you coverage of the rally's first full day of competition on the gravel roads around Leon. We'll be here from 1128hrs (local) when the opening El Chocolate stage gets underway.

Thu 21:07 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text coverage of Rally Guanajuato Mexico for tonight

Thu 21:07 - Mexico WRC2 after SS1y
1.Tidemand 3m43.9, 2.Guerra +12.7s, 3.Camilli +13.6s, 4.Ptaszek +15.3s, 5.Heller +29.9s

Thu 21:06 - Mexico after SS1y
1.Hanninen 3m37.2s, 2.Tanak +1.6s, 3.Meeke +1.6s, 4.Neuville +2.6s, 5.Paddon +3.2s

Thu 20:59 - Hanninen leads
Toyota's 'other' Finn rounds off Thursday's leg in Mexico as surprise overnight leader. Tanak and Meeke complete the top three. But with the top 10 separated by just 10.3sec, tomorrow's opening 54km stage could turn the order upside down.

Thu 20:55 - SS1y: Latvala
A sizey 2.7sec off Ogier's stage time here and Latvala slots eighth fastest. "Now it's dry it was a lot better to drive. Overall a nice location but a long day. Now we can start the rally and I'm very excited about that."

Thu 20:51 - SS1y: Ogier
The champion is quickest so far, one-tenth up on Tanak. "It's a special feeling to drive these cars here but with the lack of power we struggled with the donuts - it has been a hard evening!"

Thu 20:48 - SS1y: Tanak
Another driver to nudge the first donut bollard, but the rest of his run looks faultless. He's quickest, two-tenths up on Neuville. "Quite rough conditions. For sure a tricky rally ahead. We must keep focused."

Thu 20:45 - SS1y: Sordo
Fourth-quickest so far. "A lot of spectators here - it's nice."

Thu 20:43 - Stage update
Rain: Stopped. Stage & spectators: Drying.

Thu 20:42 - SS1y: Evans
Picking himself up well after the disappointment of the earlier penalty. No fan of Super Specials, he slots one tenth slower than Neuville. "Different from the first run. More grip but the car was bogging in the donuts. Otherwise okay."

Thu 20:39 - SS1y: Lefebvre
The Frenchman stalls on the opening donut loop - a costly mistake that requires a couple of reverse turns. He completes 13.6sec off Neuville's stage leading time.

Thu 20:36 - SS1y: Neuville
Quickest by 1sec from Hanninen. "A nice start. Okay, a bit unlucky with the rain on the first pass but this was a good run and the time should be good." He's dead right.

Thu 20:33 - SS1y: Paddon
1.6sec off Hanninen's pace. "It's a lot of fun when you get to do donuts in the centre of a city! Two clean runs, I'm happy with that."

Thu 20:31 - SS1y: Hanninen
1m45.8s - and that's a new stage leading performance from Juho. "It was actually a really nice stage but there is still a long way [in this rally] to go. The rally starts tomorrow - I hope we get back to Leon before then..."

Thu 20:27 - SS1y: Meeke
A drama-free run and Meeke sets a new fastest time in his C3: 1m47.4s. "Okay, for the second pass it was a little more familiar but you have to be careful and have your wits about you."

Thu 20:25 - SS1y: Bertelli
The Italian gets himself into donut trouble when he nudges the marker bollard into the path of his car. Otherwise it's a decent run, nine-tenths off Tidemand's pace

Thu 20:21 - SS1y: Gorban
The first of the World Rally Car runners to repeat the stage. He completes 5.5sec slower than Tidemand's R5-spec Skoda.

Thu 20:18 - SS1y: Tidemand
One of the favourites for success in the WRC 2 class this weekend, Tidemand sets a new benchmark time: 1m50.4s. "Absolutely fantastic atmosphere, a perfect evening, now to fly home and have a good sleep." Good solid advice there from the Swede.

Thu 20:15 - SS1y: Guerra
A good start for Benito who completes 12.2sec quicker than Trivino. "Much better than my first pass. Fantastic for my first two stages in an R5 car."

Thu 20:13 - SS1y: Trivino
The Mexican clouts the rear of his Citroen on a barrier early in the stage but seems to have got away with it. His time: 2m08.1sec.

Thu 19:59 - Up next: SS1y
We're all set for the conclusion of the second passes. WRC LIVE coverage is underway!

Thu 19:57 - SS1x: Latvala
Eighth quickest in the Toyota. "It started to rain for the last four or five cars. It was slippery but I did what I could."

Thu 19:55 - SS1x: Ogier
Ninth-quickest so far. "The engine died on the donuts - a big mistake that cost us some time."

Thu 19:51 - SS1x: Tanak
"Completely wet and quite terrible. I'm hoping for a good clean run this week. Let's see. I'll always try to win..."

Thu 19:48 - SS1x: Sordo
5.8sec off Hanninen's stage leading time. "Very slippery and not nice to drive. Tomorrow is a big day."

Thu 19:47 - SS1x: Evans
5min penalty applied and Evans finds himself last in the standings so far. He's doing his best to keep positive. "Okay, the penalty is not a great situation but we have to try and forget about it and have a good rally," he says.

Thu 19:42 - SS1x: Lefebvre
"Horrible, a lot of rain just before my start time. I need to work on my notes."

Thu 19:39 - SS1x: Neuville
"Now the rain is really coming down and making it very, very slippery. Unbelievable."

Thu 19:36 - SS1x: Paddon
"Very, very slippery and hard to find the grip. I just tried not to make any mistakes."

Thu 19:35 - SS1x: Hanninen
Quickest so far but Juho has lost his voice so can't say much about his run. "More grip than I expected," he whispers.

Thu 19:33 - SS1x: Meeke
"Tricky stuff - and to navigate as well. It was hard to see the barrel we were to donut around."

Thu 19:31 - SS1x: Bertelli
This is the Italian's first competitive appearance in M-Sport's new Fiesta WRC. "I struggled in here with the torque of the engine. A bit of a surprise."

Thu 19:25 - SS1 update:
Our World Rally Car crews are on stage now for their first pass. Valeriy Gorban is first to complete.

Thu 19:11 - SS1y: Camilli
That's the second pass done for the Frenchman. He's quickest so far but sounds gloomy. "More grip. Drier maybe. Okay."

Thu 19:07 - SS1y: Heller
First appearance in WRC 2 this year for the Chilean. "Really good. We enjoyed a lot. Our goal is to keep learning."

Thu 19:03 - Weather update
Rain starting to fall again in Mexico City.

Thu 19:01 - SS1x: Tidemand
6.9sec quicker than Guerra. "Difficult and slippery. Hopefully the second pass will be a bit better."

Thu 18:59 - SS1x: Guerra
The local hero sends the crowds bananas with a new fastest time of 2m00.s. "I did a few mistakes but overall not so bad. A lot of pressure rallying here in my home city!"

Thu 18:53 - SS1x: Camilli
"Very slippery on these new tyres. Good fun but I'm not very happy - too slippery and I was not very clean."

Thu 18:51 - SS1: P2 drivers
On track now. This group includes our WRC 2 and R5 runners. Ptaszek is the new pace-setter on SS1x. He describes his 2m01.8s performance as 'a bit Ken Block' which can only be a good thing.

Thu 18:44 - Elfyn Evans penalised
The Welshman will collect a five-minute penalty tonight for making a late engine swap on Wednesday evening. His DMACK team had to change the unit in the Ford Fiesta WRC when it failed after shakedown.

Thu 18:37 - SS1 action
Is well underway. Competitors are tackling the two stages in batches of six. Ford Fiesta driver Julian Jaramillo is the early pace-setter on SS1x with a time of 2m23.9s.

Thu 18:25 - WRC Live
Becs Williams is hosting our radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. Except tonight they have swapped jobs. Hear how they get on in the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Thu 18:23 - Time zones
A reminder that all times quoted here are local. That's UTC -6 hours.

Thu 18:20 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on tyre choices for tonight's stages: All Michelin World Rally Car crews have 4 Michelin LTX Force S5 9 (soft compound) and 2 Michelin LTX H4 (hard compound)

Thu 18:17 - Weather
For a stage that's famous for Spectre, it's looking a bit Skyfall out there. Earlier torrential rain, thunder and lightning has moved on - for now - but wet roads, puddles and dark grey clouds remain. More scattered thunderstorms expected later. The temperature is 17˚C. Sunset: 1847hrs.

Thu 18:11 - Stage info: SS1x / SS1y
CDMX Street Stage presented by Michelin, 1.57km. The rally visits Mexico City for the first time for two identical asphalt tests in the capital’s famous Zocaló square and the streets surrounding it. Zocaló is the heart of the city and the location for the stunning helicopter fight scenes at the opening of James Bond movie Spectre.

Thu 18:10 - Thursday's itinerary 2/2
1805hrs: Non-priority drivers start SS1x. 1826hrs: Non-priority drivers start SS1y. 1847hrs: P2 drivers start SS1x. 1856hrs: P2 drivers start SS1y. 1905hrs: P1 drivers start SS1x in reverse order. 2005hrs: WRC streaming starts. 2008hrs: P1 drivers start SS1y in reverse order. 2050hrs: Last car starts SS1y. Got that? Good.

Thu 18:10 - Thursday's itinerary 1/2
Just two stages tonight. That's two passes around the 1.57km Super Special in Mexico City referred to as SS1x and SS1y. More on that in a minute. For now, you need to know the following important times:

Thu 18:10 - We're all set
Feet under the wrc.com text desk, ready to bring you news from tonight's opening two stages.

Thu 18:09 - Hola!
And welcome to our live text coverage of Rally Guanajuato Mexico, round three of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Wed 05:40 - CDMX Street Stage (Presented by Michelin)
This Thursday LIVE from 20:00 (local time México) on WRC

Wed 05:34 - Rally Guanajuato México 2017
Watch the 26min. Preview Magazine on wrcplus.com

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SS19 Derramadero Power Stage (Live TV) (21.94 km)


Pos № de la voiture Pilote Copilote Equipe Eligibilité Groupe Classe Temps Diff Préc. Diff 1er
1. 30 SWEP. TIDEMAND SWEJ. ANDERSSON Škoda Motorsport WRC2 RC2 3:32:56.5
2. 31 FRAE. CAMILLI FRAB. VEILLAS M-Sport World Rally Team WRC2 RC2 3:33:39.2 +42.7 +42.7
3. 34 MEXB. GUERRA ESPB. ROZADA Motosport Italia Slr. WRC2 RC2 3:40:42.6 +7:03.4 +7:46.1
4. 33 CHLP. HELLER ARGP. OLMOS Pedro HELLER WRC2 RC2 4:34:13.6 +53:31.0 +1:01:17.1