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Nicolas Fuchs

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Nationalité:  PER
Date de naissance: 10.08.1982
Âge: 32

Saison 2014

Classement: WRC2
Voiture: Ford Fiesta RRC
Copilote: Fernando Mussano
Points: 34
Classement: 11
Victoires en rallye: 0
Abandon: 0
Podiums: 2

Nicolas Fuchs was born in Lima on August 10, 1982 . From an early age had a particularly curious about how things worked and that added to his need for adrenaline drove him to the world of motorsport .

Nicholas debuted in 2005 at the Rally Award President and two years later he achieved his first victory in the N4 in the same test . It was winner of Los Caminos del Inca in his first (2009) and after three years achieving his second win in the same race .

It added in its palmares five consecutive national championships ( 2007-2011).

Having won the crown in the FIA- Nacam Continental Tournament in 2010 , Nicholas has started the project of placing Peru again in the top of international motorsport .

In 2011 he began his participation in the World Rally Championship (P -WRC ) achieving the 5th . place in the first year of testing.

In 2013 Nicolas Fuchs was crowned champion Production World Rally Championship . Nicholas became the first Peruvian rider to this title for our country.

Nicholas is currently the most successful and most international projection Peruvian pilot .



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