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Sun 15:04 - We will return
On 5 April to bring you reports from the championship's fourth round, Corsica Linea – Tour de Corse.

Sun 15:02 - WRC Drivers' Standings
1.Ogier: 60 points, 2. Neuville 51, 3. Mikkelsen 34, 4. Meeke 32, 5. Latvala 30, 6. Tänak 26, 7. Lappi 23, 8. Breen 20, 9. Sordo 18, 10. Paddon 10.

Sun 15:01 - WRC Manufacturers' Standings
1.Hyundai Motorsport 84 points, 2. M-Sport Ford World Rally Team 72, 3. Citroën Total Abu Dhabi 71, 4. Toyota Gazoo Racing 67.

Sun 13:42 - Text break
A brief admin pause now. We'll be back soon with the full results and championship standings.

Sun 13:39 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS22
1.Tidemand 4h04m32.7s, 2.Greensmith+6m44.6s, 3.Heller+13m53.4s, 4.Bulacia+22m45.9s, 5.Rovanperä+1h02m54.1s, 6.Huttunen+1h20m13.8s.

Sun 13:29 - Mexico after SS22
1.Ogier 3h53m58.0s, 2.Sordo+1m13.6s, 3.Meeke+1m29.2s, 4.Mikkelsen+1m48.4s, 5.Loeb+2m34.6s, 6.Neuville+9m13.0s.

Sun 13:26 - Mexico Power Stage
1.Tänak 6m33.1s (5 points), 2.Ogier+0.4s (4 points), 3.Latvala+1.3s (3 points), 4.Neuville+1.4s (2 points), 5.Mikkelsen+2.9s (1 point).

Sun 13:22 - SS22: Neuville
The Belgian has reached the finish line but he's 1.4sec slower than Tänak and that puts him fourth fastest.

Sun 13:21 - SS22: Tänak
The Toyota driver has completed the Power Stage and has gone quickest so far! He's 0.4sec faster than Ogier. We're just waiting for Neuville now...

Sun 13:19 - Ogier reaction
"It's fantastic. It's such a special place for me. I've now had podiums and four victories. I knew our chances would be slim starting second on the road but we never gave up and the car was fantastic."

Sun 13:17 - Malcolm Wilson reaction
The M-Sport Ford World Rally Team boss reacts to Ogier's win. "I'm very, very happy. It's so difficult to watch on the TV. The way Seb's tackled the event this weekend has been extraordinary. It's an incredible performance. The pressure's on us because we know he isn't going to let us down. Every detail is so important from our side now."

Sun 13:15 - SS22: Ogier
The Frenchman wins the rally and goes fastest in the Power Stage so far! He eclipses Latvala by 0.9sec. What can Tänak and Neuville do?

Sun 13:11 - SS22: Tänak
The Estonian has finally started the Power Stage. Will his delay present him with more favourable road conditions?

Sun 13:09 - SS22: Sordo
He completes but has been hampered by a rear puncture. He's dropped 17.5sec and is only sixth fastest. But he's on course to take second place in the overall standings. That was his main target.

Sun 13:06 - SS22: Ogier
The rally leader is now in the Power Stage. But did he save his tyres enough earlier in the day?

Sun 13:04 - SS22: Meeke
It's not a good Power Stage for the third-placed man. He's dropped 14.6sec and is only fifth fastest so far. He's frustrated with himself: "I had the pace, car and road position to win this rally and I didn't do the job. I've never been so frustrated with a third place. I need to tidy my game up."

Sun 12:59 - SS22: Mikkelsen
He's through, but he can only go second quickest so far! Latvala is still fastest. "I tried to keep it clean and a good pace. I'm happy enough with that stage. It could be really important points to take away."

Sun 12:54 - SS22: Loeb
The French legend has reached the finish and is second fastest so far. He's 4.5sec slower than Latvala.

Sun 12:53 - SS22: Tänak and Neuville update
Both men have delayed their Power Stage start in a bid to obtain better road conditions which they hope will maximise their Power Stage bonus points.

Sun 12:51 - SS22: Mikkelsen
The fourth-placed Hyundai driver has just gone into the Power Stage.

Sun 12:47 - SS22: Loeb
The nine-time world champion is the next to enter the Power Stage.

Sun 12:45 - SS22: Latvala
He's fastest by 6.1sec so far! "I had a very good feeling. I said to Miika [Anttila, co-driver] I couldn't really drive any better. It was a good stage for us."

Sun 12:39 - SS22: Lappi
The Toyota man goes fastest so far. He's 13.8sec quicker than compatriot Suninen. But he's not happy: "On the narrow road it's going well but on the wide road I was very bad. I was too wide in many places and too fast. I lost a lot of time."

Sun 12:38 - SS22: Latvala
The man that was second fastest when the stage was run as SS21, is next into the stage. Can he find the same speed he enjoyed this morning?

Sun 12:37 - SS22: Suninen
The M-Sport driver makes it to the stage finish and is fastest so far by 2.4sec.

Sun 12:34 - SS22: Lappi
The Finn is the first of the Toyota drivers to enter the Power Stage. Let's see what he can do...

Sun 12:32 - SS22: Suninen
Tänak hasn't started the stage on his allotted minute so it's Teemu Suninen that's next through the Power Stage.

Sun 12:31 - SS22 WRC 2 Tidemand
The Swede has completed the stage in 6m00.0s and wins the WRC 2 category with relative ease. It's been a perfect weekend for the Skoda Motorsport driver.

Sun 12:22 - Power Stage: Live
WRC 2 leader, Pontus Tidemand, is the first man into the La Minas stage.

Sun 12:16 - Revised Power Stage start time
The first car will now leave the start line at 1222hrs. That's a four-minute delay.

Sun 12:03 - Power Stage running order
The crews will leave the stage start line in the following order: 1.Tidemand, 2.Tänak, 3.Suninen, 4.Lappi, 5.Latvala, 6.Neuville, 7.Loeb, 8.Mikkelsen, 9.Meeke, 10.Sordo, 11.Ogier.

Sun 12:02 - Stage info: SS22
Las Minas Power Stage, 11.07km Identical to the earlier stage. Las Minas starts on a big double width road, heading downhill with a series of three kickers. Plenty of flowing corners lead into a final new 2km section on cobbles towards the finish on the edge of Guanajuato.

Sun 12:01 - What's up for grabs?
Extra championship points. The top-five fastest drivers in the Power Stage win points on a sliding scale. There's 5 points for the winner and 1 point for fifth fastest.

Sun 12:00 - Up next: Las Minas Power Stage
The crews have just 11.07km left to run before Rally Guanajuato Mexico reaches its conclusion.

Sun 11:16 - Next stage: 1218hrs
That's when the rally-ending Power Stage will blast into life. We'll pause our live text service here and return at 1200hrs.

Sun 11:14 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS21
1.Tidemand 3h57m36.0s, 2.Greensmith+6m25.6s, 3.Heller+13m27.1s, 4.Bulacia+22m22.5s, 5.Rovanperä+1h02m58.5s, 6.Huttunen+1h20m06.0s.

Sun 11:12 - SS21 WRC 2 Rovanperä
Now it's the young Finn's turn to challenge Tidemand hard. He completes the stage only 0.5sec shy of his Swedish team-mate's benchmark.

Sun 11:10 - SS21: Huttunen
The restarting Hyundai driver has the bit between his teeth this morning. He's only 5.6sec slower than Tidemand in Las Minas.

Sun 11:03 - SS21 WRC 2 Heller
The Chilean driver safely completes the penultimate stage. He's 24.7sec shy of the unstoppable Tidemand's time.

Sun 11:00 - SS21 WRC 2 Tidemand
The category leader tops the stage time sheets yet again. He goes 11.7sec faster than Greensmith. "The car is working well. I can get it to do whatever I want."

Sun 10:57 - Mexico after SS21
1.Ogier3h47m24.5s, 2.Sordo+55.2s, 3.Meeke+1m13.7s, 4.Mikkelsen+1m45.9s, 5.Loeb+2m29.2s, 6.Neuville+5m02.0s.

Sun 10:53 - SS21: Tänak
Fastest for the Estonian! He eclipses Latvala by 1.4sec. Great prep for the upcoming Power Stage. "I was checking a couple of places for the Power Stage but trying to save the tyres for that stage as well."

Sun 10:49 - SS21: Sunninen
Ninth fastest for the M-Sport World Rally Team driver. "It was quite slippery. We didn't do a good job."

Sun 10:44 - SS21: Lappi
The Toyota driver completes 4.5sec off team-mate Latvala's pace. "I wasn't brave enough. Not a good stage."

Sun 10:41 - SS21: Latvala
A terrific performance from the eighth-placed Finn! He goes fastest by 3.3sec. "It's going very well."

Sun 10:36 - SS21: Ogier
Protecting his tyres for the Power Stage, we still goes joint second fastest on this pass of the Las Minas test. "The grip is not so high in there but there are some fast, fluid sections."

Sun 10:32 - SS21: Meeke
A good run for the Citroën driver in this one. He stops the clocks only 0.4sec slower than Neuville's benchmark. "I just have to get through and protect my third place."

Sun 10:29 - SS21: Sordo
The second-placed Spaniard goes third fastest in this one. "With Kris's [Meeke] problems in the first stage this morning, we can drive a bit more easily now."

Sun 10:25 - SS21: Mikkelsen
His off-stage excursion costs the Hyundai driver 9.7sec at the end of the stage. "I was trying to explore the limits but luckily it wasn't a hard hit. Unfortunately, it took a while to restart the car."

Sun 10:22 - SS21: Mikkelsen
The Norwegian has got off line and slid wide on a left-hand bend close to the end of the stage. He's clouted the bank at the side of the road and dropped time as he's frantically tried to recover.

Sun 10:20 - SS21: Loeb
He reaches the stage end 5.0sec slower than Neuville. "I had fun in the car. I was a bit careful."

Sun 10:17 - SS21: Neuville
He completes in 6m47.6s. "It was very loose. I tried to give my best in this stage to see if the pace notes are okay but I was struggling with the handling of the car."

Sun 10:09 - SS21: Live
The penultimate stage of the rally is underway. Thierry Neuville is the first to get a sighter for this afternoon's Power Stage.

Sun 09:57 - Stage info: SS21
Las Minas 1, 11.07km Las Minas starts on a big double width road, heading downhill with a series of three kickers. Plenty of flowing corners lead into a final new 2km section on cobbles towards the finish on the edge of Guanajuato.

Sun 09:56 - SS21: Standby
We're watching the countdown on WRC+ All Live. Neuville will leave the start line at 1008hrs.

Sun 09:24 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS20
1.Tidemand 3h50m32.4s, 2.Greensmith+6m13.9s, 3.Heller+13m02.4s, 4.Bulacia+21m54.7s, 5.Rovanperä+1h02m58.0s, 6.Huttunen+1h20m00.4s.

Sun 09:21 - SS20 WRC 2 Rovanperä
The young Finn comes close to eclipsing his Skoda Motorsport team-mate's stage time. He's only 2.9sec behind in this stage.

Sun 09:20 - SS20 WRC 2 Huttunen
The restarting Hyundai driver has gone third fastest in this morning's first test. Yesterday's fuel system leak has clearly been fixed.

Sun 09:17 - Next stage: 1008hrs
That's when the leading crews will begin to launch their cars into the Las Minas stage.

Sun 09:14 - SS20 WRC 2 Heller
The Chilean is safely through in his Fiesta R5. He's 43.6sec off Tidemand's benchmark pace.

Sun 09:11 - SS20 WRC 2 Tidemand
The category leader goes fastest in this one, pulling another 31.3sec over Gus Greensmith who is second overall.

Sun 09:05 - Mexico after SS20
1.Ogier 3h40m36.5s, 2.Sordo+48.0s, 3.Meeke+1m13.7s, 4.Mikkelsen+1m36.6s, 5.Loeb+2m24.6s, 6.Neuville+5m02.4s.

Sun 09:03 - SS20: Tänak
Back in the field after his retirement yesterday, the Estonian goes seventh fastest in this test. "Everything's good. Let's wait until the Power Stage. We'll try our best, for sure."

Sun 08:59 - SS20: Suninen
Fourth fastest for the M-Sport driver in Sunday's opening test. "I need t keep the car on the road for the manufacturers' points. When there is dust, I am lifting and not taking any risks."

Sun 08:57 - SS20: Lappi
Only sixth fastest for the Toyota driver, 24.6sec slower than team-mate Latvala. "The dust is hanging here and there, but it's okay."

Sun 08:54 - SS20: Latvala
Desperate to catch WRC 2 runner Gus Greensmith for eighth place overall, the Finn goes fastest by 9.7sec in this one. A real statement of intent. "We had a very good feeling and a good run. I'm really happy with the time. The car feels great."

Sun 08:50 - SS20: Ogier
No dramas for the rally leader as he goes fastest by 1.2sec and narrowly extends his lead. "We've taken the optimum tyre choice for the Power Stage, not for this one."

Sun 08:49 - SS20: Meeke
He completes the stage but has dropped 36.6sec to Sordo. That's dropped him to third place behind his Spanish rival. "I just was just coming on to the cobbles and the car slid. A deep gulley on the outside caught a wheel and put us on our side."

Sun 08:46 - SS20: Meeke
Drama for the Citroën driver as he slides wide on the cobble stones close to the end of the stage and rolls his C3 on to its side. He's going again with the help of some spectators. His third place could be gone.

Sun 08:45 - SS20: Sordo
He goes fastest so far as he looks to catch Meeke for third place in the overall standings. He's 3.7sec faster than Loeb. "I had a lot of dust in the middle of the stage. I tried to enjoy it and I'm happy with the car. If we can finish on the podium that would be good."

Sun 08:42 - SS20: Mikkelsen
The Norwegian drops 3.3sec to Loeb in this one. "We did some changes to the car yesterday and it felt better thismorning. I'm in more control of the rear."

Sun 08:39 - SS20: Loeb
The Frenchman completes 12.9sec faster than Neuville. "It was a good feeling in the stage; it was fun to drive on the loose. It's been a long time since I've done that."

Sun 08:37 - SS20: Sordo
He's currently the fastest man on the stage. He's 9.7sec up on Neuville's benchmark at the second split.

Sun 08:36 - SS20: Neuville
He's the first man to complete the opener in 15m 51.2sec. "It's all about saving the tyres for the Power Stage. I had a very smooth run through this stage."

Sun 08:34 - SS20: Ogier
The rally leader is also into the stage. Can he add to his 35.9sec advantage this morning?

Sun 08:29 - SS20: Loeb
The second split at 11.44km is in and the Frenchman is already 7.5sec faster than Neuville. A strong start.

Sun 08:24 - SS20: Loeb
The fifth-placed driver is also into the stage as he looks to reduce the 51.3sec deficit to Mikkelsen ahead.

Sun 08:18 - SS20: Live
Thierry Neuville gets the Sunday action underway as he heads into the 24.32km Alfaro test.

Sun 08:17 - Tyre update
All of the Michelin drivers have chosen to take 5 LTX Force Soft (S5) tyres apart from Mikkelsen who has taken 3 Soft and 2 Hard tyres (H4) and Ogier who has opted for 3 Hard and 2 Soft tyres.

Sun 08:08 - SS20: Standby
We're watching the countdown on WRC+ All Live. Thierry Neuville will leave the start line at 0818hrs. Not long to wait...

Sun 08:01 - Start intervals
We'll have three-minute intervals between the World Rally Car and WRC 2 entrants today.

Sun 08:00 - Sunday's running order
Drivers will go in reverse order today. Here's how the world rally car runners will line up: 1.Neuville, 2.Loeb, 3.Mikkelsen, 4.Sordo, 5.Meeke, 6.Ogier, 7.Latvala, 8.Lappi, 9.Suninen, 10.Tänak.

Sun 08:00 - Stage info: SS20
Sunday’s opening test will be entrenched in drivers’ minds as two sections have already been driven during Saturday’s Otates tests. The opening half contains fast and flowing corners as it climbs and descends before becoming more technical as it moves into the second part. It is also one for the high-fliers with a huge sixth gear jump a couple of kilometres from the end.

Sun 07:59 - Weather
The sun is shining brightly in Mexico and temperatures have already reached 14°C in Leon. We're expecting a dry day with temperatures peaking at around 28°C later on.

Sun 07:56 - Stage live times (first car)
SS20: 0818hrs, SS21: 1008hrs, SS22: 1218hrs .

Sun 07:55 - Sunday's vital stats
Start: 0818hrs. Number of stages: 3. Stage distance: 46.46km. Finish: 1403hrs

Sun 07:55 - Look out for...
The Las Minas stage. Run twice today (the final time as the Power Stage) and features a real sting in the tail. There are 2km of slippery cobble stones for the crews to negotiate right at the end. Could be interesting.

Sun 07:54 - Sunday's itinerary
Crews will tackle just three stages on the final morning and complete a mere 46.46km of competitive driving. The action starts with the 24.32km Alfaro test and is followed by a double run through the Las Minas stage brings the action to a close. This speed test is only 11.07km long, but the second pass will count as the Power Stage with five valuable championship points available to the winner.

Sun 07:53 - So, what's happening?
The crews have completed 19 fast and furious gravel stages and we now move into Sunday's deciding phase. Three stages await – including the all-important Power Stage. Can Sébastien Ogier hold on to his strong lead?

Sun 07:52 - We're live
On wrc.com and the WRC app, bringing you text updates about all the on-stage action.

Sun 07:51 - Buenos días
And welcome back to Rally Guanajuato Mexico for the final day of competition.

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Sat 21:28 - Join us on Sunday
When the rally resumes with the final three special stages. The action gets underway at 0818hrs with the running of the 24.32km Alfaro stage.

Sat 21:25 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll end our live text coverage for today.

Sat 21:21 - Mexico after SS19
1.Ogier 3h25m03.1s, 2.Meeke+35.9s, 3.Sordo+46.8s, 4.Mikkelsen+1m28.4s, 5.Loeb+2m19.7s, 6.Neuville+4m44.6s.

Sat 21:18 - SS19: Mikkelsen
Neat and tidy from the Hyundai man. He goes fastest so far, eclipsing Ogier's time by 0.1sec. He'll be fourth heading in to tomorrow's stages.

Sat 21:13 - SS19: Sordo
Not a great way to end the day! The Spaniard stalls as he leaves the start line and loses 3.9sec. That means he's now 10.9sec behind Meeke in the overnight standings.

Sat 21:09 - SS19: Meeke
He completes by going joint third fastest, 0.7sec slower than Ogier. That sets the Frenchman's overnight lead at 35.9sec.

Sat 21:04 - SS19: Loeb
The fifth-placed Citroën driver drops 1.3sec in this one with a small overshoot at the hairpin. That puts him fourth fastest so far.

Sat 21:00 - SS19: Ogier
Unsurprisingly, the rally leader sets the fastest time so far. He adds another 0.4sec to his advantage at the top of the leaderboard.

Sat 20:54 - SS19: Latvala
He's safely through the 1.11km asphalt test, albeit 0.3sec slower than Neuville. That should keep him ninth overall.

Sat 20:52 - SS19: Neuville
The Hyundai ace stops the clocks on 1m03.2sec.

Sat 20:49 - SS19 Live
Neuville gets the final stage of the day underway!

Sat 20:44 - Stage info: SS19
Street Stage León 2, 1.11km The roads of León’s service park campus host a short and twisty asphalt test aimed at bringing the action to the city’s residents. It is driven in a revised format to last year.

Sat 20:43 - Welcome back
To our live text service from Rally Guanajuato Mexico.

Sat 19:12 - Next stage: 2046hrs
That's when the cars will tackle the final test of the day, Street Stage León 2. We'll resume our live text service then.

Sat 19:08 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS18
1.Tidemand 3h33m22.1s, 2.Greensmith+5m41.5s, 3.Heller+12m15.5s, 4.Bulacia+20m27.8s, 5.Rovanperä+1h02m55.2s.

Sat 19:05 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS17
1.Tidemand 3h31m40.5s, 2.Greensmith+5m39.6s, 3.Heller+12m12.2s, 4.Bulacia+20m25.1s, 5.Rovanperä+1h02m53.0s.

Sat 18:44 - Mexico after SS18
1.Ogier3h24m00.3s, 2.Meeke+35.2s, 3.Sordo+42.9s, 4.Mikkelsen+1m28.5s, 5.Loeb+2m18.4s, 6.Neuville+4m44.2s.

Sat 18:41 - Mexico after SS17
1.Ogier 3h22m23.1s, 2.Meeke+35.8s, 3.Sordo+43.2s, 4.Mikkelsen1m28.9s, 5.Loeb+2m15.8s, 6.Neuville+4m43.7s.

Sat 18:39 - SS17/18 Suninen/Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen takes a clean-sweep of wins in his races against his M-sport World Rally Team rival.

Sat 18:29 - SS17/18: Sordo/Meeke
The first battle between the Hyundai and Citroën rivals is a dead heat. But Meeke comes through to win the second duel.

Sat 18:19 - SS17/18: Ogier/Loeb
It's honours even in the battle of the 'Sebs'. Loeb wins the first head-to-head battle and Ogier takes the second.

Sat 18:10 - SS17/18: Neuville/Latvala
Neuville narrowly wins both races against his Finnish rival.

Sat 18:01 - SS17 / SS18 Live
Neuville and Latvala have left the start line and are going head-to-head.

Sat 17:53 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS16
1.Tidemand 3h29m58.6s, 2.Greensmith+5m36.9s, 3.Heller+12m07.9s, 4.Bulacia+19m22.0s, 5.Rovanperä+1h02m49.6s.

Sat 17:39 - SS16 WRC 2 Greensmith
The Briton completes safely and remains second in category. "It's been pretty good and I haven't made any mistakes. I just wanted to be consistent and we've done that."

Sat 17:36 - Stage info: SS17 / SS18
SSS Autódromo de León 3 / 4, 2.30km The second of two double runs at León’s motor racing circuit where two cars at a time race head-to-head. The stage is well-liked by the drivers, mixing asphalt and gravel and featuring a big jump and a water splash.

Sat 17:35 - SS16 WRC 2 Tidemand
The Skoda Motorsport driver is fastest so far in the WRC 2 category. "I'm really enjoying it. Everything is working really well and I'd like to thank everyone that's helping me."

Sat 17:32 - Next stage: 1758hrs
That's the time when the crews will tackle the SSS Autódromo de León for SS17 and SS18.

Sat 17:28 - Mexico after SS16
1.Ogier 3h20m43.8s, 2.Meeke+37.1s, 3.Sordo+44.5s, 4.Mikkelsen+1m30.0s, 5.Loeb+2m17.0s, 6.Neuville+4m44.7s.

Sat 17:26 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS15
1.Tidemand 3h24m14.5sec, 2.Greensmith+5m24.9s, 3.Heller+11m42.0s, 4.Bulacia+18m43.9s, 5.Rovanperä 1h02m47.5s

Sat 17:24 - SS16: Sordo
The Hyundai driver goes third fastest and remains third overall.

Sat 17:23 - SS16: Loeb
He's unable to match Ogier's pace and is 0.2sec shy of Meeke's time in this one. "I didn't push at all. It was just going slow. I'm not in the fight for the lead now so the motivation is different."

Sat 17:20 - SS16: Meeke
He drops a further 2.6sec to Ogier. He now trails the rally leader by 37.1sec. "I didn't have the pace of Ogier this afternoon so I'm happy to still be in second."

Sat 17:17 - SS16: Ogier
The rally leader goes quickest so far by 3.2sec. "It's been a perfect day to be honest. I've pushed as hard as I could and it's worked for us. We have a bit of tyre wear now so I didn't push as hard as I would have wanted."

Sat 17:14 - SS16: Mikkelsen
The fourth-placed driver matches Latvala's time in this test. "I'm trying but still I'd like to be faster!"

Sat 17:11 - SS16: Latvala
He beats Neuville's time by 12.7sec as he bids to progress from ninth place overall. "I pushed maximum, maximum – I couldn't go any faster. I gave everything I could."

Sat 17:09 - SS16: Neuville
It's rather a scrappy stage for the Belgian but he completes in 5m40.5sec – albeit with a left-rear tyre off the rim. "I was sliding a lot at the start and then I hit a ditch and realised I might have a puncture. That's when I slowed down quite a lot."

Sat 17:03 - Stage info: SS16
El Brinco 2, 9.98km El Brinco is famous for its big jump close to the finish. The test is wide open and fast from start to end, with several washaways. Identical to 2017 apart from the start being moved forwards by 100 metres.

Sat 17:02 - SS16: Live
Neuville is into the second run through El Brinco (9.98km).

Sat 16:59 - Mexico after SS15
1.Ogier 3h15m19.2s, 2.Meeke+34.5s, 3.Sordo+41.8s, 4.Mikkelsen+1m26.8s, 5.Loeb+2m14.2s, 6.Neuville+4m28.8s.

Sat 16:57 - SS15: Sordo
He's also lost some time in this one. He's dropped 24.4sec to stay third – 7.3sec behind second-place Meeke. "I didn't take any risks because I only have one spare. I had to go very slow."

Sat 16:54 - SS15: Loeb
The French legend is second fastest in this one and remains fifth overall. "It was okay. I didn't take any big risks because we only have one spare tyre. I tried to drive carefully on a good rhythm. These's noting more I can do."

Sat 16:52 - SS15: Meeke
He's dropped 30.7sec to Ogier in this one! That means he's now 34.5sec behind the rally leader. "I had a spin and had to go back through the dust and turn around. We've lost 30sec easily. Too many little, stupid mistakes this weekend."

Sat 16:48 - SS15: Ogier
The rally leader has gone fastest so far. As things stand, he's added 10.3sec to his advantage in this test. "I tried to push but there's a lot of sandy sections that are slippy. It's hard to push in these conditions."

Sat 16:45 - SS15: Mikkelsen
"That was a clean stage. We're trying to set the car up a little bit better before the corners. We'll see."

Sat 16:42 - SS15: Latvala
He's dropped 7.5sec to Neuville in his one. "Everything is okay but we're a bit on the limit with the temperatures. It's hard for the cars at the moment."

Sat 16:39 - SS15: Neuville
He's completed in 20m15.4sec, that's 31sec faster than he managed in the same test this morning. "I tried a new diff mapping and it suddenly locked the wheels and we hit the bank. I've now changed the map back because it wasn't working."

Sat 16:34 - SS15: Meeke
The Citroën driver has a had a bit of a moment in this one! Pushing hard, the rear of his C3 has stepped out and in a fast right-hand bend and he's swiped the bank at the side of the road.

Sat 16:28 - SS15: Ogier
We now have five cars in the stage – including rally leader Sébastien Ogier. Let's see how his battle with Kris Meeke plays out in this test.

Sat 16:21 - SS15: Neuville
We're hearing that the Belgian has slid off the road and clouted a bank for the second time in as many stages.

Sat 16:15 - SS15: Live
The action is back underway! Neuville is into the 26.37km test at Otates 2.

Sat 16:12 - SS15: Standby
We're watching the countdown on WRC+ All Live. Neuville will leave the start line at 1614hrs.

Sat 16:09 - WRC 2 Huttunen update
Hyundai has confirmed that the Finn has retired from today's action after discovering a leak in his i20 R5's fuel system.

Sat 15:51 - Stage info: SS15
Otates 2, 26.37km Otates was driven last year under a different name and starts 6km later. It climbs and descends throughout, mixing fast open sections with tighter parts. There are many surface changes that blend smooth gravel with bumps and compressions.

Sat 15:44 - SS15: amended start time
The Otates 2 stage will now get underway at 1614hrs – 20 minutes later than scheduled. There is heavy traffic on the road section.

Sat 15:41 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS14
1.Tidemand 3h03m06.1s, 2.Greensmith+5m02.5s, 3.Heller+10m48.9s, 4.Bulacia+16m51.2s, 5.Rovanperä+1h02m52.7s

Sat 15:31 - SS14: WRC 2 Rovanperä
The talented youngster goes fastest in this test, eclipsing Tidemand's time by an impressive 10.3sec. A great effort.

Sat 15:28 - SS14: WRC 2 Bulacia
The Bolivian WRC debutant is through but is now more than 16 minutes shy of Tidemand's benchmark pace.

Sat 15:24 - Next stage: 1554hrs
That's when the Otates 2 (26.37km) test gets underway.

Sat 15:20 - SS14: WRC 2 Heller
The Fiesta driver is the next competitor to complete the first stage of the afternoon. However, he'd dropped another minute to Tidemand.

Sat 15:16 - SS14: WRC 2 Greensmith
The Briton is through, albeit 44.5sec slower than leader Tidemand. The gap between him and the Swede is now 5m02.5sec. "I took soft tyres to try something new because we're in the middle of nowhere. It didn't work because the time isn't vey good but it's knowledge I can take into next year."

Sat 15:12 - SS14: WRC 2 Tidemand
The category leader is safely through this one to maintain his already commanding lead.

Sat 15:08 - Mexico after SS14
1.Ogier 2h55m14.1s, 2.Meeke+3.8s, 3.Sordo+17.4s, 4.Mikkelsen+1m12.9s, 5.Loeb+2m08.2s, 6.Neuville+4m18.5s.

Sat 15:05 - SS14: Ogier
All the drama in this test means we have a new rally leader. Step forward Sébastien Ogier! He's gone from third to first in one stage and now leads Meeke by 3.8sec.

Sat 15:04 - SS14: Sordo
He's lost 30sec and dropped to third after also hitting tyre trouble. "There was a small stone at the beginning of the stage. The tyre broke and then delaminated close to the end."

Sat 15:01 - SS14: Loeb
He completes safely. But having to change a tyre and dropping more than two minutes has dropped him from first to fifth. "It was a stone on the line. Nothing really bad. I didn't think I'd have a puncture for that but I had one."

Sat 14:56 - SS14: Meeke
The Citroën driver is slower than Ogier and surrenders third place by 3.8sec. "I couldn't do much in there. I tried everything. In five corners I probably lost a tenth of a second. I couldn't do much more."

Sat 14:55 - SS14: Loeb
Disaster! The rally leader has stopped to change a front puncture. He's 21.5km through. They've changed the wheel in around 2 minutes but their lead is no more.

Sat 14:52 - SS14: Ogier
Wow! He's fastest by 21.7sec in this one. "I was pushing hard."

Sat 14:51 - SS14: Mikkelsen
He's second fastest. "In the position we're in, there's not much we can do. We went soft on the rear tyres and it felt okay but its still early days. I'm still not in the place I want to be."

Sat 14:48 - SS14: Latvala
He goes 3.7sec faster than Neuville in this test. "The target is to catch the car in front of me [Gus Greensmith]. He's four minutes ahead but we need to push."

Sat 14:44 - SS14: Neuville
He completes in 20m 35.5sec and his Hyundai is sporting some rear end damage after his early off. "The car is working fine. The rear is sliding a lot with the hard tyre and I hit the bank. I wasn't pushing hard."

Sat 14:40 - SS14: Ogier
The Frenchman is now the fastest man in the stage. He's already 6.7sec faster than Neuville at the first split (7.26km).

Sat 14:36 - SS14: Latvala
The Finn is currently the fastest man in the stage. He's 5.2sec up on Neuville at the third split (18.05km)

Sat 14:31 - Tyre update
All of the Michelin runners have taken 5 Hard (H4) tyres this afternoon, apart from Mikkelsen who has chosen 3 Soft (S5) and 2 Hard.

Sat 14:24 - SS14: Neuville
The Belgian has a big moment a short distance into the stage! He slides wide on a left-hand bend and the rear of his Hyundai clouts the bank hard. He recovers and gets back on his way.

Sat 14:22 - SS14: Live
Neuville is into the Guanajuatito test for the second time today. Standby for updates...

Sat 14:07 - A quick recap
WRC returnee Sébastien Loeb holds a narrow 2.9sec lead over Dani Sordo heading into this afternoon's stages. A little further back, Kris Meeke and Sébastien Ogier are locked in third-equal place, 15.5sec off the lead. The Hyundai pairing of Andreas Mikkelsen and Thierry Neuville are next up, but some distance behind the leaders.

Sat 14:02 - Stage info: SS14
Guanajuatito 2, 30.97km This is a different stage from last year, blending roads from 12 months ago with all-new tracks and a final 11km section last driven three years ago. It is a stage of contrasts, blisteringly fast sections mixed with tight and technical parts. It contains a couple of steep downhill roads and some tricky blind crests early on.

Sat 14:01 - What's to come?
This morning's three gravel stages are repeated this afternoon, before a pair of runs through the León Autodrome test and a second blast along the street stage in the city bring the day’s action to a close.

Sat 13:56 - We're back
At the live text desk. The competitive action from Rally Guanajuato Mexico will restart in around 25 minutes...

Sat 12:21 - Next stage: 1421hrs
That's when the cars will dive into the Guanajuatito stage for the second time today. We'll resume our live text service then.

Sat 12:18 - Tänak retirement update:
"The stages seemed to have more grip than yesterday and I was feeling comfortable this morning. Then 7km before the end of SS11 we lost all drive and the turbo had failed. This is the way the sport is. I'm happy that we were competitive on our first gravel event with the team."

Sat 12:15 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS13:
1.Tidemand 2h41m41.9s, 2.Greensmith, 3.Heller 9m48.5s, 4.Bulacia 15m03.6s, 5.Huttunen 38m05.2s, 6.Rovanperä 1h03m03.0s.

Sat 12:06 - SS13: WRC 2 Rovanperä
The Finn is continuing his recovery after retiring on Friday with a radiator problem. "We've been really careful this morning. We're looking at the stages and learning them after what happened yesterday."

Sat 11:59 - SS13: WRC 2 Greensmith
The Fiesta driver has safely completed El Brinco 1 and remains second in the category. He's 7.7sec slower than Tidemand in this one.

Sat 11:58 - Service halt
The leading crews are now back at the Rally Campus Service Park in Leon to prepare their cars for this afternoon's loop of stages. The action resumes at 1421hrs.

Sat 11:55 - SS13: WRC 2 Tidemand
The Swede continues to set the pace in WRC 2. "It's been going well this morning. This stage was nice and the car is working really well. For sure, let's keep going like this."

Sat 11:48 - SS13: Suninen
The M-Sport driver is ninth fastest in this one. But he's not happy. "I was driving too carefully. I should use the grip more in the high-speed corners."

Sat 11:45 - SS13: Lappi
The eighth-placed Finn's Yaris is missing its front splitter. But he's unsure why. "No, I think everything was fine. It seems the time was bad but I thought I drove okay."

Sat 11:42 - Mexico after SS13
1.Loeb 2h34m48.5s, 2.Sordo 2.9s, 3.Meeke 15.5s, 3=Ogier 15.5s, 5.Mikkelsen 1m05.2s, 6.Neuville 4m08.6s.

Sat 11:40 - SS13: Sordo
A great performance from the Spaniard. He goes second quickest to slash Loeb's rally lead to 2.9sec. "I was really happy. The balance of the car was much better. We were struggling with the traction in the slower stages this morning but this was much faster and better. I'm happy to come back a little bit."

Sat 11:36 - SS13: Loeb
The rally leader is only fourth fastest in this one but it looks like he'll retain his lead. "I'm happy to be in the fight like this. It will be difficult to maintain the gap because I lost some time in the last two stages but we'll try to stay in front."

Sat 11:33 - SS13: Meeke
He's only third fastest and, amazingly, now shares third place with Ogier. "I made some mistakes in here. The car stalled on me braking into a corner and then I ran wide on another corner near the finish. It was a bit scrappy, to be honest."

Sat 11:28 - SS13: Ogier
He's fastest by 49.7sec. "We didn't have the starter motor but that's okay. The stage was alright but I was scared to stall on the start line. I'm already looking forward to this afternoon with a good rhythm for the second loop."

Sat 11:25 - SS13: Mikkelsen
The Norwegian completes third fastest but he's not happy with his speed. He's hoping to improve this afternoon.

Sat 11:23 - SS13: Ogier
We're hearing that Ogier has encountered some kind of starter motor problem before this test. But he's into the test as we speak. More as we get it...

Sat 11:19 - SS13: Latvala
The Finn goes fastest by 1.5sec in this test as he looks to recover from his retirement on Friday.

Sat 11:15 - SS13: Neuville
He's through El Brinco 1 in 5m33.8s. "We knew it would be difficult this weekend because of our road position. It's really frustrating for us. But it's part of the game."

Sat 11:13 - SS12: WRC 2 Heller
The Fiesta driver reaches the finish and stays third overall. But it hasn't been a smooth passage for the Chilean entrant. "We're having fun but losing time. The lines aren't so clean so we're less efficient. We're going very sideways. Hopefully it will be better this afternoon."

Sat 11:10 - SS13: Live
Neuville is into the final stage of the morning before Service.

Sat 11:09 - SS12: WRC 2 Greensmith
He competes and stays second in WRC 2. "We had a puncture on the first stage this morning so I was trying to keep it clean in that stage. We're a bit in limbo with the gap in front and behind so there's not point taking any unnecessary risks."

Sat 11:05 - Stage info: SS13
El Brinco 1, 9.98km El Brinco is famous for its big jump close to the finish. The test is wide open and fast from start to end, with several washaways. Identical to 2017 apart from the start being moved forwards by 100 metres.

Sat 11:04 - SS12: WRC 2 Tidemand
The category leader is safely through Saturday's second test. "It's hard to find a really good rhythm but I think I found an okay feeling in the end. If you try to save too much the car is not working. We've just been trying to find a good balance."

Sat 11:01 - Next stage: 1108hrs
That's when the 9.98km El Brinco 1 test will spark into life.

Sat 10:58 - Mexico after SS12:
1.Loeb 2h29m15.7s, 2.Sordo+6.0s, 3.Meeke+15.6s, 4.Ogier+19.1s, 5.Mikkelsen+1m02.5s, 6.Neuville+4m07.6s.

Sat 10:55 - SS12: Sordo
He completes 0.9sec slower than Loeb and stays second. The gap between the two is now 6.0sec. "I had a good feeling in the car but the time is not good."

Sat 10:52 - SS12: Loeb
The rally leader is only third fastest in this test. He's dropped 10.6sec to Meeke. "Kris has done a very good time, for sure. It wasn't a good stage for me; very narrow and tricky at the end. I drove as well as I could but it wasn't enough."

Sat 10:45 - SS12: Meeke
The Ulsterman responds to Ogier's pressure and goes 2.4sec faster than his rival. That means he holds onto his third place by an overall margin of 3.5sec. "It's so technical in there; corner to corner to corner. I'm happy with my time."

Sat 10:42 - SS12: Ogier
Wow. The Fiesta driver goes 17.4sec faster than Neuville. "I tried to push – I cannot do more. It's very slippery and I'm on the limit."

Sat 10:40 - SS12: Mikkelsen
The Norwegian goes second fastest behind Neuville. He's 0.1sec down. "That was a twisty and narrow stage. But my rhythm was better than it was in the first stage."

Sat 10:38 - SS12: Latvala
The Finn is 3.0sec slower than Neuville. "I was struggling for traction and was trying to use the higher gears to get grip. I'm not sure it worked."

Sat 10:35 - SS12: Neuville
He's the first to complete the stage in 20m46.7s.

Sat 10:32 - SS12: Ogier
The Frenchman is on another charge! He's currently 8.9sec up on Neuville at the second split (6.47km). Meeke's third place could be under threat...

Sat 10:23 - SS12: Neuville
The sixth-placed driver has now passed the second split (6.47km) in the stage.

Sat 10:11 - SS12: Live
Neuville's Hyundai i20 WRC has left the stage start. We are go!

Sat 10:05 - SS12: Standby
We're watching the countdown on WRC+ All Live. Neuville will leave the start line at 1011hrs.

Sat 10:03 - Tänak
The Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team has confirmed the Estonian has retired from the rally after his troubles in SS11. That promotes Neuville into sixth place overall.

Sat 09:43 - Stage info: SS12
Otates 1, 26.37km Otates was driven last year under a different name and starts 6km later. It climbs and descends throughout, mixing fast open sections with tighter parts. There are many surface changes that blend smooth gravel with bumps and compressions.

Sat 09:41 - Mexico WRC 2 after SS11
1.Tidemand 2h14m42.9s, 2.Greensmith 3m49.9s, 3.Heller 8m27.8s, 4.Bulacia 8m47.0s, 5.Huttunen 37m35.7s, 6.Rovanperä 1h2m48.2s

Sat 09:34 - SS11: WRC 2 Greensmith
The Briton has safely completed Saturday's first stage. He's 42.5sec slower than leader Tidemand but still remains second overall in the WRC 2 category.

Sat 09:32 - Next stage: 1011hrs
The leading crews are now heading to the 26.37km Otates 1 stage. Just 40 minutes until that one gets underway...

Sat 09:30 - SS11: WRC 2 Tidemand
The WRC 2 leader has completed the first test of the day. He's ninth fastest overall with 21m41.9sec

Sat 09:27 - Mexico after SS11
1.Loeb 2h08m38.2s, 2.Sordo 5.1s, 3.Meeke 26.2s, 4.Ogier 27.3s, 5.Mikkelsen 51.9s, 6.Tänak 2m50.2s

Sat 09:24 - SS11: Lappi
The Toyota driver completes fifth fastest.

Sat 09:21 - SS11: Tänak
The Estonian's lack of power has dropped him from second to sixth place in this test. He's now 2m50sec shy of the rally lead.

Sat 09:20 - SS11: Meeke
To recap, the Citroën driver has capitalised on Tänak's problems and moved into third place overall. Ogier is now 0.1sec behind heading into SS12.

Sat 09:18 - SS11: Sordo
The Spaniard is only fourth fastest and loses the lead to Loeb. " I wasn't confident in the stage and the car was moving a lot. I also had brake problems. It's not a stage I like – very narrow and slippery."

Sat 09:15 - SS11: Loeb
The nine-time champion goes fastest and could take the rally lead in this test. "I tried to have a good wake up because the rhythm you have in the first stage is important for me. I pushed hard and had a goof feeing in the car. No problem."

Sat 09:13 - SS11: Tänak
Disaster for the Estonian. He'd completed the stage but dropped 2m46sec. "I don't know what the problem is, we have 20 horse power maybe."

Sat 09:10 - SS11: Tänak
The Toyota man is driving slowly through the stage. With tape trailing from his car, it looks like he's had an off-road excursion and picked up some damage. More as we get it...

Sat 09:06 - SS11: Ogier
The five-time champ is on a massive charge! He goes fastest by 24.6sec to see off Mikkelsen. "I tried my best for sure. The road position is better today with more grip. It's still cleaning so it might be hard to fight with people like Tänak."

Sat 09:03 - SS11: Mikkelsen
The Hyundai driver completes and is second fastest so far. But it looks like he'll drop quite a bit of time in his bid to chase Ogier. "There was one pace note I misunderstood; it was really fast but I thought it was slow. It was braking on a straight. I really have to do better."

Sat 09:00 - SS11: Latvala
The Finn completes and is the fastest so far by 7.5sec. "I was thinking why is there so much dust with three minute intervals? Thierry's problems explain it."

Sat 08:58 - SS11: Neuville
The Hyundai man has completed the stage. "It took more than a minute to start the engine after the water splash and then we had a slow puncture for the final seven kilometres."

Sat 08:58 - SS11: Neuville
The Hyundai man has completed the stage. "It took more than a minute to start the engine after the water splash and then we had a slow puncture for the final seven kilometres."

Sat 08:58 - SS11: Neuville
The Hyundai man has completed the stage. "It took more than a minute to start the engine after the water splash and then we had a slow puncture for the final seven kilometres."

Sat 08:56 - SS11: Ogier
The M-Sport man, currently fifth overall, is extending his advantage over Mikkelsen in this one. He's 12.2sec ahead of his rival at the third split.

Sat 08:49 - SS11: Neuville
He's now through the third split at 12.66km. But he's already 1.24sec slower than Latvala who's following behind.

Sat 08:43 - SS11: Neuville
His early drama in this test look to be behind him. He's reached the first split (4.27km) in a time of 6m17.3s.

Sat 08:40 - SS11: Latvala and Mikkelsen
Both men have now joined Neuville in the 30.97km stage.

Sat 08:38 - SS11: Neuville
We're hearing the Hyundai driver is back on the move again. More as we get it...

Sat 08:36 - SS11: Neuville
Oh dear. We're hearing Neuville has stopped 0.8km into the opener. Sounds like he's had an issue after the water splash...more as we get it.

Sat 08:34 - SS11: Neuville
The championship leader is into the opening stage...

Sat 08:27 - SS11: Standby
We're watching the countdown on WRC+ All Live. Neuville will leave the start line at 0833hrs.

Sat 08:21 - Start intervals
There will be three-minute intervals between the World Rally Car and WRC 2 entrants today.

Sat 08:20 - Saturday's running order
Drivers will go in reverse order today. Here's how the world rally car runners will line up: 1.Neuville, 2.Latvala, 3.Mikkelsen, 4.Ogier, 5.Meeke, 6.Tänak, 7.Loeb, 8.Sordo.

Sat 08:18 - Stage info: SS11
Guanajuatito 1, 30.97km This is a different stage from last year, blending roads from 12 months ago with all-new tracks and a final 11km section last driven three years ago. It is a stage of contrasts, blisteringly fast sections mixed with tight and technical parts. It contains a couple of steep downhill roads and some tricky blind crests early on.

Sat 08:17 - Weather
It's another glorious day in Mexico with sunshine, blue sky and a temperature of 12°C. We're expecting temperatures in Leon to peak at 28°C later on.

Sat 08:12 - Saturday's vital stats
Start: 0833hrs. Number of stages: 9. Stage distance: 140.35km. Finish: 2036hrs

Sat 08:08 - Look out for...
El Brinco. Run twice today, this 9.98km test is wide and fast from start to finish. The undoubted highlight is the famous big jump close to the finish. Plenty of air to be had!

Sat 08:08 - Saturday's itinerary 2/2
The morning's three gravel stages are repeated after the lunchtime return to the Campus Service Park. The third and fourth runs through the León Autodrome test and a second blast along the street stage in the city bring the day’s action to a close.

Sat 08:06 - Saturday's itinerary 1/2
Crews will tackle nine stages and complete 140.35km of competitive driving today. The first of two runs through the 30.97km of Guanajuatito gets the action underway and precedes Otates (26.37km) and El Brinco (9.98km).

Sat 08:04 - So, what's happening?
Ten stages down and the action is really starting to hot up at the head of the leaderboard. The main talking point? Sébastien Loeb's rise into second place. Can he move into the lead today?

Sat 08:03 - We're live
On wrc.com and the WRC app, bringing you text updates about all the on-stage action

Sat 08:02 - Buenos días
And welcome back to Rally Guanajuato Mexico. It's day three...

Fri 21:02 - Until then
Keep an eye on wrc.com for all the latest news and analysis, and don't forget the 'All Live' service on WRC+ for stage recaps and loads of exclusive extras. Ciao for now.

Fri 21:01 - Join us on Saturday
When the rally resumes with a further nine special stages and 140.35km of competition. The first of two runs through the 30.97km of Guanajuatito gets the action underway at 0833hrs

Fri 20:58 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll end our live text coverage today

Fri 20:57 - Mexico WRC2 after SS10
1.Tidemand 1h53m01.0s, 2.Greensmith 3m07.4, 3.Heller 7m28.2s, 4.Bulacia Wilkinson 7m35.9s

Fri 20:56 - Mexico WRC2 after SS9
1.Tidemand 1h51m18.4s, 2.Greensmith +3m35.8, 3.Heller +7m23.4s, 4.Bulacia Wilkinson +7m.32.0s

Fri 20:51 - Mexico after SS10
1.Sordo 1h47m55.4s, 2.Loeb +7.2s, 3.Tanak +11.0s, 4.Meeke +25.0s, 5.Ogier +30.2s.

Fri 20:49 - Mexico after SS9
1.Sordo 1h46m17.3s, 2.Loeb +7.8s, 3.Tanak +11.8s, 4.Meeke +24.2s, 5.Ogier +31.0s. Latvala retires pre stage (alternator)

Fri 20:46 - SS9/10: Tidemand / Bulacia
WRC 2 leader Tidemand has the upper hand in both heats. His overnight advantage stands at more than three minutes. "I've really enjoyed it today. Nice stages, good pace notes. The team engineers have given me a fantastic car," he says.

Fri 20:39 - SS9/10: Loeb
Seb gets both lanes to himself for his runs. His times are good enough for 4th quickest on SS9 and 3rd on SS10. He ends the day in second place, 7.2sec off Sordo's lead. "It has been a very good day for me to get back in the rhythm. I didn't know what to expect but we are here and that's great news. The sensation in a car like this is extreme - I enjoyed it."

Fri 20:33 - SS9/10: Meeke / Sordo
Rally leader Sordo claims both heat wins. "Not a perfect day," he says. "In the afternoon we made a mistake with the tyres, but I'm trying. It's been a long day today and this is a long rally. Tomorrow we need to continue to push." Meeke says he struggled on this stage. "You can't see anything through the dust. I've made some silly mistakes today. Without those I could have been right in there with Dani and Seb. That's life."

Fri 20:23 - SS9/10: Tanak / Mikkelsen
Tanak wins the first and second heats here and ends the day in third position. "We tried to take the best out of what we had today. When the car performs it is strong. Unfortunately today we had some issues. The engineers improved things for the second loop. Tomorrow's road position should be more enjoyable."

Fri 20:15 - SS9/10: Neuville / Ogier
No surprise that Neuville, with his steering issue, is slower than Ogier here. He is 4.5sec adrift on the first pass and 2.7sec slower on the second. "I did what I could. I've done three stages with the steering issue," said Neuville. Ogier is unhappy to be third on the road tomorrow.

Fri 20:03 - Latvala update
Retired after SS8 with alternator failure. "It's been a tough day for me. Problems with the engine temperature going high but that was under control. But a couple of hundred metres into Ortega the battery voltage warning came on and later we lost the alternator. We'll try to get back in the points. There might be a chance for ninth or tenth place."

Fri 18:47 - Next stage: 2006hrs
That's when the first pair of cars will start the stage. We'll resume our live text service then.

Fri 18:45 - Stage info: SS9 / SS10
SSS Autódromo de León 1 / 2, 2.30km. The first of two double runs at León's motor racing circuit where two cars at a time race head-to-head. The stage is well-liked by the drivers, mixing asphalt and gravel and featuring a big jump and a water splash.

Fri 18:43 - Up next: LFZ
That's the Light Fitting Zone before today's final two tests at the Autodromo de Leon

Fri 18:36 - SS8: WRC 2 Greensmith
"The gap's big to Pontus ahead, but it's not so bad when you're driving in the middle of the road. Today has been a good drive, no mistakes."

Fri 18:36 - SS8: WRC 2 Bulacia
"We have had a good day on very difficult stages. A serious problem with water temperature meant we had to slow a little bit but we are happy."

Fri 18:31 - Mexico after SS8
1.Sordo 1h44m37.9s, 2.Loeb +7.9s, 3.Tanak +13.4s, 4.Meeke +23.9s, 5.Ogier +31.6s. Spin for Meeke, Tanak up to 3rd. Loeb and Tanak joint stage winners.

Fri 18:25 - SS8: Loeb
Joint quickest with Tanak and Loeb is just 7.9sec off Sordo's rally lead! "A good drive, I pushed really hard. We know Tanak is very, very good in the fast stages. For me a good drive, no mistakes. The car was okay, good tyre choice no problem. Difficult to do more."

Fri 18:22 - SS8: Sordo
Fifth quickest. "I think we make a small mistake with the tyres today. We were are struggling all the time. The traction was okay but the lateral grip was nothing. We took a risk, it's like this. I expected to be in the fight, we were quick here last year, but Sebastien is coming really fast on us. It's annoying eh?"

Fri 18:11 - SS8: Meeke
12sec off the pace and Kris looks furious. What happened? "A simple spin. I just dropped a wheel into one of these little off camber corners. I spun and had to reverse through the dust."

Fri 18:08 - SS8: Mikkelsen
2sec slower than Ogier in stage and he drops behind in the standings. "We tried to stay in front, and we had a clean stage but always I'm losing time. We need to understand why."

Fri 18:04 - SS8: Tanak
Quickest so far. "It's been not so bad today. Really tough to manage all this, but I tried my best."

Fri 18:00 - SS8: Latvala
Quickest so far but his car has a problem. There is a battery warning flashing on the dash and Jari-Matti is blipping the throttle furiously. "I think something is wrong with the alternator," he says before leaving for the next stage.

Fri 17:56 - SS8: Ogier
"We had hard tyres here and they worked a bit better than the softs I think. It's a shame about the spin on the previous stage but in this position sometimes you have to take risks. We tried our best."

Fri 17:54 - SS8: Neuville
He's through in 10m00.8s and there is pain etched on his face. It's been a tough day for Thierry. "Yeah and it's not finished yet," he says. "Struggling a bit with the car, I have a problem with the steering."

Fri 17:51 - SS8: LIVE
Neuville well underway, and from the cries of pain we can hear over the intercom all is not well.

Fri 17:51 - Mexico after SS7
1.Sordo 1h35m06m.1s, 2.Loeb +14.9s, 3.Meeke +18.9s, 4.Tanak +20.4s, 5.Mikkelsen +34.2s. Lappi and Suninen off. Stage winner Loeb up to second

Fri 17:47 - SS7: Loeb
Awesome stuff from Seb who goes quickest by five seconds to take second place from his team-mate Kris Meeke. "We had the hard tyres and in some places the grip was very tricky. I tried to drive in the line. It wasn't easy, a few little mistakes. Fastest though, so it was good in the end." That's Seb's first WRC stage win since Rallye Monte Carlo 2015.

Fri 17:42 - SS7: Sordo
Quickest so far. "It was good. I tried to manage with the soft tyres. I think it's okay."

Fri 17:34 - SS7: Suninen
He's gone off at 15.6km. WRC TV footage appears to show he crashed into an armco barrier. Suninen and co-driver Mikko Markkula are out of the car.

Fri 17:32 - SS7: Meeke
"I had a spin in a hairpin. Silly mistake. Lost six or seven seconds. Otherwise good."

Fri 17:31 - SS7: Lappi?
He has not completed the stage. Word from Toyota: 'Stopped in stage at 14.1km. He has gone off. Drivers both okay, no further details at this time."

Fri 17:29 - SS7: Mikkelsen
"We tried, but with the hard tyres it was very slippery. A coupe of mistakes, but I'm pretty happy with the stage in general."

Fri 17:26 - SS7: Tanak
Quickest so far, his car sporting some light front damage. "Yeah, we hit the wall at the end. Otherwise this stage was good."

Fri 17:20 - SS7: Latvala
"It was better than in the morning but still difficult, a very demanding stage. My hard tyres were the correct choice I'm sure."

Fri 17:17 - SS7: Ogier
1.3sec quicker than Neuville. "Not so good. We had a spin. Not a good run."

Fri 17:15 - SS7: Neuville
First to complete. "It was okay. I tried my best. I was on three soft tyres and one hard. Was it right? I don't know, we have to wait and see. Really hot in the car now, very demanding."

Fri 17:13 - SS7: Huttunen
News from Hyundai on trouble for WRC 2 driver Jari Huttunen: 'Radiator issues that cannot be fixed. Car will be brought back to service

Fri 16:54 - SS7: LIVE
We cross straight to the next stage, El Chocolate. Neuville started at 1648hrs

Fri 16:52 - Mexico after SS6
1.Sordo 1h11m06m.9s, 2.Meeke +12.3s, 3.Tanak +19.4s, 4.Loeb +19.9s, 5.Ogier +27.4s. Evans retires (in service). Suninen suspension damage

Fri 16:49 - SS6: Loeb
Sixth quickest, 6.3sec slower than stage winner Meeke despite an overshoot that cost him around seven seconds! What happened? "I didn't see it until it was too late, I was looking at the junction after!"

Fri 16:47 - SS6: Sordo
Straight in behind Suninen. Fifth quickest. "I just try not to drive so aggressively with the tyres. I have soft tyres at the rear and the car is moving a little bit."

Fri 16:45 - SS6: Suninen
...and there's another wide moment into a low wall before he completes in the slowest time on the board, 2m28sec off Meeke's pace. What happened? "I went wide and hit the left rear. We thought it was a puncture but it's suspension parts."

Fri 16:40 - SS6: Suninen
WRC TV crew reports a stop at 8.6km. He's moving again.

Fri 16:38 - SS6: Meeke
Quickest so far, just three-tenths up on Ogier. "We knew Ogier would be quicker on the repeat. For me it's more enjoyable on the second pass, good grip on the tyres and I'm happy with my rhythm."

Fri 16:34 - SS6: Mikkelsen
1.5sec slower than stage leader Ogier. "A clean stage. I misunderstood one pace note, which cost a second, otherwise I'm pretty happy with that."

Fri 16:31 - SS6: Tanak
Second quickest. How is your car? Tanak picks his words carefully: "When it's full power the engine is working well, no complaints," he says.

Fri 16:29 - SS6: Lappi
Latvala's optimism is not shared by his team-mate. He completes 14.2sec off the pace. How's the car? "Everything is the same as it was this morning. So no change."

Fri 16:26 - SS6: Latvala
6.7sec slower than Ogier here. Is the overheating issue fixed? "The guys have been working hard in the office trying to fix it. At the moment everything is okay - the next one is more demanding."

Fri 16:23 - SS6: Ogier
Seb clouts a wall near the finish, but still completes 12.2sec quicker than Neuville. "A bit more grip this time for sure. We seem to get traction but it will be difficult with the soft tyres. A lot of battles going on."

Fri 16:21 - SS6: Neuville
He's through cleanly but still furious about losing the time earlier. "The engine was running okay, but I'm really upset because we lost the time. Before that it was still possible to catch one or two places, and that important for our road position tomorrow, now it looks more difficult."

Fri 16:16 - Tyres
Plenty of variation in the afternoon choices. Toyota & Citroën drivers and Mikkelsen have 5 Hard (H4). Ogier and Suninen have 4 Hard + 1 Soft (S5). Neuville and Sordo have 3 Soft + 2 Hard

Fri 16:07 - Neuville update
News from Hyundai on the issue Neuville encountered on SS5: 'We identified an unforeseen over consumption of fuel in the car which caused a loss of fuel pressure in SS5.'

Fri 16:03 - SS6: LIVE
We're back and underway.

Fri 15:35 - Evans update 2/3
Wilson also reveals what he knows about the crash: "It's a bit confusing because it happened at very high speed. Elfyn managed to control the car after the bump, but went wide on the next corner and hit a bank. He believes he rolled, but looking at the television coverage its hard to see whether it rolls or not. There is extensive damage to the left-hand side and quite a lot of damaged suspension. From the look of some of the fractured components it was clearly a very big impact."

Fri 15:34 - Evans update 2/3
"We'll use the time we have now to repair the car. After that a lot depends of the outcome with Dan. We'll see what the hospital says. If he is suffering from concussion then it's unlikely he will be able to continue tomorrow," added Wilson.

Fri 15:34 - Evans update 1/3
The Welshman retires at the midpoint service because co-driver Dan Barritt was injured in their earlier crash. "We have taken Dan to hospital because we think he is suffering from concussion," team boss Malcolm Wilson explains. "The guys can definitely fix the car but sadly we won't be able to continue with Dan's situation."

Fri 14:59 - Next stage: 1600hrs
That's Neuville's start time for the repeat of Duarte - Derramadero. We'll take a live text break until then. Ciao for now.

Fri 14:58 - Up next: Service
Cars and crews are back in Leon for a 30-minute service before the afternoon loop.

Fri 14:57 - Mexico WRC2 after SS5
1.Tidemand 56m29.6s, 2.Greensmith +2m15.8, 3.Huttunen +2m24.5s, 4.Heller +3m16.5s, 5.Bulacia Wilkinson +3m.42.7s

Fri 14:50 - Mexico after SS5
1.Sordo 54m05m.9s, 2.Meeke +16.6s, 3.Loeb +17.9s, 4.Tanak +21.4s, 5.Ogier +31.4s. Engine problem for Neuville

Fri 14:39 - SS5: Sordo
Cleanly through and Sordo returns to service with a rally lead of 16.6sec. "It was really nice, I'm happy with this position. The car is working really well, we enjoy our road position. Now on the second pass it will be more equal for everyone and tougher on the tyres. We need to do a good tyre choice now. It's very important."

Fri 14:34 - SS5: Loeb
Third quickest and Loeb rounds off the morning loop in the same position overall. "It was a good morning for me. We found the rhythm quite quickly. The road position helped but the feeling in the car was good. My tyres were very soft for the hot temperatures, but a good choice I think. I will continue now like I feel. Tyre choice will be key this afternoon. It feels good to be back. This new world rally car is fast and fun to drive."

Fri 14:29 - SS5: Suninen
A great effort from Teemu - quickest so far, one-tenth up on Mikkelsen.

Fri 14:26 - SS5: Evans
The left-hand side of his car looking battered after the sixth-gear roll on the previous test. "After the rolls I couldn't believe how little damage there was. A bit of a surreal stage. It must have been landing on its wheels when it went over."

Fri 14:22 - SS5: Meeke
He loses a couple of seconds running over two potted trees on the apex of a hairpin. "Not a bad morning. I was the only one to take two hard tyres, I'm not sure it was the right choice because it upset the balance and that disturbed me a lot. Possibly I should have done the same as the others - but there was probably only five seconds difference. Lets see, I'm still in second place and there's everything to play for."

Fri 14:22 - SS5: Mikkelsen
Quickest so far, one-tenth up on Tanak.

Fri 14:19 - SS5: Tanak
A new quickest time for the Toyota ace. "The overheating is manageable but tricky."

Fri 14:14 - SS5: Lappi
A stall at a hairpin costs him a few seconds.

Fri 14:12 - Neuville update
He's waiting to go into service and receiving some medical attention to his left elbow. What happened on stage? "Engine issue," he says before slamming the car door and storming off.

Fri 14:11 - SS5: Latvala
Quickest so far, two-tenths up on Ogier. "We have had problems this morning, that is clear. Now our engineers will analyse the data very carefully. I'm sure we can find a solution."

Fri 14:08 - SS5: Ogier
25.8sec quicker than Neuville. "It was not easy this morning, second on the road is not much better than being first. I tried my best but I struggled a lot with my suspension."

Fri 14:04 - SS5: Neuville
Underway, with the door of his Hyundai flapping open. Looks like big time loss for Thierry. His stage time: 1m30.2s

Fri 14:02 - Stage info: SS5
Street Stage León 1, 1.11km. The roads of León's service park campus host a short and twisty asphalt test aimed at bringing the action to the city's residents. It is driven in a revised format to last year.

Fri 13:26 - Up next: SS5
Just one more short stage to go until the midpoint service. Neuville will start the 1.11km Street Stage Leon at 1402hrs. We'll take a live text break until then.

Fri 13:25 - Mexico WRC2 after SS4
1.Tidemand 55m24.1s, 2.Greensmith +2m13.9, 3.Huttunen +2m22.5s, 4.Heller +3m13.0s, 5.Bulacia Wilkinson +3m.40.3s

Fri 13:18 - SS4: WRC 2 Heller
"The first stage was okay for us, on the next two the car set-up has not been correct, I'm going too sideways."

Fri 13:17 - SS4: WRC 2 Greensmith
"It felt okay but I did the damage in El Chocolate. I blitzed the tyres in there and and ruined them. That's the sort of thing we're here to learn."

Fri 13:09 - SS4: WRC 2 Bulacia
The Bolivian youngster completes in his Ford Fiesta. "We have a lot of problems with the engine temperature but we have passed all the stages without crashing the car."

Fri 13:03 - SS4: WRC 2 Huttunen
A puncture on SS2 and Huttunen's day is not getting any better here. "We spin one time. Very, very difficult. This is a long rally," he says.

Fri 13:02 - SS4: WRC 2 Tidemand
Cleanly through and comfortably ahead in the support category. "No dramas. Very nice stages, a bit slippery but the car feels good. I really enjoyed the morning. Just a big smile."

Fri 13:00 - Mexico after SS4
1.Sordo 53m01m.7s, 2.Meeke +15.1s, 3.Loeb +18.2s, 4.Tanak +21.7s, 5.Ogier +31.2s. Evans rolls

Fri 12:56 - SS4: Loeb
Second quickest, 1.9sec slower than Sordo. "It's okay, the feeling was good, I was a bit afraid for the tyres because the stage is incredibly fast. I didn't imagine the speed bumps would be so high with a car like this."

Fri 12:53 - SS4: Sordo
Quickest so far and his lead over Meeke is 15.1sec. "I didn't do very well in this stage. I am not happy but I survived. I can go a little bit faster in places. I need to say thanks to the team, they helped a lot."

Fri 12:50 - SS4: Suninen
"Difficult to stay on the line and find the rhythm. Not so good."

Fri 12:50 - SS4: Evans
He's through and he's lost 2m36s to the leaders. It looks like his fiesta has rolled. What happened? "In sixth gear we hit a big bump and it just flew the car in the air. The rear end came round, I couldn't pull it straight and we hit a bank and went over few times. We're okay."

Fri 12:45 - SS4: Evans
He's been off. Stopped on stage. But is underway again.

Fri 12:44 - SS4: Meeke
"A massive moment over a speed bump. Tricky. I though the hard tyre would work but it's upset the balance. Not a wrong tyre choice, but let's see."

Fri 12:42 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Slots third quickest. "The car is reacting strangely over the big speed bumps. I'm still learning how the car behaves."

Fri 12:38 - SS4: Tanak
Fastest through in the third Yaris. Is he suffering the same problem? "We have the same car, so I guess so. I try to manage it. We are taking really good care of it."

Fri 12:36 - SS4: Lappi
Fourth quickest so far and Lappi reports similar problems to Latvala. What about Tanak? "He seems to be able to drive around the issue."

Fri 12:33 - SS4: Latvala
Latvala quickest so far, despite ongoing engine issues. "Overheating - particularly on the uphill sections. We have to switch to road mode to keep the temperature down."

Fri 12:32 - SS4: Ogier
He's through, one-tenth slower than Neuville.

Fri 12:31 - SS4: Neuville
He completes in 9m53.4sec.

Fri 12:23 - Stage info: SS4
Ortega 1, 17.23km. A short liaison section leads into Ortega, which marks the high point of the WRC season as cars top 2700 metres. These roads were driven last year as the second part of the long El Chocolate and virtually the entire test is among the trees. Drivers will love this one with plenty of fast flowing corners.

Fri 12:22 - SS4: LIVE
We cross straight over to the next stage. Neuville started at 1214hrs

Fri 12:22 - Mexico after SS3
1.Sordo 43m28m.5s, 2.Meeke +9.5s, 3.Evans +15.2s, 4.Loeb +16.3s, 5.Tanak +18.3s

Fri 12:20 - WRC 2 Rovanpera
The Finnish youngster AWOL on SS2. A recent tweet explains what happened: "That's it for the day, after a jump there was a big rock in the middle of the road and it broke the radiator..."

Fri 12:17 - SS3: Loeb
Fourth quickest on stage keeps him fourth overall. "Okay but very slippery. We start to destroy our tyres. Not an easy stage."

Fri 12:14 - SS3: Sordo
Quickest by 11.1sec and that's Sordo into the lead. "Really nice, I enjoy a lot. I tried to drive well and push a little, I'm happy."

Fri 12:12 - SS3: Suninen
Seventh quickest so far. "I think we lost some time. I just do not have the pace. I need to improve."

Fri 12:09 - SS3: Evans
Quickest so far, 2.2sec up on Meeke. "Tough, that's for sure. So slippery and trying to balance pushing with being careful."

Fri 12:06 - SS3: Meeke
The rally leader quickest so far by 1.9sec. Kris the only driver to have a mix of tyre compounds. "Tricky. I had the hard compounds at the front and the balance was a bit tricky."

Fri 12:03 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Second so far, four-tenths slower than Tanak. "I found it slippery at the rear, it was everywhere. Not the best feeling. I tried to push as hard as I could with the feeling I have."

Fri 12:00 - SS3: Tanak
Quickest so far in the third Toyota, 4.4sec up on Ogier. "Slow, slippery, tricky, hot - everything together." Is your car overheating too? "I don't know."

Fri 11:58 - SS3: Lappi
24sec off the pace in the second Toyota. "Quite a long stage and a slow average speed. It is what it is." Do you have an issue with overheating? He nods his head.

Fri 11:55 - SS3: Latvala
Slowest of the three to complete - 16sec off the pace. "We have a problem with the engine temperature going too high. We can control it by reducing the power but we have to keep it safe. We cannot go for performance at the moment. We have to be clever and not cook the engine."

Fri 11:52 - WRC 2 Nil Solans
Tweet from M-Sport: '@NilSolans stopped on SS2. More info to follow as we get it.'

Fri 11:50 - SS3: Ogier
2.5sec quicker than Neuville. "No drama. Not the easiest position obviously but we tried our best. The car is okay."

Fri 11:48 - SS3: Neuville
The Belgian first to complete in 24m27.7s. "I tried my best. This was much better than the first one. I struggled a bit with the balance of the car. We are not yet in a good setting for these roads."

Fri 11:39 - SS3: Splits watch
Five cars have reached the 6km split. Tanak is quickest. Ogier +1.1, Neuville +1.3,

Fri 11:30 - Stage info: SS3
El Chocolate 1, 31.44km. El Chocolate's roads are initially wide before narrowing as the stage climbs steeply through a sequence of hairpins on a bumpy surface. It becomes tighter still, with another series of uphill hairpins after 16km before plunging back downhill with some big cuts for the brave through long, enticing corners and tricky small bridges to negotiate. The test follows the same route as the opening half of last year's marathon 54.90km stage.

Fri 11:29 - SS3: LIVE
We cross straight over to the next stage. Neuville started it at 1121hrs

Fri 11:26 - Mexico after SS2
1.Meeke 19m19m.1s, 2.Sordo +3.8s, 3.Ogier +5.1s, 4.Loeb +5.5s, 5.Tanak +6.9s

Fri 11:23 - SS2: Loeb
Third quickest! 4.3sec off the pace and it's a great start for the Frenchman. "I'm quite surprised by that. A good run but not perfect. In places I'm hesitating, and I'm not there on the braking in others. It's coming."

Fri 11:20 - SS2: Sordo
Second quickest, 2.8sec slower than Meeke. "I lost a bit at the end because I was struggling on the tyres - it's a very hard surface for the soft tyre at the end and I took it carefully. I also lost time in a big compression - we didn't know the speed there. First stage and I'm happy to get to the finish."

Fri 11:16 - SS2: Suninen
Eighth quickest.

Fri 11:14 - SS2: Evans
Third quickest and Evans loses time in the penultimate split. "No big issues but it felt like the tyres were moving around quite a lot. Difficult to judge the wear here - the grip was really low. All okay."

Fri 11:12 - SS2: Meeke
Quickest so far by 6.6sec. "Difficult. I think I'm benefiting from the ruts more than the cleaning. The second part was pretty clean, the first part was like a beach, so much sand. I had a good rhythm. I even felt my soft tyres move a bit, so I'm happy I have a couple of hard tyres."

Fri 11:07 - SS2: Mikkelsen
Third quickest, 6.4sec slower than Ogier. "It's hard to know how hard to push. If you do then you come out of the lines. I tried to find somewhere in the middle staying in the line but being aggressive too. An okay stage."

Fri 11:05 - SS2: Tanak
Second quickest, 1.9sec off Ogier's pace. "Extremely slippery. Very tough. Even going slow it's so slippery. We tried. There is a line in the road now."

Fri 11:02 - SS2: Lappi
20sec off Ogier's stage leading pace. "My driving is bad and then some small things... Still, we are here. Very slippery all the time, I can't really have any confidence."

Fri 10:59 - SS2: Latvala
8sec slower than Ogier. "The engine felt really good in the first split but then I felt the power went down. The temperature was rising, but not the same as last year. Maybe I can improve my driving."

Fri 10:56 - SS2: Ogier
He's through in 17m15.5sec - that's 12.1sec quicker than Neuville - but Ogier is sure those behind will be faster. "Its going to be a killer for us, I cannot see a line from him to be honest, it's still quite loose. The guys behind are going to be quicker."

Fri 10:54 - SS2: Neuville
"Slippery, I tried to do my best, I feel like I'm not 100 per cent comfortable yet. I have to discover this." Ogier is 5.9sec quicker at the 14km split. "It's okay."

Fri 10:51 - SS2: Neuville
Approaching the final section. His Hyundai's speedo showing 183kph

Fri 10:46 - SS2: Splits watch
The first three cars have reached the 6.07km split. Neuville is slowest, Ogier -1.8s, Latvala -3.0s.

Fri 10:35 - SS2: LIVE
Neuville underway

Fri 10:33 - Stage info: SS2
Duarte - Derramadero 1, 26.05km. Friday morning's opener mixes familiar roads from various stages down the years, including an opening section last used five years ago, when it was driven in the opposite direction. After beginning on a double width road, it climbs quickly before becoming narrower and more technical. It is fast throughout, with many bumps and jumps sure to test drivers.

Fri 10:30 - Tyres
Not a tricky call this morning. All Michelin WRC drivers have the same package of five soft-compound tyres except Kris Meeke who has three soft-compound and two hard-compound tyres.

Fri 10:28 - SS2: Standby
We're watching the start scene on WRC+ All Live. Incredible heli footage of this rugged terrain. Neuville in stage at 1033hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 10:26 - Start intervals
Three-minute intervals between the World Rally Car and WRC 2 entrants today.

Fri 10:25 - Friday's running order
Drivers tackle stages in championship order today. Here's how the world rally car runners will line up: 1.Neuville 2.Ogier, 3.Latvala, 4.Lappi, 5.Tänak, 6.Mikkelsen, 7.Meeke, 8.Evans, 9.Suninen, 10.Sordo, 11.Loeb

Fri 10:21 - Weather
Another beautiful day in Guanajuato with sunshine and blue sky. Sunrise was at 0700hrs and the current temperature of 19°C in Leon should hit 29°C later.

Fri 10:19 - Stage live times (first car)
SS2: 1033hrs, SS3: 1121hrs, SS4: 1214hrs, SS5: 1402hrs, SS6: 1600hrs, SS7: 1648hrs, SS8: 1741hrs, SS9: 2006hrs, SS10: 2011hrs.

Fri 10:18 - Friday's vital stats
Start: 0930hrs. Number of stages: 9. Stage distance: 79.32km. Finish: 2126hrs

Fri 10:17 - Look out for...
El Chocolate. Run twice today, this is the longest stage of the rally at 31.44 kilometres and also featuring the highest point of the season at more than 2700 metres above sea level.

Fri 10:16 - Friday's itinerary 2/2
The three demanding gravel tests are repeated in the afternoon, prior to the now customary two passes along a purpose-built 2.3km spectator stage at the León Autodrome, where cars tackle numerous jumps, tight turns and water splashes in pairs in front of a large crowd.

Fri 10:16 - Friday's itinerary 1/2
The longest day of this year’s rally features nine stages and 155.15 competitive kilometres. The action gets underway with the first of two runs through the Duarte-Derramadero (26.05km), El Chocolate (31.44km) and Ortega (17.23km) specials and a short blast along a street stage in León precedes the early afternoon return to the Rally Campus Service Park.

Fri 10:15 - So, what's happening?
Super Special opener done and dusted, today the rally gets serious with the first full day of competition in the mountains around host city Leon.

Fri 10:15 - We're live
On wrc.com and the WRC app, bringing you text updates about all the on-stage action

Fri 10:15 - Buenos días
And welcome back to Rally Guanajuato Mexico

Thu 21:23 - Until then
Keep an eye on wrc.com for all the latest news and analysis, and don't forget the 'All Live' service on WRC+ for stage recaps and loads of exclusive extras. Bye for now.

Thu 21:22 - Join us on Friday
When Rally Guanajuato Mexico continues with its longest day. On the itinerary are nine special stages and 155.15 competitive kilometres. The action gets underway at 1033hrs [local] with the first of two runs through the Duarte-Derramadero stage.

Thu 21:22 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll end our live text coverage tonight

Thu 21:21 - Mexico WRC2 after SS1
1.Tidemand 2m11.6s, 2.Rovanpera +2.4s, 3.Greensmith +3.1s, 4.Solans +4.6s, 5.Bulacia Wilkinson +6.4s

Thu 21:06 - SS1: WRC 2 Rovanpera
Lucky to escape a kerb swipe just a few corners into the stage. He completes 2.4sec slower than Tidemand.

Thu 21:01 - SS1: WRC 2 Huttunen
A half spin on the entry to a tunnel costs the Finn 16 seconds to Tidemand. "More slippery than I expected and we spun," he explains.

Thu 20:59 - SS1: WRC 2 Tidemand
First of the WRC 2 entries, Pontus completes in the same time as Suninen. "Tricky but I enjoyed it - a fantastic atmosphere," he says.

Thu 20:56 - Mexico after SS1
1.Neuville 2m06m.7s, 2.Tanak +1.9s, 3.Ogier +2.0s, 4.Latvala +2.5s, 5.Lappi +2.9s

Thu 20:54 - SS1: Neuville
Quickest! A whopping 1.9sec quicker than Tanak. "It's great but obviously it's going to be a difficult weekend. I'm looking forward to it and happy to be here. It's always great - one of my favourite rallies."

Thu 20:51 - SS1: Ogier
A very wide moment early on and Seb slots second quickest, one-tenth off Tanak's time. Ogier jumps out of his fiesta at the finish control and climbs onto the roof to the delight of the crowd. Co-driver Julian joins him - wearing a Mexican wrestling mask. "It's normal for him - he likes to make a show," says Seb.

Thu 20:45 - SS1: Latvala
Now Jari-Matti slots second quickest, completing a Toyota 1-2-3 with two more world rally cars to come. "It's incredible, always great to be here in Guanajuato," he says. "I'm looking forward to the rest of the event, it's a good feeling."

Thu 20:43 - SS1: Lappi
Second quickest so far on his Mexico debut, and Lappi too is blown away by the atmosphere at the stage end. "It's something I've never seen before. The amount of spectators here is, wow, amazing!"

Thu 20:38 - SS1: Tanak
A new fastest time, 1.3sec up on Mikkelsen, and Ott is loving the carnival atmosphere at the stage end. "It's fantastic! I love these people and this place in Guanajuato. There are some fantastic stages to come."

Thu 20:34 - SS1: Mikkelsen
Now Andreas goes quickest, on his 90th WRC start. "It's beautiful here. it's really nice to come here and it feels good to be back. I hope we can do well this weekend."

Thu 20:30 - SS1: Meeke
Last year's winner goes quickest so far, 1sec up on Sordo. "Really, really slippery. I think my pace was good. I appreciate all the support from the Mexican fans," he says.

Thu 20:24 - SS1: Evans
The Welshman slots second quickest so far, just one-tenth off Sordo's leading pace.

Thu 20:20 - SS1: Suninen
Third quickest so far, the Finn completes two-tenths slower than Loeb

Thu 20:16 - SS1: Sordo
The Spaniard completes two-tenths quicker than his former team-mate Loeb.

Thu 20:13 - SS1: Loeb
He's through. First to complete in 2m11.14s.

Thu 20:11 - SS1: Standby
We're watching the countdown on WRC+ All Live. Loeb in stage at 2008hrs

Thu 20:01 - Start intervals
Four-minute intervals between the World Rally Cars tonight. Three-minute intervals for most of the WRC 2 drivers

Thu 20:01 - SS1: Running order
A special order tonight, with six-time Mexico winner Sébastien Loeb out first on his debut appearance this year with Citroën. Here's how the world rally car runners will line up: 1.Loeb, 2. Sordo, 3. Suninen, 4. Evans, 5. Meeke, 6. Mikkelsen, 7. Tänak, 8. Lappi, 9. Latvala, 10. Ogier, 11. Neuville

Thu 20:01 - Stage info: SS1
Monster Street Stage GTO, 2.53km One of the season's jewels in the crown takes competitors through the streets of Guanajuato. Part of it runs underground through tunnels dating back to when the town was the world's leading silver mining centre. It is more than twice as long as in previous years, with a new opening section before drivers circle a roundabout and retrace their steps to finish in front of the Alhóndiga de Granaditas museum. High kerbs lining the roads must be avoided.

Thu 20:00 - Weather
It's been a beautiful day in Guanajuato, with mucho sunshine and blue sky. Sunset was at 1852hrs and the temperature has dropped a few degrees to 24°C.

Thu 20:00 - Stage live times
SS1: 2008hrs (first car)

Thu 19:59 - Thursday's vital stats
Start:1815hrs. Number of stages: 1. Stage distance: 2.53km. Finish: 2138hrs

Thu 19:54 - Look out for...
Those tunnels. Once used by silver miners, tonight they'll echo to the sound of turbocharged World Rally Cars at full chat. All great fun, but sharp kerbs and cobble stones mean the drivers won't be able to relax.

Thu 19:53 - Thursday's itinerary
Just the one stage tonight: the Monster Street Stage GTO, a 2.52km sprint along narrow cobbled streets and through underground tunnels. It's like a WRC version of The Italian Job. But with thousands of spectators. And at night.

Thu 19:51 - So, what's happening?
It's Thursday evening in Mexico and we're gearing up for the event's spectacular opening stage in the heart of the historic city of Guanajuato

Thu 19:51 - We're live
On wrc.com and the WRC app, supplying text updates about all the on-stage action

Thu 19:51 - Buenas noches texters
And welcome to Rally Guanajuato Mexico, round three of the FIA World Rally Championship

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SS21 Wedding Bells16 II (Power Stage) (6.44 km)


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