Vodafone Rally de Portugal

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Sun 13:18 - Power Stage top five
1. Esapekka Lappi (5 points) 2. Thierry Neuville (4 points) 3. Dani Sordo (3 points) 4. Teemu Suninen (2 points) 5. Elfyn Evans (1 point)

Sun 13:15 - SS20: Neuville
Thierry Neuville is the last through the Power Stage, he's second fastest on the stage and secures victory for Hyundai! That's also given him the championship lead after this - the sixth round of the year!

Sun 13:10 - SS20: Evans
He's through now, 4.3sec off the fastest stage time but he's claimed second place overall! "Thanks, it was well overdue really. We've not had a great start to the year but hopefully this is a sign of more positive things to come!"

Sun 13:05 - SS20: Suninen
Suninen comes through 3.2sec down on Lappi but that's enough for a place on the podium! He's third place at the moment. "Thank you! The feeling is so great, first podium ever in the WRC. It took a year, but I'm so happy!"

Sun 13:00 - SS20: Lappi
Esapekka is 1.4sec up at the final split and he extends that to 2.1sec at the end as he claims the fastest stage time! "It's been a great two days to be honest, I've never pushed so hard! It's been a learning curve to drive on the limit for one and a half days!"

Sun 12:56 - SS20: Sordo
The Spaniard is green through the splits and he's a massive 2.5sec faster than his team-mate! "I had a problem with the screen because it is completely broken, on some corners it was difficult to see. It was disappointing not being able to finish on the podium but I did it for the people."

Sun 12:53 - SS20: Østberg
Mads completes his first rally since Sweden and he's second through the Power Stage, just 0.3sec off the fastest time. "It was a good stage, I saved it all day. It's a long time since I did a rally on this level and I didn't know if I could increase the speed but I'm really happy with my time on this stage. I'm sorry to all the fans for only doing a small jump but I wanted to save the car for the team."

Sun 12:48 - SS20: Breen
He's not been tasked with road-sweeping for this final stage and a heavy landing loses him time - 3.4sec off Mikkelsen. "Not so good feeling about the weekend, I enjoyed it but like I said when you're the opener when you're the championship leader is nice but when you're not it isn't! I'm looking forward to Sardinia."

Sun 12:44 - SS20: Mikkelsen
The Hyundai driver is the last of the crews who started again under Rally2 to tackle the Fafe jump. He move the goalposts again, 0.6sec faster than Ogier. "It is not really the weekend we hoped for but the car was working well and we were able to push for quick stage times. The team have done a great job with the car and I hope Thierry can take the win for the team because they deserve it."

Sun 12:40 - SS20: Ogier
He said he's been waiting since Friday afternoon to take on the Power Stage and he's 2.6sec faster than Latvala. "With this position I couldn't go faster, I don't think it will be enough because it is still cleaning quite a bit."

Sun 12:37 - SS20: Latvala
He says: "It is going to be okay, but I think the fastest time is going to be 39 or 38 today, the opening section was quite slippy and I think it will still clean up." Latvala wasn't too positive on that run, but Michelin mascot Bibendum gives him a round of applause at stop control for his efforts.

Sun 12:32 - SS20: Latvala
Jari-Matti is onto the stage now, our first WRC car to tackle Fafe on this run

Sun 12:31 - SS20: Tidemand
The Skoda Motorsport driver is using every inch of the stage in his Fabia, he leaps over the jump and he's fastest so far - 3sec up on Pieniazek. That gives him the WRC 2 class win!

Sun 12:29 - SS20: Pieniazek
The Pole takes off over the jump at the end of the stage and he's 3.6sec slower than Lefebvre but maintains his lead over the Frenchman.

Sun 12:27 - SS20: Tidemand
Argentina winner Pontus Tidemand is onto the Power Stage now he's putting on a show for the tens of thousands of fans who are lining this stage.

Sun 12:26 - SS20: Lefebvre
Lefebvre launches the C3 R5 over the iconic jump and he's our first man to complete Vodafone Rally de Portugal.

Sun 12:21 - SS20: Pieniazek
The second of the WRC 2 front-runners is onto the stage now as Lukasz Pieniazek launches his Skoda onto the test

Sun 12:18 - SS20: Lefebvre
The final stage of the rally is underway and it is Stéphane Lefebvre who gets us started!

Sun 12:08 - 10 minute warning!
Get comfortable, we're only 10 minutes away from the start of the Live TV Power Stage: Fafe

Sun 11:45 - Live TV Power Stage starting order:
1. Lefebvre 2. Pieniazek 3. Tidemand 4. Latvala 5. Ogier 6. Mikkelsen 7. Breen 8. Østberg 9. Sordo 10. Lappi 11. Suninen 12. Evans 13. Neuville

Sun 11:29 - WRC 2 standings after SS19
1. Tidemand 3h 56m 55.5sec 2. Pieniazek +1m 59.9sec 3. Lefebvre +2m 20.5sec 4. Loubet +3m 03.3sec 5. Arai +5m 08.9sec

Sun 11:20 - SS19: WRC 2
Tidemand's lead keeps growing, he's 1m 59.9sec ahead of Lukasz Pieniazek with just the second run of Fafe to go. Lefebvre is 20.6sec behind in third.

Sun 11:15 - Junior WRC update
It's all going on in the J WRC as Callum Devine has been forced to retire from second in the class with front-end damage on SS18.

Sun 11:11 - WRC standings after SS19
1. Neuville 3h 43m 11.5sec 2. Evans +37.5sec 3. Suninen +45.9sec 4. Lappi +56.6sec 5. Sordo +1m 0.7sec

Sun 11:10 - SS19: Latvala
Latvala is our last WRC car through - after the retirement of Yazeed Al Rahji after the first run of Fafe - and he's 4.9sec down on Suninen.

Sun 11:07 - SS19: Ogier
Sébastien is in tyre-saving mode as well, 14.4sec down for him. "We have been waiting for the Power Stage since Friday afternoon! The first run went fine for me, I hope an earlier time on the road will give me a good chance but we will always try."

Sun 11:04 - SS19: Mikkelsen
Slowest time through the stage for Andreas, he's focussing on the Power Stage points "It is all going to plan, we're trying to save tyres!"

Sun 11:01 - SS19: Neuville
He's 7.1sec down on Suninen through the stage, but he still has 37.5sec in hand over the pack behind as they get ready for the Live TV Power Stage: "I don't know how the Power Stage will go, I will follow my feeling once I start the stage, we will see. I will try and keep it on the road and if I can I'll try and claim at least 1 or 2 points."

Sun 10:57 - SS19: Evans
Elfyn comes through 3.4sec down on his team-mate. "Got through the stages all okay." Not much to say for the M-Sport driver.

Sun 10:56 - SS19: Sordo
The Spaniard slots in third on this stage, and he's lost 0.8sec to Lappi in the overall standings as well, he's still in fifth. He says: "I smashed the windscreen on this stage, we took a stone with the splitter and it came up and hit. I think there was a cut in the road and that's when it hit the splitter. But we had more grip on that stage."

Sun 10:52 - SS19: Suninen
1.7sec up for Suninen on this stage! He's opened up his gap to Lappi "It has been really consistent speed, now my driving has been more efficient. I've been taking it carefully and the speed has come. I don't want to think about the podium, just doing the best work I can!"

Sun 10:49 - SS19: Lappi
We're running out of words to describe Lappi's speed today, he's 7.1sec up on Østberg through the flying finish. "Yeah it is still close! It is tough to gain any seconds to be honest but I'm trying all the time. Let's see how we finish, but it is tough definitely."

Sun 10:46 - SS19: Østberg
He completes the stage 1.2sec up on his team-mate, he adds: "This was really the first stage where the car was supposed to work and I had a nice feeling. The car worked well and it was a good stage."

Sun 10:43 - SS19: Breen
He's through to stage end now, and he's chatting to Colin Clark: "Yeah I'm enjoying it, hopefully in the future this is something we'll have to put up with on more regular occasions."

Sun 10:35 - SS19: Breen
Our penultimate stage of the day is underway now, Breen storming onto the second run of the Montim stage.

Sun 10:27 - WRC 2 standings after SS18
1. Tidemand 3h 50m 59.2sec 2. Pieniazek +1m 50.7sec 3. Lefebvre +2m 18.0sec 4. Loubet +2m 51.6sec 5. Arai +3m 36.8sec

Sun 10:18 - SS18: WRC 2
Tidemand comes through with the fastest time so far, with Pieniazek slipping further off the pace. But he's still second for now, despite Lefebvre taking 8.7sec out of his advantage.

Sun 10:12 - SS18: Latvala
Jari-Matti isn't in preservation mode though! He's set the fastest stage time, 1.5sec up

Sun 10:09 - SS18: Ogier
After winning the first run of Fafe, Ogier isn't pushing his Fiesta too hard on this test - across the line 25.9sec slower than Lappi.

Sun 10:07 - SS18: Mikkelsen
First of the Rally2 runners through to the end and the Hyundai driver has dropped 17.3sec to Lappi as he looks to save his tyres - and his engine - for this afternoon's Live TV Power Stage

Sun 10:05 - WRC standings after SS18
1. Neuville 3h 37m 23.1sec 2. Evans +41.2sec 3. Suninen +53.0sec 4. Lappi +1m 02.0sec 5. Sordo +1m 05.3sec.

Sun 10:03 - SS18: Neuville
Neuville finishes the stage now, 3.5sec down on Lappi as he continues to just manage this rally - he doesn't need to push too hard at this point.

Sun 10:01 - SS18: Evans
The M-Sport Ford driver has lost a bit of time on this one, he's 5.4sec down on Lappi and his lead to team-mate Suninen is 11.8sec now.

Sun 09:58 - SS18: Sordo
That three-way battle for third has taken another swing - Dani Sordo is down to fifth again after dropping 4.0sec to Lappi. The Finn's advantage is 3.3sec now.

Sun 09:54 - SS18: Suninen
Teemu loses more time to Esapekka, just 1.2sec though so the lead is still 9.0sec.

Sun 09:52 - SS18: Lappi
What else do you expect? Lappi is fastest through the stage again - 10.7sec up now.

Sun 09:49 - SS18: Citroën
The two C3s are through to the end of SS18 now, with Østberg finishing 2.6sec ahead of Breen.

Sun 09:48 - SS17: Arai
Hiroki Arai completes the stage now, he's lost time to Lefebvre on the class stadings - 1m 02.1sec behind the Frenchman now.

Sun 09:46 - SS17: Lefebvre
Stéphane is through to the stop control in the R5 version of the C3, he's 0.9sec faster than Tidemand through the stage.

Sun 09:45 - SS17: Pieniazek
The Polish Skoda driver is 5.5sec down on Tidemand across the line. The Swede's lead grows to 1m 35.7sec.

Sun 09:43 - SS17: Latvala
The Toyota driver completes this stage 4.7sec down on Ogier, but is focussing on the Power Stage this afternoon: "I'm now more focussing on the notes and the rocks and being careful on the tyres so they are better for the Power Stage."

Sun 09:40 - SS17: Ogier
The championship leader is fastest through the stage, he's 2.2sec up on Sordo through this run. "That's the only target we have for the weekend - five Power Stage points. It is great to see so many spectators, it is a magic place to rally."

Sun 09:38 - SS18
Without a minute to pause, we're onto the next stage. Here's a guide to what our crews can expect: Luilhas, 11.89km Luilhas begins on narrow roads with small banks on either side. It’s generally fast with some long straights. After a twisty section from 2.3km, the stage opens out and there are fast corners between huge boulders. At 9.5km it drops downhill before a sequence of hairpins to the finish.

Sun 09:37 - SS17: Mikkelsen
No holding back from Andreas, just 2.2sec off the stage-winning time. "We will try and go for as many points as we can. We're saving the good mapping for then."

Sun 09:36 - WRC standings after SS17
1. Neuville 3h 29m 08.9sec 2. Evans +39.3sec 3. Suninen +55.3sec 4. Sordo +1m 04.8sec 5. Lappi +1m 05.5sec

Sun 09:35 - SS17: Neuville
Neuville's running a managed rally today, he's got enough of a lead that he doesn't need to push too hard. He's 3.0sec down at the end of the stage. "It is just for safety, if I have a puncture I'll be safe with two tyres. On this stage I feel the rear is moving a lot, it is going to be difficult for the Power Stage."

Sun 09:31 - SS17: Evans
The Welshman is the next to join Molly Pettit at stage end, he's 3.3sec off the pace after this one. "Obviously I want some Power Stage points! But let's see what position we're in by the time we get to then."

Sun 09:29 - SS17: Sordo
The Hyundai driver comes through the flying finish now and he's 1.1sec faster than Lappi - he's back into fourth! "The stage before the car was sliding a lot on the rear, okay we have one tyre used at the beginning of the loop so we don't have many soft tyres. We lost quite a bit of time to Suninen on the first stage."

Sun 09:25 - SS17: Suninen
He took prisoners on the jump! Teemu just about keeps on the gravel and he's 0.3sec slower than Lappi - the gap still 10.2sec though. "I really want to be on the podium - we are pushing quite a lot."

Sun 09:22 - SS17: Lappi
Lappi's the fastest through the stage now, 6.7sec faster than Østberg. "It is a big battle but the gap is too big. I'm doing everything I can but I can't go faster. Teemu is doing a really good job."

Sun 09:19 - SS17: Østberg
A big leap for the Norwegian through the jump and he finishes now. "I lacked traction on the stage, it is no drama at all - the balance of the car is nice but it is too stiff for the first pass."

Sun 09:17 - SS17: Breen
The C3 briefly takes to the air, but Breen nails the landing cautious of not wanting to do any damage his car for the next three stages: "Not great to be honest, it is frustrating to be first on the road. I sound like a broken record but with nothing to fight for it is tough to be opening the road."

Sun 09:10 - SS17: Breen
Craig's well into the stage now, preparing for the Fafe jump!

Sun 09:03 - SS16: WRC 2
The top three in WRC 2 have finished now, Pontus Tidemand leads the way with Pieniazek 10.8sec down and Lefebvre 4.9sec slower.

Sun 09:02 - WRC standings after SS16
1. Neuville 3h 22m 23.0sec 2. Evans 39.0sec 3. Suninen 56.9sec 4. Lappi 1m 07.4sec 5. Sordo 1m 07.8sec

Sun 09:01 - SS17 guide
While we wait for WRC 2 to feed through SS16 let's see what Fafe has to offer: Fafe 1, 11.18km Fafe is one of the WRC’s iconic locations. It is all about the final 2km where tens of thousands of fans flock to two famous sections. They stand high on the hillside to view the cars heading downhill into a square left corner, before a small section of asphalt leads into a hairpin back onto gravel. Just before the finish is a stomach-churning jump. In the first few kilometres fans have painted the names of their favourite drivers on rocks that line the stage.

Sun 09:00 - SS16: Ogier
Ogier's time pops up now after a bit of a delay on the timing system - he's 12.4sec off the pace of the flying Finn.

Sun 08:59 - SS16: Latvala
Jari-Matti - the second of our Rally2 runners - comes through 3.4sec down

Sun 08:56 - SS16: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen slow through the stage as he continues to run with a slightly de-tuned engine ahead of this afternoon's Live TV Power Stage, he's 9.4sec off the fastest stage time.

Sun 08:55 - SS16: Neuville
Rally leader Thierry Neuville has lost some time on the stage, he's 5.6sec down on Lappi after this test. "I tried to stay on a good rhythm through the first few stages and then afterwards we'll see what we can do, but the most important thing for us is the Power Stage."

Sun 08:53 - SS16: Evans
Another Fiesta through the flying finish, Elfyn is 4.8sec down. "All ok, it was extremely slippery out there, a lot more loose than expected."

Sun 08:50 - SS16: Sordo
Dani's slipped to fifth overall, he is 6.2sec down on the stage and 0.4sec behind Lappi in the standings now. "I tried to do as well as possible but it is very slippery."

Sun 08:49 - SS16: Suninen
That battle for third, fourth and fifth is really looking tight. Suninen is 0.6sec slower than Lappi through the stage, the gap between them 10.5sec now with Sordo yet to complete. "Everything is tough but luckily it is only 0.6sec. It was soft on the first few corners, I just need to improve the driving and I believe we can do it."

Sun 08:46 - SS16: Lappi
The overnight stop hasn't blunted Lappi's speed, he's 10.9sec faster than anyone so far. "It is good to be ahead but one or two seconds is not going to be enough! We need more! It was a pretty nice drive."

Sun 08:45 - SS16: Østberg
The second Citroën is through the finish now, 0.3sec down on Breen after this one. "We have done a set-up for this afternoon, it doesn't feel good this morning but I knew the car would be too stiff and difficult - it should be good for the Power Stage though."

Sun 08:43 - SS16: Breen
The Irishman pulls into stop control now, just under six minutes after he started the test. "Very loose, it has been dry - no rain. So just driving through really. Let's see where we start on the road for the Power Stage."

Sun 08:39 - Start times
A reminder: Just two minute gaps between the cars today

Sun 08:35 - SS16: Breen
Craig Breen powers up the Citroën and gets the final day of action underway under what are blue skies and sunshine out on the stages!

Sun 08:34 - Stage info: SS16
Montim 1, 8.64km The shortest ‘proper’ stage should be popular with drivers. Most of it is on sandy-based medium to wide roads and is generally flowing. The biggest challenges are the handful of twisty, boulder-lined sections and a couple of corners hidden over crests. 

Sun 08:31 - Start list
1. Breen 2. Østberg 3. Lappi 4. Suninen 5. Sordo 6. Evans 7. Neuville 8. Mikkelsen 9. Ogier 10. Latvala

Sun 08:30 - Weather
It’s an overcast day at the Exponor service park, with temperatures in the mid-teens.

Sun 08:29 - Tyres
All crews have gone for five soft Michelin tyres except for Thierry Neuville who has taken six softs.

Sun 08:27 - J WRC update
Dennis Rådström has all but secured the Junior WRC win for this round as he kept it clean and tidy yesterday while his rivals faltered. He’s got a lead of 4m 03.7sec over second-placed Callum Devine with Enrico Oldrati in third.

Sun 08:24 - WRC 2 update
After his disappointing Friday, Pontus Tidemand stole the show yesterday as he claimed a clean sweep of stages on Saturday to move into the lead of the class. He’s got more than one minute in hand over Lukasz Pieniazek in second. Stéphane Lefebvre is third after a puncture on SS14 was compounded by braking and transmission issues on SS15. Early leader Gus Greensmith is eighth after he was forced to retire with broken suspension on the road section before the final stage.

Sun 08:23 - WRC update
Thierry Neuville is the man in the hot seat after a clean run through yesterday’s stages. Elfyn Evans is 39.8sec behind in second with his M-Sport Ford team-mate Teemu Suninen lying in third as Dani Sordo’s penalty has relegated him to fourth. Lappi is fifth, Østberg is sixth, Breen is seventh and Yazeed Al Rahji is eighth.

Sun 08:19 - Sunday itinerary
Five stages for the crews to tackle today. The day starts with the 8.64km Montim test before going to Fafe (11.18km), Luílhas (11.89km) and a second run of Montim before the famous Fafe test is repeated again as the Live TV Power Stage. It all gets underway at 8:35.

Sun 08:16 - Overnight news
We’ll start the day with some news shall we? Dani Sordo has dropped to fourth in the standings after he was given a 10sec penalty for dislodging two of the bales on a Porto Street Stage roundabout during SS8. Teemu Suninen is now third by 5.8sec with Lappi still in fifth but only 5.3sec behind the Hyundai driver.

Sun 08:13 - Olá Live Texters
It’s the final day of Vodafone Rally de Portugal and we’re preparing for two runs of the Fafe jump!

Sat 18:31 - Live Text
We'll be signing off from the Live Text now, news and reports from the day's six stages will be on WRC.com throughout the evening!

Sat 18:20 - WRC 2 standings after SS15
1. Tidemand 3h 29m 22.7sec 2. Pieniazek +1m 19.4sec 3. Lefebvre +2m 07.7sec 4. Loubet +2m 15.8sec 5. Arai +2m 54.2sec

Sat 18:13 - SS15: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet finishes his afternoon with the third fastest WRC 2 time through the stage and he's fourth in class now.

Sat 18:10 - SS15: Tidemand
Make that six wins out of six for Pontus, he's 15.2sec up on Pieniazek and 2m 29.4sec up on Lefebvre - that moves him into the lead!

Sat 18:08 - SS15: Lefebvre
Lefebvre has lost a lot of time on that stage, he's 2m 14.2sec down on Pieniazek and has slipped behind him in the class standings.

Sat 18:06 - WRC standings after SS15
1. Neuville 3h 16m 30.0sec 2. Evans +39.8sec 3. Sordo +57.2sec 4. Suninen +1m 01.9sec 5. Lappi +1m 13.0sec

Sat 18:04 - SS15: Solans
Solans stopped at 24.1km. Don't know the reason why at the moment.

Sat 18:04 - SS15: Pieniazek
Our first WRC 2 car breaks the timing beam at the flying finish and he's set a 26m 12.2sec for the rest of the class to aim for. "Today I didn't have luck, I got a puncture on the previous stage and now I need to keep pushing to secure our position on the podium."

Sat 17:59 - SS15: Latvala
Jari-Matti was faster than anyone through a handful of splits on that stage but ends up 4.0sec down on Ogier. "Yeah it was a good stage, I tried to push but I know I'm losing at the end - it is so rough and I'm just wanting to protect the car."

Sat 17:56 - SS15: Ogier
Ogier fastest through the stage now, 2.5sec up on Neuville. "Yeah it has been hard work. Everyone knows when you fight for nothing it is not much fun, but we were consistently fast this afternoon so at least there were some positives."

Sat 17:53 - SS15: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen reaches the end of the stage now, 15.2sec down on Neuville after a tough day for the Norwegian - forced to save his engine after issues yesterday. "I landed a bit on the front on this jump, I tried to go full on this one but we lost some time because of the engine power. I want to try and get as many points as possible on the Live TV Power Stage tomorrow.

Sat 17:50 - SS15: Neuville
The rally leader goes fastest! He's 8.1sec up on the rest of the field through this one. "I knew I could make the difference again here. I had a nice clean run, it is a beautiful stage. There are some wet corners and I can see some people went wide, I just braked early and turned in tighter."

Sat 17:48 - SS15: Heller
More issues for the WRC 2 class as Pedro Heller has stopped 6.4km into the stage

Sat 17:48 - SS15: Greensmith
Drama for Gus Greensmith, he's retired on the road stage heading towards SS15 with broken suspension on his Fiesta.

Sat 17:47 - SS15: Evans
Evans comes through to the end of this loop now, he lost a bit of time to Lappi on the closing split having been faster than the Finn until then. He ultimately loses 3.7sec by the time he gets to the finish. However, his lead over Sordo has grown to 17.4sec. "I wasn't entirely happy with the stage to be honest, felt the same as it did this morning in the second half. Overall, I'm happy with how the day has gone."

Sat 17:44 - SS15: Sordo
Dani Sordo has recovered some of the time lost early doors with his spin, losing 5.8sec to Lappi and retaining his advantage over Suninen by 4.7sec. "After that there is something strange on the car, when I come to the throttle it only goes to the rear and it spins. I know I can do better."

Sat 17:41 - SS15: Suninen
He's slower than Lappi! The gap has shrunk by 1.6sec to 11.1sec in the standings. Possibly not what the M-Sport Ford crew would have wanted going into Sunday and two runs over the formidable Fafe jump. He tells Emyr Penlan: "Wasn't the best run for me, at the beginning I was struggling the balance of the car when the hard and softs were crossed - I need to learn how to drive the car when it is like this."

Sat 17:38 - SS15: Lappi
He's half a minute up at the flying finish, 31.3sec up to be exact. How was SS15 for him? "I'm afraid it's not enough, the whole afternoon I've been flat-out. I've add had so many moments but I can't push any harder. I can't take any tenths out from Teemu or Dani."

Sat 17:36 - SS15: Østberg
The Norwegian has lost time to Breen on this stage having been green on all the splits, he crosses the line 0.3sec down. "It has been a tough day for sure. Today I think we managed the set-up well in the morning but in the afternoon not everything worked out from the changes we suggested. It is hard to do 38km when you are not happy with the car. Some sections are nice but at least I could enjoy the landscape!"

Sat 17:32 - SS15: Breen
End of the day for Breen, he's just arrived at stop control: "There was bits and pieces of rain, probably more at the start and the humidity was up at places. But we got through and got the day out of the way."

Sat 17:27 - SS15: Neuville
It looks like Neuville will be aiming for a repeat of his time on the first run of Amarante - he's the fastest man through the opening split.

Sat 17:24 - SS15: Suninen
However, Suninen isn't just matching but bettering his countryman's stage times. At 13.42km he's 2.7sec faster than Lappi

Sat 17:21 - SS15: Lappi
Lappi is on for a great time here, 11.6sec up on Breen at the fourth of nine splits on this 37.60km stage

Sat 17:18 - SS15: Sordo
A spin for Dani early on in this stage! He comes round a left-hander and the rear goes round on him.

Sat 17:17 - SS15: Suninen
In the battle of the flying Finns Teemu Suninen has claimed an early advantage, he's 0.5sec up on Lappi at the 3.74km split.

Sat 17:15 - SS15: Lappi
Esapekka is onto the stage and he's continuing his good form on today's stages, 0.3sec up on Østberg at the opening split.

Sat 17:14 - SS15: Weather watch
Heavy rain being reported at the finish line of this stage

Sat 17:06 - SS15: Craig Breen
Road-sweeper Craig Breen is back on duty for the final time today as he powers onto Amarante 2.

Sat 17:02 - SS13: Ken Torn
News from the J WRC: Ken Torn, who was lying in second has been forced to retire for the day on SS13 because of a broken driveshaft.

Sat 16:47 - WRC 2 standings after SS14
1. Lefebvre 2h 03m 04.0sec 2. Tidemand +21.7sec 3. Pieniazek +1m25.9sec 4. Greensmith +2m 04.6sec 5. Loubet +2m 04.7sec

Sat 16:42 - SS14: Loubet
Loubet completes SS14, and he's lost a place to Greensmith in the WRC 2 standings by just 0.1sec.

Sat 16:41 - WRC standings after SS14
1. Neuville 2h 51m 39.8sec 2. Evans 28.0sec 3. Sordo 43.3sec 4. Suninen 52.2sec 5. Lappi 1m 04.9sec

Sat 16:38 - SS14: Tidemand
Pontus has set the fastest time again, that's five-in-a-row for the Skoda Motorsport driver. It's also helped him pull to 21.7sec of the lead in class now.

Sat 16:34 - SS14: Lefebvre
Stéphane has lost time at the end now, it looks like the wet conditions could be causing some troubles for crews. He's 11sec slower than Greensmith.

Sat 16:33 - SS14: Pieniazek
He's through to the end of the stage now and it appears he's lost time towards the end. He was 6.0sec down at the final split but crosses the finish line 26.2sec behind.

Sat 16:30 - SS14: WRC 2
We're moving onto the support class now, with Gus Greensmith the first entrant to set a time.

Sat 16:29 - SS14: Latvala
He's been close to Thierry's pace, up by 0.3sec at the final split, and he's 0.6sec up at the finish. "Miikka and I were discussing the conditions, how much it had affected the cars ahead. It is important now that the car is fast and we can build things around it."

Sat 16:25 - SS14: Ogier
Sébastien Ogier is through the flying finish - he's only 0.8sec down on Neuville to go second on the stage. "There were some tricky corners towards the end, I made a small mistake on a first gear corner and lost a bit of time - maybe one or two seconds."

Sat 16:20 - SS14: Neuville
Neuville is the next to greet Colin Clark at stage end, he's gone top of the stage times by 4.4sec. His lead is 28sec: "I didn't know with the tyres in the abrasive parts so I pushed a bit more, I lost a bit too much in the first stage when I wasn't pushing as hard. I knew the last 30% of the stage was humid and then all of a sudden there was standing water."

Sat 16:17 - SS14: Evans
The Welshman sets the fastest time so far, 0.9sec up on his fellow Fiesta driver. That's given him a bit of extra time over Sordo, gap is now 15.3sec: "The grip was very low most of the way through and towards the end there were some corners which were like ice - I think I just about judged corners in time! I think we could have gone softer on the tyres but it's difficult when it's dry in the previous stage."

Sat 16:13 - SS14: Sordo
The Hyundai driver is just 0.3sec slower than Suninen through this stage, his advantage has been reduced but only to 8.9sec. "I tried to push like hell. In the middle of the stage the hard tyres worked really well. At the end I pushed like hell because it was moving at the rear - some standing water in places."

Sat 16:11 - SS14: Suninen
Teemu edges out Lappi on this stage, 0.9sec up on his countryman in their battle fourth. The gap now is 12.7sec. "It is hard to be faster than him, but hard tyres in the mud meant no grip at all. I think we were better in the mid-section when it was a bit drier."

Sat 16:08 - SS14: Lappi
Lappi continues his good turn of pace, finishing 14.5sec ahead of Breen. "It's really nice to be in the fight with a fellow Finn. Okay I don't know how this went, but it changed - damp like this, 200kph and under braking, it is quite a surprise!"

Sat 16:06 - SS14: Østberg
He's through to the stage end now, losing 47.9sec to Breen after his off. "I was caught out by the rain, it was raining in the beginning - very slippery on the hard tyres. On the bright gravel I couldn't see it was getting slippery."

Sat 16:02 - SS14: Østberg
He's managed to get going again thanks to some fan power!

Sat 16:01 - SS14: Østberg
Østberg stopped 16km into this stage, he ran wide on a right-hander and spectators pushed him back onto the road

Sat 15:57 - SS13: Tidemand
Tidemand continues his dominant display today, his fourth win on the spin on Friday. This time he's 5.5sec up on Lefebvre and that's closed the gap even more - just 43.9sec between the pair now.

Sat 15:54 - SS13: Lefebvre
Stéphane is continuing his good work in the C3 R5 and he comes into stop control 3sec up on his WRC 2 rivals. "I want to push to have a good gap tonight, I want to have a clean stage but I don't think the gap to Greensmith on this stage is not enough."

Sat 15:52 - SS13: Lukasz Pieniazek
The Pole is our second WRC 2 driver to come through - after Greensmith - he's 5.6sec down but the gap is still 1m 04.9sec between them. "We struggled on the first loop, we chose the wrong tyres. We have to keep pushing, the gap is not so big."

Sat 15:50 - SS13: Gus Greensmith
Greensmith throws up a lot of dust as he crosses the flying finish: "It felt horrible losing time this morning, we love and hate this sport at the same time. I'm pretty sure I can get back on the podium so I'm going to push hard and see what we can do."

Sat 15:48 - SS13: Jari-Matti Latvala
Jari-Matti becomes the second Yaris driver to finish this stage, 8.7sec down. "We're a bit optimistic with the hard tyre, obviously at this stage it would have been working better without the rain. It wasn't the greatest stage for myself but we learnt something."

Sat 15:46 - SS14
Craig Breen is about to tackle SS14, let's see what it has in store for him: Vieira do Minho 2, 17.50km The stage has a little of everything – sandy sections contrast with a clay surface and wide roads are followed by narrower stretches. Some parts have been regraded with dust and dirt placed on top and compacted. It winds its way between big boulders in the opening few kilometres while the finish section brings challenging corners which the drivers will relish.

Sat 15:45 - SS13: Ogier
Our championship leader was pretty downbeat this morning having been forced to restart under Rally 2. He's only 1.5sec down on his team-mate, he's acting as a sounding board this afternoon: "We've been talking in the service, they asked me how I'll be going and I told them I'm starting like this and they've done the same."

Sat 15:42 - SS13: Mikkelsen
Andreas, in his car where the engine has been tuned down a bit after his issues yesterday, is 11.1sec off the pace. "You always want to fight but it is how it is at the moment. We couldn't have done too much more."

Sat 15:39 - SS13: Neuville
Neuville leads the rally and his lead has been cut slightly on this run, 6.3sec down on Evans. But remember what happened this morning, he saved his tyres for a massive push on Amarante - is he doing the same again? "I don't know if harder tyres would have been better, I took it carefully under braking as it is quite rough."

Sat 15:36 - SS13: Evans
Elfyn is green through the splits, 4.4sec up on his stablemate at the final timing line and he's 5sec up on Suninen across the line! "It was a good run, I was happy with the stage. Maybe a bit aggressive in places but we'll be looking ahead to the next ones."

Sat 15:33 - SS13: Sordo
Dani pulls into the stop control, 4.1sec down on Suninen, his advantage over the Finn now just 9.2sec. "The car started to move on the rear a lot and I don't know if it is with hard tyres they are better at the end. I am surprised at the time, I thought it would be better."

Sat 15:30 - SS13: Suninen
Teemu isn't letting Lappi get too close in their battle for fourth! The M-Sport Ford driver is 0.6sec up - the gap between them is 11.8sec now. "That's rallying when we're driving on the limit! There's not so many places where we can gain a lot of time, the road is clearing so it is benefitting the cars behind but we are on the limit."

Sat 15:27 - SS13: Lappi
The Toyota driver has done a great time, 10.5sec faster than anyone through the stage so far. He says: "For sure our tyre choice for this one wasn't the best so I decided to give it everything. A bit of time isn't enough but I'm giving it my all."

Sat 15:24 - SS13: Østberg
He completes the stage, 0.8sec faster than the Irishman. He talks tyres as well: "The soft would help to get some more traction, but hopefully the hard will benefit us in the later stages."

Sat 15:21 - SS13: Breen
Breen crosses the line, and is asked about his choice of 4 soft and 2 hard tyres: "Maybe I got the tyre choice wrong! First on the road I thought my choice was better."

Sat 15:19 - SS13: Østberg
Back on the current stage, Mads is 3.1sec slower than his team-mate at the 7.43km split.

Sat 15:18 - SS7 Update
You may remember Mads Østberg and Teemu Suninen were given notional times after SS7 had to be stopped. They've been adjusted slightly, with Suninen given a 19m 39.6sec and Østberg has a 19m 37.9sec

Sat 15:14 - SS13: Lappi
Esapekka cracks his knuckles and powers onto the stage - the third to tackle the 17.50km on this leg.

Sat 15:07 - SS13: Breen
The clock strikes 15:08 and Breen powers his Citroën onto the stage to get the afternoon loop underway

Sat 15:05 - Eyes on the skies
Getting another report of rain now, this time 7.5km into the stage. This could be interesting!

Sat 15:02 - A reminder of standings
Thierry Neuville leads going into this afternoon loop, with Elfyn Evans 29.9sec behind in second and Dani Sordo 5sec further back. WRC 2 is led by Stéphane Lefebvre and Dennis Rådström leads in the J WRC

Sat 14:54 - Afternoon tyres
A mixed bag of selections for tyres this afternoon: Hyundai and Breen: 4 soft, 2 hard. Toyota and Østberg: 5 hard. M-Sport Ford: 3 hard, 2 soft.

Sat 14:52 - Weather report
It's sunny and breezy at the Porto service park, but not so at the end of Vieira do Minho. Our stage end reporter Molly Pettit has said dark clouds are rolling in and there are even a few drops of rain!

Sat 14:48 - We're back!
Ready and waiting for the start of SS13 in approximately 20 minutes time

Sat 12:26 - A break for now
With the cars heading back to Exponor for service, we'll take a break for now but we'll be back in time for SS13 at 15:08.

Sat 12:21 - WRC 2 standings after SS12
1. Lefebvre 2h 37m 10.0sec 2. Tidemand +49.4sec 3. Pieniazek +1m 02.1sec 4. Arai +1m 54.9sec 5. Loubet +2m 01.7sec 6. Greensmith +2m 12.6sec

Sat 12:18 - SS12: Arai
Greensmith is really falling down the order now, Toyota development driver Hiroki Arai slots himself in fourth, pushing Loubet to fifth and Greensmith to sixth.

Sat 12:17 - SS12: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet finishes third fastest on the stage in his Hyundai and pushes Greensmith down to fifth overall.

Sat 12:13 - SS12: Tidemand
There's a reason the Swede is the reigning WRC 2 champion, he's claimed a hat-trick of wins this morning and he's moved to second overall - 49.4sec behind Lefebvre. A great comeback from the Skoda Motorsport driver.

Sat 12:09 - SS12: Lefebvre
The Frenchman completes the morning loop and he's 26.2sec faster than Pieniazek - the gap between the pair now 1m 02.1sec in the overall standings.

Sat 12:07 - SS12: Pieniazek
The Polish Skoda driver extends his lead over Greensmith in the overall standings to 1m 10.5sec as he goes 8.5sec faster on the stage.

Sat 12:06 - WRC standings after SS12
1. Neuville 2h 27m 03.0sec 2. Evans +29.9sec 3. Sordo +34.9sec 4. Suninen +54.6sec 5. Lappi +59.4sec

Sat 12:03 - SS12: WRC 2
Our WRC 2 competitors are edging ever closer to the end of the stage now, and Lukasz Pieniazek broke the beam at the final split 9.0sec faster than Gus Greensmith

Sat 12:00 - SS12: Latavala
The Toyota driver rolls into stop control now, he completed that stage 6.6sec down on Neuville.

Sat 11:58 - SS12: Ogier
Ogier completes his morning now, 11.1sec slower than Neuville.

Sat 11:55 - SS12: WRC 2
WRC 2 cars are filtering well into the stage now, and at the fifth split Stéphane Lefebevre is 13.2sec up on Greensmith.

Sat 11:53 - SS12: Neuville
Neuville is the first driver to break the 25min barrier - he's 8.7sec faster than Lappi! "We made some small changes before the stage and obviously it is quite slippy in this one so I decided to push hard. It seems like the time is good. It is going to be rough this afternoon."

Sat 11:50 - SS12: Evans
Evans crosses the flying finish now and he's 8.5sec slower than Esapekka - and Thierry is 14sec faster at the final split! "Everything is fine but I could tell it wasn't going so well but didn't know what to do to change it. Didn't get any traction in the second half of that one."

Sat 11:47 - SS12: Sordo
Hyundai man Sordo is just 1.9sec off the lead time on this stage, a great time over the course of this 37.60km stage. "I do my best and I push in a good way. For me the stage was clean, I had a feeling like I would do well but Lappi is quite fast."

Sat 11:45 - SS12: Suninen
His gap over Lappi in the overall standings has dropped to 4.8sec as well.

Sat 11:44 - SS12: Suninen
The M-Sport Ford driver drops 4.5sec on that stage: "No real issues, just a few times late on the throttle but it has quite a big effect. It is so sandy that it isn't cleaning after one car or two cars."

Sat 11:41 - SS12: Lappi
Lappi is 11.8sec up on the fastest stage time as he reaches stop control. A good morning's work for him: "Everything is achievable, but there is a long afternoon coming up. We were maybe 15sec shy of the podium before this one but we'll see what happens. It is very sandy, but is the same for everyone I guess."

Sat 11:38 - SS12: Østberg
Mads is across the line 17.7sec faster than Breen, finishing his morning loop. "It is not easy to catch Lappi, every car on the road is helping and to be honest I don't want to risk anything. I'm just here to finish, I'm increasing my speed but he's increasing his as well."

Sat 11:36 - SS12: Neuville
Rally leader Thierry Neuville has completed 13.42km of this stage and he's done it faster than anyone, 2.6sec faster than Lappi. It seems his strategy of saving tyres on SS10/11 has worked for him at the moment.

Sat 11:33 - SS12: Meeke
On-board shows he goes for a left-hander and the rear of the car slides wide on him. Kris and Paul are both out of the car and OK.

Sat 11:30 - SS12: Meeke
He's off the road 31.1km into the stage. He's into the trees.

Sat 11:29 - SS12: Lappi
20.6km in, and Lappi remains the fastest man on the stage so far, he's 3.5sec up on Østberg and Meeke

Sat 11:26 - SS12: Suninen
Teemu has popped in a competitive third split, he's just 1.1sec down at this point in that tough battle for fourth place overall.

Sat 11:23 - SS12: Østberg
He's 0.4sec up on Meeke 13.42km into the longest stage of the rally, he's getting the advantage of his team-mates sweeping the road ahead of him.

Sat 11:19 - SS12: Lappi
Esapekka is 3.5sec up at the first of nine splits, while Østberg is the fastest of anyone at the third split 11.2km into Amarante

Sat 11:13 - SS12: Meeke
We've got three cars onto the stage now with the addition of Mads Østberg, and Meeke's pace notes are an interesting insight into how he and Paul Nagle work with the notes pointing out the "Second green tree" as they use everything they can to tackle this monster of a stage.

Sat 11:10 - SS12: Meeke
The red Citroën of Kris Meeke is next onto the stage - 3 minute gaps between our WRC cars today.

Sat 11:05 - SS12: Breen
Craig Breen gets the final stage of the morning loop underway now, 37.60km for him to tackle alongside Scott Martin

Sat 10:54 - Let's take a look at SS12:
Amarante 1, 37.60km The rally’s longest stage is a fraction shorter than in 2017. It’s wide, fast and flowing but there are plenty of corners among trees which are close to the road. The surface is smooth with a fine layer of gravel on top, but there are also short stretches of asphalt and cobbles. The middle section runs down one side of a valley before returning up the other side and offers great viewing for fans. Organisers have built small banks in places to prevent cutting.

Sat 10:51 - WRC 2 standings after SS11
1. Lefebvre 2h 10m 52.6sec 2. Pieniazek +35.9sec 3. Tidemand +57.9sec 4. Greensmith +1m 38.3sec 5. Arai +1m 43.6sec

Sat 10:49 - SS11: Greensmith
An update from Greensmith on his issues this morning: Greensmith: “Just a puncture on the left rear, but it debeaded another tyre in the process so we just need to drive slowly to make sure it doesn’t come off the rim.”

Sat 10:41 - SS11: Tidemand
But it looks like it could be a second stage win of the day for the Skoda Motorsport driver! Pontus is 7.3sec up at the finish - he's moved to third overall!

Sat 10:37 - SS11: Lefebvre
Stéphane has also had a great stage, he is 17.6sec up on Pieniazek and leads the class by 35.9sec

Sat 10:35 - SS11: Greensmith
Gus has lost more time to his rivals in the WRC 2 standings after this stage, Pieniazek has pulled away by another 34.8secs to be more than one minute ahead now.

Sat 10:32 - SS11: Latvala
He can't claim another stage win on this one, 4.5sec off Evans' stage-winning time. "It is good, on this stage I took it a little more careful because there are loose stones. I hit one at one point but thankfully it doesn't do too much damage. After yesterday they are scaring us a bit more than usual."

Sat 10:30 - WRC standings after SS11
1. Neuville 2h 02m 06.2sec 2. Evans +12.7sec 3. Sordo +24.3sec 4. Suninen +41.4sec 5. Lappi +50.7sec

Sat 10:29 - SS11: Ogier
6.6sec down on his team-mate on SS11. He said he found it hard to motivate himself on the last stage, has that changed at all? "There is no objective, just go ahead until tomorrow. Not using it as a test as we have nothing to test." Hmm, not really.

Sat 10:27 - Paddon update
An update from Hyundai: Hayden had a good night and he'll be released from hospital soon.

Sat 10:26 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Not a great run for Andreas, 17.4sec off the pace for him at the end of the stage "Finding a rhythm is okay, we are driving and it is important to finish, but we can't do much because the engine is so down on power."

Sat 10:23 - SS11: Neuville
The Belgian is losing time through the splits to Evans, he's 5.9sec slower than Evans on the stage and his lead overall is cut to 12.7sec. "Everything is okay, I was a bit too careful on the tyres. It is quite abrasive and we need them for the next stage." Well let's see if that pays off for Thierry on Amarante.

Sat 10:19 - SS11: Evans
Elfyn Evans has really got into the groove on this test, he's 2.8sec faster than Sordo! What's his view on that one? "It was a good run in the stage actually, I enjoyed the driving and the car was all good. The smooth roads help, it was so difficult yesterday with the conditions we had."

Sat 10:17 - SS11: Sordo
Sordo seems to have found some of that good feeling again in the i20, he's 5.2sec up through the stage. "I think the suspension was really soft after the first loop so we made a few minor changes and it is getting better now."

Sat 10:14 - SS11: Suninen
Teemu strikes back on this one, he's 2.6sec quicker than Lappi on the stage and he pulls away slightly in the overall standings - 9.3sec between them now. "I'd have liked a bit more of a gap over Lappi. The surface was quite aggressive so there was a bit of movement."

Sat 10:11 - SS11: Lappi
Just like the last stage, Esapekka puts in a flying time. This time he's 2.9sec up, he adds: "For sure it will be tight with Teemu. I have a good feeling, good rhythm, I don't want to take any risks. There is more grip today than there was yesterday."

Sat 10:08 - SS11: Østberg
Three C3s through the stop control now as Mads takes 1.2sec out of Meeke with his fastest stage time so far. "It's feeling quite constant so that is good, we're just trying to enjoy it and learn the car - increasing speed as the day goes on. Kris is a very good benchmark and I'm glad to be faster than him."

Sat 10:04 - SS11: Meeke
That disadvantage Breen has by being handed sweeper duties has benefited his team-mate, Meeke is 9.7sec up on his team-mate. "Road position, the first three-four cars there is a lot of sweeping. These stages last year were horrible but today I have a nice feeling - that's important."

Sat 10:02 - SS11: Breen
Jumping onto SS11, Craig Breen has got the second stage of the day under his belt. How's he feeling after that? "It's a bit like Monte, opening the road. The car feels really nice and the rhythm is good, just a shame I'm first on the road really."

Sat 10:00 - SS10: Tidemand
Pontus Tidemand is the fastest man on stage in WRC 2 now, he's 4.5sec faster than Lefebvre and is just 19.3sec behind Greensmith in the overall standings

Sat 09:56 - SS10: Lefebvre
And now the C3 R5 driver claims the class lead! He finishes 18.8sec ahead of the Pole and he takes class lead by 18.3sec

Sat 09:55 - SS10: Greensmith
Greensmith's issues early in the stage have cost him the lead of WRC 2 as Lukasz Pieniazek is 1m 01.9sec up on the Brit. Pieniazek takes the lead of the class by 27.6sec as it stands, but Stéphane Lefebvre could also gain a position as well.

Sat 09:51 - SS10: Latvala
Jari-Matti logs the fastest time! He's 2.4sec faster than Neuville on this stage, oh what could have been if he hadn't had his issues yesterday. "Very pleased with things, here today I can confirm the car is very good. We had to change some things because of the suspension damage yesterday but the car is good."

Sat 09:48 - SS11
We're still waiting for our last WRC cars to filter through, but we're already onto the next one as Craig Breen launches onto the Cabeceiras de Basto stage

Sat 09:48 - SS10: Ogier
The championship leader is at stop control now, he finished that stage 2.3sec down - the fourth fastest time for him. "There is no target unfortunately, it is a day where it is difficult for motivation."

Sat 09:45 - SS10: Greensmith
Our WRC 2 leader had briefly stopped at the 3km but he's going again.

Sat 09:45 - SS10: Mikkelsen
Andreas is back in the game today after his engine issues forced him to stop on SS7. He is 6.8sec down at the end of this one. "Driving wise it is okay, but it is lacking in power. It's because of what happened yesterday, we had to make some changes to make it last."

Sat 09:42 - SS10: Neuville
Rally leader Thierry Neuville finishes SS10 now, and he's fastest! He's 0.2sec ahead of Lappi at the finish. "That's enough! It was a good stage, I tried to be careful in places as it is quite slippy in parts. It was ok."

Sat 09:39 - SS10: Evans
Elfyn is the next through to stop control and he's just 0.7sec slower, great time for him. He's happy with that: "It was quite slippery in places, the car was sliding quite a lot. I would say the grip is less than we had yesterday. Definitely hope I can stay ahead of Dani!" Well he's got a gap of 8.8sec over the Spaniard at the moment.

Sat 09:36 - SS10: Dani Sordo
The first Hyundai through the stage is Dani Sordo, he's 2.9sec down on Lappi as he breaks the timing beam at the flying finish. He tells Molly Pettit: "We don't have the same feeling in the car as we did yesterday, it was quite slippery out there."

Sat 09:33 - SS10: Suninen
Teemu can't match Lappi's pace, he's 4.7sec down as he slots into second fastest through the stage. "It wasn't the best run, I wasn't flat out pushing. I need to be on the limit to get the best times."

Sat 09:30 - SS10: Lappi
Blimey Esapekka! He's 5.8sec up on the Norwegian after a great run in the Yaris. "All the drivers in front of me are behind already so I don't need to focus on them so much. Not the perfect run, but ok I am satisfied."

Sat 09:27 - SS10: Østberg
Mads pulls into stop control and he's taken advantage of the road sweeping of his team-mates. He's 1.3sec up. "It was a good stage, a nice feeling in there. A good rhythm and I felt good."

Sat 09:24 - SS10: Meeke
Meeke is 11.1sec up as he crosses the finish. He says: "I'm enjoying my driving - even yesterday. I'm enjoying being the car, I remember this stage last year was horrific but now I can really get my teeth into it."

Sat 09:21 - SS10: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi is powering his way through the gravel roads here, he's 5.1sec up at the opening split - 1.2sec faster than Meeke

Sat 09:19 - SS10: Meeke
Kris is on for a good time, he's 4.9sec up on Breen at the 7.43km split.

Sat 09:15 - SS10: Meeke
The second of three Citroëns at the top of the road order gets well into the stage now as Kris Meeke gets his day underway in a completely repaired C3 after his tyre issues yesterday afternoon

Sat 09:10 - SS10: Breen
Craig Breen gets our competitive action underway as he powers his Citroën onto the stage

Sat 09:07 - Let's take a look at SS10:
Vieira do Minho 1, 17.50km The stage has a little of everything – sandy sections contrast with a clay surface and wide roads are followed by narrower stretches. Some parts have been regraded with dust and dirt placed on top and compacted. It winds its way between big boulders in the opening few kilometres while the finish section brings challenging corners which the drivers will relish.

Sat 09:05 - Weather
It’s another beautiful day in Portugal with blue skies and the sun shining. It’s a bit on the cool side this morning, but the temperature will rise up into the 20s as the day goes on.

Sat 09:04 - Tyres
All the WRC competitors have taken five soft Michelin tyres for the morning loop.

Sat 09:01 - Road order
1. Breen 2. Meeke 3. Østberg 4. Lappi 5. Suninen 6. Sordo 7. Evans 8. Neuville 9. Mikkelsen 10. Ogier 11. Latvala

Sat 09:00 - Saturday’s itinerary
Six stages make up Saturday’s action with crews tackling the 17.50km Vieira do Minho, 22.22km Cabeceiras de Basto and 37.60km Amarante stages twice. The first stage starts at 9:08 local time with the afternoon loop starting at 15:08.

Sat 08:56 - Junior WRC
It’s a battle of the Swedes at the top of the J WRC as Dennis Rådström holds a 5sec lead of Emil Bergkvist with Ken Torn occupying the last step of the podium as it stands. Issues for Julius Tannert and Jean-Baptiste Franceschi have forced them to restart under Rally 2 for today, with Corsica podium finisher Terry Folb retiring from the rally.

Sat 08:53 - WRC 2 update
It was an equally busy day in the WRC 2 class yesterday as Pontus Tidemand lost time on the opening stage of the day with a puncture and proceeded to mount a fight back up the order. He’s fifth after a double win on the Porto Street Stage. Gus Greensmith is the class leader, he’s got 34.3sec in hand over Lukasz Pieniazek with Stéphane Lefebvre third after a puncture of his own in the Citroën C3 R5.

Sat 08:50 - Retirement update
Yesterday featured a number of retirements for our WRC crews. Jari-Matti Latvala, Sébastien Ogier and Andreas Mikkelsen all restarting after their various issues but Hayden Paddon won’t as he was kept in hospital overnight as a precaution but his condition is ok. Ott Tänak was our first retiree and he won’t be restarting either.

Sat 08:47 - The standings
Thierry Neuville is our overnight leader, the Hyundai driver has a 17.7sec lead over M-Sport Ford’s Elfyn Evans with Dani Sordo third, Teemu Suninen fourth and Esapekka Lappi in fifth.

Sat 08:44 - Good morning
Well what a day Friday was! There was action throughout the WRC order - it was real blink and you’ll miss it stuff.

Fri 20:13 - Live text
We're going to sign off from the Live Text tonight while we wait for times to be adjusted. Keep checking WRC.com for news and reports from today as they come through!

Fri 20:08 - WRC standings after SS9
1. Neuville 1h 37m 30.7sec 2. Evans +17.7sec 3. Sordo +24.3sec 4. Lappi +45.8sec 5. Meeke +1m 18.7sec 6. Breen +2m 27.3sec.

Fri 20:07 - WRC standings after SS9
Following is a provisional top six, but this doesn't include drivers like Suninen and Østberg who are waiting for notional times to be awarded after the stoppage of SS7. This could all turn around after the confusion has been resolved!

Fri 19:57 - SS9: Evans
Evans flies into stop control 4.5sec slower than Neuville. "We definitely have to try but Thierry has taken a lot in two stages with his soft tyres. We need to push harder tomorrow, hopefully the road order should be similar to today for us."

Fri 19:53 - SS9: Lappi
Esapekka onto the final stage of the day and he finishes 5.5sec down. "Safely and safely! It has been one of the roughest rally afternoons of my career, even Argentina was no match for this. It is really nice to be here, for sure not the best day in the end but we will try and improve tomorrow."

Fri 19:49 - SS9: Meeke
Kris Meeke is back out in his three-wheeled C3. He can't donut as well as the others but he's through to the end of the stage now 32.2sec slower than Neuville. A remarkably small gap all things considered. "I don't know what I have to do, nothing is going for me at the minute."

Fri 19:45 - SS9: Sordo
Wafer thin margins in this one! Sordo is just 0.1sec slower than his team-mate on the final stage of the day. He said: "I think it is important for tomorrow now I'm third. Like I say before it was difficult with the tyres but we are here now."

Fri 19:41 - SS9: Neuville
1m 46.8sec for him this time round - 1.9sec faster than his last effort. "We are really happy, we made some improvement in the car and I was able to push really hard. Finally the tyre choice, probably not the best, but it seems to have worked here. It is a good day for us with Ogier out, but obviously it is a shame for them."

Fri 19:35 - SS9: Neuville
So we're back round for another go as SS8 becomes SS9, Neuville first out once again.

Fri 19:34 - SS8: Breen
Breen with the third fastest time now, 4.4sec slower than Neuville. "Just gutted, another opportunity to lead a rally and we lost it. Just need to focus on tomorrow now."

Fri 19:31 - SS8: Evans
Next onto the cobbles is Elfyn Evans. He puts in the third fastest time, 5.9sec off the fastest time. "No it's been very high attrition. We kept out of trouble, okay we haven't been perfect everywhere but we're here. The boys on softs are making us look stupid now!"

Fri 19:25 - SS8: Lappi
The only Toyota running powers through the stage at the hands of Esapekka Lappi. The rear damper damage is causing the car to bump up and down quite badly and a spin loses him some more time, but he makes it through 7.3sec down on Neuville.

Fri 19:23 - SS8: Meeke
Understandably he's quite slow through this one, 34.9sec off the pace. He doesn't stop to chat this tome round.

Fri 19:20 - SS8: Meeke
Meeke doesn't have any rubber on that rear-left tyre! He's going round the streets on just the rim

Fri 19:19 - SS8: Sordo
He knocks a few obstacles out of the way on that run, but Sordo completes the test 0.4sec down on Neuville: "I made a mistake in the tyre choice, I looked at the tyres after the first stage this afternoon and I can't believe I'm here."

Fri 19:15 - SS8: Neuville
Neuville weaves his way through the Porto streets and he comes into stop control now. He says: "Today is not finished, we have to do this stage one more time. This day was tough and we managed to stay out of trouble - a risky tyre choice which was maybe not great but we made it work."

Fri 19:11 - SS8: Neuville
Our rally leader Thierry Neuville gets us underway on this pleasant evening as he accelerates down the hill at stage start

Fri 19:08 - SS8: Delay
We've got an eight minute delay to the original start time of 19:03.

Fri 18:59 - Stage info: SS8 & 9
Porto Street Stage, 1.95km Friday ends with two passes through a street stage in the centre of Porto, which will attract huge crowds. The stage, which replaces a similar test in Braga last year, follows a different route to the 2016 version.

Fri 18:59 - We're back
It's not long now until we get onto the brand new Porto street stage, we've got two runs of this in quick succession to round out a frantic first full day

Fri 18:28 - Live Text
We're going to take a short break before the start of the Porto street stage in approximately an hour's time

Fri 18:20 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen's car is being brought back to service after stopping on stage with a technical issue. He'll miss SS8 and SS9.

Fri 18:18 - WRC standings after SS7
1. Neuville 1h 33m 55.2sec 2. Evans 7.3sec 3. Meeke 11.6sec 4. Sordo 23.8sec Remaining positions are unconfirmed pending the decision to award notional times to those drivers delayed at the incident involving Hayden Paddon

Fri 18:09 - SS7: Paddon
Confirmation from Hyundai on Twitter: Car #6 suffered an impact after 2.4km and blocked the stage. Crew exited the car on their own. Hayden Paddon taken to hospital for precautionary check. Updates to follow.

Fri 17:58 - SS7
Medical crews are attending the scene but no further information is currently available

Fri 17:56 - SS7 stopped
The stage has been stopped following an incident with Hayden Paddon.

Fri 17:48 - SS7: Breen
Breen completes now, 2m 24.6sec off Neuville's benchmark. "Puncture, rear puncture right at the start of the stage. I tried to chance it and carry on but had to stop and change it."

Fri 17:44 - SS7: Evans
Evans is through now, 3.9sec down on Neuville but second fastest on the stage. "No problems, but very difficult, very rough. We'll see what the others are doing to properly judge it. Very difficult conditions."

Fri 17:41 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has stopped again, Evans' on-board shows the Hyundai driver at the side of the road and Andreas is back under the bonnet of the car

Fri 17:39 - Breen
Breen's continued, he's setting splits again

Fri 17:37 - SS7: Lappi
Esapekka completes now, 14.9sec down on Neuville. "On this one I didn't have any new problems, on the beginning of the previous one the damper spilt oil and the time is not crazy bad. Plus, we are here."

Fri 17:35 - SS7: Meeke
Kris reaches stage end and he's missing quite a bit of trim around his front-left tyre. He's getting out for a closer look. Colin Clark points out his issues with the front-left and he's not too happy with that. No comments from him, he just drives off. 9.7sec down on the leader for him.

Fri 17:31 - SS7: Breen
Breen has also stopped, he has stopped at the 5.4km mark.

Fri 17:31 - SS7: Paddon
Paddon has stopped 2.4km into the stage.

Fri 17:30 - SS7: Sordo
The Spaniard managed to get his way to the finish, 29.7sec down on his Hyundai team-mate. "I lost the tyres, I don't know. It was really bad on the soft tyres today."

Fri 17:27 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen's issues don't look like they've been resolved, he's 49.0sec slower than Neuville at the second split.

Fri 17:26 - SS7: Neuville
Neuville pulls up to the stop control, adjusts his glasses, and tells Colin Clark: "I felt like I'd used all the tyre. I pushed very hard, the car was working nice, I went up with the ride-height and tried to save a bit of the car. I changed the diff mapping as well and I feel better in the car."

Fri 17:24 - SS7: Meeke
Meeke is taking the fight to Neuville on this stage, at the third and fourth splits he matched the Hyundai's time

Fri 17:21 - SS7: Sordo
Sordo's decision to go with all soft tyres might be coming back to haunt him here as he passes the 15.47km split 14.1sec down on Neuville

Fri 17:17 - SS7: Meeke
Kris is also slower than Neuville through the first split, 2.4sec off the pace

Fri 17:13 - SS7: Sordo
We're starting to get splits in now, with Sordo 4.5sec slower than Neuville at the opening timing line.

Fri 17:11 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Andreas is getting back into the car now, and he is just starting to pull away towards the in control for SS7

Fri 17:09 - SS6: Tidemand
Pontus has reached the end of the stage, but Gus Greensmith has just come through as well and the Brit is 1m 10.7sec up on the Swede

Fri 17:06 - SS7: Mikkelsen
He's not quite onto the stage, but Mikkelsen is digging around under the bonnet of his Hyundai on the road section between SS6 and SS7

Fri 17:05 - WRC standings after SS6
1. Paddon 1h 14m 21.4sec 2. Sordo +3.2sec 3. Breen +4.4sec 4. Neuville +9.1sec 5. Meeke +11.0sec

Fri 17:03 - SS7: Ponte de Lima
SS7 is getting underway any minute now. It's a repeat of the 27.54km Ponte de Lima stage, the longest of the day.

Fri 17:02 - SS6: Suninen
Great time for Suninen, he's just 0.2sec off the fastest time at the end of the stage. "I tried, but still I lost a few tenths but it looks like we need to drive flat out and hope for the best. The next one is a long stage and it is difficult to make all the corners perfectly."

Fri 17:01 - SS6: Østberg
Citroën's third driver is through now, 10.2sec down on his team-mate. His car was smoking as it pulled into stop control. "The car is burning somewhere, during the stage I thought something would happen but on we go."

Fri 16:58 - SS6: Paddon
Hayden's the next over the flying finish and he's 4.5sec down on Neuville & Breen's benchmark. "We're trying to play the long game with tyres at the moment, there's no right choice with tyres at the moment. We've got softs on board which probably isn't the right choice - it seemed like it was when we left the service park!"

Fri 16:56 - SS6: Breen
Craig matches Neuville's time through the stage, a 10m 35.5sec.

Fri 16:54 - SS6: Evans
Storming stage for Elfyn, he's just 2.1sec slower than Neuville across the line. He adds: "It was very rough, clean enough run though. There were places where you could take more risks but it was about balancing that with a clean run."

Fri 16:52 - SS6: Lappi
The last remaining Toyota of Esapekka Lappi is through to the end 11.4sec down on Neuville, but he has some damage as well: "The car is definitely better but unfortunately the rear damper is fully broken."

Fri 16:51 - SS6: Meeke
A rear-left puncture for Meeke, he's 18.5sec off the pace coming through the flying finish. "That happened about 3km into the stage and just carried it all the way. It delaminated towards the end. It was so rough - my god!"

Fri 16:49 - SS6: Sordo
Sordo comes through and he's 8.8sec slower than his team-mate. "I drive very slow now, three tyres are okay but I think the rim on one of them is broken. I need to go slow, I made a mistake taking the soft tyres. After the first stage it was really, really bad. We need to finish the loop, and for that we need to go slow."

Fri 16:47 - SS6: Mikkelsen
He doesn't stop to chat to Emyr Penlan at stage end, he carries on instead.

Fri 16:45 - SS6: Mikkelsen
It's a power-steering issue for Mikkelsen, he's 33.2sec down on Neuville at the final split and his brow is understandbly covered in sweat

Fri 16:44 - SS6: Neuville
The Belgian pulls into stop control now: "Very rough I have to say, many, many surprises on this stage. I tried my best, I didn't think about what happened on the stage before and I tried to save a bit on the car."

Fri 16:42 - SS6: Mikkelsen
He's lost even more time at the third split, he's 17.6sec down on Neuville 11.05km in

Fri 16:41 - SS6: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has broken the beam at the 7.08km split and he's 1.8sec down on his team-mate Neuville

Fri 16:32 - SS5: Lefebvre
Back on SS5 though, Stéphane Lefebvre has lost his lead in WRC 2 as he finished the stage 50.4sec down on Tidemand. That's given Greensmith a promotion, with a 21.8sec lead for him. Lukasz Pieniazek is third just 5.9sec behind the Frenchman.

Fri 16:29 - SS6
The action doesn't stop here in Portugal and in three minutes Thierry Neuville will take to Caminha for the second time, but his first as road sweeper after Ogier's off on SS5

Fri 16:27 - SS5: Arai
Hiroki Arai goes third fastest now, just a 12sec deficit to Tidemand for the second Tommi Mäkinen Racing driver

Fri 16:25 - SS5: Loubet
The Hyundai i20 R5 driver slots himself into third overall for the stage, albeit 20.3sec off Tidemand's stage-winning time

Fri 16:24 - SS5: Katsuta
The Tommi Mäkinen Racing driver has lost a lot of time between the final split and the flying finish. He was 50.6sec slower at the split, but his finishing time is 3m 50.2sec down on the leader

Fri 16:19 - SS5: Huttunen
It would seem Huttunen has lost some time out on stage, he's 2m 55.55sec off Tidemand's pace at the penultimate split

Fri 16:15 - SS5: Heller
Chilean Pedro Heller is the third WRC 2 car to log a time, 29.5sec off Tidemand's

Fri 16:11 - SS5: Al Rahji
Yazeed is the final WRC car to put a time on the board and he's 1m 32.8sec down in his previous generation World Rally Car

Fri 16:09 - SS5: Greensmith
Gus is through now in his Fiesta R5 and he's 1.1sec down on Tidemand

Fri 16:07 - SS5: Tidemand
The Fabia R5 driver is our first WRC 2 car through to stage end and he's done it in 16m 18.0sec

Fri 16:06 - Malcolm Wilson on Ogier's off
"We weren’t expecting that, he had a great run this morning and he was doing okay this afternoon. He was pushing to try and get a good road position for tomorrow. Not sure what’s happened, whether something is broke or whether it was something else. We’ve seen what the commentators have seen as well and it looks quite strange, whether it was the surface or a loose rock."

Fri 16:05 - WRC standings after SS5
1. Meeke 1h 03m 38.4sec 2. Sordo +1.9sec 3. Paddon +3.0sec 4. Mikkelsen +10.4sec 5. Breen 11.9sec

Fri 16:02 - SS5: Suninen
M-Sport Ford's Finn comes into stop control and he's third fastest - 1.4sec slower than Meeke. "It was quite okay run, a few mistakes meant I good have gone a bit faster though."

Fri 16:01 - SS5: Østberg
The Citroën of Mads Østberg slots into second, just 0.8sec off Meeke's time. A good run for the Norwegian as he gives the manufacturer a 1-2-3 on the stage at the moment. "It's really amazing, the car felt really good in there. The team explained to me how the buttons are working so I can fiddle with it a bit during the stage. Thanks to them for showing me that. I still know how to drive as well which is nice."

Fri 15:58 - SS5: Paddon
The Kiwi is 2.8sec down as he reaches stop control, he's still third overall as it stands. "It is pretty hard on the car that's for sure, probably hard on the tyres as well. We've got a few softs which probably aren't ideal."

Fri 15:56 - SS5: Breen
Breen goes second fastest - 1.7sec down, those hard tyres working well for him it seems. "Starting to get back in the rhythm, but it's rough! One or two sloppy mistakes but it is a lot better."

Fri 15:54 - SS5: Evans
Elfyn has set a decent time through this stage, just 2.2sec slower than Meeke. "Not too bad this afternoon, struggled a lot to get the hard to work early on. Perhaps not patient enough at the beginning. Hards were maybe the right choice."

Fri 15:53 - SS5: Lappi
The Toyota driver seems a lot faster this afternoon, he's just 1.9sec down on Meeke's marker. He's made changes to the car in service, did they work though? "I think so, a lot more grip to be honest. The road is getting cleaner as well, hard to say for tomorrow morning but at the moment it is better."

Fri 15:51 - SS5: Meeke
Kris finishes now, 4.5sec up on Mikkelsen: "Everyone has went with a dolly mixture of tyres! I've gone for four hards. Sorry for Ogier - but it makes it interesting."

Fri 15:49 - SS5: Sordo
Dani Sordo makes it a trio of Hyundais through the flying finish and he's 2.0sec slower than Mikkelsen. He's out looking at the tyres at the stop control: "The tyres are destroyed!"

Fri 15:47 - SS5: Mikkelsen
The Norwegian completes SS5, 7.3sec faster than Neuville. "It was a clean stage, warmer than expected so I'l have to look at my tyres later, hards might be the way to go. There are a lot of rocks, there are so many of them."

Fri 15:45 - SS5: Neuville
The Belgian reaches stop control now, what's his view after that one? "The weekend is still long, the conditions are much rougher than expected. I tried to take care of the car, we need to look at the next stages and see if we need to make any changes."

Fri 15:41 - SS5: Meeke
Meeke is getting even faster, he's 5.5sec faster than Ogier's benchmark at the 12.3km split - 5.1sec faster that Neuville

Fri 15:38 - SS5: Meeke
Further down the order, Meeke is 2.9sec up on the time Ogier had set at split two, the fastest of anyone through that point

Fri 15:37 - Ogier
Ogier has stopped! He's gone off the side of the stage 17km in.

Fri 15:34 - SS5: Mikkelsen
He's upped his pace through the second split, a full second up on Ogier

Fri 15:32 - SS5: Mikkelsen
The second Hyundai is through split one now, he's 0.1sec slower than his team-mate

Fri 15:30 - SS5: Neuville
Thierry passes the 4.67km split and he's 0.9sec up on Ogier at the moment

Fri 15:25 - SS5: Ogier
Ogier powers his Fiesta onto the stage now and gets his afternoon underway.

Fri 15:22 - Tyre information for this afternoon
A mixed selection from the WRC crews this afternoon: All Citroën drivers & Teemu Suninen: 5 hard Lappi & Evans: 4 hard and 1 soft Ogier, Mikkelsen & Paddon: 3 hard and 2 soft Neuville: 6 soft Sordo: 5 soft

Fri 15:18 - Ott Tänak
An update from Toyota: Ott Tänak has been forced to retire from the rally because of the damage his car sustained on SS2.

Fri 15:15 - SS5
SS5 is a repeat of the Viano do Castelo stage that served as this morning's opening test.

Fri 15:11 - We're back
After a trip to the service park, the Live Text is back up and running ready for the afternoon loop of stages.

Fri 12:21 - Technical break
With the WRC 2 field completing SS4, we'll take a break on the Live Text. But we'll be back for SS5 which is scheduled to start at 15:25

Fri 12:20 - WRC 2 standings after SS4
1. Lefebvre 50m 42.0sec 2. Greensmith +27.5sec 3. Pieniazek +34.3sec 4. Huttunen +53.3sec 5. Nordgren +1m 07.9sec

Fri 12:18 - SS4: WRC 2
The last two WRC 2 cars finish the stage now, Benito Guerra is 43.4sec slower than Tidemand while Simone Tempestini is 3m 50.1sec down on the stage winner.

Fri 12:13 - SS4: Nordgren
Juuso Nordgren - Tidemand's team-mate this weekend - finishes the morning loop 11sec down on the Swede

Fri 12:08 - SS4: Andolfi
Meanwhile, Fabio Andolfi has completed the stage more than seven minutes off the pace.

Fri 12:07 - SS4: Lefebvre
The Frenchman, competing in Citroën's C3 R5 for the first time on gravel this weekend, goes second fastest on SS4, 15sec down on Tidemand

Fri 12:06 - SS3: J WRC update
An update from the Junior WRC from SS3 - Terry Folb and Jean-Baptiste Franceschi are both listed as mechanical retirements.

Fri 12:03 - SS4: Loubet
Pierre Louis-Loubet looks to have had an issue on Ponte de Lima, he's 1m 59.3sec slower than Tidemand and as things stand he's slipped quite a way down the order.

Fri 11:59 - SS4: WRC 2
No one can beat Tidemand's benchmark time so far, Lukasz Pieniazek completes the stage 25.9sec down on the Skoda driver and Jari Huttunen is 29.6sec off the pace.

Fri 11:53 - SS4: Heller
Pedro Heller is only just holding on to his position in WRC 2 after that stage, he finished 53.7sec down on Tidemand. That's allowed the Swede to move to within 2.2sec of the Chilean.

Fri 11:50 - WRC standings after SS4:
1. Sordo 48m 02.4sec 2. Meeke +4.6sec 3. Paddon +4.8sec 4. Ogier +7.3sec 5. Neuville +9.4sec

Fri 11:48 - SS4: Tidemand
WRC 2 points leader Pontus Tidemand looks to be back on the pace in this stage, he's 36.5sec up on Greensmith after this test.

Fri 11:47 - Latvala update
Kaj Lindström has also given an update on Jari-Matti: " We got a message that the right-front suspension is broken and he can’t continue. The damper is broken but we should be in a better position compared to Argentina because it sounds like it is just the damper. He said it was just a hole he went over and it broke the damper. We’ll have to check the on-board to make sure how it happened.”

Fri 11:43 - Tänak
WRC All Live caught up with Ott Tänak in the service park: “Obviously we have an engine issue, we had to stop on the stage and it wasn’t possible to continue. Basically we had a leak in the radiator after hitting a rock. It was interesting, a spectator point with lots of loose rocks. I don’t believe we will be back because the engine is broken.”

Fri 11:40 - SS4: Al Rahji
Our last WRC car comes through to the end of the stage now with Yazeed Al Rahji finishing 1m 55.5sec off the leaders.

Fri 11:39 - SS4 times
We've had more times come through now: Paddon has dropped 6.8sec to his team-mate, Østberg has finished 15.7sec off the pace and Suninen wasn't happy after that stage, he lost 17.3sec on SS4.

Fri 11:36 - SS4: Breen
Breen comes through 10.9sec slower than Sordo: "Grip is getting worse and worse, it is like the beach. You can't put any energy into the ruts because they are just so soft."

Fri 11:31 - Ott Tänak update
Ott Tänak has said he think's he'll be retiring from the rally, but Kaj Lindstrom has confirmed Toyota will bring the car back and inspect it before the team makes a final decision.

Fri 11:31 - SS4: Evans
Elfyn is 15.4sec off the pace as he reaches Colin Clark who is at stage end for WRC All Live. What's his view on that test? "Not so happy with that time, feeling was okay but the car was moving around a lot more. You can only do so much with the grip you've got. We'll have to look to work with what we've got."

Fri 11:28 - SS4: Suninen
The Fiesta driver is looking good through the splits, he's just 0.7sec down on Sordo's benchmark 15.47km in to this one.

Fri 11:27 - SS4: Lappi
Esapekka has had a tough SS4, he's 12.9sec down on Sordo through the 27.54kms "Yeah, it would be nice to know what to do. I was completely flat-out but I just don't have grip. I'm on the limit all the time, we just don't have grip."

Fri 11:25 - SS3: Latvala
Toyota have confirmed that it's broken suspension for Jari-Matti Latvala.

Fri 11:24 - SS4: Meeke
The rally leader coming into this stage, he's lost quite a bit of time on this test - 8.2sec down on Sordo. "My rhythm wasn't so good on this one." Quite a simple explanation from Meeke.

Fri 11:22 - SS4: Sordo
Third Hyundai finishes now as Dani Sordo wheels into stop control now, 0.3sec faster than Mikkelsen: "I was pushing like hell, I didn't make any mistakes and with this road I couldn't do much better. I'm happy, okay time is a bit close to the others but that's alright."

Fri 11:20 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Andreas powers his way through the flying finish now, 1.5sec up and the fastest man through the stage. He says: "It is getting better, the rhythm is going better and better and the car is working really nice."

Fri 11:16 - SS4: Neuville
Neuville's also come through now, his sea of green in the splits hasn't translated to a fastest stage time, he's 0.3sec slower across the line. "It's really difficult to get the car turning, I struggle a little bit with this. It is difficult to go quicker than Ogier but I'm trying."

Fri 11:14 - SS4: Ogier
Ogier's through the end of this morning loop of stages now. How is he feeling after four stages? "I was quite happy, at least with my drive, not with the conditions - but that's what I expected." He's expecting it to be hot this afternoon!

Fri 11:10 - SS4: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi has made a positive start on this stage, he's matched Thierry Neuville's fastest time at the opening split.

Fri 11:09 - SS4: Sordo
Dani Sordo is 1.0sec up on Ogier's benchmark at the second of six splits on this stage.

Fri 11:09 - SS3: Heller
Pedro Heller is the third WRC 2 car to finish SS3 and he's 19.5sec down on Greensmith

Fri 11:05 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Andreas breaks the beam at the second split and he's fastest of anyone so far - 1.5sec up on Ogier 8.43km into this test.

Fri 11:03 - SS3: Greensmith
The Brit is finding good pace on the sandy gravel of Caminha - he's 5sec faster than Tidemand.

Fri 11:01 - SS3: Tidemand
Pontus Tidemand finishes SS3 now and is the first WRC 2 car to set a time.

Fri 11:00 - SS4: Neuville
Splits are coming in from SS4, and at the opening Neuville is 1.4sec up on Ogier.

Fri 10:56 - SS4
Without delay, SS4 is already underway so let's look at what the stage has to offer: Ponte de Lima 1, 27.54km Ponte de Lima is best known for being the stage in which Hayden Paddon and Ott Tänak crashed two years ago when the Kiwi’s Hyundai i20 burned out. The roads are wide and smooth but extremely twisty, with hardly a straight to speak of. There are plenty of surface changes as it includes sandy gravel, cobblestones, concrete and asphalt. A lot of tree felling means the stage is more open than in previous years.

Fri 10:55 - SS3: Sunninen
Teemu is the last of our current-generation WRC cars to come through to the end of this one - 6sec down on Meeke.

Fri 10:55 - SS3: Østberg
Mads heads into stop control now, 8.2sec slower than his fellow Citroën driver. "I don't have a good feeling to be honest. It doesn't feel like this morning for sure. The car is very inconsistent and I can't push because I'm getting surprises. A few times I lost the car completely."

Fri 10:52 - SS3: Paddon
Hayden can't set the fastest time on this stage, he's 3.8sec off the lead time at the end of SS3 and drops behind Meeke to second in the overall standings. "We had a lot of tyre wear on the first one so we're just managing it on this stage because we're going to need it on the next one. Don't want to push too hard - just trying to be smart at the moment."

Fri 10:50 - SS3: Breen
Breen is the next to come through and set a time - 3.7sec slower than his team-mate. "Yeah not so bad, just improving a little bit. Made a small change before that stage and we're going in the right direction."

Fri 10:48 - SS3: Evans
The Welshman finishes the third test 9.2sec down on Meeke. He was just 0.2sec down at the last split so he's lost time somewhere towards the end of this one. "I had a spin, I went a bit deep and then when I went onto the throttle it just kept rotating so I had to reverse."

Fri 10:45 - SS3: Lappi
Lappi's the only Toyota still moving at the moment, he's 4.9sec slower than Meeke at stage end. "This stage was no better. I just can't do any better, I don't know why. No problems with my car, everything is fine. I come as fast as I can but I don't feel like we have a lot of grip. I can't go any faster without going off."

Fri 10:43 - SS3: Meeke
Kris Meeke can take a breather for a few minutes, he's 1.1sec faster than Ogier "My intercom is away again, it's the third time this year I've had a problem with it." Not a happy Meeke in that car.

Fri 10:40 - SS3: Sordo
Sordo has lost a bit of time towards the end of SS3. He crosses the line at stage end 0.6sec off the pace. "I think at the moment I'm happy. I didn't really push hard at the beginning, I was a little bit too cautious."

Fri 10:39 - SS3: Latava
Jari-Matti Latvala has stopped 5km into this stage.

Fri 10:38 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Andreas comes through 2.4sec off the fastest time. "Some places I was lifting where we could have pushed a little bit harder."

Fri 10:35 - SS3: Sordo
After his speed on SS2, Sordo seems to be losing time ever so slightly. He's 0.8sec down on Ogier 11.05km into the stage

Fri 10:34 - SS3: Neuville
He finishes a fraction down on Ogier - 0.1sec to be exact. "This one was okay, but I tried to do my best. There is not much more I can do, I am struggling with the handling at points, on some corners I am also going in too fast and losing speed."

Fri 10:33 - SS3: Meeke
Kris Meeke is onto the stage and at the first split he's 0.6sec up on Ogier.

Fri 10:32 - SS3: Ogier
Speaking of Ogier, the championship leader has come to stop control now: "It's been a bit difficult to limit the damage but I can't do more."

Fri 10:31 - SS3: Neuville
Neuville's pulled time back through the stage, at the 13.75km split he's 0.2sec ahead of Ogier's benchmark

Fri 10:29 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Ogier looks to have set a good opening split on this stage - Mikkelsen is also 0.7sec down on the Frenchman at the opening split.

Fri 10:25 - SS3: Neuville
The Hyundai driver has passed the first of four splits on this stage and he's done it 0.7sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 10:23 - SS2: Lefebvre
SS3 is underway but Stéphane Lefebvre has set the fastest WRC 2 time on the previous stage - 7sec faster than Greensmith

Fri 10:21 - SS3: Ogier
The Fiesta driver is onto the stage now, 18.11km for him to tackle.

Fri 10:20 - Tänak update
WRC All Live has spoken to Toyota Sporting Director Kaj Lindström in the service park: "We know Ott hit a rock and damaged the cooling system of the car, that’s all I know at the moment. The mechanics are preparing the cooling system for when he returns so he can start under Rally 2 tomorrow.”

Fri 10:11 - SS2: Solans
The Spaniard reaches stop control 19.4sec slower than Greensmith

Fri 10:09 - SS3 guide
Caminha 1, 18.11km Caminha runs predominantly in the open with spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean near the start. Much of the forest has been destroyed by fire and this improves driver visibility. It is a mix of tight twisty roads and faster flowing sections with a few small crests. The surface is bumpy but it’s fast in places with several long straights.

Fri 10:08 - SS3
While we wait for more of the WRC 2 cars to filter through stage end, let's take a look at what SS3 has to offer...

Fri 10:08 - SS2: Katsuta
Swedish winner Katsuta completes now, the Toyota development driver is 25.9sec off the leading pace.

Fri 10:06 - SS2: Heller
Pedro Heller is the third WRC 2 car through now, he's 17.9sec slower than M-Sport team-mate Greensmith.

Fri 10:05 - SS2: Greensmith
That puncture has allowed Gus Greensmith to already open up a sizeable gap to Tidemand. He's more than one minute up on the Swede.

Fri 10:04 - SS2: Tidemand
Right-rear puncture for Pontus, that explains his lack of pace: "I don't know how it happened, it punctured at 15km. For me the road was smooth but it doesn't help when you have a puncture."

Fri 10:01 - SS2: Greensmith
The Fiesta driver is really on a charge, he's 52.6sec up on Tidemand at the final split 23.33km into this test.

Fri 10:00 - SS2: Tidemand
The first of our WRC 2 cars is closing in on the end of SS2 - at the penultimate split his time has been bettered by Gus Greensmith to the tune of 26.1sec.

Fri 09:58 - WRC standings after SS2:
1. Paddon 18m 06.0sec 2. Evans +1.5sec 3. Meeke +2.2sec 4. Sordo +4.1sec 5. Suninen +5.5sec

Fri 09:56 - SS2: Suninen
The final M-Sport Ford crew through to the stage end is Teemu Suninen - 7.5sec down on Paddon. "It is a new car for me on these stages, I did some mistakes but let's be fast on the next one."

Fri 09:55 - SS2: Østberg
Mads is also through to the stop control now, exactly 8sec down on Paddon. How's he feeling after that? "It's not bad, the beginning of the stage was very nice. I hit a rock halfway through and the car didn't feel as good after that, I think I lost pressure in the diff or something."

Fri 09:52 - SS2: Paddon
You'd not know he's been away since Sweden! He's 2.3sec up on Evans at the end of the stage: "The feeling in the car was terrible! It didn't feel the same as it was at the test. Okay the time was good so I have to be happy with that but the feeling in the car wasn't very good."

Fri 09:50 - SS2: Breen
The second Citroën completes SS2 now, he's 3.6sec down on Evans. He said: "Mediocre really, but definitely a lot better than yesterday. Just getting back into the rhythm again."

Fri 09:48 - SS2: Evans
Elfyn Evans is the fastest through the opening stage of the morning now - 0.9sec up on Meeke. "It's a good start, pushing hard to do that but it's what we came here to do. I worked on a few things and the feeling was OK in the car so I was able to push."

Fri 09:47 - SS2: Latvala
Not a great time for Latvala either, he's 10.4sec down on the fastest time so far. His verdict? "I can see I have been missing the driving, I didn't drive enough in Argentina and I can feel I am missing the feeling with the car. After I saw Tänak I was a bit more cautious for the rest of the stage."

Fri 09:45 - SS2: Lappi
Esapekka is 11.4sec down on Meeke as he rolls into stage end. Not the fastest of times for him in this stage: "I tried but not brave enough. Everything is working fine, car is alright but I need to be braver."

Fri 09:43 - SS2: Meeke
The C3 driver immediately betters Sordo's time by 1.7sec! It is a good run for Meeke: "Important thing is the feeling, first time I've really felt at home in the C3 - I can really do what I want. Sure there will be some cleaning but I feel really happy with that time."

Fri 09:41 - SS2: Sordo
The third Hyundai is in now, 7.3sec quicker than Ogier! "The road is getting better and better, I am a little bit surprised because I had a good feeling with the car. I'm happy to do a time like this!" Bit of an understatement from Dani

Fri 09:38 - SS2: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen comes into the stop control and he's 1.3sec slower than Ogier. Let's see what he has to say: "The feeling was very good, the car is working very nice - it is very easy to drive now. There's a bit more speed to come, but it was a clean run."

Fri 09:36 - SS2: Sordo
He's on a charge! The Spaniard is fastest at the fifth split, 7.2sec up on Ogier.

Fri 09:35 - SS2: Neuville
The Hyundai driver finishes now, 0.6sec down on Ogier's benchmark. Thierry says: "With the dust hanging in some sections I didn't take enough risks, but it is the first stage. I slowed down a few times because I didn't want to risk anything. In some sections you couldn't see the braking zones because of the dust."

Fri 09:33 - SS2: Ogier
Five-time Portugal winner Ogier comes through to stage end now. It's looser than it was for the Frenchman last year: "It is not the same story as last year, I'm flat out - I can't do any more."

Fri 09:30 - SS2: Meeke
The Citroën driver is well into the stage now, at the second split he's 3.4sec faster than Ogier as the road starts to clean.

Fri 09:27 - SS2: Sordo
Dani Sordo is onto the stage and through the first split he's the fastest so far.

Fri 09:25 - SS2: Tänak
A high oil temperature warning for the Estonian

Fri 09:24 - SS2: Tänak
YPF Rally Argentina winner is at the side of the stage! He's looking under the bonnet of his Yaris 6.7km in

Fri 09:22 - SS2: Neuville
Neuville and Ogier have both broken the timing beam at the second split - 7.64km into the stage - and the Belgian is 2.3sec up on the championship leader

Fri 09:19 - SS2: Neuville
Nicolas Gilsoul begins his flurry of pace notes as Thierry Neuville blasts onto the stage.

Fri 09:15 - SS2: Ogier
The M-Sport Ford driver blasts off from the start and gets Friday's action underway

Fri 09:14 - Tyre update
All our WRC crews have chosen five soft tyres for this morning

Fri 09:12 - SS2 guide
Viana do Castelo 1, 26.73km This is the fastest test of the day and one with plenty of loose surface gravel to hinder early starters. It begins on a sandy surface before a short section of cobblestones at 4.6km. There are several other surface changes and plenty of climbing before the road narrows in the second half, with twisty sections among trees.

Fri 09:10 - Weather:
Another beautiful day in Portugal today, the sun is shining and the temperatures are in the 20s - possibly not the conditions Sébastien Ogier would have wanted as the road opener!

Fri 09:09 - Start list:
Championship order for the crews today: 1. Ogier 2. Neuville 3. Tänak 4. Mikkelsen 5. Sordo 6. Meeke 7. Lappi 8. Latvala 9. Evans 10. Breen 11. Paddon 12. Østberg 13. Suninen

Fri 09:07 - Friday’s itinerary (afternoon)
There’s a decent break before everything gets underway again, with the three morning stages being repeated again - starting at 15:25. The evening brings added excitement as there are two runs of the brand-new Porto Street Stage to wow the Portuguese crowd and finish the day off.

Fri 09:04 - Friday’s itinerary (morning)
We’ve got eight stages of rally action today, starting with three in the morning. The opening test is Viana do Castelo (26.73km), with Caminha (18.11km) and Ponte de Lima (27.54km) rounding things off.

Fri 09:01 - What's the state of play this morning?
Well after yesterday’s opening stage, Argentina winner Ott Tänak holds a slender lead over M-Sport Ford pair Teemu Suninen and Sébastien Ogier who matched each other’s times on SS1 and are 0.4sec behind the Toyota driver.

Fri 08:57 - We’re live
On wrc.com and the WRC App. Remember, you can also watch the action on WRC All Live!

Fri 08:56 - Olá again
Welcome back to the Live Text from Vodafone Rally de Portugal!

Thu 20:54 - That's all for tonight
We'll pause the Live Text for tonight, keep your eyes peeled on WRC.com for news and reports. We'll be back in the morning for a full day of Portuguese action!

Thu 20:26 - WRC 2 standings after SS1
1. Tidemand 2m 40.5sec 2. Nordgren 0.0sec 3. Loubet 0.7sec 4. Guerra 1.1sec 5. Lefebvre 1.2sec

Thu 20:03 - WRC standings after SS1
1. Tänak 2m 34.3sec 2. Suninen +0.4sec 3. Ogier +0.4sec 4. Meeke +1.4sec 5. Mikkelsen +1.4sec

Thu 19:58 - SS1: Ogier and Neuville
Our last two WRC cars onto the test now are those of Sébastien Ogier and Thierry Neuville. The pair lie first and second in the championship and its the reigning world champion who edges this heat - 0.4sec slower than Tänak's benchmark. Neuville slots in sixth - 1.5sec off the pace. "Like I say since I arrive, I'm going to give my best and the car feels good. Let's see what we can do tomorrow." Quiet optimism from the Frenchman.

Thu 19:52 - SS1: Tänak and Mikkelsen
Another Hyundai v Toyota battle, and YPF Rally Argentina winner Ott Tänak goes fastest on the stage, 0.4sec faster than Suninen. The Estonian chats to stage-end reporter Molly Pettit: "I feel it will be tough to dominate, we know how loose it will be tomorrow and there will be a lot more cleaning than in Argentina."

Thu 19:48 - SS1: Latvala and Meeke
Shakedown winner Latvala is up against Meeke in this battle, which is decided in favour of the Citroën driver after Latvala has a half-spin towards the end of the test. Meeke's optimistic ahead of this rally: "I feel good, Argentina and Mexico were strong rallies for me and I feel good in the car at the moment." Latvala's not happy with his stall at the end: "I don't understand what happened, I came to the last hairpin and the engine cut completely. We need to investigate as it is very strange."

Thu 19:45 - SS1: Lappi & Sordo
It's a Hyundai v Toyota battle in this one, just 0.2sec between them in favour of Sordo - who is 1.2sec down on Suninen. Esapekka is brimming with confidence this weekend: "Aim is podium. I'm pretty satisfied for the lowest place on the podium already. I'm ready for it."

Thu 19:38 - SS1: Evans and Breen
Elfyn Evans faces off against Craig Breen in the next heat. It's the Welshman who takes honours between the pair, 1.2sec down on team-mate Suninen. Breen has a chat with WRC All Live at the stop control: "It's nice, a lot of people. I can't seem to get into it today, I'm going to get a good night sleep and get into it tomorrow." Elfyn also gives his thoughts: "I'm not sure if you can call shakedown a moment - I don't know where it happened!"

Thu 19:32 - SS1: Suninen and Paddon
It's M-Sport Ford's Teemu Suninen and the returning Hayden Paddon in the Hyundai i20. It's the Ford man who takes the flag first, 2sec faster than the Kiwi. Paddon speaks at the stage end: "It was pretty hard to get into a rhythm on a short stage like this, but I'm really looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow."

Thu 19:28 - SS1: Østberg and Al Rahji
We're into our WRC cars now, with Citroën's Mads Østberg and Yazeed Al Rahji in his 2016-spec Ford Fiesta taking to the track. The Norwegian seems happy with his evening's work on Norway's Constitution Day: "It is very good to be back, it has been a very long break - it is taking time to get used to everything again. There was a lot of water on this stage, when it dries up I suspect it will get faster and faster."

Thu 19:22 - SS1: Tidemand
WRC 2 championship leader Pontus Tidemand completes the stage 1.2sec faster than Greensmith. "It's fantastic, there are a lot of spectators and it is always nice to do a stage like this." Short and sweet from Pontus after this one.

Thu 19:18 - SS1: Greensmith
Greensmith matches the fastest WRC 2 time on the stage - a 2m 41.7sec. He is complaining of a problem at the end of the opening test: "It wasn't a bad start, there's an issue with the car but I'm not sure what - the engine kept stopping. I'm sure we can fix it and I'll give it the best I can tomorrow."

Thu 19:15 - SS1: Greensmith
Gus Greensmith takes to the circuit in his Fiesta R5, Armindo Araújo is in the second lane.

Thu 19:12 - Lefebvre
Lefebvre completes now, quickest of anyone at the moment. He says at the end of the stage: "I hope to finish on the podium, we worked a lot over the winter and I think now we are ready. The first gravel stage was slippery but it is the same for everybody"

Thu 19:08 - And they're off!
Our first two cars in this head-to-head to battle are onto the Lousada rallycross circuit. Stéphane Lefebvre and Pedro Meireles are out onto the stage now.

Thu 19:03 - SS1 stage guide
Lousada, 3.36km A fan-favourite super special stage that opens the action for a fourth year. Two cars at-a-time run alongside each other on the mixed surface Lousada rallycross circuit. Two laps provide great entertainment for the 35,000 fans.

Thu 19:01 - Weather
It’s warm and dry for the opening stage, with temperatures in the 20s and the sun is shining!

Thu 18:58 - Some news from Shakedown…
M-Sport Ford mechanics replaced the cooling pack in Elfyn Evans’ Fiesta before this evening’s start after damage caused by a heavy landing in this morning’s shakedown.

Thu 18:55 - Junior WRC
Portugal marks the third round of the season for the junior category and 14 crews will have their first taste of gravel in 2018 - the same 14 who competed on the asphalt of Corsica last month. Dennis Rådström leads the way in the championship, but Jean-Baptiste Franceschi is one point behind and with plenty of confidence after winning in France. Emil Bergkvist and Terry Folb will be looking to close up on the leading pair, with Callum Devine nipping at their heels.

Thu 18:52 - WRC 2
17 cars are entered into the WRC 2 category for the sixth round of the season, with the headline coming in the form of Pontus Tidemand who is looking to extend his lead at the top of the drivers’ championship with Jan Kopecky not attending this event. Of note in the entry, Citroën will be bringing their C3 R5 out with them for a second WRC 2 run-out for Stéphane Lefebvre. The Toyota development pairing of Takamoto Katsuta and Hiroki Arai are also back with Tommi Makinen Racing while Gus Greensmith, Pedro Heller and Nils Solans are all competing in Ford Fiestas.

Thu 18:49 - Runners and riders
It’s a bumper WRC field for one of the championship’s founding events, with 13 crews set to do battle on the Portuguese gravel. M-Sport Ford bring three cars: reigning champion Sébastien Ogier, Elfyn Evans and Teemu Suninen. Hyundai have a quartet of i20s for Andreas Mikkelsen, Thierry Neuville, Dani Sordo and Hayden Paddon. Toyota and Citroën bring three cars each, with Jari-Matti Latvala, Ott Tänak and Esapekka Lappi driving Yarises and Kris Meeke, Craig Breen and a returning Mads Østberg in C3s.

Thu 18:46 - So what’s happening?
Earlier today, it was all about shakedown - won by Jari-Matti Latvala. Now we’re getting the competitive action underway with a 3.36km blast on the Lousada rallycross circuit where drivers will face-off head-to-head to get the action underway.

Thu 18:43 - We’re live
On wrc.com and the WRC app, bringing text updates about all the on-stage action from the Iberian Peninsula

Thu 18:41 - Olá Live Texters
And welcome to Vodafone Rally de Portugal

Mon 21:22 - Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2018
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SS21 Wedding Bells16 II (Power Stage) (6.44 km)  

Temps partiels

Départ # Pilote Equipe Eligibilité Temps de la spéciale
1. 31 FINK. ROVANPERA Kalle Rovanpera WRC2 3:48.7
2. 68 AUSN. QUINN Nathan Quinn 4:09.4
3. 21 GRCJ. SERDERIDIS Jourdan Serderidis WRCT 4:19.9
4. 6 NORA. MIKKELSEN Hyundai Motorsport M 3:34.7
5. 9 GBRK. MEEKE Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT M 3:35.1
6. 11 FINE. LAPPI Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT M 3:34.3
7. 3 GBRE. EVANS M-Sport World Rally Team M 3:35.3
8. 1 FRAS. OGIER M-Sport World Rally Team M 3:32.6
9. 4 NZLH. PADDON Hyundai Motorsport M 3:35.8
10. 2 ESTO. TÄNAK M-Sport World Rally Team M 3:32.7
10 FINJ. LATVALA Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT M
12. 5 BELT. NEUVILLE Hyundai Motorsport M 3:36.2
13. 61 IRLR. DALTON Richie Dalton 4:04.0
14. 71 AUSD. HERRIDGE Dean Herridge 4:17.5
15. 69 AUSE. EVANS Eli Evans 4:10.1
16. 75 AUST. CLARKE Tom Clarke 4:29.2
17. 77 AUSJ. O'DOWD John O'Dowd 4:41.2
18. 79 ITAF. FRISIERO Fabio Frisiero 4:27.4
19. 72 AUSC. BROOKS Craig Brooks 4:17.9
20. 78 AUSL. BATES Neal Bates 4:18.5
21. 62 NZLM. YOUNG Ron Cremen Rallysport 4:25.2
22. 76 AUSA. PENNY Andrew Penny 4:33.3
23. 74 AUSW. MORTON Warren Morton 4:23.4
24. 80 AUSP. DUNN Peter Dunn 4:36.5
25. 81 AUSM. BEARD Mark Beard 4:40.1
26. 66 AUSR. PINTER Rhys Pinter 4:53.0