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Fri 00:43 - Until then
Keep an eye on wrc.com for rally reports and all the news from Gap. And don’t forget WRC+ where you'll find stacks of stage footage, highlights shows and onboards.

Fri 00:43 - We will return
On Saturday from 1011hrs (local) when the opening stage gets underway.

Fri 00:41 - Join us on Friday
For the rally's second, and longest, leg.

Fri 00:40 - Service Park TV
Watch teams re-prep the cars in service tonight via our live stream cameras. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE

Fri 00:38 - Stage time update
Organizers are yet to award notional times for competitors on SS1, but they are expected to be given the same time as Ogier. Therefore the stage times on SS2 should reflect the overall positions. Our live timing section will be updated when the situation is resolved.

Fri 00:35 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Fri 00:28 - SS2: WRC 2 Mikkelsen
No big surprise that the Norwegian is the class of the WRC 2 field. He completes 4.8sec quicker than his Skoda team-mate Kopecky. But it wasn't easy. "It was chaos. We started with cold tyres and I passed a Porsche in stage when it went off. It's my first time ever in this car on slicks. I tried to get used to them on the road section but it's different! Safely though. No risks. It will be a long rally."

Fri 00:24 - SS2: Delecour
First stage complete in his RGT class Abarth 124. "A good start. It's a new car and the most important thing is to get to the finish."

Fri 00:22 - SS2: Tidemand
Reports a small spin. He sounds cheerful enough.

Fri 00:21 - SS2: Hanninen
A terrific stage for the Finn who goes third fastest in the second of the new Toyotas. "So it was okay, a reasonable start," he says. "Not an easy start - we had to wait for half an hour [on the start line] and everything was cold. I know the car is good - it's up to the driver now."

Fri 00:18 - SS2: Abbring
"My first rally with new co-driver Martijn Wydaeghe. So it will take time to settle in."

Fri 00:16 - SS2: Evans
A good start for the Welshman - sixth-fastest in his DMACK-shod Fiesta. "Overall pretty happy with the first stage in the new car."

Fri 00:15 - SS2: WRC 2 Bergkvist
Three minutes off the pace. Transmission problems and a spin.

Fri 00:13 - SS2: WRC 2 Bouffier
The former rally winner is second quickest, 18.2sec slower than Kopecky. "Happy to be here. More gravel than I was expecting but less ice too."

Fri 00:11 - SS2: WRC 2 Giordano
The Frenchman completes 2min 45sec off the pace. He switches off the headlights. "Engine," he sighs. "I think it broke 5km before the finish. That's the fifth time. I'm so bored. I think the rally is finished for me."

Fri 00:06 - SS2: WRC 2 Bonato
"I have a pop-off valve problem, which is normal. And the tyres feel strange. A long way to go. I must be patient."

Fri 00:05 - SS2: WRC 2 Gilbert
55sec slower than WRC 2 pace-setter Kopecky. "Bad. A big problem with my brakes. It was impossible to brake hard."

Fri 00:02 - SS2: WRC 2 Kremer
Another of the R5 Skoda drivers. "The end was really slippery and difficult. A lot of mud and water in the cuts. We are on the maximum for the grip."

Thu 23:59 - SS2: WRC 2 Kopecky
"Much better than on recce, but still some icy patches where I need to build my confidence. I'd be happy to have the similar pace to [Skoda team-mate] Andreas Mikkelsen on a couple of stages."

Thu 23:58 - SS2: Running order
The re-routing after SS1 has affected the published road order. Nine WRC 2 drivers will be next to complete the stage - followed by Evans, Abbring and Hanninen.

Thu 23:55 - SS2: Lefebvre update
Still stopped in stage. Mechanical.

Thu 23:54 - SS2: Breen
19.2sec off the lead pace in Citroen's 2016-spec DS 3. "I'm in a race of my own here but I'm happy with that stage to be honest. In a few places my pace notes weren't great but I'm pleased to get through okay."

Thu 23:51 - SS2: Meeke
Third quickest so far on his first stage in the Citroen C3. He's 15.3sec off the lead pace. "Quite tricky, a lot of stuff on the road. We knew about the ice, but it was hard to see - very patchy. A steady start."

Thu 23:47 - SS2: Tanak
Third fastest so far. "Very tricky. The car felt fine but I'm really struggling to get a rhythm. It is very challenging but we are through. That's the main thing."

Thu 23:46 - SS2: Latvala
28.4sec slower than Neuville. "Quite a demanding stage. Some damp, some dry places, some ice. I was very, very careful. I lost more time in the ice but I wanted to make sure we made no mistakes. I am surprised by the time difference. If you are confident on the ice you can make the difference."

Thu 23:44 - SS2: Lefebvre stopped
WRC+ live tracking shows his Citroen C3 stopped at 5.1km

Thu 23:43 - SS1: Organiser's statement
Rallye Monte-Carlo has issued the following statement following this evening's cancellation of SS1: ‘‘SS 1 has been cancelled due to the crash of Paddon and Kennard. The crew is unharmed. A spectator passed out. The emergency services have been called to rescue him. SS2 is maintained as expected.’’ Further information to follow…

Thu 23:43 - SS2: Sordo
26.6sec off the pace of his team-mate Neuville. "The car feels good but the time is not great," he explains. "I don't know. The time felt really good. Better than I expected. The car is good, it felt really fast in the corners."

Thu 23:39 - SS2: Neuville
Another scorching run from the Belgian. He completes 7.8sec quicker than Ogier and holds the overnight lead by 8.5sec. "It was okay. Maybe too soft - the car was moving about too much. I didn't like it but I tried to do my best."

Thu 23:36 - SS2: Ogier
He completes in 15m08.9s and that's his evening's work done. "Happy to be here after two tricky night stages. It's hard to start in the dark. The main aim was to get through safely. Quite a bit of loose gravel in here, it was slippery but not a bad stage. Maybe too careful in places. It was fun."

Thu 23:32 - SS2: Latvala
Not at great start for Jari-Matti. 9.6sec off Neuville's pace at the 6.3km split.

Thu 23:30 - SS2: Splits watch
Neuville 3.6sec quicker than Ogier at the 14.2km split.

Thu 23:26 - SS2: Splits watch
Rally leader Neuville 2.4sec quicker than Ogier to the 6.3km split

Thu 23:25 - SS2: Stage conditions
Update from the road opening zero car driver - 1988 Monte Carlo winner Bruno Saby. "Not completely easy. Stage is largely clean asphalt, but there is ice at 20km." Air temperature at the finish is -4˚C

Thu 23:19 - SS2: LIVE
Ogier's start time: 2318hrs.

Thu 23:14 - SS2: Further delay
More news when we get it.

Thu 22:59 - Stage info: SS2
Bayons - Bréziers 1, 25.49km. This stage was widely used until 1999 but in the opposite direction. It climbs uphill initially through a series of narrow hairpins to the summit of the 1148 metres Col des Sagnes. It descends through two villages on a fast and wide road before a flatter, but more technical, section leading to the finish. It’s fast throughout and identifying the correct braking points is crucial.

Thu 22:24 - SS2: Slight delay
Rally organisers confirm a 10-minute delay to the start of SS2. Ogier's new time: 2307hrs. First eight cars - at least - will run at 3-minute intervals. A decision on the intervals between the cars following will be made later.

Thu 22:18 - SS1 Update
SS1 Cancelled

Thu 21:14 - Schedule update
Crews are being directed to Bayons - the start of Stage 2. The stage is due to start at 2257hrs.

Thu 20:51 - Paddon update
Confirmation in from Hyundai that Hayden and his co-driver John Kennard are out of the car and okay.

Thu 20:44 - SS1: Stage cancelled
The stage has been red flagged. More updates to come.

Thu 20:34 - SS1: Stage stopped
Paddon's car is blocking the road

Thu 20:30 - SS1: Paddon rolls!
The Kiwi slides wide on a left-hander at the 19.9km point. His Hyundai rides up a bank and flips onto its side, coming to rest across the road.

Thu 20:30 - SS1: Neuville
Seven tenths quicker than Ogier! "A good start. I was discovering the car, to be honest. I did well but I can do better. My car set-up was very soft, it was moving around."

Thu 20:29 - SS1: Ogier completes
His time: 12m10.9s. First stop line comments from Ogier in the Fiesta World Rally Car: "Definitely I took it on the safe side. Hard to find the limit in these conditions. For sure I could go faster, but... first stage of the year. A bit safe on the tyre choice and the driving."

Thu 20:26 - SS1: Splits watch
Sordo closest so far to Ogier's early pace. The Spaniard is 1.8sec slower to the 4.9km split. Latvala, in the first of the new Toyota's is 2.4sec off Ogier's pace.

Thu 20:21 - SS1: Splits watch
The first split of the season is in. Ogier is 2.1sec UP on Neuville at the 4.9km point.

Thu 20:20 - SS1: Conditions update
Dry at the start with a few patches of black ice. Ice note crews report some damp sections near the finish. Temperature currently -1˚C at the finish.

Thu 20:14 - SS1: LIVE
Ogier underway! Ride with him LIVE on WRC Plus

Thu 20:01 - Stage info: SS1
Entrevaux - Ubraye, 21.25km. The main feature of the 2017 season-opener is the climb of the 1100 metres Col de Laval, which drivers crest shortly after the midpoint. After a narrow start on roads lined by a rock face, it opens out after the village of Le Champ and a short descent at 6.3km carries the risk of ice. The climb and descent of the col are on rolling roads but it narrows and becomes twistier near the finish.

Thu 20:01 - Up first: SS1
Crews are lining up at the control. Ogier's start time: 2014hrs. Stage notes coming up...

Thu 19:52 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on the number and type of tyres chosen for this evening's loop. Ogier: 4 Super Soft + 1 Soft. Tanak/Breen/Neuville/Paddon: 5 Super Soft. Meeke: 3 Super Soft + 3 Soft. Lefebvre/Hanninen: 6 Super Soft. Latvala: 4 Soft + 2 Super Soft. Sordo: 5 Soft.

Thu 19:51 - WRC Live
Becs Williams is hosting this weekend's radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. The team are on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Thu 19:36 - Start intervals
Priority 1 drivers of World Rally Cars will start at two-minute intervals. For everybody else, the gap is one minute.

Thu 19:36 - Thursday's start order
Crews will tackle tonight's stages in 2016 championship order, led by last year's winner Ogier. Here's how the WRC runners will line up: 1. Ogier, 2. Neuville, 3. Paddon, 4. Sordo, 5. Latvala, 6. Tanak, 7. Meeke, 8. Breen, 9. Lefebvre, 10. Evans, 11. Hanninen.

Thu 19:36 - Weather
It's a clear, crisp and bitterly cold night. There is snow around on roadside verges but the roads are generally dry and clear. Today's temperature in Gap peaked at 6˚C but plunged to below zero once the sun went down. It will get down to -8˚C tonight.

Thu 19:35 - Time zones
All times quoted here are local. And for Gap, Monaco and everything in between that's Central European Time or UTC +1hour.

Thu 19:34 - Thursday's stages
From Monaco, crews face a 286-kilometre journey back to service and overnight parc fermé in Gap. On the way they will take in two night stages: the 21km Entrevaux-Val de Chalvagne-Ubray from 2014hrs and the 25km Bayons-Breziers 1 from 2257hrs. We'll bring you stage notes shortly.

Thu 19:33 - Monte is LIVE!
The competition proper got underway this evening from 1811hrs when defending champ Sébastien Ogier drove his Ford Fiesta over the start ramp in Monaco.

Thu 19:33 - Coming up
After months of build-up and expectation, the WRC's new era is finally here. New World Rally Cars, new teams and a nail-biting eleventh-hour driver/team shake-up make this one of the most keenly-anticipated seasons EVER

Thu 19:33 - We're live
Reporting from the the WRC TV production office overlooking the service park to bring you all the news from tonight's two stages

Thu 19:33 - Welcome to the 2017 WRC
Good evening from Gap, France, and welcome to our live text coverage of Rallye Monte-Carlo, the opening round of the 2017 World Rally Championship

Thu 17:52 - Watch SS1 LIVE
WRC+ users can watch tonight's stage live. Steaming starts at 2000hrs local [UTC +1]. So there's still time to sort a subscription if you haven't already. We'll be back later to bring you all the news from the stage. Bye for now.

Thu 13:55 - WRC eSports 2017
All info @ esportswrc.com

Tue 17:25 - Round 1 of the FIA World Rally Championship 2017
Rallye Monte-Carlo ceremonial start: Thursday 19th January 1811hrs local (UTC 1)

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Vainqueurs des ES

Spéciale Nom Vainqueur Equipe Temps
Hyundai Motorsport 15:01.1
SS11 LARDIER ET VALENCA - OZE 2 (31.17 km)
SS13 BAYONS - BREZIERS 2 (25.49 km)
SS14 LUCERAM - COL ST ROCH 1 (5.50 km)
SS16 LUCERAM - COL ST ROCH 2 (5.50 km)