Neste Rally Finland

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Fri 18:01 - SS10: WRC 2 Greensmith
Did not start the stage. Retired from the day.

Fri 18:00 - SS10: WRC 2 Huttunen
Quickest so far in WRC 2, but lucky to escape an excursion into a field. He got back on again but there seems to be damage to the right-rear wheel.

Fri 17:57 - SS10: WRC 2 Loubet
He's gone off at the 14.5km point. The OK board is being displayed. He was second in WRC 2.

Fri 17:49 - Finland after SS10
1.Lappi 1h00m40.0s, 2.Latvala +0.3s, 3.Suninen +14.7s, 4.Hänninen +24.9s, 5.Breen +27.7s, suspension damage for Hänninen / Østberg

Fri 17:46 - SS10: Suninen
Second quickest, but Suninen sounds cagey. "Okay, but there is something I have to do." What? "Nothing." Intriguing.

Fri 17:44 - SS10: Ostberg
The Norwegian drops 20 seconds here and looks furious. "Same problem that we had in Sardinia and Argentina. The universal joint on the track control arm is coming loose and the wheel is falling off. Not a good feeling in the stage, let me tell you. I try to survive and see what we can do."

Fri 17:41 - SS10: Lappi
Quickest so far, 1.4sec up on Latvala, and Lappi is the new rally leader! "Wow! The feeling is quite nice but I gave everything I could. I tried everything. I was pushing so much - and to be only 1.4ses quicker - it shows the quality of the competition!"

Fri 17:39 - SS10: Meeke
Quicker than Latvala at the opening split, he completes 17.8sec off the pace. His car is trailing a length of hay bale tape. He doesn't stop to explain what happened.

Fri 17:36 - SS10: Hanninen
His Toyota has rear left suspension damage - the wheel is running out of line. "I hit a rock about 6km before the finish. I need to go and have a look."

Fri 17:34 - SS10: Breen
"Couldn't find the grip in here, lost the brakes too halfway through."

Fri 17:33 - SS10: Splits watch
Lappi is 4.1sec quicker than Latvala at the 6.9km split.

Fri 17:32 - SS10: Evans
"Everything was working better. Overall an improvement."

Fri 17:30 - SS10: Sordo
26.1sec slower than Latvala. "Not enjoying it. My head is not in the race."

Fri 17:29 - SS10: Tanak
Ott slots second quickest so far, 2.8sec off Latvala's pace.

Fri 17:28 - SS10: Latvala
A massive 11.1sec quicker than Neuville. His Toyota sporting slight right-rear damage. "Nothing serious, just clipped a bale."

Fri 17:24 - SS10: Neuville
He's through and eager to improve on his current ninth place.

Fri 17:11 - Stage info: SS10
Lankamaa, 21.68km. Another Rally Finland classic returning after a few years away, Lankamaa is not a jump-fest, but makes up for it in speed. A couple of new hay bale chicanes have been added this year to try and keep the average speeds down. The stage is notable too for a sandy-surface heath section at 8km which is particularly fast and demands accurate lines.

Fri 17:11 - Up next: SS10
Neuville will start the 21.68km Lankamaa at 1711hrs

Fri 17:09 - Finland WRC 2 after SS9
1.Huttunen 54m06.3s, 2.Loubet +22.9s, 3.Gilbert +37.4s, 4.Greensmith +52.7s, 5.Cave +56.3s

Fri 16:52 - SS9: WRC 2 Arai
He is struggling with an engine power problem related to the pop-off value.

Fri 16:52 - SS9: WRC 2 Greensmith
He loses 36sec with a broken right-rear wheel and puncture. "The same problem like every time with me - my pace notes - the corner tightened and we went wide and hit something. Just like it did on the Autoglym Rally."

Fri 16:49 - SS9: WRC 2 Gilbert
"I'm enjoying a lot. We are enjoying the battle for the podium. I keep trying."

Fri 16:45 - Finland after SS9
1.Latvala 50m17.5s, 2.Lappi +1.1s, 3.Suninen +15.1s, 4.Breen +19.5s, 5.Østberg +19.9s

Fri 16:44 - SS9: Al Qassimi
"We cannot really find a proper set-up. We are trying."

Fri 16:41 - SS9: Suninen
Third quickest. "Pretty happy. No big issues, just braking too early in a few junctions. But still the time is okay."

Fri 16:39 - SS9: Ostberg
"Not so good in here. I couldn't find a good rhythm, and too much over steer. Just not good enough."

Fri 16:38 - SS9: Lappi
Quicker than Latvala by five-tenths, "Not much, but it's something. As a first pass it was a pretty good run - lots of places to improve tough. My driving so far is the best I have ever done." Lappi is now just 1.1sec off the rally lead.

Fri 16:36 - SS9: Meeke
8.9sec slower than Lappi. "I can't trust the grip and when you start to hesitate it quickly unravels. What can I do? I don't know. What I can't do is put it in the trees."

Fri 16:34 - SS9: Hanninen
4.4sec off the pace, most of which was lost in the opening split. "I made a mistake near the start. Late on the brakes and missed a junction."

Fri 16:32 - SS9: Breen
"I struggled in here, probably the worst stage of the rally so far. My pace notes were not the best, in this rally you have to be absolutely correct all the time. The next stages are more familiar to me."

Fri 16:29 - SS9: Evans
"I was struggling for the grip in here. Very wet and slippery in some places. Drier in others. Hard to get the confidence."

Fri 16:28 - SS9: Sordo
"A lot of grip here, a nice stage. You can go very fast here." Sordo sounds rather flat to be 11.3sec off the pace.

Fri 16:26 - SS9: Tanak
"Not taking any risks, but it's not too easy to take it steady. There's no longer the motivation of pushing for a win but I'm still trying to do my job."

Fri 16:24 - Weather update
The rain has stopped. The sun is out.

Fri 16:24 - SS9: Latvala
"Slippery now, but not too dramatic. I have to be very focused all the time. I know I need to fight with Esapekka, but I'm in a difficult [road] position here. I know the grip will improve for him."

Fri 16:22 - SS9: Neuville
"It's okay. I try to drive fast but of course now I'm not taking the big risks. I think I'm driving well, but the times are a bit disappointing. I can't go much faster but we're not able to match the others."

Fri 15:58 - Stage info: SS9
Laukaa 1, 11.76km. Back in the rally after a six-year break, Laukaa mixes high-speed roads and flowing crests with a two-kilometre sequence of short straights and tight bends from the 1.7km point. Also notable is the tightening lefthander over a crest at 7.4km that has caused problems in the past. Accurate pace notes are vital here, as is plenty of bravery for the final flat-out sprint to the finish.

Fri 15:57 - Next stage: 1613hrs
That's Neuville's start time for Laukaa. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 15:46 - Finland WRC 2 after SS8
1.Huttunen 47m51.1s, 2.Greensmith +13.2s, 3.Loubet +17.6s, 4.Gilbert +34.1s, 5.Cave +45.5s

Fri 15:42 - SS8: WRC 2 Cave
Sixth quickest on stage, but that's enough for him to relegate Arai from fifth.

Fri 15:40 - SS8: WRC 2 Huttunen
The category leader is second quickest so far: "Very slippery, a couple of mistakes but it's okay."

Fri 15:38 - SS8: WRC 2 Nordgren
"We made some changes in service and they are going in the right direction. I think tomorrow will be better for us."

Fri 15:36 - SS8: WRC 2 Arai
"We're losing power in places, it's hard to find a comfortable rhythm like this."

Fri 15:34 - SS8: WRC 2 Greensmith
Quickest so far of the WRC 2 runners. "Really slippery in there. I've taken a gamble on the set-up this afternoon which might not pay off immediately." Greensmith reveals that he had a broken driveshaft on the last stage before service."

Fri 15:31 - Finland after SS8
1.Latvala 44m26.0s, 2.Lappi +1.6s, 3.Suninen +13.2s, 4.Østberg +14.0s, 5.Breen +14.5s

Fri 15:27 - SS8: Al Qassimi
"Very slippy. I was backing off."

Fri 15:26 - SS8: Suninen
Fastest! And that's another stage win for the Finn who moves up from fifth to third place. "That's good because it was difficult in the rain. Three Finns in the top-three is good but there's a long way to go."

Fri 15:24 - SS8: Ostberg
Fifth quickest here and locked in a tight battle for third with Suninen and Breen. "It's very close for sure. A big fight and not easy to take a lot of time."

Fri 15:22 - SS8: Lappi
Lappi sets exactly the same time as Latvala. "I was expecting to lose some time here - the road is getting muddier and more slippery with each car." Toyota drivers occupy the top three stage times so far.

Fri 15:20 - SS8: Meeke
"I struggled in here a lot. Just couldn't feel the grip, and when you start hesitating it gets worse. That's down to me, but once you do that it's over."

Fri 15:17 - SS8: Hanninen
Fastest so far. Nine-tenths quicker than his Toyota team-mate Latvala. "Pretty good, yeah. A positive change from the morning. We made some changes in service. Maybe they would have helped us in the morning too."

Fri 15:15 - SS8: Breen
"I didn't take full advantage of the grip I had. Too careful in places. Not so bad."

Fri 15:14 - SS8: Evans
"The rain hasn't added to the [understeer] problem. It's difficult to judge but it could be a bit better. With such inconsistent grip the road is difficult to read."

Fri 15:12 - SS8: Sordo
7.8sec slower than stage leader Latvala. "The car is good but like this morning we are losing time all the time."

Fri 15:10 - SS8: Tanak
"Tricky, eh? It looked like there was good grip, but it's not so easy to drive. In my position [11th place] it isn't going to make much difference."

Fri 15:08 - SS8: Latvala
"Not too bad. A little bit of rain but it's exciting."

Fri 15:06 - SS8: Neuville
"No grip, the road surface is so hard, I really struggled. Sliding a lot."

Fri 15:05 - Weather update
Grey skies and heavy rain showers at the stage end of SS8.

Fri 15:04 - Tyre choices
Confirmation from Michelin that all its drivers have five soft-compound tyres for the afternoon loop. Exactly same as the morning.

Fri 15:02 - Stage info: SS8
Äänekoski-Valtra 1, 7.39km. Back in the rally last year for the first time since 1980, Äänekoski-Valtra is a fast road, almost two cars wide from start to finish, that zig-zags between fields and houses. Not known as a particularly challenging test except for a sharp right bend over a crest after 1.6km which tightens, and an equally tricky tightening left between the trees at 3km. Last year, Yazeed Al Rajhi finished this stage in spectacular style – crossing the finish line sliding on his roof.

Fri 15:01 - Welcome back
SS8 is live!

Fri 12:59 - Next stage: 1500hrs
That's when Neuville will start the first stage of the afternoon loop - Äänekoski-Valtra. We'll take a break until then.

Fri 12:52 - Up next: Service
Crews are en route to Jyvaskyla for the midpoint 30-minute service. You can watch teams re-prep the cars via our live stream cameras. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE

Fri 12:50 - Finland WRC 2 after SS7
1.Huttunen 44m10.7s, 2.Greensmith +13.9s, 3.Loubet +15.1s, 4.Gilbert +30.2s, 5.Arai +40.9s

Fri 12:37 - SS7: WRC 2 Cave
"Really bad rain in there. Rain was being sprayed in my eyes by the heater vent. The car is full of water. It's like Rally GB."

Fri 12:36 - SS7: WRC 2 Huttunen
Leading the category but not sounding satisfied. "We tried to keep it clean but we are not the fastest R5."

Fri 12:34 - SS7: WRC 2 Nordgren
"I just haven't had the feeling today. Now we get to service and start a brand new race after that."

Fri 12:33 - SS7: WRC 2 Arai
"Very fast and hard to see the line in the rain. Maybe too careful in places. It's okay. We're going step by step."

Fri 12:31 - SS7: WRC 2 Loubet
Ends the morning loop third in WRC 2, 1.2sec behind Greensmith. "A good performance this morning. We try and continue to push this afternoon."

Fri 12:27 - SS7: WRC 2 Tempestini
"A difficult morning for me and everyone I think. Now we have service and I hope we can find a more comfortable set-up for these fantastic stages."

Fri 12:25 - Finland after SS7
1.Latvala 40m57.5s, 2.Lappi +1.6s, 3.Østberg +13.8s, 4.Breen +14.2s, 5.Suninen +14.3s

Fri 12:23 - SS7: Al Qassimi
"In the rain near the start the surface was so shiny and slippery."

Fri 12:22 - SS7: Suninen
"A lot of rain at the beginning and at the end. In places it was difficult to see, only 100 or 150 metres in sixth gear is not good."

Fri 12:20 - SS7: Ostberg
Third quickest so far and Mads is up to third in the overall standings. "That's good. A good stage for me but tricky with the rain, it was really heavy for the first kilometre. I felt I had a good rhythm."

Fri 12:16 - SS7: Lappi
Quickest so far, six-tenths faster than his Toyota team-mate Latvala. Lappi is now just 1.6sec off the rally lead. "It went well. I could feel the grip was changing a lot but that's how it is in rally. After the caution on the first stage it's been a good step up this morning. It feels good. Still a really long way to go."

Fri 12:15 - SS7: Meeke
"I can't place the car like I want to. I just can't do the right thing. Okay, we have to get back to service and see what we can do."

Fri 12:13 - SS7: Hanninen
"I would say an okay morning, pretty happy with the car. Now we need to concentrate and do the same in the afternoon. This rain could make it interesting."

Fri 12:11 - Weather update
Rain falling at the end of SS7.

Fri 12:11 - SS7: Breen
"Okay. I have some things to think about when I get back to service. A good loop, but I struggled with the car more as the loop progressed. It's good to be in the fight for the podium and not to have made any mistakes."

Fri 12:08 - SS7: Evans
"It felt a little bit better. The balance changed early in this stage for some reason, but the understeer is really hampering my confidence and you need that here. Hopefully we can improve things in service."

Fri 12:04 - SS7: Sordo
"Very fast but when you don't have a good feeling you lose a lot. Okay, I'm still here but I'm not fast enough."

Fri 12:03 - SS7: Latvala
Quickest so far. "A great start and the fight is tight. Esapekka is pushing hard. Here was better than the previous stage where I didn't have a great rhythm."

Fri 12:02 - SS7: Tanak
"A tricky stage. First time through I was pretty slow, so a bit unknown. All I can do now is carry on and see what happens."

Fri 12:00 - SS7: Neuville
"Good. I tried to push hard but obviously there was lots of gravel on the road now and the rear was sliding wide. We used every inch of the road. Our main contender [Ogier] now is out. We have to be in the top five this weekend. That's our goal."

Fri 11:33 - Stage info: SS7
Jukojärvi 2, 21.31km. Jukojärvi features many different types of roads that each demand their own driving rhythm. Drivers that can quickly adjust from driving flat-out to threading their cars between rocks and trees will do well here. The opening 4.2km are blisteringly fast, before the stage turns on to a smaller road and gets more technical. It’s the classic Jukojärvi stage to the 13.7km point, and a recent addition from then on - run for the first time in this direction.

Fri 11:32 - Standby for SS7
The last stage of the morning loop. Neuville is scheduled to start at 1142hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 11:31 - Finland WRC 2 after SS6
1.Huttunen 33m15.5s, 2.Greensmith +6.2s, 3.Loubet +13.8s, 4.Arai +22.7s, 5.Gilbert +24.9s

Fri 11:13 - Finland after SS6
F1.Latvala 30m59.7s, 2.Lappi +2.2s, 3.Breen +9.0s, 4.Suninen +9.3s, 5.Østberg +10.5s

Fri 11:11 - SS6: Suninen
Seventh quickest on this stage keeps him fourth in the standings, three tenths behind Breen. Top five coming up

Fri 11:07 - SS6: Lappi
The Finn lowers the stage time benchmark. He's quickest so far, 1.8sec up on Tanak. Latvala still heads the overall standings, but Lappi is now just 2.2sec behind.

Fri 11:01 - SS6: Breen
Third quickest so far. Hanninen, Evans and Sordo also through safely.

Fri 10:55 - SS6: Tanak
Quickest so far, 1.2sec faster than Latvala. No driver quotes for now. We will bring you them when we can establish a connection.

Fri 10:50 - SS6: Latvala
Our rally leader completes 3.2sec quicker than Neuville.

Fri 10:49 - SS6: Neuville
He's through in 5m55.9s

Fri 10:42 - SS6: LIVE
We cross straight over to the next stage - the repeat of Urria - Neuville is underway.

Fri 10:40 - Finland after SS5:
1.Latvala 25m07.0s, 2.Lappi +5.2s, 3.Breen +8.7s, 4.Suninen +8.9s, 5.Ostberg +11.3s

Fri 10:38 - SS5: Suninen
Fifth quickest here and he remains fourth in the standings. "A few cuts in here, but you have to do that to be fast. At the moment I can be happy, although I'm still disappointed about last night's city stage." Suninen is almost as self critical as Lappi.

Fri 10:33 - SS5: Ostberg
Third quickest so far and there is a big smile on Mads' face.

Fri 10:33 - SS5: Lappi
Fastest so far and a psychology lesson from Esapekka. "It was quite okay but I made two mistakes. Still, the time is okay." Why so critical after such as great start? "There's a long way still to do. I must beat myself up to stay concentrated."

Fri 10:30 - SS5: Meeke
"Just when you want to give a bit of energy, it [the car] doesn't give it back. This stage had a different nature. I'm still trying to figure things out."

Fri 10:27 - SS5: Hanninen
"Better grip than the first one."

Fri 10:26 - Paddon update
After his previous stage exit: "It’s a fine line in Finland, ran bit wide and unfortunately hit a rock. Broken suspension = out for day, big shame when all going well."

Fri 10:25 - SS5: Breen
Second quickest so far, but still uncomfortable in the C3. "I didn't have a good feeling in there. There is something strange with the front of the car."

Fri 10:21 - SS5: Evans
"It was dry but quite loose in places. A few surprises with the grip."

Fri 10:19 - SS5: Sordo
The grip is much better than the first pass earlier today.

Fri 10:18 - SS5: Tanak
A smoother run than on SS4 and Ott completes eight-tenths slower than Latvala. "We had one wiper stuck in the middle of the windscreen. I struggled, got distracted and missed a junction."

Fri 10:16 - SS5: Latvala
3.4sec quicker than Neuville. "It was okay. The stage was in good condition, it's held up well and I was pleased to see that. The car feels good. Everything is good for the moment. Hey, a long way to go."

Fri 10:14 - SS5: Neuville
He completes in 3m40.0s. "It's okay but I'm not so happy with the car. It's moving too much up and down, it's not so nice. We try to improve. The earlier noise is okay now - just the sump guard touching."

Fri 10:02 - Finland WRC 2 after SS4
1.Huttunen 23m05.5s, 2.Greensmith +3.4s, 3.Loubet +8.0s, 4.Arai +15.9s, 5.Gilbert +17.2s. Nordgren time loss

Fri 09:58 - SS4: WRC 2 Nordgren
More problems for the Future Star, who reported a front-left issue after SS3. He drops 2m22s.

Fri 09:52 - Stage info: SS5
Halinen 2, 7.65km. First run in 2016, this is a tricky stage on narrow roads sometimes barely wider than the cars. Grass verges encourage cutting, but stones are hidden in almost every bend. The first section contains many crests and corners but with few actual jumps. That changes at 5km where a long straight ends with a massive jump. The stage has been extended by a few hundred metres this last year and that has added a couple of extra crests into the mix.

Fri 09:52 - Standby for SS5
WRC live tracking shows cars gathering at the pre-start area. New stage opener Neuville is due to get the green light at 1008hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 09:47 - Ogier update
Picture of the right-rear damage to Ogier's car.

Fri 09:38 - Ogier update
News from M-Sport: 'Damaged suspension after a heavy landing towards the end of SS4. He'll go no further today but we aim for Rally 2'

Fri 09:33 - Ogier update
Crew okay. Ogier giving an interview to WRC TV at the scene. More news shortly.

Fri 09:27 - SS4: Al Qassimi
"Spin and a stall in a junction"

Fri 09:27 - Finland after SS4
1.Latvala 21m30.4s, 2.Lappi +5.3s, 3.Breen +8.1s, 4.Suninen +8.3s, 5.Ostberg +10.9s. Ogier / Paddon stop. Tanak damage

Fri 09:24 - SS4: Suninen
"A bit careful because many drivers had problems and broke their cars here. I drove carefully."

Fri 09:22 - SS4: Ostberg
"It was okay. I struggled to find the rhythm. Not happy with my driving on the wide road."

Fri 09:20 - SS4: Lappi
Quickest so far, 1.3sec up on Latvala, and it looks like a stage win for Esapekka.

Fri 09:18 - SS4: Meeke
Fourth quickest. "It felt really uncomfortable with the car in there - on the wide wide especially. I can't get the feeling I had last year."

Fri 09:16 - SS4: Hanninen
Second quickest to Latvala. "No big dramas"

Fri 09:15 - SS4: Breen
A decent time but there's a problem with the Irishman's C3. "We had a big landing over a jump and something - I don't know what - is wrong with the front. I hope to God it's not the suspension."

Fri 09:10 - SS4: Evans
"Not massively confident. The grip level is changing a lot. It's difficult to commit with so much understeer."

Fri 09:09 - SS4: Paddon update
Hyundai confirm right-rear damage. He's out for the day.

Fri 09:08 - SS4: Tanak
He completes with a broken right-rear wheel and wrecked tyre. He's lost 1m34sec - and the rally lead - to Latvala. "It happened in the first corner - a bit wide onto rocks. We lost the drive shaft and then a puncture."

Fri 09:05 - SS4: Ogier update
WRC TV crew reports a wheel missing. Car in the trees.

Fri 09:04 - SS4: Latvala
9.1sec quicker than Neuville. "The most difficult stage of the morning."

Fri 09:03 - SS4: Neuville
He's through but has concerns about noises from his car.

Fri 09:02 - SS4: Paddon
WRC Live tracking shows his Hyundai stopped at 1.9km

Fri 09:00 - SS4: Ogier
WRC Live tracking shows his Fiesta stopped at the 20.3km point!

Fri 08:59 - SS4: Tanak
Has lost 25.0sec to his rivals in the opening split!

Fri 08:58 - SS4: Splits watch
Neuville 2.2sec slower than Ogier at 13.2km

Fri 08:41 - Stage info: SS4
Jukojärvi 1, 21.31km. Jukojärvi features many different types of roads that each demand their own driving rhythm. Drivers that can quickly adjust from driving flat-out to threading their cars between rocks and trees will do well here. The opening 4.2km are blisteringly fast, before the stage turns on to a smaller road and gets more technical. It’s the classic Jukojärvi stage to the 13.7km point, and a recent addition from then on - run for the first time in this direction.

Fri 08:40 - Standby for SS4
Ogier is scheduled to start at 0848hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 08:39 - SS3: WRC 2 Katsuta
Didn't start the stage. More news when we get it.

Fri 08:38 - Finland WRC 2 after SS3
1.Huttunen 12m14.8s, 2.Loubet +0.3s, 3.Nordgren +2.4s, 4.Greensmith +2.5s, 5.Arai +5.4s

Fri 08:33 - SS3: WRC 2 Cave
"Hard to pick a good line and settle into the right rhythm."

Fri 08:32 - SS3: WRC 2 Huttunen
Quickest so far and he takes the category lead. "I don't like this car at the moment - oversteering."

Fri 08:31 - SS3: WRC 2 Nordgren
"We have some problems with the front-left. We must go and check."

Fri 08:28 - SS3: WRC 2 Loubet
Moves ahead of Greensmith in the standings. "We did a really good stage. Clean, no mistakes. We continue like this."

Fri 08:27 - SS3: WRC 2 Greensmith
The category leader after the previous stage. "All fine but my pace notes are way too slow. Far too cautious. Once we take the slower bits out of the notes we'll be fine."

Fri 08:26 - SS3: WRC 2 Gilbert
"Okay. We check the pace notes. We slide a lot, maybe the set-up is too hard."

Fri 08:23 - SS3: WRC 2 Tempestini
"Not a good morning. Not a good feeling with the set-up. Too stiff I think. We'll take a look in service."

Fri 08:22 - Finland after SS3
1.Tanak 11m22.5s, 2.Latvala +0.3s, 3.Paddon +1.1s, 4.Breen +1.8s, 5.Suninen +3.5s

Fri 08:20 - SS3: Al Qassimi
"I don't have the confidence to push."

Fri 08:17 - SS3: Suninen
Third quickest. "I'm having fun with this extremely quick car on these roads. I hope I can learn a lot more this week."

Fri 08:15 - SS3: Ostberg
"It's a beautiful stage. I've missed it. Nice that it's back. I was too careful over the jump. Apologies to all the spectators."

Fri 08:13 - SS3: Lappi
Second quickest. "Not too cautious this time. We pushed more and it feels comfortable. No mistakes and still lot of places to improve."

Fri 08:12 - SS3: Meeke
5.3sec off the pace. "I last drove this stage seven or eight years ago so I have very little knowledge of it. You really need to get your speed right. I knew halfway through I didn't have the confidence."

Fri 08:09 - SS3: Hanninen
"We lost a bit of time in here, too careful at the start. We need to focus on the next stage"

Fri 08:06 - SS3: Breen
"Mediocre. In some places I'm too hesitant."

Fri 08:06 - SS3: Paddon
Six-tenths slower than Latvala. "Quite a big moment in there, after a jump we used to take flat-out. We had a big jump and at the next corner we almost went off into the trees. That put me off for the rest of the stage. A good way to wake up!"

Fri 08:02 - SS3: Evans
"Struggling quite a lot with understeer."

Fri 08:01 - SS3: Sordo
9.2sec off the pace here. "Difficult to judge the speed in there."

Fri 07:59 - SS3: Tanak
Second quickest so far in M-Sport's second Fiesta. "No problems for me, the engine is running fine. Not very happy with the pace notes but that's okay, we can change them."

Fri 07:57 - SS3: Latvala
Quickest so far. "The grip was better here. Some sections with good grip and others that are very slippery."

Fri 07:56 - SS3: Neuville
Slower than Ogier again - by 1.6sec despite Ogier's problems. "I have the same feeling, not feeling much power. The ground is much more loose, taking power away. A better stage [than before] but I don't need to fight for the win here, It's the right pace for now."

Fri 07:53 - SS3: Ogier
He completes in 6m01.3s but looks concerned. "Not so good, we have some engine problem, the throttle is not responding. Losing some time."

Fri 07:47 - Stage info: SS3
Urria 1, 12.75km. Last used in 2012, Urria is a flat-out Finnish classic loved by local drivers. Former Ford pilot Mikko Hirvonen still rates it as his favourite stage, even though he rolled his Ford Focus into a ball here in 2010. Similar in character to the legendary Ouninpohja, but not quite as technical, the stage has a mix of small roads that can become rutted on the second pass, and a wider ‘big road’ section full of high-speed corners, jumps and crests.

Fri 07:46 - SS2: Gorban
Cleanly through. His MINI working well after a crash at yesterday's shakedown.

Fri 07:45 - Next stage: 0745hrs
That's Ogier's start time for SS3 Urria - just 14km away from the end of Halinen. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 07:44 - SS2: Al Qassimi
"Too much sideways. So difficult to control the car - it's so tail happy."

Fri 07:42 - SS2: Suninen
Quickest! The Finnish youngster faster than Meeke by one-tenth. That's the second stage win of his career on only his second event in a World Rally Car. "That's good but still the race is really tight. I need to improve my driving. I think I can improve." Impressive stuff.

Fri 07:40 - SS2: Ostberg
Ninth quickest. "Quite okay. Yeah, a tricky first stage. Difficult to judge the grip. I'm pleased with where I am."

Fri 07:38 - SS2: Lappi
Tenth quickest, 3.3sec off the pace. "I was on the safe side all the time. The guys ahead are cutting like hell. I know it now for the next one."

Fri 07:37 - SS2: Meeke
Quickest through so far. "Yeah, by just a few tenths. On this rally it will be tenths separating everyone. It's going to be a long day - we'll have to be on it. No road cleaning, humid all the way through. Normal."

Fri 07:34 - SS2: Hanninen
Quick on the splits, but he completes sixth fastest. "It's okay, but tricky and slippery. I'm just finding the rhythm."

Fri 07:32 - SS2: Breen
Fourth quickest, six-tenths off Paddon's time, but he wanted more "On this rally you just have to be so committed. Lift off the throttle at all and you pay for it. Okay, [the time is] in the ball park but the level is so high here."

Fri 07:30 - SS2: Paddon
Quickest by one-tenth from Latvala. "A good way to wake up. Nice and fast. A bit of humidity on the road made it a bit slippery. I enjoyed it. No risks, just trying to keep it nice and smooth."

Fri 07:27 - SS2: Evans
The Welshman slots fourth quickest of the six cars through. "Definitely a wake up call. A great stage, a bit slippery in places but otherwise okay."

Fri 07:26 - SS2: Sordo
Slowest so far, 6.2sec off the pace. "I enjoyed it but I'm not fast enough. I lost a lot of time. Okay, it's only the first stage."

Fri 07:24 - SS2: Tanak
Five-tenths slower than Latvala. "A nice stage but surprisingly slippery - especially the beginning where there was quite a lot of loose. Not so bad."

Fri 07:22 - SS2: Latvala
Quickest so far by one-tenth. "Okay but surprisingly slippery. I was expecting better grip. It's down to the early morning dew I think."

Fri 07:20 - SS2: Neuville
Not the start he wanted - 4.8sec SLOWER than Ogier. The car looks okay. Anything wrong? "I don't know. Maybe I was not committed enough. We have to go faster. We can go faster." And Ogier's time? "That was a surprise."

Fri 07:18 - SS2: Ogier
First through in 3m40.2s, "Okay. The early morning conditions are okay. A little damp, and that's good. I'd have liked more but that's how it is."

Fri 07:12 - SS2: We're off!
Ogier's Fiesta blasts away from the line.

Fri 07:11 - Tyre choices
Confirmation from Michelin that all its drivers have five soft-compound tyres for the morning loop.

Fri 07:06 - Stage info: SS2
Halinen 1, 7.65km. First run in 2016, this is a tricky stage on narrow roads sometimes barely wider than the cars. Grass verges encourage cutting, but stones are hidden in almost every bend. The first section contains many crests and corners but with few actual jumps. That changes at 5km where a long straight ends with a massive jump. The stage has been extended by a few hundred metres this year and that has added a couple of extra crests into the mix.

Fri 07:06 - Start intervals
Drivers will tackles today's stages at two-minute intervals

Fri 07:05 - Standby for SS2
Friday's opener is scheduled to start at 0712hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 07:05 - WRC Live
Our radio service is LIVE with Becs Williams just behind us in the studio and Emyr Penlan and Colin Clark reporting from the stage ends. You'll find a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Fri 07:05 - Friday's running order
Championship order today, which puts Sébastien Ogier through first. Here's how the WRC drivers will line up: 1.Ogier, 2.Neuville, 3.Latvala, 4.Tänak, 5.Sordo, 6.Evans, 7.Paddon, 8.Breen, 9.Hänninen, 10.Meeke, 11.Lappi, 12.Østberg, 13.Suninen, 14.Al Qassimi

Fri 07:04 - Weather update
Lovely so far here in Jyvaskyla, but the forecast shows a change might be on the way later this afternoon. Currently a mix of blue sky and clouds with a temperature is 13˚C. Rain possible later.

Fri 07:03 - Time reminder
All times quoted here are local. And in Finland that's (UTC +3hrs)

Fri 07:01 - Coming up today
Drivers face a marathon of almost 16 hours at the wheel as the rally enters the forests for the first time. They will tackle 12 stages covering 145.71km

Fri 07:00 - We're in position
At the heart of the service park, to bring you all today's stage news LIVE on and the WRC App

Fri 07:00 - Good morning
From Jyvaskyla, and welcome back to our live text coverage of Neste Rally Finland

Thu 21:33 - We will return
On Friday to bring you coverage of the first full day of competition. And it's going to be a marathon. We'll be here from 0700hrs (local) ready for the first of 12 stages, which gets underway at 0712hrs. Bye for now!

Thu 21:30 - Stage complete
With no major upsets, and that's where we'll leave our live text coverage from Finland tonight

Thu 21:29 - Finland WRC 2 after SS1
1.Scandola 1m51.7s, 2.Loubet +0.5s, 3.Gilbert +1.1s, 4.Greensmith +1.2s, 5.Andolfi +1.4s

Thu 21:26 - SS1: WRC 2 Scandola
Last driver through, the Italian bags the quickest WRC 2 time and the overnight category lead. Loubet is second, with Gilbert third.

Thu 21:15 - SS1: WRC 2 Loubet
The Frenchman is the pace-setter so far in WRC 2. Gilbert is second with Greensmith third.

Thu 21:03 - WRC 2 on stage
No more driver comments from this stage, but we will follow the times to bring you the overnight standings.

Thu 21:02 - Finland after SS1
1.Tanak 1m44.1s, 2.Neuville +1.1s, 3.Ogier +1.5s, 4.Breen +1.6s, 5.Latvala +2.2s.

Thu 20:57 - SS1: Ogier
The champ slots third quickest, 1.5sec slower than his team-mate Tanak and four-tenths off Neuville's pace. "Here in Finland it's all about pushing. The pressure in normal. I've been on holiday, I feel completely relaxed and I come here with a full battery and ready to push."

Thu 20:54 - SS1: Neuville
Second quickest so far, 1.2sec off Tanak's pace. "It's going to be a difficult event. The main thing is to enjoy it, stay in a close battle with Seb and finish ahead of him at the end."

Thu 20:51 - SS1: Latvala
Cleanly through but 2.2sec slower than Tanak. "A fantastic feeling to start the rally. This stage is nice but difficult. It wasn't great on the first corner but otherwise I'm happy with how the car felt. Now we can start the rally properly."

Thu 20:47 - SS1: Tanak
A terrific start for Ott who goes fastest so far, 1.6sec quicker than Breen. "This is the kind of event where you can smile! I have a good respect for these roads but when you have a good feeling it can be very enjoyable."

Thu 20:44 - SS1: Sordo
"It was okay. I will try and do my best this weekend."

Thu 20:43 - SS1: Evans
Fifth-quickest and trying to reset after missing his pre-event test when Ogier crashed the car he was due to use. "Okay, not the best preparations, but we have to forget that now and get on with driving the car."

Thu 20:39 - SS1: Paddon
Nine-tenths slower than Breen. "We've got to keep calm and keep our expectations in check. This weekend we're going to run our own rally, keep it natural. If the feeling's there, we want to be fighting up there for a podium."

Thu 20:36 - SS1: Breen
Quickest so far. That's a great start for Craig after a miserable run last time out in Poland. "It feels awesome to be here again. I remember last year saying it was like driving a PlayStation. Well, now I feel I have my PlayStation back again. The guys have worked wonders with the car. I can't wait until tomorrow! "

Thu 20:33 - SS1: Hanninen
His car looks straight after his Shakedown shunt. Quickest so far suggests it's running well too. Does he have much of a local advantage this weekend? "Not such a big advantage, no, but for sure we will try."

Thu 20:30 - SS1: Meeke
Last year's Finland winner goes quickest so far in 1m47.1s. "This is a difficult street stage where you don't want to make a mistake. For sure others will be faster, but it's more important not to lose time here."

Thu 20:27 - SS1: Lappi
That's the first stage clear for the Finnish rising star, but he has concerns about one of the chicanes. "I think somebody ahead had hit the tyres and moved them."

Thu 20:25 - SS1: Ostberg
Quickest so far, alongside new co-driver Torstein Eriksen. "I'm really looking forward to starting the stages tomorrow, but also Shakedown and even in here were fun. I'm really wound up! It's really enjoyable and I'm please to be able to experience it with a good friend and an excellent co-driver."

Thu 20:20 - SS1: Al Qassimi
The Citroen team patron back for his second WRC appearance of the year. His first was in Portugal in May. He's five seconds off Suninen's pace. "Always a special atmosphere here. It's unique. I'm happy to be here."

Thu 20:17 - SS1: Suninen
The 2014 Future Rally Star of Finland goes quickest so far in his 2017-spec Fiesta WRC. "A clean run but nothing else. Careful in many braking places but hopefully we didn't lose more than two or three seconds."

Thu 20:15 - SS1: WRC 2 Nordgren
Like Huttunen, a winner of the "Future Rally Star of Finland' award. "Only my third WRC rally but the feeling is awesome!" he says.

Thu 20:11 - SS1: WRC 2 Huttunen
He's through, 3.9sec slower than Camilli. What are his goals for the weekend ahead? "I'm hoping for a clean rally and we'll see what happens."

Thu 20:09 - SS1: Time to beat
Ford Fiesta R5 driver Eric Camilli is quickest so far. His time: 1m50.6s.

Thu 20:08 - SS1: We're off!
Huttunen's Skoda blasts away from the line.

Thu 20:06 - Stage info: SS1
Harju 1, 2.31km. Neste Rally Finland kicks off with the short Harju test near the centre of host town Jyväskylä. It returned to the itinerary in 2014 following a 16-year lay-off, and is used in virtually the same format as last year. It’s a mix of asphalt roads and gravel tracks, and drivers must take care at a fast and tricky downhill descent into a tight turn between trees.

Thu 20:05 - Remembering Timo
Flying Finn Timo Mäkinen was remembered earlier tonight when a selection of his cars were driven through the stage. We like this fan's personal tribute too.

Thu 20:03 - SS1: Start intervals
Two-minute intervals for tonight's stage.

Thu 20:02 - Tyre choices
Confirmation from Michelin that all its drivers have five soft-compound tyres except Meeke who is saving some weight by taking only four.

Thu 19:57 - Thursday's running order
A mixed order for tonight's stage. Local driver Sami Juusonen was first through, closely followed by the Junior WRC field. The World Rally Car runners will be led off by Teemu Suninen at 2014hrs. Here's how the WRC drivers will line up: 1.Suninen, 2.Al Qassimi, 3.Østberg, 4.Lappi, 5.Meeke, 6.Hänninen, 7.Breen, 8.Paddon, 9.Evans, 10.Sordo, 11.Tänak, 12.Latvala, 13.Neuville, 14.Ogier

Thu 19:49 - WRC Live
Our radio service is LIVE with Becs Williams and Emyr Penlan in the studio and Colin Clark reporting from the stage ends. You'll find a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Thu 19:49 - Weather update
It's a lovely evening here in Jyvaskyla. Clear skies overhead, and with sunset not until 2215hrs there is still plenty of sunshine. The temperature is 19˚C.

Thu 19:45 - Thursday's itinerary
Just one stage tonight; the 2.31km city-centre based Harju, which serves as a urban warm up before the rally heads to the forests for the next few days.

Thu 19:45 - Welcome back
We're LIVE on and the WRC App to bring you all the stage news from our vantage point here in the Jyvaskyla service park

Thu 19:31 - Watch SS1
WRC users can watch tonight's stage action LIVE. Head to to find out more.

Thu 18:41 - Live text schedule
We will start our coverage when the WRC 2 drivers take to the stage. First car for us will be the Skoda Fabia R5 of local rising star Jari Huttunen at 2008hrs local (UTC +3hrs).

Thu 18:40 - Coming up tonight
We will bring you live updates from Thursday's rally-opening Harju stage (SS1).

Thu 18:40 - Hello from Finland!
Good evening live texters and welcome to our coverage of Neste Rally Finland, round nine of the FIA World Rally Championship.

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