Wales Rally GB


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Spéciale Nom Longueur (km) Premiére voiture Status
Jour 1 - 14.11.2014
SS1 Gartheiniog 1 14.58 07:44 COMPLETED
SS2 Dyfi 1 21.90 08:14 COMPLETED
SS3 Hafren Sweet Lamb 1 23.55 09:24 COMPLETED
SS4 Maesnant 1 12.86 09:58 COMPLETED
SS5 Gartheiniog 2 14.58 13:03 COMPLETED
SS6 Dyfi 2 21.90 13:33 COMPLETED
SS7 Hafren Sweet Lamb 2 23.55 14:43 COMPLETED
SS8 Maesnant 2 12.86 15:17 COMPLETED
Jour 2 - 15.11.2014
SS9 Clocaenog East 1 8.25 07:52 COMPLETED
SS10 Clocaenog Main 1 13.74 08:08 COMPLETED
SS11 Aberhirnant 1 13.87 09:18 COMPLETED
SS12 Dyfnant 1 19.98 10:10 INTERRUPTED
SS13 Chirk Castle 2.06 12:00 COMPLETED
SS14 Clocaenog East 2 8.25 15:00 COMPLETED
SS15 Clocaenog Main 2 13.74 15:16 COMPLETED
SS16 Aberhirnant 2 13.87 16:26 COMPLETED
SS17 Dyfnant 2 19.98 17:18 COMPLETED
Jour 3 - 16.11.2014
SS18 iRobot Brenig 1 10.81 08:33 COMPLETED
SS19 Alwen 1 10.04 09:00 COMPLETED
SS20 Kinmel Park 1 2.21 09:55 COMPLETED
SS21 Kinmel Park 2 2.21 10:04 COMPLETED
SS22 Alwen 2 10.04 10:56 COMPLETED
SS23 iRobot Brenig 2 (Power Stage) 10.81 12:08 COMPLETED

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Sun 14:00 - Up next: Monte Carlo!
There are just 65 days until the opening round of the 2015 season. Until then, keep up to date with all the latest developments at Goodbye for now!

Sun 13:54 - Stages complete
That's the end of our live text coverage from Wales Rally GB - and this year's World Championship season.

Sun 13:45 - Meeke back safe
His reaches the finish in Llandudno to secure Citroen the championship runner-up spot.

Sun 13:12 - Final WRC2 top 5
1. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): 3:14:08.1, 2. Bertelli (Fiesta R5): +57.4s, 3. Wilson (Fiesta R5): +1m17.2s, 4. Cave (Fiesta R5): +1m28.4s, 5. Kruuda (Fiesta S2000): +2m01.6s

Sun 13:11 - Fisher wins JWRC
The Brit rounds off his Junior WRC season with a second victory. “I’m very happy. It’s been a strong finish to the year. We’re very pleased to win in France and here at home.” And what about next year? “I’m feeling ready to step up to the WRC2. We’ll have to work hard over the winter and see what we can do.”

Sun 13:04 - Final WRC top 5
1. Ogier (VW): 3:03:08.2, 2. Hirvonen (Ford): 37.6, 3. Ostberg (Citroen): 1m03.6s, 4. Neuville (Hyundai): 1m14.9s, 5. Evans (Ford): 1m24.3s

Sun 13:02 - SS23: Al-Attiyah
"I'm so happy - it’s fantastic here. A great rally. A great year!

Sun 13:02 - Al-Attiyah takes WRC2 title
Sixth in class is enough for the Qatari to secure this year's FIA title

Sun 13:01 - Ketomaa wins WRC2
The Finn cruises to a dominant victory 57sec ahead of Lorenzo Bertelli

Sun 12:58 - Power Stage Result
1: Latvala (3 points), 2: Neuville (2 points), 3: Ostberg (1 point).

Sun 12:56 - SS23: Sebastien Ogier
"The win is the best way to finish the year - that was the target. We wanted to enjoy it here. We started flat-out and we made a great difference, but after Jari-Matti had his problem my race changed and I had to control it. Not the best fun but I had to do it. When the conditions are like this it's not too bad. I'm so happy for Mikko to finish on the podium. It's a great achievement."

Sun 12:52 - SS23: Ogier wins!
He's on the roof of his car celebrating with co-driver Julien Ingrassia.

Sun 12:47 - SS23: Mikko Hirvonen
"I'm so happy! I couldn't have a better end to my career. A great fight. For sure I am going to miss things. There are so many people to thank. To you all - thank you!"

Sun 12:46 - SS23: Hirvonen clears!
The Finn completes the final stage of his career and secures second in Wales. He is out of the car and blowing kisses to the spectators!

Sun 12:44 - SS23: Mads Ostberg
The Norwegian secures third place. He is third fastest so far in the Power Stage classifications.

Sun 12:42 - SS23: Top three on stage
Ostberg, Hirvonen and Ogier are on their way through

Sun 12:41 - SS23: Thierry Neuville
"I had a very good stage and I enjoyed a lot. We kept fourth place. A good weekend. We are looking forward to next year now." He is third fastest on the Power Stage so far.

Sun 12:40 - SS23: Meeke cautious
He started the stage with a punctured right rear tyre and he loses 43sec to the leaders as he nurses the DS3 through. "It's okay, but we need to keep a good tyre for the road section. We'll be okay." And his chances of a drive next year? "If I do get another seat I'll need to stop making silly mistakes." Looks like sixth for Meeke.

Sun 12:36 - SS23: Elfyn Evans
He slots second quickest. Looks like fifth place for the Brit. "We tried to go reasonably okay without taking any risks, I think the gap [to Neuville] is too much to take on driving alone."

Sun 12:33 - SS23: Ott Tanak
A great run from the Estonian who finishes seventh. "It was very important to finish and get the experience and that's just what we did. Hopefully it's good for the future. Hopefully I can stay behind the wheel next year..."

Sun 12:30 - S23: Jari-Matti Latvala
He completes with a large section of fir tree wedged in the front of his Polo. He is fastest so far in 7m04.7s. "There was a branch in the middle of the road. I couldn't avoid it. Okay, not the weekend I wanted. A very difficult time. I really wanted to win but the car set-up at the start was maybe too stiff and I made a mistake. I learned a lot about the set-up for next year."

Sun 12:26 - SS23: Martin Prokop
He holds Paddon off to take ninth. "I'm happy like hell. I did my best on the last four stages, the rain in there made it very slippery. A great end to the season."

Sun 12:23 - SS23: Hayden Paddon
"All in all it's been a good weekend. We underestimated the challenge in these conditions but we had a clean rally - we haven't put a scratch on the car." Looks like 10th place for Paddon.

Sun 12:21 - SS23: Robert Kubica
The Pole completes 2.9sec slower than Hanninen. It looks like 11th place for Robert - a big improvement on last year. "This rally was very tough but I enjoyed it. I started enjoying gravel in the middle of the season. Not an easy year but I want to thank all the guys who work on my car. Next year? That's a difficult question. I'd say it's 50/50 between WRC and circuits."

Sun 12:17 - SS23: Hanninen's verdict
"After Friday it was of course frustrating but the car has been very cool today and yesterday. We learned a lot."

Sun 12:16 - SS23: Hanninen completes
And his benchmark time is 7m15.4s.

Sun 12:08 - SS23: Hanninen underway!
He pings his Hyundai off the start line on schedule.

Sun 11:58 - Weather update
After two dry days it has started to rain on the Power Stage.

Sun 11:57 - SS23 live on WRC+
Follow the Power Stage live from 1200hrs local time (CET-1) on WRC+

Sun 11:54 - Power Stage start order
Updated following Meeke’s puncture: First car: Hanninen at 1208hrs. Then at 3-minute intervals: Kubica, Paddon, Prokop, Latvala, Tanak, Evans, Meeke, Neuville, Ostberg, Hirvonen and finally, at 1241hrs, Ogier.

Sun 11:51 - WRC2 top 6 after SS22
Ketomaa looking good for the rally win but Al-Attiyah, down in sixth, is on course to secure the title: 1. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): 3:06:34.7, 2. Bertelli (Fiesta R5): +59.4s, 3. Wilson (Fiesta R5): +1m20.7s, 4. Cave (Fiesta R5): +1m30.9s, 5. Kruuda (Fiesta S2000): +2m01.5s, 6. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC): +2m25.2s

Sun 11:48 - WRC top 6 after SS22
Here’s how the standings look ahead of the final Power Stage: 1. Ogier (VW): 2:55:51.4, 2. Hirvonen (Ford): +40.1, 3. Ostberg (Citroen): +1m12.6s, 4. Neuville (Hyundai): +1m24.7s, 5. Meeke (Citroen): +1m30.3s, 6. Evans (Ford) +1m32.3s.

Sun 11:41 - Top three positions
Looking settled now with one stage to go. Ogier is 40.1sec in front of Hirvonen with Ostberg 32.5sec further back in third.

Sun 11:38 - SS22: Tyre damage for Meeke
He completes 51sec slower than Latvala with his Citroen's right-rear tyre damaged. "Yup, that's the way it is," he says. Sounds like the damage is a legacy of his earlier trip into a ditch. Meeke slips to fifth. Hirvonen backed off near the end.

Sun 11:33 - SS22: Meeke in trouble!
He has lost 31sec to Ostberg at the mid-point split.

Sun 11:31 - SS22: Evans vs Neuville
Neuville is almost 2sec quicker than Evans to become a little more secure in fifth. "I couldn't do any more that this," said Neuville. "I was absolutely flat-out. We took a lot of risks but we kept it on the road." Evans said: "I was a little too sideways in some places and too hesitant in others."

Sun 11:22 - SS22: Latvala fastest so far
His time is 5m44.7sec. His earlier time - on SS19 - was 5m46.2s. "I like this stage. That was a good run."

Sun 11:19 - SS22: Prokop rapid
He's quickest so far, and keeps the chasing Hayden Paddon behind. The pair are now separated by 2.3sec. "I had a really good feeling - that's a good stage for us."

Sun 11:11 - SS22: Hanninen's verdict
The Finn is first to complete: "A nice stage. Not as slippery as I was expecting. Reasonable levels of grip." His time is 5m54.4s.

Sun 11:04 - Mikkelsen update
His car still marooned on SS19. It is stuck off the road and virtually undamaged except for a clutch burned-out trying to get back on.

Sun 10:53 - Up next: SS22
We're back to Alwen for the penultimate stage of Wales Rally GB. First car: Juho Hanninen at 1058hrs

Sun 10:51 - WRC2 top 6 after SS21
1. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): 3:00:25.5, 2. Bertelli (Fiesta R5): +1m04.2s, 3. Wilson (Fiesta R5): +1m24.0s, 4. Cave (Fiesta R5): +1m34.5s, 5. Kruuda (Fiesta S2000): +2m02.0s, 6. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC): +2m16.8s

Sun 10:51 - WRC top 6 after SS21
1. Ogier (VW): 2:49:55.8, 2. Hirvonen (Ford): +45.4, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +50.0s, 4. Ostberg (Citroen): +1m21.3s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +1m32.9s, 6. Evans (Ford) +1m38.6s.

Sun 10:44 - SS21: Hirvonen more secure
He has calmed down after his earlier time-card drama. And beating Meeke by three seconds here must have helped. He now heads Meeke by 4.6sec. "The gap is better now. We did a good stage, so I'm happy with that."

Sun 10:41 - SS21: Meeke slowest so far
He completes 4sec slower than stage leader Latvala. That won't help his fight with Hirvonen for second. The start of a cautious approach to get points for Citroen? A peer inside the DS3 shows he has already used his one spare tyre today.

Sun 10:34 - SS21: Battle for fifth
Neuville is quicker than Evans this time - the gap between them now 5.7sec. "I pushed to the maximum," said Neuville.

Sun 10:28 - SS20: Hirvonen fuming!
The Finn rages after a delay at the start line. "They gave the f**king time card to us five seconds before our start time - we had no time to prepare and sat on the line for a few seconds!" He is slowest so far, and Meeke is now only 1.6sec behind.

Sun 10:22 - SS20: Battle for fifth
Evans began SS20 trailing Neuville by 6.4sec. He ends it just 5.1sec back. So Elfyn, how hard are you pushing? "We're not going to let him just have it - but there are not many kilometres left."

Sun 10:18 - SS21: Hayden Paddon
"We're just trying to keep the car in the middle of the road and keep learning. This rally is completely different to the other five we've done this year."

Sun 10:13 - SS20: Latvala's recce
He is fastest so far on the first pass, in 1m41.9s. "I tried to get myself a good feeling and also learn the stages for next year."

Sun 10:10 - SS21: Muddy for Hanninen
The Finn is first to complete both runs of Kinmel Park. His verdict? "Really, really muddy. I hope we get a car-wash after this."

Sun 10:00 - SS19: Solberg retires
Confirmation from M-Sport that Solberg has retired as a result of his fuel leak. He was ninth.

Sun 09:48 - WRC top 6 after SS19
1. Ogier (VW): 2:46:31.2, 2. Hirvonen (Ford): +43.6, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +45.7s, 4. Ostberg (Citroen): +1m20.0s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +1m32.1s, 6. Evans (Ford) +1m38.5s.

Sun 09:45 - SS19: Solberg in trouble?
WRC TV crews report he is stopped on the road section after SS19 and is working on his Fiesta. He is trying to fix a fuel leak.

Sun 09:42 - Stage notes: SS20/21
Kinmel Park, 2.21km: A throwback to the spectator stages of the Lombard RAC Rally era, Kinmel Park was used last year for the first time since 1976. It follows virtually the same route as in 2013 over asphalt, gravel and grassy roads around the estate, and is very fast in places.

Sun 09:41 - Up next: SS20
It is a relentless schedule today. Crews are straight off to Kinmel Park now. The first of two passes begins at 0955hrs.

Sun 09:39 - SS19: Ogier cruising
He is ninth fastest on stage. His rally lead over Hirvonen now 43.6sec. "Difficult conditions for sure. It's good to be in my position - I can cruise."

Sun 09:36 - SS19: Tense for Mikko
On stage he is slower than Meeke by one second, and his advantage in the standings is down to 2.1sec. "I'm trying but its really difficult to get a rhythm - I felt like I could have been faster."

Sun 09:34 - SS19: Meeke okay
No tyre problems reported by Meeke, who completes second fastest, 2.4sec slower than Ostberg. “Yeah, not so bad. I think it’s getting more and more slippery but I'm quite happy.”

Sun 09:32 - SS19: Ostberg fatest
He completes in 5m43.1s. Drama-free for Mads.

Sun 09:29 - SS19: Note error for Neuville
"I made a pace note error and went wide on one of the first corners. We were very lucky. After that I lost some of my concentration."

Sun 09:24 - SS19: Evans rapid
He slots second fastest, 0.2sec slower than Latvala. "Not bad at all. One quite fast section where we nudged a bank, we took it more carefully after that."

Sun 09:22 - SS19: Ott Tanak
"After my puncture [on SS18] I have no more spares so I have to carry on with the four I have. I took it very carefully.

Sun 09:21 - SS19: Latvala fastest so far
"The road characteristic is good, but the grip level is changing a lot. The place where Andreas went off is the most slippery corner of the lot."

Sun 09:17 - Stage notes: SS19
Alwen 1, 10.04km: The stage is fast from the start but the road is bumpy and messy. It’s narrow for most of the way but the speed picks up along a couple of fast straights. The first few kilometres run alongside Alwen reservoir and logs line the road in places.

Sun 09:15 - SS19: Mikkelsen off!
He is first to start the next stage, but goes off at the 9.1km mark. Crew okay, but their Polo is stuck.

Sun 09:14 - SS18: Ogier completes
He set the 13th fastest time. His lead is still 48sec. "We are very slow, so obviously very tricky."

Sun 09:13 - SS18: Hirvonen clear
Sixth fastest - but a hairy moment at the end when he slips wide and destroys the finish control arch!

Sun 09:11 - SS18: Puncture for Meeke?
He might have picked up one - or maybe two - punctures in that ditch run. He is carrying only one spare. We'll keep you posted.

Sun 09:10 - SS18: Ditch drama for Meeke!
His car completes with clods of mud stuffed in its front right corner. "I just ran an inch or two wide, I thought it was fine, I keep the throttle on, but we went along a ditch for about 50 metres and collected a lot of mud. I lost two or three seconds with that."

Sun 09:06 - SS18: Ostberg fastest!
It's a great start for the Norwegian, who clears in 7m07.6s

Sun 09:03 - SS18: Neuville eyeing 4th?
He has Evans 8.3sec behind, but Ostberg - in fourth - just a few seconds ahead. Where is he looking? "I have to look both ways, I tried to do my best and to be safe."

Sun 09:01 - SS18: Evans eyeing 5th?
He completes 0.4sec slower than Neuville - the man ahead of him in the standings. "We had a decent start but not such a great end. We have some work to do."

Sun 08:56 - SS18: Tanak
The Estonian completes with a left front puncture. He is carrying only one spare.

Sun 08:55 - SS18: Wide for Latvala
He takes out some of the signage at the stop control. No damage (to the car). "This afternoon [as the Power Stage] is more important. I need to find out the places that are slippery. In a couple of places I was too careful but generally no surprises."

Sun 08:52 - SS18: Henning Solberg
The Norwegian is ninth overall. "The target now is to get to the finish."

Sun 08:50 - SS18: Prokop
"Really difficult. Slippery and on one occasion we nearly put it in a ditch."

Sun 08:49 - SS18: Paddon
"I took it pretty easy in there - the grip changes made it one of the most difficult stages of the rally."

Sun 08:47 - SS18: Kubica cautious
He is 12.5sec slower than Mikkelsen and says he was determined to keep out of trouble.

Sun 08:45 - SS18: Hanninen
"Now already the first pass is very slippery, I was far away from a good rhythm in there." He is 1.1sec slower than Mikkelsen.

Sun 08:43 - SS18: Mikkelsen
Safely through, his Polo completely covered in mud. "This one was tricky. Very muddy in places and one of the more slippery stages were have done on this rally. A few small mistakes but okay." His time is 7m09.0s

Sun 08:32 - Stage notes: SS18
Brenig 1, 10.81km. After a fast start, the road narrows after 2km before a 1.3km stretch of asphalt. The route then crosses moorland before running alongside Llyn Brenig reservoir, offering stunning views for the final 4km to the finish. It’s a brand new stage.

Sun 08:27 - Emotional at M-Sport
the whole team turned out to send Mikko Hirvonen on his way this morning. A few tears from Mikko and team boss Malcolm Wilson as they shared a manly hug.

Sun 08:24 - Start order
Rally classification order reversed today, which puts Andreas Mikkelsen through first. The rest will follow at two-minute intervals. Rally leader Sebastien Ogier is 14th on the road.

Sun 08:23 - Weather
Dryish roads this morning. Like Saturday the skies are fairly clear and there are patches of blue up there. The temperature is a fresh 8˚C but should hit 10 later. There is a 6 per cent chance of rain forecast. Sunrise this morning was 0733hrs.

Sun 08:23 - Cars en route
To the start of SS18. They started to leave Deeside from 0720hrs for the 54.3km drive to Brenig, which kicks off at 0833hrs local (CET-1)

Sun 08:22 - Final celebrations
After the Power Stage, held on the second pass on Brenig, crews will head for Llandudno to celebrate the end of the season on the podium from 1319hrs.

Sun 08:21 - Sunday’s itinerary
Centres on two new tests, Brenig (10.81km) and Alwen (10.04km). There is no service today, but sandwiched between first and second runs on these two tests there will be two runs on another Rallyfest stage at Kinmel Park (2.21km).

Sun 08:21 - Coming up today
Sunday is the third and final day of the rally, and features six more stages in north Wales, close to the service base in Deeside.

Sun 08:20 - We’re back
manning the desk of text for one last time this year

Sun 08:20 - Bore da from Wales
and welcome back to our live text coverage of Wales Rally GB, the final round of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Sat 18:27 - That’s Saturday’s stages done
And the end of our live text service for today. Join us on Sunday for the third and final leg of Wales Rally GB. We’ll be here, hunched over a laptop, in time for the opening stage at 0833hrs. In the meantime, keep an eye on the WRC Live stream and the news section for all the latest from Deeside. Hwyl fawr for now!

Sat 18:24 - Al-Attiyah update:
Following Sousa's exit, Al-Attiyah is up to sixth in WRC2 and on course to secure the FIA title on Sunday.

Sat 18:20 - WRC2 top 5 after day two (after SS17)
1. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): 2:43:04.6, 2. Bertelli (Fiesta R5): +1m16.2s, 3. Wilson (Fiesta R5): +1m32.8s, 4. Cave (Fiesta R5): +1m34.6s, 5. Kruuda (Fiesta S2000): +2m02.9s

Sat 18:18 - SS17: Sousa off
Bernardo Sousa loses second place in WRC2 when he puts his Fiesta RRC into a ditch.

Sat 18:15 - WRC top 5 after day two (after SS17)
1. Ogier (VW): 2:33:19.3, 2. Hirvonen (Ford): +58.1, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +1m01.5s, 4. Ostberg (Citroen): +1m41.2s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +1m44.5s

Sat 18:13 - SS17: Ogier still in control
He completes the stage cleanly and will take a 58.1sec lead into Sunday's final day. "It was not an easy day. This afternoon was slippery and I'm happy that it's over. We have a comfortable lead now, tomorrow we just have to cross the finish line."

Sat 18:10 - SS17: Latvala rediscovers his mojo
He takes the stage win, 0.8sec quicker than Mikkelsen. "It has been a really frustrating day. After service I completely lost the motivation and it took some time to come back. I enjoyed it here and now I'm back in the mood. All I can do tomorrow is try and get a good feeling from this rally."

Sat 18:07 - SS17: Second overnight for Hirvonen
Meeke nibbles another 1.1sec out of his advantage, but Mikko holds second place overnight. "It's fantastic to be in the battle. Mads was unlucky but it's going to be an interesting day tomorrow." How confident is his of finishing second? "Everything is possible. It's my last day and I don’t have anything to lose so I’m going to go for it."

Sat 18:04 - SS17: Kris Meeke
"I really enjoyed that, but I stalled at the hairpin near the start. That's a bit bit embarrassing because I did the same yesterday. Driving these stages at night though - it's as good as it gets."

Sat 18:02 - SS17: Forced caution for Ostberg
He completes 10 sec slower than Mikkelsen. "We had a puncture in the last stage and having used my spare I had to take it carefully in here. It is important for the manufacturers' championship that I finish - so I took no risks. Now it will be very difficult to finish on the podium."

Sat 17:55 - SS17: Neuville's lamp pod status
"It looks okay. He has cable-tied it into position. "Its my own fault; in the previous stage I turned-in sharply before a bale and didn't consider that the lamp pod stuck out at the front. We fixed it up and I was able to see the road okay. I don't think we lost much time."

Sat 17:50 - SS17: Elfyn Evans
His time of 11m56.3s is second-quickest so far. How was your day Elfyn? "Overall I'm reasonably pleased. A bit up and down, and I would have liked more consistency, but I think we have made good progress on gravel. We're looking forward to tomorrow."

Sat 17:47 - SS17: Ott Tanak
"My co-driver was very late calling a slow corner in there and I had a proper moment. Generally though a big improvement over yesterday. Much more consistent. I'm really happy."

Sat 17:46 - SS17: Solberg explains his puncture
"It happened near the start of the previous stage. We were in the middle of the road - I don't know how it happened. I'm not happy about that, but bad luck is a part of rallying."

Sat 17:43 - SS17: Robert Kubica
"That was difficult. Driving on asphalt at night is okay but on gravel when you are sideways the lights are pointing in a completely different place to where I want. It takes time to adjust. It is also hard to read the grip. All good though. We have got through a difficult day without any problems. We can be happy."

Sat 17:39 - SS17: Hanninen explains his penalty
The Finn collected a 10 sec penalty for starting one minute late. "We had a small problem with the mounting bracket of the light pod. The lights were pointing too low, so on the road section before I was adjusting them. That's why we were late. Given our position overall the penalty doesn't make much difference."

Sat 17:34 - SS17: Mikkelsen clears
"We managed to fix the intercom but the quality is not so good so I'm struggling to hear. Not the perfect stage - but it was reasonable." His time is 11m51.4s.

Sat 17:22 - SS17: Penalty for Hanninen?
He has checked-in one minute late.

Sat 17:08 - Up next: SS17
The second running of Dyfnant, Saturday's final stage, gets underway at 1718hrs. WRC Live guest presenter Craig Breen is in position at the stage end to bring us all the driver quotes.

Sat 17:05 - SS16: Ogier clears
He is seventh fastest. His rally lead now 59.3sec.

Sat 17:04 - SS16: Hirvonen vs Meeke
Hirvonen is faster again in the battle for second - which, following Ostberg's problem, is now more of a duel. Hirvonen's advantage over Meeke is up to 4.5sec.

Sat 17:02 - SS16: Ostberg in the danger zone
He is fourth - but now just 1.9sec ahead of Neuville

Sat 17:01 - SS16: Ostberg tyre drama!
He completes with a de-laminated tyre. He has driven on it for 5km and completes 21.1sec slower than Mikkelsen.

Sat 16:58 - SS16: Neuville issues
Neuville has swiped a hay bale chicane near the finish and knocked his lamp pod out of alignment.

Sat 16:47 - SS16: Solberg completes
He clears the stage but loses 49 seconds to Mikkelsen.

Sat 16:46 - SS16: Puncture for Solberg
WRC TV crew reports that Henning has a right-hand rear puncture. He is 18sec slower than Mikkelsen at the 8km split.

Sat 16:43 - SS16: Mikkelsen clear
No news yet on whether his lamp pod works but his time suggests it is. Mikkelsen is fastest of the four drivers through so far. His time is 7m48.2s

Sat 16:34 - Mikkelsen's solution
His intercom still broken, co-driver Ola Floene is holding his pace notes up for Mikkelsen to read while driving.

Sat 16:31 - SS16: Underway
Mikkelsen began the second pass through Aberhirnant at 1626hrs

Sat 16:17 - Light pod issue for Mikkelsen
WRC TV crew reports that Mikkelsen cannot connect the light pod to the electrics of his car. There seems to be a problem with the connector plug. He is twisting wires together now and hopes to get it working in time.

Sat 16:12 - Up next: SS16
Daylight is fading fast and crews are fitting their light pods ready for SS16, which gets underway at 1626hrs.

Sat 16:11 - WRC2 top 5 after SS15
1. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): 2:21:47.3, 2. Sousa (Fiesta RRC): +58.5s, 3. Bertelli (Fiesta R5): +1m24.0s, 4. Wilson (Fiesta R5): +1m26.2s, 5. Cave (Fiesta R5): +1m43.6s

Sat 16:08 - WRC top 5 after SS15
1. Ogier (VW): 2:13:28.2, 2. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m03.0s, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +1m06.3s, 4. Ostberg (Citroen): +1m21.0s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +1m32.1s

Sat 16:03 - Key points SS14/15
Meeke and Hirvonen take a stage win each as they fight for the runner-up spot. Meeke snatched second on SS14 but Hirvonen took it back on SS15. Mikkelsen has a faulty intercom and cannot hear his co-driver properly. Pre-stage, Ostberg received a 10-second penalty for checking-in early to SS12. Ogier continues his cautious approach but leads by more than a minute.

Sat 15:55 - SS15: Ogier a sluggish eighth
"We raised the ride height a little in service because the stages are rougher. No dramas, but I think the car has picked up so much mud that it feels like it isn't going anywhere."

Sat 15:52 - SS15: Hirvonen fastest so far
The back and forth battle for second swings back in Hirvonen's favour. He completes 4.4sec quicker than Meeke to jump ahead in the standings. "That went pretty well. It's just crazy how slippery it is in there!"

Sat 15:48 - SS15: Meeke second fastest
"Quite a good run. The road is very slippery and polished - far more that I was expecting. I kept it quite neat and tidy." Meeke extends the gap to Ostberg behind to 14.7sec.

Sat 15:46 - Ostberg penalty update
His 10-second penalty disappeared from the official timing system a few minutes ago. But it is back again now. We'll keep you posted!

Sat 15:44 - SS15: Thierry Neuville
"Better. Lacking some traction, but that's the same for all of us. When I see Mikkelsen's time though I feel we are far away..."

Sat 15:42 - SS15: Elfyn Evans
"We were too safe in there for sure. The conditions are terrible."

Sat 15:37 - SS15: Andreas Mikkelsen
The Norwegian is coping well with the intercom problem. He is quickest of the five drivers who have completed so far. His time to beat here is 8m13.0s

Sat 15:35 - Up next: SS15
Straight over to the repeated 'Clocaenog Main' stage.

Sat 15:34 - SS14: Ogier clears
A drama-free fourth-fastest time for the rally leader. "I don’t have to push but it is not easy - very slippery. Low grip level."

Sat 15:33 - SS14: Cautious stage for Latvala
His Polo is back to full health but Latvala is 4sec slower than Meeke. "After the earlier problems I'm trying to get the rhythm back. It's very slippery. Hopefully I'll be closer on the coming stages."

Sat 15:30 - SS14: Hirvonen slips to third
Hirvonen emerges in third place, 1.1sec behind Meeke. "He did well in there. It's really slippery - bloody hell! Okay, now I'll try and take him back. I'll do the best I can."

Sat 15:28 - SS14: Meeke fastest!
He completes in 4m44.8s. Good enough for second? "Very tricky. A lot more slippery that I was expecting. Its like ice under braking and at time the grip just disappears. The sun is low too, so visibility is a problem. Quite challenging!"

Sat 15:25 - SS14: Ostberg explains penalty
"We will see if we can change the penalty. In my opinion it is not correct. We were close, but I think we were there at the correct time. We are talking about one second either way. Okay, we have to fight back now."

Sat 15:24 - SS14: Thierry Neuville
He is second fastest so far, 0.9sec slower than Mikkelsen. He completes looking rather Top Gun with his helmet visor down against the setting sun. "Very, very slippery. No traction at all but I tried to do my best."

Sat 15:17 - SS14: Henning Solberg
"That was slippery but lots of fun! I'm pushing hard." He is 1.3sec slower than Mikkelsen.

Sat 15:15 - SS14: Robert Kubica
The Pole is 3.3sec off Mikkelsen's pace. "Conditions are still tricky. Very slippery now and we have a lot of understeer. It doesn't turn in. The car is impossible to drive nicely. We'll have a think about what we can do to improve that before the next stage."

Sat 15:10 - SS14: Mikkelsen still quick
He can't hear his co-driver but he is quickest so far. His time of 4m46.2s is quicker than both Paddon ( 1.1s) and Hanninen ( 2.1s)

Sat 15:08 - SS14: Mikkelsen furious
He completes with no intercom. "The team switched the wrong helmet in service. The faulty one I had before the service they gave to Ola when we left. Now we have four stages with no intercom. Not good at all."

Sat 15:04 - SS14: Mikkelsen intercom problem?
Apparently so. We'll find out more soon. He began the test at 1500hrs.

Sat 15:00 - Ostberg hit with 10-sec penalty
The Norwegian was penalised for arriving at SS12 one minute late. The penalty drops him from second to fourth place - 8.6sec behind Meeke.

Sat 14:57 - Welcome back
We're all set for the afternoon loop in Wales. The next stage is a few minutes way. But there has been a significant development during service...

Sat 13:37 - Next stage: SS14
The repeat of Clocaenog East kicks off at 1500hrs (local). We will take a break from the live text service until then. In the meantime, keep an eye on the service live cameras and the news section for the latest from Wales.

Sat 13:35 - Service quote:
Sebastien Ogier: “From the moment I saw Jari-Matti stopped I changed my rhythm. I can afford to back off a bit, but still there is a long way to go. It’s Wales, so you have to keep concentrated. This afternoon’s stages in the dark are not my favourite conditions but normally I perform well. My target later is not to be fastest...”

Sat 13:32 - Service quote:
Mads Ostberg: "Generally we have had a good rhythm, just two mistakes over the day and both on the last split of the second stage! Apart from that I’m very pleased with the driving. Now we need to focus on keeping the same speed in the afternoon. It’s all about maintaining the same rhythm.”

Sat 13:28 - Service quote:
Mikko Hirvonen: “The boys are slowly creeping closer, but I’m enjoying the fight. The road was getting more and more slippery this morning. This afternoon everybody will be on the same slippery roads - that should even things up a bit.”

Sat 13:25 - Service quote:
Kris Meeke: “I’m enjoying it. Okay, I got lost in my pace notes on Dyfnant, and braked for a corner that was flat out, but otherwise it’s been fantastic. I just need to tidy it up a little bit - stop making the small mistakes that are costing me a few seconds here and there.”

Sat 13:19 - Service quote:
Thierry Neuville on dropping back in the fight for second: "I was pushing in the first stage but the visibility was quite bad and I missed one braking and a junction. Then I did it again, and then a third time and in the end we lost 11 seconds. The rest of the stages were okay - but that's a lot of time to lose."

Sat 13:12 - Service quote:
Elfyn Evans: "We have settled in to a decent rhythm now, trying to keep the driving clean. The road conditions are different to yesterday. There's a mix of good and bad grip, while yesterday was slippery everywhere."

Sat 13:07 - Service quote:
Malcolm Wilson on the top-3 battle: “What a battle. Fantastic! I can see it continuing for the rest of the afternoon.” Can Hirvonen keep Meeke behind? “Mikko has the pace. He is very strong in these pressure situations - that’s why we call him the ice-man.”

Sat 13:07 - Service quote:
M-Sport boss Malcolm Wilson: “Henning Solberg has broken the VW domination - that’s got to be a headline in Norway!”

Sat 13:06 - Up next: Service
Crews are filtering back to Deeside for the midday 30-minute service

Sat 13:05 - Nasser Al-Attiyah update:
He is seventh in WRC2 - the minimum he needs to secure this year's WRC2 title. The Qatari's trouble-free approach is paying off so far. He seems as cool as a cucumber.

Sat 13:02 - WRC2 top 5 after SS13
1. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): 2:08:00.4, 2. Sousa (Fiesta RRC): +56.5s, 3. Bertelli (Fiesta R5): +1m22.5s, 4. Wilson (Fiesta R5): +1m28.8s, 5. Cave (Fiesta R5): +1m35.1s

Sat 12:55 - WRC top 5 after SS13
1. Ogier (VW): 2:00:22.6, 2. Ostberg (Citroen): +1m10.1s, 3. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m10.8s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +1m11.5s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +1m33.5s

Sat 12:52 - SS13: Solberg the stage winner!
All that rallycross experience seems to have paid off. Henning sets fastest time in his Fiesta - becoming the first non-VW driver to win a stage this weekend.

Sat 12:50 - SS13: Ogier missing the fight?
He completes the morning loop in a class of his own - 1m10s in front of the chasing pack. "The battle with Jari-Matti was enjoyable. Now the [lead] gap is quite comfortable but once again the conditions are tricky. We have to finish the job. Here it was a safe drive - but the surface was more mud than tarmac."

Sat 12:47 - SS13: Hirvonen fired-up
He's third now but under serious pressure from Meeke behind. How much does he want to end his WRC career with a podium? "I'm here for the last time, so for sure I'm going to do all I can to get a podium. The fight is very close, and on these slippery roads it's easy to make a small mistake but let's see. I reckon it's going to be a great battle this afternoon."

Sat 12:43 - SS13: Meeke closing too...
He ends the morning loop fourth - just 0.7sec behind Hirvonen. That means only 1.4sec covers second to fourth place. “It’s a fantastic fight. Whether it’s second or fourth it almost doesn’t matter - we’re in a battle whatever the position. I’m really happy - even though we lost a few seconds in Dyfnant [SS12]. I had a stall and made a mistake with my pace notes."

Sat 12:37 - SS13: Ostberg up to second!
He moves 0.7sec ahead of Hirvonen. "It's been a good morning. Okay, we struggled a bit on the first two stages but I'm pleased with what we've done since. It wasn't easy on the tarmac in here. The stage is getting more and more muddy with every car. A nice castle though!"

Sat 12:31 - SS13: Neuville sixth fastest
"It's been an okay morning. My early mistakes today cost me 10 seconds. We’re a long way from second place now but we’ll keep the pressure on."

Sat 12:20 - SS13: Small error for Evans
"We didn't have a great run in here. We went just a little wide on the first corner, and that breaks you up a little bit." Evans completes 4.1sec slower than Solberg.

Sat 12:18 - SS13: Solberg delight
"Fastest, eh? I've done rallycross so I know how to do stages like this! It's been a great morning. Okay, a bit steering rusty, but it's getting better and better. I'm here in M-Sport's test car, and I have to thank the team for ding such a great job."

Sat 12:13 - SS13: Solberg fastest!
Henning is the fastest of the six drivers through so far - he is 0.2sec quicker than Mikkelsen

Sat 12:08 - SS13: Mikkelsen completes
And his time to beat is 1m32.7s

Sat 11:54 - Stage notes: SS13
Chirk Castle, 2.06km: This fan-friendly parkland test runs on asphalt through the grounds of Chirk Castle. Drivers must use gravel tyres which will provide plenty of slides for the crowds to enjoy. There are many tight junctions and the highlight is the section where cars blast past the castle itself.

Sat 11:28 - Up next: SS13
The spectator stage at Chirk Castle gets underway at 1200hrs. We'll take a quick break and will return to bring you all the stage news...

Sat 11:25 - SS12: Stopped
The stage was stopped after Ogier completed to allow an ambulance to collect an inured marshal. All remaining crews will drive the stage as a non-competitive section and will be awarded notional times.

Sat 11:18 - Key points from SS12:
The battle for second intensifies between the trio of Hirvonen, Ostberg and Meeke who are split now by less than two seconds. Fifth-placed Neuville remains in striking distance too - 22.3sec further back. Mikkelsen bags another fastest time, while Latvala adds a broken damper to his list of problems. Solberg has an alternator issue. A clean run for Ogier keeps him 1m10s out front.

Sat 11:08 - SS12: Ogier in control
The Frenchman is ninth-quickest and remains 1m10.5s ahead. But he’s not finding it straightforward. “This is not the easiest rally to control but okay, now it’s better and more relaxed for us. I try to have the cleanest drive that I can. Yesterday the conditions in the afternoon were bad. Hopefully they won’t be quite so bad today.”

Sat 11:01 - SS12: More trouble for Latvala
He completes 11.1sec slower than Mikkelsen and his Polo is smoking from its front end. "Without the rear spoiler the car is very nervous to drive, and now we have a broken right-hand front damper. In combination that makes it difficult to drive!"

Sat 10:56 - SS12: Hirvonen holds on!
His time keeps him second, although now just 0.5sec ahead of Ostberg. "It's a really great fight, but I haven’t been so smooth this morning and I've a few mistakes here and there. Okay, I’m still here, but we’ll have to fight for it."

Sat 10:53 - SS12: Meeke
"I stalled at a hairpin at the start but after that it was okay - what a stage! And great to see so many fans at Irish Corner! It's a good fight [with Mads] but we have to remember the fight in the manufacturer's championship. That's important."

Sat 10:48 - SS12: Big push for Ostberg
"The stage was quite alright. A big push in here. We have to work hard for this afternoon." He's second quickest so far, 2.7sec slower than Mikkelsen. We'll find out soon where this puts him in the fight for second

Sat 10:46 - SS12: Neuville clears
"Okay. We made a few mistakes this morning, but otherwise we've had a good rhythm. I'm happy with this one."

Sat 10:40 - SS12: Evans' verdict
He is fifth-fastest so far, 5sec slower than Mikkelsen. "That was clean enough. It's a brilliant stage, but the surface is extremely polished and slippery. Then again, in other places the grip is great. It's very tricky when it's like this."

Sat 10:34 - SS12: Alternator concern for Solberg
Henning is fourth fastest so far but has an alternator warning light in his Fiesta.

Sat 10:32 - SS12: Small delay
The stage will pause for a while after Elfyn Evans completes to allow an injured marshal to be treated on the stage.

Sat 10:31 - SS12: Paddon rapid
It's a decent time, 2.7sec slower than Mikkelsen, but the New Zealander is still uncomfortable with the handling of his Hyundai. "I really struggle on this sort of polished road surface. There is no front-end grip. I think it's the same problem that this car has on tarmac. There's work to do."

Sat 10:24 - SS12: Mikkelen through
And his time to beat is 7m28.8s. "That was okay but the rhythm wasn't quite as good as the previous one. The grip is less consistent here, so we weren't pushing quite as hard."

Sat 10:12 - Stage notes: SS12
Dyfnant, 19.98km: Dyfnant is wide and flowing from the start, on a surface that is in good condition. Towards the finish the road descends through a fast section with appetising corners that will encourage drivers to attack.

Sat 10:11 - Up next: SS12
We're underway already. Mikkelsen started at 1010hrs

Sat 10:01 - SS11: Hat trick for Mikkelsen
A fastest time on SS11 was his third consecutive stage win today. After his retirement on Friday however he remains outside the top-20.

Sat 09:57 - SS11: Second place update
Hirvonen is hanging on, but a fired-up Ostberg is just 3.6sec behind in third. Meeke is fourth, 0.5sec behind Ostberg, while Neuville remains in touch. 21.7sec further back.

Sat 09:53 - SS11: Ogier clears
The rally leader is through. His time is tenth-fastest but keeps him out front with a lead of 1m10.7s.

Sat 09:50 - SS11: More drama for Latvala
His car completes with front right suspension damage. He completes 13.4sec slower than stage winner Mikkelsen.

Sat 09:49 - SS11: Ostberg up to third
Mads is fastest of the four drivers fighting for second. He moves ahead of Meeke - who is four seconds slower through the stage.

Sat 09:47 - SS11: All eyes on the battle for 2nd
And our helicopter TV crew reports a hairy moment mid-stage for Meeke

Sat 09:33 - SS11: First cars through
No driver quotes for these early runners, but Mikkelsen is fastest so far, in 7m28.8s, with his nearest rivals Hanninen (+9.4s), Paddon (+12.1s) and Kubica (+13.1s)

Sat 09:12 - Stage notes: SS11
Aberhirnant, 13.87km: Another fast test, with long straights in the opening 2km and high-speed corners that are not for the faint-hearted. The trees have been cut back in several places to improve visibility. It was used in the opposite direction last year, but has not been run in this format since 1991.

Sat 09:10 - Up next: SS11
Mikkelsen will start Saturday's third test at 0918hrs.

Sat 09:09 - WRC top 5 after SS10
1. Ogier (VW): 1:39:25.0, 2. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m12.4s, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +1m16.0s, 4. Ostberg (Citroen): +1m19.8s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +1m39.3s

Sat 09:06 - Key points after SS10:
Latvala’s bid for victory ends in a ditch on SS9. Ogier now way out front with a lead of 1m12s. Latvala’s time loss reignites the four-way battle for second. Hirvonen holds the position, but is under pressure from Meeke who is chasing a career best result.

Sat 09:00 - SS10: Ogier slackens the pace
Unsurprisingly, considering Latvala’s exit, he pulls back from maximum attack and completes fifth-quickest, 3.8sec slower than stage winner Mikkelsen. “Of course for me I’m starting a different rally now. The lead is really good but here in Wales you have to complete without any mistakes. It’s not an easy job at all.”

Sat 08:53 - SS10: Latvala missing his spoiler
His Polo’s rear spoiler was lost in a ditch on the previous test, leaving it with very wayward handling. "Mechanically the car is working fine. But it’s horrendous to drive without the rear spoiler. There’s no force on the back and I spun in there."

Sat 08:48 - SS10: Meeke eyes career best
Kris is quickest of the quartet fighting for second. He trims the gap to Hirvonen to 3.6sec but is trying to keep his excitement in check. Second would be the best result of his WRC career. “I’m trying hard to remind myself that the position is irrelevant! I feel a good rhythm in there – event through it’s so narrow it was okay."

Sat 08:39 - SS10: Game-on for second!
The earlier tense battle for third between Hirvonen, Meeke, Ostberg and Neuville is now a battle for second.

Sat 08:36 - SS10: Mistakes from Neuville
He completes 12.7sec slower than Mikkelsen. "I missed three junctions in there! I went straight on at three of them. Not a great recce."

Sat 08:33 - Stage notes: SS10
Clocaenog Main, 13.74km: A new test over fast and flowing roads that was used in the opposite direction in 2011. A real drivers’ stage, where those who are brave could gain valuable seconds. This rally is the last time Clocaenog will be available for several years due to the construction of wind farms.

Sat 08:33 - SS10: Mikkelsen quickest so far
The Polo driver completed in 8m07.8s. Paddon, Tanak and Evans are his closest rivals so far.

Sat 08:31 - Straight to SS10
Stages come thick and fast this morning. We'll switch to SS10 now, which eight of the WRC crews have completed so far

Sat 08:29 - SS9: Latvala loses 3 minutes
He completes, but his Polo is missing its rear spoiler and Latvala has plunged to 10th. "I had a very good pace up to that point - I wanted to push for the victory. But it was very slippery towards the end and I stalled the engine under braking, I tried to start it before the corner but it didn't start properly and we went backwards into a ditch."

Sat 08:24 - SS9: Ogier completes
"There are a lot of spectators around, but he will lose a lot of time."

Sat 08:24 - SS9: Latvala moving again
Looks like the spectators were a strong bunch

Sat 08:23 - SS9: Latvala update
Crew okay but their Polo is off the road and they are relying on spectators to push them back on

Sat 08:22 - SS9: Latvala off!
The Finn has put his car in a ditch at the 6.8km mark.

Sat 08:21 - SS9: Hirvonen
"Not maybe the best start. It was really slippery and I'm not a fan of this stage when..." And then he stopped talking, because there is big news coming in from the stage....

Sat 08:19 - SS9: Meeke
"Quite good. The grip was not so bad. A bit more than yesterday but the road is narrower - so it's easier to get caught out." His time is third fastest - no change in the overall positions.

Sat 08:18 - SS9: Ostberg
He slots third quickest - 1.2sec slower than Neuville. "Quite okay. Tricky conditions but similar to yesterday. Quite a good stage but not perfect."

Sat 08:15 - SS9: Neuville
The Belgian is second fastest so far, 1.4sec shy of Mikkelsen's time. "Yeah, we started well. A big push. Quite a moment on the last corner, where we were a bit late on the brakes, but I think it's a good time. I couldn't do more."

Sat 08:10 - SS9: Solberg errors
"I went straight on in two junctions! It's difficult to see them. My fault. The car is great." He is 9.4sec slower than Mikkelsen - who is fastest so far.

Sat 08:06 - SS9: Kubica
"It was okay. Actually quite good grip and no dramas."

Sat 08:05 - SS9: Paddon
Paddon clears 4.1sec slower than Mikkelsen. The Kiwi confirms his i20 is back to full health after power steering and front diff problems on Friday

Sat 08:01 - SS9: Hanninen
The Finn back after his retirement on Friday. "A nice stage, a bit different to yesterday. Okay. No problems." He completes 3.7sec slower than Mikkelsen.

Sat 07:59 - SS9: Mikkelsen
"Very slippery - much more than I expected, actually." His benchmark time is 4m39.6s.

Sat 07:57 - Stage notes: SS9
Clocaenog East, 8.25km: This stage was used in the reverse direction last year and includes sections of Thursday’s shakedown. The road has been regraded and is smooth, but is likely to cut up as more cars pass through. It is fast, with the potential for big cuts in the corners.

Sat 07:56 - SS9 Live
Andreas Mikkelsen began the stage at 0752hrs

Sat 07:54 - And here's the weather
Damp roads this morning, but the skies are fairly clear and there are patches of blue up there. The temperature is a chilly 7˚C but should hit 11 later. There is no rain forecast. Sunrise 0732hrs and sunset 0423hrs.

Sat 07:51 - Cars have left service
They started to leave from from 0640hrs and are en route to the start of SS9 Clocaenog East, which kicks off at 0752hrs local (CET-1)

Sat 07:50 - Saturday’s itinerary:
Starts with two stages in the famous Clocaenog forest, Clocaenog East (8.25km) and Clocaenog Main (13.74km), alongside Aberhirnant (13.87km) and Dyfnant (19.98km). Chirk Castle Rallyfest (2.06km) runs before crews head for the midday service. The day’s final two stages will be held after dusk.

Sat 07:46 - Coming up today
Saturday is the second day of the rally, and features stages in north Wales, close to Deeside. At its heart is a loop of four stages run in the morning and then repeated after a 30-minute service. Also on the itinerary - especially for the fans - is the 2km Chirk Castle Rallyfest.

Sat 07:46 - We’re in position
at the desk of text (not yesterday’s text of desk - sorry) next to the service park in Deeside.

Sat 07:45 - Bore da from Wales
and welcome back to our live text coverage of Wales Rally GB, the final round of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Fri 16:26 - We'll be back on Saturday
Our live text service will resume from 0745hrs (local) - in time for the opening Clocaenog test at 0752hrs. In the meantime, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Wales. Cheerio for now.

Fri 16:24 - Friday's stages complete
And that's where we'll end our live text coverage today. Coming up from 1800hrs on the Live Stream is coverage of the service-in control, driver interviews and then, from 1900hrs, the end of day press conference

Fri 16:17 - Al-Attiyah?
Fear not Nasser fans. He ends the day eighth in class, just 11 seconds of the seventh place he needs to guarantee the WRC2 title. The Qatari is judging his pace and keeping out of trouble.

Fri 16:12 - WRC2 top 5 after day 1 (after SS8)
1. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): 1:32:47.7, 2. Sousa (Fiesta RRC): +39.5s, 3. Bertelli (Fiesta R5): +1m09.5s, 4. Cave (Fiesta R5): +1m15.0s, 5. Kruuda (Fiesta S2000): +1m17.2s

Fri 16:06 - WRC top 5 after day 1 (after SS8)
1. Ogier (VW): 1:26:28.9, 2. Latvala (VW): 6.6s, 3. Hirvonen (Ford): 1m13.8s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): 1m21.5s, 5. Ostberg (Citroen): 1m22.2s

Fri 15:59 - Key points after SS8:
Latvala goes fastest - just - to trim Ogier’s overnight lead to 6.6sec. Meeke moves ahead of Ostberg into fourth. Kubica, Meeke, Neuville and Hirvonen struggle on a slippery hairpin. Paddon adds a new front diff to his mechanics’ to-do list.

Fri 15:52 - SS8: Kubica another hairpin victim
The Pole is one of many drivers to be caught out by the tricky opening corner. "We had to reverse to get around. It's very difficult in the tight corners because the ground is so soft."

Fri 15:48 - SS8: More problems for Paddon
"We worked a partial fix on the broken power steering, but now we have some sort of front diff problem. It's difficult even to get the car around the corners."

Fri 15:43 - SS8: Meeke rues corner error
"I made a mistake on the first corner here on the first pass, and I did the same - but even worse - on this pass! I had to stop and reverse. That cost me five seconds. Without that I think I would have been fastest!" His promotion to fourth is some consolation.

Fri 15:42 - SS8: Neuville's poor finish
The Belgian is nine seconds slower than Latvala. "I had a s**t stage. Bad traction. Even on the first corner I was not able to turn the car in. It's a bad end to the day."

Fri 15:39 - SS8: Ostberg slips to fifth
He drops 0.7sec behind Meeke. "I struggled too much in the afternoon. This last one was better but I hit a big rock near the end and I was too careful after that. Okay, I'm happy to be here and still in a good fight."

Fri 15:36 - SS8: Hirvonen
Mikko is third fastest, just 2.6sec slower than Latvala, but reckons he could have done much better. "I made a mistake in the beginning, then made a few more later on!"

Fri 15:33 - SS8: Latvala fastest!
It's an important psychological result for the Finn, who ends the day second, just 6.6sec behind Ogier. “I was really pushing but the problem is the roads are very polished and we had a lot of understeer. That’s hard because when you attack you can’t get the car to turn in. I was working really hard.”

Fri 15:30 - SS8: Ogier completes
And it looks like he has the overnight lead. "It was very difficult to drive this morning but I really enjoyed the stages. This afternoon was different - I just tried to survive. Conditions were very slippery and in the end I was just fighting the car."

Fri 15:25 - SS8: Underway
And we're hearing that Latvala has had a moment at the 6km mark...

Fri 15:23 - SS7: Incident for Kubica
The Pole completes the stage with damage to the front end of his Fiesta. He is 45sec slower than stage winner Latvala.

Fri 15:12 - SS7: Meeke closes on Ostberg
Meeke is third-fastest on stage, and closes on Mads Ostberg's fourth position. Heading to SS8, he is just 0.7sec behind

Fri 15:06 - SS7: Ogier vs Latvala
Latvala is quicker in this round of the VW duel - but there's only 0.4sec in it. The pair head to the final stage of the day with Ogier leading by 6.8sec.

Fri 14:45 - SS7 Underway
Ogier began the stage at 1443hrs

Fri 14:32 - WRC2 top 5 after SS6
1. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): 1:09:12.4, 2. Sousa (Fiesta RRC): +35.7s, 3. Cave (Fiesta R5): +50.4s, 4. Kruuda (Fiesta S2000): +1m00.9s, 5. Bertelli (Fiesta R5): +1m01.4s

Fri 14:24 - WRC top 5 after SS6
1. Ogier (VW): 1:04:20.1, 2. Latvala (VW): +7.2s, 3. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m01.3s, 4. Ostberg (Citroen): +1m02.7s, 5. Meeke (Citroen): +1m10.4s

Fri 14:17 - Key points after SS6:
The fight for the lead swings back Ogier's way, with another stage win pulling him 7.2sec clear. Latvala, in second, doesn't understand how he lost the time. Hirvonen moves up to third.

Fri 14:11 - SS6: Paddon pushes on
But with no power steering it's an uncomfortable ride for the Kiwi, who drops a minute to the leaders. "The power steering pump is broken. Without a new one there's nothing we can do."

Fri 14:09 - SS6: Solberg attacks
Henning is fourth-fastest, 10.9sec slower than Ogier, and appears to have fixed his engine. "I have four cylinders now but I missed two junctions. I'm really pushing - I don't want this position!" (he started the stage ninth).

Fri 14:00 - SS6: Meeke confused
"I lost a bit in here - it's strange. My driving felt good but Mikko took six seconds out of me. It's all about confidence. The road is so, so slippery - like Monte Carlo Rally on gravel."

Fri 13:57 - SS6: Hirvonen up to third
He moves 1.4sec ahead of Ostberg, who is sounding increasingly frustrated in his Citroen. Mads said: "I struggled too much and couldn't find the rhythm. It feels very, very, very bad. I have no clue what to do."

Fri 13:53 - SS6: Latvala
He completes 3.4sec slower than Ogier - losing much of the time he gained on the previous test. "I lost time here and don't know exactly why. I was behind at the midpoint split and lost more from there. The road is polished and there is a lot of under-steer. It looks like Sebastien coped with that better than me."

Fri 13:49 - SS6: Better run for Ogier
"The conditions were much better in here. On the stage before I couldn't get the front to turn in." His time is 12m51s.

Fri 13:46 - Key points after SS5
Latvala rediscovers his mojo and takes the stage win, narrowing the gap to leader Ogier - who had a ragged run - to 3.8sec. The battle for third intensifies, with Ostberg leading four drivers separated by 11sec. Paddon loses power steering.

Fri 13:41 - WRC top 5 after SS5
1. Ogier (VW): 51:28.4, 2. Latvala (VW): +3.8s, 3. Ostberg (Citroen): +46.3s, 4. Hirvonen (Ford): +50.9s, 5. Meeke (Citroen): +52.8s

Fri 13:39 - SS5: Mechanical drama for Paddon
The Kiwi is working under the bonnet of his Hyundai i20. "We started to lose the power-steering mid way through. It looks like we have an oil leak. If we can't fix it there's a long way to go with no power-steering."

Fri 13:37 - SS5: Fight for 3rd intensifies
Ostberg holds the place, but he's under pressure from Hirvonen, Meeke and Neuville behind - all four are covered by just 11sec.

Fri 13:33 - SS5: Meeke accepts penalty
After a review of the on board camera footage, Meeke can see what happened on SS1. "I think we went too early by 0.2sec. Okay, we have to accept it and move on. We're in a battle for third place now."

Fri 13:27 - SS5: Latvala reset
What did he do in service to improve his speed? "I calmed down and tried to concentrate on my driving in the ruts. I have to admit it was a good stage. I'll try and keep the fight going on. There are some big ruts in the hairpins now, and lots of water about."

Fri 13:24 - SS5: Hirvonen
He completes 12sec slower than Ogier - but had been closer mid-stage. "No problems but it's so slippery, so easy to lose time when you go a bit wide."

Fri 13:20 - SS5: Ragged stage for Ogier
"Nothing special but a bad stage. We made a couple of small mistakes - one time I couldn't make a hairpin." His Polo has some light panel damage on one side and is missing a wing mirror.

Fri 13:16 - SS5: Latvala flies!
Two cars through so far - and it's Latvala who is fastest - a massive 5.7sec quicker than Ogier!

Fri 13:15 - We're back
And the cars are completing SS5

Fri 11:23 - Next stage: SS5
The repeat of Gartheiniog gets underway at 1303hrs. We'll resume our live text coverage then. In the meantime, keep an eye on the news section of for the latest from Wales.

Fri 11:15 - Meeke in service:
What's the story with the 10sec jump start penalty? "I don't know. I was surprised when I got the message. But okay, the technology is there to allow us to check. And it's only 10 seconds. Hopefully that's not going to be too significant later on. There's everything to play for in the podium battle with Mads and Mikko. The two Volkswagens are already far, far away. We have no chance to catch them."

Fri 11:09 - Ostberg in service:
"It's been a good morning. Okay, tricky conditions but I think we managed quite well. A few sections not perfect but generally I'm happy. We are third now but it's a big fight. I'm expecting Hafryn to get much more slippery next time. My engineers are looking to change the set-up a bit. I'm enjoying my coffee..."

Fri 11:04 - Weather update
The rain has stopped, the clouds are disappearing and there is blue sky over Wales Rally GB.

Fri 10:59 - Up next: remote service
Crews now en route to Newtown for the 15-minute midpoint service. Just a small one this - with only limited access to spares and facilities.

Fri 10:56 - WRC top 5 after SS4
1. Ogier (VW): 42:34.1, 2. Latvala (VW): +9.5s, 3. Ostberg (Citroen): +40.1s, 4. Hirvonen (Ford): +44.6s, 5. Meeke (Citroen): +52.3s

Fri 10:52 - Key points after SS4:
Stage winner Ogier heads to the midday service with a rally lead of 9.5sec. Latvala, in second, lost ‘four or five seconds’ with an overshoot. Meeke is best of the rest, despite a wide moment that lost him a few seconds. Hanninen retires after putting his Hyundai off into a ditch.

Fri 10:43 - SS4: Two spins for Gorban
The Ukrainian slips from 2nd to 7th in WRC2 after a spin in SS3 and another - and a light touch with a wall - in SS4.

Fri 10:37 - SS4: Kubica shaking his head
He completes 32.7sec slower than Ogier. "That was a disaster. I overshot a hairpin, had to reverse, and then took the wrong road at a junction later on."

Fri 10:32 - SS4: Paddon tells it straight
He's eighth fastest so far, 18.2sec slower than Ogier and has a blunt assessment of his performance. "This one was absolute sh*t. I had a spin near the start. Not very nice conditions."

Fri 10:29 - SS4: Solberg engine update
The Norwegian is still struggling with an intermittent problem that drops his Fiesta's engine to three cylinders. Henning is finding it a distraction.

Fri 10:24 - SS4: Evans
“We had a bad run at the start of this one. I’m always a bit too careful to be honest. Okay, we have had a clean morning and now I’m hoping for a better run this afternoon.”

Fri 10:23 - SS4: Meeke on his penalty
He collected a 10sec penalty for jumping the start of SS1. "I've no idea why we got it. I follow the same procedure every time. The team will look into it."

Fri 10:21 - SS4: Meeke on the stage conditions
"They are definitely getting worse. Ogier has the best spot, but he's had a great year so he deserves his place at the head of the field. I ran wide and lost three or four seconds."

Fri 10:19 - SS4: Neuville
Thierry completes 10.5sec slower than Ogier, but he doesn't know why. "I'm feeling like I'm doing well, but in some sections I can see from the splits I'm losing time and I don't understand why."

Fri 10:17 - SS4: Ostberg
He completes 1.8sec slower than Hirvonen, but is satisfied with his drive. "That was a proper Wales stage! I'm quite happy with my time, to be honest. I think Mikko is benefiting from being one place ahead in the start order."

Fri 10:15 - SS4: Hirvonen
"Really muddy but mainly the grip is consistent. Generally a better stage - I'm quite happy with that." Looks like a good fight developing for third between Mikko and Ostberg.

Fri 10:12 - SS4: Latvala overshoot
He completes 2.8sec slower than Ogier. "I did a mistake in the first junction. I overshot and lost four or five seconds. I'm annoyed with that. The mid-section was quite alright but I won't be surprised if somebody goes off neat the end - the last 800 metres are very slippery."

Fri 10:10 - SS4: Ogier through
And it's the end of a great morning loop for the Frenchman. "Yeah, a good morning for us. The car is going perfect. That stage was okay, but the last few kilometres were very, very slippery."

Fri 10:08 - Stage notes SS4:
Maesnant, 12.86km: Much of this stage in Hafren Forest comprises roads used in the opposite direction to last year. It’s smooth and quick, especially in the final 2km, and drivers will again use camber to guide them through corners at maximum speed.

Fri 10:07 - WRC top 5 after SS3
1. Ogier (VW): 34:41.5, 2. Latvala (VW): +6.7s, 3. Ostberg (Citroen): +31.6s, 4. Hirvonen (Ford): +37.9s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +42.4s

Fri 10:07 - SS3: Ostberg best of the rest
Twelve cars are through now, and Ostberg is closest to the pace of the leading Volkswagen pair. Mads completes SS3 12.1sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 10:01 - SS4: One minute delay
The road-opening zero car has gone off in the Maesnant stage. SS4 was due to start at 0958hrs. Ogier started at 0959hrs.

Fri 09:51 - SS3: Hanninen update
Hyundai team reports that the Finn has gone into a ditch. TV crews report the car is a long way from the road.

Fri 09:49 - SS3: Hanninen stops!
The Hyundai driver is 5.3km into the stage.

Fri 09:44 - SS3: Latvala attacks
He appears to have found his rhythm in Sweet Lamb. He completes fastest so far, 2.2sec quicker than Ogier. Ogier's lead is trimmed to 6.7sec.

Fri 09:31 - Penalty for Meeke
Official timing shows a 10-sec penalty for a jump-start on SS1

Fri 09:14 - Stage notes: SS3
Hafren Sweet Lamb, 23.55km: This mixes Hafren’s forest roads with the fan-favourite Sweet Lamb bowl, which is where the test finishes. It’s narrow at the start but fast and smooth throughout, with cambered edges to the road which will encourage drivers to cut.

Fri 09:13 - Up next: SS3
The first pass through Hafryn Sweet Lamb kicks off at 0924hrs

Fri 09:12 - Ketomaa heads WRC2
The Finn is 16.8sec ahead of Gorban, with Kruuda third 6.3sec further back. Championship leader Al-Attiyah is fifth.

Fri 09:04 - WRC top 5 after SS2
1. Ogier (VW): 21:00.2, 2. Latvala (VW): +8.9s, 3. Ostberg (Citroen): +21.7s, 4. Hirvonen (Ford): +23.1s, 5. Neuville (Hyundai): +28.2s

Fri 09:02 - Mikkelsen withdraws
Confirmation in from VW that Mikkelsen has retired from Friday's competition because of his off on SS2.

Fri 08:58 - Key points after SS2:
Ogier is fastest on the opening two stages and pulls an early lead of 8.9sec over his team-mate Latvala. Latvala is frustrated by his driving – he can’t adjust to the rhythm of the slippery stages. Mikkelsen goes off in SS2, drops 2m41sec and thinks he might have to retire from the day. Solberg’s Fiesta is running on three cylinders.

Fri 08:53 - SS2: Paddon
He completes 25sec slower than Ogier, and is finding the damp roads tough to read. "It's difficult. I drove like a girl on the first one. The grip is difficult to predict but in many cases it looks lots worse than it is. I'm working on it."

Fri 08:48 - SS2: Solberg missing a cylinder
The Norwegian completes 28.7sec slower than Ogier and sounding less cheerful than normal. "I am on three cylinders. It's not good. It's a spark plug, I will go and fix it." And he's off.

Fri 08:43 - SS2: Meeke
The Brit completes 14.9sec slower than Ogier - who remains the man to beat. "It's getting more slippery and difficult to brake for the big chicanes. In some places I was braking too early. I wasn't committed, but it's hard to do that when it's so slippery."

Fri 08:40 - SS2: Neuville
"I didn't find the rhythm from the start line, I wasn't comfortable at all. The splits weren't good, so I tried to increase my pace, but they have moved the finish line since the recce and I backed off too early."

Fri 08:37 - SS2: Mikkelsen out?
It doesn't sound good. He drops 2m41sec to Ogier and completes with his Polo R sporting right-hand front damage. "I came slightly too fast over a blind crest into corner, we went wide and the front hit a bank. Now we need to stop and check it. I think it's over for the day. We'll have a look."

Fri 08:34 - SS2: Hirvonen in
His time is 13.1sec slower than Ogier. "It's alright, I hope we can do a little bit better pace."

Fri 08:33 - SS2: Mikkelsen on the move
He is back on stage and should complete soon after Mikko Hirvonen.

Fri 08:32 - SS2: Latvala
He completes 4.3sec slower than his team-mate Ogier and sounds unsettled. "Very difficult. There was one big, big moment. I hit a hole and we were very lucky not to roll. I'm not happy with my driving. I can't find a rhythm. I'm also having some understeering problems."

Fri 08:29 - SS2: Ogier completes
His time 12m25.9sec. "At the moment everything is fine. Better grip here than on the first one."

Fri 08:27 - SS2: Mikkelsen stopped!
His Polo is stopped at the 15.2km point

Fri 08:27 - SS2: Ogier looking rapid
Split times showing Seb 2.9sec up on his team-mate Latvala at the 11km point

Fri 08:24 - SS2 Weather update
Light rain at the stop control. 100km north there is torrential rain here in service.

Fri 08:23 - Stage notes: SS2
Dyfi 1. 21.90km: Another famous test that is identical to 2013. It’s fast and flowing on a good surface, but several corners hide puddles on the inside. It starts in the open before becoming narrower at 14.50km, and the final 2km are the toughest of the stage.

Fri 08:21 - SS2: Underway
The stages come thick and fast in Wales. And with little to report from the opener - and all the WRC drivers through - we'll turn our attention to SS2.

Fri 08:20 - SS1: Neuville completes
It's seventh fastest for the Belgian, 10.7sec off Ogier's stage-winning pace: "Everything is okay. The car is working, we're enjoying but the conditions are getting worse, very slippery."

Fri 08:16 - SS1: Ostberg
"A good first stage. Good rhythm but not perfect. I need to increase my speed a little bit."

Fri 08:14 - SS1: Mikkelsen
Andreas suggests that stage conditions are deteriorating for cars behind Ogier. "It was okay, but from where we started it was hard to do much more. Every car that goes further back gets slower. We'll try."

Fri 08:11 - SS1: Latvala
"Not the best start but no problems. Now it's started and I think it's going to be better in the next stage."

Fri 08:10 - SS1: Ogier
"A good start. Pretty slippery though." Ogier is wearing a pair of tinted glasses to help his vision in the murky conditions.

Fri 08:02 - SS1: Times so far
Five drivers in. Ogier is fastest, despite his bale, in 8m43.3s. Mikkelsen is next quickest (+4.5s) then Latvala (+4.6), Ostberg (+7.8s) and Hirvonen (+10.0s)

Fri 07:58 - Stage notes: SS1
Gartheiniog. 14.58km: A classic test to start the 2014 rally. It’s fast with plenty of challenging corners and follows the same route as last year. The start is muddy with a series of junctions but the road improves noticeably for the final 4km.

Fri 07:57 - SS1: Early alarm for Ogier
He clouted a giant hay bale chicane on the downhill section near the finish. No damage reported (to car or bale). Sounds like Ogier used the chicane to slow down after coming in a bit too hot.

Fri 07:54 - Good omen for Neuville?
He walked over the start podium at ADAC Rallye Deutschland too, after he crashed at shakedown, and went on to win the rally.

Fri 07:52 - Neuville resurrected
His car, anyway. The Belgian had to walk over the podium at last night's ceremonial start because his Hyundai team were working on his i20 World Rally Car. Wiring loom replaced, he left service on schedule this morning.

Fri 07:47 - SS1: Underway
Ogier began the stage at 0744hrs

Fri 07:47 - Weather update
It’s classic Wales-in-November out there right now. The sun is just rising to reveal a cloudy, rainy morning. The temperature is 13˚C. The forecast is for more showers throughout the day. We have already hit the maximum temperature!

Fri 07:46 - Friday’s start order
is based on championship classification, which means Sebastien Ogier will be first to start. The rest will start at two-minute intervals.

Fri 07:45 - Cars have left service
They started from 0530hrs and are en route to the start of SS1 Gartheiniog, which kicks off at 0744hrs local (CET-1)

Fri 07:44 - Friday’s stages
A selection of Welsh classics: Gartheiniog (14.58km/0744hrs and 13.03hrs), Dyfi (21.90km/0814hrs and 1333hrs), Hafren Sweet Lamb (23.55km/0924hrs and 1443pm) and Maesnant (12.86km/0958hrs and 1517hrs.

Fri 07:43 - Coming up today
Friday’s opening day is based 100km south of the rally's Deeside service park, in the wild countryside of mid Wales. It features a loop of four stages, run twice after a 15-minute midday remote service in Newtown.

Fri 07:42 - We’ve unpacked
the live text of desk and are installed next to the service park at Deeside.

Fri 07:42 - Bore da from Wales
and welcome to our live text coverage of Wales Rally GB, the final round of the FIA World Rally Championship.

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