Airtimes Rally Sweden 2016

Presenter: Becs Williams


Here on the radio side of things at WRC Live we like to try to make you feel that wherever you are listening in the world you are as close to the action as you can possibly get despite the rather obvious inconvenience of being on another part of the planet.

Based as I am in the permanent WRC Live hub in the UK I like to embrace the host-nation for each event - so as Sweden is next on the calendar I’ve dug out the cold-weather kit, the WRC Live snow shovel, studded shoes, hats. gloves, scarves, thermos flask and extra blankie are all in the studio and primed for use. 

Becs will be despatching Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan out into sub-zero temperatures to hopefully hunt down spectacular snowbanks and glorious rallying conditions, while we turn up the radiators and get toasty warm in our respective studios ready to lived the action with WRC+.

It’s a beautiful event guaranteed to deliver spectacular images and plenty of drama and of course Sunday is "Rallytines" Day so we'll have something lined up to get you all in the mood...

The action gets underway wth a short blast on Thursday evening and join us for all the stages across the whole weekend:

11. February: 20:00 (CET)
12. Feburary: 08:00 (CET)
13. February: 07:30 (CET)
14. February: 07:30 (CET) 

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