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Fri 11:07 - Rally GB on BT Sport –
UK viewers can watch comprehensive coverage from the Welsh stages on the BT Sport channels. Check listings for highlights and review shows.

Fri 11:05 - Rally GB on Channel 5 –
Fans in the UK can also watch LIVE action from the Rally GB Power Stage on Channel 5. Tune in on Sunday from 11.50. The event highlights programme will be screened on Channel 5 on Monday at 19.00.

Fri 11:01 - Rally GB TV highlights –
British fans can catch all of the highlights from the Welsh stages on Channel 5’s sister channel Spike. Check listings for schedule times.

Fri 10:50 - Stage info: SS4 – Dyfnant 1 (17.91km)
Wide and flowing forest roads characterise the opening half of this test, with some great corners to entice drivers. Much of the vegetation has been cleared from the road edge to improve vision but log piles on the roadside must be treated with care. The second half is narrower, but equally as inviting as the first.

Fri 10:49 - Up next: SS4 –
The crews are now on their way to Dyfnant for the first of today's two runs through the stage. Ogier will leave the start line at 11.15.

Fri 10:46 - SS3: WRC 2 Pryce –
The Welshman is sixth overall after this test. "It's been okay. I'm trying to get used to the car. Had a better run in this one and I'm starting to enjoy it a bit more."

Fri 10:45 - SS3: WRC 2 Ahlin –
The Swede has lost the ALS on his Fiesta R5 and felt he'd dropped around ten seconds in this stage. With no midday service, he'll continue to lose time unless he can't fix the problem himself.

Fri 10:40 - GB WRC 2 after SS3:
1.Lappi 43m55.9s 2. Suninen+1.2s 3.Kopecky+33.3s 4.Tidemand+37.7s 5.Ahlin+49.9s 6. Pryce+56.8s.

Fri 10:32 - SS3: WRC 2 Suninen –
The Finn is a man of few words as he exits SS3, having lost his category lead to Lappi. "No problem."

Fri 10:30 - SS3: WRC 2 Tidemand –
The Swede remains fourth overall in the WRC 2 category. "I was very careful in that one. Good to be here as this is my first Rally GB. We can push more but it's very easy to make a mistake and his something."

Fri 10:28 - SS3: WRC 2 Kopecky –
The Czech driver is third fastest in SS3 to remain third overall. "That was quite okay but the conditions were still tricky. Hopefully we can make a few steps this weekend. This is only my third gravel rally of the year."

Fri 10:26 - SS3: WRC 2 Lappi –
The new WRC 2 category leader is pleased with his SS3 performance. "Now I understand how you should drive in these conditions. That was quite a clean stage for me. I will keep full throttle."

Fri 10:22 - SS3: WRC 2 lead change –
Suninen completes the stage but surrenders the category lead to championship rival Lappi who is faster by 13.4s. Lappi now leads by 1.2s overall.

Fri 10:18 - GB overall after SS3:
1.Ogier 41m 43.6s 2.Tänak +9.9s 3.Meeke +25.8s 4.Paddon +26.1s 5.Latvala +28.2s 6.Breen +28.7s

Fri 10:15 - GB WRC 2 after SS2:
1.Suninen 21m58.7s 2.Lappi +12.2s 3.Tidemans +17.9s 4.Kopecky +24.1s 5.Ahlin +27.3s.

Fri 10:12 - SS3: Breen –
The Irishman posts the eighth quickest time and is sixth overall. "I mucked up on one of the junctions. I think we can really do something if we tidy things up a bit."

Fri 10:09 - SS3: Meeke –
The Citroën driver is fourth quickest to move into third overall. But he's not entirely happy. "A really tricky morning in conditions that we didn't want. The roads are like ice. I'm doing as much as I want to do to keep things safe."

Fri 10:06 - SS3: Tänak –
The DMACK World Rally Team driver is the fastest man through the stage and is now only 9.9s behind Ogier in the overall standings. "Looks like the tyres are working really well. I made a small mistake at one of the junctions but everything else was okay."

Fri 10:05 - SS3: Latvala –
Third fastest in this stage as things stand. "I went too early in on a hairpin and we stopped there for a few seconds. Lots of spectators there so I felt very embarrassed."

Fri 10:03 - SS3: Østberg
He's 24.5s off the stage pace and 10th overall as things stand. "That didn't feel so bad. There's not a lot of water in the stages but still very slippery. Almost more difficult when there is lots of rain."

Fri 10:01 - SS3: Tänak
The DMACK driver has gone fastest on this one. He's completed 2.20s faster than Ogier. A great performance.

Fri 10:00 - SS3: Sordo –
He's only 8.3s off the pace in this one. "That was a better stage than the first stage because the fog was gone. I could see where i was going and the grip level wasn't so bad."

Fri 09:59 - SS3: Neuville –
He explains his time loss: "The stage was okay, but I spun the car at the first junction and stalled the car. I maybe lost around six or seven seconds."

Fri 09:58 - SS3: Paddon –
He completes 12.0s off the pace and is fifth fastest so far. "The grip is very tricky and I'm trying to do the best job."

Fri 09:56 - SS3: Latvala
He's second fastest through the stage as things currently stand, only 6.3s off Ogier's pace at the finish.

Fri 09:55 - SS3: Mikkelsen –
The Norwegian now only holds a 3.0s advantage over Neuville in the overall standings. "That was a bit easier but we had a spin in the start so we lost a bit of time. We maybe lost 10s with that. Have to get some points and be in front of Thierry. My driving is getting better and better."

Fri 09:52 - SS3: Neuville –
The Belgian is closest to Ogier's pace on this one. He's only 10.4s slower at the stage finish.

Fri 09:51 - SS3: Ogier –
"This one was better – for both the grip and fog. I'm sure Ott will be very fast this morning, we saw that yesterday with his Shakedown time."

Fri 09:48 - SS3: Ogier –
He completes in 20m 47.6s – 19.4s faster than Mikkelsen who's the second man to reach the stage end.

Fri 09:39 - SS3: Ogier –
The rally leader is continuing his good form in this one. He's already 13.0s faster than Mikkelsen at the 20.50km split.

Fri 09:36 - GB overall after SS2:
1.Ogier 20m 56.0s 2.Tänak +12.1s 3.Paddon +14.1s 4.Breen +14.4s 5.Mikkelsen +14.8s 6. Meeke+18.5s

Fri 09:33 - SS2: As you were –
The top-three overall places remain the same after the short stage in Sweet Lamb.

Fri 09:31 - Stage info: SS3 – Hafren 1 (35.14km)
This one is the longest test of the rally and will be driven in the opposite direction to 2015. It’s fast throughout on a good surface, although there are muddy sections and rougher parts where the road has been regraded. The final part is spectacular, blasting out of the forest and descending amid stunning mountain views.

Fri 09:30 - SS3: Hafren –
The stage is now LIVE.

Fri 09:29 - SS2: Tänak –
The Estonian protects his second place overall and his now 12.1s off Ogier's pace at the moment.

Fri 09:27 - GB WRC 2 after SS1:
1.Suninen 18m 56.5s 2.Lappi +15.7s 3.Tidemand +16.3s 4.Kopecky +22.3s 5.Ahlin +23.3s.

Fri 09:24 - SS2: Mikkelsen –
The VW driver is the second quickest through the short Sweet Lamb stage so far. Crucially, he's 12s faster overall than Thierry Neuville – his closest rival for runners-up sport in the drivers' standings.

Fri 09:20 - SS2: Ogier –
The rally leader has gone 3.3s faster than any of his rivals so far in Sweet Lamb. He's pushing hard.

Fri 09:19 - SS1: WRC 2 Assen
"The stage was okay but the fog was really difficult. The most difficult stage of my career, I would say." The Fiesta R5 driver is fifth quickest so far.

Fri 09:16 - SS1: WRC 2 Kopecky
The Skoda Motorsport driver is 22.3s slower than title rival Suninen. "We took it quite carefully because there was lost of fog." Not a great start.

Fri 09:15 - SS1: WRC 2 Lappi
Damage to the rear of the WRC 2 title chaser's car and he's 15.7s slower than Suninen. "I slightly went wide and there was a tree. But it was a slow corner and everything is working okay. But really hard to find the correct rhythm."

Fri 09:13 - SS1: WRC 2 Suninen
"So hard to drive in these conditions. Some drivers can push and take some big risks to claim some time. But I was quite safe."

Fri 09:12 - SS1: Gilbert –
The young Frenchman is driving a DS 3 WRC for the first time this weekend. He's 15th quickest.

Fri 09:11 - SS1: Al Rajhi –
The Fiesta RS WRC driver completes 2m 22.6s slower than the ultimate pace.

Fri 09:09 - GB overall after SS1:
1.Ogier 18.07.0s 2.Tänak +7.6s 3. Paddon +8.0s 4. Breen +8.1s, 5. Mikkelsen +11.5s

Fri 09:05 - SS1: Bertelli –
The Italian completes 1m 11.7s slower and is 13th overall. "Very tricky. The balance of the car is not good. Not been a good stage for me – way too slow."

Fri 09:03 - SS1: Lefebvre –
The Frenchman goes 12th fastest as he returns to action for the first time since his accident at Rallye Deutschland. "The middle of the stage was very difficult. For the first one I'm not pushing."

Fri 09:01 - SS1: Camilli –
The Frenchman completes 39.7s slower than Ogier and is 11th fastest so far. "Not easy. I tried to do my maximum on this stage."

Fri 08:59 - SS1: Breen –
The Citroën ace is fourth fastest. A great start for the Irishman. "That was the worst stage I've ever driven in my life. Someone up there was looking after me. I was driving like an idiot. But I'm happy with that time!"

Fri 08:57 - SS1: Meeke –
The Briton is 11.7s slower than Ogier and fifth fastest so far. "Thought I'd have dropped more time – hellishly slippery. Perfect conditions if you're the first on the road."

Fri 08:54 - SS1: Tänak –
The DMACK driver is second fastest. "Muddy like hell in there. Cars in front are generating so much loose mud it's really hard to drive. Tried to do my best but the fog was really difficult."

Fri 08:53 - SS1: Østberg –
The M-Sport World Rally Team driver has also struggled in this one, he's 32.2s off the ultimate pace. "Very tricky conditions in there, not easy to find a rhythm. Hard stage to start the rally with. Difficult to find the pace."

Fri 08:51 - SS1: Latvala –
The Finn is 16.4s slower than his team-mate at the finish. But he has an explanation for his lack of pace: "Driving in a big fog and I'm here to drive for the manufacturers' championship, Don't want to take any risks in the tricky conditions."

Fri 08:49 - SS1: Sordo –
A disappointing start for the Spaniard who is 34.3s down at the end of the stage. "Really difficult. Lots of fog and slippery. Really, really bad and I feel bad in the car."

Fri 08:47 - SS1: Paddon –
He's the closest to matching Ogier's pace as he completes only 8.0s down on the current pacesetter. "Wasn't the best stage because the car was moving around a bit."

Fri 08:44 - SS1: Neuville –
He's 22.3s down on Ogier. "Not confident. There was some fog and I struggled too much. I don't feel the limit of the grip and I slide around – the car is too hard."

Fri 08:42 - SS1: Mikkelsen –
He's 11.5s slower than Ogier in the opener. Not a great start. "Really tricky conditions and very much on the safe side. Easy to do a mistake. Wow, that was difficult!"

Fri 08:40 - SS1: Ogier –
"Very difficult, very slippery and visibility is quite bad in the middle with heavy fog. I had some issues with my wipers and couldn't see properly. Difficult stage for me." The Frenchman isn't sure he can fix his wipers without a midday service....

Fri 08:39 - SS1: Ogier –
The Volkswagen ace completes the stage in 18m 07.0s.

Fri 08:35 - SS1: Paddon –
The Hyundai driver is closest to Ogier's pace at the second split, he only 1.4s down.

Fri 08:30 - SS1: Ogier –
The Frenchman is already at the second split and he's 2.7s up on Mikkelsen at that marker.

Fri 08:26 - Service info –
The crews don't have a midday service today but they will have an opportunity to change their tyres in Newtown after SS4.

Fri 08:23 - Split info –
We've got three splits in SS1. The first is at 7.80km, the second at 13.90km and the third at 23.50km

Fri 08:20 - SS1: LIVE –
Ogier is into the stage. Won’t be long to wait until the splits start to filter through and we can see how he’s getting on…

Fri 08:20 - Road conditions –
We're hearing that SS1 is pretty wet this morning and foggy, too. Should make for an interesting start...

Fri 08:19 - Tyre info –
The Priority 1 drivers can use up to 20 tyres on this event. All of the drivers have taken five of Michelin's soft compound tyres into today's stages, apart from Mikkelsen who has opted for six.

Fri 08:13 - Stage info: SS1 - Myherin 1 (31.82km)
This is a classic Rally GB stage – but this year there is a difference: it’s being driven in the opposite direction to normal. It’s a fast and smooth test that features enticing corners early on. It ends with a fast descent through a sequence of wide road hairpins, some of which tighten at the exit, on adverse camber.

Fri 08:11 - First stage: 08.20 –
That’s the time Ogier will leave the Myherin 1 start line to officially get the competitive action underway.

Fri 08:11 - WRC Live –
Don’t forget to listen to Becs Williams as she and her team bring you the latest reaction from the Rally GB stages. The end of stage reporters this weekend are Colin Clark and Trevor Agnew. You can find a radio link in the LIVE section on the homepage.

Fri 08:09 - Time zones –
All times quoted on our live text service are in GMT.

Fri 08:09 - Start intervals –
The World Rally Cars will be spaced two minutes apart, while the rest of the field will run at one-minute intervals.

Fri 08:08 - Who else is running? –
Rally GB is also a round of the WRC 2 series and the final round of the Junior WRC.

Fri 08:08 - Friday’s start order –
The crews will leave the line in championship order today. That means world champion Sébastien Ogier leads the way. The order is: 1 Ogier, 2 Mikkelsen, 3 Neuville, 4 Paddon, 5 Sordo, 6 Latvala, 7 Østberg, 8 Tänak, 9 Meeke, 11 Breen, 12 Camilli, 13 Lefebvre, 14 Bertelli, 15 Gorban, 16 Al Rajhi, 17 Gilbert.

Fri 08:07 - Weather –
Well, it's the first day of Rally GB and it's expected to be dry today. Very strange. And temperatures will be pretty mild as well, hovering around the 13°C mark.

Fri 08:04 - Friday’s schedule –
We kick things off with three stages at Myherin, Sweet Lamb and Hafren, a loop that’s repeated in the afternoon. The Dyfnant stage is also used twice today – once after the first loop and once at the end of the day. Today’s eight stages total 178.22 competitive kilometres.

Fri 08:02 - The plan for today –
Having completed the ceremonial start in Colwyn Bay last night, the crews have left the service park in Deeside this morning and ventured south into mid-Wales where they will tackle eight gravel stages – without the luxury of a midday service.

Fri 08:01 - Good morning –
And welcome to our live text coverage from the Dayinsure Wales Rally GB, the penultimate round of the 2016 FIA World Rally Championship.

Mon 10:38 - Ceremonial Start
Thursday 27th October, 18:30 (local time Wales) @ Parc Eirias, Colwyn Bay

Mon 10:37 - Dayinsure Wales Rally BB
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Wind: 5 km/h










SS3 Hafren 1 (35.14 km)


Pos # Piloto Tiempo Dif Ant. Dif 1
1. 64 SVKM. KOCI 24:19.6
2. 61 ITAS. TEMPESTINI 24:29.0 +9.4 +9.4
3. 66 FRAV. DUBERT 24:44.4 +15.4 +24.8
4. 70 FRAY. ROSSEL 24:47.4 +3.0 +27.8


Pos # Piloto Tiempo Dif Ant. Dif 1
1. 64 SVKM. KOCI 49:07.9
2. 61 ITAS. TEMPESTINI 49:37.8 +29.9 +29.9
3. 70 FRAY. ROSSEL 49:45.2 +7.4 +37.3
4. 66 FRAV. DUBERT 50:07.5 +22.3 +59.6