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Sun 14:04 - Until then
Keep an eye on for all the latest WRC news. And don't miss WRC where you'll find loads of extra WRC content including live stage reviews, highlights programmes and our exclusive onboard library. Bye for now.

Sun 14:03 - We will return
On Thursday 5 October when the championship resumes at the mixed surface RallyRACC Catalunya - Rally de España.

Sun 13:59 - Finish control
And that's where we'll end our live text coverage from Germany

Sun 13:58 - WRC 3 Result
Congratulations to Nil Solans who wraps up this year's WRC 3 title.

Sun 13:57 - Germany JWRC FINAL
1.Tannert 3h30m54.4s, 2.Solans +12m20.6s, 3.Ciamin +27m20.5s, 4.Folb +53m35.7s

Sun 13:45 - Power Stage result
1: Sordo 6m17.3s (5 points) 2: Lappi +0.2s (4 points) 3: Latvala +2.6s (3 points) 4: Ogier +2.7s (2 points) 5: Breen +2.9s (1 point)

Sun 13:43 - Germany WRC2 FINAL
1.Camilli 3h08m16.0s, 2.Kopecky +48.1s, 3.Tidemand +1m50.7s, 4.Gilbert +3m03.4s, 5.Loubet +3m48.9s

Sun 13:41 - Germany FINAL
1.Tänak 2h57m31.7s, 2.Mikkelsen +16.4s, 3.Ogier +30.4s, 4.Hanninen +1m49.2s, 5.Breen +2m01.5s

Sun 13:26 - Tanak
"It's a great feeling. The start to the rally went perfectly. After that it was just about controlling our lead. Winning our first Tarmac event feels cool. With 25 points here I don't see any reason why we can't fight for the championship. We will keep fighting. We need to keep winning if we're going to win the championship."

Sun 13:22 - Tanak on the podium
He and co-driver Martin are jumping on the roof of the winning Fiesta!

Sun 13:19 - SS21: WRC 2 Kopecky
Second in WRC 2. "For sure I'm frustrated because I think I was the fastest one here. Just bad luck with the puncture. Thanks to the team for the opportunity to be here."

Sun 13:18 - SS21: WRC 2 Camilli
The Frenchman completes to wrap up the WRC 2 class here. "I'm very very happy - it's incredible! Thanks so much to the team for their efforts."

Sun 13:17 - Jubilation!
At the M-Sport team base. Tanak meanwhile is keeping a lid on his emotions as he drives back to the service park for the podium celebrations.

Sun 13:15 - SS21: Tanak
He's done it! Ott collects his second WRC rally victory!

Sun 13:14 - SS21: Tanak
The rally leader is approaching the finish

Sun 13:13 - SS21: Mikkelsen
Andreas escapes a Lappi-like wide moment to bring the C3 home in the eighth-fastest time. No points in the Power Stage then, but crucially it's a strong second place this weekend "A great weekend for myself, Anders and the whole Citroen team," he says. "A difficult rally, especially the conditions on the opening day. I really pushed to the limit. Yesterday and today were good drives, some small mistakes but we have to be happy with this. Will I be back in the C3 again? If it feels like this I would like to do more."

Sun 13:07 - SS21: Ogier
One of the favorites for maximum points here, Seb comes up short with fourth fastest so far. But after Neuville's problems, 15 points for third place are a big leg up in his championship fight. "That was the most important thing and what we worked for all weekend. It was not always easy - after Thierry wasn't there I didn't dare to push to the maximum. I missed some speed here, but it's a good result for the championship."

Sun 13:01 - SS21: Hanninen
Eighth quickest on the Power Stage secures fourth place from Rally Germany. "I'm happy. I lost a lot of time on the first day but after that it has been good. I'm happy for this - especially if you compare to the first part of the season."

Sun 12:57 - SS21: Evans
He completes seventh quickest so far - and that's not enough for Evans to keep Breen behind. Evans finishes sixth overall, 1.9sec behind his rival. "It's not great but we did what we could with what we had. We didn't have the grip for the challenge. We still have work to do."

Sun 12:53 - SS21: Breen
1.7sec shy of another fifth place and Craig has every reason to push. It's a good run and he slots fourth quickest so far. Was it enough? "I couldn't go any harder over the jump - we cracked the windscreen and got an awful fright! I tried to push, I had a good feeling with the car. Is it enough? Let's see."

Sun 12:50 - SS21: Latvala
Third quickest so far, and he looks gutted. His head is on the steering wheel. What happened? "I touched in a left-hand corner very early on. For a Iong time I thought I had a puncture. I was not pushing because I was so afraid. We overshot in one place. Not good. Not good." Seventh place then for Jari-Matti.

Sun 12:46 - SS21: Paddon
Fifth fastest here and it looks like eighth place in Germany for the Kiwi. Another tricky rally. "When the conditions weren't too bad we've been okay but I am looking forward to a month at home now. I'm hoping to finish the season with three strong finishes."

Sun 12:42 - SS21: Kremer
We're back to the World Rally Car class now and local hero Armin Kremer brings his 2017-spec Fiesta to the end of their first rally together in ninth place. "Really happy. My first time in the car was on Monday! We are happy for this day. A fantastic car. Maybe I'll get another drive - I don't know yet."

Sun 12:37 - SS21: WRC 2 Tidemand
"It feels good! First we need to get to the final finish but it feels amazing. Good for me, good for the team, it's been a perfect season. A big thanks to Jonas, the team, my engineers, I could not get better support."

Sun 12:35 - SS21: WRC 2 Tidemand
He's done it! Pontus clears the stage and seals the WRC 2 title after a dominant season with Skoda.

Sun 12:33 - SS21: Neuville
3.5sec slower than Sordo and an opportunity missed for the title hopeful who was hoping for maximum points here. "Too many small mistakes probably. I didn't find the best set-up. I couldn't do me. For the championship let's see. I will give it everything."

Sun 12:29 - SS21: Sordo
The early leader here until his crash-related retirement on Friday. Quickest so far on the Power Stage. "Disappointed about my mistake here. I could do without the long break now - I can't wait to get to the next round in Catalunya."

Sun 12:26 - SS21: Lappi
He's though in 6m17.5s and there's a big chunk of rim missing from his front-left wheel. Big smiles in the car from Esapekka and Janne. "I think you can say I was lucky. Good to be here!"

Sun 12:23 - SS21: Lappi
A wide moment on a right-hander. Two wheels off the road, he clouts a bollard and bounces back on again. Car seems okay.

Sun 12:19 - SS21: Live!
Lappi is underway - and his Toyota quickly up to 188kph

Sun 12:17 - SS21: Standby
Lappi on the start line.

Sun 12:05 - Weather update
Dry, bright and sunny on SS21. Perfect spectating conditions for the huge crowds gathered stage-side.

Sun 11:36 - SS21: Countdown
After SS20 crews were held at a regroup in Losheim. Running order reshuffled, the leaders are now on their way to the start of the Power Stage. We'll resume our text coverage when the show goes live at 1200hrs.

Sun 11:27 - SS21 start intervals
Longer than normal. Three minutes for the first three cars. Four minutes for Tidemand to Hanninen. Five minutes for the final three cars.

Sun 11:27 - SS21 running order
A few changes to suit the live TV schedule. Here's how the drivers will tackle the Power Stage: 1.Lappi, 2.Sordo, 3.Neuville, 4.Tidemand, 5.Kremer, 6.Paddon, 7.Latvala, 8.Breen, 9.Evans, 10.Hänninen, 11.Ogier, 12.Mikkelsen, 13.Tänak

Sun 11:26 - SS20: WRC 2 Armstrong
Fastest time in WRC 2. And he almost can't believe it. "Were we? I can't say I wasn't trying. It just clicked. The car and the tyres were good, it was a fast, and clean run. I lifted a split second early at the finish too. To do this on my third day in an R5 car is terrific."

Sun 11:16 - Live stage alert
WRC+ users can watch the Power Stage live via our streaming service. The coverage starts at 1200hrs. Head to to find out more.

Sun 11:15 - Up next:
The Live TV Power Stage! The rally-closing repeat of the St. Wendeler Land test, with bonus championship points on offer for the five fastest drivers. First car: 1218hrs.

Sun 11:10 - Germany WRC2 after SS20
1.Camilli 3h01m21.4s, 2.Kopecky +58.3s, 3.Tidemand +1m47.8s, 4.Gilbert +3m07.5s, 5.Loubet +3m41.7s

Sun 11:08 - SS20: WRC 2 Griebel
Fourth quickest. "A good one. Close to the fastest time so I am happy."

Sun 11:05 - SS20: WRC 2 Suninen
"It was okay. Nothing special, just trying to learn this rally. I need to improve on Tarmac, learn how to read the road and the grip level."

Sun 11:03 - SS20: WRC 2 Tidemand
Doing well at keeping his title nerves under control. "I like this rally. Everything is good so far. We just keep going."

Sun 11:02 - SS20: WRC 2 Kopecky
"Apart from the puncture it's been a good rally. Still one more stage to go."

Sun 11:01 - SS20: WRC 2 Camilli
"We need to continue like this. That's all."

Sun 10:59 - Germany after SS20
1.Tänak 2h51m07.3s, 2.Mikkelsen +17.1s, 3.Ogier +34.8s, 4.Hanninen +1m46.8s, 5.Evans +2m04.0s

Sun 10:59 - SS20: Neuville
"I struggled this morning but we have to try for the Power Stage. I'm fighting a bit with the handling and the confidence."

Sun 10:56 - SS20: Sordo
"I will try to do my best on the Power Stage - like here."

Sun 10:55 - SS20: Lappi
34sec slower than stage leader Breen. The car looks fine. What happened? "On the first pass I had a hit under braking. This time I was avoiding that bump, I braked too late and went into a field. The engine stalled and it took a long time to get running again."

Sun 10:52 - SS20: Tanak
"Very important now to bring it home. A lot of manufacturer points available now against the Hyundai boys. One stage to go. Let's be sure to get to the finish."

Sun 10:51 - SS20: Mikkelsen
"We managed to build a good gap to Seb behind us. We are quite far behind the lead but my position is okay. It's been a good weekend."

Sun 10:49 - SS20: Ogier
"I've been waiting a little bit this morning. We saved a the tyres a bit and I have one new one for the Power Stage. I'm sure it won't be easy but we'll do our best."

Sun 10:47 - SS20: Evans
5.4sec SLOWER than Breen here, and Evans will take a slender 1.7sec advantage into the Power Stage. "I had a really good, clean stage but the time is not so good. I did what I could. I don't see how anything will change on the Power Stage."

Sun 10:44 - SS20: Hanninen
"I took it a bit more steadily under braking here. Backed off a bit. Let's see what Elfyn does here, then we will know what to do in the Power Stage."

Sun 10:43 - SS20: Breen
Quickest so far as he tries to make up the 7.7sec gap to Evans. "Just trying to push. I don't want to give it up. We'll pull the choke out and see what happens."

Sun 10:41 - SS20: Latvala
"We improved the notes on this stage from the first pass. Now we go the Power Stage and try and get some points. That would be really nice for the championship."

Sun 10:38 - SS20: Paddon
"Better grip on the second pass."

Sun 10:37 - SS20: Kremer
Safely through. "A great moment for me. The car is working well. We work on the speed and we have had a lot of fun here."

Sun 10:29 - SS20: Live!
Kremer is underway

Sun 10:28 - SS20: Stage conditions
Report from the driver of the road-opening zero car. "Pretty much the same as before. A few places where there is mud in the narrow corners."

Sun 10:26 - SS20: Standby
We're back. And Armin Kremer is on the start line.

Sun 09:46 - Next stage: 1028hrs
That's Kremer's start time for the second pass through Losheim am See (SS20) - the rally's penultimate stage. We'll take a live text break until then.

Sun 09:45 - Up next: Regroup
No midpoint service today. Instead, crews are heading back to Bostalsee for a regroup and refuel before the repeat loop.

Sun 09:44 - SS19: J WRC Tannert
The German safely through with a 12-minute lead in Junior WRC. "At the moment everything works well. I'm driving quite fast but of course I'm trying not to take any risks. We try our best."

Sun 09:37 - SS19: Serderidis
"We have solved half of our hydraulic problem. Now we have an issue with the engine. It is missing power. We will try to get to the finish."

Sun 09:31 - Germany WRC2 after SS19
1.Camilli 2h54m22.2s, 2.Kopecky +58.7s, 3.Tidemand +1m39.7s, 4.Gilbert +3m02.2s, 5.Loubet +3m37.5s. Suninen off

Sun 09:28 - Germany after SS19
1.Tänak 2h44m33.0s, 2.Mikkelsen +18.0s, 3.Ogier +37.3s, 4.Hanninen +1m50.4s, 5.Evans +2m03.5s

Sun 09:26 - SS19: WRC 2 Suninen
He loses more than a minute here and that's fourth place gone. What happened? "I went wide in a muddy corner and we were stuck for one minute. A really difficult weekend."

Sun 09:22 - SS19: WRC 2 Gilbert
"I tried to do my best to secure our fifth place. Everything is working well so far."

Sun 09:21 - SS19: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Quite safe from my side but I'm enjoying. I must stay focused, it's easy to make a mistake, especially in my situation."

Sun 09:19 - SS19: WRC 2 Kopecky
"Quite a nice stage."

Sun 09:19 - SS19: WRC 2 Camilli
"I've enjoyed today's stages, especially this one. The lead is comfortable but still two stages to go so we stay in the middle of the road. We'll see."

Sun 09:17 - SS19: Neuville
Disappointed with the sixth-fastest time. "Fine, but the time is not so good. I tried. There are a couple of places I can go faster next time. I have to."

Sun 09:13 - SS19: Lappi
"It was good. We did lot of analysis last night and found things I was doing wrong. Less throttle, that's the secret. It's getting better."

Sun 09:11 - SS19: Tanak
"A good feeling at the moment. Slippery and greasy in places but quite good fun." His car is missing both wing mirrors. "We lost them in the first chicane. Good for aerodynamics."

Sun 09:09 - SS19: Mikkelsen
"I tried to keep up the pressure. Not a perfect run but still quite pleased with it."

Sun 09:07 - SS19: Ogier
Aiming for maximum points on the Power Stage? "That would be the plan but it's never easy. Now we just recce the stage, checking the notes."

Sun 09:05 - SS19: Evans
Slower again than Hanninen here and Evans is concerned about Breen behind. What can he do? "Not a lot. The soft tyre choice was probably incorrect this morning. We tried to find some extra grip from the cold conditions."

Sun 09:02 - SS19: Hanninen
Second quickest so far. "I'm enjoying, pushing and pushing. The same rhythm as yesterday."

Sun 09:01 - SS19: Breen
Sixth for now, but within striking distance of Evans. "I'm trying, but lacking a bit of confidence in the fast stuff."

Sun 08:59 - SS19: Latvala
Quickest so far. "Here I tried to push. Let's see how it compares." His car is missing a small section of rear bodywork. "Yeah, there are so many straw bales in here and I had to use all of the road."

Sun 08:57 - SS19: Paddon
"A tricky stage. Quite narrow and the grass is wet so you have to keep all your wheels on the road. Trying to improve my pace notes for the second pass."

Sun 08:54 - SS19: Kremer
"Really nice to drive. Some slippery corners. For the moment everything is fine."

Sun 08:16 - Stage info: SS19
St Wendeler Land 1, 12.95km. Used for the first time this year, St Wendeler Land comprises fast and open roads in the Saarland countryside. It’s single-width throughout and two chicanes are located near the finish to keep speeds in check. The surface is smooth and clean and it may stay that way as hay bales are positioned on the inside of many corners to prevent cutting.

Sun 08:13 - Next stage: 0846hrs
That's Kremer's start time for today's second stage, St Wendeler Land (SS19). This will count as the rally closing Power Stage on the second pass. Stage notes coming up.

Sun 08:12 - Germany WRC2 after SS18
1.Camilli 2h47m20.8s, 2.Kopecky +1m07.0s, 3.Tidemand +1m31.8s, 4.Suninen +2m58.6s, 5.Gilbert +3m03.6s. Greensmith stops

Sun 08:10 - Germany after SS18
1.Tänak 2h38m07.3s, 2.Mikkelsen +18.5s, 3.Ogier +31.3s, 4.Hanninen +1m49.4s, 5.Evans +1m57.0s

Sun 08:08 - SS18: WRC 2 Loubet
Lucky to escape unscathed from a massive high-speed slide. "It was the biggest moment of my life. Fifth gear, completely flat out!"

Sun 08:05 - SS18: WRC 2 Greensmith
He's stopped again. And this time it's permanent. The radiator is damaged and Gus retires from fourth place.

Sun 08:03 - SS18: WRC 2 Tidemand
A clean stage and Pontus remains on course to seal the title today. "No nerves, but we need to stay concentrated. No risks, no DTM braking, we need to get to the finish."

Sun 08:01 - SS18: WRC 2 Kopecky
5.2sec quicker than Camilli here but the Frenchman's advantage is still over a minute. "It doesn't help anything, we are still second and that's it. These stages are not too difficult. I'm trying to getting into the rhythm ready for another rally next week."

Sun 07:58 - SS18: WRC 2 Camilli
The WRC 2 leader through cleanly. "Everything is going well. We try to be cautious and stay focused. Let's see."

Sun 07:57 - SS18: WRC 2 Greensmith
Stopped at 3.4km. Moving again, but front end damage reported.

Sun 07:56 - SS18: Neuville
"Not so nice. A lot of wheelspin and not good handling. We will make some changes. After yesterday, today is all about the Power Stage."

Sun 07:54 - SS18: Sordo
13sec off the pace here. "It was okay. A difficult stage, slippery in places. I didn't do very well. I will try on the Power Stage but if we continue at this speed we won't take any points."

Sun 07:51 - SS18: Lappi
"The car feels good. A good start. A bit dirty in the high speed sections where you have to be careful."

Sun 07:50 - SS18: Tanak
"Very good. Clean stage and no problems at all. The conditions are a lot easier to enjoy." And your thoughts about the challenge from Mikkelsen behind? "Let him push, we are still a long way ahead. Let him do his job."

Sun 07:48 - SS18: Mikkelsen
Second quickest so far. "A clean stage. I just try to keep the pressure on Ott. We've seen mistakes many times, so we'll keep it on."

Sun 07:46 - SS18: Ogier
Fourth fastest here, and no sign of a late push for Mikkelsen's second place. "Now we are waiting for the Power Stage. We want to keep going fast but nothing crazy."

Sun 07:44 - SS18: Evans
11.8sec slower than Hanninen here and he loses fourth. "We had a minor overshot in a junction and stalled the engine. We were going well but from the look of the time it wasn't going to be enough anyway."

Sun 07:42 - SS18: Hanninen
Quickest so far as he battles Evans for fourth position. "The feeling was actually quite good. I tried to come a bit faster but not overdo it."

Sun 07:40 - SS18: Evans
WRC TV crew reports a mid-stage stall.

Sun 07:39 - SS18: Breen
Quickest so far. "I didn't push enough. It's a fresh stage. There is a bit more to get out of it with experience."

Sun 07:38 - SS18: Latvala
Six-tenths slower than Paddon. "Basically quite a nice stage, some very fast sections but a few bumps were a bit slippery - there's moisture or dirt in places. The car is going well."

Sun 07:36 - SS18: Paddon
16.6sec quicker than Kremer. "I feel a bit sleepy. Late starts all week and today we have to get up at 5am! A straightforward stage."

Sun 07:34 - SS18: Kremer
"Really nice and fantastic that we can drive this. The car is running well." His time: 6m53.9s.

Sun 07:28 - SS18: LIVE
Kremer and Paddon in stage

Sun 07:28 - SS18: Stage conditions
Courtesy of the zero-car driver: "Some light rain overnight but the road is dry. Not much mud."

Sun 07:25 - Stage info: SS18
Losheim am See 1, 13.02km. This is a typical countryside stage on fast roads among fields and with many junctions. It is mainly single-width but includes short sections of main road to link the narrower sections. Wind turbines add to the scenery and hay bales have been positioned on the inside of some corners to stop cutting. New for 2017.

Sun 07:23 - Start intervals
World Rally Car drivers will tackle today's stages at two-minute intervals, the rest of the field at one-minute intervals.

Sun 07:23 - Kris Meeke?
He won't be back today following an engine-related retirement yesterday. Last night he explained there were three reasons why: "We don't want to run the risk of damaging the engine, (co-driver) Paul's wife gave birth to a baby boy this afternoon and we've nothing to gain from contesting the last four short stages."

Sun 07:22 - Sunday running order
Reverse rally classification order today, and that means Armin Kremer will again go first. Here's how they will line up: 1.Kremer, 2.Paddon, 3.Latvala, 4.Breen, 5.Hanninen, 6.Evans, 7.Ogier, 8.Mikkelsen, 9.Tanak, 10.Lappi, 11.Sordo, 12.Neuville

Sun 07:18 - Weather
A dry, bright and fresh start in Bostalsee. The forecast is for sunshine and clouds today, with no chance of rain. The current temperature of 8˚C should hit 19˚C later.

Sun 07:14 - First stage: 0725hrs
That's when the opening stage, the 13.02km Losheim am See, gets underway. Crews are heading there now from the early morning 15 min service halt in Bostalsee. Stage notes coming up.

Sun 07:14 - Sunday's itinerary
Sunday is the shortest of the rally with two identical loops of two stages covering 51.94km. The final St Wendeler Land test forms the live TV Power Stage, with bonus points for the fastest five drivers. The podium ceremony follows immediately in the Bostalsee service park.

Sun 07:13 - Coming up today
An early start before the final four stages. In six hours we will know who won the rally.

Sun 07:13 - Morning all
And welcome back to our and WRC App live text coverage of ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

Sat 19:45 - And finally
Want more from Bostalsee tonight? You can watch teams re-prep their cars in service via our live stream cameras. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE. Bye for now.

Sat 19:45 - Until then
Keep an eye on for all the latest news and day reports in WRC, WRC 2 and Junior WRC. And don't forget WRC+ where you will find extra content like live stage reviews, highlights programmes and our exclusive onboard comparison system.

Sat 19:45 - Join us on Sunday
For the final, decisive day of ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Coming up: four more stages, 51.90 competitive kilometres and the bonus points live TV Power Stage. We'll be here when the action resumes at 0725hrs

Sat 19:45 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text coverage tonight

Sat 19:44 - Germany JWRC after SS17
1.Tannert 2h59m51.1s, 2.Solans +12m36.6s

Sat 19:09 - Germany WRC2 after SS17
1.Camilli 2h40m14.1s, 2.Kopecky +1m12.2s, 3.Tidemand +1m23.4s, 4.Greensmith +2m07.3s, 5.Gilbert +2m57.5s

Sat 19:07 - Germany after SS17
1.Tänak 2h31m32.2s, 2.Mikkelsen +21.4s, 3.Ogier +29.6s, 4.Evans +1m48.3s, 5.Hanninen +1m52.5s

Sat 19:04 - SS17: WRC 2 Camilli
"One day to go. We are happy to lead the WRC 2 tonight. The team is working very, very well. We need to continue on the same way tomorrow. It's not finished."

Sat 19:02 - SS17: WRC 2 Tidemand
Pontus on course to seal the WRC 2 title this weekend - but he's not counting his chickens just yet. "Happy to be in this position. A bit in the middle of nowhere today but we are thinking of the championship. If it stays like this it's looking good but we don't talk about this at the moment..."

Sat 19:01 - SS17: WRC 2 Kopecky
Second in WRC 2 but still ruing the Panzerplatte puncture that robbed him of the lead. "What positive can I take from today? Well, I'm making less mistakes than I'm getting punctures. It's incredible. Just bad luck."

Sat 18:58 - SS17: Sordo
Underwhelmed by a fifth fastest time here. "I'm a little bit surprised. I pushed hard but the times aren't so good."

Sat 18:54 - SS17: Lappi
Deeply unimpressed to be sixth quickest. "I pushed like hell, it was a clean stage and we lose a lot. I don't get it. I am frustrated. Really frustrated."

Sat 18:53 - SS17: Tanak
The rally leader rounds off the day with a 21.4sec cushion over Mikkelsen. "All okay, the same time as Seb here so not too bad I think. It's been a clean day, no mistakes and the other guys have made some. I think we have a good margin. For the moment it looks okay, I don't see any reason to worry."

Sat 18:50 - SS17: Mikkelsen
1.2sec quicker than Ogier here and he ends the day 8.2sec ahead. "That's good for tomorrow. Tomorrow's stages are safer. With normal driving it should be alright. It will be one hell of a fight!"

Sat 18:49 - SS17: Ogier
"I did a couple of mistakes in here, it was much more dirty than I was expecting." And how important is it to catch Mikkelsen? "There is no question, I won't risk too much to go after the extra three points."

Sat 18:46 - SS17: Evans
3.9sec quicker than Hanninen here and the gap between them in the standings is 4.2sec in Evans' favour. "It's not a lot," he says. "We tried in here for sure. A bit of rain would have suited us."

Sat 18:43 - SS17: Breen
I had an overshoot. Didn't hit the brakes in time. I went into a field, not far but it took a lot of time getting back."

Sat 18:42 - SS17: Hanninen
9.5sec slower than Latvala. "I expect Evans will beat us here again. Everything is open for tomorrow."

Sat 18:39 - SS17: Latvala
Damage to the front-left wheel arch. "I just went to a bit too close to the bushes in a left-hand corner. This is a narrow rally and you have to use all the road you can if you want to set a good stage time."

Sat 18:37 - SS17: Paddon
"Today's stages have been quite enjoyable to drive. Hoping for more of the same tomorrow."

Sat 18:35 - SS17: Kremer
"A good day today. The car is running well."

Sat 18:29 - SS17: Weather update
Rain over Bostalsee has stopped and the sun is out. Heavy cloud but no rain over SS17.

Sat 18:20 - SS17: Standby
Today's final stage. WRC live tracking shows the leading cars gathering at the start control. Stage live at 1826hrs.

Sat 18:17 - Weather update
Heavy rain shower over Bostalsee. None falling on SS17 yet - but it's clouding over.

Sat 18:15 - Germany WRC2 after SS16
1.Camilli 2h33m32.3s, 2.Kopecky +1m16.8s, 3.Tidemand +1m20.1s, 4.Greensmith +2m01.8s, 5.Gilbert +2m54.1s

Sat 18:11 - SS16: WRC 2 Bonato
"I have no clutch. I hope I can get the car back to service."

Sat 18:10 - Germany after SS16
1.Tänak 2h25m15.9s, 2.Mikkelsen +24.8s, 3.Ogier +31.8s, 4.Evans +1m47.0s, 5.Hanninen +1m47.3s

Sat 18:08 - SS16: WRC 2 Suninen
"Pretty okay. A few mistakes. Still on Tarmac I need to improve."

Sat 18:07 - SS16: WRC 2 Camilli
"It's drier now, more grip than this morning. Looking forward to tomorrow. Still a long way to go."

Sat 18:06 - SS16: WRC 2 Tidemand
"A bit more confidence now. We are enjoying. We keep going like this." He might be having fun, but he's just lost second place to his Skoda team-mate Kopecky.

Sat 18:04 - SS16: WRC 2 Kopecky
"After the puncture we try to go as fast as possible. Hopefully we can get a podium at least."

Sat 18:01 - SS16: Sordo
"A bit better but still dirty. I'm trying to push but we had a lot of understeer - we lost a lot in the long corners."

Sat 17:57 - SS16: Lappi
"I thought it was a good stage but again the time is no good. I just don't understand. It's very frustrating."

Sat 17:55 - SS16: Tanak
Fourth quickest. "Driving cleanly. The conditions are enjoyable."

Sat 17:54 - SS16: Mikkelsen
Seven-tenths slower than Ogier. The gap between them in the standings now 7sec in Mikkelsen's favour. "I think both me and Seb are pushing to the maximum - I know I am. I'm enjoying the fight, I hope it goes all the way to the last stage tomorrow - that would be cool. My confidence in the car is getting better and better with every kilometre."

Sat 17:50 - SS16: Ogier
Fastest so far. "I cannot go for crazy risks for an extra three points but I keep the pressure on and see what happens. Good grip now in this stage."

Sat 17:49 - SS16: Evans
5.9sec quicker than Hanninen and he moves ahead in the overall standings. Fourth place then for Evans. "As good as we could have hoped on the cross tyres. A bit unfair on Juho, I know he has a problem, but we have to make the most of what we've got."

Sat 17:46 - SS16: Breen
"A bit more consistent. Not as nervous as before. Not a million miles away from the guys ahead now. We'll keep the push on."

Sat 17:45 - SS16: Hanninen
12.5sec slower than Latvala here. He reported a broken damper on the previous stage. "Missing one damper on this stage was not easy. Now I just need to get through the last stage."

Sat 17:42 - SS16: Latvala
"I enjoyed the stage, I think a good run. Let's see."

Sat 17:41 - SS16: Paddon
"Cutting the bales a bit in here again. It's really enjoyable. When it's dry like this I can drive with full confidence."

Sat 17:39 - SS16: Kremer
"Tricky like before but good to drive. Cleaner, not so bad."

Sat 16:54 - Next stage: 1728hrs
That's when the repeat of Freisen gets underway. We'll take a break and return when the stage goes live.

Sat 16:52 - Germany WRC2 after SS15
1.Camilli 2h24m13.9s, 2.Tidemand +1m17.0s, 3.Kopecky +1m19.4s, 4.Greensmith +1m56.3s, 5.Gilbert +2m49.4s

Sat 16:48 - SS15: WRC 2 Griebel
Front-right puncture.

Sat 16:47 - SS15: WRC 2 Suninen
"Another puncture [front right]. I did not stop to change it, I had no time." He completes just four-tenths slower than Camilli.

Sat 16:47 - SS15: WRC 2 Camilli
Quickest so far and Camilli takes the lead in WRC 2. "Oh damn, damn, damn! I liked the fight with Kopecky."

Sat 16:46 - SS15: WRC 2 Tidemand
"A bit nicer to drive without a puncture. A fantastic stage, I enjoyed it. A top stage."

Sat 16:43 - SS15: WRC 2 Kopecky
He's lost almost 3min. "A puncture somewhere. I was braking in the line and suddenly in the next cover the front-left was flat and we had to stop and change it."

Sat 16:39 - SS15: WRC 2 Kopecky
Trouble for Jan. The category leader more than a minute slower than his rivals on the splits.

Sat 16:38 - Germany after SS15
1.Tänak 2h16m30.0s, 2.Mikkelsen +25.2s, 3.Ogier +32.9s, 4.Hanninen +1m35.5s, 5.Evans +1m41.1s

Sat 16:37 - SS15: Sordo
Fastest time. That's Dani's third in a row. "Good. I enjoyed a lot more now. Disappointed about the mistakes on the first day but we work on things like the diffs now and the car works well."

Sat 16:35 - SS15: Lappi
He's lost 2m30s. What happened? "Just a front-left puncture. I think it was on a sharp edge. It wasn't there on the first pass. That's it."

Sat 16:34 - SS15: Meeke update
Confirmation received from Citroen that Kris is out for the day. Mechanical problem.

Sat 16:31 - SS15: Tanak
Second quickest. "Quite happy. A very clean run. Cautious in the dirty places, faster in the dry." Tanak's rally lead is up to 25.2sec.

Sat 16:29 - SS15: Mikkelsen
Quickest so far. "I have finally mastered this stage - for the first time ever. A clean stage, I managed to balance pushing and saving the tyres." His advantage over Ogier now up to 7.7sec.

Sat 16:28 - SS15: Lappi update
Moving again.

Sat 16:27 - SS15: Meeke
No times showing for Kris. Citroen report that he has a technical problem. More when we get it.

Sat 16:27 - SS15: Lappi
WRC+ Live tracking shows him stopped at 30km

Sat 16:26 - SS15: Ogier
Quickest so far. "Was okay, a clean stage for me. Maybe I could have pushed more."

Sat 16:25 - SS15: Evans
3.9sec slower than Hanninen. "Generally pretty good. It felt okay, smooth and clean. We went wide on one junction near the start but it didn't cost too much."

Sat 16:23 - SS15: Breen
A better run than this morning.

Sat 16:22 - SS15: Hanninen
Locked in a battle with Evans for fourth place, but frustrated by his drive here - even though he is third quickest so far. "I think a damper is broken, we lost a lot of time."

Sat 16:21 - SS15: Latvala
He's through with the loss of 1m45s to Paddon. "We had a puncture about 30km," he explains. "Maybe just a small stone went through the tread. It was a slow puncture."

Sat 16:17 - SS15: Paddon
"Enjoyable to drive. Ninety per cent of the stage is 100 per cent dry. Probably the best conditions I've seen here in years."

Sat 16:16 - SS15: Kremer
"Very nice, but it's dangerous in every part of the road. Fantastic for me.

Sat 16:11 - SS15: Latvala update
Moving again. Still ahead of Juho Hanninen.

Sat 16:10 - SS15: Latvala
WRC+ Live tracking shows him stopped at 27.5km

Sat 15:56 - Germany WRC2 after SS13
1.Kopecky 1h57m00.6s, 2.Camilli +13.2s, 3.Tidemand +1m09.0s, 4.Greensmith +1m56.1s, 5.Gilbert +2m32.0s

Sat 15:55 - Stage info: SS15
Panzerplatte 2, 41.97km. The longest stage of the rally and one of the toughest of the season with 93 junctions packed into less than 42km. The surface changes constantly and many roads are lined with hinkelsteins, massive concrete kerbs designed to keep tanks on the military tracks. It has everything – wide, narrow and mid-sized roads and surfaces ranking from smooth asphalt to cobbles. Slippery sand coats the surface in the dry while in the wet conditions are treacherous.

Sat 15:55 - SS15: Live
Stages coming thick and fast this afternoon. We have crews in SS13, SS14 and SS15 simultaneously. Kremer was first to start SS15 at 1549hrs.

Sat 15:53 - Germany after SS14
1.Tänak 1h52m34.7s, 2.Mikkelsen +26.7s, 3.Ogier +31.2s, 4.Hanninen +1m19.4s, 5.Evans +1m21.1s

Sat 15:50 - Germany after SS13
1.Tänak 1h50m50.9s, 2.Mikkelsen +23.5s, 3.Ogier +30.9s, 4.Hanninen +1m18.7s, 5.Evans +1m19.1s

Sat 15:47 - SS14: Mikkelsen
The Norwegian 3.1sec slower than Latvala on the second pass. What happened? "I had a stall on the start line. The first time it has ever happened to me."

Sat 15:45 - SS13: WRC 2 Kopecky
"The feeling is good. Again, it's a warm up for the Panzerplatte. Hopefully we will be closer or ahead of Eric."

Sat 15:41 - SS13: Sordo
Quickest so far. "Yeah, but it's too late. It's okay but I have a lot of understeer."

Sat 15:40 - SS13: Meeke
Joint second fastest. A thumbs up from Kris.

Sat 15:38 - SS13: Lappi
"A clean run, nothing to report."

Sat 15:38 - SS14 - Comments
Drivers will make a second pass of the short Arena stage before they head to Panzerplatte. It's a short stage so we we won't bring any driver comments from SS14 unless something interesting happens.

Sat 15:35 - SS13: Tanak
Quickest so far and Ott's rally lead is up to 23.5sec. "The road was clean. A good clean run. No dramas."

Sat 15:33 - SS13: Mikkelesen
"Fastest so far. "Good, I'm happy with that."

Sat 15:31 - SS13: Ogier
Quickest so far. "All okay for us. The difference will come in the big one - not here."

Sat 15:29 - SS13: Evans
"It was fine. A fair bit of understeer but okay." Hanninen was 1.2sec quicker here and Evans loses fourth place overall to him.

Sat 15:27 - SS13: Breen
"Everything's okay. Consistent tyres on the car now."

Sat 15:25 - SS13: Hanninen
"Now it is more dry and we must take care of the tyres as well."

Sat 15:23 - SS13: Latvala
Quickest so far. "It felt like a good run. The feeling is good. More positive now."

Sat 15:21 - SS13: Paddon
"We had a road position advantage this morning. We will see how the afternoon goes."

Sat 15:19 - SS13: Kremer
"Nice and dry, good for us. We can drive maximum attack. Everything is okay."

Sat 15:14 - Stage info: SS13/14
Arena Panzerplatte SSS 2/3, 2.87km. A short stage for the fans and a warm-up for the drivers on the daunting Baumholder military ranges ahead of the monster test to follow. The roads are wide and there is a mixture of surfaces, covering smooth and broken asphalt, cobble stones and bumpy concrete. There are many junctions in a stage which is identical to last year.

Sat 15:14 - SS13: Standby
Crews are gathering at the start control. Stage notes coming up.

Sat 15:11 - Tyre choices
Confirmation from Michelin on tyre numbers and compounds (hard / soft) its drivers have for SS13, 14 and 15. And it's a consistent picture in the warm and dry weather: all have 5H.

Sat 13:10 - Next stage: 1516hrs
That's when Kremer will begin the repeat loop at Arena Panzerplatte. We'll take a text break until then. Bye for now.

Sat 13:04 - Up next: Regroup and service
Crews head to a regroup in St Wendel next before the trip back to Bostalsee and the midpoint 30-minute service.

Sat 13:02 - Germany WRC2 after SS12
1.Kopecky 1h55m11.8s, 2.Camilli +12.5s, 3.Tidemand +1m07.2s, 4.Greensmith +2m13.1s, 5.Gilbert +2m28.1s

Sat 13:01 - SS12: WRC 2 Bonato
Gear selector problem. He's stuck in fourth but hopeful of getting back to service.

Sat 13:00 - Germany after SS12
1.Tänak 1h49m07.5s, 2.Mikkelsen +23.0s, 3.Ogier +29.9s, 4.Evans +1m16.3s, 5.Hanninen +1m17.1s

Sat 12:57 - SS12: WRC 2 Suninen
"It was okay. Nothing special."

Sat 12:57 - SS12: WRC 2 Camilli
3.3sec slower than Kopecky here. The gap in the overall standings stretches to 12.5sec "We try but he is fast. This stage has too many long, long straights. A good morning for us. The car is working well."

Sat 12:54 - SS12: WRC 2 Tidemand
The Swede's Skoda missing much of its right-hand bodywork after his puncture on Panzerplatte. "The mechanics will fix it."

Sat 12:53 - SS12: WRC 2 Kremer
"I'm very happy that the battle so going on [with Tidemand]. It's keeping me focused. We will see how he does here but we try to push to the maximum."

Sat 12:51 - SS12: Sordo
Seventh quickest. "In the braking it was very dirty, it wasn't in the recce. We have nothing to fight for. We are in the back now. When you see the times of the guys in front it's very disappointing."

Sat 12:46 - SS12: Meeke
"The feeling and confidence are not bad but the times are just not there this weekend."

Sat 12:43 - SS12: Lappi
Ninth-fastest. "I thought it was a good one but we are slowest again. I think my confidence is still on the wall."

Sat 12:41 - SS12: Tanak
Sixth-fastest for the rally leader. "It's tough, not easy to enjoy, but we have a good feeling in the car." Any thoughts about team orders with Ogier currently behind? "There is still a long way to go."

Sat 12:37 - SS12: Mikkelsen
Fastest so far, 1sec quicker than Paddon. Mikkelsen's advantage over his former team-mate Ogier is up to 6.9sec. "A clean stage. Fine. We're not giving up without a fight."

Sat 12:35 - SS12: Ogier
No sign of any bollard damage. Second quickest to Paddon and everything seems fine. "I was not at full risk but I try not to be too slow. I'm keeping a bit of pressure on the guys ahead. It's been an okay morning."

Sat 12:31 - SS12: Evans
Fifth fastest on stage so far. He holds fourth place overall but Hanninen is now just eight-tenths behind. "The grip wasn't as good as I expected." His car has some rear-right damage courtesy of Breen who nudged his C3 into it before the stage.

Sat 12:29 - SS12: Ogier
WRC TV crew reports Seb hit a bollard in a hairpin right. His car might might have damage.

Sat 12:28 - SS12: Breen
"Three hard and one soft tyre here. Tricky. I just don't have the confidence to push. I overshot one junction and stalled the engine for a second."

Sat 12:25 - SS12: Hannninen
1.5sec slower than stage leader Paddon. "Okay, nothing special. Quite a different stage, a bit more clean."

Sat 12:22 - SS12: Latvala
4.3sec down on Paddon at the midpoint. He completes 1.4sec slower. "The handbrake doesn't work. It's difficult to drive these stages without one. We'll fix it in service."

Sat 12:19 - SS12: Paddon
12.2sec up on Kremer here. "I think hards were the right tyre choice. I'm trying. The conditions are a bit easier like this but I have a lot to work on."

Sat 12:16 - SS12: Kremer
His time: 6m27.1s. "We drive better and better. We are happy at the moment. The stage is good to drive but a lot of straights."

Sat 12:14 - SS12: Speed?
Onboard telemetry shows Paddon's car hitting 186kph on the long straights near the start.

Sat 12:12 - SS12: Paddon
Hayden underway in a rather battered-looking Hyundai.

Sat 12:10 - Weather update
Blue skies and sunshine. A few clouds dotted around. The temperature is 23˚C.

Sat 12:08 - SS12: LIVE
Kremer is underway and we're riding with him on WRC+

Sat 12:05 - SS12: Start intervals
A few changes to suit the live TV schedule. The first 13 cars will start at three-minute intervals, and then two minutes beginning with Tidemand. Camilli will be the last car in the live show.

Sat 12:02 - Stage info: SS12
Römerstraße 1, 12.28km. Another narrow road, country lane test which is new for 2017. However, there are a couple of forays onto wider main roads – a 2km section after the start with sweeping corners between fields and a short link after 5.6km. There are plenty of fast straights, some parts are lined by trees and a couple of chicanes to control the speeds.

Sat 12:02 - Watch SS12 LIVE
The show has started on WRC+

Sat 12:01 - Germany WRC2 after SS11
1.Kopecky 1h48m32.8s, 2.Camilli +9.2s, 3.Tidemand +59.1s, 4.Greensmith +2m02.3s, 5.Gilbert +2m18.4s

Sat 12:01 - SS11: WRC 2 Tempestini
Spin the a narrow section. No damage.

Sat 11:59 - SS11: WRC 2 Gilbert
Spin the last corner. No damage.

Sat 11:56 - SS11: WRC 2 Griebel
"Good. A nice rhythm and I pushed more. The pressure is off me now."

Sat 11:55 - SS11: WRC 2 Loubet
"I spun in the stage. I lose a lot of time. I was stuck in the ditch."

Sat 11:53 - SS11: WRC 2 Suninen
"Pretty muddy but still quite an okay stage compared to the situations. The feeling is coming back a bit but we need to change a few things."

Sat 11:51 - SS11: WRC 2 Camilli
1.3sec slower than Kopecky here. "It's an interesting fight now, I like it. He was very fast on this stage because I was pushing to the maximum."

Sat 11:50 - Tyre choices
Confirmation from Michelin on tyre numbers and compounds (hard / soft) its drivers have for SS11 + SS12: Meeke/Sordo/Tanak/Ogier: 3H + 2S. Mikkelsen: 3S+2H. Breen: 5S. Latvala/Hanninen: 4S+2H. Lappi: 4S +1H. Paddon: 5H

Sat 11:49 - SS11: WRC 2 Tidemand
"After our problems we are in the middle of nowhere now. We just continue. You never know what might happen."

Sat 11:47 - SS11: WRC 2 Kopecky
"Some tricky places, lots of mud. I just try to stay on the Tarmac. There's more grip there. Some small moments but we are pushing to keep Eric behind."

Sat 11:45 - Germany after SS11
1.Tänak 1h42m50.9s, 2.Mikkelsen +25.7s, 3.Ogier +31.0s, 4.Evans +1m14.9s, 5.Hanninen +1m17.3s

Sat 11:45 - SS11: Sordo
"From this position in the running order it's like a gravel stage. Every corner is completely mud."

Sat 11:43 - SS11: Meeke
"A lot of mud in there, it's slimy and slippery. It's like Monte Carlo in there."

Sat 11:41 - SS11: Lappi
"I was two times in the fields, so for sure I lost a lot of time. We didn't have anything in the pace notes and suddenly the road is full of mud. It's like ice. You have no chance."

Sat 11:39 - SS11: Tanak
Another stage win for Ott and his rally lead over Mikkelsen is up to 25.7sec. "Conditions are maybe better than expected but some places are incredibly muddy and it's not easy to find the rhythm. We're managing okay."

Sat 11:38 - SS11: Mikkelsen
He loses 10sec to Ogier here and his advantage in the overall standings is slashed to 5.3sec. What happened? "I had a spin in a junction and stalled. It's a bit of a shame. Okay, we must continue fighting."

Sat 11:35 - SS11: Ogier
Quickest through, seven-tenths up on Paddon. "Okay, fastest so far, but let's see what happens behind us."

Sat 11:33 - SS11: Evans
"I spun on pretty much the first right-hand corner and lost a lot of time. After that pretty good but I'm so disappointed by that mistake."

Sat 11:31 - SS11: Breen
"I had an overshoot. It was a lot drier than I thought and I ended up in a field in another place too. Not the best."

Sat 11:29 - SS11: Hanninen
"Okay. Nothing special. This was more tricky than I expected. More mud on the road. The car is really, really good."

Sat 11:27 - SS11: Latvala
"I'm not happy at all. Again a mistake. In a slippery place I ran wide and spent a long time in a field. Not going well this morning at all. I'm really annoyed with myself."

Sat 11:25 - SS11: Paddon
His car sporting rear-left damage. "Nothing major, nearly ever corner has a hay bale on it and we're just kissing a few to try and get a tight entry."

Sat 11:23 - SS11: Kremer
He is through in 9m22.0s. How was that? "A good feeling for the car and the tyres were good. We ran and ran and ran. We pushed a bit."

Sat 11:21 - Junior WRC update
Big developments in the Junior category on SS10. Overnight leader Ciamin lost more than 3min with a bent rear axle. Second placed Folb retired after hitting a tree. Tannert now leads the category, 1m44 ahead of Ciamin. Nil Solans is third.

Sat 10:54 - Live stage alert
WRC users can watch one of the upcoming stages - SS12 Römerstraße - live via our streaming service. The coverage starts at 1200hrs. Head to to find out more.

Sat 10:52 - Stage info: SS11
Freisen 1, 14.78km. Basically the same stage as 2016 with a short variation early on. It’s fast country lanes all the way with a couple chicanes to keep speeds in check. The roads are narrow for much of the test with plenty of opportunities to cut corners, although hay bales have been positioned in places to prevent bigger cuts.

Sat 10:51 - Next stage: 1112hrs
That's Kremer's adjusted start time for Friesen (SS11)

Sat 10:48 - Up next: fuel and tyres
Crews heading to Birkenfeld for a refuel and a new set of tyres before the next pair of stages.

Sat 10:47 - Germany WRC2 after SS10
1.Kopecky 1h39m04.4s, 2.Camilli +7.9s, 3.Tidemand +51.9s, 4.Bonato +1m26.1s, 5.Greensmith +1m28.7s

Sat 10:45 - SS10: WRC 2 Griebel
The German explains his 3m30s time loss. "I got a front-right puncture. When I realised I went off and got stuck in a ditch."

Sat 10:43 - SS10: WRC 2 Gilbert
"Two spins in the closing section."

Sat 10:42 - SS10: WRC 2 Greensmith
"In terms of driving that was probably the worst stage of my life. Absolutely stupid. Two overshoots in the first couple of kilometres. I just wasn't listening. Shocking."

Sat 10:41 - SS10: WRC 2 Loubet
More than two minutes off the pace. "Puncture in the middle of the stage. My fault. I cut and I punctured, It's like that."

Sat 10:38 - SS10: WRC 2 Suninen
Teemu loses 2m40sec and fourth position. "One of the worst stages in my life. We had a puncture and had to change it. Difficult."

Sat 10:36 - SS10: WRC 2 Griebel
Moving again

Sat 10:34 - SS10: WRC 2 Tidemand
He loses 56sec - and second place - with a right-rear puncture. He has driven on it for a while and the flailing rubber has wrecked the rear door and wheel arch of the Skoda. "It just came, we hit nothing."

Sat 10:32 - SS10: WRC 2 Griebel
Stopped in stage

Sat 10:31 - Germany after SS10
1.Tänak 1h33m51.0s, 2.Mikkelsen +15.3s, 3.Ogier +30.6s, 4.Evans +1m07.3s, 5.Hanninen +1m13.4s. Neuville retires

Sat 10:30 - SS10: WRC 2 Kopecky
"A good stage but a huge challenge. I tried to find a good compromise not to destroy my soft tyres."

Sat 10:27 - SS10: Sordo
An uncomfortable ride for the Spaniard, back today after his crash on Friday. "Very slow. Very slippery and I took no risks. I am out of the race and I have hurt my hand. It's difficult to drive."

Sat 10:26 - SS10: Meeke
Fourth quickest. "Not bad. A bit better rhythm today. We changed something last night and I immediately felt more confident today - even on the road section."

Sat 10:25 - SS10: Lappi
"Not fast enough. Too muddy to take advantage of my tyres. Still scared after yesterday I think."

Sat 10:23 - SS10: Tanak
Third quickest keeps him in the overall lead by 15.3sec from Mikkelsen. "Very tricky. Six kilometres before the end we lost the rear tyre. I thought we had a puncture." He has a bent front-left wheel and a delaminated rear-left tyre.

Sat 10:19 - SS10: Mikkelsen
9.4sec slower than Ogier. "Much drier than we thought, we should have put two hard tyres on. Okay, I did a clever stage, I didn't push the tyres too much, a bit too cautious maybe."

Sat 10:17 - SS10: Ogier
"A bit too cautious. After Thierry stopped I think the gap in front now is too big. At least in this one I didn't push hard enough to close it."

Sat 10:15 - SS10: Evans
"Really negative. A few distractions inside the car, not easy." Can you elaborate? "No."

Sat 10:14 - SS10: Breen
He completes with chunks of rubber missing from the tread of his front-right tyre. "I would see the rubber flying off towards the end, it was quite distracting. I tried to manage things on this stage but it was so, so tricky."

Sat 10:11 - SS10: Hanninen
Quickest so far, "Not bad. Easier than yesterday. Changing grip but actually enjoyable."

Sat 10:10 - SS10: Latvala
"Not good. I'm really disappointed. On the soft tyres I had two moments. It was a lot drier than I expected. I overshot one junction and nearly spun twice."

Sat 10:08 - SS10: Paddon
He completes before Latvala, 23.8sec slower than Kremer. Some minor-looking damage to the left-rear. What happened? "We picked up a puncture, I'm not sure how. Very easy to do that here. We stopped to change."

Sat 10:06 - SS10: Kremer
First through in 26m05.9s. "I think our soft tyres were not the right ones here. The road was so dry we lost a lot of time."

Sat 10:05 - SS10: Paddon update
WRC TV crew reports rear damage on driver's side of Hayden's Hyundai

Sat 10:02 - SS10: Paddon update
Latvala and Paddon were just six-tenths apart at the 17km split. At 26km Paddon has fallen back by 1m42s. WRC live tracking shows Latvala is about to pass the Kiwi in stage.

Sat 10:00 - SS10: Paddon
Worrying-looking split for Hayden. He's 49sec slower than Kremer at 26km. More bad news for Hyundai.

Sat 09:49 - Weather update
Warm and sunny. Panzerplatte is generally dry but there are some damp and muddy places lurking under tree cover.

Sat 09:48 - Stage info: SS10
Panzerplatte 1, 41.97km. The longest stage of the rally and one of the toughest of the season with 93 junctions packed into less than 42km. The surface changes constantly and many roads are lined with hinkelsteins, massive concrete kerbs designed to keep tanks on the military tracks. It has everything – wide, narrow and mid-sized roads and surfaces ranking from smooth asphalt to cobbles. Slippery sand coats the surface in the dry while in the wet conditions are treacherous.

Sat 09:48 - SS10: LIVE
The stage started seven minutes late but Kremer, Paddon and Latvala are all in stage.

Sat 09:45 - SS9: Neuville
It's game over. The Hyundai is parked up and will go no further today. Nicholas explains what happened. "It was just a slow junction, a left turn with a cut, and we don't understand what happened. We just felt a small touch on the rear axle. We probably touched something, we don't understand right now. It looks like something broke on the suspension. I don't know. We need to analyse first and then we will know more."

Sat 09:40 - Germany after SS9
1.Tänak 1h09m08.5s, 2.Mikkelsen +6.3s, 3.Ogier +31.0s, 4.Neuville +38.9s, 5.Evans +53.2s. Neuville wheel off

Sat 09:36 - SS9: Meeke
"Quite dry. A unique place that requires a unique approach."

Sat 09:36 - SS9: Meanwhile...
...back on stage, Mikkelsen, Tanak and Lappi are through cleanly. Tanak, Ogier and Mikkelsen are the fastest three.

Sat 09:33 - SS9: Neuville update
Neuville and co-driver Nicholas Gilsoul are inspecting the damage. It seems that the whole wheel hub has detached from the suspension arm. Thierry is on the phone. Nicholas suggests that they will need a magician.

Sat 09:28 - SS9: Ogier
Quickest so far. "Okay. The real one is coming."

Sat 09:27 - SS9: Neuville update
What happened? "I have no idea." The wheel and tyre are attached, but at a crazy angle. There is no sign of damage to the wheel. He sets off to investigate.

Sat 09:27 - SS9: Neuville
Disaster! He loses 9.6sec and the rear-left wheel is hanging off!

Sat 09:25 - SS9: Evans
Quickest on an all-soft set-up, four-tenths up on Hanninen.

Sat 09:22 - SS9: Breen
"Steady away. Hopefully the next stage is a bit wetter than this one."

Sat 09:20 - SS9: Hanninen
Fastest so far. It was okay. "Let's see now how the tyres are on the next one. It will be tricky. Some damp patches there."

Sat 09:18 - SS9: Latvala
Fastest so far. "A few pace note changes. It was surprisingly dry and there are a few places we can improve them for the next pass."

Sat 09:16 - SS9: Paddon
4.3sec quicker than Kremer. "Quite dry. We're expecting more damp in the next one."

Sat 09:15 - SS9: Kremer
Armin completes in 1m51.6s. How was that? "Really short but the feeling was good. The soft tyre seems to be the right option. We're ready for the next stage."

Sat 09:11 - Stage info: SS9
Arena Panzerplatte SSS 1, 2.87km. A short stage for the fans and a warm-up for the drivers on the daunting Baumholder military ranges ahead of the monster test to follow. The roads are wide and there is a mixture of surfaces, covering smooth and broken asphalt, cobble stones and bumpy concrete. There are many junctions in a stage which is identical to last year.

Sat 09:10 - Tyre choices
Confirmation from Michelin on tyre numbers and compounds (hard / soft) its drivers have for the opening two stages. Ogier/Tanak: 3S+2H. Meeke/Breen/Mikkelsen/Latvala/Neuville/Sordo: 5S. Hanninen/Lappi: 5H. Paddon: 3H+2S

Sat 09:07 - Weather
A bright and sunny start in Bostalsee. The forecast predicts a dry dry day with sunshine and cloud. and Rain showers are forecast for later today. The current temperature of 12˚C should hit 19˚C later.

Sat 09:06 - Start intervals
World Rally Car drivers will tackle today's stages at two-minute intervals, the rest of the field at one-minute intervals.

Sat 09:06 - WRC Live
Our radio service is LIVE with Becs Williams in the studio and Emyr Penlan and George Donaldson reporting from the stage ends. You'll find a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Sat 09:06 - Saturday running order
Reverse rally classification order today, and that means Germany's own Armin Kremer will go first. Here's how they will line up: 1.Kremer, 2.Paddon, 3.Latvala, 4.Hanninen, 5.Breen, 6.Evans, 7.Neuville, 8.Ogier, 9.Mikkelsen, 10.Tanak, 11.Lappi, 12.Meeke, 13.Sordo.

Sat 08:58 - First stage: 0911hrs
That's when the opening stage, the 2.87km Arena Panzerplatte gets underway. Crews are heading there now from the early morning 15 min service halt in Bostalsee. Stage notes coming up.

Sat 08:58 - Saturday's itinerary
Accounts for almost half the rally’s distance and features the infamous mixed surface Panzerplatte tank training roads and narrow country lanes. Four morning stages are repeated in the afternoon, adding up to 146.67km of action.

Sat 08:57 - Coming up today
Another full schedule of asphalt competition, and some of the rally's iconic stage locations. Seen pictures of rally cars whizzing past old military jets? They were taken on today's stages.

Sat 08:57 - Morning texters
And welcome back to our live text coverage of ADAC Rallye Deutschland, bringing all the stage action to and the WRC App

Fri 19:47 - Until then
Keep an eye on for all the latest WRC news and day reports. Or head to WRC+ for loads of extra stuff including live stage reviews, highlights programmes and our exclusive onboard library. Bye for now.

Fri 19:46 - Join us on Saturday
When the action resumes at 0911hrs. Coming up, nine more stages including two passes through the rally's signature test - the 41km Panzerplatte.

Fri 19:44 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text coverage from Germany tonight

Fri 19:43 - Germany JWRC after SS8
1.Ciamin 1h19m00.1s, 2.Folb +22.8s, 3.Tannert +1m28.6s (Solans stopped in SS7)

Fri 19:24 - Germany WRC2 after SS8
1.Kopecky 1h10m59.2s, 2.Tidemand +5.8s, 3.Camilli +19.6s, 4.Suninen +28.8s, 5.Loubet +1m02.3s

Fri 19:21 - SS8: WRC 2 Kopecky
The WRC 2 leader loses 8 sec to Tidemand here. His overnight advantage stands at 5.8sec. "Yeah, I had one slick at the rear and basically no traction because the whole stage is mud. I had to take it very carefully - it would be stupid to spin now. A good day apart from the slow puncture but we are in the lead so we are happy."

Fri 19:18 - SS8: WRC 3 Camilli
"Not a bad day for us. We came back after a difficult morning without the clutch and the wrong set-up. I'm very happy to be third tonight."

Fri 19:17 - SS8: WRC 2 Suninen
"So much mud in here but a nice challenge. From this I can learn a lot. I try to improve my results tomorrow."

Fri 19:16 - SS8: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Not so easy to find the lines in these conditions but I enjoyed it. I'm satisfied with the day. The car is good and the strategy is working out well. I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

Fri 19:14 - Germany after SS8
1.Tänak 1h07m23.0s, 2.Mikkelsen +5.7s, 3.Neuville +28.2s, 4.Ogier +30.6s, 5.Evans +52.1s. Ogier spins to 4th

Fri 19:12 - SS8: Raoux
He spun near the start.

Fri 19:10 - SS8: Mikkelsen
"Really, really happy. We are pushing to the maximum. The conditions are getting worse so the only drivers we can compare to are the ones around us [in the start order]. We're 10 sec quicker that Kris so that shows how hard we are pushing."

Fri 19:05 - SS8: Meeke
"Very tricky. Every junction is full of mud. Not so enjoyable."

Fri 19:01 - SS8: Hanninen
"This was the worst one."

Fri 19:00 - SS8: Paddon
"A bit of a mudbath. A very tricky afternoon. Tomorrow there will be a lot less rain so we can try and get some confidence back."

Fri 18:58 - SS8: Breen
"An absolute disaster. I lost the rear, spun and had to go into the field. It cost five or six seconds."

Fri 18:57 - SS8: Evans
"A very difficult day. Too much mud, not enjoyable."

Fri 18:54 - SS8: Latvala
"I tried to be clever and avoid any big mistakes. I was also a long time on the grass in one left-hand corner. The trickiest stage of the day."

Fri 18:52 - SS8: Tanak
"Conditions are really tricky - in one place we got stuck in the mud - it took so long to get back on the road with the slick tyres. A good day though."

Fri 18:50 - SS8: Ogier
21sec SLOWER than Neuville on stage and Seb drops behind him in the standings. Ogier's Fiesta is covered in mud. "We had a spin and lost 20sec. A shame but that's how it is. It's going to be be tight. I knew I would struggle today - I haven't found the set-up I wanted in the car. Tomorrow is another day."

Fri 18:48 - SS8: Neuville
He's been off and there is a big branch stuck in the rear spoiler. "It happened on a very dirty corner, it was worse than aquaplaning. Nothing I could do. Happy to be here - still a long way to go."

Fri 18:41 - SS8: Live!
Neuville in stage

Fri 18:18 - Next stage: 1840hrs
That's Neuville's start time for the third and final run through the Wadern-Weiskirchen Super Special. We'll take a live text break until then.

Fri 18:16 - SS7: Tannert update
Tannert fans relax. All is cool with the German and his car. He slowed when the virtual yellow flag safety system was activated. His time will be adjusted.

Fri 18:14 - SS7: WRC 2 Rossel
Stopped in stage. Stage will be paused briefly to allow organisers to move the car.

Fri 18:11 - Lappi update
Confirmation from Toyota that Lappi hit something and his car has front-left damage. Out for the day.

Fri 18:08 - SS7: Tannert update
Moving again.

Fri 18:07 - SS7: Solans update
Broken suspension. Ciamin passes the scene and reports that the crew are okay.

Fri 18:04 - SS7: Tannert trouble!
The German becomes the second Junior driver to stop in stage.

Fri 18:03 - SS7: Solans shocker!
Junior championship leader Nil Solans is stopped in the stage. He had been third in the category here.

Fri 18:00 - SS7: WRC 2 Bergkvist
"Terrible. We have problems with the differential."

Fri 17:56 - Germany WRC2 after SS7
1.Kopecky 1h04m38.3s, 2.Tidemand +14.8s, 3.Camilli +28.4s, 4.Suninen +35.8s, 5.Loubet +1m00.9s

Fri 17:52 - SS7: WRC 2 Tempestini
"We can push more but it is my first time on this tyre, so maybe next time I will be faster."

Fri 17:47 - SS7: WRC 2 Loubet
Reports a spin in the middle of the stage.

Fri 17:47 - SS7: WRC 2 Kopecky
The category leader gives away 6.7sec of his advantage to Tidemand. "I prefer it when the Tarmac is dry. This was tricky, a lot of mud everywhere and a spin. I got a slow puncture on the previous stage."

Fri 17:46 - SS7: WRC 2 Camilli
"It's going well this afternoon. I really enjoy it. Pushing to the maximum."

Fri 17:45 - SS7: WRC 2 Suninen
9.3sec slower than Tidemand. "Difficult to drive in these conditions, you never know what you might find in every corner."

Fri 17:43 - SS7: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Better grip than expected on these rain tyres. The rally is going to plan."

Fri 17:43 - Germany after SS7
1.Tänak 1h01m27.3s, 2.Mikkelsen +4.5s, 3.Ogier +9.9s, 4.Neuville +28.6s, 5.Evans +47.4s

Fri 17:39 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Fourth fastest on stage and Andreas slips to second place, 4.5sec behind Tanak. "I think we did a very good stage. The tyre was a little bit too much for the grip, but a clean stage. I'm very happy to be in this position at this point in the rally. Tomorrow we will be in a better place in the start order."

Fri 17:36 - SS7: Meeke
"More tricky that the one before, a lot of mud here, tricky on the new tyres. I had to slow to pass Lappi. The car was stuck in a ditch, off under braking. He was out of the car."

Fri 17:29 - SS7: Hanninen
"This was a bit better than the first one, less standing water. It's nice that the grip is better that you think. Not so horrible, I would say."

Fri 17:28 - SS7: Paddon
30 seconds slower than Tanak. "No one to blame but myself. Wet, slippery muddy Tarmac? No thank you. This rally and the Monte are two rallies I know I have to improve on."

Fri 17:26 - SS7: Lappi
WRC+ live tracking shows his Yaris stopped at 8.7km.

Fri 17:25 - SS7: Breen
"A little bit better. Still tricky without 100 per cent confidence."

Fri 17:23 - SS7: Evans
18.9sec off the lead pace. "I just have no grip, especially here. Struggling in every braking zone. There's not a lot we can do."

Fri 17:22 - SS7: Latvala
9.1sec off Tanak's pace. "Difficult conditions. I was losing too much time to Seb and Thierry where I wasn't bold enough."

Fri 17:20 - SS7: Tanak
Quickest so far. "Very tricky. On a tyre I have never used before it took time to get the feeling. It feels good. Maybe I should have pushed more, but after the previous stage I wanted to have a clean run."

Fri 17:17 - SS7: Ogier
One-tenth slower than Neuville. "It's okay but tricky. Together with Thierry, we don't have the optimum tyre choice. Our soft compound is not working."

Fri 17:15 - SS7: Neuville
He completes in 11m18.6s. "I was on the maximum I have to say. So much wheelspin and locking under braking, many times we nearly went off. I'm missing a lot of traction."

Fri 17:04 - Weather update
Light rain falling on Grafschaft. Stage is wet, but there is not as much standing / running water as there was on the previous stage.

Fri 17:01 - Stage info: SS7
Grafschaft 2, 18.35km. This is a typical vineyard test, with a high wall on one side of the road, a drop into the grapes on the other and plenty of unseen junctions. However, there is a 3km section early on which crosses open fields. The many junctions mean plenty of dirt will be dragged onto the roads by cars making cuts. Last used in 2015.

Fri 17:00 - SS7: Standby
We cross straight over to Grafschaft for the second repeat stage. Neuville's start time: 1702hrs.

Fri 16:57 - Germany after SS6
1.Mikkelsen 50m11.0s, 2.Tanak +0.9s, 3.Ogier +7.5s, 4.Neuville +26.3s, 5.Evans +29.4s

Fri 16:55 - SS6: Kremer
"My first time on the full rain tyres. Good grip. The best option I think."

Fri 16:53 - SS6: Mikkelsen
Second fastest on his full wet-shod Citroen. "They were the right choice for me. This stage was a mudbath near the end. For me I had no choice, I had to go for these. I'm happy not to lose more time from this position on the road."

Fri 16:51 - SS6: Meeke
Kris, on the full wet option, goes fourth fastest so far, 11.1sec slower than stage leader Tanak. "The road was a lot cleaner than I expected. The rain has washed it. I was expecting more mud, which might have benefited us. We don't often run these tyres, even on tests, so they look a bit of getting used to."

Fri 16:49 - SS6: Lappi
Third quickest so far. "About 70 per cent of the stage was okay, but when you have standing water and soft tyres it's not the best combination. Still, I managed to survive."

Fri 16:47 - SS6: Hanninen
"Better than I expected. In places the grip was reasonable."

Fri 16:46 - SS6: Paddon
37sec off the pace and struggling for confidence. His car has a diagonal cross of wet and soft tyres. "Hard to know if this was the correct choice. I'm not driving too committed. It's difficult to judge the tyres on the way I'm driving the car."

Fri 16:43 - SS6: Breen
He's through with two softs and two full wets. "I felt the wet tyre go off really quick. I struggled to commit in there."

Fri 16:40 - SS6: Evans
"A mix of tyres on the car. Some places it worked well, in others no grip at all."

Fri 16:40 - SS6: Latvala
13.7sec slower than Tanak. "The first part was quite okay. Towards the end on the big road I started aquaplaning and I lost the confidence." Jari-Matti's Toyota is running sweetly again after its trip to service.

Fri 16:37 - SS6: Tanak
Fastest through on three full wet tyres and one soft. "Actually not so good, there was a tight hairpin, I pulled the handbrake but I couldn't see out and I went straight into the vines. I was very lucky to get back. I still feel sorry I didn't take full wet tyres like the team suggested."

Fri 16:35 - SS6: Ogier
6.9sec quicker than Neuville. "Not so easy. I don't know, let's see how the guys behind go, but it might work with the rain tyres here - we were aquaplaning in places. The important thing is that Thierry and I are on the same."

Fri 16:33 - SS6: Neuville
"I was full softs. I don't know what the best option would be. Many times I was sideways a lot and I had a spin near the end. I tried my best but it's not very nice in these conditions."

Fri 16:26 - SS6: Tanak
WRC TV crew reports a big moment for Tanak at 2.5km. He slid very wide but didn't go off.

Fri 16:22 - Tyre choices
Confirmation from Michelin on tyre numbers and compounds (hard / soft / full wets) its drivers have for the afternoon loop. Hold tight. Meeke: 6FW. Mikkelsen: 4 FW+2S. Breen: 2FW+4S. Lappi/Hanninen/Latvala/Ogier/Neuville: 5S. Paddon: 4S+2FW. Tanak: 3FW+3S

Fri 16:20 - Weather update
Absolutely chucking it down with rain. Torrential conditions on stage. Unsurprisingly teams have reached for the full wet tyres. This is the first time they will have been used.

Fri 16:19 - SS6: Welcome back
Neuville and Ogier in stage

Fri 14:44 - Next stage: 1617hrs
That's Neuville's start time for SS6, the repeat of Mittelmosel. We'll take a text break until then

Fri 14:44 - Germany WRC2 after SS5
1.Kopecky 38m29.6s, 2.Tidemand +5.9s, 3.Suninen +22.6s, 4.Bonato +23.3s, 5.Camilli +32.3s

Fri 14:41 - SS5: WRC 2 Kopecky
The Czech driver goes fastest here to extend his category lead to 5.9sec. "Basically we expected a bit more water this morning but we won two stages we are in the lead, so it is good."

Fri 14:32 - Mikkelsen
The rally leader returns to service, and is still delighted by his remarkable time though Grafschaft SS4. "Just when we finished the stage I told [my co-driver] Anders, 'ah, this was not so good.' So it's good to know we can go faster. I really put a lot of effort into that stage. I was surprised by the amount of gravel on the road but that hasn't stopped us taking risks. Up to now it has paid off. The car is amazing on dry tarmac, I really enjoy it. The performance is there - no question about that."

Fri 14:12 - Latvala update
His misfiring Toyota has completed the 21km liaison section to the service park at Bostalsee.

Fri 14:02 - Germany after SS5
1.Mikkelsen 36m36.3s, 2.Tanak +4.1s, 3.Ogier +5.6s, 4.Evans +14.8s, 5.Neuville +17.5s. Latvala misfire

Fri 14:00 - SS5: Update 3
All World Rally Car crews are though and fourth-fastest time for Mikkelsen keeps him in the rally lead.

Fri 13:49 - SS5: Update 2
Seven cars through. Neuville still quickest. Ogier and Tanak still his nearest rivals.

Fri 13:30 - SS5: Latvala
Disaster. Jari-Matti loses almost 1m30s. His car's engine is making a funny noise and appears to have no power at the start. He has a small off in the stage later on. This will cost Latvala fifth place and send him out of the top 10.

Fri 13:26 - SS5: Update 1
Neuville quickest of the three cars through so far. Ogier +0.3s, Tanak +2.8s.

Fri 13:21 - SS5: Neuville
First to complete in 5m15.9s.

Fri 13:20 - Sordo update
From WRC TV crew at the scene. Dani crashed 600 meters into SS4. He locked the wheels under braking, missed a corner and drove off the road. The car plunged about 40 meters downhill through bushes and small trees. It did not roll over. Crew fine. Car looks in pretty good shape.

Fri 13:16 - SS5: LIVE
Neuville in stage. No driver quotes from this one, but we will bring you results and any breaking news.

Fri 13:02 - Germany after SS4
1.Mikkelsen 31m16.9s, 2.Tanak +4.8s, 3.Ogier +8.8s, 4.Evans +13.2s, 5.Latvala +13.7s. Sordo stops. Paddon puncture

Fri 12:59 - Next stage: 1315hrs
That's Neuville's start time for the second pass of the Wadern-Weiskirchen stage.

Fri 12:59 - SS4: Juniors
Championship leader Solans leads the Junior standings after four stages. But it's close. His closest rival Ciamin is just five-tenths adrift. Ciamin had been leading until a missed junction here.

Fri 12:51 - Germany WRC2 after SS4
1.Kopecky 32m54.7s, 2.Tidemand +4.1s, 3.Bonato +12.3s, 4.Suninen +19.9s, 5.Camilli +23.0s

Fri 12:48 - SS4 WRC 2 Bonato
Quickest so far in WRC 2. "I'm happy. Two good special stages. Better than Poland. I like driving through the vineyards but I prefer drinking them." Bonato has a 10sec penalty for an engine-related service delay this morning.

Fri 12:44 - SS4: WRC 2 Griebel
"That was okay. Running much better on two hard tyres crossed."

Fri 12:43 - SS4: WRC 2 Greensmith
"Just driving through, we still have the same steering problem we had last night at the Super Special."

Fri 12:41 - SS4: WRC 2 Guerra
"In one junction I went straight on and stopped. I had to reverse - I lost maybe 15sec."

Fri 12:37 - SS4: WRC 2 Armstrong
"Struggling a bit. The set up is too soft and I'm struggling on the soft tyres too."

Fri 12:36 - SS4: WRC 2 Kopecky
Quickest so far in WRC 2 and holding the category lead. "It was fully dry, and the soft tyre wasn't the best way but we did our best."

Fri 12:35 - SS4: WRC 2 Camilli
"I had no clutch on the start line. Any mistake would be the end for us. Also I have the wrong springs. We are still here, I will push like hell when everything is okay."

Fri 12:34 - SS4: WRC 2 Suninen
4.8sec slower than Tidemand and typically critical of his own performance. "Not so good. I need to improve. I did some mistakes."

Fri 12:31 - SS4: WRC 2 Tidemand
"It's okay, but a bit careful, braking too early in places. Not that bad."

Fri 12:29 - Germany after SS4
1.Mikkelsen 31m16.9s, 2.Tanak 4.8s, 3.Ogier 8.8s, 4.Evans 13.2s, 5.Latvala 13.7s. Sordo stops. Paddon puncture

Fri 12:26 - SS4: Kremer
"We must stop in the stage. Something is loose with the rear suspension. We must go and have a look."

Fri 12:24 - SS4: Mikkelsen
An incredible time - quickest so far and 7.4sec up on Lappi - and he takes the rally lead. "This was not really a perfect drive, two small mistakes so I'm not really happy with that run. I haven't done well on this stage before so studied the onboards and finally I mastered it! The car is amazing."

Fri 12:21 - SS4: Meeke
"Not too bad. For the first time this morning I had equal tyres [softs all round] and I felt more confident."

Fri 12:20 - SS4: Lappi
Quickest so far. "The tyre choice was better for this stage. I'm really satisfied with this time."

Fri 12:17 - SS4: Hanninen
"Much better than the stage before because I didn't go into the vineyards this time. The car feels really good. It's giving me more of what I can use."

Fri 12:15 - SS4: Paddon
He drops 50sec with a front-right puncture. The rubber is flailing from the rim. "No idea why - we hit nothing. I noticed it 10km before the end."

Fri 12:05 - SS4: Restarted
The stage was paused briefly after Breen. It has restarted now.

Fri 12:04 - SS4: Breen
"Terrible. I touched a wall and thought I had a puncture. I missed a braking point, went off and did a full 360 in a field. I need to keep it calm."

Fri 12:02 - SS4: Sordo update
Confirmation from Hyundai that Sordo and co-driver Marc Marti are okay. The team is going to recover the car.

Fri 12:01 - SS4: Evans
The first driver to start after Sordo, but Evans cannot say what happened. "I saw some marks. Maybe that's where he was." And Evans' own stage? "Struggling for confidence in the braking."

Fri 11:56 - SS4: Latvala
Damage to the front-left tyre. "I touched it a little on the kerb or something. The beginning of the stage was trickier than I thought. Other than that everything is okay."

Fri 11:54 - SS4: Tanak
Second quickest. "This morning has been pretty challenging. You have to drive with your eyes open."

Fri 11:53 - SS4: Ogier
4.9sec quicker than Neuville. "Conditions are not so easy but we have to push. I'm not perfectly happy with the car. I do my best with what I have. Somehow I cannot get the set-up to my liking. I'll handle it. It's just for today."

Fri 11:51 - SS4: Neuville
He's through in 11m04.2s and missing the aero benefit of his front splitter. "I have a lot of understeer in the fast sections. In the slow corners it is okay."

Fri 11:48 - SS4: Sordo
WRC live tracking shows him stopped just 600m into the stage.

Fri 11:41 - SS3: WRC 2 Camilli
Big problems for the Frenchman. "We try to survive. We have a problem with the clutch, there's nothing there now. I hope we can complete the loop."

Fri 11:38 - SS3: WRC 2 Suninen
2.9sec slower than Tidemand. "In the end I was very careful, it was muddy."

Fri 11:37 - SS3: WRC 2 Tidemand
"No problems but drier than expected."

Fri 11:35 - Stage info: SS4
Grafschaft 1, 18.35km. This is a typical vineyard test, with a high wall on one side of the road, a drop into the grapes on the other and plenty of unseen junctions. However, there is a 3km section early on which crosses open fields. The many junctions mean plenty of dirt will be dragged onto the roads by cars making cuts. Last used in 2015.

Fri 11:34 - SS4: Standby
We cross now to the next stage - Grafschaft. Neuville is due to start at 1137hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 11:32 - Germany after SS3
1.Tänak 20m22.4s, 2.Mikkelsen +4.2s, 3.Ogier +5.2s, 4.Sordo +6.0s, 5.Latvala +7.9s

Fri 11:32 - SS3: Kremer
"Fantastic. Not easy but a lot of experience. So slippery, a little bit wet, a little bit dry, but really nice."

Fri 11:29 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Third quickest here puts him second overall. "We are pushing hard and taking risks but we have to. There is so much gravel on the roads here and I'm trying to limit the lime loss. I like this stage. The car is really, really nice."

Fri 11:27 - SS3: Meeke
Slowest through so far. "I felt a bit uncomfortable with the tyre choices. Humid in parts, wet under the trees. Difficult to find a rhythm."

Fri 11:26 - SS3: Lappi
16sec off the pace here and Lappi looks deflated. "Wrong tyres and a surprise in one braking point where we went into the vines. The engine stalled and we lost a lot of time."

Fri 11:24 - SS3: Hanninen
His car sporting damage to the roof vent, left-hand front splitter and rear spoiler. "Quite soon after the start under braking I went wide into the vines and hit a wooden post. I have to go and check..."

Fri 11:21 - SS3: Paddon
He completes with damage to his front-right wing. "Might have been just a hay bale, nothing major. There is no right choice for tyres here. In parts softs would be better, in others hards."

Fri 11:20 - SS3: Breen
"I played a gamble on two hards and two softs. It rained since the gravel crew went through, so I didnlt know what to expect. Each corner was like flipping a coin. All softs would have been better I think."

Fri 11:17 - SS3: Evans
Second quickest. "It was okay, a bit of a moment in one place but otherwise okay. Not a lot of grip in the dry. Early on I worked on getting heat in the tyres."

Fri 11:15 - SS3: Sordo
"Difficult to control the car in the slippery sections."

Fri 11:14 - SS3: Latvala
7.1sec slower than Tanak. His car missing much of its front-right wing after striking a metal pole on the previous stage. "That's nothing too serious. It was surprisingly dry and I was struggling on the soft tyres, the car felt soft under braking."

Fri 11:11 - SS3: Tanak
Quickest so far. "Very tricky because we expected wet and it was mostly dry. Difficult."

Fri 11:10 - SS3: Ogier
8.6sec quicker than Neuville. "More dry than expected. My tyre choice was not fantastic but it's not too aggressive. I'm not unhappy with my choices."

Fri 11:09 - SS3: Neuville
He's through with frontal damage and the bumper is hanging off. "I went off 1km from the start. The road was dry then suddenly wet under braking and I went into the vines and lost the front (splitter) lip. Now I have no down force at all. It makes it very tricky."

Fri 11:06 - SS3: Splits watch
More time loss for Neuville - he's 10.3sec slower than Ogier at the 17km split.

Fri 11:02 - SS3: Splits watch
Neuville seems to have stemmed the time loss. Ogier is 6.2sec quicker than him at the 11.6km point.

Fri 11:00 - SS3: Neuville
WRC TV crew reports front end damage to Neuville's Hyundai

Fri 10:59 - SS3: Splits watch
Ogier 5.8sec quicker than Neuville to the 5.4km split.

Fri 10:53 - SS3: LIVE
Spectator issues sorted, Neuville's start time was 1052hrs, that's a six-minute delay.

Fri 10:50 - Weather update
In a word, changeable. Rain has stopped over SS3 but the opening 6km remain very wet.

Fri 10:48 - SS3: Delay
Neuville at the start line but there is a delay to the stage. More news when we get it.

Fri 10:15 - Stage info: SS3
Mittelmosel 1, 22.00km. The initial section is all about the vineyards above the Mosel river. It is littered with hairpins, both downhill and uphill, and tricky junctions among the grapes. After exiting the vines, there is a 1.3km blast along a main road to the village of Rivenich, which drivers leave across open fields. The stage becomes more open before ending with another string of hairpins.

Fri 10:14 - Next stage: 1046hrs
Flick to WRC+ to track the crews as they head to the start of Mittelmosel. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 10:12 - Germany WRC2 after SS2
1.Kopecky 7m38.5s, 2.Camilli +6.6s, 3.Tidemand +7.8s, 4.Tempestini +12.8s, 5.Gilbert +15.1s

Fri 10:09 - SS2: WRC 2 Kopecky
Thursday's surprise overnight leader is quickest in WRC 2 and settles 12th overall. "Last night was a surprise but in this little R5 car I really enjoyed it," he says. "I kept it smooth with no slides and it went well! Last year I was close to winning the Super Special in Spain, but I didn't think we'd do that against the new cars."

Fri 10:05 - SS2: WRC 2 Camilli
"A good stage. I want to say a huge thanks to the team for getting my car fixed for today."

Fri 10:04 - SS2: WRC 2 Suninen
"A complete disaster. At the start we were just told to go straightaway. The time is not right. We are not starting on the right time."

Fri 10:02 - Germany after SS2
1.Sordo 7m20.6s, 2.Tanak +1.5s, 3.Neuville +1.9s, 4.Mikkelsen +2.3s, 5.Latvala +2.3s

Fri 10:00 - SS2: WRC 2 Tidemand
"It was okay. Had to find a good exist out of the junctions but no drama. No big risks."

Fri 09:58 - SS2: Serderidis
"Very nice. Much better than I expected."

Fri 09:57 - SS2: Raoux
"For the first stage on Tarmac in this car it's not so bad."

Fri 09:55 - SS2: Kremer
Getting to grips with his new Fiesta. "Really not so easy to drive in some sections. Over the day we will improve."

Fri 09:54 - SS2: Mikkelsen
Fourth quickest but not happy with his gamble on soft-compound tyres all round. "A lot of movement on the tyres, I don't think they were correct for this stage. The time is not so bad, but we were pushing hard."

Fri 09:52 - SS2: Meeke
Returning with Rally2 today after his Thursday retirement. "A really stupid mistake last night. But okay all I can do now is go again. I'll try to get to the the end of every stage as quickly as possible today. Paul's wife is in hospital waiting for a baby."

Fri 09:48 - SS2: Lappi
"I'm pretty pleased to be honest. No risks, just checking how much dirt there is on the road. Everything is fine."

Fri 09:46 - Tyre choices
Confirmation from Michelin on tyre numbers and compounds (hard / soft) its drivers have for the morning loop: Meeke/Breen/Lappi/Latvala/Hanninen/Ogier/Tanak: 4S 2H. Paddon/Mikkelsen: 5S. Sordo/Neuville: 3S 3H

Fri 09:46 - SS2: Hanninen
"Okay. We lost a bit of time but the car feels really, really cool."

Fri 09:44 - SS2: Paddon
Slowest through so far, "I'm on the full soft tyres. I'm waiting for the rain and didn't want to ruin them in the dry."

Fri 09:42 - SS2: Breen
"Pretty decent. Trying not to make any mistakes. Neat and tidy, One small mistake but otherwise okay. We have two hard and two soft tyres. Making a choice here is like flipping a coin - we just don't know what the weather will do."

Fri 09:41 - SS2: Evans
Slowest through so far, 5.3sec off Sordo's leading pace. "A bit of understeer in the junctions. The road is getting dirtier for sure but Sordo's time is good so I can't blame it on that."

Fri 09:38 - SS2: Sordo
Quickest so far. Light front wing damage. "Quite good. The balance in the car was good. I tried to do my best. It will be difficult today, the weather looks complicated."

Fri 09:37 - SS2: Latvala
His Toyota sporting front wing damage. "We went slightly wide into a steel rod on the side, it's broken the front right wing a bit. Everything else okay."

Fri 09:34 - SS2: Tanak
"Difficult to judge the brakes in a few junctions."

Fri 09:33 - SS2: Ogier
3.3sec slower than Neuville. "Not so good. We had a spin, not the best start of the rally, we lose maybe five seconds going into a field and back on."

Fri 09:31 - SS2: Neuville
First to complete in 5m13.9s. How was that? "Okay. Three hard tyres and one soft on the car. A different package to what Seb has. I think this was a good choice."

Fri 09:28 - SS2: Ogier
WRC TV crew reports Seb off into a field and back on again at 1km.

Fri 09:27 - One of three
Drivers will tackle this stage three times today, as SS2, SS5 and SS8.

Fri 09:24 - SS2: LIVE!
Neuville is in stage.

Fri 09:17 - Weather update
Light rain falling at the start of SS2

Fri 09:16 - WRC Live
Our radio service is LIVE with Becs Williams in the studio and Emyr Penlan and George Donaldson reporting from the stage ends. You'll find a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Fri 09:16 - Start intervals
World Rally Car drivers will tackle today's stages at two-minute intervals, the rest of the field at one-minute intervals.

Fri 09:15 - Friday running order
Championship order today, which typically means Sébastien Ogier first. Not today though. Thierry Neuville heads the field of 13 latest spec World Rally Cars. Here's how they will line up: 1.Neuville, 2.Ogier, 3.Tänak, 4.Latvala, 5.Sordo, 6.Evans, 7.Breen, 8.Paddon, 9.Hänninen, 10.Lappi, 11.Meeke, 12.Mikkelsen, 13.Kremer.

Fri 09:09 - Time reminder
All times quoted here are local. And in Germany that's (UTC +2hrs)

Fri 09:08 - Weather
A cloudy start, but so far the forecast heavy rain hasn't materialised. There has been some rain but very little. SS2 looks largely dry in the open areas but is likely to be wet under the trees. Rain showers are forecast for later today. The current temperature is 19˚C.

Fri 09:07 - Stage info: SS2
Wadern-Weiskirchen SSS 1, 9.27km. New for 2017, Wadern-Weiskirchen weaves through open fields, with plenty of opportunities for corner cutting. The roads are narrow and it is littered with junctions, but the sections linking them are very quick. It’s a lapping stage and crews tackle the same roads twice before peeling off the ‘circuit’ to the finish. If it’s wet, the junctions will be very muddy.

Fri 09:02 - First stage: 0823hrs
That's when Friday's opening stage, the 9km Wadern-Weiskirchen Super Special, gets underway. Crews are heading there now from the early morning 15 min service halt in Bostalsee. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 09:01 - Friday's itinerary
Features the hairpin-strewn vineyards above the Mosel river. A double pass of the familiar Mittelmosel and Grafschaft stages are sandwiched by three runs of a new circuit test at Wadern-Weiskirchen. The seven stages cover 108.51km.

Fri 09:01 - Coming up today
After Thursday's Super Special, things are about to get serious at ADAC Rallye Deutschland with a full day of competitive action

Fri 09:01 - Good morning
Welcome back to our live text coverage of ADAC Rallye Deutschland, bringing all the stage action to and the WRC App

Thu 20:28 - We will return
On Friday to bring you coverage of the rally's first full day. Coming up: seven stages and 108km of flat out competition. We'll be here ready for the first stage at 0923hrs. Bye for now.

Thu 20:25 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text coverage from Germany tonight

Thu 20:24 - Germany WRC2 after SS1
1.Kopecky 2m05.9s, 2.Bonato +5.2s, 3.Tidemand +5.3s, 4.Camilli +6.0s, 5.Ten Brinki +7.6s

Thu 20:20 - Meeke update
Citroen say he will return tomorrow with Rally2. Tonight's retirement will cost him a 10min penalty.

Thu 20:17 - Germany after SS1
1.Kopecky 2m05.9s, 2.Tanak +0.3s, 3.Breen +1.3s, 4.Mikkelsen +1.9s, 5.Ogier +1.9s. Meeke retires

Thu 20:13 - SS1: WRC 2 Kopecky
A giant-killing run from the Czech driver who sets a new outright fastest time in his R5-spec Skoda Fabia!

Thu 20:11 - SS1: WRC T
Trophy competitors Raoux and Serderidis complete cleanly. Up next, the WRC 2 field resumes. No driver quotes from here on, but we will bring you the stage and overall results.

Thu 20:04 - SS1: Neuville
Eighth-fastest, 2.4sec slower than current stage winner Tanak. "I had no good feeling in the stage after what I saw with Meeke. I took it quite steady. It's my first time starting a rally leading the championship. I thought we did quite well."

Thu 20:02 - SS1: Ogier
The world champ completes fourth fastest so far. "The real fight starts tomorrow but tonight we've seen that it can be tricky. You can't win the rally tonight but you can lose it."

Thu 20:00 - SS1: Tanak
Quickest so far. "If I have a good feeling in the car I will enjoy it and I'm sure the times will come. I expect some very difficult conditions this weekend. Let's see."

Thu 19:59 - SS1: Latvala
Third fastest. "What happened to Kris was really unfortunate. This sort of city stage is good, but why did they use the concrete barriers and not plastic? That's not the way to do it. For me not such a bad stage."

Thu 19:57 - SS1: Sordo
Dani's 150th WRC rally gets off to a hairy start when he slides wide and clouts his left rear wheel into a concrete barrier. He completes with about a third of the rim missing. "I know what I can touch," he jokes.

Thu 19:54 - SS1: Evans
Third quickest in the DMACK-shod Fiesta, 1.1sec off Breen's time. "We went as hard as we could. We have a new hard tyre here, which is unknown territory. Lets see what we can do with it."

Thu 19:51 - SS1: Breen
Quickest so far, six-tenths up on Mikkelsen to complete a Citroen 1-2. "I'm gutted for Paul and Kris. It's so easy to make a mistake in here. I touched a barrier on the first corner. It's going to be a long weekend. We'll go a hard as we can."

Thu 19:49 - SS1: Paddon
Second quickest. "The hairpins are very tight. I touched a bale on the inside but no worries. It's tricky in these wider cars."

Thu 19:48 - SS1: Hanninen
Same time as Lappi - joint second quickest so far. "Let's see where our times are tomorrow."

Thu 19:45 - SS1: Lappi
Joint second quickest so far. Can he repeat his Finland winning performance here? "Now way. No chance. I need more experience on Tarmac and of this car. I'm just not confident enough to push. I need to try to be clever."

Thu 19:41 - SS1: LIVE
Again. A bit of furious hand clapping in the Toyota and Lappi is underway!

Thu 19:37 - SS1: Lappi
Esapekka will be next in stage. He's putting on his helmet, so we should be underway again shortly.

Thu 19:35 - SS1: Meeke update
Kris and co-driver Paul are still at the scene, watching as the stricken C3 is lifted onto the truck.

Thu 19:29 - SS1: Meeke out
That's it. He's parked the C3. Stage stopped and the ADAC tow truck is on its way in. Disaster.

Thu 19:28 - SS1: Meeke update
The right-hand front steering seems to be broken. He can't get the C3 around the tight stage. He has stopped.

Thu 19:26 - SS1: Meeke
In trouble here. Negotiating a corner he clips the end of a concrete barrier with his front wheel. The impact was at fairly slow speed, but the wheel was open and it's a big clunk.

Thu 19:26 - SS1: Mikkelsen
Back in the Citroen squad after missing the previous round in Finland. It's a clean start, quickest so far. "I hope we can have a good result. The car feels really nice on Tarmac, really enjoyable. I hope for nicer weather than the rain that is forecast."

Thu 19:21 - SS1: Kremer
Kremer is our first world rally car runner, but he's not quickest. He completes third fastest so far, 3.7sec off Tidemand's leading pace. "It feels really great to be back in a WRC car but I have to say my feeling for the car is not so easy. Tomorrow we will start the race."

Thu 19:19 - SS1: WRC 2 Tidemand
A super quick run from the championship leader, 3.1sec up on Suninen. He could clinch the title this weekend. Is that on his mind? "I don't think about it. I just try to stay concentrated. The conditions can be difficult. I'm happy to be here."

Thu 19:15 - SS1: WRC 2 Suninen
Back in the R5 spec Fiesta after his recent impressive appearances in the World Rally Car. "A lot of challenges here - quite different from Finland!" He completes nine-tenths quicker than Griebel.

Thu 19:12 - SS1: WRC 2 Griebel
He completes in a benchmark time of 2m15.2. "I'm really happy to be able to open this stage. So many people here. I think my soft tyres were done after one and a half laps."

Thu 19:10 - SS1: We're off!
Griebel's Skoda blasts away from the line.

Thu 18:54 - WRC Live
Our radio service is LIVE with Becs Williams in the studio and Emyr Penlan and George Donaldson reporting from the stage ends. You'll find a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Thu 18:52 - SS1 running order
Local WRC 2 driver Marijan Griebel will be first on stage at 1908hrs, followed by category front-runners Teemu Suninen and Pontus Tidemand. Germany's Armin Kremer is next - and first of the 2017-spec World Rally Car drivers that follow. Here's how the WRC drivers will line up: 1.Kremer, 2.Mikkelsen, 3.Meeke, 4.Lappi, 5.Hänninen, 6.Paddon, 7.Breen, 8.Evans, 9.Sordo, 10.Latvala, 11.Tanak, 12.Ogier, 13.Neuville.

Thu 18:51 - Weather
Warm, cloudy and humid in Saarbrücken right now. Rain showers are forecast later tonight. The current temperature is 21˚C.

Thu 18:51 - Time reminder
All times quoted here are local. And in Germany that's (UTC +2hrs)

Thu 18:50 - Watch SS1 LIVE
WRC users can watch tonight's Saarbrücken stage live via our streaming service. The coverage starts at 1900hrs. Head to to find out more.

Thu 18:50 - Tell me more
Okay. The action begins in the heart of Saarbrücken, capital and largest city of the state of Saarland. Immediately after the opening ceremony, crews will tackle a 2.05km street circuit. Two loops of roads which cross the River Saar via the Wilhelm-Heinrich Bridge and use the slip road system above the city motorway should provide a spectacular start to the rally.

Thu 18:50 - Coming up
Thursday is Super Special day at ADAC Rallye Deutschland and tonight we have a brand new curtain raiser to get the event underway

Thu 18:49 - We're live
At rally central, next to the Bostalsee reservoir in Germany's northern Saarland region. Our mission? To tap out the stage news LIVE to and the WRC App

Thu 18:49 - Guten abend texters
And welcome to our coverage of WRC round 10 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Wed 10:03 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2017
Watch the Preview Magazine on!

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Torsby, Sweden


Wind: 9 km/h










SS21 St. Wendeler Land 2 (12.95 km)  

Tiempos Intermedios

Salida # Piloto Equipo Puntuabilidad Tiempo de tramo
1. 12 FINE. LAPPI Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT M 00:03:03.1  6:17.5
2. 6 ESPD. SORDO Hyundai Motorsport M +0.2  6:17.3
3. 5 BELT. NEUVILLE Hyundai Motorsport M +3.4  6:20.8
4. 31 SWEP. TIDEMAND Škoda Motorsport WRC2 +20.9  6:57.5
5. 14 DEUA. KREMER M-Sport World Rally Team +11.6  6:44.8
6. 4 NZLH. PADDON Hyundai Motorsport M +2.5  6:21.6
7. 10 FINJ. LATVALA Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT M +4.2  6:19.9
8. 8 IRLC. BREEN Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT M +2.2  6:20.2
9. 3 GBRE. EVANS M-Sport World Rally Team M +5.6  6:23.8
10. 11 FINJ. HÄNNINEN Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT M +6.8  6:26.8
11. 1 FRAS. OGIER M-Sport World Rally Team M +1.9  6:20.0
12. 9 NORA. MIKKELSEN Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT M +3.7  6:23.7
13. 2 ESTO. TÄNAK M-Sport World Rally Team M +5.7  6:24.4
14. 33 FRAE. CAMILLI M-Sport World Rally Team WRC2 +19.2  6:54.6
15. 34 CZEJ. KOPECKY Škoda Motorsport WRC2 +15.2  6:44.4
16. 39 FRAQ. GILBERT Quentin Gilbert WRC2 +18.8  6:50.5
17. 32 FINT. SUNINEN M-Sport World Rally Team WRC2 +18.8  6:54.8
18. 37 ITAS. TEMPESTINI Gekon Racing WRC2 +19.4  6:53.4
19. 42 FRAP. LOUBET Pierre-Louis Loubet WRC2 +20.0  7:01.8
20. 41 DEUM. GRIEBEL BRR Baumschlager Rallye & Racing Team WRC2 +18.4  6:51.1
21. 36 MEXB. GUERRA Motorsport Italia Srl WRC2   6:58.9
22. 47 NLDB. TEN BRINKE Adapta AS World Rally Team WRC2 +23.2  7:00.6
23. 44 SWEE. BERGKVIST Emil Bergkvist WRC2 +18.2  6:51.4
24. 72 KORC. LIM Hyundai Motorsport N +22.0  7:00.4
25. 38 FRAY. ROSSEL Yohan Rossel WRC2 +19.7  6:52.5
26. 22 FRAJ. RAOUX Jean-Michel Raoux WRCT +34.7  7:34.7
27. 43 POLL. PIENIAZEK TRT- Peugeot WRT WRC2 +20.8  6:57.3
28. 23 GRCJ. SERDERIDIS Jourdan Serderidis WRCT +39.2  7:39.7
29. 76 FINJ. HUTTUNEN ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team +33.0  7:21.3
30. 80 IRLE. BOLAND Eamonn Boland +41.1  7:41.2
31. 78 DEUH. GASSNER JR. Hermann Gassner Jr. +37.7  7:30.2
32. 77 NLDT. VAN DEER MAREL Timo Van Der Marel +39.3  7:34.6
33. 66 DEUJ. TANNERT ADAC Sachsen e.V. WRC3-J +41.8  7:38.9
34. 75 DEUH. GASSNER Hermann Gassner +36.8  7:37.1
35. 45 FRAY. BONATO Yoann Bonato WRC2 +17.1  6:50.0
36. 48 GBRJ. ARMSTRONG Drive DMACK Team WRC2 +20.2  6:50.8
37. 74 CZEP. RUJBR Patrik Rujbr +29.6  7:16.1
38. 79 NLDH. VOSSEN Henk Vossen +48.1  8:00.3
39. 88 DEUU. GROPP MSC Schiffweiler +37.7  7:37.6
40. 86 FINT. LARIO Taisko Lario +39.8  7:36.7
41. 61 FRAR. ASTIER Raphaël Astier WRC3 +45.9  7:47.0
42. 63 ESPN. SOLANS Nil Solans WRC3-J +37.0  7:29.8
43. 62 ITAE. BRAZZOLI Enrico Brazzoli WRC3 +53.8  8:07.6
44. 64 FRAN. CIAMIN Nicolas Ciamin WRC3-J +1:05.7  8:27.5
83 DEUM. DR. KLEIN Dr. Marius Klein  
46. 65 FRAT. FOLB Terry Folb WRC3-J +36.3  7:26.6
47. 95 DEUJ. HOHLHEIMER Jürgen Hohlheimer +1:03.2  8:34.0
48. 89 GBRT. WILLIAMS Tom Williams +1:14.2  8:46.1
49. 87 FRAY. WENDLING Yannick Wendling +1:00.9  8:26.3
50. 91 DEUF. LAUER Frank Lauer +1:11.2  8:42.4
51. 81 BELA. MOLLE Amaury Molle +53.2  8:01.3
52. 90 ITAT. MOLINARO Tamara Molinaro +49.9  7:59.3
53. 94 DEUW. EHLHARDT Potzberg Motorsport Team e.V. +1:25.8  9:11.9
54. 93 DEUJ. WECKER Josef Wecker +59.0  8:15.1
55. 96 DEUC. BÄCHLE ADAC Saarland e.V. +1:33.7  9:31.8