Corsica Linea - Tour de Corse

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Sun 13:36 - Goodbye
We'll wrap up the Live Text now, keep your eyes focused on for news, reaction and news from the island of Corsica!

Sun 13:34 - We'll be back
At the end of the month for YPF Rally Argentina (26-29 April)

Sun 13:34 - Thats it!
The 2018 Tour de Corse is in the books and Sebastien Ogier wins his home event.

Sun 13:32 - JWRC after SS12
An update on the standings - Dennis Radstrom comes home fourth in the overall JWRC standings - 4m11.7s behind Franceschi with Devine dropping to fifth.

Sun 13:31 - JWRC standings after SS12
1. Franceschi 3h56m28.7s 2. Folb +33.7s 3. Bergkvist +3m28.6s 4. Devine +6m24.8s

Sun 13:30 - SS12: Devine & Bergkvist
Devine is through now, an 11m30.2s for him to finish his Tour de Corse in fourth overall. Bergkvist secures third with a time of 11m21.7s

Sun 13:27 - SS12: Franceschi & Folb
Franceschi comes through in a time of 11m20.6s, Folb comes through exactly 4sec slower. Franceschi wins his home event!

Sun 13:24 - SS12 JWRC
The JWRC cars are closing in on the end of the rally - our lead pair of Franceschi and Folb are through the final split and the former is 2.2sec faster.

Sun 13:23 - WRC 2 standings after SS12
1. Kopecky 3h37m27.5s 2. Bonato +1m51.2s 3. Andolfi +3m08.5s 4. Veiby +3m10.3s 5. Pieniazek +13m05.6s

Sun 13:20 - WRC standings at the end of the rally
1. Ogier 3h26m52.7s 2. Tanak +36.1s 3. Neuville +1m07.5s 4. Sordo +2m02.6s 5. Evans 2m06.1s 6. Lappi +2m33.5s

Sun 13:19 - Power stage results
1. Lappi (5 points) 2. Loeb (4 points) 3. Ogier (3 points) 4. Meeke (2 points) 5. Tanak (1 point).

Sun 13:17 - SS12: Ogier
He now finishes with a time of 9m44.6s - he finishes with the same time as Meeke and is 3.4sec slower than Esapekka Lappi. He climbs onto the roof of the car alongside Julien Ingrassia! "It has been a good weekend, I am very pleased with the performance we had on Friday and it is very good news that the car has progressed - it was faster than last year."

Sun 13:12 - SS12: Ogier
Ogier is on a stormer of a time, he passes the second split just 0.8sec slower than Lappi!

Sun 13:11 - SS12: Tanak
Ott Tanak is through to stage end now, 9m49.7s for him - 8.5sec slower than team-mate Lappi. "To be honest I can't complain too much. I know for a long time that Corsica is one of my weakest events, I never could push the maximum I was just consistent all the time. A good weekend overall."

Sun 13:07 - SS12: Neuville
He finishes in a time of 10m07.8s - 26.6sec slower than Lappi. His Hyundai doesn't sound too healthy. He doesn't say a thing to our end of stage reporter Molly Pettit - he just drives off!

Sun 13:02 - SS12: Neuville
Neuville is slow through the final split - just 1.8sec faster than Kopecky and 18sec slower than Lappi.

Sun 13:01 - SS12:
Sordo is the next to come through in his Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC - 9m51.0s for him - 0.7sec quicker than Evans but 9.8sec slower than Lappi. "We are disappointed because we didn't have the pace. At the end it wasn't too bad, we need to work a little bit more for the next asphalt rally."

Sun 12:56 - SS12: Evans
Evans completes the rally alongside Phil Mills in a time of 9m51.7s - 10.5sec behind Lappi. "I think we knew it wasn't going to be completely plain sailing all the way. Phil's been incredible, this is one of the hardest rallies to do notes on. I can't thank him enough."

Sun 12:52 - SS12: Mikkelsen
9m53.0 for him, 11.8sec off Lappi. Let's see what his verdict is on Corsica: "We got a branch in the middle of the road on the Power Stage. Disappointing weekend all round, we just didn't have the feeling." Mikkelsen encountered a tree branch blown on to the stage by the strong winds.

Sun 12:47 - SS12: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen through the final split now, he's the slowest of everyone so far - 6m24.0s. Six seconds slower than Lappi.

Sun 12:47 - SS12: Lappi
He finishes in a time of 9m41.2s - easily the fastest time so far - 2.2sec faster than Loeb. "Maybe a few days after I'll feel happy. I had a really positive day yesterday, we found a decent set-up. Today was good as well until I made a small mistake which broke the wheel and I had to change the tyre." Lappi is taking the silver-linings from Corsica.

Sun 12:43 - SS12: Lappi
Lappi is through the second split now in a time of 6m18.0s - 0.3sec faster than Kris Meeke at that point.

Sun 12:42 - SS12: Meeke
Kris Meeke completes his rally now. The Citroen driver finishes with a 9m44.6s - 1.2sec slower than team-mate Loeb. "I went flat out, Sebastien has probably faster throughout the rally in Corsica for the last 15 years. So to be a few tenths behind isn't bad."

Sun 12:36 - SS12: Loeb
Loeb completes the Power Stage in a time of 9.43.4s - 29.8sec faster than Kopecky. "I know I was in a good rhythm, I am disappointed about the mistake but I am just forgetting about that and just enjoying the drive."

Sun 12:34 - SS12: Loeb
The first of the WRC cars will be Sebastien Loeb, we've not had any splits through for him yet though.

Sun 12:33 - SS12: Kopecky
Kopecky is through now and he's come through fastest of anyone so far - a 10m13.2s - 3.7sec faster than Andolfi. "We are finally happy, the car was working perfectly."

Sun 12:32 - SS12: Bonato
Yoann Bonato comes through in 10m28.9s - 12sec down on Andolfi. "Thanks to all the team, we are very happy with the result - it is fantastic for us. For all the team, this was perfect."

Sun 12:29 - SS12: Andolfi
"I am enjoying the stages." Cracking run for Andolfi throughout the rally. Andolfi completes the stage in 10m16.9s

Sun 12:28 - SS12: Bonato
Bonato is through slowest again, 6m49.0s at the second split - 8.7sec slower than Andolfi

Sun 12:27 - SS12: Kopecky
WRC 2 leader Kopecky passes the first split, a 3m46.1s for him - 0.8sec faster.

Sun 12:25 - SS12: Andolfi
Andolfi is then through the second split in a time of 6m40.3s

Sun 12:25 - SS12: Bonato
Bonato also breaks the beam at the first split - a 3m51.7s for him - 4.8sec slower.

Sun 12:23 - SS12: Andolfi
Andolfi makes it to the first of two splits on this stage in a time of 3m46.9s

Sun 12:21 - SS12: Bonato
Bonato is also onto the Power Stage now in the Citroën C3 R5

Sun 12:18 - SS12: Andolfi
And he launches into the final stage of the Tour de Corse!

Sun 12:17 - SS12: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi lines up at the start to take on the Power Stage in his Skoda Fabia R5

Sun 12:09 - 10 minutes
That's how long there is until the Tour de Corse Power Stage and remember you can watch it on WRC All Live!

Sun 11:53 - SS12 guide
We're back! Enjoy a guide to today's Power Stage: Pénitencier de Coti-Chiavari, 16.25km. Sunday’s live TV Power Stage is new for 2018. It starts near Portigliolio and climbs on a wide, fast road to a spectacular hairpin at Acqua-Doria. Narrower and bumpier lanes lead through Coti-Chiavari, before a change of direction towards the sea on a twisty downhill section. Drivers negotiate five hairpins before finishing near the prison in Chiavari forest.

Sun 11:08 - SS12 - Power Stage
We'll take a quick break before the Power Stage gets underway. The first car is due at 12.18 Corsican time so we'll be back shortly before the stage starts

Sun 11:07 - JWRC standings after SS11
1. Franceschi 3h45m08.1s 2. Folb +29.7s 3. Bergkvist +3m27.5s 4. Radstrom +3m58.0s 5. Devine +6m15.2s

Sun 11:06 - SS11: Devine
Devine is through now in a 42m10.9s, 3m44.4s slower than the leader. He's dropped from third to fifth in the overall standings as well.

Sun 11:05 - SS11: Devine
Devine seems to have lost time through that stage, he was due in before Bergkvist and at the last split he was more than 2m30s down.

Sun 11:04 - SS11: Bergkvist
Bergkvist is through now, a 39m15.9s for him, 49.4sec slower than Franceschi.

Sun 11:00 - SS11: Folb
Folb is through now, 11.8sec slower than his fellow Frenchman, Franceschi's lead increases at the top of the standings.

Sun 10:59 - SS11: Franceschi
Franceschi is through now - a 38m26.5 from him as the first JWRC car through

Sun 10:49 - SS11: JWRC
The JWRC field are starting to get to the end of the stage now, Jean-Baptiste Franceschi is the fastest man through the splits so far.

Sun 10:42 - Power Stage starting order
Let's see how the cars line up for the power stage: 1. Andolfi 2. Bonato 3. Kopecky 4. Loeb 5. Meeke 6. Lappi 7. Mikkelsen 8. Evans 9. Sordo 10. Neuville 11. Tanak 12. Ogier 13. Veiby

Sun 10:35 - WRC 2 standings after SS11
1. Kopecky 3h27m14.3s 2. Bonato +1m35.5s 3. Andolfi +3m04.8s 4. Veiby +3m12.7s 5. Pieniazek +12m54.4s

Sun 10:33 - SS11: Veiby
After his gearbox woes yesterday, Veiby is back in action today and his time is 12.8sec slower than the WRC 2 class leader.

Sun 10:33 - SS11: Andolfi
35m54.2s for Fabio Andolfi - 10.5sec down on Kopecky

Sun 10:32 - SS11: Bonato
Bonato is through to stage end, a 35m54.8s for him - 11.1sec slower than Kopecky

Sun 10:30 - WRC standings after SS11
1. Ogier 3h17m08.1s 2. Tanak +31.0s 3. Neuville +44.3s 4. Sordo +1m56.2s 5. Evans +1m59.0s 6. Mikkelsen +2m35.0s

Sun 10:30 - SS11: Kopecky
Jan Kopecky is the first WRC 2 car through now, 35m43.7s for him. "This stage is rather long! We have quite a huge gap behind us, I was avoiding all the stones, all the gaps, I wanted to get the car to the end of the stage."

Sun 10:27 - SS11: Loeb
Loeb is through now, 34.07.0s for him - 20.1sec slower than Tanak. He said, after being ambushed by kids for autographs: "Yeah it was okay, it was very long with a lot of the corners looking the same. We drove without taking risks and now I'm here."

Sun 10:25 - SS11: Meeke
Meeke is through now, 33m59.5s for him to be the second fastest man through the stage. "That was probably the best 55k of note calling I've ever heard. We had to keep pushing, we're trying to take Kopecky for a point but we want to save the tyres for the Power Stage as well."

Sun 10:23 - SS11: Ogier
Ogier comes through in a time of 34m0.4s - 13.5sec slower than Tanak. "Job done so far, if we can grab some points then that's good. A few points I hope on the Power Stage."

Sun 10:20 - SS11: Tanak
Tanak is also in and he's blitzed the stage - 33m46.9s. That is 13.2sec faster than Neuville. "I can't push like maximum, there is a little bit more understeer so I can't push like I did yesterday but I'm just keeping it clean."

Sun 10:18 - SS11: Neuville
Neuville comes through with the fastest time so far - a 34m0.1s - 9.5sec faster than Evans.

Sun 10:17 - SS11: Lappi
Lappi comes through now in a time of 35m42.4s. "I lost the rear at one corner on cold tyres and hit the kerb. My mistake fully."

Sun 10:15 - SS11: Sordo
Sordo's car has left the holding point at the end of the stage with some oil trickling out from the bottom of the car - not good for the Spaniard

Sun 10:14 - SS11: Sordo
Dani Sordo is through now, a 34m09.9s for him - 0.3sec slower than Evans. "I lifted a little bit in the middle of the stage, I wanted to look after the tyres."

Sun 10:12 - SS11 stopped
The stage has been stopped, Nicolas Ciamin has crashed and blocked the road. The crew are fine but his car needs to be recovered. There'll be a significant gap between the cars ahead of Ciamin and the cars that have been stopped.

Sun 10:11 - SS11: Evans
Elfyn Evans comes through in a time of 34m09.6s. 12.3sec faster than Mikkelsen.

Sun 10:09 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is through to the end of the stage - 34m21.9s for him.

Sun 10:08 - SS11: Evans
Evans is also at the sixth split, 0.1sec slower than Sordo

Sun 10:08 - SS11: Sordo
Sordo is through the sixth split in a time of 28m57.2s - 11.3sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sun 10:07 - SS11: Tanak
Tanak could be on for a great time here, at the fifth split he is 8.2sec faster than Neuville and is the quickest man on stage so far.

Sun 10:07 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has reached the final split, 29m08.5s is his time. That split is 45.9km into the stage so he's got just shy of 10km remaining.

Sun 10:06 - SS11: Lappi
Lappi has come through the second split, a 9m39.7s for him. He's 1m54.9s down on Tanak - a shame for him, but he's minimised the time loss.

Sun 10:03 - SS11: Meeke
Meeke is through the third split, a 12m04.7s for him - that's 1.5sec faster than Neuville's benchmark but we haven't had a time through from Tanak at that split.

Sun 10:02 - SS11: Sordo
Sordo is through split 5 - 1sec slower than Evans

Sun 10:01 - SS11: Tanak
Tanak is on a charge, at 27.02km in he's set a 16m36.8s - 7sec faster than Neuville

Sun 10:00 - SS11: Evans
Evans is also at the fifth split - 36.55km in - in a time of 22m44.1s - 8.9sec faster

Sun 10:00 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Andreas makes it to the penultimate split in a time of 22m53.0s

Sun 09:59 - SS11: Neuville
Neuville is through the fourth split with the fastest time - 16m43.8s - 1.6sec faster than Evans

Sun 09:59 - SS11: Meeke
Meeke is back after his pacenote error saw him go off the road in SS10. 7m47.2s for him in the first split is 2.4sec down on Tanak

Sun 09:58 - SS11: Ogier
Ogier is well into the stage now, a 4m36.0s for him at the first split is 4sec slower than Tanak

Sun 09:56 - SS11: Sordo
Sordo is at the fourth split, 16m47.5s for him - 2.1sec slower than Evans

Sun 09:55 - SS11: Neuville
Neuville is through the third split in a time of 12m06.2s - 1.7sec faster than Sordo

Sun 09:54 - SS11: Evans
Evans comes through the fourth split 27.02km in, he clocked a 16m45.4s - that is 8.5sec faster that Mikkelsen through that point

Sun 09:52 - SS11: Tanak
He then reaches the second split and he's clocked a 7m44.8s - 2.9sec faster than Neuville

Sun 09:51 - SS11: Tanak
At the first split 6.95km into the stage, Tanak has set a 4m32.0s - just 0.1sec slower than Lappi

Sun 09:51 - SS11: Sordo
Sordo has also made it to the third split, he's 0.1sec faster than Evans

Sun 09:50 - SS11: Evans
Evans has come through the third split, a 12m08.0s for him - 3.9sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sun 09:50 - SS11: Lappi
It was a puncture for Lappi!

Sun 09:49 - SS11: Sordo
Sordo comes through the second split, 7m49.0s for him - 2.8sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sun 09:48 - SS11: Lappi
Drama! Esapekka Lappi has stopped on stage now! He's got out the car and they look to be repairing something.

Sun 09:47 - SS11: Neuville
Neuville is the fastest driver through the first split, 4m34.7s for him - 1.1sec faster than Evans & Sordo

Sun 09:46 - SS11
Neuville and Tanak have also got going for the final day of action here.

Sun 09:43 - SS11: Sordo
Dani breaks the first split at exactly the same time as Evans - 4m35.8s

Sun 09:43 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen through the second split in a time of 7m51.8s

Sun 09:41 - SS11: Sordo
Dani Sordo is well into the stage now, Esapekka Lappi is the next driver set to take to the stage

Sun 09:41 - SS11: Evans
Evans is also through the first split, he's 0.5sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sun 09:39 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen breaks the beam at the first of six splits on this stage at a time of 4m36.3s.

Sun 09:37 - SS11: Evans
Evans is the next driver under starter's orders. He takes to the twisty Corsican asphalt now.

Sun 09:35 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is off into the stage!

Sun 09:32 - SS11
We're still waiting for the stage to get going, there's a bit of a traffic jam of cars waiting to take the start!

Sun 09:27 - SS11: Delay
A slight delay to the start of this stage, it shouldn't be too long!

Sun 09:23 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is at stage start, the sun is shining and he is preparing himself to tackle this 55.17km stage

Sun 09:16 - A battle to watch
Ott Tanak and Neuville are separated by just 0.1sec going into this mammoth stage, can Neuville claim second place back from the Estonian today?

Sun 09:15 - 8 minute warning!
There's just 8 minutes until SS11 and it's going to be spectacular!

Sun 08:57 - SS11 guide
Vero – Sarrola-Carcopino, 55.17km. Sunday’s opener is the longest of the rally and it is virtually all new. It climbs initially among pine forests to the Tartavella pass, the high point of the event at 885m. A twisty downhill road leads to Azzana bridge before the test passes through Lopigna, Arro and Ambiegna villages. After negotiating the Clos d’Alzeto vineyard and Sari d’Orcino village, the final 7km include the climb and descent from the Sarzoggio pass - the only section retained from 2017.

Sun 08:51 - WRC 2
Jan Kopecky leads in WRC 2 after a cool and controlled performance from the Skoda Fabia R5 driver. Yoann Bonato is his nearest competition in second - after he was given his SS8 time back - but he's still 1m24.4s down with Fabio Andolfini a further minute behind - 2m54.3s off the class leader.

Sun 08:49 - JWRC
Coming into the final day, Jean-Baptiste Franceschi has a 17.9sec lead over countryman Terry Folb as the pair battle for home victory on Corsica. Ireland's Callum Devine is a bit further back in third, 2m30.8s down, with Emil Bergkvist just 7.3sec behind Devine in fourth.

Sun 08:46 - Road order
Sunday's order: 1. Mikkelsen 2. Evans 3. Sordo 4. Lappi 5. Neuville 6. Tanak 7. Ogier 8. Meeke 9. Loeb 10. Kopecky

Sun 08:44 - Sunday's itinerary
There's only two stages for the crews today, but what a pair of stages! The first is the Vero-Sarrola-Carcopino test, a 55.17km battle which doubles up as the longest stage the crews have faced this season. The second stage is the Live TV Power Stage - Pénitencier de Coti-Chiavari which comes in at 16.25km

Sun 08:39 - WRC 2 update
As predicted, Yoann Bonato has been given his time back by the stewards after a GPS alert glitch in his car saw him lose time in SS8. That means he's been promoted back into second, behind Jan Kopecky

Sun 08:37 - Retirements
After their various mechanical and off-road issues yesterday, Bryan Bouffier and Jari-Matti Latvala won't restart the rally today.

Sun 08:37 - What's the situation?
Coming into day three Sebastien Ogier holds a 44.5sec lead over Ott Tänak after a 'controlled' Saturday for the Frenchman.

Sun 08:36 - We’re live
On and the WRC app, bringing text updates about all the on-stage action from the first all-asphalt rally of the season.

Sun 08:35 - Good morning!
Morning Live Texters and welcome to the final day of the Corsica linea - Tour de Corse

Sat 19:45 - Wrapping up Live Text
With the two JWRC leaders coming through, we'll wrap up the Live Text for the evening now. Watch out for reports from the day on going online throughout the evening.

Sat 19:44 - SS10: Franceschi
He betters is it is what he does! A 12m47.6s puts him 5.5sec ahead of Folb and extends his lead at the top of the JWRC standings.

Sat 19:44 - SS10: Folb
Folb is through now with a 12m53.1s to his name, what can Franceschi do?

Sat 19:42 - SS10: JWRC
The Juniors are starting to light up the split times now, Folb is first through with an 8m09.4s but is immediately bettered by Franceschi who sets an 8m02.9s

Sat 19:28 - SS10 JWRC
We're still waiting for the JWRC field to come through but we'll bring you updates when they do!

Sat 19:22 - WRC 2 standings after SS10
1. Kopecky 2h51m30.6s 2. Andolfi +3m04.3s 3. Veiby +3m49.9s 4. Bonato +7m05.9 (but that might change because of his GPS alert system errors in SS8)

Sat 19:21 - SS10: Meeke
The Citroen team believes Meeke was two gears too high into the corner. He was in fifth when he should have been in third. A misheard pacenote is to blame.

Sat 19:18 - SS10: Veiby
He's come through with a 14m19.8s - more than 2 minutes down on Kopecky. "It was stuck in first gear, it broke inside the gearbox." That's a disappointing way to end what was a good day for the Norwegian.

Sat 19:16 - SS10: Bonato
Bonato's time is through - an 11m51.8 puts him 4.7sec slower than Kopecky

Sat 19:16 - SS10: Veiby update
The Skoda is stuck in gear it seems.

Sat 19:16 - SS10: Andolfi
Andolfi passes Veiby on the stage and comes in with a time of 11m55.2s

Sat 19:14 - SS10: Veiby
WRC All Live is showing there is an issue with Ole Christian Veiby's Skoda, he's crawling through the stage and the engine does not sound healthy in that car.

Sat 19:13 - SS10: Bonato
Yoann Bonato has come through to the stage end, but we've not got a time through yet. "We hope to fight for second place, it was a good day for us except for this morning when we did two mistakes. But I'm happy with the car and happy with everything."

Sat 19:12 - WRC standings after SS10
1. Ogier 2h43m07.7s 2. Tanak +44.5s 3. Neuville +44.6s 4. Lappi +54.9s 5. Sordo +1.46,7s

Sat 19:11 - SS10: Kopecky
Jan Kopecky is the first WRC 2 car through as pulls his Skoda Fabia R5 up to the finish in 11m47.1s. "Today was a perfect day except for the first stage where I was really cautious."

Sat 19:09 - SS10: Loeb
The second Sebastien is through now in an 11m10.0s - he's 2.9sec down on the lead pair. "It was a good day for me! I try to push and the feeling was good. This stage was complicated, I don't know why, it was hard to do the times of the Toyota." He also says he didn't see Meeke's car off the road.

Sat 19:07 - SS10: Ogier
Ogier is the next man to complete the stage, an 11m15.2 sees him go 8.1sec slower than the leaders. "It's been good, of course I didn't take a risk on this last stage - it is the dirtiest of the day. The gap is good but tomorrow has a long stage."

Sat 19:05 - SS10: Neuville
Neuville through the final stage now in an 11m10.3s - 3.2sec slower than Tanak & Lappi. "I have nothing to say! I try, I try, I try! If we continue like this we will also be off the road." Neuville sounds exasperated after SS10.

Sat 19:01 - SS10: Tanak
Lappi was quick, but Tanak matches him! The Toyota team-mates are on a charge at the moment. "Yeah we did a good run, but obviously Lappi has been flying all afternoon and has been doing a great job. "It's a shame that Kris is off the road."

Sat 18:59 - SS10: Lappi
"It is nice to be in the fight, quite clearly it is easy to do a mistake. Especially on this stage as there is so much gravel." That's what Lappi had to say after he set the fastest time of the stage - an 11m07.1s

Sat 18:57 - SS10: Meeke
Oh boy, WRC All Live is showing Meeke's incident. He is well of the road, quite a way into the bushes. Thankfully the crew are ok.

Sat 18:57 - SS10: Evans
Elfyn Evans has set the fastest time so far, 0.6sec faster than Sordo. Let's see what he had to say: "The feeling is a lot better this time through, at least it keeps things interesting for tomorrow!"

Sat 18:55 - SS10: Sordo
Sordo is at the end of the stage now, an 11m11.7s is 3.3sec faster than Mikkelsen. "I do my best in this stage, I push like hell. The beginning was good, I'm quite happy with the car in this stage. I will try and improve it a little bit for tomorrow."

Sat 18:54 - SS10: Meeke
We're hearing Kris Meeke has stopped 5.6km into SS10. He's off the road!

Sat 18:53 - SS10: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen ends the day with an 11m15.0s - the benchmark for everyone else to follow. "No it is limited to what we can do set-up wise, we tried to go stiffer and it seems to turn in better but it isn't where we want it to be yet."

Sat 18:49 - SS10: Sordo
Sordo is through the split now and he's set a 7m03.2s - 1.4sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sat 18:48 - SS10: Evans
Evans is onto the stage now, and Phil Mills is going non-stop with pacenotes such is the nature of these twisty Corsican roads.

Sat 18:47 - SS10: Mikkelsen
First split is on the board now, and Andreas Mikkelsen has set a 7m04.6s.

Sat 18:43 - SS10: Sordo
Dani Sordo is also out on the stage now, we'll bring you the splits as we get them!

Sat 18:39 - SS10 is go!
Andreas Mikkelsen gets the last stage of the day underway now!

Sat 18:28 - SS10 almost upon us
SS10 is nearly here, the weather is getting cooler with the stage being run on the evening but the sun is still shining and the skies are still blue!

Sat 18:10 - JWRC standings after SS9
1. Franceschi 2h53m54.0s 2. Folb +12.4s 3. Devine +2m11.9s 4. Bergkvist +2m31.8s 5. Radstrom +2m44.2s

Sat 18:09 - SS9: Radstrom
And just as we finish that last update, Radstrom comes through in the slowest JWRC time so far - a 9m59.5s for him, putting him 19.8sec down on the fastest time.

Sat 18:08 - SS9: Radstrom
We're waiting for Rally Sweden winner Dennis Radstrom to cross the line now, he set a 6m40.4s at the split - 12.2sec slower than Franceschi

Sat 18:06 - SS9: Devine
Devine ends the stage now, a 9m51.5s for the Irishman. 11.8sec behind the JWRC leader.

Sat 18:05 - SS9: Devine
Meanwhile, Callum Devine has crossed the split at 6m36.3 - 8.1sec slower than the leader.

Sat 18:04 - SS9: Bergkvist
Bergkvist now completes the stage in a time of 9m52.1s - 12.4sec behind.

Sat 18:02 - SS9: Bergkvist
Emil Bergkvist breaks the timing beam at the first split with a 6m36.6s - 8.4sec slower than Franceschi

Sat 18:00 - SS9: Franceschi
Franceschi comes through now and he's exactly 8sec faster! That'll benefit him at the top of the overall standings as well.

Sat 17:59 - SS9: Folb
Folb is through to the end of the stage now in a 9m47.7s.

Sat 17:56 - SS9: Folb
Terry Folb is the first of the JWRC runners through the split and he has clocked a time of 6m33.9s

Sat 17:51 - SS8: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet has retired after his mechanical troubles in SS8.

Sat 17:47 - WRC 2 standings after SS9
1. Kopecky 2h39m43.5s 2. Veiby +1m17.2s 3. Andolfi +2m56.2s 4. Bonato +7m01.2s 5. Pieniazek +11m53.2s 6. Ciamin +14m24.9s

Sat 17:45 - SS9: Bonato
Yoann Bonato's time has come through now, he did an 8m58.5s - that's 3.3sec slower than Kopecky in the Skoda

Sat 17:44 - SS9: Pieniazek
Lukasz Pieniazek has come through in a time of 9m10.5 - 15.3sec slower than the fastest WRC 2 runner.

Sat 17:43 - SS9: Bonato
Bonato has finished the stage, but there hasn't been a time come through for him as of yet. He was fourth overall after the last stage.

Sat 17:40 - SS9: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi is through in a time of 9m05.5s - 10.3sec off the pace of Kopecky

Sat 17:37 - SS9: Veiby
Ole Christian Veiby is through in a time of 8m55.8s - 0.6s slower than Kopecky

Sat 17:35 - SS9: Kopecky
Jan Kopecky is the first WRC 2 car through now and he sets an 8m55.2s

Sat 17:34 - WRC standings after SS9
1. Ogier 2h31m52.5s 2. Neuville +49.5s 3. Meeke +49.5s 4. Tanak +52.6s 5. Lappi +1m03.9s 6. Sordo +1m50.2s

Sat 17:32 - SS9: Loeb
Back to the other Sebastien, Loeb is through now and claims the fastest time! 8m31.1s for the Citroen driver - 0.7sec faster than Lappi. "We are driving trying to fight with the others, but it's good and I am pushing."

Sat 17:31 - SS9: Ogier
From one Sebastien to another, Ogier has completed the stage in 8m34.9s - 3.1sec slower than Lappi. "You know that anything can always happen, I don't take the extra risk and I can feel like I am still in control. If someone says they are 100% in control they're lying." Wow, those are big words from the reigning champion!

Sat 17:29 - SS9: Loeb
Loeb breaks the beam at the first split fastest of anyone -a 5m39.4s which is 1.4sec faster than Lappi

Sat 17:28 - SS9: Neuville
Neuville matches team-mate Sordo's time to the finish - 8m36.7s, 4.9sec off Lappi. "I have nothing to say." Not a happy Neuville in that car, very angry.

Sat 17:27 - SS9: Meeke
Meeke is in now, 2.4sec slower than Lappi but still third quickest through SS9. "I'm trying everything out there, I'm absolutely on the limit for it and I'm on last year's set-up, that feels better."

Sat 17:25 - SS9: Tanak
Tanak goes second fastest with a 8m34.1s - 2.3sec slower than Lappi. "Lappi is doing a really good job to put the pressure on all of us in the battle for second." Isn't he just!

Sat 17:23 - SS9: Lappi
Lappi has passed the timing beam at stage finish and he's set an 8m31.8s - 4.9sec quicker than Sordo. "It's going well, I'm able to keep it clean and tidy and carry speed through the corners."

Sat 17:20 - SS9: Evans
Evans is through the stage end now in 8m39.6s - 2.9sec behind Sordo. "The last stage was better, I struggled a bit towards the end of this one. It was a completely different stage."

Sat 17:19 - SS9: Lappi
Lappi is through the split and he's clocked a 5m40.8s - 3.5sec faster at the 10.24km mark

Sat 17:18 - SS9: Sordo
Dani Sordo is through in an 8m36.7s - 3.9sec faster than Mikkelsen. "I have a completely different set up on the car and that has given me a lot of understeer."

Sat 17:17 - SS9: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen first through the stage in 8m40.6s. He said the stage is faster and like a race track in places, he made set up changes for the previous stage and it's hampered him for this one.

Sat 17:14 - SS9: Sordo
Dani Sordo is through in a 5m44.3s - 2.9sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sat 17:13 - SS9: Mikkelsen
The first stage time has come through - a 5m47.2s for the Hyundai driver

Sat 17:11 - SS9: Evans
Elfyn Evans is off now alongside co-driver Phil Mills - they make a great getaway.

Sat 17:09 - SS9: Sordo
Sordo is off like Grease Lightning at the start of the stage now, he's using every inch of the road in the opening section of this stage.

Sat 17:07 - SS9: Mikkelsen
And he's off now! Mikkelsen goes off into the stage

Sat 17:05 - SS9: slight delay
A slight delay to this stage, should start at 17.04 hopefully.

Sat 16:55 - SS9
We're eight minutes away from the start of SS9, a second run through Desert des Agriates. With Bouffier hitting issues in SS8, Andreas Mikkelsen will be the first car to take to the stage

Sat 16:52 - WRC 2 update after SS8
We'll give you a WRC 2 update as soon as we can, Jan Kopecky did come through but we haven't seen a time listed for him yet.

Sat 16:39 - JWRC standings after SS8
Here's an update on the JWRC: 1. Franceschi 2h44m14.3s 2. Folb +4.4s 3. Devine +2m00.1s 4. Bergkvist +2m19.4s 5. Radstrom 2m24.4s

Sat 16:28 - SS8: Radstrom
Radstrom had brake fade early in the stage! He comes across the line in a 25m19.0s and he wasn't too happy with it.

Sat 16:26 - SS8: Devine
We think Devine has set a 25m02s, that will see him increase the gap to Bergkvist in his third position.

Sat 16:25 - SS8: Bergkvist
He said: "I don't know if I've done enough, I did a set-up change on the service which I think was good, I also changed a bit of my driving style as well!" He doesn't want to tell us what change was though!

Sat 16:24 - SS8: Loeb
We're hearing Loeb set a 21m46.0s on that stage, so that means Lappi has won the stage!

Sat 16:23 - SS8: Franceschi
"Great stage, better than this morning. We had to be careful with overheating the tyres. This rally is too long!" He believes he has a 24m51s on that stage - again we'll confirm when we can!

Sat 16:22 - SS8: Folb
"Yeah this one was good, we drive faster than this morning. Like 25 seconds faster, I hope I have the fastest time on the stage. We push hard." Folb thinks he has a 24m55.5s, we'll confirm that when we can!

Sat 16:19 - SS8 times
We're trying to give you more times from the WRC 2 field and JWRC fields but the timing screens seem to have stopped at the moment.

Sat 16:17 - SS8: Latvala
Toyota has confirmed that Latvala's car will go no further today after the damage he sustained on stage.

Sat 16:17 - SS8: Nils Bolans
"We changed some things in the car, but if we push we lose all the grip and the lines."

Sat 16:16 - SS8: Katsuta
"Yeah this stage is quite hard for me, I tried to manage the brake temperature but perhaps not enough." He lost his brakes in that stage again, a repeat of this morning.

Sat 16:15 - SS8: Bonato
"No issues, just a lot of GPS alerts in the car telling us to stop. When we get that type of alert on the dash we have to stop. I think there was a problem with the dash."

Sat 16:13 - SS8: Pieniazek
"The stages were not so good, like on the first loop. We didn't get the chance to adjust our pacenotes so we're aiming to do better on the next two."

Sat 16:11 - SS8: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi has moved up to fourth in WRC 2, making the most of the incidents for Bonato.

Sat 16:10 - WRC standings after SS8
1. Ogier 2h23m17.6s 2. Neuville +47.7s 3. Meeke +50.2s 4. Tanak +53.4s 5. Lappi +1m06.1s 6. Sordo +1m48.4s

Sat 16:07 - SS8: Latvala
"We did some changes in the service, the car was fantastic to drive. I pushed a little bit too much, braked a little too late and hit a tree on the rear end." Latvala describes his incident on SS8.

Sat 16:06 - SS8: Latvala
We're hearing reports of significant right-rear damage on Latvala's Toyota

Sat 16:05 - SS8: Loeb
"Yeah it is frustrating coming through the stages not competing for a win, but I am enjoying the driver and the stages." Those were Loeb's words after he finished SS8. No word on a time for him yet.

Sat 16:04 - SS8: Bonato
We're hearing that Yoann Bonato has got moving again.

Sat 16:03 - SS8: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet has stopped in the WRC 2 class. He's stopped at the 23.9km marker

Sat 16:02 - SS8: Ogier
Ogier is second quickest through the stage, a 21m49.9s - 5.2sec slower than Lappi "Yeah the plan is to keep it clean and smooth, it is never as easy to do as it to say, but I'm trying to enjoy it!"

Sat 16:01 - SS8: Neuville
Neuville made set-up changes but went the wrong way. He set a 21m56.0s on that stage, 11.3sec slower than Lappi

Sat 16:00 - SS8: Bonato
Yoann Bonato did get going again after his earlier incident, but he's stopped again at the 13.3km marker.

Sat 16:00 - SS8: Latvala
Jari-Matti has come through the second split! He set a 31m30.1s - 18m0.3s slower than Lappi's benchmark

Sat 15:57 - SS8: Meeke
Meeke is the next to reach the finish. 21m53.3s is his final time, 8.6sec behind Lappi. "I thought the car was better with the changed settings." Meeke went back to his settings from last year and that seems to have worked for the Citroen driver.

Sat 15:57 - SS8: Tanak
Tanak has set a 21m54.4s at the finish, 9.7sec slower than Lappi "Not really capable of pushing hard, but generally it was clean."

Sat 15:56 - SS8: Tanak & Meeke
Tanak and Meeke have set the same time going through the fourth split, both 17m23.3s - 5.4sec behind.

Sat 15:55 - SS8: Lappi
Lappi has completed the stage in a 21m44.7s! 14.5sec faster than Elfyn Evans! How does he feel after that? "We will see, it is a pretty good time. I tried my best definitely. We overheated the tyre a bit. We also made suspension and diff changes." He's certainly very happy after that.

Sat 15:53 - SS8: Bonato
We're getting reports than Yoann Bonato has stopped at the 9.8km mark.

Sat 15:52 - SS8: Evans
Elfyn takes the flag at the stage end. A 21m59.2s for him - 3.8sec faster than Sordo, that also closes up the gap between them in the overall standings. He said: "We made some minor changes in the car and it gave me a lot more confidence in what the car is doing."

Sat 15:51 - SS8: Sordo
Dani Sordo reaches the finish in a time of 22m03.0s - 3.6sec faster than Mikkelsen. "We've altered the set-up a bit, we did that in service and now the car feels better - it is a lot more confident on the road." Sordo even looks happier after that run.

Sat 15:49 - SS8 Lappi
Blimey, Lappi is on a charge! He's broken the timing beam at the fourth split with a 17m17.9s. That's 8 seconds faster than Evans

Sat 15:48 - SS8: Evans
Elfyn Evans through the fourth split and he has set a 17m25.9s - 2.9sec faster than Sordo

Sat 15:47 - SS8: Bouffier update
Bouffier has had an engine issue and his Fiesta will be going no further today.

Sat 15:46 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has clocked a time at the flying finish - a 22m06.6s "It was definitely warmer outside, not struggling so much with the understeer as I was this morning. We made some set-up changes, we'll see for sure at the next stage I guess."

Sat 15:45 - SS8: Sordo
Sordo is the second driver to break the beam at the final split, a 17m28.8 for him. 4.6sec faster.

Sat 15:45 - SS8: Lappi
Lappi has reached the second split and it's an 8m23.9s for him - just 0.5sec slower than Latvala

Sat 15:44 - SS8: Evans
Evans sets the fastest time so far at the third split, 13m35.3 for him - 3.1sec faster than Sordo

Sat 15:43 - SS8: Meeke
Meeke's onto the stage, a 5m08.0s for him at the first split 2.8sec slower than Latvala

Sat 15:42 - SS8: Sordo
Sordo makes it to the third split - 13m38.4s for him. Four seconds faster than Mikkelsen.

Sat 15:41 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen passes the final split now at 28.25km in - he's set down a marker of 17m33.4s

Sat 15:40 - SS8: Lappi
The second Toyota of Lappi has also set a first split time, 5m05.6s for him - 0.4sec slower than Latvala

Sat 15:39 - SS8: Tanak
The speedy Estonian has made it to the first split, 5m07.4s for him. That's 2.2sec slower than Latvala

Sat 15:38 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen makes it to the third split, a 13m42.4s for him.

Sat 15:38 - SS8: Sordo
Sordo has also made it to the 2nd split, he logged an 8m31.0s - 7.6sec off the leading pace.

Sat 15:37 - SS8: Evans
Evans has made it through the first split, a 5m09.1s for him - 3.9sec slower than Latvala's target

Sat 15:36 - SS8: Latvala
We're hearing Latvala has also stopped! He's stopped 16.7km into the stage.

Sat 15:35 - SS8: Bouffier update
WRC All Live is showing Bouffier's Fiesta with its bonnet up and the crew trying to fix the issue.

Sat 15:33 - SS8: Sordo
Sordo's made it to the first stage and he's clocked a 5m09.9s - 4.7sec slower than Latvala

Sat 15:32 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has broken the beam at split two, 14.54km in - 8m33.4s for him.

Sat 15:31 - SS8: Bouffier
We're hearing that Bouffier has stopped at the 13.9km stage. More on that as we get it.

Sat 15:31 - Latvala
Latvala has also reached that first split, and he's couple of seconds of quiet focus in the car seem to have paid off - he set a 5m05.2s, 6.7sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sat 15:29 - SS8 Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen also reaches the first split and goes faster than Bouffier by 0.5sec

Sat 15:29 - SS8: Bouffier
Bryan Bouffier hits the first split at 8.65km - his time is 5m12.4s.

Sat 15:28 - SS8: Sordo
Dani Sordo fires onto the stage now.

Sat 15:26 - SS8: Latvala
Jari-Matti closes his eyes for a few seconds to focus himself and then he gets ready for business, making a great start onto the stage.

Sat 15:24 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Andreas is onto the stage now, looking further close the gap to the cars ahead

Sat 15:22 - SS8: Bouffier
And Bouffier is off!

Sat 15:18 - SS8: Bouffier gets set to go
Bryan Bouffier is at the start of SS8 ready to launch the M-Sport Ford Fiesta into the twists and hairpins of the stage.

Sat 15:06 - 15 minute countdown
We're closing in on the start of the afternoon loop and there's time for a reminder of the start lists for this afternoon: 1. Bouffier 2. Mikkelsen 3. Latvala 4. Sordo 5. Evans 6. Lappi 7. Tanak 8. Meeke 9. Neuville 10. Ogier 11. Loeb

Sat 15:00 - This afternoon's action
We've got another three stages in store for this afternoon, a repeat of this morning's action. The afternoon starts with a second run of the Cagnano-Pino-Canari 35.61km test which saw drivers bemoaning their pacenotes this morning. The pack then moves onto Desert des Agriates before finishing the day at Novella - one of the few stages retained from last year.

Sat 14:52 - This morning...
If you're only just joining us here on the Live Text where have you been?! It's alright though, because has a round up of stages six and seven:

Sat 14:49 - Sebastien Loeb
“It’s obvious that we’re still feeling disappointed after our mistake yesterday. Especially when we’re on the pace. But that’s life. You have to move on and we’re trying to enjoy ourselves today while remaining focused.”

Sat 14:48 - Sebastien Ogier
“We wanted to maintain the gap. In fact, we’ve increased it a little. It wasn’t easy this morning as it was very narrow in places and you could hit something if you weren’t careful. We wanted to validate our notes and now we’re going to try and have some fun this afternoon.”

Sat 14:47 - Elfyn Evans
“Perhaps I’m erring on the side of caution, but I’m not making any big mistakes. Sébastien Ogier is leading the rally in same type of car so it’s up to me to find some solutions!”

Sat 14:46 - Andreas Mikkelsen
“This morning we managed to close the gap to the front-runners. Obviously, it’s not where I want to be. In SS5 it wasn’t too bad. We’re going to work with the team to try and find a solution for this afternoon.”

Sat 14:45 - We're back!
The live text is back up for the afternoon loop, which begins in roughly 35 minutes. But before then, here are what crews have been saying during service.

Sat 12:39 - Technical break
So that's the quotes from the mid-day regroup, we'll be taking a break before the next set of stages get underway at 15.21 local time.

Sat 12:38 - Mid-day regroup: Loeb
"Yeah I'm disappointed with what happened yesterday. That's life, now we have to think about the rest of the rally and forget about yesterday. Even we are not fighting for victory, it is nice to drive cars like this on days like today. "I had a big smile on my face when I finished the first stage, I enjoyed it a lot."

Sat 12:33 - Mid-day regroup: Neuville
"Difficult, challenging, but really enjoyable. I had a good rhythm. I was happy with time, we didn't lose too much to Meeke and managed to build the gap for the afternoon. "Some of the corners were tighter than I thought! We have been on edge all day."

Sat 12:30 - Mid-day regroup: Meeke
"The first stage was a good stage for me, the other two on the loop were a disaster. I just don't have the same feeling as last year, I'm going to put last year's set-up on the car for the afternoon and see what happens."

Sat 12:29 - Mid-day regroup: Lappi
"Yeah happy with how it has gone today. Morning loop was very good, but it is easy to do well when you can be confident in the grip of the tyre. "I will not try to deliberately push and catch Tanak, if I push harder it is easier to make a mistake."

Sat 12:24 - Mid-day regroup: Malcolm Wilson
[On Phil Mills] "Being a co-driver is a really tough job, it's not easy for Phil and it's not easy for Elfyn either. But they're still here and there's chance for improvement this afternoon."

Sat 12:23 - Mid-day regroup: Phil Mills
"The stages are all unique in their own right. All are a big challenge. "It's been working well with Elfyn, we were looking good on SS5 but we went round a hairpin and stalled - if it wasn't for that we would have got a decent time."

Sat 12:22 - Mid-day regroup: Latvala
Latvala complains about his brakes, he's locking his brakes out on the stages and he's going to use service to look for a solution to that problem.

Sat 12:18 - Mid-day regroup: Sordo
Dani Sordo: "I've changed the suspension a bit overnight, I'm trying to push in every stage and the times just aren't there. It is not something wrong in the car, perhaps it is just the wrong set-up." Dani Sordo sounding a bit downbeat at the regroup at Bastia Airport there, he's also not entirely happy with his pacenotes either.

Sat 12:16 - JWRC standings after SS7
1. Franceschi 2h19m22.9s 2. Folb +0.3s 3. Devine +1m49.2s 4. Bergkvist +1m49.5 5. Radstrom +1m56.8s

Sat 12:15 - SS7: Radstrom
Dennis Radstrom is through now and he's set a 13m01.8s - 16.8sec off Franceschi's benchmark.

Sat 12:13 - SS7: Devine
And a 13m06.1s for Devine, 21.1sec down.

Sat 12:13 - SS7: Bergkvist
Bergkvist is at the finish now and he's set a 13m04.9s - 19.9sec down on Franceschi

Sat 12:12 - SS7: Devine
Devine is through the split in a time of 8m21.1s, it would seem he's lost time somewhere on stage - he's 22.8sec slower than our class leader.

Sat 12:11 - SS7: Franceschi
A 12m45.0s for Franceschi puts him top of the stage and sees him leapfrog Folb at the top of overall standings by 0.3sec

Sat 12:09 - SS7: Folb
Terry Folb is at stage end now with a time of 12m48.1s. Let's see how that measures up to his countryman.

Sat 12:09 - SS7: Bergkvist
Emil Bergkvist has passed the first split the slowest of anyone so far - 8m15.3s is 17sec down on Franceschi

Sat 12:07 - SS7: Franceschi
Franceschi passes the first split now with a 7m58.3s - 6.1sec faster than Folb.

Sat 12:06 - SS7: JWRC
We're just waiting for the JWRC times to come through, Folb is the first to set a time as he goes through the split with an 8m04.4s

Sat 12:03 - WRC 2 standings after SS7
1. Kopecky 2h07m57.8s 2. Bonato +47.5s 3. Veiby +59.0s 4. Loubet +1m24.3s 5. Andolfi +2m14.7s

Sat 12:01 - SS7: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi is also through, 12m0.5s. He's 15sec slower than Kopecky through that test.

Sat 11:58 - SS7: Veiby
Veiby is slower than Kopecky at the stage end, 11m47.7s is 2.2sec slower than Czech driver.

Sat 11:57 - SS7: Bonato
Yoann Bonato is through now, almost 20 seconds slower than Kopecky - 12m05.1s.

Sat 11:56 - WRC standings after SS7
1. Ogier 2h01m27.7s 2. Neuville +41.6s 3. Meeke +46.8s 4. Tanak +48.9s 5. Lappi +1m11.3s. 6. Sordo +1m35.3s 7. Evans +1m39.9s

Sat 11:55 - SS7: Kopecky
WRC 2 leader is in now, an 11m45.5s for him. "Today the first two stages are new to everyone, SS5 was very nice - I was probably a bit too cautious. In this stage you need to keep an eye out for gravel going into the corner."

Sat 11:52 - Sebastien Ogier
WRC All Live showing us Ogier and Ingrassia doing a little bit of work to their Fiesta after the end of the stage

Sat 11:51 - SS7: Loeb
Loeb is through now, and he... doesn't set the fastest time on this stage! An 11m14.4s for the Frenchman, 6.7sec slower than Tanak. "I'm having fun in the car today, a bit frustrating because of yesterday. I took this stage a bit easy, I wasn't trusting it 100% because I know there is gravel at points."

Sat 11:48 - SS7: Ogier
Ogier comes in with a time of 11m10.4s - 2.7sec slower than stage leader so far. Strong end of the morning for the Frenchman. "I'm driving not at 100% today, I'm trying to be clean and very smooth today. The dirt on this stage means I'm not going to take too many risks!"

Sat 11:45 - SS7: Neuville
Neuville is next up to the finish, he sets an 11m13.6s - 5.9sec slower than Tanak. "I had a very good stage, I can be happy with the times compared to my team-mate." He is missing a mirror though, so he's been taking some tight lines!

Sat 11:42 - SS7: Meeke
Meeke ends the stage now, 11m16.5s is the time on the board. 8.8sec slower than Tanak. "Little slide at the beginning but other than that I felt the rhythm was okay, but the last two stages were awful. We need to get back to service and see what the issue is."

Sat 11:40 - SS7: Meeke
Kris Meeke is through the split with a 7m05.4s - 5.7sec slower than Tanak

Sat 11:39 - SS7: Tanak
Tanak next through the stage end and he has set a storming time - 11m07.7s, FIVE seconds faster than Lappi. How did he do that? "It is a bit safer to go faster on this stage, the changes we did to the car yesterday were good. We made a few mistakes which hampered us in the opening stages, tomorrow we'll get rid of those mistakes."

Sat 11:37 - SS7: Lappi
Lappi comes through with the fastest stage of anyone so far - 11m12.7s which is 0.8sec faster than Latvala. Let's see what he says: "The secret is just the work yesterday, I wasn't happy at all. Together with the team we tried a few things and I think we found it. Quite happy on the stage but I know this is not enough, I wasn't confident enough to push for the fastest time, it's okay." Reasonable amount of understatement from Esapekka!

Sat 11:34 - SS7: Tanak
Tanak is storming this stage - first driver to break the 7min barrier with a 6m59.7 - 3.6sec faster than Lappi

Sat 11:33 - SS7: Evans
Evans crosses the line with the slowest time so far - 11m19.3 - 5.8sec slower than Latvala. "For sure we can do more, the feeling isn't 100% but disappointed to lose that much time. Nothing really wrong, just small hesitations here and there add up to a lot."

Sat 11:31 - SS7: Lappi
Lappi is flying again, 7m03.3s at the split is the fastest of anyone so far - 0.8sec faster than countryman Latvala

Sat 11:31 - SS7: Evans
Evans has the slowest split so far with a 7m07.2s - 3.1sec slower than Latvala

Sat 11:30 - SS7: Sordo
Sordo is in now, 1.2sec slower than Latvala after logging a 11m14.7s. He said: "I push all weekend, bit times are not so good. This stage has some tricky places with the gravel, at the start we didn't take much risk."

Sat 11:28 - SS7: Sordo
Sordo reached the split at 7m04.4s - 0.3sec slower than Latvala as he reaches the end of the stage now.

Sat 11:27 - SS7: Latvala
Latvala is in now with a 11m13.5s - 3.4sec faster than Bouffier. "Basically we didn't do so much in the morning and SS1 was okay, SS2 I struggled with braking so I changed the balance and I feel much more confident now."

Sat 11:24 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is 1.3sec slower than Bouffier - 11m18.2s. Why was that then? "Yeah some places there was gravel, other than that it is a nice stage - very narrow. I tried to find a nice rhythm but it is not easy."

Sat 11:20 - SS7: Bouffier
Bouffier finishes now he has set a target of 11m16.9s He said: "It is good being first on the road, I am putting my tyre mark on the ground. The stages are amazing, I'm trying to do my best!"

Sat 11:19 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is through the split and he is 2.1sec slower than Bouffier with a 7m06.9s

Sat 11:18 - SS7
Remember this is the live TV stage as well!

Sat 11:16 - SS7: Bouffier
Bouffier reaches the split at the 10.94km mark, he's set a 7m04.8s

Sat 11:14 - SS7: Latvala
Jari-Matti makes a great getaway from the start in the Toyota

Sat 11:12 - SS7: Mikkelsen
The Hyundai i20 driver powers into!

Sat 11:08 - SS7: Bouffier
Bouffier launches onto the stage to kick off proceedings for the last stage of the morning. No stretches this time.

Sat 11:04 - Five minute warning!
There's five minutes until the start of the stage!

Sat 10:51 - We're back! Here's a guide to SS7
Novella 1, 17.39km One of the few tests unchanged from 12 months ago. Crews start close to the Pietra Monetta inn on a narrow, twisty road in the middle of the ‘maquis’ and tackle several difficult corners to reach Novella village and its picturesque train station. After the La Croix pass, a narrow, winding downhill road with a worn surface leads to the finish. Drivers must be wary of punctures here if they cut corners too deeply.

Sat 10:14 - Live Text
There's 45 minutes until SS7, so we'll take a very short break and be back shortly!

Sat 10:14 - JWRC standings after SS6
1. Folb 2h6m35.1s 2. Franceschi +2.8s 3. Devine +1m30.9s 4. Bergkvist +1m32.4s 5. Radstrom +1m42.8s 6 Torn +3m13.2s

Sat 10:12 - SS6: Bergkvist & Devine
A few more drivers through now, Emil Bergkvist has set a 9m57.7s 13sec slower than Franceschi. Meanwhile Callum Devine has clocked a 9m57.5s - 12.8s slower than Franceschi

Sat 10:05 - SS6: Franceschi
But Franceschi comes through with a 9m44.7s - 4.6sec faster than Folb

Sat 10:05 - SS6: Folb
Folb sets the fastest time in JWRC so far - a 9m49.3s.

Sat 10:02 - SS6: Folb and Franceschi
JWRC leaders are through the first split. Folb has clocked a 6m35.4s, but Franceschi is 3 seconds faster.

Sat 10:00 - SS6: JWRC
JWRC cars haven't quite got to the split yet, we'll bring you them as soon as they appear on timing!

Sat 09:57 - WRC 2 standings after SS6
1. Kopecky 1h56m12.3s 2. Bonato +27.9s 3. Veiby +56.8s 4. Loubet +1m14.3s 5. Andolfi +1m59.7s 6. Pieniazek +10m42.7s.

Sat 09:55 - SS6: Andolfi
9m07.7s for Fabio Andolfi, 12.8sec slower than the leading time in WRC 2.

Sat 09:54 - SS6: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet sets another good stage time after his struggles yesterday. A 9m01.1s is 6.2sec behind Veiby

Sat 09:53 - WRC standings after SS6
1. Ogier 1h50m17.3s 2. Neuville +38.4s 3. Meeke +40.7s 4. Tanak +51.6s 5. Lappi 1m09.0s 6. Sordo +1m31.0s 7. Evans +1m31.0s

Sat 09:51 - SS6: Veiby
Ole Christian Veiby has finished the stage with the fastest time so far for the WRC 2 field. An 8m54.9s is 0.6sec faster than Kopecky.

Sat 09:51 - SS6: Bonato
Bonato is also through, he's set a 9m01.8s to be 6.3sec slower than Kopecky. "Yeah it is better than yesterday, we found a solution to the brake problem from yesterday."

Sat 09:50 - SS6: Kopecky
Kopecky said he's pushing again now, happy with his time on that stage. He's logged an 8m55.5s in the Skoda Fabia R5.

Sat 09:49 - SS6: Loeb
Loeb is fastest again! 8m32.4s looks to have sealed his second stage win of the day as he goes 1sec faster than Tanak. Here's what he said at stage end: "Good time, after yesterday now is just to have fun in the car. It is frustrating but it is like this. I just try to enjoy it."

Sat 09:47 - SS6: Ogier
Ogier completes the stage at the same time as Lappi - 8m33.8s. 0.4sec slower than Tanak. "Yeah I tried to confirm the pacenotes, it is never super easy to go flat out on new stages. It is sacred driving here."

Sat 09:45 - SS6: Neuville
Neuville is in now, an 8m38.0s is 4.6sec slower than Tanak but has pulled away from Meeke in the overall standings. "To be honest there is not much more I can do, I was moving all over the place - struggling with the handling. This car is not made for conditions like these."

Sat 09:43 - SS6: Meeke
Kris Meeke through and he sets an 8m39.8s - 5.4sec slower than Tanak. Let's see what he says at the end of the stage: "I touched a kerb at the beginning and I thought I had a puncture, after that it wasn't so bad though." Not happy in the Citroen

Sat 09:40 - SS6: Tanak
But now Ott Tanak is the fastest man! An 8m33.4s is 0.4s faster than Lappi. "We had no issues, it was working okay." Short but sweet from Ott

Sat 09:39 - SS6: Lappi
Second stage in a row and Lappi has put in another great stage - an 8m33.8s is 4sec faster than Sordo. "To be honest it is 10 times better than yesterday, we did a lot of work. It is nice to see that it paid off."

Sat 09:37 - SS6: Evans
Evans comes through now with an 8m39.9s - the second fastest time for now, 2.1sec slower than Sordo. "I didn't have a great stage there to be honest. Just far too hesitant. That's just how it is." He's level in the overall standings with Dani Sordo now.

Sat 09:35 - SS6: Sordo
Sordo in now, 8m37.8s - 2.2sec faster than Latvala. "It is more normal road, wider, I try to push like hell but it is not easy - we don't have a good balance in the car."

Sat 09:33 - SS6: Evans
Evans is through the split with a 5m46.4s - the second fastest time here but 1.4sec slower than Sordo

Sat 09:32 - SS6: Latvala
Latvala comes through and is the fastest in SS6 - 8m40.0s. 2.3sec faster than Mikkelsen. That brief moment of concentration at the start has paid off for now. He wasn't happy with his rear brakes, complaints of them locking.

Sat 09:31 - SS6: Sordo
Dani Sordo is the fastest man through the split - 5m45.0s, 1.8sec faster than Latvala

Sat 09:30 - SS6: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is through now, an 8m42.3s puts him 0.4s faster than Bouffier. "I have understeer in the car, this stage is the worst for the car."

Sat 09:29 - SS6: Latvala
Latvala through the split two-thirds of the way into the stage. He's clocked a 5m46.8s to go 2sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sat 09:27 - SS6: Bouffier
The times have just updated and Bouffier is through to the end - an 8m42.7s for the Frenchman. He said: "Completely dry, very good." Nice summary from Bryan

Sat 09:27 - SS6: Mikkelsen & Bouffier
The first splits are just coming through, we've had two splits through - Bouffier set a 5m49.0s but Mikkelsen has gone fastest with a 5m48.8s.

Sat 09:26 - SS6: Sordo
Dani Sordo is onto the stage now

Sat 09:22 - SS6: Latvala
Latvala onto the 15.45km stage, a couple of seconds of quiet concentration before he gets going.

Sat 09:21 - SS6: Mikkelsen
No warm-ups in the car for Mikkelsen, just steely focus as he powers into SS6

Sat 09:18 - SS6: Bouffier
Bouffier launches into the second stage of the day, but not before some last minute warm-ups in the car!

Sat 09:12 - Almost time for SS6
Not long now until SS6 gets underway and the weather is still glorious - as you'd probably expect from Europe's only desert.

Sat 09:02 - SS5: Tom Williams
Back on SS5, JWRC competitor Tom Williams has come through more than 4mins behind Franceschi, he had a puncture in the stage and had to stop and fit a new tyre.

Sat 08:58 - SS6
Bouffier is due to get the stage underway at 9.18 local time - or approximately 20 minutes from now - for the second of three stages this morning.

Sat 08:51 - SS6 stage guide
Let's take a look at what the crews will face on SS6: Désert des Agriates 1, 15.45km The Désert des Agriates is a barren, wild and beautiful wilderness and the only ‘official’ desert in Europe. It is crossed by just one road and this comprises the stage, which starts on the edge of the hamlet of Casta. A wide, fast route traverses uninhabited ‘maquis’ 300m above sea level. After crossing the Vezzo pass, a quick downhill section brings crews to the finish.

Sat 08:47 - JWRC standings after SS5
1. Folb 1h56m45.8s 2. Franceschi +7.4s 3. Devine + 1m22.7s 4. Bergkvist + 1m24s 5. Radstrom 1m29.7s.

Sat 08:46 - SS5: Radstrom
Rally Sweden winner Radstrom through now, 34.1sec slower than Franceschi. "It was a really tough one, we need to meet the challenge!" Nicely motivational from Radstrom

Sat 08:45 - SS5: Callum Devine
"Happy enough, difficult to see where we've lost time in the notes on occasion. Hopefully we'll be quicker this afternoon!" That was Devine after SS5, his time of 25m37.2s is 28.6sec slower than the leader but he's moved into third overall.

Sat 08:44 - SS5: Emil Bergkvist
The Swede is through now in a time of 25m46.6s - 38s slower than Franceschi. "The stage for me was quite okay to be honest, but it seems that I'm not fast enough. I do what I can do, the other guys can go faster and so can I!" Can't fault him for his confidence.

Sat 08:41 - SS5: Franceschi
Franceschi is also through to the end of the stage now with a 25m08.6s - 3.5sec faster than Folb. That'll have eaten into the latter's lead in the standings. He said: "At the end the tyres were very odd and very difficult to stay on the right line. It's okay though we have the best time for the moment."

Sat 08:39 - SS5: Folb
Folb is the first of the JWRC Ford Fiesta R2 drivers to come through to the end of the stage. He's set a 25m12.1s.

Sat 08:35 - WRC 2 standings after SS5
1. Kopecky 1h47m16.8s 2. Bonato +21.6s 3. Veiby +57.4s 4. Loubet +1m08.7s 5. Andolfi +1m47.5s

Sat 08:33 - SS5: Ciamin
"It was difficult, not great." Nothing to say for Nicolas Ciamin after his time of 23m45.8s - 46.5sec slower than Veiby.

Sat 08:31 - SS5: Folb
The JWRC field is deep into the stage now with Terry Folb the first to make it to the third split in a time of 15m47s

Sat 08:30 - SS5: Hiroki Arai
Arai has stopped 27.8km in to the stage.

Sat 08:29 - WRC standings after SS5
1. Ogier 1h41m43.5s 2. Neuville +34.2s 3. Meeke +34.7s 4. Tanak +52.0s 5. Lappi +1m09s 6. Evans +1m24.9s

Sat 08:27 - SS5: Pierre-Louis Loubet
"I think I lose some time at the end of the stage, but the car is better than yesterday and we try to continue like this." Loubet is smiling like anything after his 23m01.2s to go just 1.9sec slower than Veiby

Sat 08:26 - SS5: Veiby
"I found some really nice rhythm and I just kept on going." Ole Christian Veiby said. He definitely did find some rhythm, he's the first WRC 2 entry to break the 23m barrier with a 22m59.3s - 10.5sec faster than Kopecky.

Sat 08:24 - SS5: Bonato
Bonato is also through, he's 0.8sec slower than Kopecky. "A bit lucky! I made a mistake on a fast section and the road was like ice. This time is not so bad, we are like 1sec slower than Kopecky which is alright. I'm pushing quite hard."

Sat 08:23 - SS5: Kopecky
Jan Kopecky is the first of the WRC 2 field to come through the finish in a time of 23m09.8s "Yes it was a good start, the car is working well but the stage is tricky." A common theme emerging from the field about this new stage for 2018.

Sat 08:21 - SS5: Loeb
Loeb is the stage winner! A blistering time of 21m58.6s to go 1.4sec faster than Lappi. "Ok, yep. No problems at all, it was alright. I knew I could be fast." Concise comments from Loeb after that stage.

Sat 08:19 - SS5: Lefebvre
We're hearing Stephane Lefebvre is off the road at the 5.7km mark, both the crew are OK.

Sat 08:18 - SS5: Ogier
Rally leader Ogier has set a time now, and it is 4.5sec slower than Lappi. Let's see what he says: "Yeah it was good, I think everyone feels this stage is a tricky one. It wasn't full attack like yesterday but I still got through."

Sat 08:17 - SS5: Neuville
Neuville completes the stage now and he's logged a 22m05.1s - 5.1sec off Lappi's benchmark. "To be honest my pacenotes weren't too optimistic, I went wide a few times at the start and I had to push a little less for the rest of the stage."

Sat 08:15 - SS5: Meeke
Meeke comes close, but can't beat Lappi's time - 22m0.5s for him. "Yeah it was a wake up call! You have to be on your money, I lost a bit of rhythm in the middle but picked it back up again." He seems happy after the first test of the day.

Sat 08:13 - SS5: Tanak
"Yeah I had a problem, every time I touched the handbrake it stalled me. Notes could be better as well." That was what Tanak said as he came through the end of the stage in a time of 22m12.3s - 12.3sec behind.

Sat 08:12 - SS5: Ogier
We have time from Ogier at the third split, he's 2sec slower than pacesetter Kris Meeke at that point with a 13m40.1s

Sat 08:11 - SS5: Lappi
A nice clean time for Lappi - 22mins exactly - 10.3sec faster than Mikkelsen "It went quite well. At points I thought the tyre was too hot but I think it was just the surface, it seemed to get better when the surface changed."

Sat 08:09 - SS5: Lefebvre
We're hearing Stephane Lefebvre has stopped in the Citroen C3 R5 5.7km into the stage. More information as we get it!

Sat 08:09 - SS5: Evans
A small stall for Evans coming out of a hairpin closing in to the end of the stage which has cost him a bit of time. He finishes in a time of 22m15.6s - 5.3sec slower than Mikkelsen. "Yeah the first half of the stage seemed good, the second half was narrower. Just stalled coming out of a hairpin, I used the handbrake and then the car stalled." Evans added.

Sat 08:07 - SS5: Sordo
Sordo sets the third fastest time on the stage, a 22m17.1s that is 6.8sec slower than Mikkelsen. "Difficult, very difficult." Not much to say for Dani after that stage.

Sat 08:06 - SS5: Loeb
Loeb update now and he has gone fastest of anyone through the first split, a 5m09.0s - 1.3sec faster than Meeke.

Sat 08:05 - SS5: Latvala
Latvala is the next through to the end of the stage with a time of 22m13.4s - 3.1sec slower than Mikkelsen. What did he have to say at stage end? "It is not easy, the car is behaving itself now but the notes could have been better. The rear of the car is behaving now."

Sat 08:03 - SS5: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen comes through 13.1sec faster than Bouffier! He's set the fastest time for now. He said: "It is so narrow and so fast, I have a lot of information in pacenotes but sometimes I was backing off because I didn't have them all in my head - there was a bit too much information in there for me."

Sat 08:01 - SS5: Bouffier
Bouffier puts the first time on the board for SS5 with a 22m23.4s "It was good, very nice stage. I don't know if I'm fast or not. Very clean stage so far, a few corners are damp but not too bad."

Sat 08:00 - SS5: Latvala
Latvala has come through the final split at a time of 17m38.5s which is 3.6sec slower than Mikkelsen

Sat 07:58 - SS5: Meeke
Kris Meeke is the fastest person through the first split so far with a 5m10.3s - 0.7sec faster than Lappi

Sat 07:57 - SS5: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is through the final split 10.2sec faster than Bouffier with a 17m34.9s

Sat 07:57 - SS5: Latvala
Latvala has lost time to Mikkelsen on his way to the third split after he sets a 13m45.9s - 2.5sec slower.

Sat 07:55 - SS5: Bouffier
We have a split through from Bouffier - at the final split 28.25km in he has set a 17m45.1s

Sat 07:55 - SS5: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi is through the first split - at 8.65km - fastest of anyone with a time of 5m11.0s

Sat 07:54 - SS5: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has also come through the third split in a time of 13m43.4s. We've had no splits from Bouffier of late, but he's still on the road.

Sat 07:53 - SS5: Mikkelsen & Latvala
We've got a second split time through for Mikkelsen and he has set an 8m34.6s. Latvala is also through and he's clocked an 8m34.3s to claim the fastest time so far.

Sat 07:51 - SS5: Evans
Evans through the split now, he's 2.2sec slower than Mikkelsen at the same point.

Sat 07:48 - SS5: Sordo
Sordo goes 0.7sec slower through the first split - a 5m17.2s for the Spaniard

Sat 07:47 - SS5: Latvala
Latvala has stuck a time in at the first split, he's 3.2sec faster than Bouffier's benchmark but he's 0.2sec slower than Mikkelsen

Sat 07:46 - SS5: Sordo
We've also had Dani Sordo take to the stage as well.

Sat 07:44 - SS5: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is flying! He's gone 3.4sec faster than Bouffier at the first split with a 5m12.9s

Sat 07:43 - SS5: Bouffier
Bouffier has come through the first of four splits in this 35.61km stage and he does it in 5m16.4s

Sat 07:41 - SS5: Latvala
Jari-Matti Latvala fires his Toyota Yaris WRC onto the stage now.

Sat 07:39 - SS5: Mikkelsen
Second car onto the stage is Hyundai's Andreas Mikkelsen

Sat 07:38 - We're underway!
Bryan Bouffier gets proceedings underway with 15C road and air temperature on SS5

Sat 07:28 - WRC All Live
We're less than 10 minutes away from the first stage and remember you can watch every stage on WRC All Live!

Sat 07:27 - Eyes on the skies
It looks like we're in for another sunny day, there's blue skies overhead but it's on the cooler side for now.

Sat 07:22 - SS5 guide
Cagnano – Pino – Canari 1, 35.61km Saturday’s opener crosses Corsica’s narrow northern tip from the east before winding down the west coast. After several hairpins at Cagnano, it climbs to the Serra pass before a descent punctuated with corners leads to Luri. Wider roads bring higher speeds as the stage scales the Santa-Lucia pass before diving downhill to Pino. The second half follows narrow, twisty roads and after the villages of Barrettali and Canari, a final hairpin leads to the finish.

Sat 07:18 - Let's hear from Ogier
The M-Sport Ford World Rally Team man had a great day yesterday, if it wasn't for Esapekka Lappi's blistering SS4 time the Frenchman would have won every stage. Needless to say, he's satisfied with how Friday went: "“We’ve made good progress since last year and in this sport you don’t achieve anything alone – it’s always a team effort. All the energy we’ve put into developing the car over the past year is really starting to pay off. We saw it already in Mexico with a good step forward on gravel, and so far I think we’ve improved on asphalt too which is very positive for the future."

Sat 07:13 - JWRC after Friday
Terry Folb is leading the Junior WRC going into day two at his home rally, but countryman Jean-Baptiste Franceschi is only 10.9sec behind. Emil Bergkvist is in third 49.5sec behind the leader, but he needs to keep an eye out behind him as Ireland’s Callum Devine is only 8.1sec adrift in fourth.

Sat 07:10 - WRC 2 state of play
Jan Kopecky holds the advantage in WRC 2 after a great day for him in the Skoda Fabia R5, but the Citroen C3 R5s of Yoann Bonato and Stephane Lefebvre have shown they have speed around Corsica so could be ones to watch for throughout the day.

Sat 07:07 - Loeb update
A quick update on Sebastien Loeb after his off in SS2 yesterday morning. He’s set to be back again today to take on the day's stages, he'll be starting 11th in the road order.

Sat 07:03 - Road order
The all important road order: 1. Bouffier 2. Mikkelsen 3. Latvala 4. Sordo 5. Evans 6. Lappi 7. Tanak 8. Meeke 9. Neuville 10. Ogier.

Sat 07:02 - Saturday’s itinerary (Afternoon)
After a trip back to service at Bastia airport, those three stages are run again - in the same order - starting at 15.21 local time. That makes a total of 136.9km of stage kilometres on the longest day of the rally. Parc Fermé will be at 20.55.

Sat 07:00 - Saturday’s itinerary (Morning)
The first of six stages start with the Cagnano-Pino-Canari test, a 35.61km stage sure to test the drivers’ alertness first thing in the morning. Then we go to the 15.45km Désert des Agriates before finishing off the morning with the 17.39km Novella.

Sat 06:58 - What’s the situation so far?
Well after Sebastien Ogier claimed a hat-trick of stage wins yesterday, he leads the rally by 33.6sec from Hyundai’s Thierry Neuville with Kris Meeke five seconds further back in third.

Sat 06:57 - We’re live
On and the WRC app, bringing text updates about all the on-stage action from the first all-asphalt rally of the season.

Sat 06:56 - Welcome back!
It might be early but there is a great day of action ahead for day two of Tour de Corse where we’ll be treated to six stages on Saturday and the Live Text will have them all covered.

Fri 17:39 - Live Text is stopping for the evening
With the WRC, WRC 2 and the JWRC fields all completing the last stage of the day, the Live Text will be stopping for the evening. Keep your eyes on for more news from the day, we'll be back bright and early for SS5 tomorrow morning which is due to start at 7.37am Corsican time.

Fri 17:36 - SS4: Umberto Accornero
Accornero set a 10m24.5s time for SS4, 1m15.3s slower than Franceschi's stage winning time. "The damage on the car happened on the previous stage, it was a tricky right and I took the cut. The cut made the car bump up and we hit a rock, the car is touching the tyre and it is damaging it. Hopefully the car can be fixed for tomorrow."

Fri 17:30 - Junior WRC standings after SS4
1. Folb 1h31m33.7s 2. Franceschi +10.9s 3. Bergkvist +49.5s 4. Devine +57.6s 5. Radstrom +59.1s 6. Torn +2m05.4s

Fri 17:27 - SS4: Bottarelli
"We broke the wheel on the stage before and we stopped to change the tyres, now we go medium but we are still here." Luca Bottarelli explaining how he lost time on the afternoon loop of stages.

Fri 17:25 - SS4: Devine
Callum Devine: "Yeah happy enough with some stages, some of them I didn't gauge them properly - especially that long one. I think we'll keep things as they are for tomorrow, we're doing pretty well at the moment. We might tweak the notes but I'm pretty happy."

Fri 17:24 - SS4: Devine
Devine has come through with the third fastest time on the stage, a 9m15.0s which is 5.8sec slower than Franceschi

Fri 17:23 - SS4: Folb
Folb has come in with a 9m12.9s, he was only 3.7sec behind Franceschi

Fri 17:23 - SS4: Franceschi
"Yeah it was two good stages for us, the set-up was better and the confidence is here. We need to continue with that for tomorrow."

Fri 17:22 - SS4: Franceschi
Franceschi is through in the fastest time so far, 9m09.2s which is 9.2sec faster than Bergkvist

Fri 17:21 - SS4: Bergkvist
"It has been a good run. This time, I like the car but it is a little bit difficult to drive it, but this time I am learning it more."

Fri 17:20 - SS4: Bergkvist
Bergkvist is through in a time of 9m18.4s - 4.6sec faster than Radstrom

Fri 17:20 - SS4: Radstrom
"This is more than we expected to be in this position, we improved on this stage and lets continue like this!"

Fri 17:19 - SS4: Radstrom
Radstrom is the first junior entry to hit the finish and he's done it in a time of 9m23.0s

Fri 17:18 - SS4: Franceschi
Jean-Baptiste Franceschi has also set a storming time at the mid-stage split as he goes 8.3sec faster.

Fri 17:17 - SS4: Tannert
Julius Tannert has also set a quick split, he's 1.4sec faster than Radstrom

Fri 17:16 - SS4: Bergkvist
Bergkvist also reaches the split and he goes 0.9sec faster than Radstrom

Fri 17:16 - SS4: Radstrom
The first of the JWRC pack is through as Radstrom sets a 5m26.7s

Fri 17:13 - SS4: Ciamin
Nicolas Ciamin has come through in a time of 11m46.1s, the slowest of the WRC 2 cars so far. "First stage I had no problem, but now the throttle is stuck open - it's not easy to drive! It is the first time that it has happened to me and as well as losing the brakes I think this is the scariest thing that can happen!"

Fri 17:09 - WRC 2 standings after SS4
1. Kopecky 1h24m07s 2. Bonato 20.8s 3. Veiby 1m07.9s 4. Lefebvre 1m10.4s 5. Loubet 1m17.3s 6. Andolfi 1m25.7s

Fri 17:08 - SS4: Andolfi
"Today was a difficult day but we are happy because this is the first time with this car, the event will be long but tomorrow I will try to improve."

Fri 17:06 - SS4: Lefebvre
Lefebvre is through with the fastest WRC 2 time of the session, an 8m24.2s for him puts him 2.0sec ahead of Kopecky "Yes I think we had a good day today. I lost a lot of time in the first stage with the brakes but the mechanics sorted it at service and I’m now happy with the car.”

Fri 17:05 - SS4: Pieniazek
Pieniazek is through 15.8 behind Kopecky "Yeah the driving is actually okay and I'm really surprised because the hit was quite big. We slid and hit our side doors and we are lucky to have been able to carry on."

Fri 17:03 - SS4: Arai
"It has been pretty challenging for us, I have a history of overheating the brakes. But this is part of rallying and I've really enjoyed it today."

Fri 17:03 - SS4: Arai
Arai has finished as well in a time of 8m34.9s, 8.7sec slower than Kopecky

Fri 17:02 - SS4: Veiby
Veiby is through in a time of 8m33.0s. 6.8s behind Kopecky. " I think driving wise it has been a good day, the car has been good and I'm happy with the set-up. Two mistakes - two spins - we'll have to get rid of this."

Fri 17:01 - WRC standings after SS4
1. Ogier 1h19m39s 2. Neuville 33.6s 3. Meeke 38.7s 4. Tanak 44.2s 5. Lappi 1m13.5s 6. Evans 1m13.8s 7. Sordo 1m14.4s

Fri 17:00 - SS4: Kopecky
"The conditions in the afternoon were better, we are still looking to find the perfect balance in the car." He finished the stage with an 8m26.2s and the first WRC 2 car across the line

Fri 16:57 - SS4: Bouffier
Bouffier is the last WRC car through and he has set an 8m02.4s which puts him 3sec behind Lappi

Fri 16:57 - SS4: Evans
"It's been a good day, things were never going to be plain sailing - we would always have to get used to each other. Let's see what tomorrow brings, there is some tricky stages tomorrow."

Fri 16:55 - SS4: Evans
Evans is through now with an 8m04.6s. He's 5.2sec slower than Lappi after the 13.55km stage

Fri 16:53 - SS4: Sordo
Sordo sets an 8m03.1s across the line, 3.7sec slower than Lappi. He also loses a place to Lappi in the overall standings by 0.9sec

Fri 16:52 - SS4: Lappi
"We hope all the stages could be like this! The set-up is really good on this stage."

Fri 16:51 - SS4: Lappi
Lappi sets the new fastest stage time - 7m59.4s. That's 1.7sec faster than Neuville.

Fri 16:50 - SS4: Tanak
"It is my first asphalt event with the car but we have a good feeling in the car and we are playing with a couple of things."

Fri 16:50 - SS4: Tanak
Tanak has lost a little bit of time at the finish, he has crossed the line with an 8m01.3s - 0.2sec slower than Neuville.

Fri 16:49 - SS4: Lappi
Lappi matches Ogier's split time at the halfway point - a 4m38.3s

Fri 16:48 - SS4: Latvala
"We try a little bit at least to drive faster! We have done some changes and they seem to be working."

Fri 16:48 - SS4: Tanak
Tanak goes fastest through the split, he is 0.1sec faster than Ogier.

Fri 16:47 - SS4: Latvala
Latvala crosses the line with an identical time to Neuville with an 8m01.1s

Fri 16:47 - SS4: Meeke
"First on the road was making a difference, it was drier on the second pass and the grip seems to be better. I'm happy with my day, it would be nice to be faster but I have to be content with it."

Fri 16:46 - SS4: Meeke
Meeke finishes the stage with an 8m01.8s - the third fastest time of the stage and 0.7sec slower than Neuville.

Fri 16:45 - SS4: Latvala
Latvala reaches the split with the same time as Neuville - 0.1sec off Ogier.

Fri 16:45 - SS4: Mikkelsen
"The changes I made improved the feeling in the car, but it should be better tomorrow."

Fri 16:43 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is through the stage end now and he is 4.8sec slower than Neuville.

Fri 16:43 - SS4: Neuville
"I tried to push very hard, I was really pushing on that stage. We have to accept that we can't beat them but we have to stay positive and keep the guys behind, behind!"

Fri 16:41 - SS4: Neuville
Thierry Neuville goes faster than Ogier on the stage by 0.1sec

Fri 16:41 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is through the split at 7.91km and he is 3.6sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 16:40 - SS4: Ogier
"It has been a really good day for sure, whatever happens in this one we won't be losing much time."

Fri 16:39 - SS4: Ogier
Ogier reaches the end of the stage with an 8m01.2s - slightly slower than he managed in SS2 this morning.

Fri 16:38 - SS4: Neuville
Very close time from Neuville! He's 0.1sec slower through the split.

Fri 16:37 - SS4: Ogier
Ogier hits the midway split at a time of 4m38.3s.

Fri 16:36 - JWRC standings after SS3
1. Folb 1h22m20.8s 2. Franceschi +14.6s 3. Bergkvist +44.0s 4. Radstrom +49.0s 5. Devine +55.5s

Fri 16:34 - SS4: Ogier
We're off for the last test of Friday as Ogier powers his way onto the 13.55km Piedigriggio - Pont de Castirla stage for the second time today.

Fri 16:31 - SS3: Folb
Another JWRC driver claiming the fastest time now, as Terry Folb logs a 36m29.4s to go fastest by 7.1sec

Fri 16:30 - SS3: Franceschi
Franceschi has also gone fastest in the stage now. He's set a 36m36.5s - 13sec faster than Tannert

Fri 16:30 - SS3: Tannert
Julius Tannert is also through now, he's clocked a 36m49.5s - 15sec faster. than Bergkvist

Fri 16:29 - SS3: Bergkvist
Bergkvist is through now and he's already gone 3sec faster than countryman Radstrom

Fri 16:28 - SS3: Radstrom
Radstrom is the first JWRC entry through he's set a 37m07.5s

Fri 16:26 - SS4
SS4 is about to get underway, Ogier should be launching onto the stage at 16.31 Corsica time.

Fri 16:24 - SS3: Franceschi & Folb
Jean-Baptiste Franceschi has gone 23sec faster than Bergkvist with Terry Folb going five seconds quicker than Franceschi with a 29m08.1s

Fri 16:22 - SS3: JWRC
The JWRC cars are starting to come through to the final split now. Dennis Radstrom set a 29m39.1s - that's 2.7sec slower than Emil Bergkvist.

Fri 16:20 - SS3: Lukasz Pieniazek
Pieniazek has come through in a time of 41m43.7s - that's 7m37.4s slower than Kopecky after he slid into a wall at one point of the stage.

Fri 16:18 - WRC 2 standings after SS3
1. Kopecky 1h15m40.8s 2. Bonato +16.8s 3. Veiby +1m01.1s 4. Loubet +1m06.6s 5. Lefebvre +1m12.4s

Fri 16:16 - WRC standings after SS3
1. Ogier 1h11m37.8s 2. Neuville +33.7s 3. Meeke +38.1s 4. Tanak +44.1s 5. Evans +1m10.4s

Fri 16:13 - SS3: Bonato
Yoann Bonato is through in the second Citroën C3 R5 with a 33m35.6s - 14.1sec slower than Kopecky

Fri 16:11 - SS3: Lefebvre
Lefebvre is also through with a 33m27.2s - that's 5.7sec slower than Kopecky

Fri 16:10 - SS3: Arai
Hiroki Arai is through to the end of the stage with a 34m04.7s - 43.2sec slower than Kopecky

Fri 16:09 - SS3: Veiby
"Again I had a spin, I think there is also strange in the tight corners it feels like the rear diff is not dragging on both wheels in the rear."

Fri 16:07 - SS3: Veiby
Ole Christian Veiby in the next through in WRC 2 and he's 33.2sec slower than Kopecky.

Fri 16:07 - SS3: Kopecky
"Much better this afternoon, stage is much drier. I'm trying to push a lot more now so we will see what the Citroen's are doing behind."

Fri 16:06 - SS3: Kopecky
Jan Kopecky is the first of the WRC 2 field to come through and he sets a 33m21.5s. That's 1m37.4s slower than Ogier.

Fri 16:05 - SS3: Bouffier
"It's not enough, it is difficult for me this stage to play with the car. I think there is something wrong with me because the car is very good."

Fri 16:04 - SS3: Bouffier
Bouffier is the last WRC driver through with a 32m33.3s - 49.2sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 16:03 - SS3: Evans
Evans set a 32m16.8s, 32.7sec down on Ogier

Fri 16:03 - SS3: Evans
"Struggled a bit more, feeling was good at the beginning but the car started moving around a bit." We haven't got a time through for Elfyn yet.

Fri 16:00 - SS3: Sordo
"Still happy with the stage, but the times are not so good. I try to do my best but it was difficult."

Fri 15:59 - SS3: Sordo
Sordo passes the finish with a 32m14.6s - 30.5sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 15:59 - SS3: Lappi
"It's better than in the morning definitely. The road surface is getting warmer and the grip is getting better - the car is improving."

Fri 15:57 - SS3: Sordo & Evans
The pair are both 23.8sec behind Ogier passing the final split.

Fri 15:57 - SS3: Lappi
Lappi comes through 30.1sec behind Ogier - fifth fastest overall.

Fri 15:56 - SS3: Tanak
"More stability in the car but we sacrificed a lot in the balance when turning in."

Fri 15:56 - SS3: Lappi
Lappi passes the last split 25sec down on Ogier.

Fri 15:55 - SS3: Latvala
"I had a lot better feel with the car, but in braking and acceleration it could be improved."

Fri 15:54 - SS3: Tanak
Tanak passes the final split 13.2sec behind as he ends the stage with a 32m03.1s 19sec behind.

Fri 15:53 - SS3: Latvala
Latvala the slowest driver through so far with a 32m16.2s - 32.1sec slower.

Fri 15:52 - SS3: Meeke
"Couldn't do much more to be honest, good set-up and good stage but my intercom is still playing up."

Fri 15:51 - SS3: Meeke
Meeke passes the finish line with the third fastest time so far - 17.0sec slower than Ogier

Fri 15:50 - SS3: Mikkelsen
"No issues, but I can't drive this car harder at the moment, I try and push but I just have understeer."

Fri 15:49 - SS3: Meeke
Meeke passes the last split 12.3sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 15:49 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen comes through 31.3sec slower than Ogier's fastest time.

Fri 15:48 - SS3: Neuville
"I try. We will see. I lose 10 seconds, it is less than this morning." Reports no issues with the car.

Fri 15:46 - SS3: Neuville
Thierry Neuville reaches stage end with a 31m54.4 - 10.3sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 15:46 - SS3: Ogier
"The road is not too bad, we like to push like this morning - I am at the same level of attack. Some corners are clean, some are dirty but it is still fun to drive."

Fri 15:44 - SS3: Ogier
Ogier completes the stage now and he sets a 31m44.1s - 9.7sec faster than his time in SS1

Fri 15:44 - SS3: Meeke
Meeke clocks a final split time 12.3sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 15:43 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has come through the final split 25.1sec slower than Ogier with 10km left to run.

Fri 15:42 - SS3: Tanak
Tanak has passed the fourth split and he is 10.5sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 15:40 - SS3: Meeke
At the fifth split Citroën driver Meeke is 9.1sec slower with 32.35km completed.

Fri 15:39 - SS3: Ogier
Ogier has set a time for the final split - 25m17.7s is the target for the rest of the field.

Fri 15:38 - SS3: Bouffier
Bryan Bouffier has passed the second split and he is the slowest of the WRC field 8.3sec slower than fellow Fiesta driver Ogier.

Fri 15:38 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen comes through the fifth split and he is 19.2sec off the pace.

Fri 15:37 - SS3: Sordo
Sordo is also through the second split, he's 5.0sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 15:37 - SS3: Evans
Elfyn Evans sets the fourth fastest split time through the second split. He's 2.3sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 15:36 - SS3: Neuville
Neuville is also through the fifth split - 32.35km in - and he is 6.1sec slower.

Fri 15:35 - SS3: Ogier
Ogier has reached the fifth split at a time of 20m32.8s.

Fri 15:35 - SS3: Meeke
Meeke is also through that split 24.52km into the stage and he is 7.2sec slower.

Fri 15:34 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has lost more time at the fourth split, he is 16.1sec slower 24.52km into the stage.

Fri 15:33 - SS3: Evans
Elfyn Evans almost matches his team-mate's time as he goes just 0.1sec slower than Ogier at the first split.

Fri 15:33 - SS3: Sordo
Dani Sordo was just 0.7sec slower than Ogier through the opening split.

Fri 15:32 - SS3: Meeke
Meeke is 4.4sec slower at the third split. He clocked an 11m16.0s

Fri 15:31 - SS3: Neuville
Neuville also passes the fourth split - at 24.52km into the stage - he is 4.7sec slower.

Fri 15:30 - SS3: Ogier
Ogier reaches the fourth split in 15m35.0s.

Fri 15:30 - SS3: Latvala & Tanak
Jari-Matti has passed the second split, he is 2.5sec slower than Ogier. Ott Tanak has reached the second split and he is 3.1sec slower than the Frenchman

Fri 15:29 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is now 12.5sec slower than Ogier at the 17.42km split, having clocked an 11m24.1s

Fri 15:28 - SS3: Meeke
Meeke has lost time on his way to the second split, he's 1sec slower than Ogier's 6m52.9s

Fri 15:27 - SS3: Neuville
Neuville also reaches the 17.42km mark, and he is 3.2sec slower.

Fri 15:27 - SS3: Ogier
Ogier now passes the 17.42km split, with a 11m11.5s - more than one second faster than he managed this morning.

Fri 15:26 - SS3: Tanak
Tanak has matched Ogier's first split time - a 2m57.2s.

Fri 15:25 - SS3: Latvala
Latvala is flying on this stage, he is just 0.3sec slower than Ogier at the first split.

Fri 15:24 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has come through the second split with a 6m59.6s, 6.6sec slower than Ogier's fastest split times so far.

Fri 15:23 - SS3: Neuville
Meanwhile, Thierry Neuville has passed the second split and he has lost time to Ogier - he's 1.2sec slower.

Fri 15:22 - SS3: Meeke
Kris Meeke is on the stage and he's gone through the first split 1.0sec faster than Ogier.

Fri 15:21 - SS3: Ogier
Rally leader Ogier has passed the second split 11.09km into the stage and he has logged a 6m52.9s.

Fri 15:20 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen passes the first of six splits on this stage and he puts in a 2m58.5 - 1.3sec slower than Neuville

Fri 15:18 - SS3: Neuville
Thierry Neuville has also passed the first split and he is 0.1sec faster than Ogier

Fri 15:17 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is onto the stage now

Fri 15:16 - SS3: Ogier
Sebastien Ogier goes through the first split now with a 2m57.2s - 0.5sec faster than he went through this morning

Fri 15:15 - SS3: Neuville
Remember, there's two minute splits between the cars at the Tour de Corse. Neuville gets going now in his Hyundai i20 in sunny conditions on the island

Fri 15:13 - SS3: Ogier
Ogier gets the afternoon loop underway as he powers his M-Sport Ford Fiesta onto SS3.

Fri 15:04 - Ten minutes to go
Ten minutes until the start of SS3 and remember you can watch all the action on WRC All Live.

Fri 15:00 - Tyre information for this afternoon
No surprises from the field, everyone has picked 5 hard compound tyres for this afternoon's loop.

Fri 14:57 - Quotes from service: Evans
“In general, we’ve made a good start. I have absolute confidence in Phil; I’ve no worries and I can really go pedal to the metal. We’ll see what we can pull out of the hat this afternoon.”

Fri 14:56 - Quotes from service: Tänak
“It was my first time on real tarmac in the car. My early feeling’s good and I’m pretty satisfied. But I’ve haven’t got much confidence in the brakes at the moment. Overall, it’s going well."

Fri 14:55 - Quotes from service: Meeke
“Overall, we’ve made a good start to be honest. I think that Sébastien’s (Ogier) position on the road was a slight advantage, but that takes nothing away from his time in SS1. Twenty seconds! That might seem like a lot on tarmac, but here in Corsica it’s nothing. My pace was good and maybe I was a bit conservative in certain places. We’ll see what happens this afternoon.”

Fri 14:53 - Quotes from service: Mikkelsen
“A spin in SS1, a slight off in SS2, the morning was bit of a nightmare! We just have to refocus and start to push again this afternoon.”

Fri 14:51 - Quotes from service: Neuville
“I don’t feel completely confident in the car and I pushed very hard to compensate. We have to investigate what’s wrong and change that in the service park. We’ll work with the team to restart in better conditions this afternoon.”

Fri 14:50 - Quotes from service: Ogier
Before the start of SS3, lets see what some of the WRC field had to say. Ogier: "Obviously, it’s a great start. To be quite honest I’m a bit surprised with our time in the first stage, as it wasn’t perfect. I had the same kind of oversteer problems I had in Monte Carlo. In SS2, we didn’t take any chances. The risk of having a puncture was very high, especially at the start. We’re going to keep on pushing this afternoon as there’s still a long way to go.”

Fri 14:40 - Leader after SS2
Sebastien Ogier is the leader after SS2 who has a 21.1sec lead over Kris Meeke with Thierry Neuville 2.3sec behind the Citroën driver in third.

Fri 14:37 - This afternoon's action
This afternoon starts at approximately 15.12 local time with another run on the 49.03km La Porta - Valle di Rostino stage with the day ending on Piedigriggio - Pont de Castrila.

Fri 14:35 - Welcome back!
If you're looking at the Live Maps feature on WRC Plus you'll see the WRC crews driving out to stage three - a repeat of this morning's opening test - and we are 35 minutes away from getting the afternoon's action underway.

Fri 12:36 - Technical break
While the cars are in service, the Live Text will take a break but it will be back before SS3 which is scheduled to start at 3.12pm local time.

Fri 12:32 - SS2: Loeb
Some more information on Loeb's off in SS2 from Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT Team Principal Pierre Budar "It was at the beginning of the stage, he seems to have been surprised by the cold tyres. He tried to reverse but got stuck in the ditch."

Fri 12:23 - Junior WRC standings after SS2
Top five in JWRC: 1. Bergkvist 51m44.1s 2. Bottarelli +45.3s 3. Radstrom +53.7s 4. Devine +1m31.0s 5. Fernandez 1m34.7s

Fri 12:20 - SS2: Tannert
Julian Tannert comes through with a time of 19m25.3s. "Bit too late on the brakes in a tight right-hander, we ended up in a ditch. Thankfully there were some spectators who helped me get back on the road. I think the car is alright."

Fri 12:14 - SS2: Emilio Fernandez
Chilean Emilio Fernandez has completed his first full stage on what is his debut on asphalt. He crossed the line with a 9m29.4s "It was perfect for me, this was my first stage on tarmac and I feel very good."

Fri 12:11 - SS2: Folb
Folb: "Yeah a very good time, very happy with it. I do the same time as Ogier!"

Fri 12:10 - SS2: Folb
However, Folb has just come through with by far the fastest time so far - a 9m14.5s.

Fri 12:09 - SS2: Franceschi
Jean-Baptiste Franceschi is now the fastest JWRC crew through as sets a 9m22.0s

Fri 12:08 - SS2: Bergkvist
Bergkvist is in now with a 9m23.4s - 2 seconds faster than Radstrom. He said: "I tried to get a good feeling with this car, I really enjoy and the set-up is very good."

Fri 12:05 - SS2: Radstrom
He's now crossed the line at the end of the stage with a 9m25.4s

Fri 12:04 - SS2: Bergkvist
Emil Bergvist is also through the midway split now exactly one second faster than Radstrom.

Fri 12:04 - SS2: Radstrom
Dennis Radstrom is the first of the Junior WRC cars to set a split and he's set a 5m27.7s.

Fri 12:02 - SS2: Ciamin
Ciamin crosses the line in a 12m59.3s, his wheel issues in SS1 hampered his run in SS2.

Fri 12:00 - WRC 2 standings after SS2
Standings in WRC 2 after SS2: 1. Kopecky 42m19.3s 2. Veiby 27.9sec 3. Andolfi 35.6sec 4. Loubet 36.4s 5. Pieniazek 57.1

Fri 11:54 - SS2: Bonato
He's happy in his Citroen 3 R5, reporting a couple of small technical issues but nothing too bad for him.

Fri 11:52 - SS2: Lefebvre
Lefebvre sets the fastest time in WRC 2, an 8m24.5s, as he tells Colin Clark at the end of the stage that he wasn't suffering braking issues as badly on SS2.

Fri 11:48 - SS2: Veiby & Arai
Ole Christian Veiby is through now, 9.5sec down on Kopecky. Meanwhile, Arai has also come through with an 8m51.7s.

Fri 11:47 - WRC standings after SS2 (2/2)
Evans lies in fifth with Sordo 4.3sec behind in sixth and Lappi seventh. Latvala, Mikkelsen and Bouffier round out the top ten.

Fri 11:46 - WRC standings after SS2 (1/2)
With the morning's loop of stages completed, Ogier has a 21.1sec lead over Kris Meeke, who has jumped up to second from fourth. Neuville is third 2.3sec behind Meeke with Tanak fourth.

Fri 11:44 - SS2: Kopecky
"Yeah the first stage was good but it was very tricky, on this stage there was some running water on the road which was not on the recce."

Fri 11:43 - SS2: Kopecky
Jan Kopecky is through in his Skoda Fabia R5, he's set an 8m27.2s - the first WRC 2 car through the stage

Fri 11:43 - SS2: Bouffier
"I'm really happy, the set-up was really good and I had a good feeling on that stage."

Fri 11:42 - SS2: Bouffier
The Frenchman is through now with an 8m03.9s.

Fri 11:41 - SS2: Evans
"I think it's been okay, we've done what we've needed to do. "We had to slow down quite a lot [because of Loeb] but not too much."

Fri 11:40 - SS2: Evans
Evans is eighth quickest through the stage with an 8m07.1s

Fri 11:37 - SS2: Loeb
If you're watching WRC All Live, Loeb's car is off the road driver's right, in a ditch. Both are out the car at the moment.

Fri 11:37 - SS2: Sordo
Sordo is through in 8m05.9s, that's fifth fastest for now.

Fri 11:35 - SS2: Loeb
We're hearing that there has been issues for Loeb at the start of the stage. We'll update when we get more on that.

Fri 11:35 - SS2: Lappi
"The car was a bit better here, we need to do something with the car - I was not completely happy. It's quite an okay time."

Fri 11:34 - SS2: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi sets the same time as Kris Meeke through the second stage, an 8m01.9s.

Fri 11:33 - SS2: Tanak
Tanak not too happy, there are issues with the rear on his car it sounds like set-up issues.

Fri 11:32 - SS2: Tanak
Ott Tanak finishes with an 8m06.9 to go fifth fastest

Fri 11:32 - SS2: Latvala
"No this wasn't enough of an improvement. The car turns really well on the corners but I'm struggling to get the confidence on the braking."

Fri 11:31 - SS2: Latvala
Latvala has come through with a 8m06.7s, the fourth fastest time on the stage so far.

Fri 11:30 - SS1: JWRC
Just a note on the JWRC, Bergkvist has clocked the fastest time on that stage with a 42m20.7s - 40.3sec faster than Bottarelli.

Fri 11:29 - SS2: Meeke
Meeke comes through with the second fastest time, he's clocked a 8m01.9s. "My intercom was dipping in and out in my right ear which was quite annoying." He added.

Fri 11:27 - SS2: Mikkelsen
"I went off one time in a left-hander, we went in a ditch so I had to get back out again. Then we felt a vibration in the car."

Fri 11:26 - SS2: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen has finished with an 8m14s exactly, he's 14.1sec down on Ogier

Fri 11:25 - SS2: Neuville
"I am not happy, the car isn't working as it should."

Fri 11:24 - SS2: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen came through the mid-stage split 8.7sec down on Ogier.

Fri 11:23 - SS2: Neuville
Neuville through to the stage end now with an 8m02.1s.

Fri 11:23 - SS2: Ogier
Ogier said at the end of the stage that SS2 is quite different to SS1 and that he had to be careful cutting the road because of the increased risk of punctures.

Fri 11:21 - SS2: Ogier
He's also hit the stage end a shade under 8 minutes with a 7m59.9s

Fri 11:21 - SS2: Ogier
Only one split on this stage, with Ogier through in a 4m37.1, 1.5sec faster that Neuville

Fri 11:20 - SS2: Meeke
Kris Meeke is getting ready to launch onto the stage now.

Fri 11:17 - SS2: Neuville
Neuville is also on to the stage now.

Fri 11:15 - SS2: Ogier
Ogier goes onto the second stage now

Fri 11:10 - SS2 guide
SS2 isn't as long as the opener, here's a guide to the stage: Piedigriggio – Pont de Castirla 1, 13.55km A new stage north of Corte that starts on fast roads at the exit of Piedigriggio village. It twists uphill before crossing Popolasca, whose peak tops out at more than 2000 metres, and the Croce d’Arbitro pass. The stage plunges downhill on a narrow, twisty and technical road to the finish just before Castirla Bridge.

Fri 11:09 - WRC standings after SS1
With all the WRC cars now through, here's a look at the standings: 1. Ogier 31m53.8 2. Loeb +9.7sec 3. Tanak +18.1sec 4. Meeke +19.1sec 5. Neuville +21.2sec 6. Evans +30.5sec 7. Sordo +36.0sec 8. Mikkelsen +39.1sec 9. Lappi +43.2sec 10. Latvala +46.2sec 11. Bouffier +50.4sec

Fri 11:07 - SS1: Ciamin
Nicolas Ciamin has had an off into the second half of that stage and that has hampered his time - he's set a 38m25.0. He hit a gutter and bent the back wheel.

Fri 11:01 - SS1: Bonato
His stage time was a 33m52.4s.

Fri 11:01 - SS1: Bonato
He's only 0.3sec slower than Kopecky in his C3 R5. He said: "Perfect for the stage in the car, I am very happy to be here and then I'll be very happy at the finish line. "I didn't have issues with the brakes, but if you don't have brakes you go faster!"

Fri 10:59 - SS1: Lefebvre
Stephane Lefebvre is through after his first competitive stage in the Citroen C3 R5 and he's set a 35m01.5s He said: "It is not the start that I want, lost the brakes after 15km."

Fri 10:57 - SS1: Hiroko Arai
Hiroko Arai is through stage end in a time of 34m50.0s, he's third in the WRC 2 class at the moment.

Fri 10:55 - SS1: Katsuta
We're hearing Katsuta has overshot and gone down a small ditch, he's fine but the car might need to be recovered.

Fri 10:54 - SS1, JWRC: Franceschi
Jean-Baptiste Franceschi is the pace-setter in the Junior WRC, he's completed the third split in a time of 12m58.5s. Five seconds ahead of Terry Folb

Fri 10:52 - SS1: Veiby
Ole Christian Veiby has a spin late into the stage, he's now crossed the finish line with a 34m10.5s

Fri 10:51 - SS1: Solans
We're also hearing that Nils Solans has stopped on stage as well in his Ford Fiesta R5.

Fri 10:51 - SS1: Katsuta
We're hearing Takamoto Katsuta has stopped at the 34km stage. More info on that as we get it.

Fri 10:50 - SS1: Kopecky
Jan Kopecky is the first of the WRC 2 competitors through, he's set a 33m52.1s

Fri 10:49 - SS1: Bouffier
Bouffier: "Nice stage, my driving is not very good. I have to find something with my driving, it is not easy for me to get the grip. Struggling a little bit with understeer."

Fri 10:48 - SS1: Bouffier
Bryan Bouffier has come through with a 32m44.2s, the slowest time of everyone so far.

Fri 10:47 - SS2 start time
SS2 will start at 11.13am. Three minutes later than scheduled.

Fri 10:46 - SS1: Evans
Evans: "It went as well as we could have hoped I think. Rhythm was good, the road was narrow and difficult, and a lot of dirt has been dragged on."

Fri 10:45 - SS1: Evans
Elfyn Evans is through now, he's clocked a 32m24.3s which puts him sixth.

Fri 10:44 - SS1: Loeb
Loeb: "There was a lot of gravel on the road, I tried to go faster but it was difficult to know if I was in the rhythm or not."

Fri 10:43 - SS1: Loeb
Loeb comes through in second place with a time of 32m03.5s. He's 9.7sec slower than Ogier

Fri 10:42 - SS1: Dani Sordo
Sordo is in with a time of 32m29.8s. He said: "It is quite dirty in places, but it is not so bad."

Fri 10:41 - SS1: Lappi
"I'm happy to be honest, I started with a rhythm and I was pretty relaxed. The time compared to the others, what can I do? I'm happy compared to them." Lappi said.

Fri 10:39 - SS1: Lappi
Lappi is through in a 32m37.0s, that's 43.2sec slower than Ogier

Fri 10:39 - Tanak
Tanak: "There is some water at that start which shot my brakes, it took me a time to get them back up to temperature." He's come through the stage with a 32m11.9s, that's put him second at the moment.

Fri 10:37 - SS1: Latvala
Latvala: "Not good, our car is very good when it is dry condition, I'm struggling in the water. After I go through the water it feels like I'm losing the rear. I'm trying to improve my driving."

Fri 10:35 - SS1: Loeb
Loeb's times have appeared on the timing screen, he is almost 9 seconds down on Ogier's fastest time

Fri 10:34 - SS1: Meeke
Meeke is through in a 32m12.9s, that puts him third for now. "It was good, I did my best. There's a lot of standing water on the inside of corners that's being pulled out and onto the stage. I'm happy with my time." Meeke said.

Fri 10:33 - SS1: Mikkelsen
A 32m32.9s for Mikkelsen, at stage end he said he can't get into a rhythm after his spin at the start but he is happier with the car.

Fri 10:31 - SS1: Neuville
Neuville's at stop control now, what does he have to say? "I did the maximum I good, I had no brake bias at the start of the stage." He's complaining of a lack of grip, saying it's "all over the place"

Fri 10:29 - SS1: Neuville
Neuville completes the stage with a 32m15.0s

Fri 10:28 - SS1: Ogier
He came through with a 31m53.8s

Fri 10:28 - SS1: Ogier
Ogier: "I struggled a lot, I nearly span a few times. But I try my best." He said he's also not happy with the hairpins, saying he's nearly stalling on the hairpins.

Fri 10:27 - SS1, WRC2
A lot of the WRC 2 field is into the stage now, with Jan Kopecky setting a 7m18.2

Fri 10:25 - SS1: Meeke
Meeke twists his way through the fifth split with a 20m45.7s, the third fastest time so far

Fri 10:22 - SS1: Neuville
Neuville has also driven past the last split, he's set a 25m41.7s

Fri 10:22 - SS1: Ogier
The Ford man has come through the sixth split with a 25m23.9s, he'll be at stage end soon

Fri 10:21 - SS1: Latvala
Jari-Matti Latvala comes through the third split with an 11m28.5s.

Fri 10:19 - SS1: Neuville
2017 Tour de Corse winner Neuville joins Ogier as heading through the fifth split. He's set a 20m50.8s

Fri 10:17 - SS1: Sordo
Dani Sordo has come through the second split with a 7m03.2s - the third fastest split time so far

Fri 10:15 - SS1: Ogier
Ogier comes through the fifth split at 32.25km with a 20m37.4s.

Fri 10:13 - SS1: Mikkelsen & Meeke
Andreas Mikkelsen has set an 11m29.0s at split three, while Kris Meeke has set an 11m17.0s

Fri 10:11 - SS1: Loeb
Sebastien Loeb is onto the stage now

Fri 10:11 - SS1: Neuville
Neuville through the third split now at 17.42km and he's 9.8sec behind Ogier after logging a 11m22.4s

Fri 10:09 - SS1: Meeke
The Citroeën driver comes through the second split just 0.9sec slower than Ogier's time through 11.09km

Fri 10:07 - SS1: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is through the second split, he's made up time to Neuville but his 7m06.5s is 10.4sec behind Ogier

Fri 10:05 - SS1
Few more cars onto the stage as the splits were coming through, Ott Tanak is the next onto the stage, just after Citroën's Kris Meeke

Fri 10:04 - SS1: Ogier
No split time from Ogier on the first split, but at the second split 11km in to the stage he's clocked a 6m56.1s - 6.2sec faster than Neuville

Fri 10:03 - SS1: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is through the first split - at 4.63km - and that spin has put him 5.4sec down on Neuville.

Fri 10:01 - SS1: Neuville
First split is through from Neuville and he's clocked a 2m58.8s

Fri 09:59 - SS1: Mikkelsen
The second Hyundai of Andreas Mikkelsen launches onto the stage, but spins at the first corner.

Fri 09:57 - SS1: Neuville
Thierry Neuville is also onto the stage now in his Hyundai i20 WRC.

Fri 09:55 - SS1: Ogier
Sébastien Ogier gets Tour de Corse underway as he sets off into SS1!

Fri 09:53 - Slight delay
We're hearing there's a slight delay to the start of SS1. We'll let you know as soon as we get underway.

Fri 09:43 - SS1 guide
La Porta – Valle di Rostino 1, 49.03km A legendary stage to start things off. A technical uphill section from the start ends at La Porta church, before twisty and bumpy roads run through Giocatojo and up the Col Saint Antoine. The descent on new and older asphalt heads through several villages before climbing again to Campile. A twistier road tracks the mountainside before a series of abrasive downhill hairpins leads to the finish.

Fri 09:37 - Weather watch
At the moment Corsica is bathed in blue skies, the road is dry for SS1 and the air & road temperatures are both 5C

Fri 09:33 - Start list
The start list for today, with cars going off every two minutes: 1. Ogier 2. Neuville 3. Mikkelsen 4. Meeke 5. Latvala 6. Tanak 7. Lappi 8. Sordo 9. Loeb 10. Evans 11. Bouffier

Fri 09:25 - Stage live times (first car)
SS1: 0950hrs, SS2: 1109hrs, SS3: 15:12hrs, SS4: 1631hrs.

Fri 09:24 - Junior WRC
It’s the second round of the junior championship in Corsica and there are 14 entries competing. Dennis Radstrom & Johan Johansson won on home soil in Sweden, can Jean-Baptiste Franceschi or Terry Folb claim a French victory at their home round this weekend?

Fri 09:23 - WRC 2
There’s an 11 car field battling for WRC 2 glory with Stephane Lefebvre and Yoann Bonato joining the field in a pair of Citroen C3 R5s. The C3 R5s are making their WRC debut on the ‘Rally of 10,000 corners’.

Fri 09:21 - Runners and riders
It’s near enough the same group of WRC cars that took on Rally Guanajuato Mexico last month as Sebastien Loeb looks to claim his fifth Corsican win on the bounce after winning the rally every year between 2005 and 2008. The only change in the entry list is because Elfyn Evans’ co-driver Dan Barritt hasn’t recovered from the concussion he sustained in Mexico so 2003 World Champion Phil Mills will be handling the pacenotes for Evans.

Fri 09:19 - Friday in figures
Start: 0950hrs (BST+1). Number of stages: 4. Stage distance: 125.16km.

Fri 09:17 - Friday’s itinerary (2/2)
A trip back to the service park at lunch-time will give teams 30 minutes to repair any damage from the morning before the pair of stages get run again in the afternoon.

Fri 09:17 - Friday’s itinerary (1/2)
There are four stages to test competitors today starting with the 49.03km La Porta - Valle di Rostino kicking off proceedings before the shorter - but no less challenging - 13.55km Piedigriggio - Pont de Castrila.

Fri 09:15 - So what’s happening?
Yesterday was all about shakedown - with Kris Meeke setting the fastest time - so today crews are getting ready to tackle the first day of action on the twisty roads around Bastia - host of last night’s ceremonial start.

Fri 09:14 - We’re live
On and the WRC app, bringing text updates about all the on-stage action from the first all-asphalt rally of the season.

Fri 09:08 - Bonjour Live Texters
And welcome to Corsica linea - Tour de Corse

Thu 17:44 - WRC+ ALL LIVE
Livestream starts Friday 9:00 am local time France.

Fri 11:00 - Corsica Linea Tour de Corse 5-8 April
26min. Preview Magazine available from 30 March 2018

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