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Sun 14:07 - Until then
Keep an eye on for our wrap up reports from Sweden and all the latest championship news. To take things to the next level, check out WRC+ for the full collection of Rally Sweden programmes and driver onboards. Bye for now.

Sun 14:04 - We will return
On 9 March to bring you news from the championship's third round: Rally Guanajuato México

Sun 14:03 - Finish control
And that's where we'll leave our live text service from Rally Sweden

Sun 13:41 - Power Stage result
1: Latvala 8m51.1s (5 points) 2: Ogier +1.2s (4 points) 3: Neuville +1.5s (3 points) 4: Meeke +3.0s (2 points) 5: Paddon +7.7s (1 point)

Sun 13:39 - Sweden FINAL
1.Latvala 2h36m03.6s, 2.Tanak +29.2s, 3.Ogier +59.5s, 4.Sordo +2m11.5s, 5.Breen +2m51.2s

Sun 13:37 - Sweden WRC 2 FINAL
1.Tidemand 2h45:14.7, 2.Suninen +51.8s, 3.Veiby +1m07.4s, 4.Camilli +3m12.4s, 5.Greensmith +5m10.5s

Sun 13:36 - WRC 2 update
Confirmation that Suninen did indeed hold onto second place in WRC 2. Veiby finished third, 15.6sec adrift. Top fives coming up...

Sun 13:23 - Latvala's reaction
"It's amazing! A new team, a new car, our second rally and we've won. I have no words to describe it - I'm so emotional. I drove my best Power Stage EVER with the Toyota Yaris. We are at a good level - now we go forward and it gets more difficult. The championship is interesting. Mexico is next and we have to work hard but I'm very motivated to keep the fight on!"

Sun 13:19 - Hugs for Latvala
From team boss Tommi Makinen before Jari-Matti and Miikka climb onto the roof of their Yaris to celebrate.

Sun 13:16 - History for Toyota!
Toyota's last WRC victory came at Rally China 1999, courtesy of Didier Auriol and a Toyota Corolla!

Sun 13:15 - SS18: Latvala
He's done it! Rally Sweden win number four for Jari-Matti, and a remarkable maiden victory for Toyota's new WRC squad and its Yaris WRC. And he does it in style - with fastest time on the Power Stage!

Sun 13:14 - SS18: Tanak
It's been another terrific event for Ott who kept Latvala on his toes right to the end. Barring a late mistake from his rival it looks like second place here - one place better than he managed at Rallye Monte-Carlo. Surely his first WRC victory can't be far away? He's 8sec off the lead pace here though - what happened? "I stalled the engine in a junction and stopped for some time," he explains. "Generally a good weekend. It was a new experience opening the road on Friday and yesterday we were quicker which is good for the confidence. We know where we have to improve. I've got a good feeling from Sweden and and will have another good push in Mexico. It's been a good start to the season."

Sun 13:07 - SS18: Ogier
The championship leader paid the price for running first on the road on Friday but fought back hard and was a victory contender until a small mistake this morning. He'll collect good points for third place, and is eager to boost that total on the Power Stage. And the odds look good - his time of 8m52.3sec is quickest so far." I think I'm happy," he says. "It's been a tough weekend so to finish on the podium is great. Some good points for the championship and that's what matters the most."

Sun 13:03 - SS18 Sordo
Another drama-free run from the Spaniard and his consistency is rewarded with fourth place. That's another useful points haul after a similar result at Rallye Monte-Carlo. He slots fourth fastest so far on the Power Stage. "We couldn't match the pace of Thierry here and we didn't want to risk the manufacturers' points," he says.

Sun 13:00 - SS18: Breen
Craig has struggled to get comfortable in the C3 on his competitive debut. He admitted to feeling 'a bit lost' earlier today, but takes fifth position overall as the best placed Citroën driver. "Difficult. And fifth place here is perhaps less spectacular than what we did in Monte. We have a bit of work to do but I have absolute faith in the guys back at the factory. This car has so much potential. I really think we can make something special."

Sun 12:55 - SS18: Evans
Another positive rally for Elfyn, who follows up his stage-winning run at Rallye Monte-Carlo with a second consecutive sixth place here in his DMACK-shod Fiesta. He slots fourth fastest so far on the Power Stage. "Overall it’s been an encouraging weekend after having limited testing before the rally. Our pace was strong on the first day but unfortunately a mistake dropped us time and also meant we were disadvantaged by running at the front of the field."

Sun 12:53 - SS18: Paddon
Third fastest so far on the Power Stage and that's seventh place secured for Hayden in the Hyundai i20 Coupe. The Kiwi left cursing his luck after Power Steering failure dropped him down the standings on Saturday. "It was important to get some miles on the car. There's more to come, we know where we can improve," he says

Sun 12:48 - SS18: Lefebvre
Back to the World Rally Car runners now, and Lefebvre looks to have secured eighth position in Citroën's previous-generation DS 3. His stage time of 9m13.7s places him third quickest so far. "It was a very good weekend for us - which was all about gaining experience. We improved step-by-step and weren't that far off the pace of the 2017 cars."

Sun 12:43 - SS18: Tidemand
Cleanly through and that's the win in WRC 2 secured. It's the end of a perfectly controlled drive from the Swede on his home rally. Last year he missed out on victory by just 14.7 seconds. "Fantastic, thanks to the team and everyone around me - this is absolutely one of the highlights of my career!"

Sun 12:38 - SS18: Suninen
We interrupt the World Rally Car runners to settle the WRC 2 category. Second placed Suninen is 54.4sec off the lead, so that challenge is is over barring a problem for Tidemand, but with Veiby just 11.8sec behind he can't afford to relax. Has he done enough? "Hopefully that's enough" he says.

Sun 12:34 - SS18: Meeke
It's been another disappointing weekend for Kris. Generally frustrated by his lack of speed, he was fifth when he went off in Stage 14 and lost eight minutes. He finishes outside the points but can he salvage a bonus here? He's second quickest so far, 1.5sec slower than Neuville. "I had to wait and see if I had grip and I could go. I felt some so I decided to go. Another difficult weekend we have a lot of work to do."

Sun 12:33 - SS18: Neuville
Like at Rallye Monte-Carlo, Neuville went from hero to zero on Saturday evening. Will his time here be good enough to salvage something positive? He took a maximum five points on the Power Stage on the opening round. His time of 8m52.6s is 22.8sec up on Ostberg: "I tried. Again, it's a shame and I'm really disappointed for the team. I was leading again, with a huge advantage then a small mistake cost us the win again."

Sun 12:30 - SS18: Østberg
Very slow for Mads Ostberg in the final section. "We hit something on the fast section. I thought we had a puncture but it seems it was more serious. We slowed down - it's sums up our weekend! We felt the lack of preparation here." Mads paid a heavy price for losing his car's rear wing on the opening day. Winning the Colin's Crest award for longest jump on Saturday might be some consolation...

Sun 12:20 - Stage LIVE!
Here's a reminder of what the drivers are facing: Stage info: SS18. Torsby, 16.43km. Apart from a new 600 metre section near the finish, Torsby is used in the same format as 2016. Although the roads are narrow, they are fast and tricky and among those to have fallen foul of this stage are Sébastien Ogier, Jari-Matti Latvala and Ott Tänak. The final 3km run alongside an airfield, and just before the last section is a rallycross-style arena with plenty of fast bends and a jump which leads into the finish in the service park.

Sun 11:04 - SS18 Start order
There are a few changes to the running order for the Power Stage. Here how the leaders will line up together with their start times: 1218hrs Ostberg, 1221hrs Neuville, 1224hrs Meeke, 1228hrs Suninen, 1232hrs Tidemand, 1236hrs Lefebvre, 1240hrs Paddon, 1244hrs Evans, 1248hrs Breen, 1252hrs Sordo, 1256hrs Ogier, 1300hrs Tanak, 1305hrs Latvala.

Sun 10:50 - Power stage LIVE
Don't forget, WRC+ users can watch this final stage live. Streaming of Stage 18 starts at 1200hrs local [UTC +1].

Sun 10:49 - Up next: Regroup
Crews are en route to the Torsby service park where they will wait for the start of the live TV Power Stage. First car on stage: 1218hrs.

Sun 10:46 - Sweden WRC2 after SS17
1.Tidemand 2h35:45.8, 2.Suninen +54.4s, 3.Veiby +1m06.2s, 4.Camilli +3m07.6s, 5.Greensmith +4m55.5s

Sun 10:46 - Sweden after SS17
1.Latvala 2h27m12.5s, 2.Tanak +20.0s, 3.Ogier +58.3s, 4.Sordo +2m03.5s, 5.Breen +2m36.0s

Sun 10:41 - SS17: WRC 2 Veiby
Veiby drops another 4.7sec to Suninen here. With the the gap between them now 11.8sec it looks like his challenge for second is over. "I was at my maximum here, Suninen did a fantastic job and we pushed him hard all rally. A podium result would still make me very very happy."

Sun 10:38 - SS17: WRC 2 Suninen
Quicker than Tidemand by 10.9s. "It would be good to get P2 but it won't be easy - Veiby is close behind and it's easy to lose time in the ruts here."

Sun 10:37 - SS17: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Everything is under control. An incredible stage, I would have liked to have driven flat out."

Sun 10:35 - SS17: Hanninen
"I hit a bridge a little bit on the right side. No big damage." His car appears in good shape as it leaves the control.

Sun 10:33 - SS17: Ostberg
"The set-up changes we made overnight haven't worked so well."

Sun 10:33 - SS17: Neuville
Another gentle run to preserve his tyres. "We have only one goal today: five points on the Power Stage. I think our tyres should be good enough to go for a big push. I hope to get a minimum of two points."

Sun 10:30 - SS17: Latvala
Quicker than Tanak here by a whopping 9.1sec and Latvala's lead stands at exactly 20 seconds with only the Power Stage to run. "It was a good stage again. I really enjoyed it. The best stage on the rally. A really nice ice layer with nice grip. Now we just need to go and stay cool on the last stage and try and enjoy it."

Sun 10:28 - SS17: Tanak
Quickest so far, but again Latvala is up on the splits. Is the fight over? "I have no choice but to settle for second. I'm trying my best but we're just not competitive enough today."

Sun 10:26 - SS17: Ogier
Second quickest, 1.1sec off Paddon's stage leading pace. "For sure there is nothing to catch in the overall standings so we took it easy here. We will try on the Power Stage. If we can get two points it would be good for us."

Sun 10:24 - SS17: Sordo
"The rear was moving a lot. Really difficult to drive. We have two new tyres for the Power Stage, we'll see how we go there but I don't want to risk my fourth place."

Sun 10:22 - SS17: Breen
Second quickest. "We seem to struggle with the car in the second pass. I'm a little bit lost, that's how it is."

Sun 10:20 - SS17: Evans
Second quickest so far and his car sounds much better. "We had some parts in the car and we were able to change them before the stage. It's all sorted."

Sun 10:17 - SS17: Paddon
Quickest so far. "We're trying some new things with the car now, playing with settings to try and learn more about it."

Sun 10:16 - SS17: Meeke update
Citroen confirms that Meeke spun in the stage.

Sun 10:15 - SS17: Lefebvre
"Another clean one. More slippery than the first pass. No mistakes here. Not bad."

Sun 10:14 - SS17: Meeke
A slow stage according the split times - he's 23sec slower than his team-mate Breen at the opening split - and Meeke is saying nothing at the finish control.

Sun 10:12 - SS17: Gorban
We're back and Gorban is first to complete in his Mini. "Very interesting road," says co-driver Sergei.

Sun 08:56 - Up next: R&R
That's regroup and refuel. Crews will wait in the village of Ambjörby (population: 227) until the repeat of Likenäs at 0958hrs. We will take a live text break until then.

Sun 08:43 - Sweden WRC2 after SS16
1.Tidemand 2h23:46.8, 2.Suninen +1m05.3s, 3.Veiby +1m12.4s, 4.Camilli +3m01.6s, 5.Greensmith +4m43.7s

Sun 08:43 - Sweden after SS16
1.Latvala 2h16m06.2s, 2.Tanak +10.9s, 3.Ogier +43.6s, 4.Sordo +1m47.2s, 5.Breen +2m17.5s

Sun 08:37 - SS16: WRC 2 Veiby
Aiming to snatch second in class from Suninen ahead but he's 1.8sec slower here and the gap widens to 7.1sec. "I tried, but I'm not sure what to say. In the fast sections I was not so fast, but it felt good in the slower sections. There are still two stages to go, he can make a mistake, we will try to catch him."

Sun 08:35 - SS16: WRC 2 Suninen
"Pretty good for me. A few soft brakings before junctions but otherwise okay."

Sun 08:34 - SS16: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Very, very safe. A fantastic stage."

Sun 08:31 - SS16: Ostberg
"My pace notes were really bad in here - sometimes too fast and sometimes too slow. I had no confidence in them."

Sun 08:30 - SS16: Neuville
More than one minute off the pace here and like at Rallye Monte Carlo Neuville is biding his time for the Power Stage. "There is only one objective for us today which is to get points on the Power Stage. I'm driving to save my tyres."

Sun 08:28 - SS16: Latvala
An incredible time 7.1sec quicker than Tanak and Latvala's rally lead stands at 10.9sec. "I am amazed. I have a very good feeling, the car felt amazing, me and Miikka are relaxed - it all came together. Last night I had a good chat with Tommi Makinen, he told me to go out there and focus on the driving, to forget about the set up, just go and drive."

Sun 08:25 - SS16: Tanak
Quickest so far, but from the look of the splits Latvala is faster. "It's a big fight but I'm not happy in the slow sections, the car wants to spin all the time. We need to speak to the engineers."

Sun 08:23 - SS16: Ogier
He completes 19.3sec slower than Sordo. "A stupid mistake on the first corner; I cut it, caught some fresh snow and spun. I struggled a bit to restart. Afterwards I took it easy because I knew it was over. It's a shame. I wanted to push this morning. It would have been difficult but that's life."

Sun 08:21 - SS16: Splits watch
Ogier's spin seems to have cost him about 16sec. Latvala is 4.1sec up on Tanak at the 8km split!

Sun 08:20 - SS16: Sordo
Quickest so far. "It was good, I didn't tale a lot of risks. I tried to drive well - perhaps I was too careful in places."

Sun 08:18 - SS16: Breen
"Quite a good start. We made some changes to the set-up in service and they have made a good difference. I'm happy with that."

Sun 08:17 - SS16: Evans
54sec off the pace here and his Fiesta's engine sounds like it's missing a cylinder. What is the problem? "I don't know, it happened close to the start."

Sun 08:15 - SS16: Paddon
Quickest so far. "Visibility in the the early morning light isn't great but it's a pleasure to drive in these conditions"

Sun 08:13 - SS16: Lefebvre
A small touch on a snow back costs him a few seconds. "Not such a good one." He completes 22sec slower than Meeke.

Sun 08:12 - SS16 Ogier spin!
WRC TV crews report the Frenchman made a mistake at the first corner.

Sun 08:11 - SS16: Meeke
After Gorban completes, Meeke gives us the first top-level benchmark: 11m18.2s. "Not so bad, quite a good pace but there's a little loose snow on top. We're still learning - still trying to improve."

Sun 08:09 - SS16 stage spies
WRC TV crew reports a big moment for Lefebvre at 5km. Evans' engine sounding rough too.

Sun 08:02 - Stage info: SS16
Likenäs 1, 21.19km. This is a Rally Sweden classic dating back to the 1970s but it has never been driven in this direction. It starts just before Ambjörby’s motor stadium bowl, but then it is down to proper business on twisty, but fast roads. Crests, dips, bumps – Likenäs has everything and it’s a stage the drivers will love.

Sun 08:01 - SS16: Live
Gorban, Meeke, Lefebvre and Paddon in stage.

Sun 08:00 - WRC Live
Becs Williams is hosting our radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Emyr Penlan and Helge Gerdes. The team are on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Sun 08:00 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on tyre choices for the morning loop: All Michelin World Rally Car crews have the same 'X Ice North 3' studded tyres, but the number of spares they are carrying varies. Most have taken six, except Ogier, Tanak, and Latvala who have six.

Sun 07:59 - Time zones
A reminder that all times quoted here are local. That's Central European Time or UTC +1hour.

Sun 07:59 - Start intervals
Priority 1 drivers of World Rally Cars will start at two-minute intervals. For everybody else, the gap is one minute.

Sun 07:59 - Sunday's start order
World Rally Car drivers tackle Sunday's stages in reverse rally classification order, followed by Rally 2 restarters. Here's how they will line up: 1.Gorban, 2. Meeke, 3.Lefebvre, 4.Paddon, 5.Evans, 6.Breen, 7.Sordo, 8.Ogier, 9.Tanak, 10.Latvala, 11. Neuville, 12, Østberg, 13, Hänninen. Bertelli will not restart today after his engine problems on Saturday.

Sun 07:58 - Weather
It's cloudy and overcast again here in Torsby. The temperature is -7˚C in service. It might get one or two degrees warmer this afternoon. Sunrise: 0754hrs.

Sun 07:58 - Watch Sunday LIVE
WRC+ users can watch today's Power Stage live. Streaming of Stage 18 starts at 1200hrs local [UTC +1].

Sun 07:57 - Sunday's itinerary 2/2
The first crews are already at the start of Likenäs (21.19km) which will get underway at 0755hrs. After that, drivers will refuel and regroup before repeating the same stage from 0958hrs. After another regroup, the Live TV Torbsy Power Stage gets underway at 1218hrs.

Sun 07:56 - Sunday's itinerary 1/2
Just two separate stages combine to make a day total of 58.81km. The 21.19km Likenäs will be run twice before a repeat of the Torsby stage run before on Friday evening in darkness. Torsby acts as the rally-concluding Power Stage with extra points up for grabs for the five fastest drivers.

Sun 07:56 - We're all set
In the rally service park in Torsby to bring you news from today's final three stages.

Sun 07:56 - Hej!
And welcome one last time to our live text coverage of Rally Sweden.

Sat 18:48 - Until then
Keep an eye on tonight for our daily news reports. And don’t forget WRC+ where you can review Rally Sweden so far, compare driver onboards and explore our Sweden archive. Bye for now.

Sat 18:47 - We will be back
On Sunday to bring you coverage of the rally's final day. We'll be here from 0755hrs (local) when the opening Likenäs stage gets underway.

Sat 18:47 - Service Park TV
Don't forget you can watch teams re-prep their cars in tonight's service via our live stream cameras. Hyundai's should be interesting. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE

Sat 18:42 - Leaders through
And with that last stage drama, we'll leave our Rally Sweden live text service for tonight

Sat 18:40 - Sweden WRC2 after SS15
1.Tidemand 2h11:36.0, 2.Suninen +1m16.2s, 3.Veiby +1m21.5s, 4.Camilli +2m50.5s, 5.Greensmith +4m37.2s

Sat 18:34 - Sweden after SS15
1.Latvala 2h04m59.3s, 2.Tanak +3.8s, 3.Ogier +16.6s, 4.Sordo +1m39.5s, 5.Breen +2m04.5s

Sat 18:34 - WRC top three
Neuville's exit changes everything - and sets up a last day thriller at Rally Sweden! Toyota's Latvala is the new overnight leader, but the Finn has M-Sport driver Tanak just 3.8sec behind and Ogier 12.8sec further back. With three stages that total 58.81 kilometers to run on Sunday the top three are separated by 16.6sec!

Sat 18:26 - SS15: WRC 2 update
Drama-free so far for the WRC 2 runners. The top three - Tidemand, Suninen and Veiby - are through cleanly.

Sat 18:23 - Neuville gutted
The former rally leader is left watching his car being hauled onto the truck. This has echoes of Jari-Matti Latvala's disaster at Rally Poland 2009 when he crashed out from second place on the final Super Special stage.

Sat 18:15 - Deju Neu!
It's the second rally in a row where Thierry has lost a secure rally lead. At Rallye Monte-Carlo he was leading by 51sec when he went off and broke his suspension. And that was on Saturday's final stage too!

Sat 18:08 - Neuville out!
The Belgian's car is leaving the stage on the back of a tow truck

Sat 18:07 - Neuville stops!
Disaster for the rally leader! He's gone off and broken his car's steering. Hyundai report he has lost a wheel. Crew okay.

Sat 18:03 - SS15: Tanak vs Latvala
Tanak takes this one, nibbling another five-tenths from Latvala's already slender advantage. Ahead of tomorrow's final four stages, Latvala is just 3.8sec ahead.

Sat 17:57 - SS15: Meeke vs Ogier
Ogier wins this battle by 1.4sec and goes second quickest so far, three-tenths off Sordo's leading time.

Sat 17:55 - SS15: Sordo vs Breen
Sordo wins this heat by 2.6sec and goes quickest so far. The result makes Sordo's fifth position a little more comfortable. Breen will start Sunday's competition 25sec behind in sixth place.

Sat 17:50 - SS15: Paddon vs Evans
Two of the 2017-spec World Rally Cars up next. Evans reported a serious lack of grip on the previous stage, and the packed ice surface here won't help. Paddon wins the heat by 3.8sec.

Sat 17:47 - SS15: Gorban vs Lefebvre
The first pairing sees two 2016-spec cars go head-to head. Lefebvre [Citroen DS 3] wins the heat by 3.5sec from Gorban's Mini, his time: 1m34.6s.

Sat 17:44 - Driver quotes
None available at this stage, so we'll bring you the stage times and of course updates on any breaking news.

Sat 17:42 - Welcome back
Cars are at the Karlstad trotting track ready for Saturday's final test - the head-to-head Super Special.

Sat 16:22 - Next stage: 1745hrs
Crews are en route to Karlstad - a 99km journey - for the second trip to the Karlstad Super Special. First cars on stage at 1745hrs. We'll resume our live text service then.

Sat 16:21 - SS14: Tempestini
A roll in stage for the Italian. Crew are okay.

Sat 16:14 - SS14: WRC 2 Solberg
Henning offers another case study in WRC resourcefulness. His Fabia has a new windscreen thanks to fellow WRC 2 competitor Alexey Lukyanuk. "Thanks to him - we took this one from his recce car. It was a hire car, the screen still has the Europecar sticker on!" Solberg explains.

Sat 16:09 - SS14: WRC 2 Brynildsen
Another record push - but to no avail. "I tried to break it again - I was absolutely flat but I couldn't build up enough speed."

Sat 16:05 - SS14: Lukyanuk
WRC+ live tracking shows him stopped in stage.

Sat 16:05 - Sweden WRC2 after SS14
1.Tidemand 2h09m56.7, 2.Suninen +1m14.5s, 3.Veiby +1m20.1s, 4.Camilli +2m46.9s, 5.Greensmith +4m34.1s

Sat 16:05 - Sweden after SS14
1.Neuville 2h02m41.2s, 2.Latvala +43.3s, 3.Tanak +47.6s, 4.Ogier +1m00.5s, 5.Sordo +2m23.7s

Sat 16:01 - SS14: WRC 2 Veiby
1.5sec slower than Suninen here, and that leaves him 5.6sec behind the standings. "My driving changes are working well since service. There are still some seconds to go to catch Suninen but we will keep going."

Sat 15:59 - SS14: WRC 2 Suninen
Unruffled. "It was okay, one small mistake but an okay time. The jump was fine - we have these everywhere in Finland."

Sat 15:58 - SS14: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Very happy. An amazing stage, a lot of spectators - the coolest stage so far. Looking forward now to getting to the end of the day."

Sat 15:56 - SS14: Ostberg
Fourth quickest through the stage, but more concerned with his Colin's Crest jump of 44 metres - one metre shy of the record. "I missed the corner before and lost some speed! Of course I wanted it [the record] - I was thinking about the jump all the way through. This is the most important thing in the world now. I couldn't stand up to the pressure, apparently!"

Sat 15:52 - SS14: Neuville
The rally leader goes quickest so far - 3.3sec up on Ogier. 'That's a surprise to be honest. I didn't push. I drove well but I was disturbed by a strange smell in the car - the screen heater I think."

Sat 15:49 - SS14: Meeke
He completes with the loss of more than eight minutes - and plunges down the standings. "The rear snapped away from me coming into a left-hander and I couldn't turn in. Thanks to the spectators for helping us."

Sat 15:46 - SS14: Latvala
Six seconds slower than Tanak here and Jari-Matti's advantage in the overall standings is down to 4.3sec. And with Ogier not far behind, it's game-on in the fight for second! "It seems we lost time here," Latvala acknowledges. "The tyres were maybe too worn I couldn't get the feeling. Also Kris Meeke was off the road and I had to slow down."

Sat 15:43 - SS14: Tanak
Second quickest. "Wide on one corner near the end but a good clean run. I saw [Meeke's co-driver] Paul in the stage waving at us to slow down."

Sat 15:39 - Meeke update
His C3 went off the road approaching a left-hand corner and stopped in a snow-covered clearing just lower than the road. Crew are okay. The car looks okay too but appears to be beached. The engine is running and spectators are trying to push the car approx 20 metres back onto the road.

Sat 15:36 - SS14: Ogier
Quickest so far, 8.9sec up on Sordo. "Really slippery for sure. I struggled to go any faster. I hoped to have more speed today."

Sat 15:34 - Meeke off!
WRC shows him stopped at 7.7km. He had been in fifth position.

Sat 15:33 - SS14: Paddon
7.9sec off Sordo's pace here. "Trying to enjoy it, but it's not easy driving this one for the first time at full speed."

Sat 15:30 - SS14: Sordo
1.3sec quicker than Breen. "No grip but I had to keep the speed up because Breen is getting close."

Sat 15:28 - SS14: Breen
Fastest of the four cars through so far, but not a comfortable ride. "I'm really struggling with the rear of the car. Trying to carry some good speed in places but the rear is trying to get past me in others."

Sat 15:24 - SS14: Evans
"I didn't have any grip at all. A very difficult stage."

Sat 15:21 - SS14: Lefebvre
"A bit better but the snow felt strange compared to the first pass. The first time for me in these conditions."

Sat 15:18 - SS14: Gorban
"A little bit faster and a higher jump," says Gorban's co-driver Sergei.

Sat 15:15 - Colin's Crest
Eynind Brynildsen's 45-metre record looks safe for now. He set it on the second pass through Vargåsen last year - so the measuring tapes are out this time...

Sat 15:11 - Watch SS14 LIVE
WRC+ users can watch this stage via our live streaming service

Sat 15:06 - Up next: SS14
A 26km road section and crews start the repeat of Vargåsen. Gorban's start time: 1508hrs.

Sat 15:04 - Sweden WRC2 after SS13
1.Tidemand 2h01m23.7, 2.Suninen +1m13.0s, 3.Veiby +1m17.1s, 4.Camilli +2m38.2s, 5.Bergkvist +4m17.4s

Sat 15:02 - Sweden after SS13
1.Neuville 1h54m33.7s, 2.Latvala +31.6s, 3.Tanak +41.9s, 4.Ogier +57.2s, 5.Meeke +1m12.5s

Sat 15:00 - SS13: WRC 2 Veiby
Quickest so far in WRC 2 and in the overall standings Veiby trails Suninen by just 4.1sec. "I changed my driving style a bit here and it seems to work." Veiby adds that he is confident of taking second place from Suninen.

Sat 14:56 - SS13: Bertelli
He completes with the loss of three minutes. "Same problem with the engine that we had before service - no power."

Sat 14:55 - SS13: WRC 2 Tidemand
"It was a nice stage. Good grip and fantastic stage - a lot of people."

Sat 14:52 - SS13: Bertelli
Stopped on stage. Going again. Splits show he has dropped almost two minutes.

Sat 14:50 - SS13: Ostberg
Seventh quickest and having a mindfulness moment. "Not the worst activity for a Saturday is it?"

Sat 14:48 - SS13: Neuville
Third quickest here keeps him comfortably in the lead. Neuville satisfied that his cautious choice of two spare tyres was the correct one. "The stage went well. The car was moving a bit at the rear with the extra weight of the second tyre but the grip is huge. I will be fine."

Sat 14:45 - SS13: Latvala
Another new fastest time, 1.1sec up on Tanak, and Jari-Matti keeps his rival at bay. Latvala's advantage over Tanak is now 10.3sec. "I'm happy about that. A good stage, but the downhill section was very difficult on the loose now - I thought I had a puncture."

Sat 14:44 - SS13: Tanak
Ott sets a new fastest time, 1.1sec up on his team-mate Ogier. "Really good grip and I'm trying my best. It's difficult because everybody is trying. Can I catch Jari-Matti? I'll keep pushing and see what happens."

Sat 14:42 - SS13: Meeke
1.2sec slower than Ogier here, and the gap between them widens to 15.3sec. "Like before we struggled on the downhill section to the finish. I tried to improve my speed there but not enough."

Sat 14:39 - SS13: Ogier
Quickest so far. "The grip is getting better and better. There's more gravel too, but not enough to badly affect the tyres."

Sat 14:38 - SS13: Paddon
Second quickest so far, 3.4sec slower than stage leader Breen, and his car's power steering is fixed. "It's much easier with some power steering - it feels like I have a feather at my finger tips. Trying now to get a good rhythm and have some fun."

Sat 14:34 - SS13: Sordo
"A nice stage. Very fast. I like it."

Sat 14:32 - SS13: Breen
"It was a bit better than this morning. Another stage without any mistakes so we can be happy with that."

Sat 14:31 - SS13: Evans
"It was okay, but there's pretty much a defined line now - and if you drive off it it's very slippery."

Sat 14:30 - SS13: Lefebvre
Time loss for the Frenchman near the finish. "I hit a snow bank in the last corner and lost 20 or 30 seconds."

Sat 14:28 - SS13: Gorban
The Ukrainian completes in 8m45.2s. That's 12sec quicker than his earlier pass.

Sat 14:22 - SS13: Live
Gorban, Lefebvre and Evans in stage.

Sat 14:20 - Tyre info
News on the tyre choices for the afternoon loop: All Michelin World Rally Car crews have the same 'X Ice North 3' studded tyres, but the number of spares they are carrying varies. Most have taken one, except Neuville, Sordo and Meeke, who have two.

Sat 14:17 - Weather update
No big change since this morning. Broken cloud over the stages. The temperature in Torsby is -2˚C.

Sat 14:16 - Hej!
Welcome back.

Sat 13:16 - Rally Sweden 2017 / SS11 Re-Live
Watch all Re-Live Stages on! Upcoming Live Stage: SS15 live from 15:00 (CET, local time Sweden)

Sat 11:27 - Next stage: 1417hrs
Following the cancellation of SS12 on safety grounds, our next stage is the repeat of Hagfors (SS13) at 1417hrs. We'll resume our live text shortly before to bring a weather and tyre update.

Sat 11:18 - Service Park TV
Watch teams re-prep the cars in service via our live stream cameras. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE

Sat 11:18 - Up next: service
Cars en route to Torsby and the midpoint 30-minute service. First car into service at 1129hrs.

Sat 11:16 - Sweden after SS11
1.Neuville 1h46m41.6s, 2.Latvala +32.8s, 3.Tanak +42.0s, 4.Ogier +56.2s, 5.Meeke +1m10.3s

Sat 11:16 - Sweden WRC2 after SS11
1.Tidemand 1h52m59.7, 2.Suninen +1m12.1s, 3.Veiby +1m17.6s, 4.Camilli +2m35.8s, 5.Greensmith +3m41.4s

Sat 11:12 - SS11: WRC 2 Solberg
Reaches the stage end with his Fabia looking battered after an off on Stage 9. Henning's biggest problem is the shattered windscreen - and the lack of a replacement. "If anybody can get us one please come and see us in service," he appeals. "I don't know how I did at Colin's Crest - I couldn't see it."

Sat 11:08 - SS11: WRC 2 Brynildsen
Current holder of the Colin's Crest longest jump award with 45 metres in 2016. "Did anybody beat it? No? They need bigger balls," he says.

Sat 11:06 - SS11: WRC 2 Greensmith
His time for the previous stage was corrected by one minute - so he's back up to fifth. But a late arrival at the pre-stage time control will come with penalties and might drop him down again.

Sat 11:03 - SS11: WRC 2 Veiby
7.3sec slower than Suninen and Veiby slips behind him into third position. "Quite difficult this one. Very special and tricky. I did my best, these other guys were quite fast."

Sat 11:01 - SS11: WRC 2 Suninen
2.2sec off Tidemand's pace but Suninen is out to recapture second position from Veiby. "Okay, no big mistakes. We try to improve. Nice to have a tight fight - you need to be on your limits."

Sat 10:58 - SS11: WRC2 Tidemand
"It was okay. Nice and steady. A bit wide in some corners but a nice stage, I enjoyed it."

Sat 10:56 - SS11: Bertelli
More than a minute of the pace. What happened? "We were down on power for the first six or seven kilometres, the engine lost a cylinder. We were going to stop but it cleared and we carried on."

Sat 10:51 - SS11: Hanninen
"The car is good. Maybe I will change the set-up in service to get more confidence in the slow places."

Sat 10:51 - SS11: Ostberg
A MASSIVE jump from Colin's Crest. Unofficially it measures 42metres. "Is it furthest?" he asks. "I enjoyed it. Quite difficult to handle this big wide car on the narrow section at the beginning but on the wider road it's fantastic."

Sat 10:47 - SS11: Neuville
3.8sec off Tanak's stage leading pace. "With our lead we took it a bit more steady. This is the first time I didnlt really jump over Colin's Crest, but we didn't want to take any risks. I'm controlling."

Sat 10:43 - SS11: Latvala
3.4sec slower than Tanak here and the gap between them is down to 9.2sec. "A really nice run, I couldn't do better but I made a mistake taking two spares this morning. I'm carrying too much weight at the back and that slows me in the long corners."

Sat 10:39 - SS11: Tanak
Fastest time - 4.7sec quicker than Ogier. What's been your secret today? "Very consistent conditions and a big battle. It needs to be perfect and so far we have done a really clean job."

Sat 10:37 - SS11: Meeke
Second quickest, 1.2sec off Ogier's pace. "A bit better here than the previous stage but I'm disappointed with my morning. I chose my rhythm but it wasn't quick enough."

Sat 10:34 - SS11: Ogier
Fastest so far in 8m25.4s and Ogier rounds off the morning loop in fourth position. "Much better than yesterday. We try as hard as we can. I think quite a good loop. We keep pushing."

Sat 10:32 - SS11: Paddon
The pain showing in his face after 14km with no power steering. "With these wider cars it's like wrestling a 400lb lion - and I'm coming off second best." He's off to service now.

Sat 10:27 - SS11: Sordo
"I could do a bit better in here I think but I enjoyed it a lot. Feeling really good."

Sat 10:25 - SS11: Breen
"Mediocre, but no mistakes all morning and that's a big improvement over yesterday. Now it's clean, let's try and progress from here."

Sat 10:21 - SS11: Evans
"Really really difficult. I struggled for grip again."

Sat 10:20 - SS12 Cancelled
Rally organisers confirm that the stage is cancelled 'due to safety reasons after analysing the average speeds on special stage 9 and on recommendations from the FIA.'

Sat 10:18 - SS11: Lefebvre
"Very slippery on the fresh snow - wheel spin all the way through. A few changes to the pace notes for next time."

Sat 10:16 - SS11: Gorban
A modest jump from Colin's Crest and Gorban completes in 9m12.9s.

Sat 10:07 - Stage info: SS11
Vargåsen, 14.27km. Rally Sweden’s best-known test, Vargåsen is famous for Colin’s Crest – a blind jump 12.8km from the start where fans gather in their thousands. Eyvind Brynildsen set a new record last year with a 45 metre jump, and the biggest leap this season will receive the award named in memory of the late Colin McRae. It starts on a narrow and twisty road but becomes wider and more flowing. It’s shorter this year but with a new 900 metre section at the end last used in 2000.

Sat 10:07 - Watch SS11 LIVE
WRC+ users can watch this stage via our live streaming service

Sat 10:06 - Next stage: 1008hrs
Cars are queued at the start of Vargåsen. Gorban's start time is 1008hrs.

Sat 10:04 - Sweden WRC2 after SS10
1.Tidemand 1h44m12.0, 2.Veiby 1m08.1s, 3.Suninen 1m09.9s, 4.Camilli 2m26.6s, 5.Greensmith 3m21.5s

Sat 10:01 - SS10: WRC 2 Greensmith
"Just taking it easy. I'm here to learn. That's all this rally is about for me."

Sat 09:59 - SS10: WRC 2 Veiby
1.5sec slower than Tidemand but crucially three tenths up on Suninen. The gap between them in the overall standings is just 1.8sec. "I tried to push here, it's a stage I know well. Suninen is pushing too. It's a good fight."

Sat 09:56 - SS10: WRC 2 Suninen
His slow time on the previous stage was down to a misting windscreen.

Sat 09:56 - SS10: WRC 2 Tidemand
The WRC 2 leader through cleanly. "In some nice, wide sections we push a bit but when it's narrower like this we take care - just controlling."

Sat 09:54 - SS10: Bertelli
"The first proper stage for us. On the first one we had a problem with the anti-lag system."

Sat 09:52 - Sweden after SS10
1.Neuville 1h38m17.1s, 2.Latvala +33.2s, 3.Tanak +45.8s, 4.Ogier +55.3s, 5.Meeke +1m08.2s

Sat 09:52 - SS10: Hanninen
Ninth fastest. "Just trying to get the good feeling and enjoy these really, really nice stages."

Sat 09:50 - SS10: Ostberg
Seventh quickest. "Okay, but I cannot find the same rhythm as yesterday. I'm struggling to adjust to driving with a rear wing again."

Sat 09:49 - SS10: Neuville
Second quickest, one-tenth slower than Tanak, and Neuville's rally lead is up to 33.2sec. He's sounding very calm and confident. "A good stage but I keep it on a clean line all the time. I tried to be very efficient."

Sat 09:46 - SS10: Latvala
2.7sec slower than Tanak here and Jari-Matti's advantage in the overall standings is down to 12.6sec. Is he worried? "He's doing really well - he's fighting hard. Let's see, I must focus," Latvala says.

Sat 09:44 - SS10: Tanak
Quickest so far, nine-tenths up on his team-mate Ogier. "I have a good feeling with the car, I've been pushing very hard. Nice, consistent grip today, much better than yesterday."

Sat 09:42 - SS10: Meeke
Five seconds off the pace here. "It doesn't look good for me this morning, we don't have the pace to fight for the podium."

Sat 09:40 - SS10: Ogier
Quickest time so far. "A nice stage, we've done it before. A bit of fresh snow means that grip is not optimum here but we try our best."

Sat 09:38 - SS10: Paddon
No power steering means more time loss for Paddon who completes 1m06s slower than Sordo in an identical i20 Coupe. "Impossible. Just trying my best to get through but boy is it hard work. Trying to make sure my arms don't fall off."

Sat 09:35 - SS10: Sordo
Quickest of the five drivers through so far. "Quite happy. A small mistake near the beginning, but after that I had good confidence so I pushed."

Sat 09:32 - SS10: Breen
"Quite okay. I'm just trying to keep it clean, no little mistakes like yesterday."

Sat 09:30 - SS10: Evans
"Really slippery in there. Quite mixed."

Sat 09:30 - SS10: Lefebvre
"Not easy. Some places very slippery. Five or six centimeters of fresh snow I think but more grip than I expected. The big screen [for spectators] was good - I saw myself!"

Sat 09:27 - SS10: Gorban
The Ukrainian is first to reach the finish in his Mini. What are the conditions like? "Everything is okay - the car is okay," says Gorban's co-driver Sergei Larens.

Sat 09:14 - Spectator appeal
Crowds of spectators out on the stages today. Rally Sweden organisers have appealed for them to stay safe on SS10.

Sat 09:02 - Stage info: SS10
Hagfors, 15.87km, New name but familiar roads – Hagfors was called Värmullsåsen and driven as the live TV Power Stage in 2016. After negotiating a series of fast, flowing corners, competitors burst into view in front of thousands of fans on the Värmullsåsen ski slope. A set of tight downhill hairpin bends leads into a big jump before the finish at the bottom of the hill on the edge of Hagfors.

Sat 09:01 - Next stage: 0917hrs
That's when Gorban, Saturday's road opener, will start the new-but-not-new Hagfors stage.

Sat 09:00 - Sweden WRC2 after SS9
1.Tidemand 1h35m37.0, 2.Veiby +1m06.6s, 3.Suninen +1m08.1s, 4.Camilli +2m22.8s, 5.Greensmith +2m59.8s

Sat 08:57 - SS9: WRC 2 Suninen
Teemu drops 23sec to WRC 2 leader Tidemand in stage. He slips to third overall, 1.5sec behind Ole Christian Veiby.

Sat 08:55 - SS9: WRC 2 update
Henning Solberg and Eyvind Brynildsen both stopped at the same place mid stage. Both going again now.

Sat 08:52 - Sweden after SS9
1.Neuville 1h30m14.0s, 2.Latvala +30.6s, 3.Tanak +45.9s, 4.Ogier +54.5s, 5.Meeke +1m02.4s

Sat 08:50 - SS9: Ostberg
Another Rally 2 re-starter, Ostberg and his re-winged Fiesta are eighth fastest.

Sat 08:47 - SS9: Hanninen
Back today with Rally 2. He completes the opening test seventh fastest.

Sat 08:45 - SS9: Neuville
The rally leader through in the third fastest time, 3.8sec off Tanak's pace. "I was too careful but it's a tricky stage - the average speed must be high. Many corners are flat but I was lifting. It's a new stage and I can afford to take it easy here."

Sat 08:42 - SS9: Latvala
6.3sec off Tanak's pace, third quickest so far. "A lot of time on the rev limiter here but a bit too careful. I didn't have that attack mode."

Sat 08:40 - SS9: Tanak
Quickest so far, 2.6sec up on Ogier. "A proper fast stage. I didn't feel so confident, so not a maximum push, but a clean run."

Sat 08:39 - SS9: Meeke
12sec off Ogier's pace. "I'm not happy with that time but I drove at my rhythm - what can I do? Maybe I just wasn't quick enough - you can lose a lot with just a few hesitations."

Sat 08:37 - SS9: Ogier
A new fastest time, 10.5sec up on Sordo. "No problems. You have to be completely committed in here, it's super fast! The stage is getting faster and faster with each car. We enjoy our road position better than yesterday!"

Sat 08:35 - SS9: Paddon
The splits show steady time loss through the stage and he completes 1m20s off Sordo's time. The car looks okay. What happened? "We can't seem to catch a break this year - the power steering failed right at the start. Impossible to drive."

Sat 08:32 - SS9: Sordo
Quickest so far but it doesn't sound like that will stick. "I didn't do it very well to be honest. I found it difficult to keep the speed in the corners. Okay, but it's a very fast stage."

Sat 08:30 - SS9: Breen
One second quicker than Evans. "If you have the confidence I'm sure it's amazing but I backed off a little towards the end. I don't want to make any silly mistakes today."

Sat 08:29 - SS9: Evans
Quickest of the three drivers through so far. "It's a hell of a stage that's for sure. The grip seems quite good but there's loose snow on top and that make the grip unpredictable at high speed when you want to turn in."

Sat 08:26 - SS9: Lefebvre
"Conditions not so bad but my pace notes were not so good - I was braking too much."

Sat 08:26 - SS9: Gorban
First to complete in the Mini. "Very fast stage – very slippery on the loose snow."

Sat 08:25 - Stage info: SS9
Knon, 31.60km. Only drivers with a long memory will recall these roads, some of which were last used in 2003. It’s twisty for the opening 12km as the road initially winds through a forest before becoming increasingly fast, with a blisteringly quick section towards the finish. It’s scenic too, running along the shoreline of Lake Knoånde before the midpoint.

Sat 08:21 - Watch Saturday LIVE
WRC+ users can watch two of today's stages live: Streaming of Stage 11 starts at 1000hrs. Coverage of SS14 starts at 1500hrs local [UTC +1].

Sat 08:21 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on tyre choices for the morning loop: All Michelin World Rally Car crews have the same 'X Ice North 3' studded tyres, but the number of spares they are carrying varies. Ogier, Tanak, Breen, Meeke, Sordo, Neuville, Paddon and Østberg have one spare. Hänninen, Latvala and Lefebvre have two.

Sat 08:16 - Time zones
All times quoted here are local. For Sweden that's Central European Time or UTC +1hour.

Sat 08:16 - WRC Live
Becs Williams is hosting this weekend's radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Emyr Penlan and former Volkswagen PR guru Helge Gerdes. The team are on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Sat 08:13 - Start intervals
Priority 1 drivers of World Rally Cars will start at two-minute intervals. For everybody else, the gap is one minute.

Sat 08:13 - Saturday's start order
World Rally Car drivers tackle Saturday's stages in reverse rally classification order, followed by Rally 2 restarters. Here's how they will line up. 1.Gorban, 2. Lefebvre, 3.Evans, 4.Breen, 5.Sordo, 6.Paddon, 7.Ogier, 8.Meeke, 9. Tänak, 10.Latvala, 11. Neuville, 12, Ostberg, 13, Hänninen, 14. Bertelli.

Sat 08:11 - Weather
Torsby had a centimetre of snow overnight but that has stopped. It's a grey, cloudy morning. The temperature is -5˚C in service but strong winds are making that feel much colder. It might get one or two degrees warmer this afternoon. Sunrise: 0757hrs.

Sat 08:04 - Saturday itinerary 2/2
The first crews are already at the start of the opening Knon stage (31.60km) which will get underway at 0808hrs. After that, drivers will tackle Hagfors (15.87km) and Vargåsen (14.27km) before a 30 minute service in Torsby. The same stages will be repeated in the afternoon before a second visit to the 1.9km Karlstad head-to-head Super Special.

Sat 08:04 - Saturdays itinerary 1/2
After spending much of Friday in Norway, like Abba the rally is 100 per cent Swedish for Saturday and Sunday. Coming up today are seven stages including two runs through Vargåsen - home of the famous Colin’s Crest.

Sat 08:03 - We're LIVE
Huddling for warmth in the rally service park to bring you the all the news from today's stages

Sat 08:03 - Hej!
And welcome back from the team here in Torbsy to our live text coverage of Rally Sweden

Fri 18:13 - Until then
Keep an eye on later tonight for our daily WRC and WRC 2 reports. And don’t forget WRC+ where you can review Rally Sweden so far, compare driver onboards and explore our Sweden archive. Bye for now.

Fri 18:12 - We will return
On Saturday to bring you coverage of the rally's second full day. We'll be here from 0808hrs (local) when the opening stage gets underway.

Fri 18:11 - Service Park TV
You can watch teams re-prep the cars in service from 1755hrs tonight via our live stream cameras. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE

Fri 18:05 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our Rally Sweden live text service tonight

Fri 18:05 - Sweden WRC2 after SS8
1.Tidemand 1h20m48.9, 2.Suninen +45.1s, 3.Veiby +58.8s, 4.Camilli +2m02.8s, 5.Greensmith +2m31.3s

Fri 17:59 - SS8: Veiby
Veiby is through to complete Friday's top three in WRC 2. He trails Suninen by 13.7sec. "Some mistakes, two spins but we have shown some good speed today so I'm happy," he says.

Fri 17:57 - SS8: Tidemand
Seven seconds quicker than Suninen here, and Tidemand's overnight lead in WRC 2 stands at 45.1sec. "It's been okay, no mistakes. I'm just trying to enjoy my driving and stay fully concentrated - that's the best way."

Fri 17:54 - SS8: WRC 2 Suninen
He spins crossing the finish line but brings his Fiesta to the end of the leg second in WRC 2. "Hopefully that didn't cost us too much time. We need to keep concentrated tomorrow and try to improve."

Fri 17:51 - Sweden after SS8
1.Neuville 1h16m24.7s, 2.Latvala +28.1s, 3.Tanak +49.7s, 4.Meeke +51.8s, 5.Ogier +55.7s

Fri 17:48 - SS8: Paddon
"These last two stages have been difficult. We decided to take five tyres and we had to take it easy because we didn't have many studs left. The improvements we have seen this afternoon give me more confidence for tomorrow."

Fri 17:45 - SS8: Meeke
A wide moment on the last corner and Meeke slips to fourth place overnight. "It was horrible," he says. "My tyres are completely shot - zero grip. I was really, really slow in there. Driving without studs is not nice. Overall not a bad day but we lost a lot of time when we lost the studs."

Fri 17:42 - SS8: Neuville
Second quickest so far after a bizarre technical problem. "This one was very tricky in the dark and because my door kept opening - which was quite disturbing. My tyres are still good but I took it steady until the end." Neuville's overnight rally lead over Latvala stands at 28.1sec.

Fri 17:39 - SS8: Lefebvre
Relieved to get his car back to the service park. "It's been a good day, and I'm very happy but on this stage I feel we have lost some power and I can hear some strange noises - so I'm happy to be here."

Fri 17:36 - SS8: Evans
"A tricky day. The puncture this morning wasn't great but my speed was good and we have some positives to take away."

Fri 17:35 - SS8: Breen
Looks like eighth place tonight for Craig. And he's far from delighted. "Not terrible, but not far away," he says. "It hasn't been our day today, but we will come back stronger tomorrow."

Fri 17:32 - SS8: Sordo
"This stage was difficult with the lights and I don't have enough studs in the tyres. It was really slippery and I took no risks."

Fri 17:31 - SS8: Tanak
He makes up a place here to end the day fourth overall. "It was difficult to be first on the road, and I'm really pleased with what we've been able to do today. I was pushing really hard here to get the best start position on Saturday. We managed to get one place so it should be better tomorrow."

Fri 17:29 - SS8: Latvala
1.3sec quicker than Ogier. "Very slippery - no snow banks and an ice layer. I tried to be clean but the tyres were worn and I couldn't be neat and precise - I had to go sideways instead."

Fri 17:27 - SS8: Ogier
"The whole day has been difficult but this was really bad. With so much loose snow there was nothing I could do. I hope tomorrow will better." Seb's benchmark time is 9m30.9s.

Fri 17:25 - Ostberg retires
News in from a WRC TV crew that without a rear wing on his Fiesta Mads has called it a day before SS8. He'll be back on Saturday once they've stuck the spoiler back on.

Fri 16:52 - Stage info: SS8
Torsby, 16.43km. Apart from a new 600 metre section near the finish, Torsby is used in the same format as 2016. Although the roads are narrow, they are fast and tricky and among those to have fallen foul of this stage are Sébastien Ogier, Jari-Matti Latvala and Ott Tänak. The final 3km run alongside an airfield, and just before the last section is a rallycross-style arena with plenty of fast bends and a jump which leads into the finish in the service park.

Fri 16:50 - Next stage: 1715hrs
That's Ogier's start time for Torsby, Friday's final stage and the one that will count as the Live TV Power Stage on Sunday. Stage notes coming up...

Fri 16:48 - Sweden WRC2 after SS7
1.Tidemand 1h10m54.8, 2.Suninen +38.1s, 3.Veiby +55.8s, 4.Camilli +1m47.2s, 5.Greensmith +2m14.5s

Fri 16:46 - Sweden after SS7
1.Neuville 1h06m59.2s, 2.Latvala +24.0s, 3.Meeke +41.6s, 4.Ogier +50.3s, 5.Tanak +50.4s

Fri 16:46 - Sweden after SS7
1.Neuville 1h06m59.2s, 2.Latvala +24.0s, 3.Meeke +41.6s, 4.Ogier +50.3s, 5.Tanak +50.4s

Fri 16:46 - SS7: WRC 2 Greensmith
"A lot of condensation inside the windscreen made it hard to see in a few places but so far this has been a good learning day."

Fri 16:42 - SS7: WRC 2 Camilli
"Very icy now. I missed one junction but otherwise a good feeling here - better than this morning."

Fri 16:39 - SS7: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"We used our spare tyre earlier. Now my front tyres have almost no studs left."

Fri 16:38 - SS7: WRC 2 Veiby
He reports a spin near the end of the stage.

Fri 16:37 - SS7: Ostberg
"Absolutely no fun driving without the rear spoiler. It's been so hard to just stay on the road. I put my best tyres on the rear here to try and stabilise the car but it didn't work so well." A small bit of good news is that his spoiler has been found and returned to his team. "That's good news, there aren't too many spares around and I didn't want to do the rest of the rally without it."

Fri 16:34 - SS7: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Everything is working really well, we are really enjoying the drive."

Fri 16:32 - SS7: WRC 2 Suninen
"A good push in there."

Fri 16:28 - SS7: Paddon
Fourth quickest. "This afternoon has definitely been better - credit to my engineer for the set-up changes that have helped me. I felt the studs going here though, and I only have one spare tyre."

Fri 16:25 - SS7: Meeke
Second quickest, and that's enough to move him up to third place overall, 8.7sec ahead of Ogier. "I've picked up the rhythm again. I got a lot of movement from the studs at the midpoint and I had to back off after that. I thought my time was good but it looks like Thierry had a blinder."

Fri 16:21 - SS7: Neuville
A MASSIVE time from Neuville, 16.4sec quicker than Latvala and the Belgian's rally lead is up to 24sec. "A really good stage to be honest, but the grip was completely gone - it felt like I had no studs. Jari-Matti had the advantage earlier but I tried to benefit from the cleaner line this afternoon. The car is going well, better and better."

Fri 16:19 - SS7: Lefebvre
Reports a difficult start, when he thought he had the same amount of grip that he had on the previous stage. He didn't.

Fri 16:17 - SS7: Evans
"So little grip. I don't know what's happened but it's like the grip went off the edge of a cliff after the previous stage."

Fri 16:15 - SS7: Breen
Feeling the effects of a damaged front aero package. "We patched it up as best we could but it's incredible the effect that the aero makes. I lost a four or five seconds with a small mistake but otherwise okay."

Fri 16:13 - SS7: Sordo
"Better than earlier but now the studs on the tyres start to be damaged. There's not a lot of grip - and a big difference between the amount at the front and the rear."

Fri 16:10 - SS7: Tanak
"Difficult with so much loose snow on the surface and maybe the tyres starting to wear too. Very slippery."

Fri 16:09 - SS7: Latvala
1.5sec slower than Ogier and he puts his head in his hands. "Not a good stage for me. I tried too hard. The condition were difficult and the line was very narrow. I made mistakes and ran wide in places. I will lose a lot of time here."

Fri 16:07 - SS7: Ogier
"It's been a very tough afternoon for us. Now there is just one more [stage] to go before hopefully we can benefit from better road conditions tomorrow."

Fri 15:29 - Wanted: rear wing
If you have found one near Stage 5, Mads Ostberg's team would like to hear from you!

Fri 15:25 - WRC+ live maps
Show the progress of the crews as they head to the start of the Svullrya stage via a light fitting zone. Ogier's start time for SS7 is 1551hrs. Sunset in Sweden is 1646hrs.

Fri 15:21 - Sweden WRC2 after SS6
1.Tidemand 57m15.3, 2.Suninen +24.5s, 3.Veiby +25.1s, 4.Camilli +1h19.7s, 5.Greensmith +1m39.2s

Fri 15:20 - Sweden after SS6
1.Neuville 53m55.2s, 2.Latvala +6.1s, 3.Tanak +28.6s, 4.Meeke +29.8s, 5.Ogier +33.9s

Fri 15:10 - SS6: WRC 2 Veiby
"Quite good but not perfect. Some loose snow outside the tracks but it feels good."

Fri 15:09 - SS6: Ostberg
Feeling the lack of rear aero. "It's horrible without the rear wing. The car is designed to have it, and without it it's the worst handing car." Ostberg's team has appealed to Rally Sweden fans to find and return the missing wing.

Fri 15:07 - SS6: WRC 2 Tidemand
3.2sec slower than Suninen here but Tidemand maintains his class lead. "We need to keep going. It still feels like the beginning of the rally. Stage by stage."

Fri 15:05 - SS6: WRC 2 Suninen
"Good. I could drive a few seconds faster - or even more. Much better than the first pass."

Fri 15:00 - SS6: Paddon
Paddon's better afternoon continues with third fastest here. "A big improvement over the morning," he says. "The car is not driving me anymore, I'm driving it. I need to use the brakes less - more on the right pedal."

Fri 14:58 - SS6: Meeke
"It's snowing now, okay not heavily, but it's covering the ground and it's hard to see the lines. When its like this there is no advantage to running further down the order."

Fri 14:54 - SS6: Neuville
Fastest through, 2.3sec up on Latvala. "Its good. I tried to drive so efficiently here to stay in the line. Push harder and you get out of the grip."

Fri 14:52 - SS6: Lefebvre
"I make progress and I'm very happy. My first time here in a World Rally Car."

Fri 14:49 - SS6: Evans
"Quite a lot of loose snow in here but not as extreme as the previous stage. Quite changeable grip."

Fri 14:47 - SS6: Breen
25sec off the pace here - and with good reason. "I had a spin and I went into a snow bank. I have completely, completely lost my confidence," he says.

Fri 14:45 - SS6: Sordo
"There is a lot of snow now and I can't get the feeling. There's grip in the lines, but nothing outside. I can't keep the car in the lines and that's affecting my confidence."

Fri 14:43 - SS6: Tanak
"I'm not fully happy. There is a lot of fresh snow on the top here, it's very slippery. Also I made a few mistakes - went wide in a few places."

Fri 14:42 - SS6: Latvala
3.9sec quicker than Ogier. "You have ruts but its very difficult to keep the rear in them," he explains. "You have to be very, very precise. I feel quite good with the car. I think the drivers behind will benefit from a wider line - we'll see."

Fri 14:40 - SS6: Ogier
He's shaking his head. "I cannot do anything. I'm trying but it's undriveable after the historic cars. Of course tomorrow I will have a better road position, but I need to keep myself in a good place tonight."

Fri 14:20 - Next stage: 1427hrs
Crews are en-route to the start of Hof-Finnskog - a 44km drive from the end of SS5.

Fri 14:18 - Sweden WRC2 after SS5
1.Tidemand 46m32.1, 2.Veiby +18.9s, 3.Suninen +27.7s, 4.Camilli +1h11.6s, 5.Greensmith +1m23.0s

Fri 14:15 - Hanninen out
His Yaris is parked close to the stage end. "There is damage to the cooling [system] so the water temperature is high. it's not possible to continue," he explains.

Fri 14:13 - SS5: WRC 2 Arai
Like in the earlier pass he picks up a puncture. Last time it was a left-front, this time it's a right-front.

Fri 14:10 - SS5: WRC 2 Lukyanuk
His car in stuck in front-wheel drive only.

Fri 14:09 - SS5: WRC 2 Camilli
"I was stuck behind Brynildsen for 15km. He was driving very slowly. Why did he do that? I'm very angry."

Fri 14:08 - SS5: WRC 2 Brynildsen
He loses more than three minutes. "We had a puncture. And then we caught Koltun. A big disappointment, but that's how it is sometimes."

Fri 14:06 - SS5: WRC 2 Koltun
Almost two minutes off the pace here. "My rally is completely ruined. Engine problem. We had to stop on stage."

Fri 14:05 - SS5: WRC 2 Bergkvist
"I caught the car in front. Then I saw Brynildsen stopped too. I tried to do the best I could."

Fri 14:03 - SS5: WRC 2 Veiby
The early leader loses 13sec to Tidemand here. "I spun just a couple of hundred meters before the finish," he explains.

Fri 14:01 - SS5: Ostberg
Mads running out of order here because of his late service exit when work to replace a gearbox overran. 50-sec penalty applied, he plunges to 10th place. His car is missing its rear spoiler. "It came off when I was absolutely flat out in sixth gear."

Fri 13:58 - SS5: WRC 2 Tidemand
"A clean stage. I can confirm the lack of grip. You just need to keep the car in the lines."

Fri 13:57 - SS5: WRC 2 Suninen
"Difficult to drive on the limit - there's no grip outside the line."

Fri 13:56 - Sweden after SS5
1.Neuville 43m48.8s, 2.Latvala +3.8s, 3.Tanak +23.5s, 4.Meeke +25.5s, 5.Ogier +27.7s

Fri 13:52 - SS5: Paddon
Second quickest through and it look like Paddon's back in the game. "Better," he says. "We made a small change to the car which has given me a lot more confidence. There were a lot of small holes and ruts in the corners here - we hit one and I thought I had a puncture, but it's okay."

Fri 13:50 - SS5: Meeke
Drama too for Kris Meeke. "I was off the road for 15 sec," he explains. "I got stuck in a snow bank and was lucky to get out. I had a huge bump in the car, it was a big surprise, the car went light and and I went off at the next corner."

Fri 13:49 - SS5: Hanninen
28sec off the pace and his Yaris is sporting heavy front-end damage. There is steam pouring from under the bonnet. "Just before the finish I started to slide, slide, slide and we hit a tree. The water temperature is high - I have to go."

Fri 13:46 - SS5: Neuville
Quickest so far - 7.4sec up on Tanak - and Neuville regains the rally lead. "The road is changing a bit. This morning the guys ahead had an advantage. Now maybe we do."

Fri 13:43 - SS5: Lefebvre
"An improvement on the first pass. My pace notes were better."

Fri 13:42 - SS5: Evans
"Really tricky. Off the line there's absolutely no grip. I'm trying to drive as cleanly as possible."

Fri 13:40 - SS5: Breen
Eight seconds slower than Latvala and there is some bumper damage on his car's front-right. "About 200 metres before the finish I lost the front and went into a bank - I had to reverse. Extremely tricky."

Fri 13:38 - SS5: Sordo
"More difficult to drive than earlier. Okay, there's grip in the lines but off them it's extremely slippery. I saw some gravel in there so I tried to look after my tyres."

Fri 13:36 - SS5: Tanak
A new gearbox was fitted in service. "The car is fine now. Not much grip at the rear, but the stage was okay." Tanak is quickest so far - three tenths up on Latvala.

Fri 13:35 - SS5: Latvala
Jari-Matti finds it tough too. "Very tricky in the lines, the snow since the earlier pass has made it very slippery." He's 4.8sec quicker than Ogier.

Fri 13:33 - SS5: Ogier
Finding the stage a very different challenge after the passage of the historic rally cars. "Their lines are so different It's almost undriveable. It's a big fight to keep the car in the lines."

Fri 13:27 - Problem for Ostberg?
Official timing shows him 5 mins late out of service.

Fri 13:26 - Welcome back
Stage five is underway.

Fri 12:03 - Next stage: 1320hrs
That's when Ogier will start the repeat pass of Röjden. We'll take a live text break until then.

Fri 12:01 - Service quote Ostberg
"It's been a really good morning. We are trying as hard as we can. Okay, I know the first stage today really well but in this car everything is different. It's amazing. The things it can do require a completely different type of driving."

Fri 11:51 - Service quote: Paddon
"Tough. I underestimated the challenge here. It was okay in testing but out here it just doesn't feel right. It's all down to me. Okay, there are some things we can do to the car to give me the confidence but I need more stages to build the feeling."

Fri 11:48 - Service quote: Breen
Back safely in Torsby. "We broke the damper about 7km before the end of the stage [SS4] and lost the oil straightaway."

Fri 11:47 - Service quote Neuville:
"The last stage was very slippy and running behind was no advantage. The fight with Jari-Matti is still on - we are enjoying and doing our best. We made some set-up improvements this morning and are going to change the set-up a little more now. Hopefully the car will be better this afternoon."

Fri 11:44 - Service quote: Meeke
"I'm happy. I found a comfortable rhythm right from the start. The confidence has come back. Here, you don't want to stretch your boundaries much - you are penalised for being just a few millimeters over. After the disappointment on the Monte I'm really happy with where I am."

Fri 11:41 - Service quote: Latvala
"It's been a really, really good morning, I surprised myself actually. A front-heavy landing on today's first stage gave me a scare but after that I relaxed. I'm thinking about some changes now for the afternoon loop - I'm expecting more ruts."

Fri 11:36 - Service Park TV
Watch teams re-prep the cars in service via our live stream cameras. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE

Fri 11:22 - Up next: service
Crews are heading back to Torsby for today's midpoint service. Ogier's check-in time: 1156hrs.

Fri 11:20 - Sweden WRC2 after SS4
1.Tidemand 36m32.5, 2.Veiby +5.2s, 3.Suninen +26.5s, 4.Brynildsen +28.4s, 5.Camilli +1m02.2s

Fri 11:19 - SS4: WRC 2 Greensmith
"Not the best. A bit of hesitation near then end. It's not really very good. The pace notes were good at the start but not near the end - too slow for Sweden."

Fri 11:16 - Sweden after SS4
1.Latvala 34m19.2s, 2.Neuville +3.9s, 3.Meeke +18.8s, 4.Ogier +19.1s, 5.Tanak +20.0s

Fri 11:14 - SS4: WRC 2 Camilli
"Nice, but difficult this morning. I don't have a good feeling and I don't trust my notes 100 per cent."

Fri 11:12 - SS4: WRC 2 Bergkvist
10 sec penalty applied for late arrival at the start control. "I'm not blaming anyone - these things happen."

Fri 11:11 - SS4: WRC 2 Koltun
More than a minute off the pace here. "So far a terrible rally for me. I'm not sure it's going to get better."

Fri 11:10 - SS4: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"More understeer here, but it's a good fight with Suninen."

Fri 11:10 - SS4: WRC 2 Grondal
37.7sec off the WRC 2 pace here and the frustration shows. "I can't get it to work property – I’m a bit disappointed. Not sure it’s me or the car. I think I have an idea about what needs changing in service but those parts are sealed."

Fri 11:08 - SS4: WRC 2 Veiby
Satisfied with his drive, but Ole Christian is 8.3sec slower than Tidemand and slips behind to second place in WRC 2.

Fri 11:06 - SS4: WRC 2 Tidemand
More improvement for Pontus. "A fantastic stage. I really enjoyed it. We start to get into the snow driving now. We can improve."

Fri 11:03 - SS4: WRC 2 Suninen
"A quite okay loop but I made some small driving mistakes and I need to improve them before the next loop."

Fri 11:00 - SS4: Ostberg
"I'm struggling to find the grip, especially under braking. The ice is gone, but I'm not yet on the gravel. It's not possible to do times like Jari-Matti's from this far down in the start order."

Fri 10:57 - SS4: Paddon
Seventh quickest for the Kiwi. "Everything feels abnormal at the moment - the driving is not coming naturally,"

Fri 10:53 - SS4: Meeke
"It's okay, but Jari's done a flier! I'm just driving at my own rhythm."

Fri 10:51 - SS4: Hanninen
"Nothing special. Struggling a little in the slow corners. Maybe I will change the car a little in service, I have some ideas."

Fri 10:50 - SS4: Neuville
8.5sec slower than Latvala here and Neuville slips behind him to second place. "A lot of deep cuts in here," he says. "I hit something very hard on the front-right and afterwards I took it easy. Okay, I lost a bit of time, but the conditions are getting worse I think."

Fri 10:47 - SS4: Lefebvre
"Okay, but I think I can use the snow banks more to my benefit."

Fri 10:47 - SS4: Evans
He completes with the loss of 1m50s. His car has a rear-left puncture. "I got dragged in to a snow bank and there must have been a rock in there. We managed to get out but it was pretty evident that something was wrong."

Fri 10:44 - SS4: Evans update
Time loss evident in the split times. He is more than a minute off the pace at the 17km point.

Fri 10:43 - SS4: Breen
27.4sec off the pace. "I hit a stone and broke the front-right damper." He's off to service now.

Fri 10:42 - SS4: Sordo
29sec off Latvala's pace and inside the car there's a section of cargo netting dangling in front of his eyes. "It was a distraction and I missed a hairpin and lost a lot of time," he explains. "After that I couldn't get back in the rhythm."

Fri 10:40 - SS4: Evans
reported to be driving slowly

Fri 10:40 - SS4: Tanak
12.9sec slower than Ogier "gearbox issue"

Fri 10:38 - SS4: Latvala
9.6sec quicker than Ogier and there's a big smile on his face. "A very nice stage, perfect, a nice feeling. I couldn't get such a feeling here last year because I had a broken driveshaft. The car feels good now - we have stiffened the front suspension."

Fri 10:35 - SS4: Ogier
He's through in 13m01.9s. "Very difficult, Especially this one, which was maybe the worst of the loop. In the narrow sections there is no grip. That's just how it is. I'm happy with my driving though."

Fri 10:12 - Stage info: SS4
Svullrya, 24.88km. Svullrya has never been driven in this direction. It is fast and flowing from the start with plenty of inviting corners to challenge drivers. It contains a mix of wide flowing roads and narrower forest tracks, while the big Furumo jumps just before the midpoint throw cars high into the air.

Fri 10:12 - Up next: SS4
Cars are gathering at the Svullrya start control. Ogier's start time: 1020hrs.

Fri 10:05 - SS3: Tempestini
"We had a puncture in the first stage and in here - in the fast sections - I felt the right rear wheel isn't straight. We will make it to service okay."

Fri 10:03 - Sweden WRC2 after SS3
1.Veiby 22m45.6, 2.Tidemand +3.1s, 3.Brynildsen +12.2s, 4.Suninen +17.3s, 5.Greensmith +40.1s

Fri 10:02 - SS3: WRC 2 Greensmith
"A really bad one for me. The notes were way too slow and I couldn't commit to them. I think we've got them all for next time." He might not be too satisfied but Greensmith moves up to fifth in WRC 2.

Fri 09:58 - SS3: WRC 2 Lukyanuk
A decent time here, but he's five minutes behind the leaders now after getting stuck in the previous stage. "This one is different, the feeling is not as good as before, I'm just learning and gaining experience."

Fri 09:56 - SS3: WRC 2 Camilli
"Difficult, huh? We had a faulty note - it's not easy to go flat out. I haven't driven on snow for a year."

Fri 09:55 - SS3: WRC 2 Bergkvist
"We made some set-up changes between the stages, it feels better now."

Fri 09:53 - SS3: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"Difficult one - massive understeer towards the end. My mistake - pushing too much I think. It's difficult to read the grip. Remember I'm not a full time driver like Pontus or Teemu - I'm a road worker!"

Fri 09:50 - SS3: WRC 2 Veiby
4.8sec slower than WRC 2 pace setter Tidemand . "A little too careful in here - my family owns the forest near the start so it feels special to be here."

Fri 09:48 - SS3: WRC 2 Tidemand
"This stage feels better but I still need to work a bit on the driving,"

Fri 09:47 - Sweden after SS3
1.Neuville 21m22.3s, 2.Latvala +4.6s, 3.Meeke +9.0s, 4.Sordo +11.1s, 5.Østberg +11.5s

Fri 09:40 - SS3: Ostberg
"I tried to push but there were some difficult lines in there. I tried my best, the speed is incredible. We need to push a little harder."

Fri 09:39 - SS3: Paddon
11th quickest and Paddon is struggling to find his Swedish rhythm. "Really trying to feel my way into this. I know I'm not driving very well at the moment. No point in pushing. I just have to let it come naturally."

Fri 09:37 - SS3: Meeke
Seventh fastest so far. "On the limiter a few times in here. I tried to make use of the road camber and keep it neat - perhaps I could could go faster."

Fri 09:34 - SS3: Hanninen
"The car is working really well. A really nice stage."

Fri 09:33 - SS3: Neuville
Neuville sets a new fastest time - six-tenths up on Latvala. "The feeling [at the rear] is a bit better but my pace notes were a bit too fast in places here - I lost confidence and slowed a little near the end. Compared to the old cars these are so are much faster."

Fri 09:30 - SS3: Levebvre
"Very fast - we were on the rev limiter."

Fri 09:28 - SS3: Evans
4.1sec off Latvala's pace. "The grip is generally okay, but this stage is tricky, all new, high speed and your notes need to be 100 per cent."

Fri 09:27 - SS3: Breen
Second quickest so far, 1.7sec off Latvala's pace. "Absolutely incredible. Okay, I struggled at the start, when I wasn't committed enough, but I'm learning with every kilometre - the smile is getting bigger and bigger."

Fri 09:24 - SS3: Sordo
"A really nice stage but very, very fast. Hard to keep the speed all the time - hard to find a rhythm."

Fri 09:22 - SS3: Tanak
8.1sec off Latvala's pace. "Very slippery near the start, then I got stuck between two gears. I don't know what was happening, it was distracting."

Fri 09:21 - SS3: Latvala
He completes 2.5ec quicker than Ogier. "Very fast sections in there - 200kph for some time. Good conditions though, a proper winter rally stage." His average speed over the 21.26km is 125.28kph.

Fri 09:19 - SS3: Ogier
Mixed fortunes running at the head of the field. "The first part of the stage was clean but the last part was loose and slippery. I think it's going to be difficult for us today."

Fri 09:16 - SS3: Splits watch
Latvala 2.1sec quicker than Ogier to the 12.9km split but Tanak is 3sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 09:00 - Stage info: SS3
Hof-Finnskog, 21.26km. A new stage that has never been used before. Narrow and winding roads in hilly areas mix with long straights and open landscapes to offer a little bit of everything. It is fast throughout with plenty of quick corners but several bumps which will require care.

Fri 08:59 - Next stage: 0906hrs
That's Ogier's start time for Hof-Finnskog. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 08:58 - Sweden WRC2 after SS2
1.Veiby 11m49.9, 2.Tidemand +7.9s, 3.Brynildsen +8.5s, 4.Suninen +15.6s, 5.Grøndal +22.0s

Fri 08:57 - SS2: WRC 2 Jirvellius
He completes with steam pouring from the front of his Fiesta. "We spun in the last corner. I must go and check the car."

Fri 08:54 - SS2: WRC 2 Ketomaki
"The stage was good but very bad driving!"

Fri 08:54 - SS2: WRC 2 Arai
He completes with a puncture. "We hit a sharp stone on the inside of a corner. I thought it was just a slow puncture but it was worse. We just took it easy after that."

Fri 08:52 - SS2: WRC 2 Katsuta
"I was a bit careful in every corner but a nice stage. I'm looking forward to the next one."

Fri 08:51 - SS2: WRC 2 Loubet
We were expecting Alexey Lukyanuk. Loubet has an update: "He is stopped one corner before the finish. His car is about 20cm off the road."

Fri 08:49 - SS2: WRC 2 Koltan
He's running out of order and has dropped more than five minutes. What happened? "We broke a wheel and got a puncture. We stopped to change it."

Fri 08:48 - SS2: WRC 2 Camilli
20.9sec slower than Veiby here. "I stalled the engine under braking and it took like to restart. Also Henning Solberg was on the road. Not easy."

Fri 08:46 - SS2: WRC 2 Bergkvist
"Quite okay, actually. Some understeer in there. We hit a huge stone and were lucky not to puncture."

Fri 08:45 - SS2: WRC 2 Solberg
WRC+ Live tracking shows Henning's Skoda Fabia R5 stopped at 6.9km.

Fri 08:44 - SS2: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"So perfect, the conditions are great. Lots of Norwegian flags. I'm so happy to be doing this!"

Fri 08:43 - SS2: WRC 2 Grondal
18.4sec off the leading pace in WRC 2. "Conditions were changing a lot: sometimes grip, sometimes none. The car feels good."

Fri 08:42 - SS2: WRC 2 Veiby
Another storming time from the Norwegian. He's quickest WRC 2 driver so far, a full 5sec up on Suninen here. "Quite surprising because I did some mistakes. A good start through."

Fri 08:40 - SS2: WRC 2 Tidemand
Cleanly through, 6.9sec slower than Suninen.

Fri 08:40 - SS2: WRC 2 Suninen
A spin last night on the Super Special, but it's a clean start here. "In the first part I was quite careful, I need more experience in this car on these roads."

Fri 08:36 - Sweden after SS2
1.Neuville 11m12.0s, 2.Tanak +3.0s, 3.Meeke +3.4s, 4.Latvala +4.0s, 5.Østberg +5.5s

Fri 08:33 - SS2: Østberg
"Tricky. Lines going everywhere and a lot of snow on the road." He slots fifth fastest.

Fri 08:32 - SS2: Bertelli
WRC+ Live tracking shows the Italian's car stopped at 10km.

Fri 08:31 - SS2: Bertelli
WRC+ Live tracking shows the Italian's car stopped at 10km.

Fri 08:31 - SS2: Paddon
9.2sec off the pace. "I was surprised by how slippery it was out there. There are two ice lines to follow, and it's very slippery if you get off them."

Fri 08:29 - SS2: Meeke
Second fastest so far, 2sec slower than Neuville. "Quite good, but slippery off the line. I didn't want to do do anything stupid on the first stage. Bedding myself in. It felt good."

Fri 08:28 - SS2: Hanninen
Eighth-fastest for Juho, and its sounds like a more relaxed ride than his Toyota team-mate Latvala. "Really nice, I thought it would be more bumpy. My car was good over the bumps."

Fri 08:26 - SS2: Neuville
Quickest so far, 2.8s up on Tanak and Thierry takes the rally lead. "It was okay but the car is jumping around a bit I'm not too happy with the suspension at the rear. I tried to be smooth but I could be better."

Fri 08:23 - SS2: Lefebvre
Slowest time on the board so far from Stéphane, in Citroën's previous-generation DS 3. "It was okay for us. I don't take risks in the first one I want to get experience and a good feeling first of all."

Fri 08:21 - SS2: Evans
A great start for the Welshman who goes third quickest, 4.2sec off Tanak's leading pace. "Really, really nice, quite loose in some places. Some places a bit hesitant but generally okay,"

Fri 08:18 - SS2: Breen
Six seconds off the pace on his first 'proper' Sweden stage in the C3. "An eye-opener. The car is absolutely awesome."

Fri 08:16 - SS2: Sordo
4.6sec slower than stage leader Tanak. "It was okay. Difficult to see the road in places."

Fri 08:15 - SS2: Tanak
Quickest so far, 1.8sec up on Latvala. "Bloody slippery. And it's difficult to see in this [level of] daylight."

Fri 08:14 - SS2: Latvala
6.1sec quicker than Ogier but he sounds uneasy. "The car is very good to drive, the balance is good, but on the long straight over the jumps I lost confidence, like I did at shakedown. I need to sort it out."

Fri 08:11 - SS2: Ogier
He completes in 9m48.0s, but from the look of the splits the guys behind are quicker. Some very light snow is falling at the stage end. "It was difficult, especially in the narrow section where it was very slippery. Not a bad stage for us." And what about the faster pace of the guys behind? "We do what we can."

Fri 08:07 - SS2: Splits watch
A strong start from Latvala and Tanak: -4.3s and -6.3s to Ogier respectively at the 6.2km split.

Fri 08:05 - Stage info: SS2
Röjden, 18.47km. A classic stage used many times in national rallies. It starts in Sweden and crosses into Norway for 12km before returning to Sweden again. The stage offers a mix of fast and slower roads, with few junctions but an exceptionally tricky jump in the middle. Driven in the same format as last year.

Fri 08:03 - SS2: LIVE
Ogier began the stage on schedule at 0759hrs. He, Latvala and Tanak are underway. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 08:01 - WRC Live
Becs Williams is hosting this weekend's radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Emyr Penlan and special guest, former VW comms guru Helge Gerdes. The team are on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Fri 07:59 - Weather
Cold, dark and overcast in Torsby at the moment. The temperature is -6˚C in service and a couple of degrees warmer on the opening Röjden stage. It might get one or two degrees warmer this afternoon. Very little snow overnight and none forecast today. Sunrise: 0759hrs.

Fri 07:54 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on tyre choices for the morning loop: All Michelin World Rally Car crews have five Michelin 'X Ice North 3' studded tyres except Hanninen and Lefebvre who have six.

Fri 07:53 - Start intervals
Priority 1 drivers of World Rally Cars will start at two-minute intervals. For everybody else, the gap is one minute.

Fri 07:53 - Friday's start order
World Rally Car drivers tackle Friday's stages in championship order, starting with Monte Carlo winner Sébastien Ogier. Here's how they will line up. 1.Ogier, 2. Latvala, 3.Tanak, 4.Sordo, 5.Breen, 6.Evans, 7.Lefebvre, 8.Neuville, 9. Hänninen, 10.Meeke, 11. Paddon, 12, Ostberg, 13, Bertelli, 14. Gorban

Fri 07:52 - Friday's itinerary 2/2
Crews are gathering at the start of the opening Röjden stage (18.47km) which will get underway at 0759hrs. After that they will tackle Hof-Finnskog (21.26km) and Svullrya (24.88km) before a 30 minute service in Torsby. The same stages will be repeated in the afternoon before a single pass through the 16.43km Torsby stage, repeated on Sunday as the Live TV Power Stage.

Fri 07:51 - Friday's itinerary 1/2
With a total of 145.65 stage kilometres, Friday is the longest leg of the rally. The bulk of today's competition is based across the border in Norway with the Röjden stage actually running between both countries. New this year, a mid-leg service has been re-introduced instead of the previous Tyre Fitting Zone.

Fri 07:51 - We're LIVE
Stationed in the rally service park at Torsby airport to bring you the all the news from today's stages

Fri 07:51 - Morning all
A warm welcome from a frozen Torsby and welcome back to our live text coverage of Rally Sweden, round two of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Thu 21:15 - Until then
Keep an eye on later tonight for our first Rally Sweden leg report. And don’t forget to check out WRC+ where you'll be able to review tonight's stage coverage and explore our Rally Sweden archives of stage footage, highlights shows and onboards. Bye for now.

Thu 21:12 - We will return
On Friday to bring you coverage of the rally's first - and longest - day. We'll be here from 0759hrs (local) when the opening stage gets underway.

Thu 21:10 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our Rally Sweden live text service for tonight

Thu 21:08 - Sweden WRC2 after SS1
1.Veiby 1m36.5, 2.Tidemand +1.0s, 3.Brynildsen +1.6s, 4.Lukyanuk +3.5s, 5.Grøndal +3.6s

Thu 21:05 - Sweden after SS1
1.Latvala 1m34.1s, 2.Neuville +0.6s, 3.Sordo +0.7s, 4.Tanak +0.8s, 5.Ogier +0.9s

Thu 20:57 - SS1: Latvala vs Ogier
Latvala wins the final pairing in the World Rally Car category in a stage-winning time of 1m34.1s. "Everything is more than great - now I just need to hold the horses!" he says. "I just try to get a good rhythm tomorrow. That's the most important thing." Ogier slots fifth-fastest, but just nine-tenths behind. "Not so bad. Okay, not the fastest but tomorrow the real thing starts. We need to be awake straight away. As first car on the road, I hope not too much fresh snow falls overnight."

Thu 20:52 - SS1: Meeke vs Ostberg
Ostberg quicker than Meeke here by eight-tenths. Ostberg says: "Quite tricky. It's my first time in one of these cars on a stage like this. The car is fantastic but quite difficult in a stage like this. I cannot wait to get out onto the stages tomorrow." Meeke says: "Not so bad, but we lost a little time off the start line - got a bit bogged - Mads got ahead and made it stick."

Thu 20:49 - SS1: Neuville vs Tanak
Neuville becomes the man to beat - setting a new fastest time of 1m34.7s. He says: "I used my shakedown tyres here, which are not so good anymore, but they were okay for this stage. But I was not so happy with the car's balance. I planned to do better than this." Tanak says: "It's getting loose in some places, really tricky and difficult to manage. I'm happy to start the rally like this."

Thu 20:46 - SS1: Paddon vs Evans
Ford Fiesta driver Evans wins the heat by 1.1sec "A bit inconsistent, but generally okay," he says. Paddon clips a hay bale with his Hyundai but it isn't damaged. "Messy," Paddon explains. "I got caught out a couple of times. Tomorrow is when it starts!"

Thu 20:43 - SS1: Sordo vs Breen
A new fastest time for Sordo in the Hyundai i20 Coupe. He says: "Okay, it's not a 'real' stage - it's completely ice - but the car is working really well. A lot of fun." Breen says: "We played around with the car here and it definitely didn't work! Looking forward to tomorrow - bring it on!"

Thu 20:40 - SS1: Lefebvre vs Haninen
Hanninen, running without headlights, sets a new fastest time in the first of the 2017-spec world rally cars. "The Yaris went well - better than the driver! A bit slippery but a nice stage for the spectators."

Thu 20:38 - SS1: Bertelli vs Gorban
The first World Rally Car pairing goes Bertelli's way. Both drivers are in 2016-spec cars and are contenting the new WRC trophy. "It was a good stage, quite smooth - my first stage of the season," says Bertelli.

Thu 20:35 - SS1: Suninen vs Solberg
Henning wins this heat - in joint second-fastest time - in a Skoda Fabia R5. Suninen is 9.6sec slower after spinning his Ford Fiesta R5 after a jump. "I'm quite happy - shakedown was my first time in this car and I was fastest there." says Henning. "Not the best start," says Suninen, "I made a mistake after the jump. I need to concentrate tomorrow."

Thu 20:30 - SS1: Camilli vs Loubet
Camilli wins this pairing, completing ninth-fastest so far in his M-Sport-run Fiesta R5. He looks agitated. "On the start there was a mistake - we thought we had two more minutes to go, but we only had one!"

Thu 20:27 - SS1: Greensmith vs Koltun
Greensmith wins his heat. "It's my first time on snow, so this is a learning rally for me. This one is all about the mileage. It was good fun though."

Thu 20:25 - SS1: Veiby vs Jirvellius
Veiby wins the heat in a new fastest time - 1sec up on Tidemand. "It was a neat and clean stage for me - I'm happy with that. Very comfortable for now." Jirvellius says: "A lot more slippery than I thought."

Thu 20:22 - SS1: Lukyanuk vs Ketomaki
Lukyanuk (Fiesta R5) the winner of this pairing - and third fastest overall so far. "Exciting, a nice stage, a good surface. We must stay calm and see how things work out," he says. "Quite slippery - not good for me," says Fabia driver Ketomaki.

Thu 20:20 - SS1: Katsuta vs Arai
Arai wins the battle of Toyota's two young development drivers. He says: "I missed a shift at some point and went a little bit sideways - but we made it - its okay!" Katsuta says: "A good stage, tomorrow is the most important - that's the proper rally."

Thu 20:17 - SS1: Bergkvist vs Brynildsen
Another Sweden/Norway clash goes the way of Norwegian Brynildsen - so that's one-all. "So nice to drive here in front of so many spectators - I'm really looking forward to the weekend," says Bergkvist. "It's looking really good. We had a good speed in Norway earlier in the season - we want to bring some of that speed here," says Brynildsen.

Thu 20:13 - SS1: Tidemand vs Grondal
Tidemand wins the heat by 2.6sec and it's one-nil to Sweden. "I enjoyed it. A great atmosphere, lots of slides!" says Tidemand. "I was bit slow on the throttle, I have to do a better job," says Grondal.

Thu 20:08 - Rally live!
Grøndal (Ford Fiesta R5) and Tidemand (Skoda Fabia R5) are on stage. Tidemand's a bit of a local legend - he was recently named Sweden’s motorsport athlete of the year.

Thu 20:00 - Stage info: SS1
SSS Karlstad 1, 1.90km. Sweeping bends, a spectacular jump and a great atmosphere are the hallmarks of Karlstad’s horse trotting track. Drivers tackle two laps of the test in head-to-head duels.

Thu 19:56 - Big crowds
In Karlstad for tonight's stage. Warm up (they need that) includes this chap flipping a snowmobile

Thu 19:53 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on tonight's tyre choices: All Michelin World Rally Car crews have five Michelin 'X Ice North 3' studded tyres except Jari-Matti Latvala who has taken six.

Thu 19:49 - Time zones
All times quoted here are local. For Sweden that's Central European Time or UTC +1hour.

Thu 19:48 - Thursday's start order
There's a special order for tonight's curtain raiser. First on track will be the WRC 2 drivers, headed by a Nordic duel between Anders Grøndal (Norway) and Pontus Tidemand (Sweden). The WRC drivers will be next up - from 2033hrs - followed by the rest of the field.

Thu 19:48 - Weather
Cold and overcast in Karlstad. The temperature is -4˚C and there is a chance of some light snow.

Thu 19:33 - Watch SS1 LIVE
Watch SS1 LIVE WRC+ users can watch this evening's stage live. Streaming starts at 2000hrs local [UTC +1]. So there's still time to sort a subscription if you haven't already.

Thu 19:33 - Thursday's itinerary 2/2
Up first: the traditional head-to-head super special stage at the Färjestad Trotting Course in Karlstad, a 1.9km stage popular with spectators, which will be repeated on Saturday evening.

Thu 19:33 - Thursday's itinerary 1/2
The event gets underway tonight with a short, frozen taste of the action to come on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thu 19:33 - We're LIVE
Reporting from the rally's new service park at Torsby airport to bring you the all the news from the event's 18 wintry stages.

Thu 19:32 - Good evening!
From Torsby and welcome to our live text coverage of Rally Sweden, round two of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Tue 11:45 - Rally Sweden 2017 - Preview
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SS18 Torsby 2 (Power Stage) (16.43 km)


Pos # Driver Time Diff Prev Diff 1st
1. 10 FINJ. LATVALA 8:51.1
2. 1 FRAS. OGIER 8:52.3 +1.2 +1.2
3. 5 BELT. NEUVILLE 8:52.6 +0.3 +1.5
4. 7 GBRK. MEEKE 8:54.1 +1.5 +3.0
5. 4 NZLH. PADDON 8:58.8 +4.7 +7.7
6. 6 ESPD. SORDO 8:59.1 +0.3 +8.0
7. 2 ESTO. TANAK 9:00.3 +1.2 +9.2
8. 3 GBRE. EVANS 9:02.9 +2.6 +11.8
9. 11 FINJ. HÄNNINEN 9:05.8 +2.9 +14.7
10. 8 IRLC. BREEN 9:06.3 +0.5 +15.2
11. 15 FRAS. LEFEBVRE 9:13.7 +7.4 +22.6
12. 14 NORM. OSTBERG 9:15.4 +1.7 +24.3
13. 36 NORE. BRYNILDSEN 9:25.4 +10.0 +34.3
14. 31 FINT. SUNINEN 9:26.3 +0.9 +35.2
15. 32 SWEP. TIDEMAND 9:28.9 +2.6 +37.8
16. 34 NORO. VEIBY 9:30.1 +1.2 +39.0
17. 40 FRAE. CAMILLI 9:33.7 +3.6 +42.6
18. 42 RUSA. LUKYANUK 9:40.6 +6.9 +49.5
19. 16 UKRV. GORBAN 9:41.4 +0.8 +50.3
20. 44 JPNH. ARAI 9:42.9 +1.5 +51.8
21. 17 NORH. SOLBERG 9:42.9 +0.0 +51.8
22. 45 GBRG. GREENSMITH 9:44.2 +1.3 +53.1
23. 43 JPNT. KATSUTA 9:48.9 +4.7 +57.8
24. 81 FINJ. KETOMÄKI 10:00.5 +11.6 +1:09.4
25. 39 SWEE. BERGKVIST 10:08.2 +7.7 +1:17.1
26. 38 POLJ. KOLTUN 10:11.2 +3.0 +1:20.1
27. 93 NORO. SOLBERG 10:34.3 +23.1 +1:43.2
28. 85 SWER. BLOMBERG 10:46.0 +11.7 +1:54.9
29. 92 FINT. LARIO 10:48.8 +2.8 +1:57.7
30. 94 SWED. RÖJSEL 10:57.3 +8.5 +2:06.2
31. 87 SWEJ. ROMAN 11:13.8 +16.5 +2:22.7
32. 96 SWEA. ÅBERG 11:29.2 +15.4 +2:38.1


Pos # Driver Time Diff Prev Diff 1st
1. 10 FINJ. LATVALA 2:36:03.6
2. 2 ESTO. TANAK 2:36:32.8 +29.2 +29.2
3. 1 FRAS. OGIER 2:37:03.1 +30.3 +59.5
4. 6 ESPD. SORDO 2:38:15.1 +1:12.0 +2:11.5
5. 8 IRLC. BREEN 2:38:54.8 +39.7 +2:51.2
6. 3 GBRE. EVANS 2:41:30.2 +2:35.4 +5:26.6
7. 4 NZLH. PADDON 2:41:34.8 +4.6 +5:31.2
8. 15 FRAS. LEFEBVRE 2:43:18.3 +1:43.5 +7:14.7
9. 32 SWEP. TIDEMAND 2:45:14.7 +1:56.4 +9:11.1
10. 31 FINT. SUNINEN 2:46:06.5 +51.8 +10:02.9
11. 34 NORO. VEIBY 2:46:22.1 +15.6 +10:18.5
12. 7 GBRK. MEEKE 2:46:32.3 +10.2 +10:28.7
13. 5 BELT. NEUVILLE 2:47:35.1 +1:02.8 +11:31.5
14. 40 FRAE. CAMILLI 2:48:27.1 +52.0 +12:23.5
15. 14 NORM. OSTBERG 2:49:58.3 +1:31.2 +13:54.7
16. 45 GBRG. GREENSMITH 2:50:25.5 +27.2 +14:21.9
17. 39 SWEE. BERGKVIST 2:51:20.5 +55.0 +15:16.9
18. 81 FINJ. KETOMÄKI 2:51:58.3 +37.8 +15:54.7
19. 44 JPNH. ARAI 2:52:01.6 +3.3 +15:58.0
20. 16 UKRV. GORBAN 2:53:14.1 +1:12.5 +17:10.5
21. 36 NORE. BRYNILDSEN 2:58:19.4 +5:05.3 +22:15.8
22. 43 JPNT. KATSUTA 2:58:42.1 +22.7 +22:38.5
23. 11 FINJ. HÄNNINEN 2:59:09.2 +27.1 +23:05.6
24. 38 POLJ. KOLTUN 3:06:32.8 +7:23.6 +30:29.2
25. 94 SWED. RÖJSEL 3:07:34.4 +1:01.6 +31:30.8
26. 87 SWEJ. ROMAN 3:16:09.1 +8:34.7 +40:05.5
27. 96 SWEA. ÅBERG 3:17:01.3 +52.2 +40:57.7
28. 93 NORO. SOLBERG 3:20:31.5 +3:30.2 +44:27.9
29. 42 RUSA. LUKYANUK 3:27:42.2 +7:10.7 +51:38.6
30. 85 SWER. BLOMBERG 3:37:07.4 +9:25.2 +1:01:03.8
31. 17 NORH. SOLBERG 3:44:56.9 +7:49.5 +1:08:53.3
32. 92 FINT. LARIO 3:54:17.7 +9:20.8 +1:18:14.1



León, México


Wind: 7 km/h