Rally Sweden


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Stage Name Distance (km) First Car Status
Day 1 - 03.04.2014
SS1 SSS Lisboa 3.27 18:01 COMPLETED
Day 2 - 04.04.2014
SS2 Silves 1 21.50 10:06 COMPLETED
SS3 Ourique 1 20.7 11:11 COMPLETED
SS4 Almodôvar 1 26.48 11:49 INTERRUPTED
SS5 Silves 2 21.50 14:51 COMPLETED
SS6 Ourique 2 20.7 15:56 COMPLETED
SS7 Almodôvar 2 26.48 16:34 COMPLETED
Day 3 - 05.04.2014
SS8 Santa Clara 1 19.09 09:55 COMPLETED
SS9 Santana da Serra 1 31.90 10:50 COMPLETED
SS10 Malhão 1 22.15 12:00 INTERRUPTED
SS11 Santa Clara 2 19.09 15:00 COMPLETED
SS12 Santana da Serra 2 31.90 15:55 COMPLETED
SS13 Malhão 2 22.15 17:05 COMPLETED
Day 4 - 06.04.2014
SS14 Loulé 1 13.83 08:35 COMPLETED
SS15 S. Brás de Alportel 1 16.21 09:30 COMPLETED
SS16 Loulé 2 (Power Stage) 13.83 11:05 COMPLETED

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Sat 16:32 - Next stop Mexico
The FIA World Rally Championship turns up the heat for round three, which kicks off on 6 March. Set the controls for heat, dust and gravel. The only ice we want to see is in our drinks.

Sat 16:18 - We're done!
That's about it from our Rally Sweden live text service.

Sat 16:17 - Power Stage points winners:
3points: Mads Ostberg (8m36.8s), 2points: Jari-Matti Latvala (8m37.9s), 1point: Mikko Hirvonen (8m39.7s)

Sat 16:16 - SS24: Fredrik Ahlin third in WRC2
A great result for his first time in a Fiesta R5. "I had some problems early on but kept a cool head and to get this result on my home rally feels wonderful."

Sat 16:12 - SS24: Kruuda wins WRC2!
Astonishing last minute victory from Karl Kruuda! He's faster than Jari Ketomaa by 21sec on the final stage to win the class by 2.3sec. And at the stage end he almost can't believe it.

Sat 16:09 - SS24: Al Rajhi puts on a brave face
He looked assured of the WRC2 win until a roll today after Colin's Crest. "We were unlucky but we are happy. We enjoyed the rally. We know we gave the speed."

Sat 16:06 - SS24: All eyes on WRC2
Can new leader Ketomaa keep Kruuda behind?

Sat 16:05 - SS24: Neuville agrees
"A good weekend. We can be pleased with that. We got a lot of information for the next rallies. We are already looking forward."

Sat 16:04 - SS24: Hanninen praises Hyundai
Okay, not the result the team was after but the car has not missed a beat.

Sat 16:02 - SS24: Ninth for Breen
and championship points on his world rally car debut. "It's been a real baptism of fire"

Sat 15:56 - Latvala: It's a huge relief
"I've never won a rally three times before. It's something very, very special. All my rally wins started here in 2008. It's a relief to win here. It's been a long time since [my last win in] Greece. And that was more of a tactical victory. This one is all about speed."

Sat 15:53 - But Latvala wins!
The Polo driver goes second fastest on the Power Stage and takes his third Sweden victory!

Sat 15:52 - It's second place for Mikkelsen!
He claims his first WRC podium. "Absolutely fantastic. And amazing to do this on my home event! It's more that I could have dreamed of."

Sat 15:49 - SS24: Just the Volkswagens to go

Sat 15:49 - SS24: But Ostberg is quicker
To take third place and become the new Power Stage leader with a time of 8m36.8s. "A really amazing day, I'm very happy to be here on our first Sweden with the Citroen."

Sat 15:46 - SS24: Hirvonen flies!
And goes fastest so far. His time of 8m39.7 is the new one to beat. "That was flat out. I really tried hard. I think it paid off to save my tyres. Let's see."

Sat 15:43 - SS24: Strong return for Tanak
Looks like fifth for the Estonian on his first event for more than a year. "I was worried before the event that I wouldn't be fast, so I'm really happy now. It's given me a lot of confidence."

Sat 15:41 - SS24: Meeke upbeat
"Not many people run 6th overall on their first Sweden. And to run about about one second off Ogier's pace here on the Power Stage isn't bad." So far Meeke is Ogier's closest challenger for Power Stage points. His time is 8m42.2s

Sat 15:38 - SS24: Late surge for Tidemand
But it's too little too late for the Swede. "For that last lap the car was perfect. Earlier I chose a rear diff that was totally wrong. I paid the price for that."

Sat 15:35 - SS24: Huge jump for Henning!
But it's not enough to carry him past Ogier, so it looks like sixth place for the Norwegian - 17.6sec adrift. "We slowed down the fast section - Evans has rolled there I think. I've really enjoyed myself!" Let's hope we see Henning back in the WRC soon. "I miss it," he says.

Sat 15:31 - SS24: Ogier out of the car
And waiting in the Power Stage holding pen. He's fastest driver so far. Will he take a maximum 3 bonus points?

Sat 15:28 - SS24: Ogier finishes
in a time of 8m40.5s. "It's not too bad. Maybe eight points. We have to wait for Henning. I had a good drive here but second on the road is a huge disadvantage."

Sat 15:26 - SS24: Kubica completes
In 9m34.6s. It has been very difficult. The target was to finish and we did that, but too many mistakes. We learned a lot."

Sat 15:23 - SS24: Evans stops
5.3km from the start line. He has rolled. A cruel end to an otherwise positive event for the Welshman.

Sat 15:18 - SS24: Zero car update
Bjorn Waldegard reports: "Good grip in the gravel lines but very slippery in the mud towards the end. In the sharp corners it will be very difficult."

Sat 15:14 - SS24 Underway!

Sat 14:48 - Power Stage up next
Rally Sweden's grand finale will kick off at 1513hrs

Sat 14:45 - SS23: Ketomaa angered
by Al Rajhi who he says didn't let him pass on SS23. "We caught him and lost a lot of time because he wouldn't let us by. It wasn't very nice of him."

Sat 14:37 - SS23: All change in WRC2
Ketomaa is the new leader. He's taken the place from Yazeed Al Rajhi, who lost more than 2min with a roll and slips to third. Karl Kruuda is now second, and only 18.7sec behind Ketomaa. It's going to be a hell of a fight on the Power Stage!

Sat 14:33 - SS23: Latvala through cleanly
Just one stage separates him from a third Rally Sweden victory. His has a 46.8sec lead with only the 15.87km Power Stage to go.

Sat 14:30 - SS23: Mikkelsen responds
to Ostberg's earlier charge with a time 2.2sec quicker. The gap between them is now 13.8sec ahead of the final Power Stage. "He upped the pace and I had to answer," Mikkelsen explained. "We are in a good rhythm now. We'll put on some new tyres now and hopefully everything will be okay."

Sat 14:22 - SS23: Al Rajhi rolls
Just after Colin's Crest. Another shock for our long-time WRC2 leader and the second hiccup in as many stages. He's moving again now but it looks like his chances of victory have gone out of the window.

Sat 14:19 - SS23: Front puncture for Neuville
He's moving again now having stopped to change it.

Sat 14:17 - SS23: Solberg set for final push
Henning is not giving up on sixth just yet. "Ogier is faster so I have to respect that, but everything can happen in the Power Stage!" Henning reckons his tyres are in good conditions too. He is the only WRC runner on Pirelli tyres. Will this give him an advantage?

Sat 14:13 - SS23: Neuville stops
The Hyundai driver is in trouble again. The GPS tracker shows his i20 stopped at the 4.3km mark.

Sat 14:12 - SS23: Ogier up to sixth
Another stage win for the Frenchman edges him past Henning Solberg. It's close though - heading to the final stage he is just 0.1sec ahead.

Sat 14:09 - SS23: Solowow loses 3min
The Pole stuffs the nose of his Fiesta into a snow bank, then has to stop to scoop it out when his engine temperature rockets.

Sat 14:05 - SS23: Kubica's through
We tried to survive and tried to complete the rally. Yesterday and today were not the best so the confidence went down a bit. Now I'm just trying to finish."

Sat 13:55 - SS23 Underway
The repeated Vargasen is the penultimate stage of the rally.

Sat 13:54 - WRC recap after SS22
1) Latvala, 2) Mikkelsen 47.2sec, 3) Ostberg 58.8sec, 4) Hirvonen 2m08.7s

Sat 13:50 - SS22: WRC2 wide open!
Jari Ketomaa the new leader by 1.1sec after Al Rajhi loses all of his advantage spinning into a snowbank. "A big fight now," he promises

Sat 13:46 - SS22: Al Rajhi drama!
The WRC2 leader has lost time in a snowbank. Has he lost the position? We'll find out soon

Sat 13:44 - SS22: Mikkeslen in danger
His second place is under serious threat from Mads Ostberg. Ostberg is the stage winner in 10m02.9s and closes the gap to just 11.6sec with 40 kilometres to go. "For sure Mads is pressing, we need to step it up," says Mikkelsen.

Sat 13:38 - SS22: Mikko saving his tyres
With the bonus point Power Stage still to come, Hirvonen is trying to save his studs. "It felt that I was really neat to save the tyres, it's just gravel all the way through."

Sat 13:32 - SS22: Any spectators near the 13km point?
Martin Prokop could do with a hand. His car remains stuck in the snow and there are no spectators around to help. Co-driver Jan Tomanek is up stage a little, warning oncoming drivers, while Martin is digging furiously.

Sat 13:30 - SS22: Henning under pressure
He is 7.2sec slower than Ogier. The gap is down to 20.4sec now. "I was a little bit too careful I think" he says - still grinning.

Sat 13:27 - SS22: Ogier targets Solberg
Can he grab sixth from Henning? He began the stage trailing by 27.6sec. "We lost a bit of time passing Prokop's car. We're going to try but the lines (in the road) are not so good. I would like it if the guys ahead pushed more to give me some better ones to folllow." Ogier is fastest so far in 10m09.6s

Sat 13:18 - SS22: Prokop stopped
Grim news for his legions of Czech fans. Prokop's Fiesta, called Fiona, is parked 13.3km from the start. Snow bank perhaps?

Sat 13:15 - SS22 underway
Kubica is through first in a benchmark time of 11m17.7s

Sat 13:14 - Petter Solberg wins historic class
The 2003 world champion collects some more silverware with victory in the historic section. He won by 41.9sec at the wheel of a Ford Escort MkII built by Viking Motorsport - a Welsh firm owned by Petter's former co-driver Phil Mills.

Sat 12:02 - SS22 is now our next stage
Scheduled to get underway at 1302hrs

Sat 12:01 - SS21 cancelled
Decision taken by the clerk of the course because of the delay on SS20 and the upcoming live TV coverage of SS24.

Sat 11:49 - Crews now en route to Hagfors
For the last proper service of the rally. Thirty minutes later and they'll be off to tackle the morning loop again.

Sat 11:48 - SS20: Ketomma set-up issues
His time is okay but the man second in WRC2 is uncomfortable with his car's suspension set-up. "We changed it yesterday to suit the gravel roads, but it isn't working so well in the snow today. Perhaps we will go back to our original settings from our test." On the stage he dropped 6.3sec to the chasing Karl Kruuda. The gap between the pair is now 33.4sec.

Sat 11:38 - SS20: Al Rajhi still heads WRC2
"Everything is under control," reports the Saudi Arabian, who is 1m08.6sec ahead of Jari Ketomma in second.

Sat 11:32 - SS20: Latvala untouchable
The rally leader posts a crushing stage winning time of 8m47.2s. He is now 42.7sec ahead of his VW team-mate in the overall standings.

Sat 11:30 - SS20: Second the target for Mikkesen
"Very tricky in there, the grip comes and goes. I tried to take no risks. Hopefully we'll get second." The gap behind him to Mads Ostberg is 16.6sec.

Sat 11:27 - SS20: Ostberg fastest so far
He completes in 8m51.4s. "Okay, a clean run, no problems, a bit too careful maybe." Does he think he can catch Mikkelsen's second place? "He's driving well. I don't think it will be possible unless he makes a mistake."

Sat 11:16 - SS20: Huge jump for Henning Solberg
Crowd-pleasing stuff from Petter's brother who also reports a massive spin early in the test. Despite this he's closest to Ogier's time with 9m09s

Sat 11:11 - SS20: Ogier completes
Fastest of all so far and he tears down the slope like a demon. "A lot of slush on the road but we have done a good stage. I'm really happy." His time is 8m56.1s

Sat 11:06 - SS20: pace-note error for Kubica
"We just under-steered into the corner. The pace note was wrong. The car's okay, we just need a new windscreen" He's lost about 4 minutes.

Sat 11:04 - SS20: Kubica nearing the stage end
His car's looking rather second hand. Broken windscreen and front end damage

Sat 10:59 - SS20: Kubica on the move again

Sat 10:58 - SS20: Solowow and Al Qassimi pass
Kubica's car not blocking the stage.

Sat 10:55 - SS20: Kubica's gone off on a sweeping left-hander
His car is stuck with its front end in a ditch. A few spectators are on the scene to try and get the Ford Fiesta back on the road.

Sat 10:53 - Kubica crashes!

Sat 10:51 - SS20: Robert Kubica is underway

Sat 10:45 - SS20: Zero car though
Former WRC champion Bjorn Waldegard is at the wheel. Here's his verdict on the stage: "Much better conditions than the others today, no new fresh snow, but more predictable grip."

Sat 10:40 - SS20: Looks like a small delay.
Cars still waiting at the stage start. Robert Kubica is first car in the queue.

Sat 10:34 - Hundreds of spectators on the route
And a surprising amount of snow around - especially on the ski slope finale.

Sat 10:32 - SS20 one of the live televised stages from Sweden
And it looks terrific from pictures we're seeing here

Sat 10:16 - The ski slope awaits
Varmullsasen (SS20) finishes with a blast down a ski slope, complete with jump. A little bit of winter olympic action for us today.

Sat 10:13 - New start time for SS20
Organisers have confirmed a new start time for Varmullsasen (SS20). It will get underway at 1035hrs - 10 mins later than scheduled

Sat 10:06 - SS19: Great time for Neuville
The Belgian posts second fastest time in his Hyundai i20. 1.9sec slower than Latvala is an encouraging result for the new car.

Sat 10:03 - SS19: Ostberg relaxed in third?
He's 2.9sec slower than Latvala though SS19, and 18.2 behind Mikkelsen in the overall standings. Close enough to strike for second, surely. Ostberg however is playing things cool. "I'm not pushing too much. I find I'm driving better like this..."

Sat 09:59 - SS19: Latvala quickest
In a time of 13m15.1s. The VW ace now has a rally lead of 36.9sec over Andreas Mikkelsen. "We had a plan and we have driven according to it," he says. Mikkelsen meanwhile completes the stage fourth quickest, 3.7sec slower than Latvala. Looks like his car is fine.

Sat 09:50 - SS19: Tanak spins
"It happened in a narrow section near the beginning. I think it cost us about 10 seconds. After that I couldn't get back into the rhythm, and on a fast stage like this you need to do that."

Sat 09:46 - SS19: Henning comes close
He's quicker than Ogier on every split except the last, which costs him the stage win. "It was a long straight and I was a little bit cautious," he explains. "But it's not bad to be so close to the Polo, is it?

Sat 09:39 - SS19: Mikkelsen back at full pace
From the look of the first split all looks okay. He sets the fastest opening split time so far.

Sat 09:34 - SS19: Progress for Ogier
The Polo driver completes in 14m03.5s - fastest time so far. After Meeke's problem on the previous test he's already up to eighth but has a good chance to move ahead of Tidemand here too.

Sat 09:30 - SS18: WRC2 update.
Yazeed Al Rajhi still leads from Ketomaa and Kruuda. Al Rajhi happy to give a little of his comfortable advantage away and had adopted a more cautious approach this morning. After SS18 he's 1m17.4sec ahead of Ketomaa.

Sat 09:24 - Hold tight, we're off to SS19
Home of the famous Colin's Crest named in memory of 1995 World Rally Champion Colin McRae. Longest jump record holder here is Ken Block who flew 37 metres in 2011.

Sat 09:18 - SS18: Is Mikkelsen's car okay?
He said nothing at the stage end. However his co-driver Mikko Markkula appeared reasonably calm when scooping handfuls of snow from the Polo's engine compartment. Latvala later expressed concern. "It seems he’s having problems, let's hope its not too serious and he can get the car to the end."

Sat 09:15 - SS18: Mikkelsen drops 25.7sec
to Jari-Matti Latvala who was fastest on stage. The gap between them now up to 33.2sec. Surely too much for Mikkelsen to make up now?

Sat 09:13 - SS18: Problems for Mikkelsen?
An off into a snow bank has stuffed the front of his Polo with snow.

Sat 09:12 - SS18: Meeke recovers
He gets to the stage end. "The front of the car got sucked into a snow bank. My inside wheels pulled us in. There were very few spectators, eventually we dug it out. All okay." He's lost seven minutes.

Sat 09:09 - SS18: Hirvonen not giving up
He's trying to catch Ostberg in third - but didn't make any progress here. "I had so many moments Not a good time. Lets see..."

Sat 09:05 - SS18: Meeke off
Sounds like he's nosed his Citroen DS3 WRC into a snow bank.

Sat 09:04 - SS18: What's eating Pontus?
Something is not right but the icy Swede is keeping it to himself. Last year he ran as high as fourth before an engine problem ended his rally. This year he's doing okay - 8th overall - but he's lacking sparkle. His verdict on SS18? "Not good for me, no problems."

Sat 09:00 - SS18 Henning Solberg
"I have been driving in the snow for 20 year but I can't push in these conditions. It's not possible." The Norwegian is 9.9sec slower than Ogier who is still quickest so far

Sat 08:57 - SS18: Breen struggling
"I'm constantly fighting with the car. I'm on a wing and prayer and I'm not even going fast - losing it all the time. I don't know what I can do. We haven't had a chance to test in conditions like this." Breen's time in 36.2sec slower than Ogier who is fastest so far in 10m40.2s.

Sat 08:53 - SS17: WRC2 update
Al Rajhi still in the class lead, with Ketomaa second ( 1.21.5s) and Kruuda third ( 2m06.9s). Fredrik Ahlin the stage winner in 6m51.7s. Mini pilot Valeriy Gorban second quickest.

Sat 08:48 - SS18: Kubica caution
"As first on the road we are cleaning it a lot. We are driving incredibly slow because we have no grip at all. It's incredibly slippery in places with so much slush. A lot has changed since the recce."

Sat 08:44 - Latvala hits 300
Congratulations to Jari-Matti. His stage win on SS17 was the 300th of his career. It was his 36th with VW.

Sat 08:38 - WRC crews off now to Torntorp
A 13km high-speed blast through open fields and meadows

Sat 08:36 - SS17: Hyundais clear
Thierry Neuville and Juho Hanninen are through fifth and sixth fastest respectively. Both drivers restarted today after retiring on Friday's competition.

Sat 08:34 - SS17: Leader lifts his pace
Jari-Matti Latvala the stage winner in 6m33.6s but he was slower than Mikkelsen at the mid-point split. "It was a bit stressful when we heard that," he admits.

Sat 08:33 - SS18: Fast, fast, fast
Torntorp is really fast with plenty of straights, so the speed will be high in here. It goes live at 08.33.

Sat 08:32 - SS18: Ready to go
The 19.26km Torntorp is next up. Last year this test was named Torsby, but reverts to its traditional Torntorp name for 2014.

Sat 08:31 - SS17: Mikkelsen attack?
No. "We took it quite careful to be honest," he reports. "No risk. We drove smart." Looks like the VW driver is not out to challenge his team-mate.

Sat 08:28 - SS17: Solberg up to fifth
The effervescent Norwegain completes in 6m50.8s to edge past his step-son Pontus Tidemand. The gap between them now 20.8sec in Henning’s favour

Sat 08:28 - SS17: But now it's Ostberg
The Norwegian goes 1.3sec quicker than Mikko to widen the gap between the duo to 21.0sec on the leaderboard.

Sat 08:25 - SS17: Hirvonen goes fastest
He may be quickest but the Finn admitted: "There was no clean line, I was all over the place."

Sat 08:18 - SS17: Ogier quickest
In 6m51.7s. After his off yesterday, Ogier has a big task ahead of him if he's to salvage a decent points haul here. "It's going to be difficult because in these conditions the road will improve for every car I think. For sure I'm not in the best position but we try."

Sat 08:13 - SS17: Prokop fastest so far
stuck with the unlucky position of first in the road yesterday, the Pole seems a good deal more chipper today in fourth. "There are icy lines under the snow, so you can't really drive where you want, the car just goes where it wants..." His time is 7m17.5s

Sat 08:06 - SS17: Steady start for Kubica
Our former F1 driver sets a marker of 8m07.2sec. "Very difficult, very slippery. Wow. We were driving like we were going to the supermarket because there was no grip."

Sat 08:00 - Saturday's road order
Reverse classification order again today. Robert Kubica will be first through. Rally leader Jari-Matti Latvala is 15th on the road.

Sat 07:57 - Still a lot to play for!

Sat 07:57 - A recap of our WRC top 3:
1) Latvala, 2) Mikkelsen 3.6, 3) Ostberg 43.0 4) Hirvonen 1m02.7, 5) Tanak 1m08.7

Sat 07:56 - Champagne ETA
Our Rally Sweden winner will drive over the finish podium in Karlstad at 1727hrs.

Sat 07:55 - Weather
There was some snow last night, but it’s 2 degrees out there, so we don’t expect it will hang around for long. Still disappointingly mild and slushy.

Sat 07:54 - This morning
crews will tackle three short stages in quick succession: Hara, Torntorp and Vargasen, and then, after a refuel, Varmuullsasen. All four will be repeated in the afternoon.

Sat 07:54 - Cars have already left service
in Hagfors for the opening test, the 11.32km Hara, which lies about 30km north.

Sat 07:53 - We’re all set
for the final - and longest - day of the competition, which comprises eight stages in the country’s Varmland region.

Sat 07:52 - Good morning from Hagfors.
And welcome to our live text coverage of Rally Sweden.

Fri 19:37 - Goodnight!
The first stage, Hara, starts at 07.55 so we'll be back ready to go just before that. Have a good evening and let's look forward to what could be a great battle tomorrow.

Fri 19:36 - When tomorrow comes:
The third leg is the longest of all. Drivers restart at 07.00 and face two identical loops of four stages, covering 142.16km.

Fri 19:32 - End of leg 2, WRC 2
In WRC 2, Yazeed Al Rajhi leads Jari Ketomaa by 1min 29.8sec. Third is Karl Kruuda, the Estonian a further 48.4sec behind.

Fri 19:29 - End of leg 2:
So to recap, Jari-Matti Latvala goes to bed tonight with a slender 3.6sec lead over Andreas Mikkelsen. Mads Ostberg is a further 39.4sec adrift.

Fri 19:26 - SS16: Ogier second
Sebastien Ogier sets second fastest time, just 0.5sec behind Mikkelsen. Unsurprisingly he beats the WRC 2 Fiesta of Yazeed Al Rajhi in his heat.

Fri 19:24 - SS16: Latvala's tactics
Jari-Matti explains that he fitted used tyres to his Polo R to save fresh rubber for tomorrow.

Fri 19:22 - SS16: It's getting interesting....
The Norwegian goes fastest by 1.2sec from Latvala and the gap between them now is just 3.6sec overall. Game on!

Fri 19:20 - SS16: Mikkelsen fastest
Andreas Mikkelsen wins the top heat of the night against Jari-Matti Latvala.

Fri 19:19 - SS16: Ostberg stretches advantage
That stretches Mads' advantage over Mikko Hirvonen to 19.7sec, while Tanak is only 6.0sec behind the Finn.

Fri 19:18 - SS16: Mads fastest
Mads Ostberg takes the fastest heat of the night. He is 1.5sec ahead of Ott Tanak and he is quicker than Henning Solberg by two-tenths of a second.

Fri 19:16 - SS16: It's snowing!
The rain is turning to snow now down in Karlstad

Fri 19:14 - SS16: Finland on top
The Scandinavian battle between Mikko Hirvonen and Pontus Tidemand goes the way of Mikko. He is faster by 2.3sec but it's still Henning who is fastest overall.

Fri 19:11 - SS16: Tight, tight, tight
Robert Kubica and Kris Meeke produce the tightest heat so far. Kubica is fastest by just a tenth of a second.

Fri 19:08 - SS16: Solberg v Evans
The Fiestas of Henning Solberg and Elfyn Evans lined up for the third heat and top honours went to the Norwegian. He is the not insignificant matter of 4.2sec faster than anyone so far.

Fri 19:05 - SS16: Craig's win
Breen takes the second heat easily. He's more than 3.5sec clear of Solowow.

Fri 19:04 - SS16: First blood to Prokop
Martin Prokop edges out Khalid by 1.3sec in the first heat. Next up are Michal Solowow and Craig Breen.

Fri 19:00 - SS16: Wet, wet, wet
The weather in Karlstad isn't so pleasant tonight. It's raining steadily so hats off to those fans who are braving the elements.

Fri 18:59 - SS16: First pair
First up are Martin Prokop and Khalid Al Qassimi. They're off in just a couple of minutes and there's a good crowd there to watch them.

Fri 18:57 - SS16: Two at a time
Two cars at a time tackle the short 1.90km test, starting next to each other in separate lanes.

Fri 18:55 - SS16: Karlstad horsepower
The day's final stage is a repeat of Wednesday evening's opener around the trotting track in Karlstad.

Fri 17:04 - End of day press conference
Available to view now via the Service Park Live stream

Fri 16:57 - SS16
Gets underway at 1900hrs

Fri 16:56 - Service now in Hagfors
Before a second night time trip the Karlstad Super Special.

Fri 16:55 - SS15: WRC2 crews through safely
But more time loss for Ketomaa, whose rear tyres are all but stripped of studs. The gap between him and leader Al Rajhi now up to 1m 22.5s.

Fri 16:34 - SS15: Ogier fastest again
As he has been all afternoon. At this rate there's a good chance he'll move ahead of Elfyn Evans and into ninth place on tonight's Super Special.

Fri 16:30 - But will Mikkeslesen take his chance?
At the stage end he sounds a bit risk-averse. "We could have gone faster but then you have risks. I've never been on the podium before in my life so to do that here would be nice."

Fri 16:24 - SS15: Mikkelsen edges closer
His cautious approach on SS14 pays dividends, and with decent tyres he narrows the gap on Latvala to just 4.8sec.

Fri 16:22 - SS15: Latvala time loss
The Finn is 6.2sec slower than Ostberg around the mini stage. "My tyres are finished," he explains. "Not a nice feeling but that's how it is. Apart from that everything is going in the right direction."

Fri 16:14 - SS15: Mads quickest
Ostberg goes fastest so far, just 0.5sec up on Henning Solberg.

Fri 16:08 - SS15:
Crews are now tackling the short Hagfors Sprint stage before a 45-minute stop at the Service Park.

Fri 16:06 - SS14: VW drivers on the limit 3
Ogier takes the stage win by a whopping 11.1sec from Latvala. He's sending out a message loud and clear...

Fri 16:02 - SS14: VW drivers on the limit 2
Mikkelsen is 2.6sec slower than Latvala on the stage, and just 10.1sec behind overall. He's struggling to contain his urge to push to the max. "I will keep the pressure on but I'm stopping short of taking all the risks I could. I want to win when there's an opportunity. Maybe there is now. Lets take it stage by stage."

Fri 15:55 - SS14: VW drivers on the limit 1
Latvala fastest so far, but his Polo arrives at the stage end trailing part of its front bumper. "When you are fighting hard then you will have a few little moments," he explains. Probably not a massively reassuring message for his mechanics to hear.

Fri 15:48 - SS14: But in better news
Mads has pulled a little further ahead of the chasing Mikko Hirvonen. The gap between them now up to 16.9sec

Fri 15:45 - SS14: A big scare for Ostberg
Who almost collected Kubica's car on stage - for the second time today. "I just had a really close call with a Formula One driver." he reported. "There was no one to tell us to slow down - that was really close."

Fri 15:38 - SS14: Tidemand hangs on
Pontus does enough to keep seventh place from stepfather Henning who is just 3.6sec behind. Exciting stuff.

Fri 15:36 - SS14: Kubica in the snow
Kris Meeke reports that Robert Kubica is off the road in a slow third gear corner and stuck in soft, wet snow.

Fri 15:35 - SS14: Progress for Henning?
He's fastest so far in 11m57.9. Will this be enough to move him ahead of his stepson Pontus Tidemand? This could make for an awkward atmosphere at dinner tonight.

Fri 15:34 - SS14 Kubica stopped
The Pole is reported to be stopped 18.7km into the stage. No news yet as to why.

Fri 15:29 - SS14: Spins for Breen
Two for him in the stage. He's also feeling ill. "Whatever it is, I picked it up here. The Swedes have poisoned me."

Fri 15:26 - SS14: Al Qassimi agitated
The usually mild-mannered gentleman is very frustrated by the conditions. 'That was s**t," he explains. My grandmother could have driven faster than me in some places. I'm not happy."

Fri 15:21 - SS14: Standing water!
Not something we're used to at Rally Sweden, but our first driver through, Martin Prokop, reckons he was aquaplaning.

Fri 15:15 - SS14 underway
The repeat of Rammen - at 22.76km the longest stage of the day. It's Friday's last gravel / snow test too, with only the Karstad Super Special to follow.

Fri 15:10 - SS13: Ogier up to 10th
Another stage win and the world champ is back in the points. After hitting a snowbank earlier today his 'I have nothing to lose' approach means he is now 3m54.8s off the leaders. If he carries on at this rate, who knows what he could salvage?

Fri 15:05 - SS13: Rally leaders clear
Latvala and Mikkelsen separated by just 0.9sec in Latvala's favour. Both are trying to balance the need for speed with a tyre saving approach before the longer Rammen stage that follows.

Fri 14:59 - SS13: Ostberg defends
His position from Hirvonen who, as expected, is up to fourth having passed a cautious Ott Tanak. Ostberg is one second slower than Hirvonen on stage and is using split times to match his pace.

Fri 14:55 - SS13: Hirvonen up to fourth?
It looks likely. He's fastest so far in 10m16.2s. The stage sounds a right mess. "It's completely destroyed," said Hirvonen. "In some places there are 5-7 centimetre ruts in the gravel. For sure this will cause tyre issues. We were lucky not to get any."

Fri 14:47 - SS13: Kubica grateful
to the people who pushed him back on stage on SS12. "We went over crest and a snow bank sucked me in. I would like to thank the spectators." His car sporting a bit of bumper damage but otherwise looks fine.

Fri 14:42 - SS13: Solberg fastest so far
His marker is 10m24.7s. He doesn't expect to be quickest though: "I took it very steady. It was so rough in there I didn't want to risk any punctures."

Fri 14:36 - SS13: And creativity
Prokop also encountered a small snowman built in the middle of the road. He ran it over.

Fri 14:34 - SS13: Prokop reports mischief
The repeated stage is largely gravel but spectators have been shoveling snow onto the road.

Fri 14:32 - SS13 underway

Fri 14:09 - Quick WRC Top-5 recap
1) Latvala, 2) Mikkelsen 6.6sec, 3) Ostberg 46.8sec, 4) Tanak 53.2sec, 5) Hirvonen 56.1sec

Fri 14:05 - SS12: WRC2 update
Little to choose between class leader Yazeed Al-Rajhi and his closest rival Jari Ketomma on the stage. The Finn was just 0.4sec quicker. Overall he's 25.8sec behind. Fredrik Ahlin remains third - more than one minute further back.

Fri 13:57 - SS12: Ogier fastest
And giving a glimpse of what might have been - had he not binned it this morning

Fri 13:54 - SS12: Hanninen update
His Hyundai i20 is still stuck in the stage. The team has confirmed a broken right-hand front wheel. So definitely more serious than just a snow bank excursion...

Fri 13:50 - SS12: Concern for Mikkelsen
It's a good stage time, but at the stop control the front of his Polo is packed with snow. Explanations are brief: "The water temperature is high - I have to go..."

Fri 13:45 - SS12: Latvala fastest so far
"All okay. It will be interesting to see how Andreas comes, the contrast between the good and bad grip is so extreme that you have to be careful, If you come off the line you might not get back on."

Fri 13:43 - SS12: Tanak gains a place
A cracking time, a delay for Hirvonen and the Estonian is up to fourth. "We are doing our best, the feeling is much better than before."

Fri 13:42 - SS12: Ostberg angered by Kubica
"I had to slow right down because Kubica pulled out ahead of me. It was stupid. He pulled out three seconds in front of me."

Fri 13:40 - SS12: Hirvonen delayed
And he's not happy. He had to slow to avoid Kubica, who pulled out in front of him, and then Hanninen's stricken Hyundai.

Fri 13:38 - SS12: Hanninen still stationary
Hopefully he's just stuck in the snow. This is the stage where Neuville retired earlier...

Fri 13:36 - SS12: Puncture for Pontus
He's happy with the feeling in his Fiesta RS WRC, but was hampered by a punctured right-hand front tyre.

Fri 13:34 - SS12: Now Hanninen is stopped

Fri 13:34 - SS12: Rejoice Poland
Kubica is moving again.

Fri 13:34 - SS12: Kubica is stuck in a snow bank
According to Kris Meeke, who is reckons he might get going again

Fri 13:30 - SS12: Evans in a spin
A hairy moment for the young Welshman on his Sweden debut: "I had a spin in there and lost some time reversing back on. It's hard to know how much these conditions are going to damage the tyres."

Fri 13:28 - SS12: Solberg driving tips
Henning is fastest so far in a time of 9m10.6s. Here is his advice for the cars behind: "You really have to concentrate to say on these lines. You HAVE to stay on the gravel."

Fri 13:24 - SS12: Kubica has stopped
According to the GPS tracker his Fiesta is 3km from the start line

Fri 13:21 - SS12: Prokop first through
And first to give his verdict on the conditions. "Snow falling at the end but rain everywhere else. Full wipers. Absolutely different from earlier. Mostly gravel now. If you stay in the line then there's good grip."

Fri 13:12 - SS12 underway. Hold on tight.

Fri 12:03 - Light rain
Still falling here in Hagfors, so stage conditions likely to be more slushy for the afternoon repeat loop.

Fri 12:00 - Next stage: 1308hrs
A repeat of the 15km Lesjofors run earlier today at SS8.

Fri 11:34 - SS11: Overall standings
As drivers head to the Hagfors service and a spot of lunch, Latvala leads the way by 1.6sec from Mikkelsen. Ostberg is third 26.6sec back.

Fri 11:33 - SS11: Stage result
So Solberg wins the Hagfors Sprint by 1.7sec from Ogier, with Mikko Hirvonen third fastest 2.1sec down.

Fri 11:31 - SS11: Henning it is!
Ogier claims second fastest which means that it's Solberg's stage.

Fri 11:30 - SS11: Solberg still on top
Ott Tanak, Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen are all through cleanly but fail to topple Henning Solberg from the top of the time-sheets. Just Seb Ogier to come.....

Fri 11:25 - SS11: Hungry Mads
Ostberg is just 0.2sec slower than Hirvonen, but his attention is caught by the smell from a barbecue drifting into his car at the stop line.

Fri 11:24 - WRC Live stream
A quick reminder than we'll be broadcasting LIVE from the Citroen service area from 1130hrs

Fri 11:22 - SS11: Close call
Mikko Hirvonen admits he was almost caught out by a corner which proved tighter then he expected. All OK though and second fastest time.

Fri 11:18 - SS11: Relief for Hanninen
"Last year I got stuck here [on the stage] for one minute. This time much better! I'm very happy with the car, its very enjoyable."

Fri 11:13 - SS11: Tidemand stalls
On the start line. Loses a second or two.

Fri 11:07 - SS11: Underway already
The morning loop of stages concludes with the short Hagfors Sprint. Just 1.87km to go before the midday service.

Fri 11:05 - SS10: Latvala the new leader
The Finn off to Stage 11 with a lead of 1.8sec over Andreas Mikkelsen.

Fri 11:03 - SS10: Error costs Mikkelsen the lead
"We went off the road into a ditch in 4th or 5th gear. Very lucky to get out. I'm happy to be here! I'm still happy with the time though - we were keeping up with Jari-Matti until then." Not a huge disaster though, Mikkelsen lost only around 5 seconds.

Fri 11:00 - SS10: Latvala flies again
His time of 11m55s a full nine seconds quicker than Mads Ostberg's

Fri 10:58 - SS10: improvement for Tanak
Today's stages have tested Tanak's partnership with new co-driver Raigo Molder. "It's been hard. A couple of small mistakes and I'm not very confident, but it's improving."

Fri 10:53 - SS10: Ostberg v Hirvonen
Hirvonen: "Nothing special but Ostberg is fast." Ostberg: "We managed to find something in the middle, we tried a different technique and it worked." Result: Ostberg pulls 5.8sec further ahead.

Fri 10:47 - SS10: Tidemand improvement
Pontus wasn't happy with his car set-up this morning, but changes have made it a lot better. What did he do? He's not saying...

Fri 10:42 - SS10: Kubica more comfortable
"We are going in the right direction with the set-up I think. These conditions were closer to the ones on our test."

Fri 10:40 - SS10: Henning's time
But he's still fastest at the moment, ahead of Elfyn Evans.

Fri 10:38 - SS10: Solberg spins
That has to be the best interview of the rally! Henning spins early in the stage and then treats us to a classic description of what happened.

Fri 10:37 - SS10: Solowow in the snow
The Pole confirms that he buried his Fiesta RS into a snowbank. After getting back on the road he then had to stop to clear snow from the radiator.

Fri 10:35 - SS10: It's raining!
It's not great news to hear that more wet stuff is falling on roads that are already soft. If it continues it could prompt tyre woes....

Fri 10:34 - SS10: Stage route
This is the same stage as 2013. The road is very fast from the start and winds its way along the edge of several lakes.

Fri 10:30 - SS10: Solowow on the move
And it seems as though Solowow is on the move again. Not sure what happened there but hopefully we'll soon find out.

Fri 10:29 - SS10: Rammen under way
The 22.76km is up and running and we hear that Pole Michal Solowow has stopped 12km after the start.

Fri 10:26 - WRC2 crews though SS9
With no incidents reported. Another fastest time for Yazeed Al Rajhi, with Karl Kruuda second and Jari Ketomaa third

Fri 10:13 - SS9: But Mikkelsen's quicker
The Norwegian extends his rally lead over Latvala to 3.3sec. "We put some new tyres and I think it was the right choice. Well see how much we've used them. I'm trying to balance my speed, because before I've been too eager in these situations..."

Fri 10:09 - SS9: Latvala attacks
He's a massive 6.2 sec quicker than Ostberg. But will it be enough to wrestle the lead from his team-mate Mikkelsen? "It's a very good fight, I really enjoyed it. The car feels good but Andreas is pushing hard. He has the young spirit. For sure the fight is there."

Fri 10:06 - SS9: Hirvonen v Ostberg
The battle for third hots up. Ostberg is ahead for now. After SS9 Hirvonen trails by just 1.6sec.

Fri 09:59 - SS9: Hanninen quickest
Good stuff from the sole remaining Hyundai driver: "I had to slow for the jumps, so sorry to the spectators for that, but the car is running very well."

Fri 09:57 - SS9: Tidemand on the slide
'The feeling is not so good for us. The car is going all over the road. We have to make some changes."

Fri 09:53 - SS9: Kubica unbalanced
"We could not recover the balance we had yesterday. We're trying to tweak the balance and set-up. I made a mistake in evaluating the road conditions," explained the Pole.

Fri 09:51 - SS9: Mixed for Evans
Ups and down for Elfyn. Too steady at the start and at the finish, but OK in the middle section, reckons the Welshman.

Fri 09:49 - SS9: Solberg fastest
Henning is quickest so far - and the Norwegian treats us to another interview in his own inimitable style. You gotta love him!

Fri 09:48 - SS9: Breen spins
Craig spun his Fiesta RS near the start. The Irishman thinks there's something wrong at the back of the car because it's not handling at all well and he's having to brake heavily.

Fri 09:46 - Don't miss: Service Park live
From 1130hrs this morning we'll be reporting live from the Citroen Service area.

Fri 09:46 - SS8: Early season blues
It's a disappointing start to the year for Thierry after retiring from Rallye Monte-Carlo when he crashed in the opening stage.

Fri 09:45 - SS8: Neuville out
Although Thierry Neuville emerged from Lesjofors having lost 41 minutes, the Hyundai i20 is going no further. It seems he hit a rock and the team has sent as trailer to bring him back to the Hagfors service park.

Fri 09:43 - SS9: Prokop through
The Czech driver is safely through Fredriksberg and it looks as though he will be considerably faster than the following Khalid Al Qassimi and Michal Solowow.

Fri 09:41 - SS8: Sohlberg stopped
Kristian Sohlberg is reported to be stopped in the opening Lesjofors stage as well. Bit of a rude awakening for many in there

Fri 09:40 - SS9: Solberg charging
The excitable Henning is on a bit of a push. He's 7.8sec faster than Martin Prokop after just 3.30km!

Fri 09:35 - Latvala chases 300
Jari-Matti's stage win in Lesjofors was his 299th career victory. What price number 300 in Fredriksberg?

Fri 09:32 - SS9: Prokop en route
Martin Prokop is again first into the stage and the Czech is away and through the first split after 3.30km.

Fri 09:29 - Swedish classic
It's one of Rally Sweden's most famous tests and follows the same route as 2013.It's fast and full of big crests - like Finland in the snow. Stand back out there!

Fri 09:27 - SS9 ready to go
The 18.15km Fredriksberg test begins at 09.28.

Fri 09:19 - WRC top 3 after SS8
1) Mikkelsen 2) Latvala 0.6sec 3) Ostberg 16.9sec

Fri 09:15 - SS8: Ketomaa on the move
After a slow start yesterday, the Finn is the fastest WRC2 driver on SS8. He remains second, but has narrowed the gap to class leader Yazeed Al Rajhi from 34 to 13 seconds.

Fri 09:12 - SS8: And for Lorenzo Bertelli...
"We lost power steering and had to stop and reset the system. I think the rear suspension is broken too. We were doing well. I'm disappointed."

Fri 09:09 - SS8: Problems for Grondal too
His Subaru Impreza's engine is running on three cylinders.

Fri 09:08 - SS8: Yurii Protasov hits trouble
The WRC2 front-runner has broken right-hand front suspension. Reckons he touched a stone.

Fri 09:06 - SS8: Ogier time loss
He's down in 17th place now. 4min 18sec off the lead.

Fri 09:05 - SS8: Ogier emerges
The front of his VW is full of snow. "I just went into a snow bank on a slow corner. I missed the entry point, I was not concentrating. I wanted to push and - ah, stupid mistake. I don't know what's possible now but I will do my best."

Fri 09:02 - SS8: Al Rajhi reports
"He stopped in the snow, somebody helped him out. He's coming. It's very slippery and when I saw Ogler I took it more carefully."

Fri 09:01 - SS8: Ogier moving again
WRC2 leader Yazeed Al Rajhi has passed him in stage.

Fri 09:00 - SS8: Mikkelsen our new rally leader
Ogier's problem has put Andreas out front. Latvala is second, just 0.6sec adrift.

Fri 08:56 - SS8: Ogier stopped in stage!
Mikkelsen: "I hope that's not true, but it's easy to make a mistake..."

Fri 08:56 - SS8: Latvala fastest
A hugely quick time from the Finn: 9m19.8 "A big fight going on, now the conditions are soft with lots of snow by the sides. You have to keep the wheels in the ruts. Pretty okay, to be honest."

Fri 08:54 - SS8: Tanak spins
"It happened in a narrow section. It took me a lot of time to turn it around." He completes in 9m 37.4

Fri 08:52 - SS8: Ostberg our new stage leader
The Norwegian becomes the man to beat. His time is 9m25.9s

Fri 08:50 - SS8: Hirvonen in a rut
"It's tricky. The ice and snow is so soft we're driving in the ruts and they are pulling the car all over the place."

Fri 08:46 - SS8: Neuville's car
is parked up at the 10km point. In better news, his team-mate Juho Hanninen is through in a new fastest time of 9m32.8s

Fri 08:44 - SS8: Neuville stopped
Looking at some bad news on the tracking system...

Fri 08:41 - SS8: Set-up concerns for Kubica
"Very, very tricky and I did big mistake on set-up. We were all over the place, lots of oversteer and the grip level is less than yesterday. It didn't work."

Fri 08:38 - SS8: Henning Solberg now quickest
The Norwegian sets a new marker of 9m37.9s. And he reckons there's a lot of snow in the stage, too.

Fri 08:36 - SS8: Breen fastest so far
His benchmark is 9m55.0s. The engine misfire that bothered him on Thursday is fixed. "It was down to the way I was driving. You live and learn!"

Fri 08:33 - SS8: Concern for Solowow
"I found it difficult to turn right, I thought perhaps I had a left-hand front puncture?"

Fri 08:28 - SS8: Martin Prokop is through.
"First section is narrow and slippy like hell. There's better grip later but it's not easy being first on the road."

Fri 08:27 - Up first is SS8 Lesjofors (15km)
Bjorn Waldegard, 1979 World Rally Champion, is driving the road-opening zero car today. His verdict: "Muddy in places. Very slippery. Some snow on higher sections."

Fri 08:23 - So it's Prokop on stage first
With our rally leader Sebastien Ogier 17th car through

Fri 08:18 - Friday’s road order
Is available in the WRC live section at, but the headline is that it is reversed for the WRC crews

Fri 08:14 - A worry for the tyres?
The increasingly patchy ice and snow is revealing more of the underlying gravel. And that’s not good news for the metal spiked tyres that are compulsory on this rally

Fri 08:11 - Having said that
We say frozen, but with a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, and some light rain falling, the ice and snow is thawing fast

Fri 08:10 - Coming up on Friday
Today the WRC drivers will tackle eight stages and a total of 117.46 competitive km on frozen roads in Sweden’s Varmland region.

Fri 08:09 - Good morning from Hagfors
And welcome to our live text coverage of WRC Rally Sweden day three.

Thu 18:17 - Friday's first stage
The 15km Lesjofors kicks off at 0816hrs. We'll be here at the live text desk from 0805hrs. Until then, good night.

Thu 18:15 - That's all from Hagfors tonight
Keep up to date at or via our new FREE WRC app. We'll be back on Friday morning ready for a packed day of NINE stages.

Thu 18:13 - WRC2 positions after day 2
1) Yazeed Al Rajhi, 2) Jari Ketomaa 34.1sec, 3) Yurii Protasov 43.0 4) Anders Grondal 46.2sec 5) Lorenzo Bertelli 1m02.8sec

Thu 18:10 - WRC positions after day 2
1) Sebastien Ogier, 2) Andreas Mikkelsen 5.8sec, 3) Jari-Matti Latvala 12.2sec 4) Ott Tanak 14.8sec 5) Mads Ostberg 22.5sec

Thu 18:07 - All our cars are through SS7
So here's a quick recap of the leaders in the WRC and WRC2 categories

Thu 17:57 - SS7: WRC2 more grief for Kruuda
"We had a spin 2km before the end, my front diff is broken so we have only rear-wheel drive. We got stuck and with only the rear wheels turning we couldn't get out."

Thu 17:56 - SS7: WRC2 Grondal fastest?
Looks that way. The Norwegian's Subaru is running better with less of a misfire than earlier. Anders reckons it might be the Swedish air.

Thu 17:53 - SS7: lucky escape for Ketomaa
"We lost power-steering 1km from the start, then had a huge moment in a corner. I thought the steering arm had broken. We were completely off the road, then back on again. Were are lucky to be here!"

Thu 17:45 - SS7: Al Rajhi snow excursion
Our WRC2 leader went off the and got stuck in a snow bank for five or six seconds Looks like his Fiesta RRC escaped without any damage.

Thu 17:40 - SS7: WRC2 runners
Coming though now.

Thu 17:38 - SS7: Puncture for Solberg
Henning drops from 8th to 13th with a right-hand front puncture. "A stone in the road? I don't know, I didn't see. It happened near the start of the stage. I lost a minute there. Not good."

Thu 17:34 - SS7: Driver of the day?
Ott Tanak has done an amazing job. The Estonian rounds off his Thursday with third fastest on SS7. He's fourth overall, just 14.8sec off Ogier's lead. "I'm a bit surprised that I was able to do it"

Thu 17:31 - SS7: And so does Hanninen
On his maiden rally in the all-new Hyundai Juho holds 10th place. "No big mistakes and quite a clean run. Thanks to the team, it's been a really enjoyable day."

Thu 17:26 - SS7: Neuville brings the i20 home
His first full day of WRC competition in the Hyundai complete. "It's been a good day for us, better than expected. We want to continue like this." Looks like he'll be placed 7th overall.

Thu 17:20 - SS7: Mikkelsen drops to second
Promoting Ogier back into the lead. "I want to save my fresh tyres for Friday morning so I didn't change then for this stage. I knew I would lose a little time here." Looks like a wise bit of strategic thinking from the Norwegian...

Thu 17:13 - SS7: Kris Meeke through
A trouble free day for the Brit. Looks like he'll be 11th tonight on his Sweden debut. "I can't expect much more. On this rally you have to take your time. If you try to run before you walk you’l fall on your face."

Thu 17:10 - SS7: Ogier satisfied with second
Ogier's through SS7 and looks set to hold second place tonight. "That's fine. It's not important to be first tonight. I'm really happy with the day."

Thu 16:37 - After SS6 WRC2 positions recap:
1) Yazeed Al Rajhi, 2) Jari Ketomaa 20.2sec, 3) Karl Kruuda 38.4sec

Thu 16:32 - After SS6 WRC positions recap:
1) Andreas Mikkelsen, 2) Sebastien Ogier 0.2sec, 3) Jari-Matti Latvala 7.9sec

Thu 16:28 - SS6: Fredrik Ahlin in trouble too
The Swede was one minute late arriving at the stage start and has an engine that is not revving properly.

Thu 16:27 - SS6: Transmission worries for Karl Kruuda
The Estonian's Fiesta S2000 is in the wars. It is missing a rear window and has an intermittent transmission problem that leaves it in front-wheel-drive only.

Thu 16:24 - SS6: Ketomaa wants more tyre time
He's happy with his Fiesta R5 but reckons he needs more experience of the DMACK snow tyre. As DMACK's development driver he has already had more than most...

Thu 16:21 - SS6: More co-driver love from Ketomaa
Ketomaa is second in WRC2 and says he is happy to be alongside Kaj Lindstrom who, in turn, heaps praise on his driver. Lovely.

Thu 16:19 - SS6: Yazeed Al Rajhi still out front in WRC2
The Saudi sounding relaxed at the stage end. "That was fun to drive. I'm using all my experience and my co-driver has helped me to find this level."

Thu 16:16 - SS6: That's the end of the World Rally Cars
WRC 2 boys are coming through now

Thu 16:15 - SS6: Breen's misfire cured?
"It turns out that perhaps the way I was driving the car was causing the problem I though was a misfire. Either way the boys will be able to have a look at it later. That stage was an amazing experience. The speed you can carry in a World Rally Car is incredible."

Thu 16:06 - SS6: Cautious Tanak slips to fourth
Our SS5 stage winner adopts a more careful approach through the repeated Finnskogen. He's 7.2sec slower than Mikkelsen - who appears to have the stage win in the bag - and drops behind Latvala to fourth overall.

Thu 16:01 - SS6: Neuville too slow?
Thierry Neuville is through in the fifth fastest time but sounds a bit rattled. "Nicolas (co-driver) and I had a misunderstanding on the split times – I could have done better."

Thu 15:54 - SS6: And he's done it on home ground too
"When you see so many Norwegians cheering you on you want to do well!" explained Mikkelsen

Thu 15:52 - SS6: Mikkelsen retakes the rally lead
He led after Wednesday's Super Special. Now a stage win on SS6 has put Andreas out front again.

Thu 15:48 - SS6: Small hiccup for Latvala
He completes exactly 1sec slower than Ogier with some panel damage to the front of his Polo. "It's nothing - just a little snow bank," he explained.

Thu 15:45 - SS6: Ogier the early pace-setter
His marker is 8m36.6s

Thu 15:44 - SS6: Ogier through but reckons Mikkelsen will be quicker
Our rally leader believes the racing line will improve with every passing car. "I think Andreas is going to be faster. The [driving] lines are not so good for me. The cars that last drove the stage are not World Rally Cars and I lost the rear of the car a few times."

Thu 15:32 - SS5: Stage winner Tanak up to third overall
After a year away from the WRC the young Estonian has moved ahead of Jari-Matti Latvala - and is now just 5.3sec off Ogier's lead.

Thu 15:26 - SS5: Hyundai's win denied!
By Ott Tanak. The Estonian goes faster than Neuville by 0.5sec. "We did some very small mistakes but I have such a good feeling. I'm just getting going!" he said. Hyundai champagne bottles back in the fridge for now.

Thu 15:22 - SS5: Sensational time for Neuville!
He goes quickest so far. His time of 5m36.6s is 1.4sec quicker than Mikkelsen's. If nobody beats it, then this will be the first stage win for Hyundai's new i20.

Thu 15:17 - SS5: Shift issues for Kubica
Doesn't sounds like a big drama but the Pole had some problems with excessive wheelspin and his specially adapted gear-shift system. "I have a lot of refused upshifts in these Micky Mouse stages"

Thu 15:14 - SS5: And he could have been faster...
Mikkelsen reckons he lost a couple when he went wide and put his Polo R into a patch of loose snow.

Thu 15:12 - SS5: Mikkelsen goes fastest
Another top result from Andreas. His time of 5m38.0s is 1.1sec quicker than Ogier and puts him 0.5sec adrift in the overall standings

Thu 15:07 - SS5: Better time for Jari-Matti Latvala
Last time through - as SS3 - he was 6.6sec slower than Ogier. This time he's just 0.6sec adfrift. "Maybe in a few places I could have been quicker, but it was a better run"

Thu 15:02 - SS5: Kirkener repeat
Is underway. And Ogier's through cleanly.

Thu 14:04 - Repeat run
Drivers now repeat the two Norwegian stages, which are likely to be softer and muddier than they were first time around. Kirkener starts at 14.54 so time for a quick bite to eat maybe.......

Thu 14:02 - SS4, WRC2: Al Rajhi takes charge
Yazeed Al Rajhi blitzes Jari Ketomaa by 6.0sec to move into a 4.6sec lead. Karl Kruuda is a further 10.5sec behind.

Thu 13:56 - SS4: Taking stock
cars are now heading to a 35-minute regroup before repeating the two Norwegian stages. Ogier leads by 1.6sec from Mikkelsen, with Latvala 4.5sec further back. Tanak, Hirvonen and Ostberg complete the top six, with just 15.0sec covering the sextet.

Thu 13:48 - SS4: Breen off
The Irishman is trying to cope with a bad misfire in 4th and 5th gears and went into a snowbank after losing his concentration. He dropped about 15sec.

Thu 13:46 - SS4: Numbers game.
So it's a Norwegian 1-2 on the stage and a Volkswagen 1-2-3 overall at the moment.

Thu 13:44 - SS4: Solberg on a flier
The excitable Norwegian claims second fastest time and enthuses: "This is good. I made some changes on the car and now it's good. It's not bad for a man who is over 40!"

Thu 13:36 - SS4: Juho in the snow
Juho Hanninen spent a few seconds in a snowbank in there. The Finn realised he was going to overshoot the corner but dithered over what to do. By the time he made up his mind his Hyundai was in the snow.

Thu 13:32 - SS4: No better for Prokop
It's not been a good morning for Martin Prokop. After going off the road in the first stage, the Czech is now unhappy with the set-up on his Fiesta RS. "It's oversteering a lot," he said.

Thu 13:28 - SS4: Mikko pips Seb
Mikko Hirvonen admits it's difficult to keep up with the Volkswagen trio, despite beating Ogier by 1.1sec. The Finn is third quickest so far.

Thu 13:24 - SS4: Mikkelsen fastest!
Andreas Mikkelsen thumps them all. Ogier was pleased with his time, Latvala was delighted but Mikkelsen is overjoyed. The Norwegian is quickest by 2.7sec and 7.1sec up on Ogier.

Thu 13:20 - SS4: Jari-Matti explains all
"When it's fast and flowing I have a great feeling to drive, but I'm not doing so well on the technical stages," said Latvala.

Thu 13:19 - SS4: Latvala on song
Well, Jari-Matti Latvala may have been frustrated after the last stage, but he won't be now. He's just blitzed team-mate Ogier by 4.8sec!

Thu 13:17 - SS4: Ogier beatable?
Sebastien Ogier is through the stage but both Jari-Matti Latvala and Mads Ostberg are faster than him at the mid-stage splits. Ogier says he's pushing hard......

Thu 13:07 - SS3: Ogier's win
All the WRC cars are through Kirkener now and Ogier was fastest by a massive 5.7sec from Andreas Mikkelsen. Third was Jari-Matti Latvala as Volkswagen took a 1-2-3.

Thu 13:01 - SS4: Ready for the off!
Finnskogen gets underway in a couple of minutes. Still in Norway, and billed as the first ‘real’ stage of the rally, this 16.81km stage is unchanged from 2013. It has been likened to a Rally Finland stage, with fast, flowing, wide roads and some high-speed corners until the final 5km when the route becomes technical and tricky.

Thu 12:59 - SS3: Fourth for Ott
Well, Ott Tanak is certainly on the pace. He's fourth quickest here but nobody has got anywhere near Ogier's time yet.

Thu 12:54 - SS3: Unhappy Prokop
Martin Prokop is slowest through so far, almost 10sec slower than Elfyn Evans. "I'm not happy at all and I don't have a good feeling with the car," said the Czech.

Thu 12:47 - SS3: Andreas goes second
Mikkelsen goes second fastest but lamented the lack of grip. Like Latvala, he, too, said it was difficult to change gear.

Thu 12:43 - SS3: Hard for Mads
And Mads Ostberg is no happier. "I'm struggling for confidence and I'm not enjoying it," said the Norwegian, who was more than 10sec slower than Ogier.

Thu 12:41 - SS3: Glum Latvala
Latvala drops more than 6sec to Ogier and the Finn was unusually agitated. "The driving is bad. I don't like the gearbox in the car. It's not working well and it's not easy to change gear," he said, shaking his head.

Thu 12:37 - SS3: Ogier completes
The world champion comes safely though. The ice wasn't hard and it's difficult to know whether road position was an advantage or not, he reckoned.

Thu 12:30 - SS3: Tricky test
Zero car driver and former world champion Bjorn Waldegard reckons this could be a tricky stage. It's bumpy with a lot of slush, he said.

Thu 12:26 - SS3: Velkommen til Norge!
The 7.16km Kirkener is a man-made rally arena, with most of the stage running next to the Glomma River, with spectators watching from the top of a 4km long riverbank. Designed mainly to entertain the fans, the stage contains a mix of wide sweeping corners and narrow bumpy sections in the woods. It may be short, but there’s a lot to hit if drivers get it wrong.

Thu 12:22 - SS3: Action resumes
Right, it's all going to get a bit busy for the next 90 minutes or so. SS3 at Kirkenaer starts at 12.29 and that's followed by Finnskogen at 13.04.

Thu 11:59 - SS2: Torsby complete
OK, we're pretty much done with the Torsby stage. Competitors are now heading across the border into Norway for the Kirkenaer stage. That goes live at 12.29.

Thu 11:56 - SS2, WRC2: Ketomaa on top
Jari Ketomaa leads WRC 2 by 0.9sec from Yazeed Al Rahji, with Karl Kruuda third, another 3.0sec back.

Thu 11:52 - SS2, WRC2: Gorban missing
Valeriy Gorban, who damaged his suspension in last night's super special stage, is in more trouble. He was 11min late arriving at service this morning and hasn't yet started this stage.

Thu 11:45 - SS2, WRC2: Al Rajhi on top
You don't see much snow in Saudi Arabia but Yazeed is enjoying it here. He's fastest so far, 0.6sec quicker than pre-event favourite Jari Ketomaa.

Thu 11:40 - SS2, WRC2: Protosov slides off
Yuriy Protosov completes the stage with a cracked windscreen and damage to his Fiesta R5. He went off - but it didn't cost him much time though.

Thu 11:36 - SS2: Ogier tops leaderboard
And that means the world champion moves to the top of the overall stabndings, 3.0sec clear of Volkswagen colleague Andreas Mikkelsen. Ott Tank is third, 1.0sec behind.

Thu 11:35 - SS2: Ogier tops times
So with all the World Rally cars through Torsby, the top three was Ogier, Tanak and Latvala

Thu 11:34 - SS2: Breen struggles
Craig Breen's not so happy. He had an engine misfire every time he changed gear. He's also wearing a new helmet this morning which doesn't fit too well. A challenging World Rally Car debut for the Irishman.

Thu 11:31 - SS2: Solberg spins
It's great to hear the enthusiasm in Henning's voice again! He spun and was 14th, almost 20sec down on Ogier.

Thu 11:29 - SS2: Tidy Tidemand
Sweden's great hope Tidemand is seventh fastest. All good in the youngster's Fiesta RS.

Thu 11:23 - SS2: Tanak flies
Second quickest time for Ott Tanak, just 2.6sec behind Ogier. That's impressive after a year away from the WRC.......

Thu 11:21 - SS2: Prokop through
Martin Prokop explains that his Fiesta RS slipped into a ditch. Some fans were quickly on the case to help lift the car out, others preferred to film them doing so! He lost three minutes.

Thu 11:19 - SS2: Neuville slowed
Thierry Neuville reports that he lost a couple of seconds as spectators slowed him down when he passed Prokop. Seemingly Prokop's car was in a ditch.

Thu 11:17 - SS2: Prokop update
The Czech briefly restarted but his Fiesta RS is now stationary again. What a start to the season he's having - his Rallye Monte-Carlo lasted only one stage.

Thu 11:14 - SS2: Prokop stops
News coming through that Martin Prokop has stopped 4.4km into the stage. No news yet as to why.

Thu 11:13 - SS2: Clean for Hirvonen
Last year Hirvonen was digging his car out of a snow bank after 1km. He's OK this year but 6.3sec slower than Ogier.

Thu 11:10 - SS2: Evans spins
Elfyn catches the front of his Fiesta RS in a snow bank and it dragged his car round. The Welshman had to reverse before continuing.

Thu 11:07 - SS2: Morose Mads
Mads Ostberg doesn't sound too happy. "Not a good stage," said the Norwegian, who admitted he was struggling for confidence. Third fastest so far.

Thu 11:04 - SS2: Meeke happy
Kris Meeke comes though 8.5sec behind Ogier. The Briton is on his first full snow rally and says he's not concerned about times at the moment.

Thu 11:00 - SS2: Ogier through
Ogier brings his Polo R into the finish. 4min 38.1sec for the Frenchman. Slippery with some fresh snow on the surface so no big push.

Thu 10:57
Conditions are reported to be good in here. A good solid ice base for those studded tyres to work their magic.

Thu 10:56 - We're off!
World champion Sebastien Ogier is off the line and into the stage!

Thu 10:55 - SS2 Torsby
Today starts with the 7.03km Torsby test. The name might be familiar but this year’s Torsby is all-new. Shortened from 19km to 7km, this year’s route is narrow, fast and includes a tight section in a quarry. Not a lot of snow on the recce, so expect lots of slush.

Thu 10:54 - Weather watch
And the weather? If anything it’s a touch warmer today than yesterday. A few overnight flakes of snow were visible but the thermometer is hovering around 1°C and it all feels quite damp.

Thu 10:52 - Keep it tidy
Important not to damage your car today. Once the drivers leave Hagfors this morning, there’s no service until they get back here tonight. Any problems and the driver and co-driver are on their own.....

Thu 10:50 - Night action
The action is completed with a second run through Torsby, this time in the dark, before everyone returns to Hagfors to have their cars refettled.

Thu 10:49 - Today's schedule
On the menu today are six stages covering a fraction over 60km. After the opening Torsby test, drivers cross the border into Norway for two stages that are repeated.

Thu 10:46 - Good morning from Hagfors
Welcome to the first full day of action at Rally Sweden. After the excitement of last night’s Karlstad super special stage, drivers enjoyed a lie-in this morning before heading north to the Hagfors service park.

Wed 21:09 - Thursday's action
Gets underway at 0820hrs when crews will leave the Karlstad parc ferme for the drive north to the Hagfors service park. From there, it's a six stage thriller on snowy roads in Sweden and Norway. Join us for the first one from 1054hrs. Until then, good night!

Wed 21:03 - Top three after day one
After Wednesday night's opening stage of Rally Sweden Andreas Mikkelsen leads by 0.8sec from his VW team-mate Sebastien Ogier. Ott Tanak is a surprise third, 1.4sec further back.

Wed 20:59 - Sebastien Ogier wins the final fight
WRC defending champ beats F1 star Robert Kubica by 4.2sec in the final WRC pairing.

Wed 20:54 - Tidy for Tidemand
Pontus is lead Swede. The youngster is through cleanly in 1m37.9s - just 1.5sec slower than his step father Henning Solberg...

Wed 20:50 - Mikkelsen flies!
VW's young Norwegian is a demon on snow, and he completes in a new fastest time - 1m33.4s

Wed 20:48 - Finnish duel!
Extremely tight between former team-mates Hirvonen and Latvala. A few hairy moments for Latvala, but he's quicker by 0.2sec. Tanak still fastest by 0.2sec.

Wed 20:45 - Neuville completes
After his early retirement in Monte, it's Thierry's first whole stage in the Hyundai. His time of 1m36.8s is fifth fastest so far.

Wed 20:39 - Henning impresses
The older of the Solberg brothers goes second quickest on his WRC return. "It's very loose out there - I was too aggressive I think."

Wed 20:37 - Tanak attack
Ott goes quickest in his Ford Fiesta RS WRC. 1m35.6 is the new time to beat.

Wed 20:35 - Emotional return for Kristian Sohlberg
It's his first WRC stage for six years and the Finn is so happy he's a bit teary at the stop control.

Wed 20:30 - 16 cars through
And Anders Grondal is still our fastest driver. 1m38.6s the time to beat. World Rally Car boys on stage next

Wed 20:27 - Hey, it's started snowing!
For the first time today. Keep your fingers crossed it's just the start!

Wed 20:20 -
The unlucky Gorban drifted wide into a snow bank that pulled his car onto a roadside pole. Looks like his car's right-hand front suspension is damaged. Cars remain in Karlstad tonight before the 85km drive to service in Hagfors on Thursday morning. Will he make it?

Wed 20:17 - Problem for Gorban
The Ukraininan has hit a barrier with his S2000 Mini Countryman and lost around 20sec

Wed 20:10 - Stage conditions
Not too bad, actually. Rally organisers have done a good job of keeping the track snow and ice covered.

Wed 20:08 - Grondal takes first blood
The Norwegian fastest by six seconds in his older-spec Group N machine

Wed 20:06 - First pair underway
It's Grondal (Subaru Impreza) and Ahlin (Fiesta R5) up first

Wed 20:04 - Get the free WRC App
and take us with you on your mobile device. See homepage for more details

Wed 20:02 - Live Radio
Becs, Colin and the WRC Live team will be reporting live from 2000hrs.

Wed 20:01 - Tonight's road order
You’ll find a start list in the LIVE section of, but the key point is that the WRC2 drivers will drive the stage first. The first WRC drivers will be on stage at 2026hrs

Wed 20:00
Weather conditions are dry with a temperature just above freezing. A little warmer than the drivers would like, but at least the spectators are happy.

Wed 19:59 - Prince Carl Philip has just made his entrance
in the passenger seat of a Ford Escort MkII driven by Petter Solberg. You don’t see that every day.

Wed 19:59
Huge crowds in Karstad for the opening stage, and lots of stuff going on at the track to keep them entertained. Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Swedish Prince Carl Philip in attendance.

Wed 19:58 - Welcome to the opening night of Rally Sweden.
Just one stage tonight, a 1.9km head-to-head Super Special around Karlstad’s trotting track. So that’s lots of horsepower, but no horses.

Wed 15:42 - SS1:
Hello from Hagfors. We're in position and ready for tonight's opening stage of Rally Sweden. Join us from 2000hrs [local]

Tue 14:01 - Rally Sweden 2014
Rally Sweden starts on Wednesday.

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