Poll: Which is the
best 2016 car livery?

2016 livery poll

Which is your favourite 2016 livery?

Our WRC nominees have hit the stages at least once this year. The question is: which car looks the best? That’s what we want to find out in our latest wrc.com poll.

Getting involved is easy. Just have a look at our seven nominees below, pick your favourite and then cast your vote using the box on the right.

We’ll let this run until Wednesday 30 March and will bring you more about the winning livery shortly after.

Think we've missed any out? Head to the WRC Facebook page to have your say.

M-Sport World Rally Team.
Car: Ford Fiesta RS World Rally Car.
The benchmark for manufacturer liveries, M-Sport's 2015 offering was voted best looking by wrc.com users 12 months ago when the two-tone Fiesta scooped 34 per cent of the poll. Clearly onto a good thing, the British squad has stuck with a similar design for 2016. Staying in place are the blue stripes that hark back to some of Ford’s most iconic rally cars, but the white base has been replaced with a colour from Ford’s 2016 palette – Nitrous Blue.

Hyundai Shell WRT
Car: Hyundai i20 World Rally Car.
Hyundai went back to the drawing board for its all-new Next Generation i20, and it's the same story for the 2016-car's livery. The unique blue/mauve base colour is carried over but there is less of the bright day-glo red that covered the flanks of its predecessor. Instead, Hyundai have muted the scheme with front and side panels in metallic grey. Last year's white wheels have also been given the grey treatment, while for special occasions the car features red front rims.

Yazeed Racing
Car: Ford Fiesta RS World Rally Car.
Stepping up to manufacturer entry level in 2016, Yazeed Al-Rajhi's Fiesta carries the same Yazeed Racing livery that has adorned his cross-country rally vehicles. A complex mix of white, black, day-glo green and yellow, the car also features beef burgers on the doors and front spoiler, referencing the Jan Burger fast food empire Al-Rajhi runs in Saudi Arabia!

Volkswagen Motorsport.
Car: Polo R World Rally Car.
The team introduced an all-new livery when the second-generation Polo R made its debut at the 2015 Rallye Monte Carlo. It still looks fresh, so for this year we're talking evolution rather than revolution. Volkswagen’s corporate blue and white still predominate and you have to look closely to tell the difference between the two schemes. The easiest way is to look at the front end. The 2016 cars have a white stripe on the wings next to the headlights and two white panels on the front spoiler.

DMACK World Rally Team
Car: Ford Fiesta RS World Rally Car.
DMACK's scheme looks fairly straightforward but look closely and you'll see there's more going on than just black and white. Dotted all around the black sections are an assortment of different sized 'Ds' in white and red to emphasis the tyre company brand.

Jipocar Czech National Team
Car: Ford Fiesta RS World Rally Car.
Fiona the Fiesta was given a striking new look last year and in Mexico she revealed a 2016 makeover. Both of Martin Prokop's schemes are hung around a grey base, but this year's adds a central bonnet stripe and other highlights in day-glo yellow to the vibrant orange of last year. Definitely one of the brightest cars in the Service Park.

Abu Dhabi Total WRT.
Car: DS 3 World Rally Car.
A familiar looking car, but without the manufacturer branding we're used to seeing - except for the Citroën sunstrip on the windscreen. Citroën's long term parter Total remains - together with its familiar red and white colours - while the rest of the car reflects the colours, logo and script of team backers Abu Dhabi.

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