Fans can choose how they want to follow the FIA World Rally Championship via an exciting new and interactive digital service.

WRC Promoter, the company behind the 13-round series, is unveiling WRC+ to give fans the opportunity to decide when, where and how they want to access the drama from the special stages.

Live maps, onboard action, comprehensive highlights and live special stages are part of the WRC+ package, which begins today with the preview magazine programme from Neste Oil Rally Finland (31 July - 3 August).

WRC+ is available across computer, smart phone or tablet, meaning fans can stay in touch with the latest news from wherever they are.

Oliver Ciesla, managing director of WRC Promoter, said WRC+ would transform the way in which fans could follow the sport:

“We set out with the goal of using the internet to offer WRC fans the opportunity to follow their favourite sport when, where and how they choose. There is no longer any excuse for anyone to miss that crucial moment that decides the outcome of a rally,” he said.

Fans can subscribe at where full details can be found.