In Rally Poland it was four betting opportunities on jumps. Mads Østberg won one, and was strongly challenged on the other three - but there was one common denominator.

Mads Østberg has so far been the long flying Jump King of the WRC. In ORLEN 74th Rally Poland he was strongly challenged by stiff competition – but with one common denominator – they were all driving Fords.

First edition of the Friday jump on SS4 and SS8 saw Ott Tänak netting the longest flight, with 43 meters. Mads Østberg fought back on the second running, with an incredible 46 meters.

There was a new betting opportunity on Sunday, with the Flying Finish jump on SS21 and SS23 (same stage). The talented Finn Teemu Suninen was longest with 23 meters on the first loop. Then Elfyn Evans was longest with 22 meters on the second loop.

Longest jumps:


SS4: Tänak 43 m

SS8: Østberg 46 m


SS21: Sunninen 23

SS23: Evans 22