Airtimes Neste Rally Finland 2016

Presenter: Becs Williams

Tune in on WRC Live for Round 8 of the 2016 FIA World Rally Championship from Finland.


28. July: 19:00 (local time Finland = UTC +3)
29. July: 07:00 (local time Finland = UTC +3) 
30. July: 07:50 (local time Finland = UTC +3) 
31. July: 08:00 (local time Finland = UTC +3)  

Hello, Becs here! 

Welcome along to the fabulous Finnish adventure that kicks off the second half of the WRC 2016 season. Our team are ready for a high speed, adrenaline pumping weekend filled with full on battles across the incomprehensibly fast stages that Rally Finland has to offer.

Sadly I have not traveled to Finland due to family illness but you can’t get rid of me that easily! I’ll be back in the hosting hot seat for Friday only, with former Production world champion co-driver Trevor Agnew stepping into my shoes (heels, obviously) for Saturday and Sunday. Trevor is fully prepared to keep our stage end reporters up to date with all the latest info and keep them in check. Colin Clark heads the reporting team and will be joined by another co-driver, Stuart Loudon who returns to WRC Live after a pretty fabulous debut behind the mic in Portugal. If you remember rightly he did a lot of sitting on the fence back then, so we are hoping the ‘bravery’ needed in Finland will rub off on him and he’ll tell us what he REALLY thinks at the stage ends. 

And what of Lisa? Well after being my 'stunt double' during Rally Poland Lisa has packed her bags and left the country for Brazil. I’m not kidding. Now, we can either say that she was so deeply affected by the whole experience that she has run away, or we could tell the truth and say that she’s reporting on the Olympic games. Personally I prefer the first option! So, taking the technical reigns in the studio will be Mike Lawrence who has been with us many times before when Lisa has disappeared to yoga retreat or similar. Mike is ready. Or so he thinks. We may break him this weekend.

As ever we want to hear from you guys this weekend! Who is gonna be triumphant in Finland? Who will set the fastest time on Ouninpohja? DO YOU HAVE FINLAND FEVER?! 

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28. July: 19:30 (local time Finland = UTC +3) 
29. July: 06:30 (local time Finland = UTC +3) 
30. July: 07:30 (local time Finland = UTC +3) 
31. July: 08:00 (local time Finland = UTC +3)  


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