Airtimes Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2016

Presenter: Becs Williams

Rally Portugal has caught me out in the past, yes I will confirm that Becs has had to remind me that I’m on the same time-line as the event and not “an hour behind” (yes longitude I’m talking about you!).  Once or even twice I’ve been poised over the desk in the studio ready to push the massive PLAY button that fires the WRC Live team into action, only to realise I’m an hour early… doh!

To better address my anxiety about being in the right place for the right time I have installed TWO clocks in the studio - one is set to UK time and the other is WRC o’clock.  Sorted although I’m paranoid one will stop so I must get more spare batteries to back up the spares.

It’s going to be a fully powered Rally de Portugal,  all the big teams are on the entry list to compete in the gravel for what is forecast to be a hot, dry and dusty event.  

The Citroën boys are back in the Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team  to join Hyundai and M-Sport in trying to stop Volkswagen from repeating their triumph of last season with a 1-2-3 on the podium and a 1-2-3 on the power-stage.

The WRC Live team is prepped and ready to go, to inform and hopefully entertain you this weekend. I’ve got a great playlist of top tunes line dup, the paperwork printed out and pinned to the wall, the clocks have been reset and my coffee machine is primed for extra strong. 

We will be on-air for SS1 Lousada, the opening stage on Thursday night.


19. May: 18:45 (local time Portugal = CET -1/ GMT +1)
20. May: 09:15 (local time Portugal = CET -1/ GMT +1) 
21. May: 09:30 (local time Portugal = CET -1/ GMT +1) 
22. May: 07:00 (local time Portugal = CET -1/ GMT +1) 

WRC Radio en español

Presenter: Illy Caro

19. May: 18:15 (local time Portugal = CET -1/ GMT +1) 
20. May: 08:45 (local time Portugal = CET -1/ GMT +1) 
21. May: 09:00 (local time Portugal = CET -1/ GMT +1) 
22. May: 06:15 (local time Portugal = CET -1/ GMT +1) 


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