73rd PZM Rally Poland


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Fri 20:02 - Poland after SS10
1.Tanak 1h01m23.0s, 2.Mikkelsen +4.2s, 3.Paddon +10.2s, 4.Ogier +16.3s, 5.Neuville +20.4s. Stage win for Ogier

Fri 19:58 - SS10: Breen vs Gorban
Breen clips the front-left of his DS 3 and completes four seconds slower than Gorban. "We nudged a bale, otherwise a fantastic day, I couldn't have hoped for more," says Breen, who ends the day eighth, 1.7sec behind his team-mate Lefebvre.

Fri 19:56 - SS10: Bertelli vs Lefebvre
Bertelli shows his super special skills again - fifth fastest here. "We like this stage. This rally is getting better as my confidence increases," he says. Lefebvre rounds off a good day in the DS 3 and reckons he was lucky to get through with a badly worn tyre at the rear.

Fri 19:51 - SS10: Solberg vs Camilli
"I'm pushing - that I can promise. We'll get the intercom fixed in service tonight," says Solberg. Camilli says: "A really good day. The car is working well. We will stay in the same rhythm tomorrow."

Fri 19:49 - SS10: Neuville vs Tanak
Tanak ties the stage win with Ogier. His overnight rally lead is 4.2sec. Tanak says: "My best rally day ever? Well, I'm leading so yes. We got our rhythm in the afternoon and nailed it. The feeling is very good. Let's see how we go tomorrow. If it all works well I don't see any reason why we can't fight." Neuville says: "A good day except that my pace notes were too slow in the morning. No mistakes and clean stages. I will try to catch tomorrow."

Fri 19:44 - SS10: Paddon vs Latvala
Paddon completes 2.7sec slower than Latvala "Jari-Matti's car fired mud over our windscreen three times!" explains Paddon. Latvala is glad to see the back of the day. "I'll try to go early to bed and get a better feeling for tomorrow," he says.

Fri 19:40 - SS10: Ostnerg vs Mikkelsen
Ostberg quicker than Mikkelsen by one-tenth. Mikkelsen says: "A great day but a shame to finish it like this - really bad understeer here." Ostberg meanwhile is looking for improvement tomorrow. "I don't know what to do. I feel I'm driving on the limit but we have to do something."

Fri 19:37 - SS10: Ogier vs Sordo
Ogier wins the opening heat by 1.3sec. It's the end of a tough day for the champ. "Tomorrow will be even worse I think. I pushed as hard as I could today but I could do nothing," he says. Sordo is annoyed too - Ogier's car sprayed his windscreen with mud and dirt on the super special.

Fri 18:58 - Next stage: 1930hrs
Crews are heading to Mikolajki for the second running of the head-to-head super special. First pair of cars on track at 1930hrs.

Fri 18:55 - Tidemand update
Confirmation from his team that Pontus and his co-driver are okay. Retired with broken suspension.

Fri 18:54 - Poland WRC2 after SS9
1.Suninen 1h01m31.5s, 2.Lappi +5.1s, 3.Evans +22.0s, 4.Kruuda +29.7s, 5.Fuchs +1m06.4s. Tidemand stops

Fri 18:53 - Poland after SS9
1.Tanak 59m37.0s, 2.Mikkelsen +2.0s, 3.Paddon +7.5s, 4.Ogier +16.3s, 5.Neuville +19.2s. Stage win for Paddon

Fri 18:39 - SS9: WRC 2 Pedder
"A tough day. A combination of bad driving, brake problems and a rock strike that holed the radiator. I was annoyed earlier. Everything went wrong today. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow."

Fri 18:37 - WRC 2 exits
Emil Bergqvist stopped on SS8. He had been in seventh position. Yoann Bonato retired from 12th position in SS7.

Fri 18:35 - SS9: WRC 2 Kruuda
"It has been a very good day and I'm very happy with my speed. Being 10 cars behind the lead fight isn't very equal so I'm looking forward to a better road position tomorrow."

Fri 18:32 - SS9: WRC 2 Lappi
He completes 1.9sec slower than Suninen and moves ahead of Evans to second position, making it a Finnish 1-2 in WRC 2. "It's a shame about Pontus," he says. "I think he hit a bank on a 90 degree corner in a narrow place. Okay, we are here and good to continue tomorrow."

Fri 18:29 - SS9: WRC 2 Aasen
"We had to wait a few minutes at the start but that's rally sometimes. The stage was okay, a bit rough in places, just like the rest of the stages this afternoon."

Fri 18:25 - SS9: WRC 2 Ptaszek
"We stopped on the stage for a few seconds because we thought [Tidemand's co-driver] Andersson showed us a cross sign. But he waved us on. Later we lost our brakes after we hit something."

Fri 18:21 - SS9: Paused briefly
Aasen was held on the start line for five minutes. Stage up and running again now.

Fri 18:18 - SS9: WRC2 Suninen
"I'm losing time in the final sector again. We have to look at that. It's a problem." With Tidemand stopped, Suninen takes the lead in WRC 2.

Fri 18:17 - SS9: WRC 2 Tidemand
WRC tracking shows his car stopped at the 6.3km point. He had been leading the category.

Fri 18:16 - SS9: WRC 2 Evans
"It's obviously not the position we wanted but in terms of feeling, today has been okay. The Skodas have been in a class of their own. We've tried everything but for the moment we don't have an answer. We're not going to give up, that's for sure."

Fri 18:08 - SS9: Lefebvre vs Breen
Lefebvre has the edge on SS9, going 1.6sec quicker than his team-mate to retake seventh position. "I was way too ragged at the start," says Breen.

Fri 18:06 - SS9: Bertelli
"It was okay. We changed our pace notes on the first pass and this one was much better."

Fri 18:03 - SS9: Solberg
14.2sec off the pace and Henning reckons that's the best he can do. "I gave absolutely everything in here but we lost out on the 3km straight. My maximum speed is 182kph so I knew I would lose time."

Fri 18:01 - SS9: Camilli
"I lost some time slowing for the dust in here but I wanted to complete in one piece. We are very happy about the day. A good pace for our first rally in Poland."

Fri 17:59 - SS9: Tanak
Fourth fastest so far and his rally lead over Mikkelsen stands at two seconds. "A great day. I'm really enjoying it - especially the second loop. The stages look quite bad in places but if you want to win you have to keep the button pressed - there's no other way."

Fri 17:56 - SS9: Neuville
"I lost half a second here in a hairpin junction but otherwise okay. Tomorrow is another day and we will keep focused."

Fri 17:54 - Poland WRC2 after SS8
1.Tidemand 54m27.0s, 2.Suninen +10.2s, 3.Lappi +13.4s, 4.Evans +31.0s, 5.Kruuda +34.3s

Fri 17:54 - SS9: Latvala
"A very bad day overall. No feeling for the driving and I don't understand it. I am not together with the car. I have no words."

Fri 17:53 - SS9: Paddon
Quickest so far. "We've made a set-up change to improve the balance but this was a tricky stage. It's not good driving in dust when you're in sixth gear. It feels good to get to the end of the day."

Fri 17:50 - SS9: Ostberg
"Horrible in places. There was dust in some of the high speed sections and if you want to live you have to slow down."

Fri 17:48 - SS9: Mikkelsen
"Ott is doing a really good job. The dust was bad in here though, hard to see. Not an easy stage in these conditions. You just close your eyes and go for it! Not perfect, but close."

Fri 17:46 - SS9: Sordo
"The time is not so bad. There was a lot of hanging dust in the forest."

Fri 17:45 - SS9: Ogier
The Frenchman is first to complete today's final 'proper' stage before the super special. "Nothing special. Business like always. I tried to push as hard as I can. It's not enough."

Fri 17:41 - SS8: WRC 2 Tidemand
Sure enough, Tidemand catches five seconds of Suninen's advantage in the closing section. Tidemand's lead in WRC 2 now stands at 10.2sec.

Fri 17:39 - SS8: WRC 2 Suninen
Quicker than his fellow Skoda driver Tidemand by almost six seconds in the early splits but he expects his rival to catch him near the finish. "I was totally flat out in the final section so I'll be interested to see how much time I'll lose there. I think there is some difference with Tidemand's engine."

Fri 17:28 - SS8: Breen
He sets exactly the same stage time as his team-mate Lefebvre. "It's getting really rough now. This might feel like a PlayStation game but there is no reset button. There were a couple of huge stones in the road near the end."

Fri 17:25 - SS8: Berteli
"All was going well until we hit a huge hole after a jump and almost lost control of the car - the front bounced off line."

Fri 17:20 - Poland after SS8
1.Tanak 52m56.0s, 2.Mikkelsen +3.2s, 3.Paddon +9.4s, 4.Ogier +16.4s, 5.Neuville +17.6s. Tanak takes the lead

Fri 17:17 - SS8: Tanak
A terrific stage win on DMACK's hard compound rubber. He's 3.5sec quicker than Mikkelsen on stage and moves into the rally lead. "A big push. I had one nasty place with the ruts but all good." Any problems with dust? "No. No time to lift when you're in a hurry!"

Fri 17:14 - SS8: Neuville
"A much better stage. I felt good in the car. Shame about the dust though - in two places I slowed too much."

Fri 17:13 - SS8: Latvala
5.6sec off the pace and it seems that Latvala is still in the driver widerness. "The time was a disappointment. I'm surprised. I thought we were going to do a good time. Today is not happening," he says.

Fri 17:11 - SS8: Paddon
Two seconds slower than Mikkelsen and that's no surprise to Paddon. "The afternoon loops are not so good for us. The car balance isn't great. I know what we have to change but for now we just have to get through and limit the time loss."

Fri 17:08 - SS8: Ostberg
"Quite abrasive in there for sure. Hard on the tyres - but not a concern."

Fri 17:06 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Quickest so far. "The handling feels better. Moving in the right direction. In a few places I could go faster but not a bad stage."

Fri 17:05 - SS8: Sordo
Just nine-tenths slower than Ogier. "An unbelievable stage, I really enjoyed it. The car feels really good. I tried to brake well. It's feeling better and better."

Fri 17:02 - SS8: Ogier
"I'm trying as hard as I can and it's been a good loop so far. Some big ruts now and sometimes I'm just a passenger."

Fri 16:41 - Next stage: 1650hrs
Leading cars lining up at the start of the Swietajno stage.

Fri 16:40 - Poland WRC2 after SS7
1.Tidemand 44m13.5s, 2.Suninen +11.2s, 3.Lappi +13.7s, 4.Evans +25.7s, 5.Kruuda +27.9s

Fri 16:27 - SS7: WRC 2 Tidemand
3.1sec quicker than Suninen on stage and his rally lead is up to 11.2sec. "Fantastic. This car is absolutely perfect in these conditions. I can do whatever I want. I go flat out in the lines and the car just stays there."

Fri 16:25 - SS7: WRC 2 Suninen
"It's difficult to drive in these conditions."

Fri 16:24 - SS7: WRC 2 Fuchs
Like Evans he also has a half spin.

Fri 16:23 - SS7: WRC 2 Evans
Loses time with a half spin. "I'm trying too hard."

Fri 16:22 - Poland after SS7
1.Mikkelsen 43m01.7s, 2.Tanak +0.3s, 3.Paddon +4.2s, 4.Ogier +8.6s, 5.Neuville +13.2s. Stage win for Tanak

Fri 16:19 - SS7: Al Rajhi
A spin costs him 10 seconds.

Fri 16:18 - SS7: Gorban
Back to full speed after bending his MINI on the previous stage. "It's okay. The car is working fine. The rear-right suspension arm was broken - we had a spare in the car."

Fri 16:16 - SS7: Breen
A terrific stage for the Irishman who matches Ogier's third-fastest time and moves to seventh - ahead of Lefevbre - in the overall standings. "Incredible. I have to thank Sheikh Khalid for giving me this chance. I haven't had this much enjoyment for a long, long time. It's a dream."

Fri 16:13 - SS7: Bertelli
"The road is quite destroyed. We hit a big hole and spun. I think that cost five seconds."

Fri 16:11 - SS7: Lefevre
He reckons his car's ride height was too low - it was grounding in the ruts. He'll raise it for the next stage.

Fri 16:10 - SS7: Solberg
His intercom is still faulty and communication with co-driver Ilka Minor is rather one sided. "I hear her but she doesn't hear me. She is lucky." he says.

Fri 16:07 - SS7: Camilli
"Lots of big ruts, which was surprise. I think I will change the set-up for the next stage - make it a big higher."

Fri 16:06 - SS7: Tanak
Quickest so far on stage and he trails Mikkelsen's rally lead by just three-tenths. "Another tricky stage. Such high speeds, I was worried - too cautious - in some places. I try my best. Still a long rally."

Fri 16:04 - SS7: Neuville
Quickest so far, six-tenths quicker than Ogier. "The time is good but we made a few mistakes when the car jumped out of the ruts. At one point we had two wheels in a field."

Fri 16:02 - SS7: Latvala
Fourth quickest so far and the strongest signal yet that Jari-Matti is finding his groove. "Up to now I've been in another world. Now I'm starting to get there. The feeling is there now. Let's keep it going."

Fri 15:59 - SS7: Paddon
2.5sec slower than Ogier's benchmark time. "It's really difficult. The ruts are so deep and in the corners you can't even turn. I was very, very untidy."

Fri 15:57 - SS7: Ostberg
6.6sec off Ogier's pace. "Improving, maybe. It's tricky here. Just following the ruts. A bit like a train."

Fri 15:56 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Deeply unhappy about understeer on the previous test. This time he's two-tenths slower than Ogier. "This stage was really tricky and I'm still struggling with turn in. I'm not happy with the set-up. We need to make some changes. We have limited options but we will try."

Fri 15:53 - SS7: Sordo
4.5sec slower than Ogier. "A little bit better. The stage was unbelievable though - really fun to drive. Okay, the time was not so quick but I enjoyed it a lot."

Fri 15:51 - SS7: Ogier
"Quite a lot of ruts on this stage and I suffered quite a bit. I'm happy with what I've done. It's easy to make a mistake here."

Fri 15:50 - Tyre info
All of Michelin's WRC runners have selected five soft compound LTX Force tyres for this afternoon's stages - exactly the same choice as the morning loop.

Fri 15:03 - Next stage: 1540hrs
That's Ogier's start time for the repeat of Wieliczki. We'll take a live text break until then.

Fri 14:57 - SS6: WRC 2 Pedder
28.1sec off the pace and there's a little damage to the front of the Skoda. What's happened? "I can't say," says a rather awkward Pedder. Car problem? "No, the car's good. The car's fine. Nothing wrong with the car." And with that he's off.

Fri 14:52 - Poland WRC2 after SS6
1.Tidemand 35m09.4s, 2.Suninen +8.1s, 3.Lappi +10.4s, 4.Evans +16.1s, 5.Kruuda +17.5s

Fri 14:50 - SS6: WRC 2 Kruuda
"This is top notch rallying, just like in Estonia. Still happy but could do better."

Fri 14:45 - SS6: WRC 2 Lappi
Lappi completes six-tenths slower than his team-mate Tidemand, and the frustration is evident. "I don't think I can catch Pontus. I did a good stage, but here we are slower. The stage is getting very rutted."

Fri 14:42 - SS6: WRC 2 Aasen
"A better feeling with everything. The car is running well and my confidence is getting better."

Fri 14:40 - SS6: WRC 2 Kremer
"We have a good feeling - better than this morning. We will push a little more."

Fri 14:38 - SS6: WRC 2 Tidemand
Another fastest time for Pontus.

Fri 14:36 - SS6: WRC 2 Suninen
3.5sec up on Evans at the midpoint split, but just 1sec ahead at the finish. Why? "I don't know but I want to find out."

Fri 14:33 - Poland after SS6
1.Mikkelsen 34m08.3s, 2.Paddon +1.9s, 3.Tanak +3.5s, 4.Ogier +8.8s, 5.Neuville +14.0s. Stage win for Tanak

Fri 14:32 - SS6: WRC 2 Fuchs
"Amazing. A little rough and I went out a little in one place."

Fri 14:30 - SS6: WRC 2 Evans
"A good run bar two annoying mistakes in junctions - just a little untidy. We'll try to keep the pressure on,"

Fri 14:29 - SS6: Gorban
His MINI's wheels are pointing in different directions when it reaches the finish control. "Something broke when we landed after the big jump," explains co-driver Volodymyr Korsia. "A steering arm perhaps. We want to finish the rally so we will try and fix it." .

Fri 14:25 - SS6: Breen
"A little mistake in a junction cost us a few seconds. I missed a braking point in front of a crowd of Irish fans!"

Fri 14:22 - SS6: Bertelli
"A better run than earlier. We have improved a lot but we can improve more."

Fri 14:20 - SS6: Lefebvre
Sixth fastest. "Very difficult now. I went off the road for one or two seconds."

Fri 14:19 - SS6: Solberg
"I tried my best. I drive as fast as I can." Sounds like his intercom is still giving him problems.

Fri 14:16 - SS6: Camilli
"We are pushing a bit more this afternoon."

Fri 14:14 - SS6: Tanak
A new fastest time - 1.8sec quicker than Paddon and Neuville. "I was on the door handles in here. I gave absolutely everything, I want to show my speed. That's the target."

Fri 14:12 - SS6: Neuville
Joint fastest with his team-mate Paddon. They both stop the clock in 3m12.5s. "We corrected our pace notes in the loop and stepped on the gas here. Still not the perfect stage but much better."

Fri 14:10 - SS6: Latvala
Stalled on the start line and lost a few seconds. He completes 3.1sec slower than Paddon.

Fri 14:08 - SS6: Paddon
Quickest so far and Paddon narrows to gap on Mikkelsen to just 1.9sec. "No understeer for us but maybe too low on the ride height," he says.

Fri 14:06 - SS6: Ostberg
"Not so easy to have a good stage - tricky conditions in here. The ruts take you off in a different direction."

Fri 14:05 - SS6: Mikkelsen
A major wobble for our rally leader who completes five-tenths slower than Ogier. "A terrible stage. I really struggled with understeer. We have to make a change."

Fri 14:02 - SS6: Sordo
3.3sec slower than Seb. "A little bit better. A cleaner road with more grip. Enjoyable to drive."

Fri 14:00 - SS6: Ogier
First through and five seconds quicker than his morning pass. "Really pushing. I can't go faster than this," he says.

Fri 12:16 - Next stage: 1355hrs
That's when Ogier will begin the repeat loop, starting with the 6.52km Chmielewo. We'll take a live text break until then.

Fri 12:15 - Service Park TV
Watch teams re-prep the cars in service via our live stream cameras. You'll find a link in the LIVE section

Fri 12:12 - Up next: Service
Drivers are making their way back to Mikolajki for today's midpoint 30-minute service. Ogier will be first to check in at 1255hrs.

Fri 12:10 - Poland WRC2 after SS5
1.Tidemand 31m49.9s, 2.Suninen +6.5s, 3.Lappi +9.8s, 4.Evans +13.5s, 5.Kruuda +15.5s

Fri 12:07 - SS5: WRC 2 Kruuda
"The trickiest stage so far. We tried to push but the car was moving around and our pace notes were a bit off." He slips behind Evans to fifth in WRC 2.

Fri 12:02 - Poland after SS5
1.Mikkelsen 30m55.1s, 2.Paddon +2.6s, 3.Tanak +6.0s, 4.Ogier +9.3s, 5.Neuville +14.7s. Stage win for Paddon

Fri 12:00 - SS5: WRC 2 Lappi
Looks like a quickest time for Lappi - 1sec up on Tidemand. "Pontus has been really pushing this morning. I tried hard here."

Fri 11:57 - SS5: WRC 2 Kremer
Reports that his car's geometry seems a little out of line after a heavy landing on today's opening stage.

Fri 11:54 - SS5: WRC 2 Ptaszek
"I think we have some problem with the engine - not enough power. We'll have a look in service."

Fri 11:51 - SS5: WRC 2 Tidemand
1.9sec quicker than Suninen and his category lead is up to 6.5sec. "An incredible stage. The car is perfect."

Fri 11:50 - SS5: WRC 2 Suninen
1.6sec slower than Evans. "It has been good rally so far but this stage was very narrow and not perfect for me."

Fri 11:48 - SS5: WRC 2 Fuchs
"Tricky for me in the corners. I'm hoping to go better in the afternoon."

Fri 11:47 - SS5: WRC 2 Evans
"I pushed quite hard in there. The times haven't been what we were hoping for this morning. The Skodas have been taking a lot."

Fri 11:46 - SS5: Al Rajhi
His car is full of dust - a consequence of his missing roof vent - and he loses time with an overshoot.

Fri 11:42 - SS5: Gorban
Rear-left puncture.

Fri 11:40 - SS5: Breen
The Irishman has the edge over his team-mate Lefebvre here. He's fifth fastest of the 13 cars through and loving his work: "Driving a car like this is the best job in the world!" he says.

Fri 11:38 - SS5: Bertelli
"This was nightmare. I tried to push harder but ended up going slower."

Fri 11:36 - SS5: Lefebvre
"Not so bad but still too cautious in places. I can be better."

Fri 11:34 - SS5: Solberg
"The intercom works better now. I just keep trying."

Fri 11:32 - SS5: Camilli
"Happy to complete the morning loop but it was very, very tough in places here."

Fri 11:31 - SS5: Tanak
5.5sec off Paddon's leading pace. "I'm quite happy with the morning but the second half here was really dry and we struggled with grip. This afternoon we have to be smart with our tyre choices. We should be okay."

Fri 11:28 - SS5: Neuville
"All okay but we need to check the front-left damper. Sometimes the car was getting out of the line - we need to have a look."

Fri 11:22 - SS5: Stage paused
To move spectators. Neuville was held at the start until 1119hrs. Stage now live again

Fri 11:15 - SS5: Latvala
Fourth quickest and he's shaking his head. "It's just not happening," he says. "Like always here in Poland I just can't find the feeling. Even if it feels okay in the car the times are just not there."

Fri 11:14 - SS5: Paddon
Quickest so far. "The times are pretty close near the top. I had a lot of understeer in here. We have plenty of things to improve on in the afternoon."

Fri 11:12 - SS5: Ostberg
11.7sec slower than Mikkelsen. "I was completely off the road here. We lost a lot of time. Not good for the second stage in a row. We have to go back to service and start again this afternoon."

Fri 11:08 - SS5: Mikkelsen
Quickest through, 1.8sec up on Ogier. "Not so good for me, I was not really on it. Overall though the morning has not been so bad."

Fri 11:06 - SS5: Sordo
14.3sec slower than Ogier. "We are trying but the time is not there."

Fri 11:03 - SS5: Ogier
"Really, really dry and slippery now. Very difficult. Not much chance to fight but I do what I can."

Fri 11:01 - SS4: WRC 2 Ptaszek
He overshoots a junction. "Okay, but we are still in the game."

Fri 10:58 - SS4: WRC 2
Tidemand and Suninen set exactly the same time - and it looks like a joint stage win. "The fight is on," says Tidemand.

Fri 10:51 - Stage info: SS5
Stare Juchy 1, 13.50km. This stage is mainly new, although the middle section was driven in 2014. Initially it is narrow, fast and open through the trees. It soon leaves the trees behind but remains fast with grass down the middle of the road in places.

Fri 10:51 - Next stage: 1055hrs
Cars are gathering at the start of the Stare Juchy stage

Fri 10:50 - Poland after SS4
1.Mikkelsen 24m08.0s, 2.Tanak +2.3s, 3.Paddon +4.4s, 4.Ogier +7.5s, 5.Neuville +12.6s. Tanak the stage winnner

Fri 10:46 - SS4: Breen
Sixth fastest, three-tenths slower than Lefebvre. "I'm pleased with that. We're getting a bit closer with every stage."

Fri 10:44 - SS4: Bertelli
"This is a stage I have done before and it was better than the others this morning."

Fri 10:42 - SS4: Lefebvre
Fifth quickest despite a mistake. "I lost three or four seconds in a junction."

Fri 10:41 - SS4: Solberg
He's tried to fix the helmet intercom with a cable tie but it's only partially successful.

Fri 10:38 - SS4: Camilli
"The time is good. We took some pleasure here. To be honest we are very, very happy."

Fri 10:37 - SS4: Tanak
Quickest so far, 1.3sec up on Mikkelsen and Tanak is grinning. "That time is a surprise. The car was moving about a lot, so I wasn't feeling over confident, but it's good. Next time we will be quicker!"

Fri 10:35 - SS4: Neuville
Fifth fastest so far and Thierry reckons there's room for improvement. "The car set-up is too soft and I am being too slow in the corners. We will change the notes. I can be more committed."

Fri 10:33 - SS4: Latvala
10.1sec slower than Mikkelsen and there's a bird wedged in the front of the radiator. "I'm sorry about that. The front-right corner seems a bit soft too [he has a puncture]. It didn't feel right near the end. Otherwise I started to get a better feeling here."

Fri 10:30 - SS4: Paddon
Four-tenths slower than Mikkelsen. "Not so bad and better than the last stage. I was trying to be a bit more aggressive here. I can tidy it up a bit."

Fri 10:29 - SS4: Ostberg
11.7sec off Mikkelsen's pace. "I'm enjoying it and we are pushing. In terms of having fun it's what I'm looking for. In terms of competition, it's not."

Fri 10:27 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Quickest through so far, 3.1sec up on Ogier. "We're pretty much driving to the notes - trying to do what we planned on the recce. So far everything is working really well."

Fri 10:24 - SS4: Sordo
"This stage will clean a lot I think. I enjoyed a lot."

Fri 10:23 - SS4: Ogier
"On the two first stages I was not completely happy with my driving - but I was on this one. The road is much drier. How the time will compare I do not know."

Fri 10:16 - Weather update
The earlier rain on SS4 has stopped. Stage damp in places but largely dry.

Fri 10:15 - Poland WRC2 after SS3
1.Tidemand 14m28.1s, 2.Suninen +4.6s, =3.Evans +8.2s, =4.Lappi +8.2s, 5.Kruuda +9.4s

Fri 09:57 - Stage info: SS4
Swietajno 1, 21.14km. This is one of the few stages that is identical to 2015. A narrow and bumpy cobbled section leads onto soft gravel after 850 metres, but the roads become increasingly wider as the test progresses. It passes through fields with tall grass on either side and is littered with fast crests and jumps.

Fri 09:57 - Next stage: 1010hrs
Ogier is approaching the start control of the Swietajno stage.

Fri 09:47 - SS3: WRC 2 Tidemand
The WRC 2 leader exactly 1sec quicker than Suninen. "A great stage. At the beginning I was sleeping a bit but I woke up towards the end."

Fri 09:45 - SS3: WRC 2 Suninen
Quickest in class so far, 5.7sec quicker than Evans, and sounding completely relaxed. "We're pushing more than we did on the first stage. Let's see if it's enough. If not, we can push more."

Fri 09:43 - SS3: WRC 2 Fuchs
"Very sandy. The car feels like it needs more power."

Fri 09:42 - Weather update
WRC TV crew reports rain in SS4

Fri 09:41 - SS3: WRC 2 Evans
"Enjoying so far, but it's harder to carry the speed in there - the road was much softer."

Fri 09:40 - SS3: Al Rajhi
His car is missing its roof scoop. "We're building our experience. Next stage we'll push a bit more - another 30 per cent I think."

Fri 09:38 - Poland after SS3
1.Mikkelsen 14m01.9s, 2.Tanak +3.6s, 3.Paddon +4.0s, 4.Ogier +4.4s, 5.Latvala +5.8s. Mikkelsen take the lead

Fri 09:35 - SS3: Breen
Fife-tenths slower than his team-mate Lefebvre. "I'm struggling a bit, I don't have a good feeling with the front on corner entry. A bit of understeer. Maybe down to set-up or maybe I'm just not used to it."

Fri 09:33 - SS3: Bertelli
Slowest so far. "The pace notes are a bit too slow. We can carry more speed in the corners."

Fri 09:31 - SS3: Lefebvre
"The road was very sandy in places and it's not easy to keep the line. I expect it will be worse for the repeat."

Fri 09:29 - SS3: Solberg
Slowest of the 10 cars through - and for good reason. "My intercom is broken so I can't hear [my co-driver] Ilka. It's off and on - something in the wiring loom I think."

Fri 09:27 - SS3: Camilli
"We are happy. Our first time here and we need to learn - especially in the tight corners."

Fri 09:26 - SS3: Tanak
Third quickest. "A perfect stage for me, but the ground is getting soft and we are carrying two spares. This is all we can do for the moment."

Fri 09:26 - SS3: Neuville
Sixth quickest, and it doesn't look like stage conditions are improving for those drivers down the order. "Not at all. The road is getting softer and slower. The softer road is sapping engine power. It feels like we are not going forward."

Fri 09:21 - SS3: Latvala
4.8sec slower than his team-mate Mikkelsen. "Everything is okay but in the beginning I was too aggressive. I have to improve."

Fri 09:19 - SS3: Paddon
4.1sec slower than Mikkelsen. "A lot of cuts in there. No drama. I was trying to be smooth but I reckon I could have been more aggressive."

Fri 09:18 - SS3: Ostberg
10.2sec off the pace and Mads offers a few terse comments on his performance. "No problem. I was on the limit."

Fri 09:16 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Quickest so far, 3.8sec up on Ogier. "We tried to cut wherever possible. We found a huge rock in the road, I was worried, we tried to hit it with the middle of the car. It seems okay."

Fri 09:13 - SS3: Sordo
8.6sec slower than Ogier. "The feeling with the car was good, and I enjoyed it, but we're not fast enough."

Fri 09:11 - SS3: Ogier
The champ completes in 9m02.4s. "This road was a bit slower than the first one. The grip was better than I expected."

Fri 09:02 - Stage info: SS3
Wieliczki 1, 17.30km. Sandy and thickly-coated with gravel in places, Wieliczki is fast and flowing from the start. Initially wide, the roads narrow after 4km and the corners become tighter before a short forested section and a finale back on the quick roads. The stage twice jumps across a railway line and tall grass lines the tracks, reducing driver vision.

Fri 08:36 - Next stage: 0900hrs
That's when Ogier will start the 17km Wieliczki stage. We'll take a text break until then.

Fri 08:27 - Poland WRC2 after SS2
1.Tidemand 5m11.2s, 2.Lappi +0.4s, 3.Kruuda +0.4s, 4.Evans +1.5s, 5.Suninen +3.6s

Fri 08:26 - SS2: WRC 2 Kajetanowicz
Sixth quickest for the Pole. "An amazing stage. A great wake up. I'm quite happy."

Fri 08:24 - SS2: WRC 2 Turan
"It was alright. Flat out over the jumps. We are happy."

Fri 08:23 - SS2: WRC 2 Bergqvist
Seventh quickest in class. "Crazy. I know what this rally is all about now. I love it."

Fri 08:20 - SS2: WRC 2 Loubet
"Very good. I was careful. Not a great time."

Fri 08:18 - SS2: WRC 2 Bestard
"We went long in a right-corner. This is all new for us."

Fri 08:16 - SS2: WRC 2 Maurin
"Really fast. A little mistake cost us one or two seconds. Other than that a good start."

Fri 08:15 - SS2: WRC 2 Pedder
Another driver surprised by the look of the stage. "A half spin. They moved the freakin' hay bales. Stupid. The car and notes are good."

Fri 08:13 - SS2: WRC 2 Giordano
18.5sec off the pace. "I spun in the middle and stalled the engine. My mistake."

Fri 08:11 - SS2: WRC 2 Kruuda
The overnight class leader is 2.5sec off Tidemand's pace here. "Well, pretty fine. Big jumps. Big fun. A second off the pace is not too bad. We're enjoying it."

Fri 08:08 - SS2: WRC 2 Bonato
"I was very careful over the jumps - maybe too much - a good start."

Fri 08:06 - SS2: WRC 2 Gilbert
"A good stage. Good start. No risks."

Fri 08:05 - SS2: WRC 2 Lappi
Second quickest, four-tenths off the pace of his Skoda team-mate Tidemand. "The guys ahead are cutting like idiots! I'm not brave enough to do that in this car."

Fri 08:02 - SS2: WRC 2 Aasen
Slowest of the eight cars through so far. "It's fast. You really need to trust your notes. We can build on this stage."

Fri 08:01 - SS2: WRC 2 Kremer
Reports a nose-heavy landing over one of the jumps.

Fri 08:00 - SS2: WRC 2 Ptaszek
Ptaszek's co-driver Maciej Szczepaniak returns after injuring his back in Portugal. All sounds good after this first proper test. "We went flat out over the jumps and it felt good," says Szczepaniak.

Fri 07:56 - SS2: WRC 2 Tidemand
Quickest so far, 1.5sec up on Evans. "Good to start the proper stages now. I enjoy it. It will be an interesting rally."

Fri 07:55 - Poland after SS2
1.Tanak 5m03.0s, 2.Paddon +0.2s, 3.Mikkelsen +0.3s, 4.Ogier +0.9s, 5.Neuville +1.2s. Paddon the stage winner.

Fri 07:54 - SS2: WRC 2 Suninen
Quicker than Evans on the early splits, but he completes six-tenths slower. "The first sector was okay but then I was more cautious."

Fri 07:52 - SS2: WRC 2 Fuchs
Five seconds off Evans' pace and his car is trailing its rear bumper. "It's okay, the first jump maybe a bit too fast but okay."

Fri 07:51 - SS2: WRC 2 Evans
First of the WRC 2 entrants to complete. "Good. A nice, proper, stage to start with."

Fri 07:48 - SS2: Al Rajhi
"My first time here in a WRC car. We are learning a lot."

Fri 07:48 - Tanak leads
That's the first time a DMACK runner has led a WRC rally.

Fri 07:46 - SS2: Gorban
Slowest of the 13 cars through so far. "Really very cool stage, we really enjoy, a lot of jumping - like an airplane," says Gorban's co-driver Volodymyr Korsia.

Fri 07:45 - SS2: Breen
One-tenth quicker than his Abu Dhabi Total team-mate Lefebvre. "I'm pleased with that - he has many more kilometres in this car than me."

Fri 07:42 - SS2: Bertelli
"Too cautious near the beginning."

Fri 07:40 - SS2: Lefebvre
"I didn't drive very well at the start. The car felt good."

Fri 07:38 - SS2: Solberg
Another driver to find the stage very different from the recce. "There is something wrong. They have put some bales in the wrong place. Moved them I think. I didn't find the road in here!"

Fri 07:36 - SS2: Camilli
"Good. I like the road. I made some mistakes - too fast in some corners, not cutting enough - but I learn a lot. I try to understand."

Fri 07:34 - SS2: Tanak
Second quickest, six tenths off Paddon's pace. "A very nice stage but it is completely different to the recce. The hay bales are in completely different places."

Fri 07:33 - SS2: Neuville
The overnight leader goes fifth-quickest so far and has the same comments as Paddon. "They changed the road compared the the recce - some cuts weren't there any more."

Fri 07:30 - SS2: Latvala
1.5sec off Paddon's pace. "Quite good. A little bit slippy in the cuts but otherwise fine."

Fri 07:29 - SS2: Paddon
Quickest so far, 1sec up on Mikkelsen. "I really enjoyed the driving but it's a little disappointing that since the recce the organisers have put things in the corners, like bits of wood, to stop us cutting."

Fri 07:27 - SS2: Ostberg
4.2sec off Mikkelsen's pace and despite his comments there's a strong sense of frustration from Mads. "A good stage. Really good. Losing a bit of time so we are back to that, apparently."

Fri 07:25 - SS2: Mikkelsen
Four-tenths up on Ogier and his Polo R is sporting light panel damage to the front. Looks like he's had a proper go in some of the cuts. "A good stage to start the morning. Quite happy but maybe too aggressive in a few corners."

Fri 07:22 - SS2: Sordo
5.7sec slower than Ogier. "Not so bad. Very fast places. I lost a bit of time going wide."

Fri 07:21 - SS2: Ogier
He's through in 3m17.3s and his car's right-rear wheel is stuffed with dirt. A wide moment? "No, it was a nice stage. Very fast, a bit damp at the start but generally dry. Not a perfect stage but okay for us."

Fri 07:18 - Stage info: SS2
Chmielewo 1, 6.52km. Friday morning’s opening test is a mixture of wide and narrow roads but it is fast throughout with several jumps early on. There is loose gravel on the surface but there are also sections that will be muddy if it rains. The first 4.18km are new but the final 2.34km, on wide and fast roads, were used in 2014.

Fri 07:17 - WRC Live
Lisa O'Sullivan is anchoring this weekend's radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. The team are on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Fri 07:17 - Weather
If yesterday's forecast was correct, we should have woken up to torrential rain and muddy stages. Instead, it looks rather nice out there. There was a little rain overnight, but we have predominantly dry, warm and humid conditions for now in Mikolajki and broken cloud overhead. The current temperature of 18˚C should rise to 26˚C and rain remains a possibility.

Fri 07:16 - Start intervals
Crews will start at two-minute gaps

Fri 07:16 - Friday's start order
We're in championship order today, so Sébastien Ogier is leading the field. Here's how the WRC runners will line up: 1. Ogier, 2. Sordo, 3. Mikkelsen, 4. Østberg, 5. Paddon, 6. Latvala, 7. Neuville, 8. Tänak, 9. Camilli, 10. Solberg, 11. Lefebvre, 12. Bertelli, 13. Breen, 14. Gorban, 15. Al Rajhi.

Fri 07:16 - Friday's itinerary
Friday features two loops of four tests north-east of the host town, split by a 30-minute service, before a repeat of the super special - a total of 121.92km. It's a long day too - first car left overnight parc fermé at 0630hrs. First car back: 1948hrs.

Fri 07:16 - Coming up today
Crews venture beyond central Mikolajki for the first time for a total of nine stages.

Fri 07:15 - Good morning
From Mikolajki and welcome back to our live text coverage from PZM 73rd Rally Poland

Thu 20:24 - Until then
Keep an eye on the news section for our end of leg report and don’t forget WRC+ where you'll find stage footage, highlights shows and onboards. Bye for now!

Thu 20:23 - We will return
On Friday from 0715hrs (local) when the rally resumes with the 6.52km Chmielewo stage

Thu 20:22 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Thu 20:21 - Poland WRC2 after SS1
1.Kruuda 1m48.2s, 2.Lappi +0.1s, 3.Evans +0.9s, 4.Tidemand +1.1s, 5.Gilbert +1.7s

Thu 20:20 - WRC 2 update
Estonia's Karl Kruuda leads WRC 2 overnight, one-tenth ahead of Esapekka Lappi. Elfyn Evans is third, eight-tenths further back.

Thu 20:09 - SS1: WRC 2 resumes
World Rally Car entries complete, the WRC 2 runners are back on track. There are 25 competing here in Poland. No more stage end quotes tonight but we'll bring you the overnight standings.

Thu 20:06 - Poland after SS1
1.Neuville 1m46.2s, 2.Mikkelsen +0.2s, 3.Tanak +0.3s, 4.Ogier +0.4s, 5.Latvala +0.7s

Thu 20:01 - SS1: Ogier vs Neuville
The main event goes Neuville's way by four-tenths. He wins the stage in 1m46.2s and leads the rally overnight. "I tried to be smooth and take care of my tyres," he says. "It was more slippery than I thought. Okay, I'm not happy with my stage but the time is good. And so is beating Seb!" Ogier meanwhile is lucky to escape unscathed after drifting his Polo wide on the final left-hander and destroying a piece of stage furniture. "I didn't drive so well," he acknowledges, "but it's just a few tenths difference so no worries."

Thu 19:53 - SS1: Mikkelsen vs Sordo
Mikkelsen the new stage leader in 1m46.4s. How was that? "The feeling is very good so far. Always nice to have a good start." Sordo is 1.3sec slower.

Thu 19:51 - SS1: Ostberg vs Latvala
Latvala wins the duel and slots second quickest, four-tenths slower than Tanak. Latvala says: "I'm quite pleased with this start. I know I can improve, I was too hesitant with the brakes and the throttle in places." Ostberg says: "In the first corner Jari-Matti completely sprayed my car with mud - it took half a lap to clean my windscreen!"

Thu 19:47 - SS1: Paddon vs Tanak
Tanak storms through in a new fastest time of 1m46.5s. No surprise considering his pace here last year. "A very clean stage with no pushing - a really nice way to start the rally. I will go out tomorrow and do my best. Some nice stages are waiting." Eight-tenths slower, Paddon says: "A nice clean start. Looking forward to the rally starting again in the morning."

Thu 19:42 - SS1: Camilli vs Lefebvre
A strong opener for Lefebvre who beats Camilli by 1.5sec and sets another fastest time. "Good for us, the grip was much better than last year," says Lefebvre. Camilli says: "I tried to do my maximum but the mixture of surfaces was tricky. It will be better tomorrow."

Thu 19:38 - SS1: Solberg vs Bertelli
Bertelli wins this all-Fiesta battle in a new quickest time of 1m48.1sec. "I enjoy these super specials. Perhaps I was too cautious here but I will be quicker on the repeats." Solberg is 1.7sec slower but sounding chipper: "I enjoyed it, I hope to do more tomorrow."

Thu 19:34 - SS1: Breen vs Al Rajhi
Breen is quickest so far in 1m48.9s. He says: "Nice to be back in the car - last year I was commentating here! This is the golden ticket. I'll take each stage as it comes. A dream." Al Rajhi says: "In general an okay start."

Thu 19:31 - SS1: Kremer vs Groban
Skoda R5 driver Kremer takes an unexpected win over the MINI World Rally Car of Gorban. Kremer says: "A lot of mud thrown up on my windows - I couldn't see much." Gorban reports that his car was down on power. "We didn't have a enough fuel in the tank and on the long corner we lost supply."

Thu 19:26 - SS1: Evans vs Tidemand
Up next, two of the favorites for victory here in WRC 2. And it's a narrow win, by two-tenths, for Evans who sets a new fastest time of 1m49.1s. Evans says: "It was good, quite a clean run. I'm looking forward to the battle - it's going to be a hot one." Skoda driver Tidemand says: "More slippery than I expected but that's how it is. The rally starts tomorrow."

Thu 19:21 - SS1: Fuchs vs Suninen
Fuchs wins the heat in a new quickest time of 1m50.1s. "An amazing rally, some very fast drivers here so I need to work hard," he says. Suninen says: "Not a great stage for me. We try to continue in a better way tomorrow. I want to fight for the win."

Thu 19:18 - SS1: Aasen vs Bestard
Bestard spins and Aasen takes a comfortable win. "More grip than I expected. An okay run," says Aasen, who is one-tenths quicker than Kajetanowicz. Bestard says: "A spin in fifth gear but we didn't hit anything. We were very lucky."

Thu 19:14 - SS1: Kajetanowicz vs Ptaszek
Kajetanowicz takes the heat win in 1m51.3s. "A great stage but I was really careful. I have a bad memory of this stage a few years ago. It's not great to be first on the road, it's very slippery. Okay, we won the heat but it's not a great time - believe me." Ptaszek, back after missing Sardinia while his co-driver recuperated from injury, is nine-tenths slower. "It felt good to fight with the European champion!"

Thu 19:08 - SS1: Live
Kajetanowicz and Ptaszek are on stage in a Ford Fiesta R5 and Skoda Fabia R5 respectively. Organizers have been busy with the hosepipes to keep dust down and there are a few puddles on track.

Thu 19:01 - Tyre info
All of Michelin's WRC runners have selected five soft compound LTX Force tyres for tonight's stage.

Thu 19:00 - Time zones
All times quoted here are local. Poland time zone is Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Thu 18:59 - Watch SS1 LIVE
WRC users can watch tonight's stage live. Steaming starts at 1900hrs CEST. Still time to sort a subscription if you haven't already.

Thu 18:57 - Weather
Dry and warm conditions for now in Mikolajki but overhead clouds are building and a change is on the cards. The temperature is 27˚C and the humidity is rising. It will be no surprise if it starts to rain very soon. There is heavy rain forecast for Friday.

Thu 18:54 - AWOL
Slovakian Junior WRC driver Martin Koči is out already. He rolled his DS 3 during this morning's shakedown.

Thu 18:54 - Thursday's start order 2/2
Valeriy Gorban is the first of the WRC drivers (on track at 1924hrs) and Sébastien Ogier and Thierry Neuville will be the headline pairing at 1952hrs. The rest of the WRC 2 runners come through next, followed by the Junior WRC and Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy entries

Thu 18:53 - Thursday's start order 1/2
A custom order for the super special, headed by the two leading Polish entrants. European champion and three-time Poland winner Kajetan Kajetanowicz will take on 'The Ptock' Hubert Ptaszek in the opening duel at 1908hrs, followed by a batch of WRC 2 runners.

Thu 18:53 - Stage info: SS1
Mikolajki Arena 1, 2.50km. The rally roars into life at a purpose-built super special stage next to Mikolajki’s service park. Two cars at a time tackle the short test, scene of Jari-Matti Latvala’s 2009 heartbreak when he crashed in the final stage and wrecked Ford’s 1-2 finish. The surface seems to have less gravel on the top this year, with more of an asphalt / concrete base.

Thu 18:52 - Thursday's itinerary
With just the one stage it's pretty straightforward: The first car crossed the start ramp at 1600hrs. First pair of cars on the super special at 1908hrs. First car back into Mikolajki parc fermé: 1928hrs

Thu 18:51 - Coming up on Thursday
We've already had shakedown and the ceremonial start. This evening the 67 crews face the first of 21 special stages. The competitive action gets underway with the first of three runs through the 2.5km Mikolajki Arena special stage - within sight of our text base here at rally headquarters.

Thu 18:49 - Raring to go
Three weeks after Rally Italia Sardegna, we're back at the text desk to bring you all the news from the Polish stages

Thu 18:49 - Good evening
From Mikolajki and welcome to our live text coverage from PZM 73rd Rally Poland, round seven of the FIA World Rally Championship

Mon 15:57 - 73rd PZM Rally Poland
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SS10 Super Special Stage Mikolajki Arena -2 (2.50 km)


Pos Car No Driver Co-driver Team Eligibility Group Class Time Diff Prev Diff 1st
1. 12 ESTO. Tanak ESTR. Molder DMACK WORLD RALLY TEAM T RC1 1:01:23.0
2. 9 NORA. Mikkelsen NORA. Jaeger Synnevaag VOLKSWAGEN MOTORSPORT II T RC1 1:01:27.2 +4.2 +4.2
3. 4 NZLH. Paddon NZLJ. Kennard HYUNDAI MOTORSPORT M RC1 1:01:33.2 +6.0 +10.2
4. 1 FRAS. Ogier FRAJ. Ingrassia VOLKSWAGEN MOTORSPORT M RC1 1:01:39.3 +6.1 +16.3
5. 3 BELT. Neuville BELN. Gilsoul HYUNDAI MOTORSPORT M RC1 1:01:43.4 +4.1 +20.4
6. 2 FINJ. Latvala FINM. Anttila VOLKSWAGEN MOTORSPORT M RC1 1:01:59.6 +16.2 +36.6
7. 7 FRAS. Lefebvre FRAG. Moreau ABU DHABI TOTAL WORLD RALLY TEAM RC1 1:02:02.4 +2.8 +39.4
8. 8 IRLC. Breen GBRS. Martin ABU DHABI TOTAL WORLD RALLY TEAM RC1 1:02:04.1 +1.7 +41.1
9. 6 FRAE. Camilli FRAB. Veillas M-SPORT WORLD RALLY TEAM M RC1 1:02:21.6 +17.5 +58.6
10. 5 NORM. Ostberg NORO. Floene M-SPORT WORLD RALLY TEAM M RC1 1:02:29.7 +8.1 +1:06.7
11. 20 ESPD. Sordo ESPM. Marti HYUNDAI MOTORSPORT N T RC1 1:02:35.2 +5.5 +1:12.2
12. 36 FINT. Suninen FINM. Markkula TEAM  ORECA WRC2 RC2 1:03:20.4 +45.2 +1:57.4
13. 41 FINE. Lappi FINJ. Ferm SKODA MOTORSPORT WRC2 RC2 1:03:25.0 +4.6 +2:02.0
14. 16 NORH. Solberg AUTI. Minor Henning Solberg RC1 1:03:41.5 +16.5 +2:18.5
15. 37 ITAL. Bertelli ITAS. Scattolin F.W.R.T. RC1 1:03:41.8 +0.3 +2:18.8
16. 31 GBRE. Evans GBRC. Parry M-SPORT WORLD RALLY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:03:42.3 +0.5 +2:19.3
17. 49 ESTK. Kruuda ESTM. Jarveoja DRIVE DMACK TROPHY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:03:49.6 +7.3 +2:26.6
18. 32 PERN. Fuchs ARGF. Mussano Nicolas Fuchs WRC2 RC2 1:04:26.6 +37.0 +3:03.6
19. 38 NORM. Aasen NORV. Engan DRIVE DMACK TROPHY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:05:21.8 +55.2 +3:58.8
20. 53 FRAJ. Maurin FRAO. Ural Julien Maurin WRC2 RC2 1:05:23.6 +1.8 +4:00.6
21. 40 FRAQ. Gilbert BELR. Jamoul Quentin Gilbert WRC2 RC2 1:05:35.3 +11.7 +4:12.3
22. 54 FRAP. Loubet FRAV. Landais Pierre-Louis Loubet WRC2 RC2 1:05:43.9 +8.6 +4:20.9
23. 35 DEUA. Kremer DEUP. Winklhofer BRR BAUMSCHLAGER RALLYE & RACING TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:05:47.2 +3.3 +4:24.2
24. 43 AUSS. Pedder AUSD. Moscatt Scott Pedder WRC2 RC2 1:05:47.2 +0.0 +4:24.2
25. 30 SAUY. AlRajhi GBRM. Orr YAZEED RACING T RC1 1:05:53.3 +6.1 +4:30.3
26. 34 POLH. Ptaszek POLM. Szczepaniak THE PTOCK WRC2 RC2 1:06:11.1 +17.8 +4:48.1
27. 51 POLJ. Kołtun POLI. Pleskot C-RALLY WRC2 RC2 1:06:15.0 +3.9 +4:52.0
28. 52 ESTS. Parn GBRJ. Morgan TAIF MOTORSPORT WRC2 RC2 1:06:43.9 +28.9 +5:20.9
29. 18 UKRV. Gorban UKRV. Korsia EUROLAMP WORLD RALLY TEAM RC1 1:06:55.6 +11.7 +5:32.6
30. 48 POLK. Kajetanowicz POLJ. Baran LOTOS RALLY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:07:30.8 +35.2 +6:07.8
31. 46 HUNF. Turán HUNG. Zsiros TURÁN MOTORSPORT EGYESÜLET WRC2 RC2 1:08:05.3 +34.5 +6:42.3
32. 56 QATK. Suwaidi GBRM. Clarke CULTURE & SPORT QATAR RALLY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:08:43.9 +38.6 +7:20.9
33. 62 ITAS. Tempestini ITAG. Bernacchini Simone Tempestini WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:09:30.2 +46.3 +8:07.2
34. 67 NORO. Veiby NORS. Skjærmoen PRINTSPORT WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:09:43.0 +12.8 +8:20.0
35. 64 FRAT. Folb FRAF. Le Floch SEBASTIEN LOEB RACING WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:11:52.0 +2:09.0 +10:29.0
36. 57 NLDJ. van den Heuvel NLDJ. Gillis Jim van den Heuvel WRC2 RC2 1:11:55.1 +3.1 +10:32.1
37. 44 PRYA. Bestard Poletti PRYF. Vidal Mendonca Augusto Bestard WRC2 RC2 1:12:05.8 +10.7 +10:42.8
38. 63 FRAV. Dubert FRAA. Coria Vincent Dubert WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:12:22.9 +17.1 +10:59.9
39. 66 FRAR. Martel FRAV. Lemoine MARTEL WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:13:04.2 +41.3 +11:41.2
40. 68 POLT. Gryc POLM. Kusnierz RALLYTECHNOLOGY WRC3 RC4 1:13:26.4 +22.2 +12:03.4
41. 47 FRAA. Foulon FRAG. Delarche Alain Foulon WRC2 RC2 1:16:03.6 +2:37.2 +14:40.6



Mikolajki, Poland


Wind: 5 km/h