LOTOS 72nd Rally Poland


LOTOS 72nd Rally Poland
Start Date: 02.07.2015
End Date: 05.07.2015
Timezone: UTC 2
Category: WRC3
Stages: 19 (313,53km)
Distance: 1192,50km
Servicepark: Mikolajki


  • Based in Mikolajki, several hours north of Warsaw, in the Masurian lake district. 
  • The town hosts Thursday afternoon’s start and a super special stage at the arena next to the service park.
  • Friday features more than 150km of action with no service from the moment they leave Mikolajki in the morning to when they return in the evening.
  • The second leg is closer to the rally base and includes three tests that are driven twice, while Sunday’s final day is within touching distance of the town.
  • Mikolajki Arena will host three tests – the only stage that is identical to 2014.


  • Very fast roads will see speeds approach those of Rally Finland. 
  • Tall grass lines many sections, limiting visibility on the approach to corners. 
  • Grass also hides rocks so cutting corners is a risky pastime.

Car spec

  • Gravel suspension.
  • Soft compound tyres are the primary option, but hard rubber will also be available.


  • First established in 1921, Rally Poland is one of the world’s oldest rallies.
  • It was included in the inaugural WRC season in 1973 when there were only three classified finishers. Four other crews completed the route but were excluded for being out of time.
  • It left the calendar and became an asphalt event in the European Championship.
  • It returned to WRC in 2009 when Mikko Hirvonen won, after which it was again removed. 
  • It returned to the championship for a second time in 2014.

What’s new for 2015 

  • Pretty much everything – almost 90 per cent of the route has changed from last year. 
  • No stages in Lithuania – the cross-border part of the route has been axed. 
  • The 39.12km Stanczyki stage, which will be driven twice during Friday’s opening leg, is the longest in Poland’s rallying history.

Don’t miss

  • Robert Kubica – a Pole competing on his home event will be HUGE!
  • If you are going to watch, then stay on for a few days to enjoy the lakeland area of Masuria. The area is a prime tourist destination famous for its lakes and forests and offering activities such as sailing, kayaking, swimming, angling, walking and cycling.

Rally Poland 2015: Review Clip


01 Jan 2015


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