Rally Italia Sardegna


Rally Italia Sardegna
Start Date: 05.06.2014
End Date: 08.06.2014
Timezone: UTC 2
Category: WRC3
Stages: 17 (364,5 km)
Distance: 1403,45 km
Servicepark: Alghero


  • Opening night start ceremony and super special stage in south coast town of Cagliari kicks off new-look route.
  • The second day takes competitors to well-known stages in scenic hills and undulating forests south of Olbia.
  • Saturday’s leg returns to the same area, before ending with two tests near Sassari in the north. It’s a HUGE day with 188.50km of stages, including two passes of the 59.70km Monte Lerno.
  • Sassari stages are repeated on the final day, as well as two runs over a new stage near Alghero.


  • Fast but narrow roads lined with bushes, trees or rocks right on the edge leave no room for error.
  • Hard base roads covered by a sandy surface, which is swept away during the first pass to leave rougher and rutted conditions for the second run. 
  • Thin layer of slippery gravel on the surface disadvantages early starters in the opening leg.
  • Temperatures approach 30°C so it will be uncomfortable in the cars with higher than normal stress on engines and transmissions.    

Car spec

  • Gravel suspension.
  • Drivers raise the ride height for rutted roads during the second pass of stages.
  • Hard and soft compound tyres available.


  • Italy’s WRC counter was formerly a mixed surface event based in Sanremo, and known as the Rally of the Flowers when it was first held in 1928.
  • It formed part of the WRC from the championship’s beginning in 1973.
  • Michèle Mouton became the first and only woman to win a WRC round when she triumphed in 1981.
  • The rally moved to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia in 2004.

What’s new for 2014

  • West coast town of Alghero replaces Olbia as the base and location for the service park.
  • The island’s capital, Cagliari, welcomes the rally for the first time. Thursday’s start and opening stage will be held there after which cars will be transported back to Alghero.
  • Oschiri hosts a remote service during the opening leg.
  • Two stages have been combined to form the massive 59.70km Monte Lerno. Could this be the longest stage of the 2014 season?

Don’t miss

  • The spectacular Micky’s Jump in the Monte Lerno test. The road literally falls away beneath the car and it’s one for the brave and fully committed…….





01 Jan 2014


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