Vodafone Rally de Portugal


00:00:00 (UTC +1)

SS16 Loulé 2 (Power Stage) (13.83 km)


Pos # Driver Time Diff Prev Diff 1st
1. 65 ITAS. CAMPEDELLI 9:51.0 +8.1 +1:09.3
2. 64 CZEJ. CĚRNÝ 9:58.1 +7.1 +1:16.4
3. 54 DEUC. RIEDEMANN 10:00.9 +0.6 +1:19.2
4. 60 FRAS. MICHEL 10:01.4 +0.5 +1:19.7
5. 58 AUSM. TAYLOR 10:07.8 +0.8 +1:26.1
6. 63 HUNK. LUKÁCS 10:10.1 +0.6 +1:28.4
7. 52 ITAS. TEMPESTINI 10:11.2 +1.1 +1:29.5
8. 57 FRAS. LEFEBVRE 10:17.7 +0.4 +1:36.0
9. 61 CHEF. DELLA CASA 10:23.0 +3.1 +1:41.3
10. 56 SVKM. KOCI 10:23.6 +0.6 +1:41.9
11. 59 CYPP. POLYKARPOU 10:41.9 +0.5 +2:00.2
12. 55 FRAQ. GIORDANO 10:44.5 +0.4 +2:02.8


Pos # Driver Time Diff Prev Diff 1st
1. 57 FRAS. LEFEBVRE 4:02:51.8 +17.3 +29:31.4
2. 54 DEUC. RIEDEMANN 4:03:54.5 +1:02.7 +30:34.1
3. 56 SVKM. KOCI 4:06:22.4 +2:24.6 +33:02.0
4. 61 CHEF. DELLA CASA 4:12:05.9 +2:11.4 +38:45.5
5. 65 ITAS. CAMPEDELLI 4:12:09.2 +3.3 +38:48.8
6. 52 ITAS. TEMPESTINI 4:13:08.7 +59.5 +39:48.3
7. 64 CZEJ. CĚRNÝ 4:13:42.4 +33.7 +40:22.0
8. 58 AUSM. TAYLOR 4:14:19.7 +37.3 +40:59.3
9. 59 CYPP. POLYKARPOU 4:17:06.5 +2:25.9 +43:46.1
10. 55 FRAQ. GIORDANO 4:20:58.7 +1:37.9 +47:38.3
11. 60 FRAS. MICHEL 4:21:37.5 +14.7 +48:17.1
12. 63 HUNK. LUKÁCS 4:32:29.1 +2:45.0 +59:08.7

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Sun 12:35 - Next stop: Rally Argentina
Round five of the World Rally Championship starts on 8 May. Until then, keep up to date with all the latest WRC news on

Sun 12:33 - That's all from the text desk
From Portugal. Keep an eye on today for full reports on the WRC, WRC2 and JWRC categories

Sun 12:31 - WRC2 final positions:
1: Al-Attiyah 3h43m.35.1s, 2: Ketomaa 11.6s, 3: Tidemand 2m07.0s, 4: Kruuda 2m20.9s, 5: Sousa 6m28.3s, 6: Barrable 8m20.5s, 7: Al-Kuwari 8m30.6s, 8: Gorban 10m04.3s, 9: Aksa 10m27.2s, 10: Kangur 11m20.1

Sun 12:12 - Nasser Al-Attiyah wins WRC2
The Qatari is the quickest WRC driver through SS16 to win the category by 21.6sec from Jari Ketomaa.

Sun 12:04 - Rally Portugal final result
1: Ogier 3h33m.20.4s, 2: Hirvonen 43.2s, 3: Ostberg 1m12.4s, 4: Mikkelsen 4m50.5s, 5: Solberg 5m10.2s, 6. Prokop 8m27.2s, 7: Neuville 8m32.3s, 8: Hanninen 8m51.6s, 9: Al-Attiyah 10m14.7s, 10: Ketomaa 10m36.3s

Sun 11:51 - SS16: Ogier celebrates
He and co-driver Julien Ingrassia are on the roof of their car. "A great weekend - our fourth victory here! It wasn't an easy one but in the end another win and a maximum on the Power Stage too. Perfect!"

Sun 11:48 - SS16: Ogier unbeatable!
He wins Rally de Portugal and goes quickest on the Power Stage! Maximum 28 points for the VW Polo driver!

Sun 11:46 - SS16: Hirvonen completes
Second overall in Portugal and third quickest so far on the Power Stage. It's the best result of the season for the Finn: "Happy with that. A clean rally and that's what I wanted. This stage was tricky. Our tyres weren't great at the start. We tried but I don't think it's going to be enough."

Sun 11:42 - SS16: Podium for Ostberg
Third overall and and he is second quickest on the Power Stage so far "Many positives to take, a good weekend. I've worked hard and I'm very happy with what we've learned."

Sun 11:39 - SS16: Mikkelsen delivers
After his crashes in Mexico this rally was all about rediscovering confidence for Andreas - and he has done just that. He's kept his nose clean and has bagged a fine result. "Fourth place is a lot better that I was expecting after the first stage. We've done a clever pace, increasing the speed when we could."

Sun 11:36 - SS16: Great finish for Solberg
Looks like fifth for Henning. "I love this, just give me a few days testing and I can beat these younger drivers!"

Sun 11:33 - SS16: Neuville loses drive
"1km into the stage something in the transmission broke. From there we had only rear-wheel drive and it the car was difficult. We had a spin but I was trying to secure my sixth place."

Sun 11:29 - SS16: Neuville spins
And he's losing time throughout the stage. The car looks a right handful.

Sun 11:27 - SS16: Hanninen clears
In 9m05.2s which should be good enough for eighth. "It's been difficult for us, especially after we went off on the first stage today. But we've completed and we've got lost of useful information about the car." Hanninen will be back in the Hyundai i20 at Rally Argentina

Sun 11:23 - SS16: Al Qassimi through
His stage time is 36.3sec slower than Latvala's, but a reliable run this weekend has got him a top-ten finish. We'll see him back in the WRC at Rally Sardegna.

Sun 11:20 - SS16: Latvala the man to beat
He storms through in a new benchmark time of 8m45.0s "That was very good. I hope it will be enough for three points. A couple of times I was braking a little too early, and the tyres were getting too warm at the end, but I'm satisfied. Let's see what the other do."

Sun 11:16 - SS16: Evans completes
His time is 8m59.2s. "It was okay, but not one of my best to be honest. Better in the second half."

Sun 11:13 - SS16: Latvala quick off the mark
He's 6.2sec up on Evans at the 3.8km split

Sun 11:11 - SS16: Latvala underway
The Finn is one of the favourites to take the maximum three points here. After his massive crash on Friday he's desperate to salvage something from Portugal.

Sun 11:07 - SS16: Elfyn Evans in stage
We're watching on-board footage from his Fiesta now. He has a good set of clean lines to follow. Opening section largely dry with a few muddy patches.

Sun 10:48 - Power Stage start order
Is different to Sunday's other stages. Here's the start list: 1: Evans (1105hrs), 2: Latvala, 3: Al Qassimi, 4: Hanninen, 5: Prokop, 6: Neuville, 7: Solberg, 8: Mikkelsen, 9: Ostberg, 10: Hirvonen, 11: Ogier

Sun 10:43 - Power Stage start time
Is 1105hrs local. Check the 'Media' section of to see if you can watch the live TV coverage where you are. You'll find the list of WRC broadcasters under 'TV Guide'

Sun 10:40 - Up next: The Power Stage
We're back to Loule for the final stage of the rally and the only one to offer bonus drivers' championship points. There are three on offer for the winner, two for second and one for third.

Sun 10:38 - WRC2 top five after SS15
1: Al-Attiyah 3h34m.28.4s, 2: Ketomaa 10.8s, 3: Tidemand 1m59.4s, 4: Kruuda 2m15.9s, 5: Sousa 4m50.9s

Sun 10:32 - SS15: WRC2 carnage!
The leaders are through okay, but it's a rotten stage for those further down the order. Here's a summary: Bernardo Sousa (5th) thinks he has a broken exhaust manifold. Julien Maurin (6th) has a right-hand rear puncture and, more worryingly, a broken alternator. Fredrik Ahlin (10th) is stopped in the stage. Martin McCormack (9th) has gone off 1km before the end. All crews okay.

Sun 10:24 - Top five recap after SS15
1: Ogier 3h24m.38.7s, 2: Hirvonen 35.4s, 3: Ostberg 1m08.1s, 4: Mikkelsen 4m40.5s, 5: Solberg 4m49.2s

Sun 10:20 - SS15: F***ing hell it was big!
That's Jari Ketomaa's verdict on a huge moment as he chases down WRC2 leader Nasser Al-Attiyah. "We came over a crest and it was tighter than I expected. We went off and hit a tree with the left of the car then bounced across the road and hit the other side." His car looks okay. With one stage to go Nasser is 10.8sec ahead,

Sun 10:10 - SS15: Ogier cruising
Which for him is good enough for fourth-fastest. He's off now to the decisive Power Stage with a decent set of soft tyres and a 35.4sec rally lead. His sights set on another Portugal victory and three bonus points at Loule.

Sun 10:05 - SS15: Ostberg fastest so far
A surprisingly good time of 11m38.7s considering his tyre preservation strategy.

Sun 10:01 - SS15: Mikkelsen up to fourth
The Norwegian goes second quickest and moves 8.7sec ahead of Henning Solberg who appears to accept defeat. Henning denies there is anything wrong with his Fiesta

Sun 09:53 - SS15: Hanninen battles on
His Hyundai is less than perfect after it smacked a tree on SS14. "It isn't running exactly straight, but we'll get it through."

Sun 09:51 - SS15: But Neuville isn't so sure
He reckons his tyres are badly worn because his Hyundai was slipping around in the last section.

Sun 09:49 - SS15: Jari-Matti saves his tyres
He's fastest so far, but reckons he's in good shape to push for maximum points on the upcoming Power Stage. "We tried to take it very steady and I think we managed to save the tyres. They should be okay." The Finn is carrying one spare - a soft compound with only 10km on it. He'll fit this for the Power Stage.

Sun 09:45 - SS15: A slippery end
Stage condition report from Elfyn Evans: "The tricky bit here is the last 4km where it is still very wet in places. Okay, we knew this on the recce, but it's not easy to pick a line and judge your speed."

Sun 09:40 - SS15: Underway
First driver Elfyn Evans has passed the final split

Sun 09:21 - Top five recap after SS14
1: Ogier 3h12m.46.2s, 2: Hirvonen 43.2s, 3: Ostberg 1m21.9s, 4: Solberg 4m41.9s, 5: Mikkelsen 4m44.6s

Sun 09:14 - SS14: Leaders clear
No dramas for Hirvonen or Ogier. But with a gap of more than 40sec there's no fight either. Fifth and sixth fastest. Ogier claims he's backed off to preserve his lead - more likely he's going gently to keep his tyres in good nick for the Power Stage.

Sun 09:08 - SS14: Ostberg eyes Power Stage
Sordo's exit makes Mads far more secure in third. He is 3m20s ahead of fourth and has changed his strategy to give himself the best chance of three bonus points on the final stage. "No pressure. Just took it steady to save the tyres. We'll do the same on the next one so we're ready to push for the Power Stage."

Sun 09:02 - SS14: Solberg versus Mikkelsen
After Sordo's exit, these two find themselves locked in an extremely close fight for fourth. Solberg has the position for now, but Mikkelsen is only 2.7sec behind

Sun 09:00 - SS14: Latvala quickest so far
A trouble free run from the Finn, down in 17th place after his crash on Friday. His benchmark time is 8m57.8s

Sun 08:57 - SS14: Tree strike for Hanninen
More disappointing news for Hyundai. The Finn drops 56.6sec and completes with a big dent in the co-driver's door of his i20. "I went wide quite close to he start and hit a tree. It is lucky we can continue." No signs of anything more serious as Juho drives off to SS15.

Sun 08:52 - Weather on stage
Is beautiful. Bright and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Best day we’ve had on the rally so far. Temperature is currently 16 degrees Celsius, predicted to hit 20 by midday

Sun 08:50 - But a bonus for Henning Solberg
who moves to fourth, and for Andreas Mikkelsen, just 14.9sec further back, who slides up to fifth.

Sun 08:47 - A cruel end for Sordo
He took two stage wins on the opening day and was fourth overall - the leading Hyundai runner.

Sun 08:42 - Sordo out!
The Spaniard is forced to retired his Hyundai i20 en route to the opening stage with a broken front drive shaft.

Sun 08:37 - Sunday’s road order
Crews will tackle today’s stages in reverse rally classification, which means Elfyn Evans again has the dubious honour of being first driver through

Sun 08:36 - Portugal’s final challenge
All three stages are run consecutively. The itinerary starts at 0835hrs with Loule (13.83km) followed at 0930hrs by S. Bras de Aportel (16.921km). At 1105hrs crews will make a repeat pass through Loule as the Rally Portugal Power Stage

Sun 08:36 - It’s crunch time
The third and final full day of the rally features just three gravel stages in the hills north of Faro. Total competitive distance today is 43.87km.

Sun 08:34 - Boas Vindas!
Good morning from the Algarve and welcome back to our live text coverage of Rally de Portugal, round four of the 2014 World Rally Championship

Sat 18:26 - Join us on Sunday
To find out what happens. We’ll be here at the text desk in time for the first stage, Loule, at 0850hrs. Until then, keep up to date with all the news from Rally de Portugal at

Sat 18:26 - Will Ogier hold on?
He looks unshakeable for now, but with 43.87 competitive kilometres still to run, there's plenty of scope for things to change.

Sat 18:25 - One day to go!
Rally de Portugal concludes on Sunday after three more stages in the hills above Faro.

Sat 18:11 - Saturday’s top five WRC2 (after SS13)
1: Al-Attiyah 3h13m.04.5s, 2: Ketomaa 11.2s, 3: Tidemand 2m08.9s, 4: Kruuda 2m13.3s, 5: Sousa 3m47.3s

Sat 18:07 - SS13: Ketomaa on the limit in WRC2
But he's unable to catch new leader Al-Attiyah. Ketomaa now trails by 11.2sec, and wonders if his R5 Fiesta is less suited to the conditions than Al-Attiyah's RRC version. “I’m going flat out but for some reason I can’t catch him. I can’t do more. Maybe it’s the difference in the car, but I’m coming as fast as I can. It’s not over yet.”

Sat 17:58 - Saturday’s top five (after SS13)
1: Ogier 3h03m.39.8s, 2: Hirvonen 38.1s, 3: Ostberg 1m26.7s, 4: Sordo 1m46.7s, 5: Solberg 4m29.9s

Sat 17:54 - SS13: Hirvonen at the max
But it's not enough to reel in Ogier. The Finn drops 17sec further back through SS13 and completes with his tyres almost bald. "I started to get scared that we would get a puncture. It looks like the fight is lost, now we have to try and secure second. I would like to be able to fight more but this weekend we cannot do it."

Sat 17:46 - SS13: Ogier pulls clear
Another fastest stage and Ogier extends his lead to 38.1sec. "Yeah, a good loop, a good day and good tyre management - that’s what made the big difference. I didn’t push so hard but I have good management of the tyres that was the key."

Sat 17:39 - SS13: Sordo through
Having passed his team-mate mid stage. "Thierry has the same [suspension] problem, and waited in a hairpin for us to pass. Today the car was very good, we need to work a bit on traction, but that's normal, and I'm not sure the soft tyres were the best ones today, but we did okay"

Sat 17:35 - SS13: Solid day for Mikkelsen
Looks like he'll end the day seventh. After his multiple retirement in Mexico, the VW man is relieved. "We're going in the right direction. Okay, not happy with the tyre choices this afternoon but generally a good day."

Sat 17:31 - SS13: Neuville stops to let Sordo pass

Sat 17:30 - SS13: Problems too for Hanninen
The Finn thinks his Hyundai has a broken driveshaft

Sat 17:27 - SS13: Neuville struggling
He is driving slowly because of the broken suspension. He loses 20seconds in the opening 4km. Looks likely to lose fifth and sixth place

Sat 17:08 - SS13: Saturday's final stage underway
Elfyn Evans began the repeated Malhao at 1705hrs

Sat 16:53 - SS12: Al-Attiyah steals WRC2 lead
A stage win edges Nasser ahead of Jari Ketomaa. The difference between them is 2.9sec

Sat 16:51 - Top five after SS12
1: Ogier 2h49m.50.6s, 2: Hirvonen 20.8s, 3: Ostberg 1m11.4s, 4: Sordo 1m35.0s, 5: Neuville 3m53.5s

Sat 16:47 - SS12: Ogier wins again
Ogier is 11sec quicker than rival Hirvonen, who has used every bit of rubber on his back tyres. "They're completely gone," says the Finn. "He's just running away, I can't do anything about it. Okay, we're not finished yet. You never know..."

Sat 16:41 - SS12: Neuville drops 2min
He completes with his Hyundai sporting a left-hand rear puncture and suspension damage. "We were in a section where the road widens, I hit something very slightly and obviously something is damaged. I can drive okay but but the wheel is moving about,"

Sat 16:34 - SS12: Mikkelsen steering update
"We found the power steering problem and we cured it." Unfortunately, the repair work meant he had no time to fit the two spare soft tyres he was carrying. On hards all round, Mikkelsen reported poor grip. He goes 18.6sec slower than team-mate Latvala.

Sat 16:30 - SS12: Prokop rues hard tyre choice
"Slippy, slippy all the stage. No grip. The car was jumping about all over the place. Normally these stages dry out so fast, not today."

Sat 16:28 - SS12: Caution for Hanninen
The Hyundai driver has already used his single spare tyre so he's taking no chances on the repeat pass. "It's quite rough now, not as good as it was this morning. I had to take it carefully."

Sat 16:24 - SS12: Latvala fastest so far
The Finn completes in 23m18.3s but has endured a tough stage. He's using the hard-compound tyre, but doesn't think the road temperature is warm enough to get them working properly.

Sat 15:58 - Top five after SS11:
1: Ogier 2h26m.50.0s, 2: Hirvonen 9.8s, 3: Ostberg 45.8s, 4: Sordo 1m05.3s, 5: Neuville 1m28.3s

Sat 15:47 - SS11: Jari Ketomaa in trouble
power steering failure early in the stage forces the WRC2 leader to stop and re-set the system. It's working okay now, but the incident cost him 15.2sec to second placed Nasser Al-Attiyah who is now just 2.2sec adrift.

Sat 15:42 - SS11: Hirvonen gives his all
And his Fiesta's back tyres are almost worn out. "That was absolutely on the limit. There's nothing more I could have done in there." Mikko's best is 7.4sec short of Ogier's stage winning time. Overall, he now trails Ogier by 9.8sec

Sat 15:39 - SS11: Ogier bags another VW milestone
He's fastest by 7.4sec and takes the 200th stage win for VW's Polo R. That's 200 wins from the 307 world championship stages it has started. "I tried to drive clean - not to put too much load on the tyres."

Sat 15:32 - SS11: Too soft for Sordo
Soft compound tyres all round for the Spaniard. And he reckons they're too soft.

Sat 15:30 - SS11: Neuville the man to beat
The Belgian the new stage leader. His Hyundai on a mix of hard and sift compound tyres (he left service with 3 softs and 2 hards) "In this stage the car was good and I felt confident. I'm saving my soft tyres for tomorrow."

Sat 15:27 - SS11: Henning fastest so far
The Norwegian fastest by 1.8sec from Elfyn Evans. Henning is the only World Rally Car driver on Pirelli tyres. He is on the hard compound option.

Sat 15:25 - SS11: Mikkelsen in trouble
The Norwegian is 43sec slower than the fastest time so far. He's shaking his head. "Power steering. And with a 30km stage coming up - that's nice." Not happy.

Sat 15:23 - SS11: Puncture for Hanninen
The left-hand rear tyre is flat. His Hyundai arrives at the stop control trailing stage marker tape from its left-hand rear corner. "We went wide and hit a bank" The Finn is on the hard compound tyre and is carrying one spare. No room for error now.

Sat 15:18 - SS11: Tyre choices
Ogier and Hirvonen have both chosen the soft-compound Michelins. Hirvonen has 4 softs on the car and two soft spares in the boot. Ogier also went all-soft but with just one spare

Sat 15:12 - SS11: Tight at the top
Hirvonen trails leader Ogier by 2.4sec. Rally organisers awarded Hirvonen the same time as Ogier for the interrupted SS10

Sat 15:08 - SS11: Stage live and underway
Elfyn Evans began the repeated Santa Clara at 1500hrs

Sat 13:23 - Cars now at the mid-point service
We'll resume our live text service at 1500hrs, in time for the Santa Clara repeat (SS11)

Sat 13:00 - SS10: Hirvonen's fightback
Will resume on SS11. SS10 was yellow-flagged after Ogier completed and Hirvonen - and the crews behind him - will be awarded a notional time. "It's not over, I have to try and push a bit harder," said Hirvonen.

Sat 12:56 - SS10: Hirvonen's verdict
on the exit of Tanak - a fellow Fiesta RS driver - "It's a big disappointment. He was having a really great rally."

Sat 12:54 - SS10: Lucky escape for Tanak?
Sounds like he crashed at the same spot where Latvala went off in 2009. A sequence of corners immediately after a flat-out blast along a ridge. Driver and co-driver reported to be okay.

Sat 12:45 - SS10: Meanwhile Ogier completes
in the second fastest time. He was running ahead of Tanak in the start order.

Sat 12:42 - SS10: Hirvonen moving again
Looks like he's managed to get around Tanak's stricken car. He and the other delayed drivers are on their way to the stage end. We'll find out what happened soon

Sat 12:36 - SS10: Hirvonen stopped as well
It seems that Tanak's car is blocking the road

Sat 12:34 - SS10: Tanak stopped!
9km from the start line. More when we get it

Sat 12:30 - SS10: Poor notes for Hanninen
"The middle one [SS9] was good but I was not fully happy with the pace notes here - especially on the fast sections. We lost a lot of time there."

Sat 12:21 - SS10: Latvala quickest so far
His time of 13m58.1s is 10.8sec quicker than Evans'. "I tried to enjoy it. This was the driest stage of the loop." Not a stage with great memories for Latvala - it was here that he rolled 200metres down a hillside in 2009

Sat 12:06 - SS10: Live and underway
How much has Hirvonen got in reserve...?

Sat 12:06 - SS9: Kubica update
Retired. He slid off into a ditch. He did eventually get the car back on the road but in doing so he broke the clutch.

Sat 12:01 - WRC2 top five after SS9
1: Ketomaa 2:06:17.2, 2: Al-Attiyah 17.4s, 3: Tidemand 1m49.5s, 4: Kruuda 2m03.6s, 5: Ahlin 3m02.9s

Sat 11:56 - SS9: Issues for Sousa
Front wheel drive only for the Portuguese WRC2 driver. He thinks he has a broken drive shaft. He loses fifth place in WRC2 to Fredrik Ahlin

Sat 11:53 - SS9: So Ogier leads in Portugal
It's all change in the top three. Here is a recap of the top five after SS9: 1: Ogier 2h00m.45.3s, 2: Hirvonen 2.4s, 3: Tanak 11.0s, 4: Ostberg 32.8s, 5: Sordo 49.1s

Sat 11:49 - SS9: And Hirvonen drops to second
He's second quickest on stage, but 8.7sec slower then Ogier's winning time. Mikko is now second overall - just 2.4sec adrift. No problems to report. Time for a Hirvonen fightback!

Sat 11:45 - SS9: Tanak loses second place
He slips to third, 11sec behind Ogier. "Nothing to report, just a difficult stage. We did our best." Tanak's car leaves the stop control trailing part of its rear anti-roll bar. That won't have helped.

Sat 11:40 - SS9: Ogier 12.6sec quicker than Mads
"Not a bad stage but we have splits from the guys behind and we're not making much time on them."

Sat 11:38 - SS9: Ostberg's view
He's quickest so far, but is wary of Ogier's pace: "It was quite okay. The first part was quite nice but then extremely muddy and this is the part where Ogier will make up a lot of time."

Sat 11:33 - SS9: Top three in stage now
And from the splits Ogier is quickest so far

Sat 11:29 - SS9: Hanninnen quickest so far
The Finn recovers well after his earlier puncture with a terrific stage time: 23m24.1s

Sat 11:26 - SS9: Kubica stranded
Reports from stage suggest the Pole has got his car back on the road but cannot get the engine started

Sat 11:21 - SS9: Latvala on Kubica
"The grip at the beginning was quite good but from the midpoint it started to get really slippery and inconsistent. Kubica looks to have slipped off and got stuck. There weren't many spectators there."

Sat 11:17 - SS9: Evans first to complete
"That was very, very difficult. Massive grip changes and lots of blind crests. We recce'd this stage in the worst weather conditions during the recce. I was cautious." Evans time is 23m44.5s

Sat 11:12 - SS9: Kubica stopped!
The tracking system shows the Pole's Fiesta stationary 20km from the start line.

Sat 10:55 - SS9: Is live
Elfyn Evans is in stage. Santana de Serra is the longest test of the rally.

Sat 10:49 - SS8: WRC2 frontrunners through
And category leader Jari Ketomaa is fastest. His lead over Nasser Al-Attiyah now up to 6.1sec. Pontus Tidemand is third, 1m27s further back.

Sat 10:46 - Top five after SS8
1: Hirvonen 1h37m.28.8s, 2: Tanak 4.4s, 3: Ogier 6.3s, 4: Ostberg 25.6s, 5: Sordo 30.7s

Sat 10:42 - SS8: Hirvonen in control
Mikko completes with his rally lead intact but his advantage over Ogier trimmed a fraction to 4.4sec. He seems relaxed though. "It was okay, two-tenths off Ogier's time, but it took me a while to wake up." And is he driving at 100 per cent? "I'm flat out. But if Ogier speeds up then we'll have to do the same."

Sat 10:37 - SS8: Great time for Tanak
He's 0.7sec slower than Ogier and holds second place overall. "The feeling was good but it's getting quite slippery in there."

Sat 10:35 - SS8: Ogier fastest so far
In 12m23.0s. "Not a bad start but more humidity than I was expecting. I'm trying but nothing crazy."

Sat 10:31 - SS8: Mixed set-up for Neuville
The Belgian is 6sec adrift of Latvala on hard compound tyres at the front of his Hyundai and softs at the rear. "I suffered with a lot with understeer but I can deal with that."

Sat 10:26 - Weather update
Overcast skies over SS8 right now, but rain doesn’t look likely

Sat 10:24 - SS8: Hanninen on the rim
The Finn completes the stage with his Hyundai rolling on three tyres and a battered wheel. Incredibly he's only 29sec slower than Latvala. He's straight off to fit a spare.

Sat 10:22 - SS8: Latvala quickest so far
His time is 12m28.7. A great start for the Finn after that massive crash yesterday. Last night his team had to use a fork-lift truck to help pull his Polo's chassis leg straight.

Sat 10:15 - SS8: Puncture for Hanninen
News in from a WRCTV crew: The Hyundai driver has just passed them at 9km with a left-hand rear puncture. That's his second puncture of the rally.

Sat 10:13 - SS8: Kubica clear
"Today we hope to enjoy, to have fun and learn a bit." He's happy to be following Elfyn Evans too: "He is doing proper lines"

Sat 10:12 - SS8: Elfyn Evans through
The Welshman very grateful to the team of M-Sport mechanics who fixed his car. They only finished it at 4am. Evans' time is 12m39.6s

Sat 10:10 - But no Kris Meeke
Roll cage damage rules him out

Sat 10:08 - Rally 2 restarters today
Are Jari-Matti Latvala, Elfyn Evans and Robert Kubica

Sat 10:06 - Road order in full
1: Evans, 2: Kubica, 3: Latvala, 4: Al-Qassimi, 5) Hanninen, 6) Prokop, 7: Mikkelsen, 8: Solberg, 9: Neuville, 10: Sordo, 11: Ostberg, 12: Ogier, 13: Tanak, 14: Hirvonen

Sat 10:01 - Saturday’s road order
Crews will tackle today’s stages in reverse rally classification, which means Elfyn Evans has the dubious honour of being first driver through

Sat 10:00 - This morning’s loop
Kicks off at 0955hrs with Santa Clara (19.09km), followed at 1050hrs by Santana de Serra (31.90km) and then at 1200hrs the 22.15km Malhao

Sat 10:00 - Saturday’s itinerary
The second full day of the rally comprises two identical loops of three gravel stages in the hills north of Faro. Total competitive distance today is 146.28km.

Sat 09:59 - Boas Vindas!
Good morning from Faro and welcome back to our live text coverage of Rally de Portugal, round four of the 2014 World Rally Championship

Fri 18:20 - That's all from us tonight
Join us on Saturday when the Rally de Portugal action restarts. We'll be here ready for the first stage at 0955hrs. Until then, keep an eye on for all the latest news.

Fri 18:18 - WRC2 top five after SS7
1: Ketomaa 1:28:38.7, 2: Al-Attiyah 4.7s, 3: Tidemand 1m22.2s, 4: Kruuda 1m29.8s, 5: Sousa 1m46.0s

Fri 18:11 - SS7: Ketomaa snatches WRC2 lead
Another final stage thriller as he passes Nasser Al-Attiyah. Read our full report on later today

Fri 17:36 - SS7: Jari Ketomaa slowed
He's fighting Nasser Al-Attiyah for the lead of WRC2, but 2km before the finish he catches Protasov's ailing Fiesta 2km and cannot get by.

Fri 17:31 - SS7: Protasov latest
He nurses his Fiesta through SS7 but the right-hand rear suspension is badly damaged.

Fri 17:25 - SS7: Meeke update
Crew okay. Sounds like Kris went off at exactly the same spot as Elfyn Evans

Fri 17:24 - Rally de Portugal top five after SS7
1: Hirvonen 1h25m.05.6s, 2: Tanak 3.7s, 3: Ogier 6.5s, 4: Ostberg 25.6s, 5: Sordo 25.7s

Fri 17:17 - SS7: Risky stage for Sordo
The Spaniard breathes a sigh of relief at the stop control. "I had to drive that stage extremely carefully because I lost the sump guard on the previous one." He seems to have got away with it. No amount of Corona would fix a cracked sump.

Fri 17:09 - SS7: Tanak now up to second
A fantastic time from the Estonian slots him 2.8sec ahead of Ogier. "A nice day for M-Sport I would say? We worked hard and the second loop was good. We proved the speed. It's a strange situation for Ogier perhaps, being behind us now, but we'll see what we can do tomorrow."

Fri 17:05 - SS7: Hirvonen takes the lead!
It's a last stage steal for the Finn, who moves 6.5sec clear ahead of Ogier. "The tyres were moving about a lot but it was fantastic and we are now in a good fight. I'm sure Ogier won't be happy with this and he'll fight back!"

Fri 16:57 - SS7: Meeke stopped
Tracking shows his Citroen stationary at the 16.9km mark. That's the same section where Kubica and Evans crashed...

Fri 16:56 - SS7: The big question
Q: So Seb, what was the best tyres choice for today's stages - hard or soft? A: A mix of both.

Fri 16:54 - SS7: Ogier though cleanly
But he's less than delighted with his hard tyre choice: "I could have done with some soft tyes this afternoon. What I had did not give me an advantage. I did what I could, and we are here now."

Fri 16:40 - SS6: Protasov in trouble
The WRC2 championship leader has right-hand rear suspension damage. Split times show he has lost more than two minutes in the stage.

Fri 16:37 - SS7: Almodovar underway
Sebastien Ogier began Friday's final stage at 1634hrs

Fri 16:35 - Tight at the top
Less than five seconds between the top three drivers!

Fri 16:34 - Top five after SS6
1: Ogier 1h08m.35.6s, 2: Hirvonen 2.4s, 3: Tanak 4.4s, 4: Sordo 14.9s, 5: Ostberg 22.1s

Fri 16:27 - WRC Live Stream
Is showing the M-Sport service area now as they take delivery of Robert Kubica's rather sad looking Fiesta. Head to the LIVE section of to see what we mean.

Fri 16:24 - SS6: But Neuville is quicker
He's 0.5sec quicker than Hirvonen. If it sticks, the Belgian will bag another fastest time for Hyundai. "The conditions are quite okay for my tyres choice and I pushed quite hard, it was a good time."

Fri 16:20 - SS6: Hirvonen closes on the lead
He is fastest so far and narrows the gap to Ogier to just 2.4sec

Fri 16:16 - SS6: Game (back) on for Ostberg?
The Norwegian just 1.5sec slower than Ogier and feeling more comfortable in his Citroen. "I was slow on the stage before but this one was good. Hopefully we can take some time back from the other guys." He was fifth after SS5, 20.6sec off the lead.

Fri 16:12 - SS6: Ogier feeling the heat?
Apparently so. He completes first: "The pressure is on. The guys behind on the soft tyre should be faster. It wasn't so easy on my [hard] tyres in here." Seb's benchmark time is 12m13.5s

Fri 16:03 - SS6: Underway.
Sebastien Ogier started the stage at 1556hrs

Fri 15:59 - Tyres: Who's got what?
Here's what the drivers left service with for Friday afternoon's stages: VW crews: 4 x hard and 1 soft. Citroen WRC crews: 5 x hard. Hirvonen: 6 x soft. Neuville: 5 x soft. Hanninen: 4 x hard and 2 x soft. Sordo: 6 x soft. Solberg's Fiesta is fitted with Pirelli's hard compound tyres.

Fri 15:37 - Top five after SS5
1: Ogier 56m.22.1s, 2: Hirvonen 5.0s, 3: Tanak 6.4s, 4: Sordo 16.1s, 5: Ostberg 20.6s

Fri 15:35 - SS5: Shrewd move from VW?
As the rest of the WRC crews complete on ragged-looking soft compound tyres, Ogier's gamble on the hard compound looks to have paid off. A sharp rain shower could change things, but the clouds don't look heavy enough.

Fri 15:22 - SS5: Tanak not happy either
He is another driver on the soft compound tyre. "It was totally the wrong decision." The front tyres are already looking chewed on the inner and outer edges. Two more stages to go - including the extra abrasive Almodovar (SS7)

Fri 15:19 - SS5: Neuville rues tyre choice
Like Hirvonen, Neuville opted for Michelin's soft compound tyre for the repeat loop. But in the rapidly drying conditions he reckons the hard compound was the better choice.

Fri 15:17 - SS5: Meeke on the better grip
"It's incredible on the second pass. That's where the guys with good pace notes really make the difference. This is our first time here so we need to keep our patience."

Fri 15:10 - SS5: No injuries
Confirmation received that Latvala and co-driver Miikka Anttila are both okay. No chance to get the car going again. It will be recovered to the Service Park.

Fri 15:07 - SS5: Ogier completes
The rally leader is first through: "The road is really different now [compared to the earlier pass] and we had more grip. We had a good stage and yes, we pushed." Ogier had no more news on his team-mate Latvala. "Hopefully they are both okay and can restart tomorrow."

Fri 15:01 - SS5: Latvala has rolled!
His Volkswagen is stopped 11.6km from the start. Latest news received from the WRC TV crews on stage. More news when we get it.

Fri 15:00 - What's happened so far?
Take a look in the news section of Our update stories recap the main incidents, while the mid-leg wrap tells the whole story

Fri 14:58 - Welcome back
SS5, the repeated Silves, is underway

Fri 13:14 - Next stage: 1451hrs
Our live text service will resume then.

Fri 13:13 - Top five after SS4
1: Ogier 44m.28.3s, 2: Latvala 0.4s, 3: Hirvonen 2.3s, 4: Tanak 5.5s, 5: Sordo 8.9s

Fri 13:05 - Next up: Service
After the drama of SS4, the WRC crews are en route to the Algarve Stadium for Friday's midpoint 30 minute service.

Fri 13:00 - SS4: Evans report
WRC TV crews report he went off at a corner and rolled three or four times. Both drivers are okay but the Fiesta is stuck at the bottom of a steep bank and will need to be winched out.

Fri 12:51 - SS4: Wheel off for Kubica
The Pole clipped a rock at 16km and lost a front wheel.

Fri 12:47 - SS4: Lucky break for Hanninen?
Maybe. He's on his way again now, having squeezed past Kubica's car. Like all those drivers who were caught in the blockage, Hanninen will be awarded a notional time for the stage. This might be great news for the Finn who stopped for two minutes earlier in the test to change a puncture. We'll have to wait and see if the Stewards factor in the time he lost...

Fri 12:37 - SS4: Kubica's car bouncing
TV crews reporting Kubica and co-driver are okay. A group of 10 drivers and spectators are attempting to bounce the damaged Fiesta off the road.

Fri 12:33 - SS4: Kubica roadblock
The stage has ground to a halt as Kubica's Fiesta is blocking the way at 17km.

Fri 12:31 - SS4: Sordo drops to fifth
No problems to report, but the Spaniard can't match his stage winning pace of SS2 and SS3.

Fri 12:29 - SS4: Kubica blocking the road?
It looks that way. Juho Hanninen's Hyundai is stopped at the same spot

Fri 12:28 - SS4: Kubica stopped
Tracking system is showing his Fiesta stopped 17km from the start

Fri 12:27 - SS4: note problems too for Tanak
The Estonian hampered by poor notes from the washout recce. He is also building his working relationship with new co-driver Raigo Molder

Fri 12:23 - SS4: Meeke backs off
He's determined to get his Citroen to the finish on his Portuguese debut, but pace notes made on a rain soaked recce aren't proving much use. "They were so bad in there I almost stopped listening to them. I slowed right down, but when you back off the throttle the car gets nervous."

Fri 12:16 - SS4: Mikkelsen ultra cautious
A super careful approach from Mikkelsen costs him 45sec to the leaders. "Everything is okay, but when you have no confidence on this type of road you lose loads of time." He's dead right.

Fri 12:13 - SS4: Evans off
The rally tracking system shows his Ford Fiesta 17km from the start. Driver and crew reported to be okay.

Fri 12:10 - SS4: Latvala encouraged
He's fastest so far in 16m31.8s. "That was a good stage. There was more grip and I reckon that suits my car's set-up."

Fri 12:08 - SS4: Ogier through
He's not leading, but from his position on the road that was never likely. "It's not too bad though. We didn't lose too much time. We'll try and do better this afternoon."

Fri 12:07 - SS4: It's going to be tough
Drivers have faced a challenging mix of dry and muddy ground so far. This one is shaping up to be the worst. Zero car driver reports patches of deep mud and other sections of abrasive bed rock.

Fri 12:01 - SS4: Live and underway
Friday's stages coming in rapid succession. Ogier is in the closing section of SS4 already...

Fri 12:00 - Top five after SS3
1: Sordo 27m.46.0s, 2: Tanak 2.8s, 3: Ogier 3.4s, 4: Hirvonen 5.3s, 5: Ostberg 10.4s

Fri 11:56 - SS3: Sordo our new rally leader
All WRC runners are through and the Spaniard has a rally lead of 2.8sec in his Hyundai i20 WRC

Fri 11:50 - SS3: Hanninen eager to push
"Dani's doing very good work. It was a nice stage but I was too careful. The car is working very well. I need to push more and get a better rhythm."

Fri 11:48 - SS3: Another stage win for Sordo?
Maybe. The Spaniard pings his Hyundai through in the quickest time so far: 12m 20.8s

Fri 11:47 - SS3: Left rear puncture for Solberg
Not a great time for Henning, the only WRC runner on Pirelli tyres. "I was quite fast at the beginning. The tyre happened 8km before the end, on a straight section. I don't know what happened."

Fri 11:44 - SS3: Tanak the man to beat
Another great time from the Estonian, who goes fastest so far in his Fiesta RS. "Like the stage before I was really careful at the beginning. My pace notes are too slow and that's not good for my rhythm."

Fri 11:37 - SS3: Hirvonen fastest so far
In a time of 12m25.8s: "I have a good feeling, the car is perfect, but the guys behind are going well. It's a good start but I'm not getting carried away."

Fri 11:32 - SS3: Ostberg learning
He's trying a new driving style here, and it still feels a bit odd to him. "The road was quite similar to SS2. And like there I didn't feel it was a great time." In fact Ostberg's time is second quickest so far - just 1.4sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 11:28 - SS3: Ogier quickest but not happy
No problems to report but the Frenchman is finding it tricky. "Some places are still quite muddy, and it's tricky to anticipate. I'm not so happy with the car, and that's not helped by carrying two spare wheels. But that's a team decision - not mine."

Fri 11:20 - SS3 Live
The 25km Ourique was to be the longest test of the day. But after the recent rain it was shortened by almost 5km and is now the shortest... Sebastien Ogier began it at 1106hrs

Fri 11:19 - Intercom problem for Sousa
The Portuguese driver couldn't hear his co-driver for much of the stage

Fri 11:11 - Al-Attiyah leads WRC2
But the Qatari could be in trouble. "I'm not happy. We started today with an oil pressure warning and the turbo speed is low. But okay, I decided to carry on. Maybe it's just an electric problem. We'll see."

Fri 11:06 - Fresh start for Fuchs
The Peruvian's Fiesta suffered a broken gearbox on Thursday's Super Special. It's back to full strength now with a fresh transmission.

Fri 11:00 - Ketomaa flies in WRC2
The Finn springs into the category lead with a time of 12m 49.0s. He's almost two minutes quicker than the man ahead of him in the road order, Max Rendina. "We caught some of the dust from his car in places but it was okay. The driving is very enjoyable, it's such a nice rally. I'm not going crazy. Flat out where I can but not in the corners..."

Fri 10:54 - Top five after SS2:
1: Ogier 15m.22.1s, 2: Tanak 1.9s, 3: Sordo 3.1s, 4: Hirvonen 3.4s, 5: Latvala 4.0s

Fri 10:51 - Congratulations to Hyundai!
Who score their first stage win at world championship level courtesy of Dani Sordo.

Fri 10:50 - Khalid Al Qassimi
Rounds off the WRC runners. "It's very tough to predict the grip and we had a little scare early on. I need to concentrate!"

Fri 10:48 - First repeat for Kubica
The F1 star began his WRC career in Portugal last year, so this is the first stage he's driven twice. "The conditions are drier than I expected. Okay, I've driven this one before but last time I drove it completely differently!"

Fri 10:44 - Sordo quickest!
But it's a drafty ride for the Spaniard who completes with the right-hand rear window missing from his Hyundai. "I didn't notice it. The time's good but a little understeer all the time. I felt a bit nervous."

Fri 10:41 - Rust issues for Henning
"I haven't been in the car since Sweden. I'm a bit rusty in the legs. The car is perfect, the tyres are perfect, Ilka [co-driver] is perfect - but I'm not!"

Fri 10:39 - Road cleaning
Usually a big factor in Portugal, as the lead cars sweep the loose gravel off the racing line. Some quick splits from the later runners...

Fri 10:37 - Ott Tanak quickest!
The Estonian sets a new time to beat: 12m26.8s "It didn't feel so good at the start, but my confidence improved as the stage went on."

Fri 10:36 - Set-up concerns for Neuville
"I struggled with understeer like hell so I took it steady. I don't feel so confident yet. We'll try and alter the set-up before the next stage.

Fri 10:34 - Safe start for Meeke
"Our [pace] notes are pretty basic because the weather was so dreadful on the recce but actually they're working pretty well!" Meeke's time is 15.1sec slower than Hirvonen's

Fri 10:32 - Hirvonen fastest through
A terrific time from Mikko who sets a new benchmark of 12m28.5s. "A great start but it's tricky. The road surface looks the same but the grip level certainly isn't. The [racing] line is unbelievably slippery, in some places I'm keeping off it and finding my own."

Fri 10:30 - A great start for Evans
The Welshman just 7.3sec slower than Ogier: "I need to be a little bit more precise, but that was okay"

Fri 10:28 - Cautious start for Mikkelsen
The VW driver is 18.9sec slower than his team-mate Ogier. "Very slow driving but that's deliberate. I need to rebuild my confidence after Mexico. I need to use my head and build the speed gradually."

Fri 10:26 - Ostberg relieved
He's second quickest, 0.8sec slower than Ogier. It's a pleasant surprise for the Norwegian who felt he had lost a heap of time on stage.

Fri 10:25 - Latvala 2.7sec slower
Than his VW team-mate and sounding a bit nonplussed. "It was difficult to get the right rhythm. On the stage the grip level was changing a lot. It's not a bad time but for sure we can improve."

Fri 10:22 - Ogier:
"It is slippery and muddy I was a little bit cautious"

Fri 10:21 - And Ogier is first to complete
The Frenchman through in 12m29.4s

Fri 10:20 - Friday’s road order
Crews will tackle today’s stages in championship order

Fri 10:18 - SS2 Silves in brief
Unchanged since 2013, Silves has a bit of everything but is generally very fast. The road is wide but does have a few narrow, technical sections. At 14.4km the stage darts under a motorway and then drops sharply to a very tricky hairpin.

Fri 10:05 - Up first
Friday’s opening challenge is the 21.50km Silves (SS2). It’s the shortest of today’s three tests and the closest to the Faro Service Park.

Fri 10:03 - Weather update
It’s bright and sunny on SS2 right now, but heavy rain in the last few days means the stage is still damp and slippery in places.

Fri 10:03 - Friday’s itinerary
The first full day of the rally comprises two identical loops of three gravel stages in the hills above Faro covering 136.38km.

Fri 10:02 - Good morning from Portugal
Welcome back to our Live text coverage of Rally de Portugal, round four of the 2014 World Rally Championship

Thu 19:37 - That’s all for tonight
Join us again on Friday morning. We’ll be here from 1000hrs (local) for the opening ‘proper’ gravel stage - the 21km Silves

Thu 19:34 - Ogier spoils Latvala's birthday!
Our SS1 roundup is published now in the news section of

Thu 19:09 - Overall top five after SS1:
1: Ogier 2m.52.7s, 2: Latvala 1.3s, 3: Mikkelsen 2.2s, 4: Neuville 2.9s, 5: Meeke 3.6s

Thu 19:01 - Ogier leads after SS1
Frenchman goes 1.3sec quicker than Latvala to lead the rally and head a Volkswagen 1-2-3! "Okay, it's a good start but the real stuff starts tomorrow..."

Thu 18:59 - Caution for Ostberg
The Norwegian goes eighth fastest, but he took a wheel off here a couple of years ago so his approach is understandable. "I don't have such great memories from this stage. Somehow I'm not able to be quick here. I'm looking forward to the gravel tomorrow where i can enjoy things a bit more!"

Thu 18:55 - Ogier fastest!

Thu 18:53 - Final WRC pairing on stage
Our grand finale is between Mads Ostberg and Sebastien Ogier

Thu 18:52 - Latvala fastest
Birthday boy Jari-Matti (29) wins his heat with former team-mate Mikko Hirvonen. His time of 2m54.0s in the Polo R is quickest so far. "I'm happy with that," he says. "I tried my best, a couple of places too sideways but a good start."

Thu 18:44 - Paul Nagle feeling rough
Kris Meeke's co-driver has caught a bug but is battling on. Meeke can see positives: "He hasn't eaten all day, so the car's getting lighter all the time" The pair are third quickest so far.

Thu 18:42 - Kubica through
"It's not the same as being on tarmac with tarmac tyres! I took it easy in there because of what happened in Mexico." His time is fourth fastest so far.

Thu 18:39 - Robert Kubica on track
No doubt keen to get though cleanly after his roll on the Rally Mexico Super Special

Thu 18:37 - Neuville versus Evans
Goes Neuville's way. The Belgian slots behind Mikkelsen with the second fastest time so far - 2m55.6. He reckons he could have been faster: "I made a small mistake on the first lap, I understeered a bit too much, lost about half a second there, otherwise a good run."

Thu 18:33 - Mikkelsen our new leader
The Norwegian completes in 2m54.9 - 3.1sec quicker than Hanninen. It's a great start, but after his double retirement in Mexico he's not getting carried away: "A clean run. Not perfect but okay, good enough."

Thu 18:29 - Mikkelsen and Solberg on stage
Mikkelsen's Polo trailing clouds of tyre smoke on this tight and twisty track

Thu 18:27 - Lucky escape for Hanninen!
He clips both rear corners of his Hyundai on a tyre chicane near the stage end, but the ice-cool Finn is fastest so far. "I'm feeling good but I need to relax a bit before tomorrow." His time is 2m58.0sec

Thu 18:23 - Hanninen and Prokop on stage now
Hanninen's Hyundai i20 flying beautifully over the jump

Thu 18:20 - Al Qassimi goes fastest
No surprises as the Citroen DS3 World Rally Car driver sets a new benchmark of 2m59.6s. "Quite slippery but I think the spectators enjoyed it..."

Thu 18:17 - WRC cars on stage
Khalid Al Qassimi is the first man out in the top-flight cars

Thu 18:16 - Protasov joint quickest
despite clipping a chicane with his Fiesta R5. "My plan is to finish!"

Thu 18:13 - Bernardo Sousa fastest so far
The crowds going crazy for the Portuguese driver, back this season in a WRC2 Ford Fiesta RRC. "It's so good to be back. I'm really happy!" His time is 3m01.6s

Thu 18:10 - Super Special format
Two cars on stage at a time. An apshalt and cobble surface. Gravel tyres. Plenty of concrete bollards and barriers to try and miss!

Thu 18:04 - Weather in Lisbon
Is dry and bright. A few clouds around but no sign of the rain we've had today in Faro.

Thu 18:01 - Thursday's road order
Puts the front-runners through the stage in reverse order. Skoda Fabia S2000 driver Ricardo Moura will go first

Thu 17:59 - Tonight’s action
takes place in the heart of the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The 2.65km test at Praco do Imperio, in the shadow of the Jerónimos Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, kicks off at 1801hrs.

Thu 17:55 - Coming up
are three full days of action on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, plus one Super Special Stage this evening

Thu 17:54 - Good evening from Portugal!
We’re here at the live text desk in Faro to bring you all the news from round four of the FIA World Rally Championship.

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