74th PZM Rally Poland


73rd LOTOS Rally Poland
Start Date: 01.07.2016
End Date: 03.07.2016
Timezone: UTC 1
Category: WRC3
Stages: 22 (316,64 km)
Distance: 1209,64 km
Servicepark: Mikolajki
Website: http://www.rajdpolski.pl


  • Based in Mikolajki, several hours north of Warsaw, in the Masurian lake district. 
  • The town hosts the start and finish ceremonies and a super special stage next to the service park that is run three times.
  • After Thursday evening’s curtain-raiser in Mikolajki, Friday features two loops of four tests north-east of the host town before a repeat of the super special stage - a total of 121.92km.
  • Saturday heads further north towards the border with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad for three stages that are driven twice, before a third and final pass over the Mikolajki super special.
  • Four final tests will be held on Sunday, including the Sady Power Stage.



  • First established in 1921, Rally Poland is one of the world’s oldest rallies.
  • It was included in the inaugural WRC season in 1973 when there were only three classified finishers. Four other crews completed the route but were excluded for being out of time.
  • It left the calendar and became an asphalt event in the European Championship.
  • It returned to WRC in 2009 when Mikko Hirvonen won, after which it was again removed. 
  • It returned to the championship for a second time in 2014.

What’s new for 2016 

  • Organisers have changed 33 per cent of stages since 2015 to make them safer and more attractive for competitors and fans. 
  • Only four stages are the same as last year (Mikołajki Arena, Gołdap, Świętajno, Wieliczki), while two (Chmielewo and Stare Juchy) have featured in previous years. All others have been modified.

Don’t miss

  • If you are going to watch, then stay on for a few days to enjoy the lakeland area of Masuria. The area is a prime tourist destination famous for its lakes and forests and offering activities such as sailing, kayaking, swimming, angling, walking and cycling.

04 Jan 2016


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