Vodafone Rally de Portugal


Vodafone Rally de Portugal
Start Date: 03.04.2014
End Date: 06.04.2014
Timezone: UTC 1
Category: WRC3
Stages: 16 (339.46 km)
Distance: 1394.30 km
Servicepark: Algarve Stadium, Faro


  • After a Lisbon opening, the rally journeys south to the Algarve for three legs of gravel stages in the Baixo Alentejo and Serra do Caldeirão hills north of Faro.
  • The opening two legs each cover 146km and criss-cross the motorway from Lisbon to the Algarve.
  • The final leg, comprising just three stages and 43.87km, is slightly further south 
  • A mid-leg service at the Algarve Stadium divides identical morning and afternoon loops in legs 1 and 2, but there is no service during leg 3. 


  • Regarded as the most technically difficult gravel round. Fast, open roads mixed with narrow tracks, littered with blind crests, make it hard to find a rhythm.
  • Accurate pace notes are vital as many crests hide corners beyond them. 
  • A dry spring will mean the championship front-runners starting first must manage roads covered in slippery loose gravel during the opening leg.
  • Trees and stones line the stages, both on the inside of corners where a driver looks to make cuts, and on the outside where a car slides if a driver approaches too quickly.
  • The roads have a clay surface which is hard in dry conditions and demanding on tyres. If it rains they quickly become very slippery.


14 Jan 2014


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