Rally Italia Sardegna


Rally Italia Sardegna
Start Date: 11.06.2015
End Date: 14.06.2015
Timezone: UTC 2
Category: WRC3
Stages: 23 (394,63km)
Distance: 1553,11km
Servicepark: Alghero


  • Alghero, on the west coast of the Mediterranean island, hosts the service park for a second year. 
  • A partly-new street stage in the southern city of Cagliari kicks off the action on Thursday night, with competitors overnighting there. 
  • Friday’s opening leg near Oristano is new, with some roads never driven before and others unused since 2011. 
  • Saturday is a marathon with more than 200km of stages, some in the opposite direction to last year. 
  • It includes the stomach-churning Micky’s Jump in Monte Lerno . 
  • The final leg north of Alghero contains the new Monte Baranta test and the Cala Flumini coastal run.


  • Fast but narrow roads lined with bushes, trees or rocks right on the edge leave no room for error.
  • Hard base roads covered by a sandy surface, which is swept away during the first pass to leave rougher and rutted conditions for the second run. 
  • Thin layer of slippery gravel on the surface disadvantages early starters in the opening leg.
  • Temperatures approach 30°C so it will be uncomfortable in the cars with higher than normal stress on engines and transmissions.    


14 Jan 2015


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