Coates Hire Rally Australia


Coates Hire Rally Australia
Start Date: 11.09.2014
End Date: 14.09.2014
Timezone: UTC 10
Category: WRC3
Stages: 20 (319.58 km)
Distance: 946.54 km
Servicepark: Coffs Harbour


  • Based in Coffs Harbour, almost halfway between Sydney and Brisbane on the New South Wales coast.
  • Stages held over a mix of shire roads, in public use throughout the year, and private tracks.
  • Compact route which rarely strays more than 35km from Coffs Harbour service park.
  • After a Thursday evening town centre start ceremony, Friday and Saturday’s route heads south. 
  • Friday’s itinerary includes the new Hydes Creek test while Saturday’s highlights is two passes over the 49.37km Nambucca, one of the longest stages of the season. 
  • The final day journeys north of Coffs Harbour.


  • A mix of hard base roads, some tight and twisty and others fast and flowing.
  • Shire roads are lined by trees close to the edge in many places.
  • Many stages travel through dense rainforest and the low angle of the sun in mornings and evenings can create a ‘strobe’ effect as it flashes through the branches.

14 Jan 2014


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