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Sun 15:12 - Until then
Keep an eye on for rally reports and all the news from Spain. And don’t forget WRC+ where you'll find stacks of stage footage, highlights shows and onboards. Ciao for now!

Sun 15:11 - We will return
On 27 October to bring you news from the championship's penultimate round: Dayinsure Wales Rally GB

Sun 15:11 - Rally complete
And that's where we'll end our text service from Spain

Sun 15:10 - WRC Drivers’ Standings
Top 10: 1) Ogier: 222 points, 2) Mikkelsen: 127, 3) Neuville: 127, 4) Paddon: 114, 5) Sordo: 111, 6) Latvala: 104, 7) Østberg: 90, 8) Tanak: 61, 9) Meeke: 54, 10) Breen: 36

Sun 14:36 - Spain DDFT FINAL
1.Armstrong 3h47m36.6s, 2.Greensmith +51.8s, 3.Vatanen +57.3s, 4.Brzezinski +5m25.8s, 5.Pryce +12m43.2s

Sun 14:31 - Spain WRC3 FINAL
1.Andolfi 3h38m33.6s, 2.Burri +8m50.3s, 3.De Tommaso +9m26.4s, 4.Fabre +24m04.4s, 5.Brazzoli +27m59.1s

Sun 14:21 - Spain WRC2 FINAL
1.Kopecky 3h22m08.7s, 2.Tidemand +15.3s, 3.Turan +14m54.1s, 4.Van Den Heuvel +25m02.6s, 5.Suninen +29m09.0s

Sun 14:16 - Spain FINAL
Ogier 3h13m03.6s, 2.Sordo +15.6s, 3.Neuville +1m15.0s, 4.Paddon +1m27.8s, 5.Østberg +3m24.4s

Sun 13:04 - Text break
A brief admin pause now. We'll be back soon with the full results and championship standings

Sun 13:03 - SS19: WRC 3 Andolfi
An emphatic class victory for the Italian. "We had a good rally, did a good job and we win the class. Next week I will be driving the R5 Hyundai again."

Sun 13:02 - SS19: WRC 2 Turan
Third in class for Frigyes. "Perfect. We are the happiest people in the world. To be third next to the two factory Skodas - it's a great result for us and I think for Hungary too!"

Sun 13:00 - SS19: WRC 2 Tidemand
The early leader here on gravel, Pontus couldn't keep Kopecky behind on asphalt but makes it a 1-2 for Skoda.

Sun 12:59 - SS19: WRC 2 Kopecky
The WRC 2 leader completes cleanly. "It's been great and thanks to the team, We have showed our speed on gravel too - and that's good. It's not confirmed yet but I hope to be in GB."

Sun 12:57 - SS19: Al Qassimi
Another reliable run from Citroen team patron Khalid. Looks like 12th place here. "I was trying to avoid mistakes, and I think we handled the rally the right way. A lot of drama with the weather but here we are. I'm not fully happy because of the problems for Kris and Craig."

Sun 12:56 - Michelin celebration
Another landmark for the tyre maker - this is Michelin's 300th WRC win

Sun 12:54 - Power Stage result
1: Latvala 7m55.8s (3 points) 2: Ogier +1.6s (2 points) 3: Sordo +3.2s (1 point)

Sun 12:52 - Sebastien Ogier
"It's been a tough season but fantastic! Thank you so much to the team! We have had the perfect car all weekend. I had so much fun behind the steering wheel. I had to think a lot about this stage, after last year, but it's been fantastic."

Sun 12:49 - SS19: Ogier
He and co-driver Julien Ingrassia are out of the car and celebrating on the roof!

Sun 12:48 - SS19: Ogier
He's done it! Seb wins the rally and with it his fourth consecutive FIA World Rally Championship drivers' title.

Sun 12:47 - SS19: Sordo
Now Sordo snatches second-quickest to Latvala on the Power Stage. He gave everything to try and secure a home win, but the Sordo/Hyundai combination wasn't enough to keep Ogier behind. Ten out of ten for effort, but it's second place for Dani. "Really disappointed but I need to offer Seb my congratulations. I did my best, and I want to thank my fans for their support. I did my maximum."

Sun 12:43 - SS19: Neuville
Second-quickest on the Power Stage - a fraction of a second quicker than Paddon. The Belgian lucky to be here at all after a costly spin on day one. The 15 points he'll take for third place put him right back in the battle with Andreas Mikkelsen for drivers' championship runner-up. "Hopefully this time is enough to get one more point here. A good weekend for us - we can be happy."

Sun 12:40 - SS19: Paddon
SS19: Paddon It's a fine fourth for the Kiwi, and another full weekend of rally data for him to digest as he continues to finesse his Tarmac driving skills. Second quickest Power Stage time so far - 3.6sec off Latvala's stage leading time. "A positive weekend. Three Hyundais in the top four. Huge thanks to everyone. Now let's bring on the gravel!"

Sun 12:36 - SS19: Østberg
More experimentation from Mads this week as he tried a new driving technique to unlock more speed on Tarmac. Stage results have been mixed, but Ostberg has been largely upbeat. Fifth overall here. "I'm quite pleased to be at the end of a rally where I feel I'm pushing and doing the right thing. I felt I put everything together here on this stage, it even felt a bit natural."

Sun 12:34 - SS19: Tanak
A generally frustrating weekend for the Estonian while he explored the limits of his DMACK tyres. On the positive side, he led after the rain-soaked opening stage, takes sixth place today and a full distance run must surely benefit the development process. "[The result] was nothing to do with our performance. Okay, we've done the job and competition is the only way to develop the tyres. Job done."

Sun 12:31 - SS19: Abbring
Sunday has been a strong day for Abbring, who brings his older-spec Hyundai to the finish in seventh - the best WRC finish of his career to date. Waving at the crowd on the donut roundabout he seems happy about that. "Before the event we hoped to have some road position advantage on the gravel but the rain stopped that. On the Tarmac we cannot expect to win stages with this car but a big thanks to the team - hopefully there's a lot more to come next year."

Sun 12:27 - SS19: Bertelli
A consistent, reliable run for the Italian who held second overall after Thursday's opening stage. "At the end I'm medium happy. Some good stages - and this was one of the best stages of my life. Some positives to have finished with."

Sun 12:24 - SS19: Breen
Tenth is a decent result for the Irishman considering how much time he lost on Saturday when he broke a driveshaft after just 3km. He finishes the Power Stage 5.2sec off Latvala's pace - and manages a wave to the crowds at the final donut roundabout. "I'm really pleased with how the weekend has gone - apart from the problems obviously. We've showed good speed and that's good for the future."

Sun 12:21 - SS19: Latvala
Broken suspension ruined his rally early on, but Jari-Matti showed stage-winning pace, and renewed confidence, as a Rally 2 restarter. Will his time here be enough to salvage a few points? He's through in 7m88.8s. "It was a good stage, very good. The car, the brakes, everything is much better than last year here. My confidence is back. I have been lost for some rallies now I want a good finish to the season."

Sun 12:18 - SS19: Camilli
Another testing rally for the Frenchman - in every sense - back today after a gearbox-related retirement on Saturday. He's through in a benchmark 8m06.1s. "I'm happy, the confidence is good and I have gained a lot more experience in these conditions."

Sun 12:15 - SS19: LIVE
Camilli, Latvala and Breen in stage.

Sun 11:33 - SS19: Start order
Here's how the WRC drivers will tackle the Power Stage. Start intervals are up to three minutes for most - four minutes for the final three. Start times: 1208hrs Camilli, 12:11 Latvala, 12:14 Breen, 12:17 Bertelli, 12:20 Abbring, 12:23 Tanak, 12:26 Ostberg, 12:29 Paddon, 12:32 Neuville, 12:36 Sordo, 12:40 Ogier

Sun 11:29 - Next: Power Stage
The rally's final, decisive stage gets underway at 1208hrs. Televised around the world, WRC+ users can also watch the action via the live stream.

Sun 11:27 - Spain WRC2 after SS18
1.Kopecky 3h13m58.5s, 2.Tidemand +12.7s, 3.Turan +14m16.8s, 4.Van Den Heuvel +24m16.3s, 5.Suninen +28m57.4s

Sun 11:25 - Spain after SS18
Ogier 3h05m06.0s, 2.Sordo +14.2s, 3.Neuville +1m13.2s, 4.Paddon +1m26.0s, 5.Østberg +3m19.8s

Sun 11:23 - SS18: WRC 3 Andolfi
The Italian more than 8min ahead in the WRC 3 Category here. "We are happy because we made changes to the car in service. This stage went very well."

Sun 11:21 - SS18: WRC 2 Turan
"No risks. We are very close to the podium now. A safe programme."

Sun 11:18 - SS18: WRC 2
Leaders Kopecky and Tidemand are through cleanly. Tidemand 2.6sec is slower than Kopecky here. Kopecky's lead ahead of the Power Stage is 12.7sec.

Sun 11:17 - SS18: Ogier
Second quickest. Just one stage to go. "All good for us, just focused on being clean. We have a small gap which allows us to be a little bit relaxed before the end. For sure now we want to finish the job."

Sun 11:16 - SS18: Sordo
Fourth fastest. "Good, no problems. We try to drive well in the middle of the road."

Sun 11:14 - SS18: Neuville
A cautious approach for the Belgian. Third place here would be crucial in his fight for runner-up spot in the drivers' championship. "No push for me. I tried to raise the car. I was careful in the cuts. I know I have to manage now - not take too many risks in the Power Stage. I just want the 15 points."

Sun 11:09 - SS18: Paddon
"Not so bad. Over-driving in places but a nice steady pace with no big risks."

Sun 11:08 - SS18: Ostberg
9.8sec off Latvala's benchmark. "Quite a good stage. A lot better on the hard tyre. I enjoyed it."

Sun 11:06 - SS18: Tanak
"Quite a dry road now. The time is not so great, 20 seconds slower than here last year."

Sun 11:05 - SS18: Abbring
Fourth quickest so far, and on course for seventh overall - that would be a career-best result for Kevin. "This stage has everything. All pretty nice. The grip was lower than the others."

Sun 11:02 - SS18: Bertelli
"Quite slippery, some dirt in the cuts. I was cautious."

Sun 11:01 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on the number and compound (Hard or Soft) of Pilot Sport tyres chosen for the afternoon loop. All Michelin drivers have 5H.

Sun 11:01 - SS18: Breen
Second quickest so far, 3.6sec off the pace of stage leader Latvala. "The time is so, so. We made a set-up change and I don't think I pushed enough. Not so bad."

Sun 10:59 - SS18: Al Qassimi
"Better than this morning. Still damp in places."

Sun 10:56 - SS18: Gorban
"Difficult on the dirty roads. We had a spin."

Sun 10:54 - SS18: Latvala
"Fine for us but not easy. Even more damp patches than this morning I think. The first seven or eight kilometres were difficult. Better after. For the Power Stage I will try my best for the three points."

Sun 10:52 - SS18: Camilli
He's clear. "It was good but I heard a strange noise in second gear." Camilli retired yesterday when his car got stuck in fifth gear.

Sun 10:42 - SS18: We're back
Penultimate stage underway. Camilli and Latvala in stage.

Sun 09:09 - Next stage: 1039hrs
That's Camilli's start time for the repeat of Pratdip. We'll resume our text service then.

Sun 09:02 - Up next: Service
Crews en-route to Salou for a 30-minute service before the second loop

Sun 09:02 - Spain WRC2 after SS17
1.Kopecky 3h02m40.8s, 2.Tidemand +10.1s, 3.Turan +13m30.0s, 4.Van Den Heuvel +23m06.2s, 5.Suninen +28m48.0s

Sun 09:00 - Spain after SS17
Ogier 2h54m11.7s, 2.Sordo +12.7s, 3.Neuville +1m12.3s, 4.Paddon +1m25.7s, 5.Østberg +3m11.2s Prokop loses wheel

Sun 08:57 - SS17: WRC 2 Tidemand
Eight-tenths up on Kopecky here. "I have a good driving rhythm now with no risks. I'll keep going like this."

Sun 08:56 - SS17: WRC 2 Kopecky
The WRC 2 leader through cleanly. "Damp in places. I try to do my best."

Sun 08:55 - SS17: Ogier
Second fastest, 4.3sec up on Sordo, and a careful run after his crash here in 2015. "For sure it's good to be quicker again than Dani. I was little bit more cautious than normal after last year. For sure it's looking good. Two stages to go." Seb's rally lead over Dani now 12.7sec.

Sun 08:51 - SS17: Sordo
"I tried really hard to catch Ogier. I promise everybody I'm doing my best - there are so many people in the stages I want to thank them for their support."

Sun 08:48 - SS17: Neuville
Exactly the same time as his team-mate Paddon. "Not so nice. A lot of dampness and understeer and I have to brake early and use the handbrake. Keeping my position is the goal."

Sun 08:47 - SS17: Paddon
Second quickest so far. "We tried something completely different with the set-up but it didn't work. It's okay, we have a big gap behind us. We're learning all the time. Making progress."

Sun 08:45 - SS17: Ostberg
There's a grin on his face, even though his tyre call was wrong. "The soft tyre is absolutely not working. They overheated very, very quickly on the dry opening section. We destroyed them before the damp section at the end."

Sun 08:43 - SS17: Tanak
Ott reckons the cooler conditions are suiting his DMACK tyres.

Sun 08:41 - SS17: Prokop
He completes with the loss of 1m30.2s and his Fiesta's front-right wheel. That looks like game over for Martin. "Too fast on a corner and we went wide."

Sun 08:37 - SS17: Bertelli
Struggled near the end of the stage when his soft-compound Pirelli tyres went off.

Sun 08:35 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on the number and compound (Hard or Soft) of Pilot Sport tyres chosen for the morning loop. All Michelin drivers have 5H except Ostberg (4S&1S) and Camilli (5S).

Sun 08:34 - SS17: Breen
4.7sec off Latvala's pace. "Not as good as the first stage. Struggled in the damp patches. Will be better on the repeat."

Sun 08:30 - SS17: Gorban
"Slippery in places."

Sun 08:29 - SS17: Latvala
15.1sec quicker than Camilli. "The grip levels were a surprise - more damp sections than I expected. I backed off in some places."

Sun 08:27 - Light report
Sun has risen.

Sun 08:26 - SS17: Camilli
"I enjoyed it but on the soft tyres it wasn't a great feeling. Lots of understeer."

Sun 08:20 - Stage info: SS17
Duesaigües, 12.10km. Duesaigües runs uphill virtually the whole way and is best known for the final roundabout at Coll de la Teixeta, shortly before the finish, where drivers must complete a 360˚ doughnut in front of huge crowds. It starts with a short downhill section before skirting Riudecanyes reservoir and climbing to the spectacular finale via wooded sections and passing under the famous rail bridge.

Sun 08:19 - SS17: LIVE
But with a three-minute delay. Camilli got underway at 0816hrs

Sun 08:18 - Spain WRC2 after SS16
1.Kopecky 2h54m24.7s, 2.Tidemand +10.9s, 3.Turan +13m03.6s, 4.Van Den Heuvel +22m21.1s, 5.Suninen +28m32.0s

Sun 08:16 - Meeke update
Confirmed retired from the rally. Team reporting engine-related.

Sun 08:13 - Spain after SS16
Ogier 2h46m11.1s, 2.Sordo +8.4s, 3.Neuville +1m08.6s, 4.Paddon +1h22.0s, 5.Østberg +2m58.4s Meeke stops

Sun 08:11 - SS16: WRC 2 Turan
Cleanly through and on course for third in class.

Sun 08:09 - SS16: Tidemand
3.4sec quicker than his Skoda team-mate Kopecky. The gap between them now just 10.9sec. "I had a good night's sleep and thought about my driving. A bit smoother today. No risks here but a good time."

Sun 08:06 - SS16: WRC 2 Kopecky
"Tricky in places here with no gravel crew. We were lucky in some places."

Sun 08:05 - SS16: Ogier
No let up from the defending champ. He's fastest. "It's good. Once again, this stage was wetter than expected. And Kris crashed at one of those points. I'm happy to get through this one."

Sun 08:03 - SS16: Sordo
Second fastest so far, six-tenths off Paddon's pace. Is there anything he can do to try and catch Ogier today? "I try a little bit, I really push, I take some risks in the cuts, but it's difficult.

Sun 08:02 - SS16: Neuville
2.7sec slower than Paddon on stage, and that keeps him 13.4sec ahead in the standings.

Sun 08:01 - SS16: Paddon
Quickest so far and Paddon has his team-mate Neuville in his sights. "All I can do is keep the pressure on but I don't want a big battle. We'll keep going."

Sun 07:56 - SS16: Ostberg
"A bit more difficult in the dark. A tricky stage. My first on the soft tyres but the stage was so aggressive they couldn't keep up. We got through it."

Sun 07:54 - SS16: Tanak
Third quickest so far. Reason to be cheerful? "It was not so bad, quite driveable. Some dirt in places, difficult to see in the dark. A smooth run. Nothing catastrophic."

Sun 07:52 - SS16: Abbring
Fourth-fastest for the Dutchman. "Really hard to see where the damp places are in the dark. There were more than I had expected. After a few surprises I decided not to take risks."

Sun 07:49 - SS16: Kris Meeke
WRC+ live tracking shows him stopped at the 7.34km point.

Sun 07:47 - SS16: Bertelli
"Still lots of shadows, Tricky and hard conditions."

Sun 07:47 - Sunrise update
Still 'dark' but the sky is getting lighter minute by minute. Latvala's run was in pitch darkness.

Sun 07:46 - SS16: Breen
2.2sec off Latvala's stage leading time. "Really, really enjoyable. We made a couple of set-up improvements to the car overnight. Definitely going in the right direction."

Sun 07:44 - SS16: Al Qassimi
"I didn't enjoy that. Very difficult. A little bit of fog too."

Sun 07:43 - SS16: Gorban
More time loss at the second split and he completes the stage 1m57 slower than Latvala. "So difficult on Tarmac in the dark. Very difficult to drive but okay," says Gorban's co-driver Volodymyr Korsia.

Sun 07:40 - SS16: Latvala
17.3sec quicker than Camilli. "In a way it's nice to be driving in the dark, there's a different atmosphere. On the road there are some damp patches, so I was not at full attack. I had something in reserve."

Sun 07:38 - SS16: Camilli
First through, his car's light pods ablaze. "That was good but I am on the soft tyre and it was too soft for sure."

Sun 07:35 - SS16: Splits watch
Could be trouble for Gorban. He's 27sec slower than Camilli to the 6.6km split.

Sun 07:29 - Stage info: SS16
Pratdip, 19.30km. Affectionately known as the Brad Pitt stage, this is one of the rally’s classics - a technical test on mainly good, wide asphalt. It starts on fast but twisty roads and passes Santa Marina chapel. After the spectacular hairpin in Pratdip, it becomes narrower on rougher asphalt, with several tricky crests.

Sun 07:28 - SS16: LIVE
Camilli started on schedule at 0724hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Sun 07:27 - WRC Live
Lisa O'Sullivan is anchoring this weekend's radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. The team are on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Sun 07:27 - Start intervals
WRC drivers will start at two-minute intervals today (down from three-minutes on Friday).

Sun 07:27 - Sunday's start order
Today we're in reverse rally classification order, headed by Rally 2 restarters [Camilli]. Here's how the WRC runners will line up: 1. Camilli, 2. Latvala, 3. Gorban, 4. Al Qassimi, 5. Breen, 6. Bertelli, 7. Prokop, 8. Abbring, 9. Tanak, 10. Østberg, 11. Meeke, 12. Paddon, 13. Neuville, 14. Sordo, 15. Ogier

Sun 07:27 - Weather
Another lovely day in prospect. Clear night skies over Salou for now and a fine, dry day forecast. The current temperature of 15˚C is predicted to hit 24˚C later. Sunrise: 0805hrs.

Sun 07:25 - Time zones
All times quoted here are local. And for Spain that's still Central European Time (CET) or UTC + 2 hours.

Sun 07:24 - Sunday's itinerary 2/2
The first stage, Pratdip, gets underway at 0724hrs. The repeat loop will start at 1039hrs. The finish podium ceremony back in Salou is scheduled for 1341hrs.

Sun 07:24 - Sunday's itinerary 1/2
Sunday's action comprises a loop of the 19.30km Pratdip and 12.10km Duesaigües asphalt stages - run over a total of 62.80km competitive kilometres. Both will be repeated after a 30-minute service in Salou. The second pass through Duesaigües counts as the rally-closing Power Stage.

Sun 07:24 - Coming up
Sunday is the final day of competition in Spain, and we have just four more stages to go.

Sun 07:24 - Good morning
One more time, and welcome back to our live text coverage from RallyRACC Catalunya - Rally de España.

Sat 18:54 - Until then
Keep an eye on the news section for our end of leg reports and don’t forget WRC+ where you'll find stage footage, highlights shows and onboards.

Sat 18:53 - Coming up on Sunday
Four stages, 62.80km competitive kilometres, the Power Stage and - perhaps - confirmation of the 2016 World Rally Champion

Sat 18:52 - We will return
On Sunday from 0724hrs (local) when the rally's final day gets underway.

Sat 18:49 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Sat 18:47 - Spain WRC2 after SS15
1.Kopecky 2h42m54.4s, 2.Tidemand +14.3s, 3.Turan +12m20.2s, 4.Van Den Heuvel +21m13.5s, 5.Suninen +28m29.0s

Sat 18:36 - Spain after SS15
Ogier 2h35m12.8s, 2.Sordo +5.8s, 3.Neuville +1m03.9s, 4.Paddon +1h20.0s, 5.Meeke +1h57.9s

Sat 18:34 - SS15: WRC 2 Suninen
A stall in stage here for Teemu. "Some good times today but difficult stages too. Some bad driving also."

Sat 18:33 - SS15: WRC 2 Kopecky
"It has been a great day. Four stages to go. Hopefully we can bring this car to the win tomorrow."

Sat 18:32 - SS15: WRC 2 Tidemand
"I feel like we've improved a lot today, and gained more experience. Hopefully it will help for the future. Maybe another drive with Skoda."

Sat 18:30 - SS15: Breen
14sec off the pace here. What happened? "I spun in front of every Irishman in the country. I had to stop and reverse a few times. It wasn't planned..."

Sat 18:29 - SS15: Latvala
Fifth quickest here. "Generally a good day. I have been pleased with the performance overall. Okay, the puncture was a disappointment, but I have found the speed and confidence that I have been missing for a few events."

Sat 18:26 - SS15: Al Qassimi
"There have been a few small moments today when you find rocks and cuts you never knew about. That can knock your confidence."

Sat 18:24 - SS15: Gorban
"Everything is okay for us. A good day. We are happy because we had no problems and that's a big achievement."

Sat 18:22 - SS15: Abbring
"Wide everywhere, I used all the road I could - awesome! It feels so good to be here in a WRC car. I'm looking forward to getting out there again tomorrow."

Sat 18:20 - SS15: Bertelli
"Improved consistency today without mistakes and we learn something. Tomorrow we have nice stages - and driving from the front. I'm looking forward to it."

Sat 18:18 - SS15: Prokop
Sixth quickest here. "It was good fun. Better and better today. Let's try and start from this point again tomorrow."

Sat 18:17 - SS15: Tanak
"Job done. Not so bad."

Sat 18:16 - SS15: Meeke
Quickest so far on stage. "We need to tidy up our rallying. Last year we were fifth here with no problems. This time we've had a roll, a spin and a puncture and we're still fifth."

Sat 18:15 - SS15: Ostberg
"I'm quite happy. It's difficult to work on [set-up] things during a rally but it seems like it's paying off."

Sat 18:13 - SS15: Sordo
4.4sec off the pace here. Why? "I do a little bit for the fans - sliding all the time. It's important." He'll start Sunday's competition trailing Ogier by 5.8sec.

Sat 18:12 - SS15: Paddon
Quickest so far. "Who would have thought it on a Super Special? Jesus Christ, that's the surprise of the century! I've been working on Super Specials with my engineer it worked in Barcelona on Thursday and it worked here."

Sat 18:10 - SS15: Neuville
One-tenth quicker than Ogier here and it's third overnight for the Belgian. "Very happy to be honest. It was a good day. Of course we struggled with understeer but we kept a good rhythm, keeping Andreas under pressure, and of course I'm sorry for him. Tomorrow is still long. A lot can happen."

Sat 18:07 - SS15: Ogier
He's through and that's Saturday's stages clear for the prospective champ. "The end of a long day with some good times so I'm happy with that," he says. "Dani was very strong but we managed to come back so I'm happy with that. Sunday will be exciting as well."

Sat 18:00 - SS15: LIVE
Ogier has left the start line

Sat 17:18 - Stage info: SS15
Salou, 2.24km. Saturday’s traditional closing stage is a street test along Salou seafront. The roads are slippery as sand blows onto them from the beach and this one has caught out drivers in previous years.

Sat 17:17 - Next stage: 1800hrs
Drivers are en-route to Salou for a regroup and then Saturday's final challenge - the Salou street stage

Sat 17:16 - Spain WRC2 after SS14
1.Kopecky 2h40m20.6s, 2.Tidemand +11.8s, 3.Turan +12m13.4s, 4.Van Den Heuvel +20m57.3s, 5.Suninen +28m11.0s

Sat 17:03 - Spain after SS14
Ogier 2h32m39.5s, 2.Sordo +1.7s, 3.Neuville +1m04.0s, 4.Paddon +1h20.2s, 5.Meeke +1h58.2s Ogier leads

Sat 17:01 - SS14: WRC 2 Suninen
"The engine is down on power again. A different problem to the turbo-related one we had earlier."

Sat 17:00 - SS14: WRC 2 Kopecky
6.8sec quicker than Tidemand here and Kopecky's lead in WRC 2 is up to 11.8sec. "I'm surprised to be leading after the previous stage when we drove 7km on a puncture. This one I drove fast but without risk. It's important we get both cars to the finish."

Sat 16:58 - SS14: WRC 2 Tidemand
"It's getting close. Everything can happen. It feels like I find a better rhythm here. Smoother, and better for the tyre temperatures."

Sat 16:56 - SS14: Breen
"Okay. We found a compromise and the car feels better. It's difficult to commit on your first high-speed pass when everyone else is on their second."

Sat 16:54 - SS14: Latvala
Second quickest time for the Finn. "It was a good one, I have to say, but in my mind I remembered my puncture on the first stage so I was careful in the cuts - not too deep."

Sat 16:52 - SS14: Al Qassimi
"More confidence this time compared to the morning."

Sat 16:48 - SS14: Abbring
Seventh-quickest. "Really enjoyable and now I have some ideas for tomorrow. We can go stiffer with the dampers I think."

Sat 16:47 - SS14: Bertelli
"Definitely better than this morning but I struggled with my pace notes here. Sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow. I'm not happy with them."

Sat 16:44 - SS14: Prokop
"I didn't push hard enough early on, so I increased my speed and I really enjoyed the faster sections. I'm happy with my pace there."

Sat 16:40 - Spain WRC2 after SS13
1.Kopecky 2h27m21.3s, 2.Tidemand +5.0s, 3.Turan +11m07.4s, 4.Van Den Heuvel +19m27.2s, 5.Suninen +27m53.0s

Sat 16:39 - SS14: Tanak
"A smooth day. That's been the most important."

Sat 16:38 - SS14: Meeke
Still struggling without the aerodynamic benefit of his front bumper. "On the high speed sections we have a lot of understeer and it's hard to commit. When you lose the front aero you lose the confidence."

Sat 16:36 - SS14: Ostberg
"It was okay. Trying to adjust my driving a bit. It's working quite well. Not so easy. We did what we wanted to here."

Sat 16:34 - SS14: Sordo
"We still have understeer. We tried to drive a little slower to see if that improved the grip but we made a small mistake in the last split. I tried to do my best and I am happy with my driving but okay, I am very disappointed to lose the time."

Sat 16:33 - SS14: Sordo
4.2sec SLOWER than Ogier and that's Ogier into the rally lead by a margin of 1.7sec.

Sat 16:32 - SS14: Paddon
1.6sec slower than his team-mate Neuville. "Doing what we can. Trying to looks for quite small margins. Neuville gave us a sniff of the podium on the first stage after lunch, but he's picked up since then."

Sat 16:30 - SS14: Neuville
"That went quite well. The car was working at 95 per cent I'd say. It's a pity. Without the understeer we could be really, really fast."

Sat 16:27 - SS14: Ogier
Is through. The time to beat: 12m29.3sec. "It's a nice battle with Dani. I'm happy with the job we have done. It's been a good loop. A clean drive. Okay, we have not so much pressure in the drivers' championship now, but there's still the manufacturers' championship and I don't want to do anything bad for the team."

Sat 16:20 - SS14: LIVE
Ogier, Neuville and Paddon in stage

Sat 16:19 - Spain after SS13
Sordo 2h20m07.7s, 2.Ogier +2.5s, 3.Neuville +1m02.6s, 4.Paddon +1h17.2s, 5.Meeke +1h55.8s

Sat 16:19 - SS13: WRC 2 Suninen
Fastest in class for the Finn.

Sat 16:16 - SS13: WRC 2 Kopecky
He loses all but 5sec of his WRC 2 lead over Tidemand with a front-left puncture! "I don't know where it happened. I was on the line and got a slow puncture - the same as Germany. It keeps it interesting!"

Sat 16:14 - SS13: Breen
"I have a really bad feeling with the car," he says. "It feels very soft, bouncing around. Not at all like the set-up in Corsica. Not good."

Sat 16:13 - SS13: Latvala
The Finn explains his previous stage puncture. "We cut a right-hand corner, damaged the wheel and that gave us a flat tyre. The kerbs are very sharp here," he says.

Sat 16:10 - SS13: Al Qassimi
"Very slippery. A lot of mud in places and we slid into a rock. All part of rallying."

Sat 16:08 - SS13: Gorban
"Everything is okay. Now we're learning how to drive on the Tarmac with this car," says co-driver Volodymyr Korsia.

Sat 16:05 - SS13: Abbring
His Hyundai has extremely hot brakes. He moves off straight away to allow them to cool.

Sat 16:03 - SS13: Bertelli
"This morning we were far away but now we are getting closer. I think the rear-left wheel is out of line. It doesn't feel straight, something with the tracking maybe."

Sat 16:00 - SS13: Prokop
"We made some changes to the set-up, it's easier to understand the car. Now we have good grip. Nice driving."

Sat 15:56 - SS13: Tanak
Slowest of the seven cars through so far. "A good stage. It is how it is."

Sat 15:56 - SS13: Meeke
His car is missing its front bumper after his previous stage spin. "I spun in 5th gear up the middle of the road. I thought I'd got away with it until we lost the bumper. Too many silly mistakes this rally, I need to eliminate them."

Sat 15:53 - SS13: Ostberg
"The previous stage was quite good. Still trying the new set-up, which wasn't so great here. It should be better on the next one."

Sat 15:51 - SS13: Sordo
He completes 2.7sec SLOWER than Ogier. Sordo's lead is now just 2.5sec and he seems resigned to losing the position. "It's impossible to catch him. I am on the limit - too much. It's okay, it's like this. A bit frustrated, but that's life."

Sat 15:48 - SS13: Paddon
"The set-up this afternoon is an improvement. The driving felt better here but perhaps I'm pushing a little too much."

Sat 15:47 - SS13: Neuville
3.9sec off Ogier's pace. Third overall now. "It's about holding position and keeping concentration. The set-up is better, but we still struggle with the balance of the car. I know I can go faster but I need more confidence at the front."

Sat 15:44 - SS13: Splits watch
Sordo LEVEL with Ogier's time at the 11.50km split.

Sat 15:43 - SS13: Ogier
Six-tenths up on Sordo at the 4km split. "A clean stage at least," says Seb. "A little understeer but not a bad stage."

Sat 15:32 - SS13: LIVE
Ogier in stage

Sat 15:07 - Next stage: SS13
Ogier's start time: 1529hrs. We'll resume our live text service then

Sat 15:06 - Spain WRC2 after SS12
1.Kopecky 2h15m05.3s, 2.Tidemand 25.9s, 3.Turan 10m46.0s, 4.Van Den Heuvel 18m43.6s, 5.Suninen 28m18.2s Aasen stops (roll)

Sat 14:48 - SS12: Driver quotes
Another belated selection from the stage end. Ogier first expressed concern for Mikkelsen and co-driver Anders Jaeger. Asked about the implications for his title bid, Seb said: "Well in that case the job is nearly done." Sordo on his fight to keep Seb behind: "He's coming. We're trying very hard. We will just keep pushing and then we will see." Neuville reported huge understeer. Paddon is trying a softer car set-up after service. He also reported variable grip. Østberg has analysed the morning data in service and will continue his new driving stye, targeting more speed this afternoon. Meeke 's car has some front-right aero damage after very high speed 360-degree spin "lucky to get away with it," he said. Camilli arrived at the stage end with his head in his hands. "This should have been our afternoon," he said. Latvala dropped 40sec with a puncture.

Sat 14:36 - Spain after SS12
Sordo 2h08m50.7s, 2.Ogier +5.2s, 3.Neuville +1m01.4s, 4.Paddon +1h11.8s, 5.Meeke +1h54.0s Mikkelsen rolls

Sat 14:33 - Camilli update
Looks like game over for the day. He's on his way back to service.

Sat 14:28 - SS12: Camilli
A transmission problem costs the Frenchman 1m23s to the leaders. His Fiesta RS is stuck in fifth gear.

Sat 14:27 - Mikkelsen update
Drifted wide on a right-hander and slammed the rear-left of his Polo R into an armco barrier. Bounced back onto the road and rolled several times - his car eventually coming to rest against a tree.

Sat 14:24 - Meeke update
The time loss was due to a sixth-gear spin, five or six kilometres into the stage. He says he didn't hit anything.

Sat 14:22 - SS12: Meeke
Problem for the Brit? 19.6sec off the pace is slower than expected.

Sat 14:21 - SS12: Neuville
Third quickest, 8.4sec slower than Ogier, and up to third overall following Mikkelsen's exit.

Sat 14:19 - SS12: driver comments
No communications links to the end of this stage. We'll bring you comments as we get them.

Sat 14:18 - SS12: Ogier vs Sordo
Ogier QUICKER that Sordo on stage by 2.5sec. Sordo's rally lead now just 5.2sec.

Sat 14:16 - Ogier's title?
Not quite yet - although Mikkelsen's exit makes it more likely. For Ogier NOT to win the title this weekend, Neuville has to win the rally AND the Power Stage and Seb must fail to score.

Sat 14:13 - Mikkelsen roll
His car left the road and is stuck on its side.

Sat 14:09 - Mikkelsen out
Confirmation from VW: 'Mikkelsen stopped in stage, both crew okay, retired for today.'

Sat 14:05 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on the number and compound (Hard or Soft) of Pilot Sport tyres chosen for the afternoon loop. All Michelin drivers have 5H except Meeke and Neuville who have 4H&1S.

Sat 14:02 - SS12: Mikkelsen
WRC+ live tracking shows him stopped at the 2.5km point. He had been third.

Sat 14:01 - Weather update
Hot, dry and sunny. Clear blue skies and a temperature of 23˚C.

Sat 13:59 - SS12: Welcome back
Stage is live. Ogier and Mikkelsen are underway.

Sat 12:13 - Next stage: 1357hrs
That's Ogier's start time for the repeat of Alcover – Capafonts. We'll resume our text service then.

Sat 12:12 - Up next: Service
Crews en-route to Salou for the midday 30-minute service.

Sat 12:11 - Spain WRC2 after SS11
1.Kopecky 2h03m42.7s, 2.Tidemand +17.5s, 3.Aasen +5m40.5s, 4.Turan +10m00.2s, 5.Van Den Heuvel +17m28.5s

Sat 12:10 - Spain after SS11
Sordo 1h57m46.2s, 2.Ogier +7.7s, 3.Mikkelsen +45.1s, 4.Neuville +55.5s, 5.Paddon +1h08.4s

Sat 12:08 - SS11: WRC 2 Turan
"We made the wrong tyre choice this morning - four softs - we will definitely have hards for the afternoon. Fourth in class now, which is good."

Sat 12:05 - SS11: WRC 2 Suarez
"Everything is good now the car is fixed [after his roll on Friday], so thanks for the team. No time to relax - I am pushing."

Sat 12:03 - SS11: Andolfi
"All okay for me, no problems the car and the tyres are good."

Sat 12:02 - SS11: WRC 2 Maurin?
Another missing entry. He stopped on the previous stage, and then again on the road section before SS11. He's moving to the start of SS11 now.

Sat 11:59 - SS11: WRC 2 Ten Brinke
Veiby reports that he has rolled. WRC+ live tracking shows the car stopped 1.2km into the stage.

Sat 11:56 - SS11: WRC 2 Aasen
"A problem with the pop-off valve. We are losing power from time to time."

Sat 11:55 - SS11: WRC 2 Suninen
"An amazing stage, really fast. Difficult to drive on the limit without too much experience. I was too careful in places."

Sat 11:54 - SS11: WRC 2 Kopecky
9.9sec quicker than Tidemand here and his lead in WRC 2 is up to 17.5sec. "That's good. This stage was tricky, a lot of cuts, here at the end it was clean and nice Tarmac so I gave it a bit of a push."

Sat 11:52 - SS11: Breen
Relieved to be heading back to service. "Today has been a nightmare. I've lost driveshafts three times on this rally now - and all in similar circumstances."

Sat 11:49 - SS11: Latvala
Third fastest. "We lost time early in the stage where it was surprisingly wet and dirty. I had to be careful there and did what I could to make up time near the end."

Sat 11:47 - SS11: Al Qassimi
"A problems here, a few notes weren't right and dirt in the cuts."

Sat 11:45 - SS11: Gorban
"Some mud on the road but our gravel grew are doing their job. All good."

Sat 11:42 - SS11: Abbring
"Quite okay, we improved the set-up and the pace notes. The rhythm was better. I;m looking forward to the afternoon."

Sat 11:41 - SS11: Bertelli
"Quite a frustrating stage."

Sat 11:36 - SS11: Camilli
2.6sec slower than his benchmark driver, Ostberg, here. "All okay. A few changes to my notes."

Sat 11:32 - SS11: Tanak
32.8sec off Ogier's pace. "If I was on holiday here it would be nice - the conditions would be fine - but it's not much fun performance-wise. We've been here before..."

Sat 11:30 - SS11: Meeke
Fourth quickest so far. "The soft tyre on the rear was sliding around a bit. A lot of mud on the road too - it wasn't possible to do much against Ogier here."

Sat 11:28 - SS11: Ostberg
"I keep trying with the new driving technique. The time is not great but it felt better. Now we have to speak to the team and see if we are going in the right direction."

Sat 11:27 - SS11: Sordo
Second quickest to Ogier but he's lost 6.8sec to his rival here and Sordo's rally lead is down to 7.7sec. "Understeering a lot," he says. "It's down to the balance of the car. It's impossible. I can't do more. Of course I will not give up - I'll fight until the end."

Sat 11:24 - SS11: Paddon
"A lot of muddy cuts in here, especially near the start. We had some understeer. A different character of stage to the others. We should have made changes."

Sat 11:22 - SS11: Neuville
1.3sec quicker than Mikkelsen and disappointed by his stage. "I lost my concentration after a pace note mistake. It was called wrong I think," he says.

Sat 11:20 - SS11: Mikkelsen
12.2 sec slower than Ogier. "Struggling with the feeling here under turn-in. A lot of understeer - and sometimes I'm having to use the handbrake."

Sat 11:19 - SS11: Ogier
Safely through. "It hasn't been such a long loop, so tyre wear is not such an issue and I tried a bit harder here. I was surprised by how slippery it was in the cuts near the beginning. It will be worse for the guys behind. I'm happy but I know I could be a little bit better."

Sat 11:13 - Stage info: SS11
El Montmell 1, 24.14km. El Montmell is another stage back after a few years’ absence. The surface is good but narrow throughout, and there are some very high-speed cuts to focus the drivers’ minds. The opening section is extremely quick, with a chicane before Can Ferrer de la Cogullada to reduce speeds. After the village, the route becomes twistier before finishing with a dizzying bend-filled descent known as Les Ventoses.

Sat 11:12 - Up next: SS11
Ogier started on schedule at 1103hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Sat 11:11 - SS10: WRC 2 Kopecky
4.9sec quicker than Skoda team-mate Tidemand here and Jan's lead in WRC 2 us up to 7.6seconds. "Okay, good for us, but in the first pass of these stages I didn't know how slippery it would be. A 1-2 result here is really important for the team."

Sat 11:09 - SS10: WRC 2 Tidemand
"Not easy but we have a good rhythm. We can't fight too hard."

Sat 11:08 - SS10: Breen
1m32sec off the pace here due to his driveshaft issues. "We had to remove both [front] driveshafts so it's not even a fast recce now. At least My MkII Escort experience has helped me a bit."

Sat 11:05 - SS10: Latvala
Third fastest. "I have been feeling a little bit lost recently but now I have the confidence back. In Corsica I was blaming the car but the fault was the driver..."

Sat 11:03 - SS10: Al Qassimi
"Good. Some good clean lines, and then more dirty, muddy sections."

Sat 10:59 - Spain after SS10
Sordo 1h45m12.1s, 2.Ogier +14.5s, 3.Mikkelsen +39.7s, 4.Neuville +51.4s, 5.Paddon +1h01.3s

Sat 10:57 - SS10: Bertelli
"The first stage was okay, completely clean, this one was dirty at the beginning and I need to work on my confidence there."

Sat 10:54 - SS10: Prokop
"The rhythm is good but I don't know what speed to choose for the corners. I'm not sure about the grip. Braking too much I think."

Sat 10:53 - SS10: Camilli
9.6sec quicker than his team-mate Ostberg. "I was really pushing hard here. And just on the notes, no video. We are making progress, stage-by-stage."

Sat 10:48 - SS10: Tanak
"There is a lot of mud on the road in places but it is still quite manageable."

Sat 10:47 - SS10: Meeke
Third quickest despite a compromised tyre selection. "We had a puncture in the stage before so we have three hards and a soft compound here. We'll we okay. We'll get this loop done and try again."

Sat 10:45 - SS10: Ostberg
Slowest of the seven cars through so far and still looking for improvement. "I tried something new here but it hasn't worked."

Sat 10:44 - SS10: Sordo
A full 3 sec slower than Ogier here and Dani's lead is trimmed to 14.5sec. "The feeling with the car was good but there were some very dirty places - it's better to be first on the road."

Sat 10:41 - SS10: Paddon
8.6sec off the pace. "We made some small changes. We're trying to find the grip and the confidence. This one was better. On these roads I wanted to be closer. I know where I can improve."

Sat 10:39 - SS10: Neuville
2sec quicker than Mikkelsen here and that moves him 11.7sec adrift overall. "Okay, but still some understeer in the tight sections."

Sat 10:36 - SS10: Mikkelsen
7.4sec slower than Ogier. "My first time to drive this stage at full speed and my pace notes were a bit too careful at the beginning. In general, not good."

Sat 10:35 - SS10: Ogier
First to complete. "Okay, still a little bit of dampness. A nice stage. Good fun." How hard are you pushing in the fight with Dani? "He's going well. I'm not ready to go for full risk yet - I'm not at the limit."

Sat 09:56 - Stage info: SS10
Querol, 21.26km. After two years out of the itinerary, Querol is back. It starts in the village of Pontils and the road is narrow but well-surfaced until the Esblada junction near the midpoint. From that point, it becomes narrower as the stage descends through Querol to the finish near Pont d’Armentera.

Sat 09:55 - Up next: SS10
Crews refuel en-route to Querol. Ogier's start time 1021hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Sat 09:53 - Spain WRC2 after SS9
1.Kopecky 1h38m48.1s, 2.Tidemand +2.7s, 3.Maurin +1m33.2s, 4.Aasen +4m30.7s, 5.Ten Brinke +6m32.7s

Sat 09:44 - SS9 quotes (partial)
Poor telephone service to blame for a lack of driver comments after SS9. Here, belatedly, is a summary of what was said: Ogier: 'Okay, but not perfect'. Mikkelsen complained of gravel on the road pulled out by Ogier's car ahead. Neuville: 'Big understeer'. Sordo didn't think it was a great stage, also reported understeer and thought he had puncture. Østberg: 'Inconsistent grip'. Meeke picked up a front-right puncture.

Sat 09:40 - SS9: Breen
He's through but the ongoing driveshaft problem costs him 1m31sec to the leaders. He also picks up a 2m10s penalty for starting the stage 13min late.

Sat 09:31 - SS9: Latvala
Another stage win for the Finn. Seven-tenths quicker than Sordo.

Sat 09:30 - SS9: Splits watch
Latvala on course for another stage win here - he's 2.7sec quicker than Sordo at the 14km split. But more time loss for Breen who is 31.3sec slower than Sordo at the 7.6km point.

Sat 09:27 - Spain after SS9
Sordo 1h33m56.2s, 2.Ogier +17.5s, 3.Mikkelsen +35.3s, 4.Neuville +49.0s, 5.Paddon +55.7s

Sat 09:23 - Breen update
He began the stage late - behind Latvala in the start order.

Sat 09:21 - SS9: Camilli
Sixth quickest of the nine cars through so far. 7.6sec faster than his M-Sport team-mate Ostberg.

Sat 09:14 - SS9: Meeke
Kris completes with a front-right puncture - picked up when cutting a corner 10kms in. He's slowest of the seven cars through so far, 26.5sec off the pace.

Sat 09:11 - SS9: Splits watch
Meeke was 1.8sec quicker than Sordo to the 7.6km split. He's 6.8sec SLOWER at the 14.7km mark.

Sat 09:09 - SS9: Sordo
Quickest so far and Dani extends his rally lead over Ogier to 17.5sec.

Sat 09:07 - SS9: Neuville and Paddon
Neuville slots third-fastest, Paddon is slowest of the four cars through so far, 3.8sec adrift of his team-mate.

Sat 09:05 - Breen update
Worked on his damaged DS 3 on the road section after SS8. He's now en route to SS9 but it looks like he will miss his scheduled start time.

Sat 09:03 - SS9: Ogier and Mikkelsen
Have completed. Ogier nine-tenths quicker than Mikkelsen.

Sat 09:01 - Stage info: SS9
Alcover - Capafonts 1, 19.93km. The same stage as last year’s Capafonts test, but in the opposite direction. The opening section covers a fast and wide road but on broken asphalt. It becomes narrower at the midpoint, near the village of Mont-ral, as the surface also improves. After a twisty section through trees, the stage becomes flatter before the finish in Capafonts.

Sat 09:01 - Up next: SS9
Ogier started on schedule at 0849hrs. Five cars in stage.

Sat 09:00 - Spain WRC2 after SS8
=1.Tidemand 1h27m10.4s, =1.Kopecky +0.0s, 3.Maurin +1m28.1s, 4.Aasen +2m52.0s, 5.Ten Brinke +6m11.0s

Sat 08:58 - SS8: WRC 2 Suninen
Back after retiring yesterday with a turbo failure. And he has more technical problems today. "Yesterday was a big disappointment for us. This morning was difficult too - we had no engine power on the road section. We repaired it, but we had no time to warm the tyres before the stage." He completes 8.9sec off the stage leading pace.

Sat 08:55 - SS8: WRC 2 Maurin
"This morning was good, but the road was a little wetter than I was expecting. We take no risks."

Sat 08:55 - SS8: WRC 2 Kopecky
Exactly three second quicker than Tidemand - and that puts them level in the lead. "The rally starts again now," Kopecky says. "Now I will try but I know Pontus is quick on Tarmac. He will not give up."

Sat 08:53 - SS8: WRC 2 Tidemand.
The overnight WRC 2 leader is through. "The car feels quite good but I need to find the rhythm. Jan [Kopecky] is really quick on the Tarmac. Let's see what the team want. For sure they want us to finish first and second. Maybe they will want to change us around, I don't know."

Sat 08:50 - SS8: Latvala
Fastest through. Two-tenths quicker than Meeke and determined to show what might have been after his day one retirement. "The car is fantastic. I have a very good feeling to drive it. I was very disappointed yesterday - I turned too early in a corner and hit the armco. I can be angry but that doesn't help. What can I do today? Some good times."

Sat 08:44 - SS8: Al Qassimi
"A good start. We're looking positive."

Sat 08:40 - SS8: Abbring
Ninth-fastest. "Fantastic. We really enjoyed the Tarmac in Corsica in the R5 car, and now in this car it feels great."

Sat 08:38 - Spain after SS8
Sordo 1h22m49.6s, 2.Ogier +16.9s, 3.Mikkelsen +33.8s, 4.Neuville +47.1s, 5.Paddon +50.0s

Sat 08:36 - SS8: Prokop
"Difficult, because I haven't driven the Tarmac spec car since this time last year. Generally a good feeling, but it's difficult to see with the sun so low in the sky."

Sat 08:34 - SS8: Camilli
6.4sec off Meeke's stage leading pace. "My pace notes are not so fast. I have to manage it. I did not take risks. I continue."

Sat 08:33 - SS8: Breen
29sec off the pace. "A broken driveshaft," he explains. "Exactly the same thing as last year. I had a huge spin half way round a four-gear corner. I have only rear-wheel drive now."

Sat 08:31 - SS8: Tanak
One-tenth quicker than Ostberg and focused on gathering more development info for DMACK. "Not such a bad feeling. I tried to push a bit. We know what the conditions are and we tried to do our best - trying to find places for improvement next year."

Sat 08:29 - SS8: Meeke
Quickest so far, three-tenths up on Mikkelsen. "Good. Not as tricky as I thought it would be - the dampness wasn't a problem. Okay, a short test to start the morning. I'm hoping to get some more time back later."

Sat 08:26 - Tyre info
Confirmation from Michelin on the number and compound (Hard or Soft) of Pilot Sport tyres chosen for the morning loop. All Michelin drivers have chosen 5H except Meeke who has 4H and 1S.

Sat 08:25 - SS8: Ostberg
"It felt not so bad. Quite a big step from yesterday. Just trying to get used to it."

Sat 08:24 - SS8: Sordo
The overnight leader 1.3sec SLOWER than Ogier. "A little bit of understeer. Not perfect, but it's like this. I try to do my best. We need to adjust it a bit now."

Sat 08:22 - SS8: Paddon
"It's strange, in the first braking section we locked up the wheels and there was a strong smell of burning plastic. Maybe it's just new parts bedding in. We'll have to check."

Sat 08:21 - SS8: Neuville
Nine-tenths slower than Ogier and very agitated. "Not good, I have a lot of wheelspin on the diff and understeer under throttle. It's undriveable. It's terrible."

Sat 08:18 - SS8: Mikkelsen
A good start from Andreas who completes 1.2sec quicker than Ogier. "A little cautious but a good rhythm, a good start to the day and something to build on."

Sat 08:16 - SS8: Ogier
He's through. How was that? "No cuts in here, it's like a race circuit. A bit damp and humid in places. Not so easy to get a feeling. The next one should be better."

Sat 08:09 - Stage info: SS8
Vilaplana, 6.28km. Saturday’s opener welcomes drivers to the asphalt part of the rally. Vilaplana is a new stage but runs along a road filled with history, borrowing a section of the well-known La Mussara tests but driven in the opposite direction. It starts in Vilaplana village, but the highlight is a twisty ascent to the La Mussara mountain range via a string of hairpin bends.

Sat 08:08 - Up next: SS8
Sebastien Ogier is lined-up and ready to go. His start time: 0810hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Sat 08:06 - WRC Live
Lisa O'Sullivan is anchoring this weekend's radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. The team are on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Sat 08:05 - Start intervals
WRC drivers will start at two-minute intervals today (down from three-minutes on Friday).

Sat 08:05 - Saturday's start order
Drivers will tackle today's stages in championship order again, with Rally 2 restarters [Latvala] slotting in behind. Here's how the WRC runners will line up: 1. Ogier, 2. Mikkelsen, 3. Neuville, 4. Paddon, 5. Sordo, 6. Ostberg, 7. Meeke, 8. Tanak, 9. Breen, 10. Camilli, 11. Prokop, 12. Bertelli, 13. Abbring, 14. Gorban, 15. Al Qassimi, 16. Latvala.

Sat 08:04 - Weather
After days of rain, it's looking at bit better out there today. Clear skies over Salou and a fine, dry day forecast. The current temperature of 13˚C is predicted to hit 23˚C later.

Sat 08:04 - Time zones
All times quoted here are local. And for Spain that's still Central European Time (CET) or UTC + 2 hours.

Sat 08:04 - Saturday's itinerary 2/2
First stage, Vilaplana, gets underway at 0810hrs. The repeat loop will start at 1357hrs and cars will begin to arrive back at the service park in Salou from 1820hrs.

Sat 08:03 - Saturday's itinerary 1/2
Eight asphalt stages with revised layouts making sections of the schedule new for all drivers. Four stages (Vilaplana, Alcover-Capafonts, Querol and El Montmell) will run in the morning before a 30-minute service. A repeat of the Alcover-Capafonts, Querol and El Montmell stages will follow in the afternoon before the 2.24km Street Stage in Salou.

Sat 08:03 - Coming up today
The second full day of competition and the longest of the event. And after the mud and gravel of Friday, we're all about Tarmac today. After a complete re-prep last night, cars have been transformed into road racers.

Sat 08:03 - Good morning
And welcome back to our live text coverage from RallyRACC Catalunya - Rally de España.

Fri 16:59 - Until then
Keep an eye on the news section for our end of leg reports and don’t forget WRC+ where you'll find stage footage, highlights shows and onboards. Bye for now!

Fri 16:58 - We will return
On Saturday from 0810hrs (local) when the rally resumes with the 6.28km Vilaplana stage

Fri 16:58 - Join us on Saturday
For the rally's second leg - and the switch to Tarmac.

Fri 16:56 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Fri 16:55 - Spain WRC2 after SS7
1.Tidemand 1h22m53.7s, 2.Kopecky +3.0s, 3.Maurin +1m23.6s, 4.Aasen +2m45.1s, 5.Ten Brinke +6m07.3s

Fri 16:47 - SS7: WRC 2 Maurin
Third in class overnight for Maurin. "A tough day on gravel. We tried two hard tyres on the front here and the feeling was okay. Now I'm looking forward to getting onto the Tarmac tomorrow."

Fri 16:45 - SS7: WRC 2 Aasen
"It's going better and better. I haven't been in the car since Finland but this stage was okay. I'm still losing time in the braking. Maybe being too aggressive."

Fri 16:42 - SS7: WRC 2 Tidemand
Tidemand is 8.7sec quicker on stage than Kopecky and takes the WRC 2 lead by 3sec. "That's okay, but it's not been a completely smooth day. I haven't been perfect, neither has the car. All good experience. Okay, rally can be complicated sometimes."

Fri 16:39 - SS7: WRC 2 Kopecky
Trouble for the leader of the WRC 2 class who completes with the rear-left wheel of his Skoda wobbling. "It happened right in the last hairpin, I slid wide and 'bump'. Hopefully I can get back okay. It's a good battle with Pontus. We are much closer to him this year."

Fri 16:31 - SS7: Gorban
"We are just surviving. So many stones on the road."

Fri 16:30 - SS7: Abbring
His Hyundai's engine sounds rough - like it's running on two cylinders. "It's awful indeed. No power at all. It seems there's always something. Still, I think we did well in the afternoon. And hopefully we can come back fighting tomorrow."

Fri 16:27 - SS7: Bertelli
"We were doing okay but on the Tarmac section I lost time because I was being too cautious - trying to preserve the tyres for the gravel afterwards. I threw away the time I had gained."

Fri 16:24 - Spain after SS7
Sordo 1h18m44.4s, 2.Ogier +17.0s, 3.Mikkelsen +35.1s, 4.Neuville +46.3s, 5.Paddon +47.5s

Fri 16:23 - SS7: Prokop
"I can tell that I haven't been in the car for a long time and I'm glad to be at the finish of this tricky day. I hoped my times would be better but this stage is always bad for me. Overall good. I'm happy to be driving again."

Fri 16:19 - SS7: Camilli
Another new experience for the Frenchman, and a trouble-free run so far. "It was a good afternoon, we are happy. We need to learn more about the set-up of the car and how to drive in the conditions."

Fri 16:17 - SS7: Breen
"We altered the suspension here and it was too low. The car was bashing on the sump guard everywhere. I'm happy just to make it out of the day. You'd be amazed how much difference a couple of millimeters makes."

Fri 16:14 - SS7: Tanak
Looks like ninth overnight for the Estonian who has harvested more valuable tyre info for DMACK. "The surface here is dry and I've never ever felt anything that soft. It was properly cooking up everything. It was a big challenge to get through. We've had a long list of dramas today."

Fri 16:11 - SS7: Meeke
Quickest so far, 1.7sec up on Sordo. A strong end to an up and down day. "Okay, this morning wasn't a great start, but that had a lot to do with the conditions. On these gravel stages I've never had a good rhythm and now I feel I have made progress. I can leave this day satisfied with the afternoon. Hey, not every day can be a good one."

Fri 16:07 - SS7: Ostberg
"A tricky but enjoyable day. Of course I'm a little disappointed to have started the day with a [transmission] problem but the more I've driven with it the more used to it I have got."

Fri 16:04 - SS7: Sordo
The end of a terrific day for home hero Dani who holds a 17sec overnight lead with two days on his preferred Tarmac surface still to come. "Really a dream for me. I have to say thanks to the team, they've done a great job on the car. Tomorrow we need to continue, to see what we can do. Okay, two long days still to go, but today - unbelievable!"

Fri 15:58 - SS7: Paddon
"No problems in the stage but it's been a difficult day. Without the earlier problems it could have been really good. I can take some personal confidence from that." There's a strong smell of burning oil coming from Paddon's car.

Fri 15:56 - SS7: Neuville
His battered car reaches the line with its radiator prone in front - without the protection of the bumper. "I tried to do my best. Compared to Mikkelsen we didn't lose too much. The spin earlier was very unlucky."

Fri 15:52 - SS7: Mikkelsen
12.3sec slower than Ogier here. "We ran the car a little too low. And that didn't give me confidence. I was backing off over the rough parts. Then I thought I got two punctures. Finally I lost the brakes at the end. That's a lot to cope with in one stage..."

Fri 15:49 - SS7: Ogier
That's the first day done for Seb. His car looking largely dry at the stage end for the first time today. "This stage was a bit like the second one in the loop. The beginning was still a bit wet. I tried everything. Not much more I could do."

Fri 15:40 - SS6: WRC 2 Kopecky
The Czech driver in the lead of WRC 2 following Suninen's exit. "Quite okay. Drying up quite quickly and my six soft tyres are working well. Just one stage top go and then over to Tarmac."

Fri 15:37 - SS6: Gorban
The Ukrainian's Mini completes with a damaged suspension arm and two broken wheel rims. He's off to make running repairs before Terra Alta.

Fri 15:34 - Latvala update
Confirmation from VW on Latvala's exit: 'Stopped in SS05 due to damaged suspension, retired. Will rejoin under rally2 regulations tomorrow.'

Fri 15:32 - SS6: Abbring
Like Bertelli, Kevin was another star performer on SS5, where he was second quickest. He's 10th here. "For me it's the first time to see these stages. This morning wasn't the time to try and be on the pace. Now it's more enjoyable. I mustn't get over confident."

Fri 15:28 - SS6: Bertelli
10th quickest here, but an impressive fourth fastest on the previous stage. "For sure we are more confident now in these drying conditions. I hope our tyre choice will be right for the long stage."

Fri 15:26 - Spain after SS6
Sordo 53m52.6s, 2.Ogier +11.8s, 3.Mikkelsen +17.6s, 4.Paddon +19.0s, 5.Neuville +20.1s

Fri 15:23 - SS7: Live
Ogier started the repeat of Terra Alta on schedule at 1521hrs

Fri 15:23 - SS6: Camilli
Slowest of the WRC runners through so far. "Better than this morning. The road is drying."

Fri 15:20 - SS6: Breen
Fourth fastest on stage but there is frontal damage to his DS 3, which is missing a front-right wing. Craig leaves the stop control without explaining what has happened.

Fri 15:17 - SS6: Tanak
A great time from Ott, second quickest and just 1.2sec slower than Sordo. "Here we had no mud and a hard base. So I know we can do it, we just need the right conditions. Can we do it again on the next stage? That depends. We'll find out soon."

Fri 15:14 - SS6: Meeke
Second quickest, 2.4sec slower than Sordo "The grip was quite good. It's nice to find a bit of a rhythm but the conditions are still all over the place. My objective is to find a good rhythm for the next stage."

Fri 15:11 - SS6: Ostberg
Fourth quickest so far and it sounds like Mads is getting to grips with his car's curious handling. "Okay, the road is cleaning a bit, but I have a good rhythm now and I am able to attack on all the right-hand corners."

Fri 15:09 - SS6: Sordo
5.7sec quicker than Ogier and Dani extends his home-round rally lead to 11.8sec. And he's delighted. "The car was unbelievable. It feels really nice to drive, the balance is perfect. Incredible. I really enjoy."

Fri 15:06 - Spain after SS5
Sordo 49m46.6s, 2.Ogier +6.1s, 3.Mikkelsen +11.8s, 4.Paddon +12.1s, 5.Neuville +12.3s Latvala stops

Fri 15:02 - Tyre info
Confirmation from Michelin that all of their WRC drivers have taken five soft compound tyres for the afternoon loop.

Fri 15:01 - SS6: Paddon
Third quickest of the four cars through. "It's amazing how much the conditions have dried compared to the previous stage. I'm doing what I can."

Fri 14:59 - SS6: Neuville
2.1sec slower than stage leader Ogier and reporting a lack of engine power. "All okay but I had no anti-lag at the beginning of the stage. We need to go and have a look."

Fri 14:56 - SS6: Mikkelsen
Bright sunshine now as the Norwegian reaches the stage end. "It's still tricky and hard to commit to the conditions. We are clearing away a thin layer of mud on the surface which will benefit the drivers behind."

Fri 14:54 - SS6: Ogier
He's through, and although patches of road are drying at the finish control, Ogier paints a grim picture of conditions in the stage. "Much tougher than this morning. It's not dry at all. The ruts are deeper and full of water which I'm clearing out for the cars behind."

Fri 14:50 - SS6: Underway
Ogier began the repeat of Bot at 1446hrs.

Fri 14:50 - SS5: Meeke
Third quickest so far on this second pass. "It's a lot better when you don't roll. Very tricky. In these conditions you have to be so careful in the ruts."

Fri 14:48 - SS5: Ostberg
A much better run for the Norwegian, who goes second fastest to Sordo. "It's quite difficult. The sun is shining but it doesn't feel like it in the car. Also something feels very strange with the car. Something with the transmission. It's pulling in different directions when I accelerate and when I brake."

Fri 14:44 - SS5: Sordo
A terrific stage-leading time from the Spaniard - 16.3sec quicker than Ogier - springs him into the rally lead. "Very very tricky and slippery - unbelievable. The time is so good I am very happy. The car is perfect. That was good!"

Fri 14:42 - SS5: Latvala
WRC+ live tracking shows Jari-Matti's car stopped at the 9.73km point.

Fri 14:41 - SS5: Latvala
Looks like big problems for the Finn. He was 49sec off the pace at the 6km point and has had a brief stop since. Sordo had passed him on stage.

Fri 14:39 - SS5: Paddon
Fastest so far - 3.3sec up on Mikkelsen. "That's a surprise. We have the same throttle problem and we can't do anything about that until tonight. I have changed my driving style completely to try and compensate - to try to keep the turbo spinning. It was okay in here - but maybe not in the long stage though."

Fri 14:36 - SS5: Neuville
Issues for the Belgian. He's 9.6sec off the pace and reaches the stage end with his car looking very second hand. The front bumper is missing and the bonnet is kinked. One of the rear wheels is bent. "It happened in a slow right-hand corner. I was on the inside and I spun. I stalled the engine and it took a long time to get going."

Fri 14:32 - SS5: Mikkelsen
7.8sec quicker than Ogier. "Wow, that was tricky. In many places I was just a passenger. It's much more greasy and muddy compared to the first pass. You have the grip and then suddenly you don't. Okay, it was a bit like this earlier but now it's one hundred times worse."

Fri 14:30 - Weather update
The rain has stopped. Skies overcast. Roads still soaking wet.

Fri 14:29 - SS5: Ogier
Our rally leader through in 8m13.6s - that's 34sec slower than his first pass. "Terrible conditions. Lots of ruts. Very, very difficult just to stay on the road."

Fri 14:27 - Welcome back
SS5 is underway. Ogier nearing the finish.

Fri 12:56 - Next stage: 1418hrs
That's Ogier's start time for the repeat of Caseres. We'll take a live text break until then. Bye for now.

Fri 12:55 - Up next: Tyre zone
A regroup and tyre-fitting zone now before the repeat loop of stages gets underway.

Fri 12:54 - Spain WRC2 after SS4
1.Kopecky 44m33.9s, 2.Tidemand +8.4s, 3.Maurin +48.1s, 4.Kremer +1m32.8s, 5.Aasen +1m47.4s

Fri 12:47 - SS4: WRC 2 Maurin
The Frenchman up to third in class thanks to a joint stage win here with Kopecky.

Fri 12:34 - SS4: WRC 2 Tidemand
Second in class now, trailing Kopecky by 8.4sec. "It's okay but very tricky. We are lucky to be here with no problems."

Fri 12:32 - SS4: WRC 2 Kopecky
The new leader in WRC 2 after Suninen stopped in stage. "I don't know what happened to Suninen. He was just standing by the side of his car, I think I saw some smoke from his exhaust."

Fri 12:23 - SS4: WRC 2 Suninen
WRC+ live tracking shows his Skoda stopped at the 29.9km point.

Fri 12:22 - Meeke on his roll
"Not a great morning - a really stupid situation. I turned into a left-hander and ran into some ruts. I backed off and thought okay, we're going to spin, but the car slid, touched a bank and we went over. Really stupid."

Fri 12:19 - SS4: Bertelli
Second place after the opening stage, Bertelli completes the morning loop in 13th. "A lot of aquaplaning in ruts in the first stage, then I was too cautious in the second. The start of this stage was okay but after the Tarmac section the mud was getting worse and worse with every car."

Fri 12:14 - Spain after SS4
Ogier 41m39.1s, 2.Neuville +4.4s, 3.Latvala +5.7s, 4.Sordo +10.2s, 5.Mikkelsen +13.5s

Fri 12:11 - SS4: Camilli
The Frenchman disappointed to discover he is 1m24sec off Latvala's pace. "I thought that the time was not so bad, but it is," he says.

Fri 12:07 - SS4: Breen
The Irishman has collected a 10 sec penalty for checking into the stage a minute late. "Yeah, we were a little bit sluggish changing the tyres before the stage," he explains. On stage, he's 3.8sec quicker than Meeke. "The first stage today was a washout, conditions have been improving for us as the day has progressed."

Fri 12:04 - SS4: Tanak
52sec off the pace and Ott echoes Meeke's comments. "It's getting very rough and very loose and muddy. Same as the stages before. No traction."

Fri 12:01 - SS4: Meeke
29.2sec off the pace here and blaming that squarely on the conditions. "The car is fine, no drama, but it's impossible to do anything more in these conditions. It's just about survival. The further back you are, the deeper the ruts."

Fri 11:59 - SS4: Ostberg
22.9sec off the pace here, his car spattered with mud. 'The noise is not there anymore, so that's a good thing. The grip is still difficult to judge. I went quite well in the slippery stuff but it's difficult to trust the grip in the faster sections."

Fri 11:56 - SS4: Sordo
"Very very slippery. In some places unbelievable. I think the second pass will be very difficult."

Fri 11:54 - SS4: Latvala
Quickest so far, 3.9sec up on Ogier. "The beginning was a bit difficult, a lot of standing water, but on the Tarmac it was fantastic and after that I had better grip. I felt very comfortable."

Fri 11:52 - SS4: Paddon
13.7sec off Ogier's pace - and Paddon puts that down to his ongoing engine problem. "Especially on the uphill asphalt section we've got no throttle response. I put my foot down to go and there's nobody home. I'm surprised not to have lost more time. There's not much more we can do about it. It is what it is."

Fri 11:45 - SS4: Neuville
4.3sec slower than Ogier on stage and that keeps him second overall. "My driving was good but the road condition were a real mix. The rear of the car is kicking me out of the lines from time to time."

Fri 11:43 - SS4: Mikkelsen
6.5sec slower than Ogier. "In the last 10km I felt I had a front-left puncture. Other than that an okay stage - and an okay morning."

Fri 11:40 - SS4: Ogier
First to complete Friday's mixed surface challenge - and quicker than his rivals according to the split times. "That's good because it was difficult. There was a lot of standing water and I think these water splashes make my life difficult."

Fri 11:21 - SS3: Abbring
"The first time for me in these conditions on gravel. It's hard to know where to push. The grip is really inconsistent. Like ice in places."

Fri 11:19 - Spain after SS3
Ogier 15m46.5s, 2.Neuville +0.1s, 3.Paddon +3.4s, 4.Mikkelsen +7.0s, 5.Sordo +8.0s

Fri 11:19 - SS3: Bertelli
"This one was better the previous one. The car set-up is too stiff so we were cautious in places. It was okay."

Fri 11:16 - SS3: Prokop
"Not an easy morning. We caught a lot of rain right before the first stage and I think the guys ahead had a clearer run. We had so much aquaplaning."

Fri 11:13 - SS3: Camilli
Our first chance to catch up with the M-Sport driver today. He was 17th fastest on the opening stage and slowest through so far here. "No issues, just me and the conditions."

Fri 11:11 - Stage info: SS4
Terra Alta 1, 38.95km. Terra Alta is the longest and toughest stage of the rally. A new 3.27km section at the start leads into Vilalba del Arcs, before the stage heads away through a well-known zig-zag which offers great views of the village and its bell tower in the background. It is mostly gravel but drivers face five surface changes, including an incredibly twisty and undulating 6km asphalt section in the middle and a tight asphalt hairpin near the finish on tyres well-used by the gravel.

Fri 11:10 - Up next: SS4
Stages coming thick and fast this morning. Ogier is on the start line of SS4. His start time: 1111hrs.

Fri 11:09 - SS3: Breen
"Much better. That was a motorway compared to the first one."

Fri 11:06 - SS3: Tanak
"This one was a bit better but it's still terrible to drive. Hopefully the rain will stop for the next stage."

Fri 11:05 - SS3: Meeke
Slowest of the eight cars through so far. His car looks pretty good considering his previous stage roll. However inside things aren't so positive. "A terrible stage. More and more slippery. The heavy rain has filled the ruts and we're aquaplaning everywhere. I came here to learn the stages but I'm not learning much today."

Fri 11:02 - SS3: Ostberg
"We are very unlucky with the weather. The thunderstorm hit us on the previous stage and we were caught out here too. I hope the storm will go another way and not follow us to Terra Alta. The rattling noise is still there but it doesn't seem like it's doing us any harm."

Fri 10:57 - SS3: Sordo
"Very tricky. I slide a lot off the line and lost a lot of time. We need to try and do something to get the feeling."

Fri 10:56 - Spain after SS2
Neuville 11m33.2s, 2.Ogier +0.3s, 3.Paddon +2.3s, 4.Sordo +5.6s, 5.Mikkelsen +5.7s Meeke rolls

Fri 10:54 - SS3: Latvala
Fastest so far. "A good stage. Not as slippery as the first one and more consistent grip. More of the same on the next stage would be nice."

Fri 10:53 - SS3: Paddon
1.4sec off Ogier's stage leading pace so far. His car is still suffering from a lack of throttle response. "We couldn't do anything after the first stage but we've got a decent road section now to have a look at it."

Fri 10:51 - Stage info: SS3
Bot 1, 6.50km. Friday’s shortest test starts in the village of Bot and climbs all the way until a final asphalt section that heads downhill into the finish outside Gandesa. The initial gravel is firm and wide, but there are a couple of off-camber corners that might trap drivers. The first part is slow and twisty, but the second part is quicker with a series of fast bends near the finish. Identical to the stage used in 2015.

Fri 10:50 - Up next: SS3
Straight over now to Bot, the short second stage in the loop. Ogier, Mikkelsen and Neuville are through cleanly. All report deep puddles and aquaplaning.

Fri 10:48 - SS2: Breen
Eighth quickest. "Not great conditions but we just have to drive to our best. It was hairy in places but I actually enjoyed it. I tried to drive cleanly and not make any mistakes."

Fri 10:46 - SS2: Tanak
41sec off the pace and that's the rally lead gone. Last night he reported a diff problem. Is that still an issue? "The diff problem is still there but that's not the issue for now. The road is full of water and I can't go faster than third gear, even on the straights. No chance."

Fri 10:43 - SS2: Meeke
40.9sec off the pace and his car shows evidence of a roll. Nothing too serious, but there is panel damage along the left side of his DS 3. "I rolled in a fourth-gear corner," he explains. "I was in the middle of the the corner and the car dug in and turned us over. I thought I'd got away with it but the rain is filling the ruts now and it's hard to drive."

Fri 10:38 - SS2: Ostberg
16.2sec off Neuville's stage leading time puts him slowest of the seven cars through so far. "It's raining a lot and the wipers have no chance to keep up with the water. I have a really bad noise in the car too. It feels like something to do with the handbrake. A proper rattling."

Fri 10:33 - SS2: Sordo
"Everything is okay. The road is very slippery and it's difficult to find the grip - it's very inconsistent. I'm sure that's the same for all of us."

Fri 10:31 - SS2: Latvala
Fourth quickest so far and appearing more positive than he was after the street stage in Barcelona. "Everything is okay. We could have been better, and we had a few moments, but overall I feel we are there in the race."

Fri 10:28 - SS2: Paddon
Second quickest but looking worried. "We've got an engine problem. I've lost the anti-lag and we're down on power and throttle response. It went flat in the second half of the stage. We'll take a look now." With no midday service today, this could be a very costly problem.

Fri 10:25 - SS2: Neuville
Quickest so far, 2.5sec up on Ogier. "The stage went okay. I thought I could go faster but the time is good. The rear of the car gave me some oversteer, but it was okay. The lines in the road show somebody was going pretty wide in places."

Fri 10:23 - SS2: Mikkelsen
3.1sec slower than Ogier, and Mikkelsen pours doubt on his team-mate's claim of a steady run. "I could see from Seb's lines that he's pushing," he says. "For me it was a clean stage, but the grip is very inconsistent. One minute you have it, and then it's gone. It's difficult to know where."

Fri 10:20 - SS2: Ogier
He's though in 7m42.4s. How was it? "Slippery for sure. Quite a bit of standing water around. I started a bit on the safe side, it's difficilt to find the limit. With more rain falling now for sure the first loop will be difficult. I'm not sure we'll see any dry out here today."

Fri 10:18 - Thursday recap
Increasingly torrential rain in Barcelona played into the hands of early runners Tanak and Bertelli who held first and second place overnight. Defending champ Ogier was third, 3.5sec off the lead, with WRC 2 driver Jan Kopecky a surprise fourth in a Skoda Fabia R5. Meeke and Breen tied fifth.

Fri 10:12 - Stage info: SS2
Caseres 1, 12.50km. The early part of Caseres, which starts in the village of the same name, is fast and narrow. After a junction in Arenys de Lledó, an undulating, but wider, road heads through a wind farm and on to a tricky hairpin before the finish, where drivers must brake on gravel before turning left on dirty asphalt. Identical to the stage used in 2015.

Fri 10:12 - SS2 Live
Sebastien Ogier started on time at 1008hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 10:11 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on the number and compound (Hard or Soft) of Pilot Sport tyres chosen for the morning loop. All Michelin drivers have chosen 5S, except Kevin Abbring who has 6S.

Fri 10:10 - WRC Live
Lisa O'Sullivan is anchoring this weekend's radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. The team are on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Fri 10:10 - Start intervals
Crews will start at three-minute intervals today

Fri 10:10 - Friday's start order
Drivers will tackle Friday's stages in championship order. Here's how the WRC runners will line up: 1. Ogier, 2. Mikkelsen, 3. Neuville, 4. Paddon, 5. Latvala, 6. Sordo, 7. Ostberg, 8. Meeke, 9. Tanak, 10. Breen, 11. Camilli, 12. Prokop, 13. Bertelli, 14. Abbring, 15. Gorban, Al Qassimi.

Fri 10:09 - Weather
More overnight rain here in Salou, and it's still raining out there now. It's a similar story out on the stages about 100km to the west. WRC TV crews on Caseres (SS2) and Terra Alta (SS4) report heavy rain and fog. The temperature is 14˚C.

Fri 10:06 - Time zones
All times quoted here are local. And for Spain that's Central European Time (CET) or UTC + 2 hours.

Fri 10:06 - Friday's itinerary 2/2
First stage, Caseras, gets underway at 1008hrs. The repeat pass will start at 1418hrs and cars will begin to arrive back at the service park in Salou from 1721hrs.

Fri 10:06 - Friday's itinerary 1/2
Comprises a loop of three stages in the hills west of host town Salou. The trio are run consecutively in the morning, then repeated after a midpoint tyre-fitting zone. There is no lunchtime service today.

Fri 10:05 - Coming up today
After Thursday night's street stage in Barcelona, the crews tackle the first full day of competition today. And on gravel, too.

Fri 10:05 - Good morning
And welcome back to our live text coverage from RallyRACC Catalunya - Rally de España.

Thu 19:32 - Until then
Keep an eye on the news section for our end of leg report and don’t forget WRC+ where you'll find stage footage, highlights shows and onboards. Bye for now!

Thu 19:31 - We will return
On Friday from 1008hrs (local) when the rally resumes with the 12.50km Caseres stage

Thu 19:28 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Thu 19:25 - SS1: WRC 2
Pitch dark now as the WRC 2 drivers make their way through the stage. Jan Kopecky is quickest of the five through so far.

Thu 19:08 - SS1: Prokop
Back in the WRC for the first time since Rally Italia Sardegna in June. "Not a nice comeback because the weather conditions are so tricky. I'm looking forward to better weather and better stages tomorrow," he says.

Thu 19:05 - SS1: Abbring & Al Qassimi
Both through cleanly. "In these conditions and on these tyres it's not easy. We took it carefully," says Al Qassimi.

Thu 19:01 - Spain after SS1
1.Tanak 3m47.6s, 2.Bertelli +2.7s, 3.Ogier +3.5s, =4.Meeke +5.2s, =4.Breen +5.2s

Thu 18:57 - SS1: Ogier
It's third-fastest for the championship leader, 3.5sec off Tanak's stage-winning pace. "A good time but it's tough to start the rally in these conditions. The grip was a bit lower that I expected but still I enjoyed it. I knew it would be hard to match the times of the guys who ran earlier."

Thu 18:53 - SS1: Mikkelsen
It's getting dark on stage as Mikkelsen goes sixth-fastest, one-tenth slower than Neuville. "Difficult, we were aquaplaning in places. A bit on the safe side but I'm happy with the run."

Thu 18:49 - SS1: Neuville
Fifth-quickest. And not happy. "That was hell," he says. "It's raining very heavily and getting worse and worse. I aquaplaned near the start but managed to do a clean stage. I couldn't do much more in these conditions."

Thu 18:44 - SS1: Paddon
Sixth-fastest so far, 6.4sec slower than stage leader Tanak. "The rain seems to be getting harder. Not easy conditions. Tried to keep it clean, taking it slowly in places, overall a good way to start the rally."

Thu 18:41 - SS1: Latvala
12sec off the pace and Jari-Matti is shaking his head. "I thought the driving was okay but the time is bad," he says. "I don't understand it. Something is really wrong and I don't know what."

Thu 18:36 - SS1: Sordo
The rain is pouring down as Sordo reaches the finish, wipers on full, headlights blazing. He's 7.1sec off the pace. "It was very slippery and you can make mistakes everywhere. I tried to be clean."

Thu 18:33 - SS1: Ostberg
6.1sec off the pace. "Quite okay but I couldn't keep the engine running properly. It was dying in the hairpins and I had to use the clutch a bit. Despite that we managed quite a good stage. Tomorrow will be okay - the stages are faster."

Thu 18:29 - SS1: Meeke
5.2sec off Tanak's pace and Kris sets exactly the same time as his team-mate Breen. "The conditions here mean this one was just about getting through. I was very cautious. I know it's possible to lose a rally on a stage like this, so I'm happy to throw away a few seconds here."

Thu 18:24 - SS1: Tanak
The Estonian raises the bar with a new fastest time 2.5sec better than Bertelli's, but Ott is concerned about the health of his Fiesta RS. "A tricky stage but we have to check something now - the rear diff feels strange."

Thu 18:20 - SS1: Breen
2.5sec slower than Bertelli but the Irishman still has a grin on his face. "Tricky. I had three soft tyres and one hard on - so it was tricky in places..."

Thu 18:17 - SS1: Camilli
A hesitant donut didn't help his second lap and Camilli is 10.5sec slower than fellow Fiesta RS driver Bertelli. "Not so bad but I don't like Super Specials," says Camilli. "This was nothing special. The most important thing was not to make a mistake. I drove it almost like a road section at the end - It will be different tomorrow."

Thu 18:12 - SS1: Bertelli
Two laps and he's done. The Italian's benchmark time: 3m50.3s. It looked pretty tidy from the outside. What's his verdict? "It was worse than I thought actually. Very slippery on the white lines. Tricky. We took it cautiously."

Thu 18:07 - SS1: Live!
Bertelli is underway. Gravel tyres on wet asphalt - his Fiesta looks quite a handful.

Thu 17:58 - Stage info: SS1
Barcelona, 3.20km. A street stage in Barcelona kicks off the action for the third year. It is based in the lower section of the Montjuïc hill on roads that used to host the Spanish Grand Prix. It starts and finishes on the Avenida Reina Maria Cristina and circles the famous Magic Fountain, with a 360 degree donut in front of the spectacular Palau Nacional building.

Thu 17:56 - WRC Live
Lisa O'Sullivan is anchoring this weekend's radio coverage assisted by stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan. The team are on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Thu 17:55 - Start intervals
Crews will start at four-minute intervals

Thu 17:55 - Thursday's start order
A special start order for tonight's opening stage, headed by Lorenzo Bertelli. Here's how the WRC runners will tackle the stage: 1. Bertelli, 2. Camilli, 3. Breen, 4. Tanak, 5. Meeke, 6. Østberg, 7. Sordo, 8. Latvala, 9. Paddon, 10. Neuville, 11. Mikkelsen, 12. Ogier, 13. Abbring

Thu 17:49 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on the number and compound (Hard or Soft) of LTX Force tyres chosen for this evening's stage: Ogier, Latvala, Ford and Hyundai: 4S&1H. Mikkelsen: 5S. Abbring: 4S. Meeke, Breen, Al-Qassimi: 3S&2H.

Thu 17:44 - Weather
We had heavy rain in Salou yesterday and today, and it's a rather damp looking picture in Barcelona tonight. Light rain is falling on the opening stage and there are puddles on the streets. The temperature is a mild 19˚C.

Thu 17:44 - Thursday's itinerary
After this morning's shakedown test, crews left the Salou service park for the 109km drive north along the coast to Barcelona. Tonight's 3.2km stage goes live at 1805hrs, after which the drivers will head back to Salou.

Thu 16:47 - Watch SS1 LIVE
WRC users can watch tonight's stage live. Steaming starts at 1600hrs UTC. So there's still time to sort a subscription if you haven't already. We'll be back later to bring you all the news from the stage. Bye for now.

Thu 16:47 - Thursday's action
Rally de España is one of the WRC rounds that features a Street Stage opener - and later tonight the WRC is going to hit downtown Barcelona

Thu 16:46 - We're back
Just 11 days after Sébastien Ogier romped to victory in Corsica, we're back at the text desk to bring you all the news from the Spanish stages

Thu 16:45 - Buena noches
WRC people everywhere, and welcome to our live text coverage from RallyRACC Catalunya - Rally de España, round 11 of the WRC season

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Live Maps


Stage Name Distance (km) First Car Status
Day 1 - 13.10.2016
SS1 Barcelona (asphalt) 3.20 18:06 COMPLETED
Day 2 - 14.10.2016
TC1B Parc Fermé OUT - Service IN 08:15 COMPLETED
SS2 Caseres 1 (gravel) 12.50 10:08 COMPLETED
SS3 Bot 1 (gravel) 6.50 10:36 COMPLETED
SS4 Terra Alta 1 (gravel & asphalt) 38.95 11:11 COMPLETED
SS5 Caseres 2 (gravel) 12.50 14:18 COMPLETED
SS6 Bot 2 (gravel) 6.50 14:46 COMPLETED
SS7 Terra Alta 2 (gravel & asphalt) 38.95 15:21 COMPLETED
TC7B Parc Fermé OUT / FlexiService IN 17:31 COMPLETED
Day 3 - 15.10.2016
TC7D Parc Fermé OUT - Service IN 07:15 COMPLETED
SS8 Vilaplana (asphalt) 6.28 08:10 COMPLETED
SS9 Alcover-Capafonts 1 (asphalt) 19.93 08:49 COMPLETED
SS10 Querol 1 (asphalt) 21.26 10:21 COMPLETED
SS11 El Montmell 1 (asphalt) 24.14 11:03 COMPLETED
TC11B Regroup OUT - Service IN 12:46 COMPLETED
SS12 Alcover-Capafonts 2 (asphalt) 19.93 13:57 COMPLETED
SS13 Querol 2 (asphalt) 21.26 15:29 COMPLETED
SS14 El Montmell 2 (asphalt) 24.14 16:11 COMPLETED
SS15 Salou (asphalt) 2.24 18:00 COMPLETED
TC15B Parc Fermé OUT / Flexiservice IN 2.24 18:30 COMPLETED
Day 4 - 16.10.2016
TC15D Parc Fermé OUT - Service IN 06:15 COMPLETED
SS16 Pratdip 1 (asphalt) 19.30 07:24 COMPLETED
SS17 Duesaigües 1 (asphalt) 12.10 08:13 COMPLETED
TC17B Regroup OUT - Service IN 09:15 COMPLETED
SS18 Pratdip 2 (asphalt) 19.30 10:39 COMPLETED
SS19 Duesaigües 2 (asphalt) (Power Stage) 12.10 12:08 COMPLETED
TC19B Parc Fermé OUT / Service IN 12.10 13:21 COMPLETED