YPF Rally Argentina

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Fri 11:13 - SS4: WRC 2 Tidemand
The class leader through in one piece while his rivals fall away. "Just keeping the focus and trying not to take risks. We are still here. A good start to the rally so far."

Fri 11:11 - SS4: Ptaszek
Another driver stopped in stage

Fri 11:10 - SS4: Gorban and Guerrra
Both stopped in stage

Fri 11:09 - SS4: Bertelli
"No problems and no issues. I'm happy because our times are much improved over last year." Bertelli sitting in 7th place.

Fri 11:07 - SS4: Ostberg
Fourth quickest. "Still trying to find my rhythm." The Norwegian now up to third.

Fri 11:06 - SS4: Hanninen
Eager to get back to service. "We still have an issue with the power."

Fri 11:05 - SS4: Meeke
His C3 reaches the finish in a terrible state - with a broken windscreen, extensive rear, front and side damage. "I got completely caught by surprise. A bump in the road just launched the car. It's difficult to drive but let's see if we can get it back."

Fri 11:02 - SS4: Evans
Quickest again for the rally leader. "Things are working quite well. We pushed on the stage before but I wasn't entirely comfortable here so I brought it back a bit. There's little margin for error so we wanted to drive carefully."

Fri 11:00 - SS4: Breen
Passed by Paddon in stage. "We were stuck in fifth gear after a massive compression."

Fri 10:59 - SS4: Paddon
"Kris is off the road and then we came across Craig [Breen] pushing his car in the middle of the road!"

Fri 10:58 - SS4: Meeke update
Moving again. Damage to the front and rear of his C3

Fri 10:53 - SS4: Meeke
WRC+ shows Kris stopped at the 12.7km point.

Fri 10:51 - SS4: Tanak
"Last year I broke the car on this stage so this time I was a bit more careful. The feeling is not great at the moment but we are here safely."

Fri 10:50 - SS4: Neuville
20sec slower than Latvala and he lost most of that in the second half. Thierry jumps out of the car for a general look around, then gets back in and leaves without saying a word. He reported a broken damper on the previous stage.

Fri 10:47 - SS4: Latvala
"We lost a section of the front bumper in a water splash earlier and I can feel that in the high- speed sections."

Fri 10:45 - SS4: Ogier
Seb completes in 13m56.4s. "This was always going to be a difficult stage for me. The road conditions are more loose. I expect to lose time." The split times seem to back this up.

Fri 10:35 - Argentina WRC 2 after SS3
1.Tidemand 27m02.7s, 2.Ptaszek +13.7s, 3.Guerra +1m01.4s, 4.Saba +1m07.0s, 5.Alonso +1m26.7s

Fri 10:34 - Stage info: SS4
Santa Rosa - San Agustin 1, 23.85km. It seems the whole of Argentina packs onto the high banking alongside the iconic watersplash 650 metres after the start, where Petter Solberg famously rolled in 1999. While this river crossing is relatively simple, the next at 1.4km is trickier and could cause issues due to its depth. It’s a fast, open stage on smooth sandy roads, although it becomes bumpier towards the finish.

Fri 10:33 - SS4: LIVE
Ogier began the stage at 1029hrs.

Fri 10:31 - SS3: WRC 2 Ptaszek
7.5sec off Tidemand's leading pace. "Pontus is so fast and I am happy to be so close. We have to be careful to look after the car. These roads are very rough."

Fri 10:29 - SS3: WRC 2 Heller
"The car stopped near the end. We reset all the switches and got going. We lost 20sec but we are fine and gaining experience with every kilometre."

Fri 10:27 - SS3: WRC 2 Guerra
"No good. I'm overheating the brakes. The same problem I had in Mexico."

Fri 10:26 - Argentina after SS3
1.Evans 24m55.8, 2.Meeke +8.7s, 3.Latvala +20.8s, 4.Ostberg +24.0s, 5.Ogier +24.1s. Sordo steering

Fri 10:25 - SS3: WRC 2 Tidemand
The Swede holds the lead of the WRC 2 category with a cautious approach. "It's been okay. Avoiding the rocks. Here with with no problems."

Fri 10:21 - SS3: Bertelli
"We had a big moment in the opening stage. It's taking me time to adjust to the conditions."

Fri 10:19 - SS3: Sordo
His mid-stage halt costs him 11min. What happened? "We hit a stone and broke a steering arm. We stopped to change it."

Fri 10:18 - SS3: Hanninen
Ongoing issues for Juho who completes more than a minute off the pace. Like Jari-Matti, Juho has lost the front splitter of his Yaris. "Still I don't know what the problem is. Some power loss. It's really difficult to say why."

Fri 10:15 - SS3: Evans
Another quickest time and Elfyn extends his rally lead to 8.7sec. "Okay, I tried to keep it tidy. I'm struggling a little with the balance of the car but the tyres are working well. A positive start."

Fri 10:13 - SS3: Paddon
Sixth-fastest so far. His car looks okay, but Paddon has a couple of issues to contend with. "We have a small suspension problem and the cooling fans are not working so we need to keep moving."

Fri 10:11 - SS3: Meeke
Quickest so far, four-tenths up on Tanak. "A very fast stage. I've only done this stage once before. No cleaning like on the previous stage so I'm pretty happy with my time."

Fri 10:09 - SS3: Breen
11.6sec off the pace and Breen is feeling his lack of event knowledge. "This is a stage that the other guys have done before. Okay, it's not terrible."

Fri 10:05 - SS3: Tanak
Quickest so far and much happier than he was after SS2. "I made a big change to the set-up and the car is completely different. Before there was not so much traction. This is a very good step."

Fri 10:03 - SS3: Sordo
WRC+ live tracking shows the Spaniard stopped at the 12.5km point.

Fri 10:02 - SS3: Neuville
7.3sec off the lead pace. "We have a broken front-right damper. I did the maximum I could."

Fri 10:01 - SS3: Latvala
Five-tenths slower than Ogier and his car has lost its front splitter. "We didn't hit anything," he says. "We went wide in one place but nothing significant. Quite hard conditions. It was rainy on the recce and now it's so dry it's like rock."

Fri 09:59 - SS3: Ogier
He's through in 10m25.9s. Split times show him quicker than Latvala and Neuville behind. "Really quick. Okay, the car is not perfect after the last stage but the car is very, very unstable. Missing some aero doesn't help but that's not all - we need to work on the suspension."

Fri 09:51 - Paddon update
A 'slow roll' on SS2 left his Hyundai with panel damage. He inspected the damage after the stage and is now en-route to SS3.

Fri 09:46 - Stage info: SS3
Amboy - Santa Monica 1, 20.44km. This famous stage is one of the rally’s highlights. It is blisteringly fast on mainly smooth and sandy roads. Even the tighter narrow sections are quick as they twist first one way and then the other as the road rises and falls on a bumpy surface. It ends with a spectacular flat-out blast via two sixth gear corners before jumping over the finish at a cattle grid.

Fri 09:45 - Up next: SS3
With the five-minute delay, Ogier is due to start at 1346hrs.

Fri 09:44 - Argentina WRC2 after SS2
1.Tidemand 15m45.5s, 2.Ptaszek +6.2s, 3.Guerra +27.3s, 4.Heller +33.5s, 5.Saba +40.6s

Fri 09:26 - Argentina after SS2
1.Evans 14m37.0, 2.Meeke +6.4s, 3.Sordo +6.9s, 4.Latvala +13.2s, 5.Neuville +15.1s. Paddon rolls.

Fri 09:24 - SS2: Ostberg
"Okay. A difficult stage and I struggled in there - but apparently everybody did. I don't think it's a bad time."

Fri 09:22 - SS2: Hanninen
Problems for the Finn who completes 45sec off the pace. What's wrong? "I don't know. We lost the power. We have to go and have a look."

Fri 09:19 - SS2: Evans
"Good, but to be fair there was some cleaning - that was clear to see. An okay run though. We will continue the pace - a good start."

Fri 09:18 - SS2: Ostberg
The Norwegian slots sixth-quickest. 15.3sec slower than stage leader Evans.

Fri 09:17 - SS2: Paddon update
He rolled but has brought the car to the stage finish. He has lost 2min41sec to the leaders.

Fri 09:15 - SS2: Meeke
"The only stage in the loop where we'll get some cleaning. A big moment on a big bump near the start - it just launched the car. Otherwise a good stage." Meeke's team-mate Craig Breen reports a similar incident.

Fri 09:13 - SS2: Evans
And now Evans! The Welshman a massive 4.6sec quicker than Meeke.

Fri 09:12 - SS2: Meeke
Kris becomes the new pace-setter - he's 2.3sec quicker than Sordo.

Fri 09:11 - SS2: Paddon
Moving again

Fri 09:10 - SS2: Sordo
"I'm happy with the stage but the road is rough and difficult for the cars - it will be hard on the second pass."

Fri 09:09 - SS2: Latvala
"It was completely wet on the recce but now it is dry - there is no damp. There were many fast compressions - a couple surprised me - they hit the sump guard hard. The road will clean a lot."

Fri 09:08 - SS2: Paddon
WRC live tracking shows his car stopped in stage. He is at the 14km point.

Fri 09:07 - SS2: Ogier
What happened? "A wrong pace note in a tight corner. I went straight on in a corner and into a ditch. I lost 5 or 6 seconds. The car looks okay."

Fri 09:05 - SS2: Tanak
16sec off the pace. Slowest of the five cars through so far.

Fri 09:04 - SS2: Sordo
Quickest so far, 5.1sec up on Latvala.

Fri 09:02 - SS2: Neuville
He completes 2.4sec slower than stage leader Latvala.

Fri 08:59 - SS2: Latvala
Safely through and 5.9sec quicker than Ogier. Again, quotes to follow.

Fri 08:58 - SS2: Ogier
He completes in a benchmark time of 13m00.2sec. Quotes to follow shortly but we are hearing he missed a junction and went off the road.

Fri 08:56 - SS2: Splits watch
By 14km, Latvala is 4.2sec quicker than Ogier and Neuville is ahead too. Problem for Ogier?

Fri 08:54 - SS2: Splits watch
Ogier, Latvala, Neuville, Tanak and Sordo have reached the 5.9km split point. Ogier is quickest.

Fri 08:44 - SS2: LIVE
Ogier left the line at 0848hrs. A five-minute delay.

Fri 08:40 - SS2: Delayed
Ogier's 0838hrs start time has come and gone. Ogier is still on the line. More news when we get it.

Fri 08:37 - Stage info: SS2
San Agustin - Villa General Belgrano 1, 19.95km. This test is new for many, as it hasn’t been tackled since 2008. A tough new 3.20km section has been added at the start, featuring wide roads but with large chunks of bedrock breaking the surface. It becomes technical and twisty until 12km, at which point it opens out and becomes smoother with fast crests and flowing corners. It is one of the rally’s most picturesque tests, with stunning views of the Calamuchita Valley.

Fri 08:32 - Live view
WRC+ Live tracking shows the cars at the pre-start control. Ogier's start time: 0838hrs. Stage notes coming up.

Fri 08:31 - Tyre choices
All Michelin drivers in the World Rally Car category have taken five soft-compound LTX Force tyres for the morning loop.

Fri 08:28 - WRC Live
Our radio service is LIVE with Becs Williams in the studio and Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan reporting from the stage ends. You'll find a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Fri 08:28 - Time zones
A reminder that all times quoted on wrc.com are local. For Argentina that's (UTC -3)

Fri 08:28 - Start intervals
World Rally Car drivers will start at two-minute intervals. For WRC 2 drivers the gap is one minute.

Fri 08:27 - Friday's start order
Championship order today, which puts defending champ Sébastien Ogier through first. Here's how the World Rally Car runners will line up: 1. Ogier, 2. Latvala, 3. Neuville, 4. Tanak, 5. Sordo, 6. Breen, 7. Meeke, 8. Paddon, 9. Evans, 10. Hanninen, 11. Ostberg, 12. Bertelli, 13. Gorban.

Fri 08:27 - Weather
Clear skies, sunny and there's a beautiful day in prospect. A fresh 11˚C in service now but the temperature should hit 22˚C this afternoon. No rain expected.

Fri 08:27 - Friday's itinerary
Drivers face identical morning and afternoon loops of three fast and sandy tests in the Calamuchita valley, split by a 30-minute service. Both loops end with a fan favourite super special stage on the edge of Villa Carlos Paz. The eight tests add up to 140.56km.

Fri 08:26 - Coming up today
After Thursday's Super Special in Cordoba, things get real today with the first full day of gravel stage competition.

Fri 08:26 - Welcome back
To our live text coverage of YPF Rally Argentina, round five of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Thu 20:21 - Until then
Keep an eye on wrc.com for our wrap up reports from Argentina and all the latest WRC news. And don't forget WRC+ for our full collection of Rally Argentina programmes. Bye for now.

Thu 20:20 - We will return
On Friday to bring you coverage of the rally's first full day. We'll be here from 0838hrs (local) when the opening San Agustin / Villa General Belgrano stage gets underway.

Thu 20:16 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text coverage of YPF Rally Argentina for tonight

Thu 20:15 - Argentina WRC2 after SS1
1.Tidemand 1h59.2s, 2.Guerra +2.0s, 3.Ptaszek +2.9s, 4.Heller +4.8s, 5.Alonso +7.8s

Thu 20:13 - Argentina after SS1
1.Ogier 1m53.8, =2.Evans +0.9s, =2.Sordo +0.9s, 4.Neuville +1.6s, 5.Latvala +2.1s

Thu 20:09 - SS1: Ogier
Quickest by nine-tenths! Ogier secures the overnight lead and gets his bid for a maiden Argentina win off to the best possible start. "Not so bad. I'm happy with my driving. I tried to push. The cars feels okay," he says.

Thu 20:07 - SS1: Latvala
Fastest at shakedown, Jari-Matti is fourth quickest so far here. "The feeling is good to start the rally. Maybe I could have been quicker in a few places but the performance of the car was good."

Thu 20:05 - SS1: Neuville
The winner of the previous round in Corsica slots his Hyundai third quickest. "I made a small mistake on the first corner and lost a few seconds. After that maybe I didn't push enough. Still, a good start."

Thu 20:00 - SS1: Meeke
Fifth-quickest, 1.8sec off the joint leaders, but Kris has a grin on his face. "A nice little stage here, to be honest. A steady run. No dramas."

Thu 19:57 - SS1: Tanak
Fifth-quickest. "We missed a junction here - it's not easy to see them in the dark."

Thu 19:55 - SS1: Sordo
Joint quickest so far with Elfyn Evans. "I can do a little bit better. No mistakes, but in a few places I just wasn't fast enough. Okay, I'm happy at the moment but there is a hard rally ahead."

Thu 19:52 - SS1: Breen
Fifth-fastest for the Irishman on his Argentina - and WRC long-haul - debut. How was it? "It felt pretty diabolical to be honest. I struggled to see where I was going in the dark. But hey, we got around with no mistakes. It all stats tomorrow."

Thu 19:49 - SS1: Paddon
Hayden - last year's winner here - slots third quickest so far. "I was trying to be clean and smooth here. I'm looking forward to the battle ahead. It will be maximum attack. I'm looking forward to getting out of bed in the morning."

Thu 19:47 - SS1: Evans
Quickest so far - his Fiesta scattering road-marker sand bags in its wake. "Yeah, a good clean run, no mistakes," he says. The Welshman's new time to beat: 1m54.7s

Thu 19:43 - SS1: Hanninen
1.4sec off Mads' pace and after an incident-filled start to the season reliability is the name of the game for Hanninen this weekend. "Nice stage - I took it a bit carefully."

Thu 19:40 - SS1: Ostberg
Back for the first time since Sweden, Mads thumps in a terrific time thanks to some brave kerb-riding cuts. He's quickest so far in 1m56.2. "It was okay. This one is not an easy stage. I was pushing the limit in the cuts but, hey, it's the shortest way."

Thu 19:35 - SS1: Gorban
Gorban slots sixth quickest after an overshoot and a few wide moments in the MINI.

Thu 19:34 - SS1: Bertelli
The first World Rally Car driver through, Lorenzo edges Tidemand by two-tenths. The new time to beat: 1m59.0s. "Slippery and not a very good stage for me. I had a problem at a junction. Okay, otherwise enjoyable - a cool stage. The real rally starts tomorrow."

Thu 19:30 - SS1: WRC 2 Tidemand
His Skoda looks immaculate after the roll at shakedown earlier today. He's comfortably quickest too - 2sec up on Guerra. "A lot of fun - I like stages like this. Not easy after just one pass on the recce though."

Thu 19:28 - SS1: WRC 2 Ptaszek
The Pole slots second quickest. "There is a huge weekend ahead. These stages are so fast and rough - it's a big challenge for the R5 car. I think we are ready!"

Thu 19:25 - SS1: WRC 2 Saba
A missed junction forces an impromptu donut and Saba completes 6.8sec slower than Guerra. "A big mistake. Okay, it causes us no problem but tomorrow I must be better."

Thu 19:21 - SS1: WRC 2 Guerra
Guerra alongside new co-driver Daniel Cue here. And it's a decent start - quickest so far. "A fantastic event - this was my first rally outside Mexico in 2007. I love the rally. This stage is really nice."

Thu 19:19 - SS1: WRC 2 Heller
The Chilean driver goes quickest so far. "I'm very excited. My co-driver is a local and there's a lot of support for us here. We pushed in there, touched a few sand bags, but we are very committed!"

Thu 19:16 - SS1: WRC 2 Alonso
A huge reaction from the crowd when the Argentinian take to the stage with his Skoda trailing his nation's flag. "A beautiful crowd in the stages - it's wonderful to have a rally like this in my country! This is my first time in the Skoda and it feels really good."

Thu 19:13 - SS1: Frisiero
Cleanly through and reporting the mixed asphalt / gravel surface very slippery. "It's difficult to judge the grip in the sandy sections. I'm happy to be here though!"

Thu 19:11 - SS1: LIVE
Italy's Fabio Frisiero is first in stage!

Thu 19:10 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on the choices for tonight's stage. And it's very straightforward - all Michelin drivers have taken five soft-compound LTX Force tyres.

Thu 19:06 - Stage info: SS1
Super Especial Ciudad de Cordoba, 1.75km. A spectacular night-time mixed surface street stage in Cordoba city kicks off the YPF Rally Argentina action. First used 12 months ago and run in a modified format this year, it features several donuts at roundabouts and a jump to entertain large crowds.

Thu 19:05 - WRC Live
Our radio service is LIVE with Becs Williams and Emyr Penlan in the studio and Colin Clark reporting from the stage end. You'll fins a link the LIVE CENTRE on the homepage.

Thu 19:04 - Time zones
A reminder that all times quoted here are local. That's (UTC -3)

Thu 19:04 - SS1 start order
WRC 2 crews will tackle tonight's stage first, with Bertelli - eighth in the start order - the first World Rally Car driver. Here's how the rest will line up: 9. Gorban, 10. Ostberg, 11. Hanninen, 12. Evans, 13. Paddon, 14. Breen, 15. Sordo, 16. Tanak, 17. Meeke, 18. Neuville, 19. Latvala, 20. Ogier.

Thu 19:03 - Weather
Winter is approaching here in the southern hemisphere but it has been a fine, bright and warm day in Villa Carlos Paz. After a high of 22˚C this afternoon, the temperature has dropped off after sunset (at 1843hrs) and it's now 16˚C. Clear skies overhead.

Thu 19:03 - Thursday's itinerary
Dead simple: From 1600hrs crews left service in Villa Carlos Paz for a 48km road trip to the stage in Cordoba. The stage starts at 1908hrs and after they have completed it crews will drive back to Villa Carlos Paz and the overnight Parc Fermé. No service tonight.

Thu 19:02 - Coming up tonight
We're gearing up for the rally's opening challenge - a short, sharp 'Super Especial' to kick things off before three days of competition on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thu 19:02 - We're LIVE
Tapping away at WRC mission control to bring you all the news from the stages of the WRC's South American classic.

Thu 19:02 - Good evening world
And welcome to our live text coverage of YPF Rally Argentina, round five of the 2017 FIA World Rally Championship.

The 1,90 km SS1 starts 1908hrs local time Argentina (UTC -3). Watch it LIVE from 1900hrs on wrcplus.com!

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Stage Name Distance (km) First Car Status
Day 1 - 27.04.2017
Day 2 - 28.04.2017
TC1B Parc Ferme OUT / Service IN 07:00 COMPLETED
TC5B Regrouping OUT / Service IN 13:09 TO RUN
TC9B Technical Zone OUT / Service IN 19:43 TO RUN
Day 3 - 29.04.2017
TC9D Parc Ferme OUT / Service IN 07:12 TO RUN
SS10 TANTI - VILLA BUSTOS (I) 20.80 08:04 TO RUN
TC12B Regrouping OUT / Service IN 12:01 TO RUN
TC15B Technical Zone OUT / Service IN 20.52 17:04 TO RUN
Day 4 - 30.04.2017
TC15D Parc Ferme OUT / Service IN 07:15 TO RUN
SS16 EL CONDOR - COPINA 16.32 09:13 TO RUN
SS18 Power Stage EL CONDOR 16.32 12:18 TO RUN
TC18B Techical Zone OUT / Service IN 16.32 13:41 TO RUN